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Sail Date: January 2017
Wow, what a fantastic adventure! Silver Spirit is a beautiful ship, crew is attentive, incredibly service oriented. The destinations were amazing, a blend of nature adventure and opportunities to sample local culture and events. Silver ... Read More
Wow, what a fantastic adventure! Silver Spirit is a beautiful ship, crew is attentive, incredibly service oriented. The destinations were amazing, a blend of nature adventure and opportunities to sample local culture and events. Silver Sea's all inclusive approach makes everything smooth, no awkward moments when meeting with friends or meeting new friends about who gets the tab. Wine enthusiasts, foodies and just plain adventuresome folks with means should consider Silver Seas. One complaint, smoking!!! Beware that half the pool deck, the pool bar, the outside dining at La Terrazza and outside lounge at Panorama are all smoking areas. Though only a very small percentage of the guests were smokers (perhaps 20 guests of 550?), a few dedicated chain smokers made life miserable in the above venues. Given that smoking is increasingly a habit most reflective of older, less affluent folks, why does Silver Sea dedicate so much space to a shrinking demographic? In retrospect, a wonderful adventure, we've booked 2 more Silver Seas cruises and are loyal customers. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2017
After researching different cruise lines on cruise critic and looking at their itineraries decided to try the Silver Spirit for our Caribbean vacation. This is our third cruise in 3 years. The first was on Seabourn Quest going to ... Read More
After researching different cruise lines on cruise critic and looking at their itineraries decided to try the Silver Spirit for our Caribbean vacation. This is our third cruise in 3 years. The first was on Seabourn Quest going to Canada in 2015. Last year was Oceania, Riveria also to Caribbean and 2017 Silver Seas, Silver Spirit. Silver Seas ranks in the middle, Seabourn being the best at everything, food, service and accommodations. Oceania was a Noro Virus nightmare. Silver Spirit, I rank in the middle, because somethings they do very well and others not so well. We flew into Ft. Lauderdale a day early to avoid stress of last minute air cancellations. (Our flight was cancelled the day we flew into Boston for our Seabourn cruise and we did not want a repeat of that experience) Since we were using Silver Seas air they wanted to charge us a diversion fee. I don't understand this there were plenty of people who want to fly in early. They said we could avoid it, by booking a hotel thru them.(This is the kind of blackmail I could do without). They booked us at the Marriott Harbor Beach, hotel. It was nice and they had a Silver Seas representative in lobby to help and provide information. The next morning we were taken by bus to the pier and embarkation went smoothly. Our bags arrived in our room promptly. Our verandah suite was very nice and bigger than we expected. Plenty of closet space and nice chest of draws in closet. Plenty of other storage nooks around cabin as well. THE ONE DRAW BACK IS THERE IS ONLY ONE PLUG. SO BRING A MULTI PLUG JACK TO USE FOR CHARGING. Especially, if you have a lot of devices. The cabin was clean and was in good shape for the age of the ship. One of the best experiences was our butler Rosie, she was sooo! nice and always tried to make our cruise enjoyable. Her helper kept the room very clean. Overall the crew was wonderful. All extremely friendly. Always had a smile on their face and were willing to do whatever they could to make your day. In the evening there are butlers in the hall who say good evening and guide you on your way. The pool area is nice and there are several open areas around the back of the ship where you can sit and watch the waives. Now the not so good. Food is very up and down(I asked other people what they thought and they said the same thing). Since this is an Italian line the pasta was delicious and is made fresh. Meat courses could be disappointing. Some dishes had no flavor or the meat was tough. One morning in The Restaurant pancakes were not really pancakes. The head waiter agreed. Never figured out what thebatter was that they used. There are plenty of other choices so not a big deal. Same brown sauce shows up on everything. Meat, veal, pork chicken they always served same brown sauce. The last evening had veal marsala, veal was delicious, but not marsala sauce, just the same brown sauce . If the food was consistent this would have been a fantastic cruise. Specialty restaurant La Terrazza, very good, Stars Supper Club enjoyed the entertainment not so much the tappas, LeChampagne very good (there is an up charge). The Grill did not try. The Restaurant very up and down. You'll have some good food and some disappointments. Lunch by the pool great. Delicious hamburgers and other choices. Entertainment was ok, some nights good others very good. Cruise director Vicki very nice. The workout facility was good lots of different equipment. Tried to book a massage, but they were already full. We did two shore excursions that we enjoyed. In St. Bart's the catamaran sail. Was supposed to stop at beach. Really he anchored off beach and you had to swim to shore. In Tortola a drive around the island, with a stop at a beach. This was very nice and the beach was very pretty. Would I go again? Maybe, probably would be more enjoyable a second time, since we know what food to order. I still would pick Seabourn first, if the itinerary was right. If you are thinking of sailing with this line give it a try. It is very relaxing no blaring announcements or band playing loud music by the pool. I think, if you read the reviews on cruise critic you can figure whether this cruise or any other is the one for you. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2017
Overall a very nice ship in appearance and space to passengers ratio was good. Will not be too judgemental but really expected more for the price and hype of advertising. Embassy suites is nice to stay at night before embarkation---Tip: ... Read More
Overall a very nice ship in appearance and space to passengers ratio was good. Will not be too judgemental but really expected more for the price and hype of advertising. Embassy suites is nice to stay at night before embarkation---Tip: arrive early for embarkation and miss the gaggle (as early as noon although cabin may not be ready until 2:00pm)...Majority of guests where from Europe (Great Britain) and the average age was probably 70 and very demanding/at times rude-snobby behavior...felt like we were on a floating old folks home (we are a young 60)...advertisements/photos show younger professional folks... Public areas were mostly accommodating: Observation Lounge great place to relax with a good book and enjoy the views entering/departing ports. Dining choices very limited: Main dining room OK: on scale with a nice Carrabba's. Breakfast buffets much like an Embassy Suite experience/get there early to enjoy outside seating and comfortable process. Seating process slow and average dinner lasted 2-2.5 hours (far to long between courses). Must say that the Wine was above average and free flowing. Reservations to the three other restaurants impossible to get as they were monopolized by the folks that booked early...no limit to Number of nights they could book (not at all fair for the rest of us regular travelers). Limited shore excursions (Caribbean is limited period) and again limited seats taken by those who could plan 180 days out. Butler service so hyped is really nothing more than a maid with a big smile...not able to do much in the way of arrangements or service. Mini bar a joke unless you force the issue. Cruise director on another planet. Bingo and trivia may have been the highlight of ship board activities. Entertainment was High School quality but we tried to endure their performances. Piano players on board were playing electric key boards synthesized heavily to cover up average skills. Pool area cramped/miniture pool /but nice mini-hot tubs not used much. Lounge chairs as usual for any cruise were at premium and annoyingly cramped together. Fortunately we did not go on board with tremendous expectations; just needed time away together to decompress from holidays and most difficult year. We were successful at accomplishing this...for somebody looking to really have a great/truly first class experience try Seaborne lines or go with the best--Cunard lines (Queen Mary). Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2016
I chose this cruise for our 30th anniversary. We chose it somewhat last minute and reserved the last cabin available about 6 weeks before sailing date. The goal was a no expense spared luxury experience. What we got was a nice trip, better ... Read More
I chose this cruise for our 30th anniversary. We chose it somewhat last minute and reserved the last cabin available about 6 weeks before sailing date. The goal was a no expense spared luxury experience. What we got was a nice trip, better than a large ship but no where near the promised level of experience. For example: 1) restaurants were fully booked by the time we got our login . We were never able to eat at le champagne in spite of personal appeal to Maitre D as it was our 30th anniversary. 2) our welcome materials custom made for us arrived at the wrong address after we had already left 3) excursions were also mostly booked by the time we got our login 4) we were given a "personal cruise consultant " who called me to introduce himself , only to tell us later that it was a mistake we were not entitled to a personal consultant at all because we booked through a travel agent 5) deck chairs were full every day at sea by noon. Requests for deck chairs were met with shrugs and then it took a supervisor to figure things out 6) assurances of "no lines " were just not Accurate 7) corporate assurances that "the butler would work things out " for us on the ship to get us our reservations were met with "I can't help with that anymore " from the butler and "it's all done on line now" 8) butler service was pointless in most cases as he claimed he was powerless to do much of anything, pretty much it's the same as maid service 9) we requested an upgrade in cabin (paid) and there was never any acknowledgement. I, confident they didn't follow Through 10) I read somewhere the minibar would be stocked and it was most definitely not. For a New Years cruise I would have expected a bottle of champagne on ice in the cabin when we arrived or some snacks but we did not have 11) several times the gym was so full the cardio equipment was all in use and there was a wait, plus no room to use free weights as too many people were crammed into a tight space I want to make clear that the shipboard experience was wonderful. I do not blame any of the personnel on board as they only can do what they are able . And they did well on board . However, the ship was VERY full and some of the policies made it less than outstanding. I am not really okay with the explanations we got which were 1) you booked late (we paid the same or more as everyone else, not sure why we should have a sub-par experience?) 2) it's your travel agents job (again more passing the buck. Not okay from a luxury cruise line) 3) i can't help you it's all done online We learned that a passenger can block book the exclusive restaurants for ever night ... there is no limit. This is a cruise line policy which is not fair to all passengers and results in sub par experiences. There should be a limit to how many times a passenger can pre book a restaurant They ran out of deck Chairs? How expensive are they? Plenty of space, maybe you all could buy a couple more chairs? anyways it's was nice, we had a nice trip but we thought our experience on the Norwegian epic in the concierge floor was superior to this and THAT is really Disappointing. We give the crew an A and we give the precruise and corporate policies an F which combined gives them a C. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2016
Starting several weeks prior to departure, we had expectantly scanned reviews for confirmation that we made the right choice of cruises. Rest assured - you can sail with complete confidence in excellence of service with this cruise line. ... Read More
Starting several weeks prior to departure, we had expectantly scanned reviews for confirmation that we made the right choice of cruises. Rest assured - you can sail with complete confidence in excellence of service with this cruise line. We sailed from Barbados over the Christmas holiday. Although the wait to clear customs was a bit tedious (several jumbo jets arrived at the same time) and this led to a delay in getting all of the passengers to the ship by departure time. In fact, we were among the last to arrive and check in, even as the muster station drill was in progress. No worries - soon afterwards, the head barman, Chester, was sympathizing with us that all of the usual flawless embarkation procedures had been thrown off by these circumstances and that he felt terrible about this since Silversea clientele are not used to this, but that we would make everything right - which he immediately did with several exceptional cocktails! We were thrilled to see several waiters that we remembered and who actually also remembered us from a Silversea cruise 2-1/2 years prior in Alaska. The warmth, humor and constant entertainment they provided during all of the meals in all of the venues is an example of what distinguishes this line from others. Even the pool staff were quite exceptional, rescuing our books which he had left on the pool chair when it briefly started to rain. We were amazed that the butler and maid always knew when we had left the room and were in and out without fail before we returned. We commented on this to them and they replied - "we have to remain sensitive to when people are resting!" We were also surprised that although the ship was almost full, as we were disembarking and traveling home, there were still many passengers whom we had not come across during the cruise. Again, a tribute to how well spread out the ship was - you never felt crowded. Even during the sea day when the pool was quite popular, there were always places just around the corner to escape for some quiet reading time. We had one of the most outstanding lunches in the main dining room during a port day at Curacao - there were only a few tables occupied and we had the full attention of the entire wait staff! Meals in all of the other venues were likewise excellent. While the buffet often remained the same, you still had the option of asking for something customized to your taste and they produced it without fail. Entertainment was excellent. The shows were quite varied, not too long in length and very amusing. Cruise director Moss Hill was a hoot! There were many activities which we simply didn't have time to participate in. Could go on and on about specifics, but don't worry - you'll discover it on your own. Enjoy! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2016
Off season time in the Caribbean is a great price. Age of guests is pretty much the same as Regent and Oceania. Internet went out for a day and the captain gave everyone a $200 credit. Nice touch. The wine was exceptional ... Read More
Off season time in the Caribbean is a great price. Age of guests is pretty much the same as Regent and Oceania. Internet went out for a day and the captain gave everyone a $200 credit. Nice touch. The wine was exceptional throughout. Not super expensive wines but in the $15-20 range, far better than the cheap stuff on Regent in Alaska. The food did hit a few rough patches. The main dining room was always excellent, but we were disappointed in Stars supper club and the Hot Rocks. Hot Rocks is where you cook your food under the stars outdoors. It was super hot and humid so that made is uncomfortable. The steak was nothing special. But the prawns were delicious and the largest I’ve ever seen. The salad, potato and vegetable was disappointing. Stars club had a great pianist and singer but they tried to do too many things in their tapas and they weren’t all good. I would have preferred they let you order your own tapas rather than have things cool and made ahead of time. Le Champagne, the pay extra restaurant, and Seishin were both outstanding. Entertainment was a bit lacking. Due to the internet problem, the movies didn’t work, so we got half way through and had to quit watching. The only regular TV was news channels. The jazz singer was the best evening entertainment and you could go in there even if you weren’t having dinner. She was great for after dinner drinks and music. We had the beds made as twins, and since they are a queen when put together, they were very small. We did ok but I’d prefer a king bed, broken into twins. You don’t get that on very many lines though unless you are in a fancy suite. We did get upgraded 3 levels, although all that does is put you on a higher floor. Service was absolutely excellent everywhere. No one ever left our wine glass empty. We had trouble with that on Regent in Alaska. There were only two boutiques and they didn’t have anything casual - all high end jewelry, clothes and perfume. I like some simple tshirts and silver jewelry which was missing. Room - same size as Regent and Oceania. Larger shower which is nice, and a tub which we don't use. Bulgaria amenities but you can have Ferragamo or a non- allergenic option. Comfortable chairs that recline on the balcony. Room not as fancy interior as the others but they are redoing this ship next year. It's fine just not noticeably fancy. 2 tvs in the mirrors with over 300 movies for free (until it didn't work). No sports channels - just news and movies. Internet is free and not fast but ok for email. Beds comfortable but small (we have them made as twins). Choice of pillows and blankets or down quilt. AC works well. Great lighting for makeup. Extension cord readily available for c-pap machine. The ship is like a comfortable yacht. Only 2 shops. Expensive art work for sale on the walls but no dramatic staircases etc like other ships have. We like it fine but there isn't a wow factor other than art. Food is better than Regent and Oceania across the board. For example, the lobster is fresh Maine lobster, not frozen or Caribbean as it was on Regent. Foie gras on menus although I don't like it. Great sushi. And service is outstanding. The free wines are much better than Regent Alaska cruise. The markup on the special wines is not high at all but we've been happy with the wines provided and they don't try to push you to buy a more expensive one. Entertainment is a weak spot. The excursions are very fairly priced ($59 for a 3 hour snorkel trip) so they don't gouge on that like Oceania does. Spa is expensive as all the at sea ones are. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2016
My wife and I went with another married couple and we can honestly say that we all thoroughly enjoyed our holiday with Silverseas. We were warmly greeted when we came on board the ship at Barbados, and that warmth was a feature of the ... Read More
My wife and I went with another married couple and we can honestly say that we all thoroughly enjoyed our holiday with Silverseas. We were warmly greeted when we came on board the ship at Barbados, and that warmth was a feature of the attention that we received while we were on the Silver Spirit. Our cabin was spacious, tastefully decorated and boasted numerous cupboards and shelves where you could store clothes and your personal belongings. The bathroom/shower room was luxurious, with a shower that was easy to operate as well as being effective for it delivered a torrent of instant warm/hot water. Our cabin was cleaned daily to the highest possible standards - in fact, the cleaning staff did an amazing job in this respect. There is a wide variety of restaurants on board the ship to suit everyones taste and once you're sitting down, the standard of food and service in all of them was excellent, indeed, nothing was too much trouble for the waiters. Every meal was a fine dining experience since the food was beautifully cooked and presented. The entertainment on board the ship was of the highest standard. The course director, Moss, was a brillliant host, entertainer and coordinator. We saw most of the evening shows performed by the team of resident entertainers and I can honestly say that the singing, dancing and costumes were fantastic. A special word for the reception staff. They were always, polite, friendly and very anxious to resolve any issue that you might have. I couldn't fault them. I would certainly recommend Silverseas for a great cruising holiday. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2016
We sailed from Barbados to Barbados on the Silver Spirit from 20th November to 8th December 2016 to the Amazon. Silversea is our favourite cruise line and we are loyal Venetian members. However standards have fallen considerably despite ... Read More
We sailed from Barbados to Barbados on the Silver Spirit from 20th November to 8th December 2016 to the Amazon. Silversea is our favourite cruise line and we are loyal Venetian members. However standards have fallen considerably despite there being only 153 passengers on board. Silversea was known for staff who addressed passengers by their names. No more. A fellow passenger proved it after fifteen days on board. The waiter and barman did not know his nor his wife's name despite being frequent Silvetsea passengers. Do crew not care to learn the names of passengers over two weeks? A shame as that small detail which made passengers feel at home has been forgotten over the years. Bring back the tradition with regular staff training and check ups. The food menus now repeat over three days for lunch. Why? While on food, the menus are non creative, the chips soggy and the meats overdone despite orders for medium or rare cuts. The bread is sub standard, served cold and can be at least warmed for the guests. Imagine cool soup and colder bread. The Seshin menu and food quality is not to standard. Why have fresh sushi and sashimi on a menu when the fish is obviously refrigerated? Best to stick to Pan Asian, South Asian or Far Eastern food. This said The Champagne, Stars and Poolside Hot Stones Grill is superb. The saving grace these days in Silversea are the staff like Cruise Director Moss Hills, the service staff from the butlers to the waiters and bar personnel who go all out to make a passengers stay comfortable and luxurious. On the other hand the Hotel Director Maurius cared not to reach out to passengers nor even wish them a simple Good Morning on the decks. This despite a friendly Captain Mino Pontello and Chief Engineer who made an appearance daily on the decks to greet passengers. This is a critique only to improve our favourite cruise line. Please pull your socks up and revert to your once excellent standard. We sail in a few days on the Silver Whisper through the Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco and hopefully Silversea will have set a renewed standard over the festive season and for 2017. As true well wishers of Silversea, looking forward to excellent service henceforth. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2016
I love photography and choose my destinations based upon the best opportunities to practice my hobby. Having recently lost my husband I needed an easy way to travel to a variety of locations on my own. Silversea was offering a ... Read More
I love photography and choose my destinations based upon the best opportunities to practice my hobby. Having recently lost my husband I needed an easy way to travel to a variety of locations on my own. Silversea was offering a sensational single supplement and I always wanted to visit Rome and Barcelona, so it was the perfect solution. I was a little worried I would stick out like a sore thumb. At the last minute a friend decided to join me, so I wasn't alone after all. During the cruise there were so many friendly people I realized that it would have been fine even on my own. My main reason for going was to see the two cities, Rome and Barcelona. Neither of them were included in the tours from the ship, so I opted to stay three nights at either end. On the recommendation of a friend who is a travel agent, we booked the Rose Garden Palace in Rome and the Majestic in Barcelona, both excellent choices. In both cities we did the Hop-on/Hop-off busses, which were extremely helpful in getting an overview of both cities. Of course, we have only barely scratched the surface of all the places we visited. I especially fell in love with Barcelona. Back home now, I have plans to stay there for a month as soon as I retire. This is my third cruise. The previous two were with my husband, also on small luxury, all inclusive lines: Renaissance (before they went out of business), Athens to Istanbul and Regent, Sydney to Auckland. How does Silversea compare? I'll break it down: Embarkation was extremely fast. We did arrive at the ship quite early so we missed the crowd. Disembarkation took longer. They called luggage tag colors by groups and we were one of the last groups called. Decor: It was a little too "brown" and traditional for my taste. I am drawn more to a cleaner, more modern look. But it was really very nice overall. Food: We started out with lunch on the pool deck waiting for our room on the first day and had to send our food back. My "steak" was raw (I asked for med rare) and when they brought it back it was well done. My roommate's meatball sliders had a really odd taste to them and she didn't eat them. I was a little worried by that first experience, but it definitely improved as dinner that night was sensational at Seishin. Dinners at the Supper Club and La Terazza were not as good. But we ate twice at Hot Rocks and loved it! The food on Regent was better. Tours: We only did the included tours, which mainly consisted of a bus racing through the countryside with a nonstop narration by the tour guide. Many people I talked to said there was too much talking. It because exhausting over a several hour bus ride. They really should stop once in a while to let us enjoy the scenery, instead of plying us with the minutiae of historical facts. As a photographer I found it frustrating because we were driving so fast it's amazing I got any photos at all. There were very few stops along the way for photos. In Monaco, my roommate got nauseated because of all the twists and turns in the hills. Once at our destinations I didn't join the group, I wandered around on my own to take pictures. Service: Exemplary. Our butler, Kerley, was willing to do anything and helped us to get reservations at Hot Rocks when they were full. She cleaned the outside of our luggage the day before disembarcation. She served us breakfast in our room every morning. She kept asking us to use her for anything. When we asked for vodka and wine in our room she made sure it was stocked with whatever we asked. Tips were included in the package, but we gave her an envelope on the last day. She was trying to refuse, but we insisted. Everyone else on the ship was very nice and helpful. Passengers: At first I was worried I would be surrounded by "rich" people, lol, which I am not. At our hotel in Rome we met two women, a mother and grown daughter traveling together, who were also coming on our same cruise. We hit it off right away and all the other passengers we met were extremely friendly and just like us. Entertainment: We were too tired at night to go to any of the productions except one: a lone singer who was really bad. In fact, we were embarrassed because our eyes kept falling shut. We decided if we came back we'd sit in the back so we could slip out, but that opportunity didn't arise. Would I recommend the cruise to others? It depends on who I am talking to. I didn't recommend it to my younger brother and his wife because I felt it was too quiet and almost deserted much of the time. Even I would have liked it to be a bit more lively. There were many empty chairs at the pool area and other common areas were almost deserted. The theater was less than 1/4 full. It definitely would appeal more to the older crowd. That said, we did have an absolutely wonderful time and will enjoy reliving the trip through my photos. I posted these on another thread, but if you with to see a condensed version of them, they are here: https://goo.gl/photos/tuZNEK5FGxHZLQy77 Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2016
For our first cruise we selected SilverSea based on reviews we'd seen on a lot of sites, but specifically Cruise Critic, plus recommendations from friends who had sailed with Silversea before. We selected this 7 night cruise because ... Read More
For our first cruise we selected SilverSea based on reviews we'd seen on a lot of sites, but specifically Cruise Critic, plus recommendations from friends who had sailed with Silversea before. We selected this 7 night cruise because we were spending a few days in Tuscany prior to departure and Rome was a great embarkation point for us. In addition, we liked the idea of sailing north through the ports selected for this voyage, ending in Barcelona. We found our itinerary to be a little daunting, as we visited numerous Tuscan towns over 4 - 5 days and then spent a full day with a guide in Rome. Yet, the Rome Cavalieri hotel that SilverSea used was fantastic, in every way. Comfortable room, excellent dining, and a great location, not to mention their fantastic service attitude. Regarding the cruise itself, first we found SilverSea's organization to be incredible. Just the act of getting so many people organized and bused to and from the ship was a challenge that they've definitely figured out how to navigate. Onboarding was easy and even the initial muster drill was a bit of a lark. Onboard, the organization continued to be excellent with most questions a traveler would have being answered before you even asked. Our Veranda Suite was roomy and comfortable, and the service provided by our butler and the maid were timed perfectly and delivered with, again, great attitudes. Point in fact, we found the attitude of all staff members on the Silver Spirit to be enthusiastic and pleasant. Food in the restaurants was excellent. We visited all the normal, standard restaurants (La Terraza, The Restaurant, The Pool Grill), as well as Sheishin and La Champagne. One suggestion might help and that would be to expand the menu at the pool grill. It seemed a bit limited, although what was offered was normally very good. Ports of call were interesting. As this was our first cruise we only chose to use the "included" excursions and realize now that we might have enjoyed being off ship better if we had chosen some more select outings. The standard excursions began rather early in the day for us and were really dependent on the quality of the local guides and some mediocre listening devices. In our case, several were mainly average and one, at Porto Mahon, was outstanding. A suggestion for Silver Sea might be to schedule one or two of the included excursions a bit later in the day. One other comment on the excursions. In one instance we had chosen "Medieval Lucca" as our excursion. Unfortunately, on the day we visited the annual Comics & Games Festival was being held in Lucca, which caused the city to be overrun by costumed characters and limited our ability to see the town. I do know that one tour group was given the option of leaving and visiting Pisa instead. In another instance, we visited Monaco and Monte Carlo on a day that the Banks were closed, as were many of the local shops. I'm sure SilverSea was aware of these two situations and might have offered options in advance. Overall, however, we still think this was an outstanding experience for us and we will certainly consider sailing with SilverSea again. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2016
I am just off my second Silversea cruise of the year. First was Alaska from Anchorage (Seward) to Vancouver (7 days) aboard the Silver Shadow, and the latest on the Silver Spirit round trip from Fort Lauderdale (11 days). Silversea ... Read More
I am just off my second Silversea cruise of the year. First was Alaska from Anchorage (Seward) to Vancouver (7 days) aboard the Silver Shadow, and the latest on the Silver Spirit round trip from Fort Lauderdale (11 days). Silversea run nearly a flawless high end all inclusive cruise experience. I cannot imagine Seabourn, Crystal, Regent or the others in this category being any better. I am hesitant to try them out because Silverseas is so good. The Silverseas experience starts with embarkation, which is usually a nightmare on bigger cruise lines. They manage the logistics perfectly. A color coded embarkation system is used to insure there are no lines, no waiting and your luggage is in your suite when you arrive. There you are greeted by your butler. Your butler will do stuff for you then, like unpack your clothes, but you really want to do that your self. The only thing to use him for upon arrival is for him to grab you a bottle of champagne to sip on your veranda while you sail out of port. The butler will come in handy later. Your basic Veranda suite is a marvel of design, space is utilized perfectly. There is a huge walk-closet, and enough nooks, crannies, drawers, shelves to fit everything. (Tip-your suitcases fit under the bed). The bathrooms are astounding-walk in showers, a full size tub, and marble everywhere. It all works. The suite is about 375 square feet which, given its layout, can handle a trip of up to 4 weeks, without you going stir crazy. For me, a veranda is a must, sitting out there with a bottle of champagne as you enter and exit ports is an experience like few others. No complaints, they get a perfect 10. There is one major tip about booking. After deciding on a cruise book early, so you can select the exact stateroom you want. Study the ships deck plans very carefully. You want to avoid the following-cabins near elevators, cabins that are on hallways leading to various venues, particularly restaurants, these will be subject to alien noise, like other passengers talking or singing while walking down hallways. Otherwise your rooms are quiet as tombs. Another (tip) is select a cabin mid-ship not fore or aft. Cabins in the front and rear of the boat are more subject to pitch and roll. I didn’t think this would be a factor on a winter Caribbean cruise but I was way wrong. For three days we were in the midst of 8-12 waves which caused the cancellation of the entirety of one stop, the Turks and Caicos, and the cancellation of particular excursions in other ports. No trip from Tortola across to the Baths at Virgin Gorda, 30 years ago one of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches in the Islands. I really wanted to see if it had been ruined by development. And no golf in Punta Cana, the sea was too rough to tender (the use of small boats to get from ship to pier if the port has no dock large enough to handle even a small cruise ship). Another factor in booking your cruise early is Silversea's has an early reservation policy for its restaurants other than the main dining room, fittingly called The Restaurant. On both my ships, there was a fancier, Relais&Chateaux room, called Le Champagne, offering multi-course menu at a surcharge of $40 per person, and La Terrazza, offering an Italian menu for no extra charge. The Silver Spirit also had a pool side restaurant called the Grill, and a Japanese restaurant called Seishin, this again for a $40 per person surcharge. La Terraza was the best, it had superb pasta, even its risottos were creamy and al dente, a feat hard to pull off in a small restaurant on land, let alone a 100+ seat restaurant on the a ship. The food at Le Champagne wasn’t much better than the Restaurant, (tip-you can order 7 courses there if that’s what you want). Seishin came in #2, it had excellent sushi and sashimi, as well as real treats like Waygu beef. On a 7 night cruise I would book La Terrazza for 3 nights. I perhaps would book Le Champagne on formal night, just to be ritzier. I wouldn’t book the Grill again at all, there you cook your own food on a hot rock. Too much work. Be advised that Silverseas has a dress code for its dining rooms. On a formal night, which I find to be a nice old school tradition, about 50% of the men wore tuxedos, the other wore dark business suits which is fine. Then they have what they call informal and casual nights. Informal means a sport coat and long pants, casual means a sport shirt and slacks. Shorts are banned after 6:00 PM. They will send you back to your room to change if you have shorts on, and will offer you a sport coat if needed on an informal night if you don’t want to make the trek back to your room to get a jacket. Some may find this stuffy, I didn’t, it adds a bit of elegance to the experience. A final word on early booking. Get trip insurance, it minimizes the risks of booking well in advance and gives considerable peace of mind. Naturally all this pampering doesn’t come cheap. It is expensive. But these days no more so than high end Caribbean resorts. Places like Cannel Bay, Jade Mountain and Dorado Beach are running $1200+ a day, and this without food and alcohol. The all-inclusive approach works well. On Silverseas the Champagne they serve, for example, is the real thing, an off label of Piper-Heidsieck called Monopole, which you can drink all day if you wish. It retails for around $40 a bottle in the US. Silverseas does not go cheap and cut corners. In the dining rooms you are served lobster, filets, rack of lambs, veal, and other high end entrees. The food is uniformly very good but not great. I had better food traveling in the Queen’s Grill class on Cunard. But as a British actor who I became acquainted with on this cruise said, he was on a 4 week leg, his bar bill on Cunard was $9000 for 4 weeks. They liked free champagne at lunch. So will you. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2016
First ever cruise. Excellent reports. Ship extremely clean and well set out. Cabin completely satisfactory with excellent service from butler and domestic staff. Major issue with food. Poor quality provision for coeliac disorder. Given ... Read More
First ever cruise. Excellent reports. Ship extremely clean and well set out. Cabin completely satisfactory with excellent service from butler and domestic staff. Major issue with food. Poor quality provision for coeliac disorder. Given many months notice. Poor understanding by restaurant staff. In paying restaurant just given repeat of first course. Food not infrequently served cold. Restricted choices. This was all despite meeting with restaurant manager at beginning of cruise. Asked to make further appointment but no response.. Post cruise comments drew a response which indicated that I was not believed. All other aspects of cruise well managed. I did try to book again this year however despite on web site Silversea would not accept request to book at favourable business class flight rates. " Terms and conditions " relating to withdrawing offer without notice was quoted . Took almost 4 weeks to get any response from customer services. Would I go again? No- based on their management of booking, their customer service response times and their inadequate catering. I am sure there are many more high end cruise lines who can achieve better than Silversea. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2016
We chose this cruise upon the advice of friends who were also going with us..total of 8 adults. Checking in was fine, but once on the ship, disappointed in the presentation of the staff. The ship was old and worn, the staff did not seem ... Read More
We chose this cruise upon the advice of friends who were also going with us..total of 8 adults. Checking in was fine, but once on the ship, disappointed in the presentation of the staff. The ship was old and worn, the staff did not seem happy to be there. As walking around the ship, we found that every aspect of it was dated. Our suite was spacious, but found they did not "clean" it daily. There was a ring on the table on the deck and it was there the entire trip. The butler was a nice touch, but in all honesty, didn't do anything really special. Dining....well, it was not the best. Waiters could care less, for a small ship, they should have known everything about us. When we sat on the aft deck and asked for a snack, they brought us potato chips!!! The food was sub-par the entire cruise. Breakfast was pathetic and left a lot to be desired. Entertainment....again...for an "upscale" ship, terrible. Service, it must have been a first cruise, especially for the bartenders....no one ever smiled, nor did they know how to make simple mixed drinks. Excursions, they were included in the price, so no great shakes there. And even the paid ones were just "ok" We have sailed on many different cruise ships, including Crystal, (the best) and must say, this was the most disappointing ever. We wrote to Silverseas and never got any response...and will honestly, never cruise with them again. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2016
We are seasoned travelers and we have sailed on Seaborn, Oceana, Azamara , Princess , Dysney and Royal Carribean. This time we chose the Silversea to celebrate our 35th anniversary . We are very dissatisfied, but let's start with ... Read More
We are seasoned travelers and we have sailed on Seaborn, Oceana, Azamara , Princess , Dysney and Royal Carribean. This time we chose the Silversea to celebrate our 35th anniversary . We are very dissatisfied, but let's start with good points first. Midship veranda cabin was spacious and comfortable though the furniture was scratched and showed wear and tear signs. Bed was comfortable, linen clean, butler and suite attendant were good. Specialty restaurant Le Champagne was outstanding and breakfast and lunch had many good choices. The dinners in the complimentary restaurants were not so good! It took about 2.5 hours due to a slow service, in the main dining and in La Terrace the food was either over cooked or undercooked and mostly tasteless. The Grill was good but very hard to get the reservations. In the bars and common areas the drinks are served without the coasters or napkins all the time and the condensed water driped on the outfit. No staws for the drinks as well. When I initially enquired at the customer service about the choice of alcoholic beverages, I was told they have Remy Martin VSOP and Courvasier VSOP as a standard. When we boarded only VS was available and the complimentary wine selection was very cheap 2016 2015 bottles. The food and beverage manager initially mislead us by stating the ship has the selection of VSOP but later acknowledged that they did not get any with our sailing. Let me say several words about the food and beverage manager. On our sailing he had his wife vacationing with him and she was mostly by his side. So when you approach him during the cruise she would appear by his side, introduce herself and join the conversation, which I think is inappropriate when you are discussing issues related to the problems with service, since she is not the staff member but just the family member of the staff! On one occasion when Food and Beverage manager was standing in his uniform at the entrance of the main dining room as if he was greeting people and I asked him if the promised VSOP was available, he very rudely informed me that I was Always demanding something which I was not entitled to(standard VSOP according to Silversea customer service written response ), informed that HE WAS HAVING DINNER WITH HIS WIFE and HE WAS ENTITLED TO IT! And informed me that I was interrupting his dinner! My new friend from the cruise was standing by and we both were lost for words. Needles to say I have not heard any greeting from him to the rest of the cruise only angry glares were pointed in my direction! No other beverages of similar quality were offered. Cruise director just verbally appologised that it's not available and that was it. It's not my place to judge, it's just my personal opinion but I think if the food and beverage manager paid more attention to which beverages arrive on board, what is food quality in the main dining and how are the drinks served at the bars instead of personal matters the cruise customers who ultimately pay his salary would have more enjoyable voyage. The Albany Blue eye lagoon tour was a total disaster according to everybody and our lives were seriously endangered on that excursion! (Have pictures and eyewitnesses to prove!) shame! I did submit the formal complaint to Silversea but have not heard from them until my wonderful agent from Vacations to Go contacted them on multiple times. The guest service manager from the headquarters appologised and that was nice, but I am still waiting to hear more. So if you really are looking for a luxury cruise consider your options carefully. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2016
We have sailed in the Med numerous times and wanted to experience the Adriatic. While we planned on traveling during the summer months few ships offered great locations literally every day of the voyage. This was our first time on Silver ... Read More
We have sailed in the Med numerous times and wanted to experience the Adriatic. While we planned on traveling during the summer months few ships offered great locations literally every day of the voyage. This was our first time on Silver Sea and we were very pleased. Embarkation and disembarkation were uneventful/very smooth. Silver Spirit: The ship is luxurious and small- although there were 550 passengers and nearly same amount of staff, it always felt empty except on the pool deck. BONUS: in addition to cleaning service, the ship has irons, washer/dryer and soap on each floor at no cost. While some of the passengers were extremely rude about using them (in particular a rude Brit who took the soap scoop from one floor to another leaving them without a scoop, rather than just asking the ever-present butlers for one) it was a welcome addition since we traveled prior to the cruise and had a chance to clean some personal items. Enrichment and activities: SS includes some on-shore activities activities and they are adequate if you have never been to the ports. Clive and his staff were really accomodating- especially watching them handle "difficult" passenger who decided to just "join" tours even though they didnt have the courtesy to sign up as the rest of us did. We purchased some excursions- some better than others. Hvar, Dubrovnik, Venice, Split, Zadar, Treiste, Ravenna were lovely. Tried a day tour "Flavours of Montenegro (Kotor)", spent 5 hours in a car and 1 hour each at two RUSTIC family wineries/homes. WONDERFUL people but I cannot imagine that there aren't locations closer than two hours from the port. For $300 it was definitely not worth it. Additionally, we visited Albania- not ready for prime time. Not surprising due to the cost of this cruise, the average age is approx 65 (although there are MANY couples in their 30's, 40'sand 50's and quite a few infants and teenagers) there is NO music on the pool deck or anywhere on the ship. It was SO boring. There has to be a way to have some sort of "beachy" music. I resorted to my ipad. The people likely to complain can't hear it anyway so whats the big deal? FOOD: Every meal was delicious. Waitstaff were all wonderful. Eat at Sheishin for lunch: no charge and the meal is nice. Restaurant serves wonderful meals EVERYTIME. LaTerrazza is good but once is enough-their pesto pasta and bolognese are the best I have ever eaten. The Grill was great- ensure you try the shrimps which were fabulous. LeChampagne- while its an $80 upcharge, is perhaps one of the finest meals we have every experienced anywhere. Deon and Anastasia were certain to please. The only drawback is that there is no food served between 3:30-6pm unless you order room service. Recognize the ship is small but unless you enjoy high tea, you have to eat in your room in the afternoon if you get snacky. One evening event, "Death By Chocolate" was incredible. Make sure you ask what day it takes place. Had a wonderful head waiter, Taiphun, not told us about it, we would have surely missed it. Unfortunately, they used to have a "BBQ under the Stars" but apparently USDA (AKA US bureaucrats) shut it down. What a shame. PS: TOP SHELF liquor and nice wines included. If you don't like the wine they recommend ask for alternatives, which they will provide at no cost- Emily, the sommolier, was sweet and found us what we preferred every time. Finally, the only other areas for improvement would be more on-board events. Even a simple cooking class in the afternoon would be welcome. We went to the "Asian medical improvement" and the presenter was a no-show- too bad the ship didn't even mention it a we were sitting in the area with the sign. While the entertainment staff tried their best, it was boring. Can't believe that every night its the same plan: piano duo on pool deck, followed by the show, followed by lounge entertainment (Lou was great!), followed by the entertainment staff in the lounge...wow. We actually crashed early a few nights because we were desperate for some entertainment and the movie channel was the best we could do.... One final shout-out to the staff- they put Disney (AKA Happiest place on Earth) to shame. Too many to name but every one was wonderful. In summary, would we do it again? Absolutely! Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2016
Silversea was highly recommended by a good friend who is very experienced. I traveled alone, had a lovely veranda cabin with a roomy stateroom with a walk-in closet, bathroom with bath and shower, 2 TVs, sitting area, mini bar, 24/7 room ... Read More
Silversea was highly recommended by a good friend who is very experienced. I traveled alone, had a lovely veranda cabin with a roomy stateroom with a walk-in closet, bathroom with bath and shower, 2 TVs, sitting area, mini bar, 24/7 room service and a butler. Alcoholic beverages and gratuities are included, very civilized! There were 4 restaurants, open seating. There were 2 "formal" nights but a LBD sufficed for me. They had a nightly "solo traveler" meet-up which was very welcome for those of us alone. Several shore excursions were offered every day. The ship held 540 guests, a nice medium size. There was a library, including internet availability and lots of art pieces in the common areas. The pool/spa deck was very popular with a bar and restaurant. The staff members were unfailingly cheerful and polite and very efficient. Disembarkation and departure to airport were offered. I thought the price was a bit steep but happy to have it taken care of and not have to fend for myself. I would definitely travel with SS again, in fact they spoiled me for other lines. My cruise was on the Adriatic, Venice to Venice. The ports were in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, many ports I had never heard of. It was all new to me and I enjoyed it all. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2016
This was our first time on a Silversea cruise and for the most part we enjoyed every minute. Embarkation in Venice was very efficient and within a very short time we were in our suite. Dining experiences. Dined in Le Champagne our ... Read More
This was our first time on a Silversea cruise and for the most part we enjoyed every minute. Embarkation in Venice was very efficient and within a very short time we were in our suite. Dining experiences. Dined in Le Champagne our first night on board. The food was fine, but the party of 10 that was also there spoiled the whole evening for us. They were loud, inebriated (one gal had to help her boyfriend/husband out of the restaurant as he couldn't walk), used foul language and were totally disrespectful to the other diners. Several people at tables around us left, and those of us who were still there when the group left applauded their departure. The staff did nothing! We reported this to the reception staff and, at the least, hoped for a response from someone telling us they were sorry about our experience, but we heard nothing. Hardly worth the $80 cover fee. At the Grill I asked for drawn butter for my prawns and the waiter brought me some green butter. I asked for regular drawn butter and his reply was, "Do you realize I have to go all the way down to deck 4 to get that for you? You should have told me when you ordered the prawns you wanted butter". We got the maitre'd's attention and he had drawn butter on the table in 5 minutes. Totally unacceptable response. The Silver Spirit needs some sprucing up. The carpet is well worn on all the stairs. They actually closed off one set of stairs during our whole cruise so they could recarpet it! Ports of call were fabulous and we enjoyed most of the tours we booked. They can skip Albania in the future, it's not ready for tourists quite yet. Our tour to the Blue Eye Spring was a waste of time. The tour busses had nowhere to park so we had to walk quite a distance to and from the Spring, and once there you could hardly see the Spring for the hundreds of tourists diving and swimming in the Spring. A long way to go for nothing! Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2016
We sailed on the Silver Spirit on it's Athens to Venice seven-day cruise in August 2016. It was our first time on Silversea and we were looking forward to our cruise and it didn't disappoint! Embarkation was as easy as ... Read More
We sailed on the Silver Spirit on it's Athens to Venice seven-day cruise in August 2016. It was our first time on Silversea and we were looking forward to our cruise and it didn't disappoint! Embarkation was as easy as imaginable. We were the only two people embarking. We did get there a little early but not much. We were escorted throughout the process and even escorted to our cabin to see where it was even though cabins weren't ready yet. We had lunch on the pool deck and by 2pm the cabins were ready and our luggage had been delivered! We had a veranda suite on deck six. It was very spacious with a great walk-in closet and plenty of drawers for storage. The sitting area was spacious too. The bathroom was nice although we never used the separate tub. We did use the veranda some and that was fine. A couple of other nice treats were the binoculars in the room and the TV in the mirror. However, the sound and picture quality on the TV need updating. It wasn't HD quality and the sound was like like a radio not quite set to the station. Our butler was new but good. We had breakfast in our suite every morning and he was very punctual. We really liked the small ship feel. No crowds, no lines. Also no pesky photographers. Service was very good throughout. We also liked the all-inclusive aspect and not having to sign for drinks, etc. Having bottled water when getting off and on the ship was great. Some nice cool towels when returning after a hot day in port would've been a nice touch. We only got that at embarkation. We have had that service on other lines and were surprised not to find it with SilverSea. The food was very good to fantastic. I realize that's subjective but we like to have a great meal at a nice restaurant and Silver Spirit did well in the regard. We had dinners in Stars Supper Club, La Terrazza (twice), the Hot Rocks Grill and Le Champagne. We had dinners ashore twice. We had lunch by the pool and in the MDR a couple times. We always had breakfast in our suite. We also thought the bar service was very good, either with standard cocktails or wine or with some special orders. We were traveling with a small group so we didn't partake of the entertainment. We did find some time to play blackjack though and found the dealers and fellow players to be very good. We ended the cruise up a few bucks, so that helped! There isn't much for shopping on the ship compared to bigger ships but that was OK. They do have some sundries hidden away if you need something basic; you just have to ask in the shop. There was some confusion in getting our butler to help with a purchase of Zantac, as our documentation stated that Butlers or Reception could help with this purchase, but we ended up just getting it ourselves. Both the Butler and Reception insisted we see the doctor for this over-the-counter medication. Since we spent a good part of the time in port, the ship's shops were not open very often. The internet was typical cruise ship internet; good enough for checking email, Facebook and the news. We got an hour a day with our suite and that was enough for us. We booked our excursions through Silversea. Several were included excursions and they were good. We had a paid shore tour in Venice that was quite good and a dinner ashore in Dubrovnik at a family estate that was fabulous! On thing about this cruise, the held our passports on the ship. They said it was to assist with getting clearance in each port. We got them back in Venice. We heard they might do that so we brought color copies of our photo page with us ashore. Disembarkation was just about as easy as getting on. With such a small ship, finding our luggage was very easy. Overall a five star cruise! Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2016
Originally chose this cruise as it left from Istanbul and having worked with ships through the Turkish straits for nmany years had always wanted to go through myself. However with the security situation this year they moved the start to ... Read More
Originally chose this cruise as it left from Istanbul and having worked with ships through the Turkish straits for nmany years had always wanted to go through myself. However with the security situation this year they moved the start to Athens which was the biggest let down of the holiday but understandable and at least they took the decision early. It proved a good decision, on the day we flew to Athens, Istanbul airport was closed dues the bombs there! Booked through 6 Star Cruises, who's transfers and the hotel booking in Athens were immaculate. Boarding was very swift, almost no one else there at that time as we came from our hotel by taxi. After lunch all luggage was happily in the room for unpacking. On this cruise we hadn't seen much point in booking excursions, just did one (on Corfu where there was limited shore time for such a large island).The excursions there were seemed very expensive and I didn't hear too much glowing praise so maybe this was a good choice. At almost every port of call we were lightered to or docked in the port so didn't need tours to have a good day out. Lightering worked very well and we never had to queue more than a couple of minutes. Food I thought was very good, better than Regent the previous year. The Japanese is really good but only worth one evening paying due the limited menu, and I would skip the French completely anther time for the main dining room as there is too much fat/cream in the food, but the (inclusive) Italian, grill, and the main dining room were excellent quality and had grreat choice on the menu. We always got good tables, quickly and service was excellent. Recommend going to the Japanese for lunch of Shasimi and Sushi at no extra charge if you don't watn to pay the extra $40 a head for dinner. For drinkers like us there were excellent wines at the table, plus cocktails in the bars, where they seemed happy to make anything even stufff not on their lists. Live entertainment was OK , the performers excellent but I have to say not really what I was into. They showed the Euros final in Paris on the big screen and the semi finals in conference rooms with bar service which was an excellent touch. The cruise director's show was best, he's a great guy and his regular trivia quizzes are good fun in the late afternoon., though the points awarded are rather mean - you need 80 for a base ball cap and the list of prizes list actually very poor!! We didn't go to many enrichment lecturers but saw them all on the ships TV and they were very good and helpful with each port. The one bad event happened to me in Koper where some mad old lady local dumped a bucket of water containing god knows what over me in the main square by the cathedral from a 3rd floor window. I went back to the ship to change, reporting the issue to the shore and ship staff and filled in and filed a report but little happened and I have no idea really if the incident was followed up by the police. Silversea did not handle this well. Liked the forward and observation lounges for cocktails before or coffee etc after dinner. Room were comfortable, plenty big enough (we were in 755), the facilities OK though these days the TV should be much larger and the fridge actually cool. The butler was a good guy, thugh we didn't use him too much, and the cabin attendant was a really nice man. All the crew seemed very friendly and happy and I thought that the ship on the whole is very well run. Public rooms good too. WORST THINGG ON SHIP - without a doubt the awfully slow wifi, so antiquated, really needs some investment,, should be so much better on such a small ship given what you are paying. First stop ashore was always a coffee bar with free wifi, always so much faster in every country. Most days could not download the Times in less than 20 mins, a pain when you are on a limited time budget for the voyage. Overall loved the ship and would use Silversea again, but would prefer say Regent for an itinerary where tours were necessary. Ports 2 July 2016 - Mykonos, Greece (lightered) Nice luxurious island, excellent for a stroll about the town and viewing the shops and the windmills. Lightering point short stroll away. 3 July 2016 - Monemvasia, Greece (lightered) Catch a (cheap) shuttle (pay) bus to/from the city gates (about 1.5 miles away) from lightering point. Too far to walk in the heat and dangerous on the narrow road. Very unique and interesting World heritage town. but to fill the full day ashore go swimming after or go back to ship for lunch and air con. 4 July 2016 - Zakinthos, Greece (lightering) Rather boring town on medium sized island. Not much to see, could easily be dropped from the cruise itinerary for somewhere more interesting like in Albania. Best plan to go swimming. Top site seems to be a 40 year old shipwreck that spoils a rather nice looking secluded white beach. Ship did a short detour on leaving so we could see this famous site. Best way to see it is that way with a Bellini in your hand! 5 July 2016 Corfu - docked Ship is docked a good way from the port exit and the town, if not doing a tour you need to take a bus or taxi. Did tour to Achillion Palace (well worth seeing, loads of history especially if you have been to Vienna and seen the other side of the links to the Austro Hungarian empire) , with a stop to see famous Mouse Island and the planes landing below you at the airport. Then onto Corfu town. Would have liked more time in the town but so hot walking around at midday a bit tough. 6 July 2016 Kotor, Montenegro - 7 July 2016 Fabulous sail in/out, get up early and sit with coffee on your balcony, you will see both sides as ship stays overnight . Ship initialy lightered but then docked at 5pm for an overnight stay. Unfortunately a thunder storm rolled in and spoiled any chances of an evening ashore. Geat waled city, wish we had seen more but the above menioned incidnt rather spoiled it for us. 7 July - Dubrovnik (lightered) Arrived after the great early sail out from Kotor and breakfast. Lightered but again strait to town, no walking at all to be in the old city. Very crowded, much better later in the pm which with a late evening sail out we happily could do. Prices very expensive though. 8 July 2016 Hvar, Croatia - (lightered) Nice island small town, not a lot to see though, best to go swimming after a look around the shops and the cathedral, or go on a tour to Split 9 July 2016 Koper, Slovenia (docked) Docked right by the city so easy walk in. Great views from bell tower. A quieter city than many of the others (maybe as it was Saturday and all locals at the beach). Worth looking around and good shops. 10 July 2016 Venice, Italy -and overnight Worth getting up v early to see the great sail in past San Marco etc. Short walk to shuttle boat from cruise docks to 2 bridges up from an Marco, very convenient start point for what ever you want to do. Having been a few times before we were happy to wander. though marvelling at the extortionate prices they try to charge (saw coffee at €10 for example). Really nice to view from ship but a port best seen in off peak season, especially in winter. 5 ships in the day we docked. Too many people. Disembark - Transfer - Flight - Venice Venice airport a dump, glad we were in a lounge, and as usual BA were late (3 hours on London-Athens leg and 1.5 hours on this return). Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2016
My husband & I completely enjoyed our Silver Sea experience, everything went smoothly from beginning to end, on our 10 day cruise on Silver Spirit from Athens to Athens. We cruised the Greek Islands as well as Kusadasi, Turkey just ... Read More
My husband & I completely enjoyed our Silver Sea experience, everything went smoothly from beginning to end, on our 10 day cruise on Silver Spirit from Athens to Athens. We cruised the Greek Islands as well as Kusadasi, Turkey just prior to the airport bombing in Istanbul airport, and our experience of Ancient Ephesus and Mary's house was incredible, and not to be missed. Icha was a wonderful, amazing tour guide! It would be very sad to not be able to go to Turkey now, because of the political unrest, it was so beautiful! We absolutely enjoyed the different aspects of each of the Greek Islands and hope to go back in particular to Magical Santorini, Historical Rhodes with it's fabulous beaches, Old city and castles, as well as Mama Mia's Skiathos Island! And if you go to Thessaloniki, make sure and do your shopping there, as the prices & choices are best there. The historical Churches were amazing to see there as well. The Ship; Let me tell you about the ship, first of all this is the smallest ship we have sailed on and also our first luxury cruise. So I am writing this review from the perspective of a first time Silver Sea cruiser. I am wanting to impart information that gives you a heads up as to what to expect, particularly if this is your first time on Silver Seas. This ship did live large though, we never felt cramped. I have cruised several other cruise lines. This ship was about 2/3's full. Our cruise was a celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary and we wanted to treat ourselves. The cruise did not disappoint, we were impressed with the impeccable service all throughout ship. Truly top notch! And the tasty 5 star food. Even the breakfast Danish tasted as if it was freshly made that morning, and they were huge! Our Butler Riju and Mark our cabin cleaner were amazing in always knowing the right time to come by and they did pamper us with treats and great room service. The cruise ship is layed out quite nicely and there are many different places on the ship to hang out inside and/or outside to enjoy your drinks and canapés that the ship serves in the bar/lounge areas prior to dinner. The bartenders were fantastic and remembered what drinks we wanted and our names. Rex and Fred were outstanding! We loved meeting the Art Dealer and his wife in the bar. In the evening after 5 pm, women are expected to wear long pants or a dress, it can be casual on informal to casual nights. And men are expected to wear long pants. On Formal nights men are expected to wear jackets and a tie as well in the dining and indoor restaurants. The exception is if you eat at The Grill. The Restaurants; My favorite restaurant was La Terrazza because it was fabulous Italian food and you could eat outside which was fun during a sail away. The pasta was freshly made everyday, and the portions were small and the menu changed slightly day to day. I really appreciated all that. Our least favorites were the 2 specialty restaurants, Le Champagne and Star Supper club, not because of the food, because all the food on the ship was 5 star, but mostly because the service took so long. We sat there for 3 hours in each. I don't like to sit anywhere 3 hours straight! The wine served with all the meals were delicious choices. Someone definitely knew how to pair wine with the meals and did a great job! However, it was a very nice experience to spontaneously decide to have dinner with another couple, and not have to have an awkward moment with someone new as to who is going to pay, or how to divide up the check. Because, we all already paid for everything in advance of the trip. The Pool area: I found the pool a bit on the cold side, it could have been a degree or two warmer to be able to lounge in it. Even though Greece was having a heat wave, the pool was colder than the Greek ocean water. There were always empty lounge chairs, and so it was easy to relax by the pool. The Cabin on Deck 4: Let me tell you it is the biggest suite we have ever cruised, and we booked the least expensive regular cabin and it was huge. It has 4 separate sections. 1) First we walked in we noticed a soaking tub for 2 people, as well as a large shower ( for a cruise ship) As well as plenty of space for toiletries on the granite bathroom counter with dual sinks. Our fabulous butler brought us balloon's for my birthday, yes we celebrated my birthday on the ship as well, and we had a bath drawn for us 2 nights out of our 10 day cruise. We felt spoiled and well taken care of! We even had our sunglasses cleaned and polished with a polishing cloth that was left for us, and my husband also had his shoes shinned, and at the end of our trip our luggage was thoroughly cleaned inside and out. 2) The second section was the walk in closet space with enough hangers to hang all our clothes and plenty of spare room in the closet and a 6 drawers tall chest of drawers. There was plenty of room to change our clothes in the closet area. 3) The King bed area, also had two end tables on each side as well as a vanity at the foot of the bed with a TV in the wall area, which doubled as a mirror when the TV was off. There was plenty of cabinets in which to store things, but we didn't end up using it. 4) The fourth area had a curtain that could be drawn between the seating area with a coffee table, couch and sitting chair. It also had another TV in the wall/mirror area and another vanity area. This area also had a refrigerator that was stocked with our favorite drinks as well as fresh ice everyday. We did not spend much time in the cabin because we toured everyday, but when we did spend time in it, we loved the space! We did not book a balcony cabin, and we were told by our butler Riju that it was too warm to hang out on the balcony anyway because of the heat wave, and that we then had more floor space in our suite without it. The Passengers: There was a mix of couples and friends traveling together. Everyone was open to meeting new people, and we got to meet and know some very interesting, warm and engaging people. And it was wonderful that everyone shared tips about the various restaurants and excursions. We met a recently retired NFL coach and his lovely wife, a retired attorney. A 29 year old entrepreneur who had also brought his girlfriend and parents on the trip. And a lovely retired couple from Australia and another lovely couple from S. Africa. Excursions: Each excursion had about 22 people or less, and we never waited in any lines whatsoever, not for getting off the ship, not for dinner, and not for an elevator as you do on some of the bigger ships. Also the entertainers by night become chaperones during the day trips and alert you when the time is right to get back on the bus or to leave back for the cruise ship. It was nice to get to know them well. The Gym & Spa I did go look at it, but unlike using it on cruise ships in the past, I never felt like I had the time or the energy to use it. Our excursions were in the morning, and by the time we were done touring in the Greek heat, I was done for the day. There were no at sea days on this trip. So it was tough to make time to spa as well, just not enough time for everything. I am an eclectic cruiser, I like variety of cruise styles and ships with a preference for the much larger ships. Each cruise line has their pros and cons. And I especially appreciate the larger than life entertainment & comedy & shopping on the larger ships which was missing on this smaller luxury cruise. Shopping, Gambling & Photography on board: The boutiques on board were only open very late at night, and there wasn't much to look at in the stores, I was disappointed by that. Just few pieces of very high end jewelry and clothes. If you forget something for your trip, make sure and ask the shop keeper if she has the item you need, because the most basic things one might need are hidden from view and are behind a locked mirrored cabinet. We never saw anyone gambling in the casinos when we walked by around 10 to 10:30 pm, but we were told they do get busy very late at night. Also while cruising, I do like having our pictures taken particularly for formal nights to commemorate a special trip, but there are not any photographers on this cruise. I did miss that perk that you get on the larger ships. In Conclusion; My husband prefers the Silver Sea experience over the other cruise lines. He said he has never felt more relaxed. He loved that everything was paid for in advance and that he wasn't needing to sign for anything at all! We look forward to our next trip with Silver Seas. As far as I go, I prefer the larger ships, but will definitely be more than willing to do another Silver Sea cruise in the near future. It was an unforgettable 5 star experience, and my favorite part was meeting all the fabulous friendly people, and having the most interesting conversations with them, as well as the exquisite dining experiences! Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2016
NOT worth the money!!!!! Not as advertised- food quality was far from excellent, Staff was rude and snobby, food was subpar, stays in port were far too short, watch out for the "diamond expert" selling jewelry at outrageous ... Read More
NOT worth the money!!!!! Not as advertised- food quality was far from excellent, Staff was rude and snobby, food was subpar, stays in port were far too short, watch out for the "diamond expert" selling jewelry at outrageous prices, praying on elderly vulnerable widows. Scandalous! Don't be mislead by their claim that this is so much better than the "Giant Commercial Lines." Silver Seas is just as commercial. Book your excursions on shore, you'll save about 20% bc Silver Seas up charges even though they probably get a referral commission on top of that - that is why the staff waits on the dock to "help you" get to your tour - they don't want you talking to the people on the docks and finding out you're being charged more on the ship, cabin electric is dangerous, it shorted out and almost electrocuted me, smoke and sparks under the bed!!! - and last but not least if you have children, beware - kids club is next to smoking lounge and the second hand smoke is horrible in Kids Club - my daughter complained of a headache after each visit to kids club, finally figured out why on the second to last evening... Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2016
This year was my 20th cruise with Silversea on board four of the present five ships and my 11th cruise on Silver Spirit,which is the largest of the fleet-Silver Muse next year is slightly larger and launched in April.Silver Spirit has a ... Read More
This year was my 20th cruise with Silversea on board four of the present five ships and my 11th cruise on Silver Spirit,which is the largest of the fleet-Silver Muse next year is slightly larger and launched in April.Silver Spirit has a maximum of 540 guests although the two cruises back to back were not full.I travelled to Rome airport via Frankfurt from Manchester and transferred to the ship at Civitavecchia and Embarkation was quick and smooth with the issue of the essential cruise card.I boarded straight away and met my butler Rahul who took me to my suite and introduced me to the facilities.These included a variety of soaps,pillows,drinks for my cocktail cabinet and the layout of the suite,which I knew well.There is a separate shower unit in the bathroom,cloakroom,large queen bed,lounge area with settee,armchair,writing desk complete with personalised writing paper,adequate cupboard,drawer and shelf space and a safe.There is an verandah with table and two chairs where I had breakfast on the morning we were anchored off Sorrento. A safety drill took place prior to departure with all passengers introduced to their life jackets and boat stations. The first dinner was one of many in the Main Restaurant with my usual waiter Lorenz who presented me with a varied menu-I went off menu for the first night-accompanied by my choice of wines.The meals were all the very best standard and presentation. There were other restaurants on the ship,some of which were select and an extra cost.I usually had breakfasts in the La Terrazza buffet with a choice of being outside with the views of the ports of call. The ship has two regular leisure activities for which prize points were available-exchanged for items at the cruise end.These were the regular Trivia Quiz conducted by cruise director Moss Hills and the golf putting competition on the carpet.These were always fun to be involved with and I also tried the daily paper Silver Quiz again for points. Entertainment included a series of lectures on space travel and an evening presentation in the show lounge by the Six Voices of Silversea.The show I enjoyed the most was the operatic evening with some excellent singing and costumes.There was also the Silver Spirit Trio in the main bar area and this was followed by a pianist who accompanied pre dinner and after dinner drinks-the ship is fully inclusive of all drinks and gratuities. There is a swimming pool,three whirlpools and pool bar as well as a fully equipped Spa of which treatments and the thermal spa are extra,inclusive of a small whirlpool,hot seats,sauna,steam room and covered area. There is nearly one crew member to each guest and Captain Pontillo pointed out at the Reception that passengers come as guests and leave as friends.I have had the pleasure of sailing with him before.During my cruise there were four formal nights and the others were either Informal or Casual.There is a casino,upmarket boutique,large library,internet café and a helpful shore concierge. There was a good variety of ports of call including Mykonos,Kusadasi,Chania,Agios Nikolaos,Malta & Gozo,Rhodes,Trapani Sicily,Santorini,Patmos,Marmaris and Nafplion.I have visited many of the ports on previous cruises and had no need to book coach excursions available:I was happy enough to walk around the ports and visit churches and museums.The only drawback on some days was the extreme heat - sometimes up to 38deg. It was easy to make friends who came from many nationalities and of course the crew also became our friends:knowing our names within hours of boarding.It has always been a great pleasure to travel with Silversea and I already look forward to being on Silver Spirit again in June 2017.This I book on board with the cruise consultant as there are discounts for guests who have cruised for over 100 days - I have now reached nearly 200 days. Disembarkation was no trouble and transfer to Athens airport with my flight to Heathrow and onwards to Manchester:all arranged by Silversea. Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2016
Sailed on Silversea for the first time in June, 2016. LOVED everything about our experience. Embarkation was a bit disjointed for us. My husband had written the wrong cabin number on our luggage tags and so it was delivered to the ... Read More
Sailed on Silversea for the first time in June, 2016. LOVED everything about our experience. Embarkation was a bit disjointed for us. My husband had written the wrong cabin number on our luggage tags and so it was delivered to the wrong cabin, which was empty, so this took a several hours to figure out. We were concerned about our missing luggage for the first evening. The customer relations manager was wonderful and kept us updated and ultimately, was able to deliver the good news that our luggage was found. We didn't really properly meet our butler due to the luggage concern. He did meet us and introduce himself, but since the focus was on finding our luggage, the rest (choice of toiletries, pillows, other types of discussions) were missed. Again, this was likely due to my husband's error and the focus on our luggage. The cabin was perfect for us, as was the balcony. Our Butler, Vipin, was so polite and professional. He very quickly learned our preferences and helped to make our cruise just perfect for us. Our cabin was kept spotless without our even noticing. They cleaned or changed towels, turned down the bed, etc. only when we left the cabin. Not sure how they managed this, but it was wonderful. Restaurants: We loved the food on this cruise. We had breakfast and lunch at La Terrazza with beautiful views each day and never went elsewhere. The buffet choices were plenty and varied daily and the food was great. For dinner, we tried every restaurant with the exception of Stars Supper Club, which we missed. Our least favorites were the 2 speciality restaurants, Le Champagne and Seishin. They were good, but honestly we enjoyed the included restaurants more. In the future, we will skip the specialty restaurants on this cruise line. My favorite restaurant for dinner was, once again, La Terrazza. Delicious pasta, lovely setting, and even a beautiful sunset view one evening. My husband loved the hot rocks concept at the Grill and we ate there 3 times during our stay. Dinner was delicious there every time and the service always perfect. We did also eat at the Restaurant a couple of times. The food, and especially the waiters (Ali and Renato) were wonderful. The bar on deck 5 was our favorite place to spend time before dinner and the bar staff there are incredible in every way. Rex, Fred, and the 3 Ronalds are the absoulte best. They were upbeat, friendly, polite, fun, etc., etc. We could go on and on. They remembered our names and our drink preferences from the first night and were simply great people to be around. The entertainment: We only took advantage of the cooking demonstration during the sea day, and this was wonderful. The chef was great and also so nice and entertaining and the wine tasting and discussion very interesting. We never attended anything else, so we cannot comment, but we did enjoy spending time in the lounge with the piano player. The excursions were phenomenal. The ports we visited included: Rome, Sorrento, Trapani, Malta & Gozo, Chania, Santorini, Kusadasi, Mykonos, and Athens. All were wonderful and the guides all very knowledgeable and helpful. Our favorite, if we had to choose one, would be Kusadasi. The day in Ancient Ephesus was unforgettable. Disembarkation was easy, even with a labor strike in Greece. Due to the strike there were no porters available, but we never would have known it. I'm sure the crew worked extra hard to make this such a smooth and easy process. Really wonderful service. Pre and post hotel arrangements and transfers were great as well. Especially the hotel in Rome. Absolutely beautiful way to begin our trip. All in all, had a wonderful time and would be so happy for another opportunity to sail with Silversea!!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2016
Silversea Silver Spirit Review ======================= SUMMARY ======== Let me begin by saying that when it comes to ones preference, no matter what the topic is, in the end the only opinion that matters is your very own. For ... Read More
Silversea Silver Spirit Review ======================= SUMMARY ======== Let me begin by saying that when it comes to ones preference, no matter what the topic is, in the end the only opinion that matters is your very own. For example, which luxury automobile/automaker is better or more luxurious; Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes? The answer is that it varies from person to person and possibly from vehicle to vehicle. To me they are all luxurious and they offer many great cars to drive, but I do prefer Lexus for the entire package including reliability and service. While I prefer Lexus and have for many years that is not to say I will always prefer it over other automobile companies. Our own tastes change as we grow older plus the products change. The same is true for luxurious hotel properties including Four Season and Ritz Carlton. Which is more luxurious and which do you prefer the most? For me the answer is Ritz Carlton because my wife and I prefer the Club Floor. However, there are a few Four Seasons properties that we prefer over Ritz Carlton properties in a handful of cities. Even within a cruise line one might only prefer one specific size/class of ship. We all have different preferences. With this in mind, let me provide some feedback and thoughts about our recent Silversea experience. This was our first time on Silver Spirit and second Silversea cruise having sailed the Shadow in August of 2009. So I won’t be reflecting on the “good old days.” On most boards there are comments about change from the “old days” and I am not aware of any cruise line that has not evolved, and where some have yearned for some of the amenities from back in the day. Some of the changes that cruise lines have made have actually enhanced their product, while some changes were driven to reduce cost. The same is true on land with hotels. At the same time some changes are just simply driven because newer generations of cruisers desire amenities different from previous generation(s) of cruisers and just simply have different tastes, desires and preferences. All changes are not financially driven by bean counters in my humble opinion, although as I remind people Cruise Lines are in the business of making money so some change is clearly cost driven. The inability of unlimited caviar on board Silversea is clearly cost driven, and a wise decision in my humble opinion. Since this was our first Spirit Cruise and only second Silversea cruise we are still Silversea newbies although not newbies when it comes to cruising. My first cruise was at age 12 and my wife Anne Marie and I have cruised since 1992 and have taken around 100 cruises on several cruise lines including three luxury lines. Overall, we had a very nice time. While Crystal Cruises remains our most favorite cruise line and most favorite of the luxury cruise lines, we would sail SIlversea with the right itinerary and/or schedule that worked well for us. We would do likewise on Seabourn whom we have also sailed before. Again, this is no knock against SIlversea or Seabourn,. Rather, it is just to say that for us we prefer Crystal (its my Lexus) and it just feels more comfortable to us and yes familiarity is a factor too, but overall we just prefer the total Crystal package. Luxury lines have a lot in common, but clearly they offer several differences. We find Silversea to bea bit more low key from our experience. People spend a little more time in their rooms because of the size of the room and also I think because of their comfort and design. But, there is certainly nothing wrong with being low key. Like almost any product, there are some things we prefer about Silvesea, and some we prefer for Spirit over Shadow, as there are other things that we prefer about other cruise lines. I am not one who believes in cherry picking. Sometimes people will say x cruise line provides this and y doesn’t and goes on and on about that. The reality is that each cruise line does want to differentiate itself from one another (we like that) and each one decides how to spend their money and where to place more or less emphasis. I could go on with numerous differences on how x cruise line spends money in one area which y does not and how y spends money in an area that x does not. Again, cruise lines are businesses and like a business differentiation of product is key. Now, that doesn’t meant that you don’t study your competition and sometimes you do need to match them. The Silver Spirit can carry upwards to 550 guests. We believe that size is one of the factors that determine the overall experience. Smaller ships can offer more intimate locations than cruise ships of larger sizes, and can make it easier to get from place to place within the ship and can sometimes dock where larger cruise lines can’t. At the same time, larger ships can allow for more activities to be offered and provide more options for entertainment and dining. For some, they will prefer one size only, which could be small, medium or large whereas others might like more than one choice. In addition to my write-up I have rated the categories using stars. Five stars is my highest rating and one star is the lowest rating. Once in awhile I will add a plus (+) either because I want to highlight that it was above the overall star rating, or that I was torn between two different rating levels. SILVER SPIRIT ***** ============ We liked the layout of the ship and its size. Because of its size it can offer greater choices over say the Shadow, Whisper Cloud or Wind. The public rooms are well appointed, and many are very traditional. Parts of the interior were a bit dark but we are not buying the ship so this is not a problem for us. It didn’t take us long to learn our way around the ship and it was very easy to get from venue to venue. The outdoor area where one could run or walk while not enormous was larger than expected and would be and came in handy on days when we wanted to walk around the ship. For me, it was not conducive to running once several people were sitting outside but the reality is that most passengers are not interested in running. Anyway. All in all we thought that the ship was beautiful. DINING **** ============== For the size of the ship it certainly offers many dining options. Certain restaurants I would rate with five stars, even one with a five stat plus and others with three or four stars depending on venue. The Restaurant is the main dining room and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since there is open seating you will have a different wait staff depending on where you are seated and possibly even a different experience. On our first night we were seated at a two-person table in a more visible area of the dining room. The waiter had not only our table but a few large tables . The positive was that he received assistance from one of the Head Waiters and Sommelier’s who we got to meet but the down side was that the length of the time between courses became much longer than desired and that appeared to be the case as it seemed that our food was coming out at the same time of the larger tables and larger tables take longer to serve than smaller tables. We had just three courses and we were there for over two hours. We do not like to be rushed but that was a bit longer given the number of courses we had. Conversely on two other nights we were seated in a more remote section of the dining room. The downside was that none of the Head Waiters ever made it over to our table and the Sommelier only made it over once but the positive was that the waiter had our table, two other two person tables one larger table (not used one time and the other time people arrived when our meal was almost over) and even though for both these meals we had four courses, the meal took around 90 minutes which was perfect for us. La Terrazza offers breakfast and lunch buffets and the interior tables have tablecloths and the dining room is very well appointed. At night it becomes an Italian Specialty Restaurant. For dinner, reservations are required, but no specialty restaurant fee is charged. On our first sailing on the Shadow we did not particularly care for the cuisine served at night, but on this sailing we dined there twice and enjoyed the cuisine. The daytime buffets are nice with a lot of choices. Some of the regulars have commented that some of the more unique foods are not offered now as they were in the past. We noticed that too compared to when we sailed the Shadow in 2009, but there is still a lot of choice. For lunch you could also order cooked to order pizza from a menu on the table or you could just have pizza that was already prepared and on the buffet. Seishin. This is a Japanese Restaurant. It is available for lunch and dinner. For lunch there is no specialty restaurant fee and no reservations are taken and the lunch menu is mainly sushi and sashimi. Dinner requires reservations and there is a choice of menus. There are two menus where the specialty fee is $20.00 per person for mainly sushi and sashimi and another course. There is a several course dinner menu for $40.00 per person. It is a very intimate restaurant so it is quiet given the limited number of people who can dine there at once and it has a very nice ambience to it. We enjoyed the experience. The only down-side we saw came to the sushi and sashimi as you not select the quantity or type of sushi/sashimi you preferred,. The plus side is that with a fixed menu there were no decisions to make and we had the opportunity to try a wide range of items. The venue is beautiful and for those who like flowers there were flowers on each table. Le Champagne is open for dinner only and offers French inspired dishes matched with finer wines than served in the other dining venues. There is a $40.00 per person specialty restaurant fee. I think this dining venue is one of the most special dining venues we have ever dined at either on land or at sea. Head Waiter Tayfun welcomed us to the restaurant and we found him to be professional, gracious with a fantastic sense of humor. The restaurant only accommodates around 24 people at mainly two person tables and each table is only used once per night. Diners arrive at various times. The menu consists of six courses. Everyone is served the same starter, which includes samplings of four different items. The following courses allow each person to select from a few choices for each course. Tayfun not only sat everyone but also worked hand in hand with the other two waiters who served each course. We began with a flute of champagne and then moved to white wine followed by red wine. Everything was amazing about this restaurant from the service to the ambience to the presentation and preparation of each course. There is the Stars Supper Club, which opens at 8:00 PM, later than the other restaurants. It also is by reservation and offers tapas. We did not dine there. There is the Pool Bar & Grill open for both lunch and dinner. We did not dine there either. There is the Panorama Lounge which offers an early risers continental breakfast, bouillon later in the morning and an A la Carte Sandwich Lunch between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM. There is also room service where you can order from the room service menu or you can order dinner from the restaurant during the operating hours of the restaurant. We utilized room service for all our breakfasts and for one dinner. For dinner, beyond the standard room service menu, you could order from the menu of The Restaurant during the operating hours of this restaurant. The table that they put on top of the coffee table was nice and provides more space. ROOM ACOMMODATION ****+ =================== We were very pleased with our suite. We just went with a Veranda Suite since this was only a seen day cruise. It was well appointed. The colors scheme reminded us of the colors in our suite in the Queens Grill on board the Queen Mary 2. I think it is in keeping of the number of people who sail Silversea from the UK. There were a lot of cabinets to store items and the closet was a decent size and just easy to find places for all of our items and to keep them very well organized. There is a separate living area, which can be used for dining, reading, watching television or just viewing the outside area. It was also very comfortable and very functional. The verandah was a decent size. The bathroom was very functional with a separate bathtub and shower. The only down side might be the one sink. There were two flat like televisions both built into the mirror so they didn’t stick out. The interactive television system is quite nice offering a large array of movies on-demand, and the ability to see your shipboard account. It can be more of a challenge to work the remote control with the television in the living area if you have items on the desk. We did hear from a couple of fellow guests who were sailing the Spirit for the first time who thought that the suite was too narrow making it a little tight to pass between the bed and the wall and also that the shower was a bit tight for them. With all due respect some of that might be attributable to the size of someone. For some I can easily see where it would be more of a challenge. Just a couple of minor items and in the scheme of things they are minor; the safe doesn’t have a handle on it making it easier to open it, the area where you have to point your remote control to work the TV is right where one would likely place their computer and although there is an outlet on the vanity desk it was too low to the desk to be able to plug in the hair dryer. There was no shoehorn. I suspect that if we asked, they would have brought me one, but we didn’t ask. I don’t think I have ever stayed in any room on land or at sea where there were not some areas that could be improved so these are just small areas that could be improved. The TV’s themselves were great as they are built into each of two wall mirrors so they don’t take up space and they were very easy to view from bed or from couch. Once they overcome the remote control issue they will be even better. We also appreciated some of the little touches which included; a daily newspaper placed outside the door early morning, reminder of a time change by placing a card on the bed, a daily breakfast room service menu left on the bed each evening as part of turndown service and reminder reservations for any specialty restaurants on the day of your reservation on a card that was also placed on your door early each morning. SUITE BUTLER AND ROOM ATTENDANT*****+ I don’t often rate these personnel under a separate category but did so this time because having a butler for all suites was not in place when we sailed Silversea in 2009. At that time, Silversea only employed butlers for the largest suites. I can remember when they announced that their would be butlers that some said this was just marketing and that the butler would be in name only. Well that is not our experience and I am well aware of butlers and their capabilities having had them on four different cruise lines; Crystal, Celebrity, Cunard Queens Grill and Princess. Princess was in name only and pretty worthless and they did away with that position, which I think, was a good move. Now, just like us all butlers are not created equally so I am basing my comments on our butler and suite attendant. As mentioned, each room includes a Butler and a Suite Attendant. I am not sure how many rooms each of them are assigned. We thought that the butler was outstanding and really worked hard and not only responded to our requests but also was pro-active. When we cruise we do enjoy having a butler. I know some people say they never use any of the services performed by butlers and even some say that but we come to learn that they do. We enjoy having breakfast in our room, and the butler was great at taking care of this and yes the familiarity of what we preferred in terms of set up was nice. He also refreshed the fruit each day, along with sodas and water. Butlers will serve drinks such as wine or beer but other than the last night of the cruise we didn’t need his help with serving of alcohol related items. I am not sure if all butlers do this but we never asked for our shoes to be polished even though this is a service that is offered on most ships with butlers. Without us asking, he did polish both my dress shoes and one pair of Anne Marie’s shoes and did a terrific job as well. Also, he told us on the final sea day before we disembarked that normally the will remove the empty pieces of luggage from underneath the bed and set them up for us for easy packing but he already noticed that ours had quite a bit of items already packed so he didn’t move them. Early on during the cruise the Butler mentioned that he would be happy to prepare a bath for us and that if we could let him know what night that way he could time this based on when we expected to return so that the bath water was still at the proper temperature by the time we got back to the room. I thought all of these were to nice items to do pro-actively. The Suite Room Attendant also did a terrific job. We didn’t’ see her too often which to me is the perfect room attendant. Room was always made up in the morning and also turned down in the evening and all of this was very timely. Nothing was ever missed and this is just not normally the case on other cruise lines or on land at a Hotel. The room also looked very clean. FOOD & SERVICE. **** When it comes to food this is very subjective. We thought that the food was fine. Some of this varied by venue but again also comes down to personal taste. There were some exceptional items, some that were good and some we didn’t care for, but we never had a bad meal and we never left a meal longing for more food. Sometimes, other factors can come into play in any restaurant ranging from who is actually preparing your meal, who is responsible for each area, how crowded the restaurant is and the choices we make. I know there have been some criticisms of late about the food. For us, I didn’t see a major change from the first time we sailed with Silversea on the Silver Shadow. As I mentioned on that sailing there were a few more exotic items from time to time at La Tarrazza for lunch, such as one day Ostrich was a choice but I would say that most of the items were very similar at both The Restaurant for dinner and La Tarazza for lunch. Some people commented that there is very little change on the buffet from day to day and that is true. On most cruise lines we sail the vast majority of the buffet items are indeed the same for breakfast and lunch from day to day and for that matter from year to year. With that said, I have never seen a buffet area that had so many items to build a salad and some of those items did change from day to day whether that was having fresh mushrooms one day and then fresh artichokes the next day. If I could make one suggestion it would be to reduce the number of cold cut items that are featured on the buffet and add a few more carving stations with beef, pork and poultry and change that each day. I believe that would enhance the buffet and provide a more luxurious dining experience. Overall, the way I rate food today on Silversea is a little better than I did in 2009, and possibly even higher because we didn’t visit La Champagne on the Silver Shadow and the Spirit is the only Silversea ship with the Japanese Restaurant and our experience for dinner at the Italian Restaurant was much better than in 2009. If I rated the food at the restaurants in the evening for dinner individually I would rate them as follows. The Restaurant ***. I think the selection of items is good but think that the ingredients for some of the entrees could be more innovated to make the entrees more flavorful. Seishin ****. We thought that the food was excellent and really enjoyed how the menu was organized to give one a nice selection of cuisine to try. I would have given it five stars if the sushi/sashimi was a little more plentiful and innovative. Le Champagne. *****+. Outstanding cuisine both in terms of its preparation but also its presentation and while several of the items are rich in ingredients, it was balanced with the size of each dish not being too large. Wonderful menu. An outstanding experience. As to wine around the ship, I thought that the wine was good. If I were rating it, on its own I would give it three stars, which is how I rate Seabourn the last time we sailed with them. I also see the level of wine at around the same as it was in 2009; not better but not worse. I was certainly familiar with some of the wines that were served and would say it is on the lower price scale. Many of those wines I believe provide good value but nevertheless they are lower priced wine. We didn’t order any spirits so I can’t comment on that and on the last sea day of the cruise I did ask about the availably of beer and they offer quite a number of brands. Each night two wines were available in The Restaurant (one white or one red), but if you asked for another type of wine they could accommodate you. For example one night the choice of red wine was Zinfandel, which wouldn’t have paired well with what I had for an entrée, and so I asked for a Merlot and they were able to secure that for me. Conversely one night the white wine was a Sauvignon Blanc and we asked for a Chardonnay and they were able to secure that for us. This is somewhat trivial but from time to time we like to have a caffeine free diet soda such as Sprite Zero or something along those lines. According to our butler this is not something that is normally carried on board the ship. He was able to secure a few cans for us possibly leftover from a special request and mid-way through the cruise he found us four more cans. He said that we could have special requested this. I hadn’t thought about needing to special order something like this and only mention it so others are aware. For eight days we survived. LOL. We both also thought that the coffee that came with our room service breakfast was quite good and we realize that the quality of coffee at sea is a challenge given the processing of the water. As I mentioned, I had read some recent reviews with comments by some people who didn’t care for the food. For us, that was not our experience. Again, food is subjective. Personally, with so many choices it is hard to believe that anyone couldn’t find items that they would like on any cruise line; yes even mass market one. LOL, but IMHO true. Overall service throughout the ship was great. Of course people are human and service can vary by person even though cruise lines strive to offer consistent service. Most crew were very helpful and friendly. I wanted to give a shout out to the person in charge of La Terrazza who was very friendly and professional and just had a wonderful disposition when I asked him to check on all of our specialty restaurant reservations and who changed the first one we had to the time we thought we were to have based on the paperwork we were given when we checked in at the port. The waiters in most of the dining rooms were very friendly and did their very best to make the experience as nice as possible. Some of the headwaiters who we met were very helpful and very positive and enthusiastic which we always like to see. I think in La Terrazza during lunch that the waiters could be a bit more attentive coming up to the table shortly after you are seated. There are some little things that would enhance the luxury experience from holding the seats for the guests when they are seated at the table (some waiters did this while others didn’t,), unfolding the napkin and placing them on each passenger’s lap after they are seated, and removing crumbs from the table cloth before dessert is served. . These are just little details that enhance the experience but in the scheme of things are not critical. There are a few additional opportunities for enhancement, which are easy ones and are likely training opportunities which would be in the dining venues checking up after the course is served to see if the guest is happy with the meal and in the lounges being consistent such as asking for the names of the guests so as to learn them. Some did it well and some not at all. The other one would be yielding to the guest if the guest is passing them when they are in the corridor or even doing some activity. Again, very easy to do and just enhances the product and the overall experience. Finally, a pet peeve of mine, which is to refresh water cups during the meal. I want to close out the category of service by giving a callout to Jose from The Bar Lounge. He quickly learned our name, our preferences for the type of wine we drink, and that my wife, Anne Marie, would also have sparkling water and his display of kindness and attention to detail. He is a wonderful member of the crew. Finally, I want to give a callout to our Butler Probhashish who went by Probha for always going the extra miles to provide as good a service as he could and to our Suite Attendant Ester. SECURITY ** ======== I rarely ever comment on this area but I thought from time to time it was lax. In a couple of cases when returning to the ship in Key West because the security officer was off doing something there was no one operating the x ray machine on two of the three times we returned to the ship, and we were told by the person who swiped our ship board account to just go through and not wait. On our return from Belize City via the tender there was no x ray machine set up. The most thorough security check was when we returned from the ship in Cozumel. ENTERTAINMENT/ENRICHMENT *** ========================== Overall we enjoyed most of what we attended but this is quite subjective. The ship can certainly offer more than any other ship in the fleet given it size. There was a decent amount of choice. There were a few receptions whose start time made it impossible for us to attend such as the Venetian reception for past cruisers, which began at 7:00 PM but conflicted with our Specialty Restaurant Reservation. Since the dinner hour does begin at 7:00 PM, maybe it would be better to start these receptions at 6:00 PM. When it comes to Entertainment/Enrichment the size of the ships do matter and cruise lines with ships the size of Silversea and Seabourn have limits at to the diversity and amount of entertainment/enrichment they can offer and how elaborate some of the entertainment offerings can be. On a personal basis, I am not big on having an art lecturer or shopping expert on board nor am I big on some of the talks that focus on jewelry. With that said running a cruise line is a business, which wants to make money, so I assume that there is enough demand and profit from these items to warrant the resources and emphasis that Silversea and some other cruise lines place in this area. None of this was in my face so again whether I care for it or not did not impact my experiece. To elaborate on the art work and lectures,, when we first sailed on the Silver Shadow in 2009, we went to a few of the art lectures but didn’t realize until the end of the second one when the lecturer walked us around the ship that part of the intent of all of this was to try to sell you various items on board the ship. Interestingly enough, many of those Marilyn Monroe photos that we saw on the Shadow for sale were on the Spirit. As I often say, choice is good but just not something we have an interest in and on a personal basis the pricing seems exorbitant We enjoy ove art but would never buy it on a ship because we would want a lot of time to think about it, plus I don’t quite understand the prices that many of those photos commanded. Oh well. The positive of the art, is that many of the areas around the ship include the art that is for sale and to me it gives these areas a most attractive look. It is clear to me that enough guests purchase the art, and also make sure of the shopping expert, otherwise they would not offer these services it on board. If it was my cruise line, I wouldn’t do it, but no one asks me for my opinion. LOL. PORT STOPS**** This is another area that I normally don’t rate and in this case I am not rating the category for the ports but rather for items related to getting off the ship. I think it was very nice that the bottled water is placed right before you go through security, as are towels. I thin the opportunity for enhancement is to provide maps for each port a day or more before arrival that one can carry with them into port. FITNESS CENTER **** ============== The hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM and it was opened when I arrived as early as 5:00 AM so I can only assume it is never locked which is fine with me. It contains a nice range of machines and weights. On our cruise the equipment was sufficient. On a cruise with an overall younger age of travelers than our cruise this might make the amount of equipment more of a challenge. There are some opportunities to enhance the center for the guests. Out of the three elliptical machines, one would not allow connection of earphones as the connector appeared to be broken and on the second one the volume barely worked, as you could not raise the volume to a level where most people could hear it. Rather than having water available with plastic cups, I would recommend having small bottles of water that one could carry with them and place in the slots of some of the machines including elliptical and treadmills. There were no sanitizer wipes available in the one container that is left on the counter from the night before until an attendant puts them out which could be as late as 7:00 PM or later. I did speak with the manager of the spa and they corrected that but that should be a common practice all the time. These small improvements would enhance the overall experience and in the case of the sanitizers would allow for the wipe down of germs. I saw the Fitness Director, but can never really remember seeing him visible in the workout center where all the machines are located. I know he was busy with personal training and group classes. On larger ships you’ll have two fitness directors which is a plus as one could do training while the other one is more visible in the fitness center. INTERNET ***** ========= The Internet worked very well. The speeds were quite good and I appreciated the one-hour of complementary minutes per person. Only suggestion is in the daily program they note that someone is at the Internet Café for one hour each day and the program noted the specific time. I would have a sign at the desk in the Internet Café noting that as well as we didn’t realize that on Embarkation Day. The only other item was that when I tired to print my boarding passes early on the morning of disembarkation I could not make the printer work. I am pretty tech savvy and normally can figure this out on my own. As it was 4:00 AM I couldn’t call for assistance. I went to the front desk and they gladly printed out our boarding passes so no issues. The problem with the printer could easily have been a fluke. I do realize that speed of Internet can be impacted by so many factors including the infrastructure of the ship, your own room’s location, number of users on the system and where the ship is sailing, but overall the speed was terrific for being on a cruise ship. With that said, on the last day, which was a sea day the speed slowed up from the other days. That could have been attributable to where we were sailing or the number of users or a combination of both factors. While it was slow, it was still good for being on a cruise ship. I also think that one factor is that my perception is that the typical passenger either does not carry a computer with them or other device and again demand or lack of demand comes into play. I felt the same way on the Shadow in 2009. LAUNDRY ROOM * ============= We were surprised given the size of the ship how small the laundry room was as well as how small the one washing machine and dryer was. I realize that many people come on a cruise with no plans/need to wash anything but just sharing my observation on this one. I also realize that once you sail for I believe 100 days you get complimentary laundry (not dry cleaning or pressing but laundry). CLEANLINEESS ****+ ============ Our suite was also very clean and you could see the focus to cleanliness in all areas of the ship and by the crew. The only area that I thought lacked emphasis was not encouraging others to use the sanitizers located in certain areas of the ship. Also, I didn’t see anyone cleaning the machines in the fitness center from time to time during the daytime. If not for these two items, I would have rated cleanliness five stars. EMBARKATION/DISEMBARKATION ****+ ============================ Embarkation was smooth but clearly it can vary from port to port and also from one cruise to another. It can be perfect one time and a disaster the next time. I did like the approach at embarkation where they got us through the counter in the terminal area relatively quickly and much earlier than usual and then asked us to wait until Noon and we boarded based on when we did our check-in. Disembarkation was very smooth as well. When they called our color tag number we proceeded to the gangway area where they gave us our passports, then another person swiped our shipboard card and we were on our way to the terminal area. Our luggage was organized very well and our two large pieces of luggage were right next to one another. Because we had a lot of on board credit we booked a car through Silversea. We had originally planned to just take a taxi but we decided midway through the cruise to just get a car. A Silversea representative stayed with us until the car arrived. The driver actually drove the wrong way into the terminal area and before we got in the car a Sheriff was scolding him but once in the car he blamed this on the port always changing things. The good news is that he appeared to be a safe driver. PRE-CRUISE DOCUMENTATION & ON LINE RESERVATIONS **** ============================================== I believe it was at 90 days prior to the cruise when we could book specialty restaurants and did so that day with one revision a couple of weeks prior to the cruise. The system was very easy to use. It was also very easy to provide the personal information that was requested on-line. On the final documents, just a thought would be to print the cruise ticket on a separate piece of paper rather than having it as part of the book that comes. Since we were concerned with trying to remove the cruise ticket and tearing it we took the entire book with us but given the weight of the book would have been preferable to just leave it at home. The book itself is quite nice and of high quality and provided lots of useful information. It is one of those books that we will save. Another opportunity is that you could reserve a time slot for 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00 but the time you could be assigned might be anytime between each hour and it would be nice if you could lock-in to a specific time such as 7:00 PM, 7:15 PM, 7:30 PM, etc. If their systems doesn’t allow for that, it would be a nice enhancement. CHARITY DONATION* ================= I wasn’t sure where to list this so I have placed it under a separate category. This is one that has been discussed from time to time on this board. They charge each passenger $8.00 for the charity that Silversea donates to and most guests who are sailing Silversea for the very first time would not catch this. I actually forgot about this from our previous Silversea cruise but noticed it on the interactive Television when I viewed our account on line. While they will remove the amount I do think that they should make adding the amount optional and if they don’t want to do that they should send a notice up to the room about this with instructions how to have it removed from ones account. OVERALL RATING **** As I said, while our number one go-to cruise line continues to be Crystal Cruises with the right itinerary and the right schedule we would happily sail Silversea again. Overall, I thought that overall experience was a little better than in 2009. In the end, my belief is figure out which cruise line(s) work best for you. If a cruise line doesn’t work for you, just move forward. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2015
The last few holidays, we have traveled Cunard and loved it. Wanting to embark from the U.S., we decided to give Silversea a try. The marketing suggested upscale and the price certainly reflected upscale. From the outside things looked ... Read More
The last few holidays, we have traveled Cunard and loved it. Wanting to embark from the U.S., we decided to give Silversea a try. The marketing suggested upscale and the price certainly reflected upscale. From the outside things looked pretty great. Once we stepped into the cabin, we got a surprise. Start with stains on the floor, drapes, and outer bed blanket. Friends offered to cut the frazzles off the frayed and very outdated sofas. The glass coffee table was seriously scratched. The dressing table was less than one foot from the end of the bed. My husband had to climb over the bed while I dried my hair. The verandah floor was shop worn and had two plastic sitting chairs with no cushions, and table. I suppose you could have put your foot up on the table for relaxing. Our room, 626 was noisy. It had a loud vibration. We thought the food was delicious and beautifully presented. We also found it difficult to get reservations at the other restaurants. Service started out great. After New Years, the staff size decreased. And they seemed less interested in pleasing. A good training motto for staff might be, "A 1000 dollars a day for our clients means you give them 1000 dollar service for each day!" While the cruise was all inclusive, I don't drink alcohol but like virgin mojitos. After New Years, I was told the limes and mint were gone. Sorry! Food also went down hill after New Years. My biggest surprise, was the spa. The prices were right in line with Four Season, Regent Cruise, etc. The robe I was given had a big rip. And the waiting area included a few dark brown sofas and tables. Something you would find in a medical clinic waiting area. The refridg had nothing in it. The staff were chatting it up. It was not a place to relax. And….if you wanted to use the warm stone chair, whirlpool or sauna, you were asked to pay another 29 dollars. Not one thing about this spa said, "awww." We bought our tickets in March and paid 11k per person. We met other guests who paid as little as 6k. The cruise gave us 1000 to spend "in-house." Right after New Years, the internet connection (we used 250 to buy minutes) went out. It stayed out for the rest of the cruise. Some of the passengers were offered a 50 (nonrefundable credit.) Had they offered the credit sooner, I may have used it in the gift shop. I let the hotel director know right away about our room, and within the hour, he came to the cabin. Very attentive. We booked our own excursions as the excursion planned by the line were not appealing. There were some nice thing about this cruise, however the bad outweighed. We won't use it again. Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 5.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.5
Family 2.0 3.5
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.7
Rates N/A 4.0

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