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Sail Date: July 2016
Originally chose this cruise as it left from Istanbul and having worked with ships through the Turkish straits for nmany years had always wanted to go through myself. However with the security situation this year they moved the start to ... Read More
Originally chose this cruise as it left from Istanbul and having worked with ships through the Turkish straits for nmany years had always wanted to go through myself. However with the security situation this year they moved the start to Athens which was the biggest let down of the holiday but understandable and at least they took the decision early. It proved a good decision, on the day we flew to Athens, Istanbul airport was closed dues the bombs there! Booked through 6 Star Cruises, who's transfers and the hotel booking in Athens were immaculate. Boarding was very swift, almost no one else there at that time as we came from our hotel by taxi. After lunch all luggage was happily in the room for unpacking. On this cruise we hadn't seen much point in booking excursions, just did one (on Corfu where there was limited shore time for such a large island).The excursions there were seemed very expensive and I didn't hear too much glowing praise so maybe this was a good choice. At almost every port of call we were lightered to or docked in the port so didn't need tours to have a good day out. Lightering worked very well and we never had to queue more than a couple of minutes. Food I thought was very good, better than Regent the previous year. The Japanese is really good but only worth one evening paying due the limited menu, and I would skip the French completely anther time for the main dining room as there is too much fat/cream in the food, but the (inclusive) Italian, grill, and the main dining room were excellent quality and had grreat choice on the menu. We always got good tables, quickly and service was excellent. Recommend going to the Japanese for lunch of Shasimi and Sushi at no extra charge if you don't watn to pay the extra $40 a head for dinner. For drinkers like us there were excellent wines at the table, plus cocktails in the bars, where they seemed happy to make anything even stufff not on their lists. Live entertainment was OK , the performers excellent but I have to say not really what I was into. They showed the Euros final in Paris on the big screen and the semi finals in conference rooms with bar service which was an excellent touch. The cruise director's show was best, he's a great guy and his regular trivia quizzes are good fun in the late afternoon., though the points awarded are rather mean - you need 80 for a base ball cap and the list of prizes list actually very poor!! We didn't go to many enrichment lecturers but saw them all on the ships TV and they were very good and helpful with each port. The one bad event happened to me in Koper where some mad old lady local dumped a bucket of water containing god knows what over me in the main square by the cathedral from a 3rd floor window. I went back to the ship to change, reporting the issue to the shore and ship staff and filled in and filed a report but little happened and I have no idea really if the incident was followed up by the police. Silversea did not handle this well. Liked the forward and observation lounges for cocktails before or coffee etc after dinner. Room were comfortable, plenty big enough (we were in 755), the facilities OK though these days the TV should be much larger and the fridge actually cool. The butler was a good guy, thugh we didn't use him too much, and the cabin attendant was a really nice man. All the crew seemed very friendly and happy and I thought that the ship on the whole is very well run. Public rooms good too. WORST THINGG ON SHIP - without a doubt the awfully slow wifi, so antiquated, really needs some investment,, should be so much better on such a small ship given what you are paying. First stop ashore was always a coffee bar with free wifi, always so much faster in every country. Most days could not download the Times in less than 20 mins, a pain when you are on a limited time budget for the voyage. Overall loved the ship and would use Silversea again, but would prefer say Regent for an itinerary where tours were necessary. Ports 2 July 2016 - Mykonos, Greece (lightered) Nice luxurious island, excellent for a stroll about the town and viewing the shops and the windmills. Lightering point short stroll away. 3 July 2016 - Monemvasia, Greece (lightered) Catch a (cheap) shuttle (pay) bus to/from the city gates (about 1.5 miles away) from lightering point. Too far to walk in the heat and dangerous on the narrow road. Very unique and interesting World heritage town. but to fill the full day ashore go swimming after or go back to ship for lunch and air con. 4 July 2016 - Zakinthos, Greece (lightering) Rather boring town on medium sized island. Not much to see, could easily be dropped from the cruise itinerary for somewhere more interesting like in Albania. Best plan to go swimming. Top site seems to be a 40 year old shipwreck that spoils a rather nice looking secluded white beach. Ship did a short detour on leaving so we could see this famous site. Best way to see it is that way with a Bellini in your hand! 5 July 2016 Corfu - docked Ship is docked a good way from the port exit and the town, if not doing a tour you need to take a bus or taxi. Did tour to Achillion Palace (well worth seeing, loads of history especially if you have been to Vienna and seen the other side of the links to the Austro Hungarian empire) , with a stop to see famous Mouse Island and the planes landing below you at the airport. Then onto Corfu town. Would have liked more time in the town but so hot walking around at midday a bit tough. 6 July 2016 Kotor, Montenegro - 7 July 2016 Fabulous sail in/out, get up early and sit with coffee on your balcony, you will see both sides as ship stays overnight . Ship initialy lightered but then docked at 5pm for an overnight stay. Unfortunately a thunder storm rolled in and spoiled any chances of an evening ashore. Geat waled city, wish we had seen more but the above menioned incidnt rather spoiled it for us. 7 July - Dubrovnik (lightered) Arrived after the great early sail out from Kotor and breakfast. Lightered but again strait to town, no walking at all to be in the old city. Very crowded, much better later in the pm which with a late evening sail out we happily could do. Prices very expensive though. 8 July 2016 Hvar, Croatia - (lightered) Nice island small town, not a lot to see though, best to go swimming after a look around the shops and the cathedral, or go on a tour to Split 9 July 2016 Koper, Slovenia (docked) Docked right by the city so easy walk in. Great views from bell tower. A quieter city than many of the others (maybe as it was Saturday and all locals at the beach). Worth looking around and good shops. 10 July 2016 Venice, Italy -and overnight Worth getting up v early to see the great sail in past San Marco etc. Short walk to shuttle boat from cruise docks to 2 bridges up from an Marco, very convenient start point for what ever you want to do. Having been a few times before we were happy to wander. though marvelling at the extortionate prices they try to charge (saw coffee at €10 for example). Really nice to view from ship but a port best seen in off peak season, especially in winter. 5 ships in the day we docked. Too many people. Disembark - Transfer - Flight - Venice Venice airport a dump, glad we were in a lounge, and as usual BA were late (3 hours on London-Athens leg and 1.5 hours on this return). Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2014
My husband and I have just arrived home from a wonderful cruise holiday celebrating our 25th Anniversary. I am not one to "share" my thoughts on forums, but I must admit that I found it so very helpful reading the reviews that I ... Read More
My husband and I have just arrived home from a wonderful cruise holiday celebrating our 25th Anniversary. I am not one to "share" my thoughts on forums, but I must admit that I found it so very helpful reading the reviews that I thought it important to most our own thoughts on our recent cruise with Silver Seas, Silver Spirit. I am not a professional writer so I apologize in advance to the academics who find my thoughts a bit scattered :). I thought it would be helpful to compare the two Luxury ships of Seabourn Sojourn and Silver Seas Silver Spirit as they are both luxury lines within the same price point (give or take a few). Last year, in May (2013), we had the opportunity to travel the Mediterranean with our two kids (18 and 19 at the time), and as such, booked a Penthouse Suite with an adjoining Veranda Suite on Sojourn. On the Silver Spirit, we booked a Penthouse Suite and, as such, are able to compare the two - apple to apple :) Silver Spirit Embarkation We embarked from Venice and used the "People mover" to get us to the terminal. If one has never travelled to Venice, the terminal is long and there is a long walk to the last ship docked....that was Silver Spirit. Signage was very limited, and there were no representatives to greet any guests at the end of the people mover to the ship itself. With all our bags in tow, we took the 15 minute walk to the ship...it was raining, but we looked at it as the final work out before indulging in the fine foods we were expecting. We found our way upstairs in the terminal where our passports and boarding passes were looked at, then scurried on to the ship. When we arrived on the ship, the emergency drill was being held. This suprised us as check in time was clearly stated between the hours of 2-5pm, and we arrived just shortly before 5 (remember, we didn't expect the 15 minute walk from the people mover :)). We were donned with life jackets as we walked in, and given a glass of champagne....we figured out we were in the "main lobby" on deck 5. Once the drill was completed, we had to find our own way to our deck and to our room and once our bags arrived, we unpacked...no butler to be found for 2 hours. Not that we expect the butler to unpack us, we like ot do that ourselves, but at the very least to orient us to the room, the ammenities, and the ships features. When the butler did arrive, he was very nice, and apologized for his tardiness, stating that he got too busy. Hmmm...... Seabourn: When we arrived to the terminal in Civatevecchia, we were greated with white gloved representatives, champagne in hand, and a warm welcome at the terminal. We boarded the ship, directed to our rooms, and a butler and service staff represtative were almost "waiting" at the door for our arrival. We were oriented to the room, asked what our selection would be for toilettries, and were asked if we needed help unpacking. By the time we unpacked, our butler had informed us of where an when dinner was served, and where the ammenities were. We felt welcome and at home (even though it was our first time on Seabourn). Silver Spirit Dining Experience On the first night, we dined in the Restauraunt (the main dining room). It seemed a "cool approach" with the staff, almost distant like, and somewhat rushed. We are very approachable and friendly people, and we chalked this up to being the first day on board. Although I don't remember what we ate, I do remember the food being wonderful. We were a little perplexed by the fact that the wait staff only offered 1 type of red and one type of white that we "had" to try but I was prepared for this (thank you Cruise Critic posters), so I prepared my husband for this, and he gave the red a go, but asked for another "bolder" wine, which we received without a problem, and was lovely. We waited for the wait staff to smile, introduce themselves, but to no avail. It was not until Day 7 that the wait staff became a little more approachable, and were able to smile...not sure what was happening, but introductions did not start until about Day 6. The morning breakfast buffet in La Terrazza was quite nice, lots of selection, wonderful Meusli, and made to order eggs when requested. Once again, familiarity, smiles, and introductions, did not happen until about Day 6. The Dining Experiences from a food perspecitve were always excellent. We dined in La Terrazza, Pool Grill )Hot Rocks), and Seishin for lunch...all were excellent - our favourite being La Terrazza (chalk that up to our European heritage :)) Seabourn Sojourn Dining Experience On the first night, we dined in the main Dining Room. I remember sitting with my family and we were all so impresssed with the warmth of the staff, the genuine "caring" approach, and their thoughtfulness. Like Silver Spirit, the food was amazing, and there were several wine recommendations for my husband to select from. By Day 2, the staff knew our names, and the "preferences" we had - like sparkling water, extra breadsticks (definitely Seabourn has the best breadsticks :)), and how we liked our lattes. Not to mention that the Seabourn Cafe had a wonderful espresso bar where the barrista (Alex), remembered how we liked out Lattes by Day 2. Wow, very impressive! It just seemed that every day got better and better on Seabourn, and soon we were sharing laughs with the wait staff - Haley and Igor...we still remember their names... Silver Spirit Room Appointment For such a luxury line, and a Penthouse Suite, one would imagine an impeccable room. Not so on the Silver Spirit. The Penthouse suite was slightly larger than the Seabourn Sojoun, but it was drab in decor and there were nicks and scratches on the furniture that were in need of repair. The ship was built in 2009 and launched in 2010, yet it looked 10 years older than its actual date. For example, the Vanity table had several "burn" marks on it - which could have been easily remedied by a solid surface such as glass or granite. I noticed the door stops were broken, and the decor itself, although Silver Seas touts is as being Art Deco, was very pedestrian as compared to Seabourn Sojourn. The shower was spacious, but the "black" on the grout concerned me....mould? My husband who does not pay much attention to the decor details, commented on how the "bowl that holds the fruit" was so much nicer on Seabourn....wow! Seabourn Sojourn Room Appointment We were impressed from the minute we walked in the Suite...tastefully decorated, well appointed, and warm tones that made one feel warm and fuzzy. Tasteful and rich, but not overstated. The Bathroom, also very large, had a wonderful shower with curved glass (yes, expensive), but made the shower area feel larger than what it was. Extremely clean and well maintained. Overall impressions: After meeting several guests, especially those who have travelled both Seabourn and now Silversea, they commented on the very same things and we all agreed that from a ship and staff perspective, Seabourn wins our vote, in fact, if Seabourn had run this itinerary, we would have gone with Seabourn. We travel extensively, and have cruised on Princess, and Royal Caribbean, so the comparison between Silver Spirit and and Sojourn are based on what we have experience on the other lines. We certainly look at itinerary first, and then ship (a close first :)), but if one is to compare and suggest between Silver Sea Silver Spirit, and Seabourn Sojourn, Seabourn will get our vote.   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
we sailed last year on the silver whisper to the fjords of norway. that was our first time on silver seas ship. we loved it so much that we booked our next cruise while on that one. we were not disappointed. everything about the ... Read More
we sailed last year on the silver whisper to the fjords of norway. that was our first time on silver seas ship. we loved it so much that we booked our next cruise while on that one. we were not disappointed. everything about the experience was seamless. we booked 901 and 903, the grand suite and the adjoining suite for a family of 4. for us the experience of the silver seas is like being on a four seasons on water. the biggest perk of the large suite is free dry cleaning and laundry. heaven on the seas for me! check in was a breeze. we had spent two nights in venice before emarking. got on the ship at 2 and we were in our rooms within a half hour. we had the most amazing butler, catalino. nothing was impossible and he went out of his way to be accomodating to any wish. the food was similar on both cruises. we loved the japanese restaurant and champagne as well. we are not huge foodies, esp since we were traveling with two teenage boys. pizza was a huge disappointment. they must need a pizza oven to really get it right. we spent much of our time during the day off the boat. we had booked many our tours on our own. we did only silver seas sponsored tour, a cheese tasting which was terrific and well organized. croatia is beautiful, great ports, our favorite being split. diocletian's palace is not to be missed. slovenia is spectacular as well. all in all, this was another terrific cruise and we have booked for next year as well.   Read Less
Silver Spirit Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 5.0 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.5
Family 2.0 3.5
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 4.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 3.7
Rates N/A 4.0

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