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Sail Date: April 2014
We have sailed on almost every Celebrity ship in the fleet except for the Century and the newest Solstice class ship. The Millennium we have sailed on previously and the ship has been upgraded since our last experience. The addition of the ... Read More
We have sailed on almost every Celebrity ship in the fleet except for the Century and the newest Solstice class ship. The Millennium we have sailed on previously and the ship has been upgraded since our last experience. The addition of the Aquaclass staterooms on the stern of the ship added about 200 more passengers to the original 1950 passengers it was originally designed for. I'm not wild about the location of those cabins as they seem like an afterthought which they were. I would never book a cruise on Celebrity without it being at least an Aquaclass cabin. And the only reason for this is for the BLU restaurant which is open only to Aquaclass passengers for breakfast and dinner. i hate the main dining room due to the hectic nature of it. However the BLU restaurant on this cruise was a disappointment. We have never dined in the BLU on other than a Solstice class ship until this cruise. The service was slow and the food that was supposed to be hot, wasn't. I think this is due to having to get the food from the main kitchen rather than having a kitchen to themselves like the Solstice class ships do. As far as the cabin goes, it's too bad the deck plan doesn't show what really is across the passageway from your cabin door (it only shows inside cabins). Directly across from our Aquaclass cabin door on deck 9 (cabin 9065) was a workspace for the cabin stewards and other miscellaneous people. So at 6AM EVERY MORNING it sounded like tin baking pans being slammed around along with loud talking by the crew. This went on for quite some time. It would have been nice to have known that cleaning space was directly across from our room so we really could sleep in a little more. The cruise itself was nice and one of the highlights was being able to be a guest at the Captain's table in the main dining room one night with a different menu from the noral dining room fare. We stopped at St. Maarteen, St. Thomas, Tortola, and Bermuda (overnight) on the way to Cape Liberty,New Jersey (10 miles from downtown NYC). The next cruise starts the 3 month round trip from Cape Liberty to Bermuda that lasts all summer for this ship. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
Boarded in San Juan in less than 30 minutes. Luggage arrived at room by 5PM. Stateroom was neat and clean and accessible from a wheelchair.We opted not to get a beverage package but instead purchased the "stateroom bar package" ... Read More
Boarded in San Juan in less than 30 minutes. Luggage arrived at room by 5PM. Stateroom was neat and clean and accessible from a wheelchair.We opted not to get a beverage package but instead purchased the "stateroom bar package" which includes a beverage of your choice, mixer, and an assortment of nuts. This allowed us to have our cocktails on our own balcony before going to the early seating in the main dining room.The food in the main dining room was wonderful and varied. They even provided my wife with the low sodium menu she had requested earlier. Each night they would give her the following nights menu so she could make her selection and then they would specially prepare it with low sodium.We ordered the "captains" wine package (5 bottles for about $200+). The wine selection was excellent and they would keep track of any unfinished bottles for the next evening.Our first set of table mates constantly complained about the food. First they would ask us "what is this" and then they tasted it and complained about it. After 3 nights we asked for another table and within seconds we were moved to a much more pleasant group that were fun to dine with and agreed with us the food was great.We ate most meals in the main dining room because the buffet was difficult to use in a wheelchair. You could not really see the food to make a selection. There was always a crew member helping out but it's difficult to having to stand up every few feet to see what was there to choose from. Additionally we enjoyed our table mates at every meal in the main dining room. In the buffet we were usually were seated alone.The tours were excellent. We did three. I would leave my power wheelchair at the bus and a crew member would drive it back on board. I think they enjoyed the ride! The tour guides were easy to understand.We had no problems with elevators, except during disembarkation. They were seldom full.We went to three lectures and enjoyed them. We never went to an evening show.The crew was helpful and pleasant. We thought the service was better than Royal Caribbean but since this was only our second cruise we are not experts for sure.Disembarkation was slow because we were being picked up by car so we let everyone with airline rides get off the ship first. Our luggage was waiting for us. We never had to lift a thing.We will happily sail on Celebrity again.RickSan Diego Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
Me and my wife booked in the Millenium to get the experience of cruise the Panama Canal and visit some Central America countries. That was our tenth cruise experience, the first with Celebrity cruises. The experience was not as good as ... Read More
Me and my wife booked in the Millenium to get the experience of cruise the Panama Canal and visit some Central America countries. That was our tenth cruise experience, the first with Celebrity cruises. The experience was not as good as we expected for the money paid. We were in a Celebrity Suite and pay over $6000 to get some commodities as butler service, special attentions and good service. The ship is seriously deteriorated (was built 11 years ago). You can see over the public areas boxes with spare parts as a cargo ship. The towels and bed sheets had holes and old blood stain on it (In a suite). The butler and the room attendant came to my room the second day of cruise after my request to met them.Several times the tap water running through the faucet and in the bath Tub, were brown in color. The concierge said that the problem was a broken pipe. Probably, the water lines in a ship are under ground, I didn't know that.In 15 days traveling, the suite's floor to ceiling windows, never been cleaned. Thinking in a positive way, the dirt in the glass walls filtered the sun rays and it was unnecessary to close the curtains.The entertainment at the ship was horrible. Nothing new, they repeat the shows during the cruise.With only two ship at the port, the De-embarkation at San Diego took 4 hours with a lot of angry passenger with early flights to their home destinations.I would not recommend this cruise line to anyone. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
i selected this cruise for its best itinerary. i was glad to realise that the price was very attractive too. we are a very experienced couple about 60 years old. the ship was excellent in every aspect.our balcony cabin was refurbished and ... Read More
i selected this cruise for its best itinerary. i was glad to realise that the price was very attractive too. we are a very experienced couple about 60 years old. the ship was excellent in every aspect.our balcony cabin was refurbished and very good. deck no 8 is very good.the choice of ports was excellent and many tours were offered.all the public areas look attractive and i didn't see signs of old.the entertainment was very good with dozens of items to choose from.the food was great. the main dining room is elegant and the service excellent.the casual dining room had all you could want to eat and was active most of the time. because of the quality, quantity and service of these two great free restaurants we didn't eat at the more elegant olympic restaurant.the service of the crew all over the ship was unbelievable excellent - the best we experienced in our 30 years of travel to more than 100 countries.this cruise was excellent in every aspect - a top cruise experience. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
Flying to San Juan is more expensive but is the gateway to the southern Caribbean when cruising, we chose an 11 night adventure because 7 nights just are not long enough on one of these beautiful ships. This was our first time on a ... Read More
Flying to San Juan is more expensive but is the gateway to the southern Caribbean when cruising, we chose an 11 night adventure because 7 nights just are not long enough on one of these beautiful ships. This was our first time on a Millennium class ship, last year we experienced the Equinox which is the new Solstice class so we were curious about how it would be different. The Millennium is very well maintained but there are a few minor age spots showing up, remember it is in salt water all the time! All the common areas on the ship are beautiful and they incorporated more wood which we prefer. The main dining room is stellar, with all the wood accents and the spectacular two story glass window which looks out the back of the ship. Out of the four cruises this was the best service we have experienced, the maitre d checked on us regularly, our waiter Carlton was superb as was our busboy Eka. We have noticed that the biggest struggle seems to be with getting steak orders right, they came close but not quite perfect. We sent steaks back and we received prompt attention from the maitre'd and head sous-chef, satisfaction with food is taken very very seriously! One night we ventured to the Olympic restaurant, it is an experience not to be missed, they take service and presentation to new heights. If you enjoy fine dining then I'd suggest giving up several shore excursions for the Olympic!On to our cabin, we would like to thank Cruise Critics for helping us find one of the "sweet 16" cabins!!!! These cabins have larger balconies, in our case cabin 7180 was large enough for additional lounge chairs which we asked our room steward to provide! The cabin is well appointed, extremely clean, the washroom could be a bit bigger, we didn't care for the shower curtain, we preferred the glass shower door on the Equinox. In addition we did not like the hair dryer at all, where did they find that contraption? You need to be a bit of a contortionist to use it, lol, but we managed.We had an opportunity to chat with the head sous-chef and were happy to discover that Celebrity is one of the few lines that does not use prepared sauces, they make as much from scratch as they can. One big issue with cruising is that from the time you get on board you never experience hunger which is actually a bad thing because we find you don't enjoy food as much when you are not hungry. We enjoyed coffee/tea and fresh croissants and danishes on our balcony each morning, having room service included is an awesome bonus! (make sure you ask for almond croissants!!) We tried to hit the gym, which is well appointed, each day, unless we had an excursion. After showering we headed to breakfast, did you know they serve six different types of eggs benedict?? I really liked the Mexican ones. But how can you walk by all the waffles, french toast, omelets, breads, fruit, you name it, without sampling some?? Booking shore excursions through the ship is more expensive because you are paying for the extra service, booking on your own you take a bit of a risk in regards to availability and quality so you need to weigh the benefits. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
As an organizer of Cruise-trips for middle-size groups, we were very happy to on That ship that often ! Stayed in different Hotels in San Juan, which are most the same: Clean and good for that one night.. no more comments ! They know: ... Read More
As an organizer of Cruise-trips for middle-size groups, we were very happy to on That ship that often ! Stayed in different Hotels in San Juan, which are most the same: Clean and good for that one night.. no more comments ! They know: tomorrow someone else is waiting for a ship, and needs a sleep over. Embarkation can be a "very sunny action", while waiting outside. (The most royal Carib. ports have a better - longer Roof, so you are in the shadow,while waiting. After youre through with that, a glass of champagne (or two..) is waiting at the ship. If you are not that early - youre cabin is ready to use. Very early birds on embarkation sometimes have to wait for the cabin.. ! Tip : Check you're dinner seating time and location, as soon as you get to know them. Now is the time to make changes if necessary. The millenium is a ship, where the overlook is done pretty fast. The cabins are really OK! If you like it bigger : take the aft ones, on the very tail. It's 2 rooms with one big balcony. You see them from Deck 10. Deck 10 has been the magic formula for our guests! It means : a little music when leaving the port - a nice Bar, and that wonderful air breeze feeling. The staff is always there.. even when you dont need them..but everyone has been very friendly! After a time we became real friends,and were happy to meet them at next cruise again. The food in the self-serving restaurant has a wide variety (but more is on Royal Caribbean) The Main Restaurant again has a better service and Food , as RC does ! Depends on what is really important to you. The shows on board are excellent, but a little old fashion. Entertainment for younger people is not that much. Sometimes some games at the pool ( if you like it..) but always with a little too loud music ! (I'm not always in a party mood while laying in the sun, you know..)There are other decks, that are quiet! If you like it really quiet: go to Deck 4, where the lifeboats are! Be in the shadow of them or in the sun, just as you like it ! But if there's a real Pool Party : Don't miss it ! And don't miss the formal nights. If you like to wear youre Dinner Jacket - do it ( it might not fit anymore one week later..) But a Jacket and a tie will do also! The shoretrips offered by the ship are expensive ! In some ports you can do youre own trips pretty well, by taking a taxi for a half day or join one of the local companies at the pier. You'll see, whats trust able or not, the way they offer their tours. After 5 trips the ship is on a different itinerary now. But we are glad to offer a "around the world tour" with the Millenium in October 2012, when this ship goes down to Asia for next years. Would we, as a sales group, go on a 67 days world tour with the Millenium, with paying guests, when not sure about the quality ? No ! Never ever ! But we do ! And I think, that should show up,how we like the Millenium and its staff ! Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
This is the first trip in a very long time that I did not write a daily journal. I will try to record my impressions of the ship and ports as best I can remember. This was our first cruise on Celebrity (C). We have achieved diamond ... Read More
This is the first trip in a very long time that I did not write a daily journal. I will try to record my impressions of the ship and ports as best I can remember. This was our first cruise on Celebrity (C). We have achieved diamond status on RCI, so our credits were honored by this sister company making us "elite". We booked this cruise quite a while ago, so due to price drops we were upgraded to a C2 category prior to sailing. From the very first impression we loved C! The embarkation was a breeze. They welcome passengers with champagne or a mimosa - that is an upgrade from RCI right at the start! We actually skipped this in favor of a "real" drink. Prior to sailing I had researched the value of buying the premium alcohol package. We decided this would be a good value for us since it also included any beverage of lesser value (specialty coffees, sodas, etc). We also prepaid our gratuities, and by doing these two things it became more of an "all-inclusive" vacation. We did not have to sign tickets every time we turned around, that in itself was of some value to us! I had compared the cost of this cruise to the cost of an all-inclusive luxury cruise of about the same length and time frame; even after these pre-paids were added the cost of C was about one third the cost of the luxury cruise - very affordable!Another thing I liked about C over RCI was the photographers were not as pushy and not ever-present. We don't mind them being there, but don't want to be entreated to pose at every turn - especially during dinner! On the luxury cruises they are even more discreet by not having so many portrait set-ups clogging the public pathways. At least they did not solicit every one that passed by to pose for a pic.Another small thing C still does that RCI cut out was chocolates at night with turn-down service. They also had a very nice place for the nightly Elite cocktail time. They did not limit the choice to wine or beer, but also served a good selection of other drinks as well. There were actually quite a few "captain's club Elite" events. We had our own galley tour, our own Olympic elegant tea, backstage tour, wine tasting seminar, casino jackpot session, and officer's cocktail party. Many of us took a bridge tour as well. There was also a nice Captain's Club party for all levels of returning passengers. There was also a quiet spot for Elite members to have coffee and continental breakfast in the mornings. The Elite departure lounge was also in a prime comfortable location. We felt very valued and pampered, and were well taken care of by Juliana, the Captain's Club hostess.We had another very nice surprise which had never been extended to us on an RCI cruise. We were invited to share dinner at the Captain's table with the Asst. Hotel Director, Jamie Petts. It was very enjoyable, something I had always wanted to experience. They escorted us in, we had a great and congenial dinner; we were presented with a rose and an 8x10 photo of our table as a remembrance; very nice.On both Sundays during this cruise they provided a lavish brunch buffet in the main dining room. The food in all venues was good to very good, with Olympic Restaurant being excellent - the tenderest filet of beef I've had in a long while. I was pleasantly surprised with the "Ocean View Buffet". It was sectioned so that there were many different dining areas and different types of food in different lines. The two biggest lines were basically the same, but there were three other lines/windows to get different food- this made for a good variety of selections. I especially enjoyed the daily eggs benedict and stuffed French toast, the pasta your way and stir fry your way stations, the good pizza and roasted vegetables, there were some good sandwich of the day specials, fish and chips every day, as well as the pool deck line serving burgers and dogs. The solarium line also had a good selection of healthy items. That was all on the pool deck level! Then you factor in the main dining room, the Olympic, and the snacks at the Cova cafe (coffee bar), and you have more choices than you can get to!I have to say many good words about the crew as well. On our last cruise on RCI the morale seemed a bit low, but there were a few outstanding servers. I have to say the majority of the crew on C were not only pleasant; they were downright friendly - very personable. We enjoyed getting to know some very well and enjoyed interacting with officers (Jamie Petts), bartenders (Putu in Martini Bar and Elvin at Cova), wait staff (Marlon, Ed, Olena, Tetiana) and our excellent cabin steward, Noreene. We had different wait staff nightly when we chose the dining room, so I can't really comment on any of them. Juliana was a joy as Captain's Club hostess and Daniela Spirlac is a charming future cruise sales rep.The ship as a whole is still in good condition. She is soon to be sent for refit - to be "solsticized". I hope she remains as charming after the changes. Especially nice was Michael's Club, which held the nightly cocktail time. I loved spending time at Cova Cafe, and really enjoyed the surprising intimacy of the Ocean View Buffet. The Martini Bar was beautiful; the Cosmos (observation) lounge was comfortable with a great view. The casino was beautifully furnished as well with really nice columns and murals throughout. On the whole she is a beautiful ship with an easy to navigate layout. We loved it.I really can't say enough good things about C, we were very favorably impressed and consider ourselves to be "converts". This is our cruise line of choice from now on.Enough about that, what about the cruise itself? It was a wonderful experience to transit the canal. We especially wanted to go through the old locks. You can see where the new ones are being built; they plan to be finished by the 100th anniversary of the canal, opening in 2014. Our first stop prior to the big event was Cartagena Columbia. We were pleasantly surprised. We took a ship's tour here since they don't have a stellar rep for tourist safety in that country. It was a very pretty city, a beautiful day, and we enjoyed our bus tour that included some walking. The old town is very picturesque.Next stop was Colon Panama, did another ship tour here to the Gatun Locks. We were able to watch ships from a land perspective before transiting ourselves. Nice short tour - we don't like tours over 4 hours, would rather get a little "taste" and get back on ship.Transit of the canal takes a whole day. All of it was very interesting, and all the more enjoyable as we had attended a few lectures on ship to learn about the canal history. The trip through Gatun Lake was beautiful. It truly is an amazing engineering feat. This was definitely the highlight of the trip for us, and the main reason we chose to take this cruise.Our next stop was Costa Rica. We did not get off since to see anything of note required an all-day excursion. Not our "cup of tea". Would rather enjoy a nearly empty ship and spend the day reading and relaxing. Same story for the next stop in Guatemala. I'm sure there are very interesting excursions in both countries; they just took too long for us to enjoy them.Following port was Acapulco. We considered not getting off here because of the reports of drug violence, but I'm glad we did. Took a tour with Rosie Hernandez to see the cliff divers and they took very good care of us. We never felt unsafe. Our van had Elvira as a guide and she was excellent, we enjoyed our time with her very much. The tour was about one hour too long for me (I like the short ones). We could have done the Peace Chapel, cliff divers and ONE hotel, that would have been plenty for me. We stopped at a few too many hotels and stores (I am not a shopper either). I would recommend her though; they were good guides and drivers.Final stop was Cabo San Lucas. The only thing we did here was get off for fish tacos at Cabo Cantina. They were excellent. Our friends on the cruise had been here many times before and never been disappointed. We also walked up to Cabo Wabo just to have a beer and say we had been there. Mau got the T-shirt, I just watched.This cruise had plenty of sea days alternating with port days, so it was very restful; a wonderful memory.There was just one sad glitch. We had a long wait to be cleared by customs on arrival in San Diego. After returning home we learned a passenger had apparently jumped ship after our last port. It was a very sad footnote to an otherwise fabulous cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
Celebrity... "Thanks a million for job well done". It's our 7th cruise and you got TOP HONORS over NCL, Princess, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.....saved our money all year for this and couldn't been happier).FIRST ... Read More
Celebrity... "Thanks a million for job well done". It's our 7th cruise and you got TOP HONORS over NCL, Princess, Carnival and Royal Caribbean.....saved our money all year for this and couldn't been happier).FIRST THINGS FIRST...... I spent 13 years on the Pacific Ocean as a commercial Tuna, Salmon, and Halibut boat owner/operator. Since my Documented Vessel was made of the same STEEL as cruise ships, so I know first hand about a ship's condition. The Millennium is 'SHIP SHAPE' folks. After I read a couple reviews we were ready for some Disrepair conditions of the Millennium....... and there were NONE! Instead is a crackerjack maintenance crew that stays AHEAD of the painting, cleaning, fixing, and polishing. A flawless job. I could find NO rust, the fine wood was well oiled an finished and everyone was CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING windows, brass, floors, elevators, as well as keeping sanitary for any germs not to spread. Nicely notable was also the pleasant attitude of this crew passengers felt welcome at home.ATTABOY"S and ATTAGIRL"S go to TWO PEOPLE. Ladies first. Violeta Joson, THE Millennium CONCIERGE for knowing taxi fares, best swimming holes, onshore nifty places, and a lady that obviously likes and knows her job. If you don't see what you want to do or have a questions do not hesitate to go to the Concierge Desk and ASK VIOLETA. She has local maps, data, and ideas outside of the Excursion Desk things.BEST of THE CRUISE goes to SPENCER AMBROSE TOURS on St. Lucia. You have to book early as he fills up fast. What a tour, the Boat ride is Awesome, personalized, and Professional Heck of a value. Be there on time, we were late. spencer7114@gmail.com , http://www.spencerambrose.com/contact-us/ Everyone that participated in this said it was "hands down" the best tour or excursion they had of the entire 11 DAYS. More about this in Port expierences below.Here is a handy guide for you about the ship. READY? Go on any floor to the elevator closest to the "nose" or Bow of the ship. TAKE the Elevator to 10th deck. When you step out, you'll be at the beauty salon and edge of the Hydro/pool. Now then as you walk to the back/stern you will see the hydro HYDROspa Solarium room that has the huge (only) 4' deep pool that has many different underwater jets, a gooseneck'd fountain to message that stiff neck or back and.. IT'S OPEN nearly around the clock. Heated Salt water and a welcome visit during the day. In side this Solarium room are other hot tubs, a SPA snack bar with coffee juice, fresh fruit and breakfast and Lunch bar too, etc, As you walk aft you'll depart thru sliding glass doors into the pool area that again has lawn chairs, hot tubs, swimming/wading pool, live music and the GRILL that opens up about 11AM for burgers, hotwings, nachoes, steak, Hot Dogs, bartwurst, french fries, onion rings, fresh made Pizza and Pasta, fresh cookies, coffee juice, tea, Just order what you want anytime you want. Now... Go thru to towards the stern to the sliding Glass doors and you are at the mid ship elevators and entering the OCEAN GRILL AND CAFE where you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 ice cream bars. This is where alot of meals can be eaten and it's all fresh. Towards the back Sun deck is where the other FRESH Pizza Bar is but, here's a great FIND! In afternoons they open up the side grill for FRESH FISH AND CHIPS! Outstanding. In mornings, look back here also for Waffles and pancakes. OUT ON THE BACK deck is another area for those of ya that enjoy a good Cigar or Smoke (you'll also find an area on the Riveria Pool area midship for that too Easy to find and lots of tables to enjoy your ciggy and coffee (not to mention scenery).FOOD: DONNA is a certified Government Agriculture food inspector so she know what's good and what's so-so. Her comment was that all the fruit and food was fresh, excellent quality, and well prepared. The bananas are to die for. Me, I'm the seafood guy and have traveled giving talks for SEAGRANT on seafood quality. I found without exception the fish and shellfish to be of the highest quality, FRESH, and well prepared. Shrimp that is not super fresh, I can smell a mile away. CELEBRITY Food Doesn't get any better. PERIOD. Dinning room or Ocean Cafe for dinner... You simply can't get a bad meal. NOTE: If you do get something that you don't like, just ask one of the staff about it, they want happy. We noted some people "griped" about petty things and perhaps that's just them. Overall, everyone raved about the crew, ship, and the great time they were having.GENERAL STUFF: When you go ashore, we took a beach towel from ship in our back packs. Millennium crew did not "PUSH" crap on us like photos, art, jewlery. Can't say that for Princess or NCL! The ship was at the ports on time, and we often were able to get off the boat before scheduled times to visit ports. The boat did not have any pitch, rolling, or vibrations that we have expierenced on other vessels. The Captain was very good about being informative on daily basis and is a stickler for washing hands and staying healthy. Here is a bit of Humor I'd like to share with ya... Our stateroom steward Glorio is a 19 year employee of Celebrity and every third word was a smile. I had asked him that since he spent so much time in the staterooms cleaning them, did he get "hooked" on the Television SOAP OPERAS? "What's a SOAP Opera?", he askedCASINO was good one. Lots of up to date slots, and like gambeling goes, ya win some and lose some. We saw people playing alot and winning a fair amount at times. That sez quite a bit for the house odds for the customers where I've seen the Casino on other ships look like ghost town towards end of cruise because they have 'slots' so tight. NOT on the Mellinnium, I think they are good hosts and business people giving their customers good service for reasonable prices. Not many childeren on the cruise and those that were there were well mannered, having fun, and there was plenty to keep them bizzy.Many different languages were spoken and the crew was most capable at communicating with all of us. Well enough to easily do their job and understand what the guests were asking. A hard working staff that went about their duties with smiles and a good attitude. NO "stink eye" looks or grouchy people. Plenty of chairs, towels, food, sunshine, and weather was made to order.We will go again and not hesitate to return to the Celebrity Millennium either. sometimes NEW is NOT better and it's what's inside that counts. Teamwork, being good at their jobs makes a big difference to us. WE booked our cruise thru the Celebrity Office.PORTS RATED:1. ST Lucia.2. Curacao, 3. St. Kitts.4. Dominica5. St. Croix.6. Grenada.7. Barbados. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
CRUISE CRITIC REVIEW FOR CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM SAIL DATE: March 28, 2011My name is Kim (tikigal, for those who know me on cruise critics), and I live in the Orlando, Florida area. I have been a professional mystery shopper for 7 years. In ... Read More
CRUISE CRITIC REVIEW FOR CELEBRITY MILLENNIUM SAIL DATE: March 28, 2011My name is Kim (tikigal, for those who know me on cruise critics), and I live in the Orlando, Florida area. I have been a professional mystery shopper for 7 years. In my previous career, I was a flight attendant for 20 years, who spent time both check riding other flight attendants and their service, and on quality and service volunteer boards to make our cabin service the best in the skies during the 70's thru the 90's. I do not work for Celebrity, (though it might intrigue me). I pay particular attention to detail, service, attitude, promptness, cleanliness, staff coordination, and all around appearance.EMBARKATION AND DEBARKATION PROCESSWe arrived early, around 10:00 AM, but boarding did not take place until 12:30(due to no fault of their own), there was a customs delay. They separated the priority boarding to a different waiting area, and the group indeed goes first for check in. The agents were respectful, and hydrated us often with drinks while we were waiting. It was not a very pretty boarding terminal, (comparing it to Fort Lauderdale) but served its purpose. You could also buy duty free there, and they would hold it for you until the end of the cruise, and deliver it to your stateroom. We dropped off our carry-on at 12:45 onto the ship, and immediately went to lunch at the Ocean Cafe buffet on deck 10. We had plenty of time afterwards to get to know the ship, or take a small nap.The debarkation process was simple and efficient. Once our number had been called at 8:30 AM, we left in an orderly fashion, picked up our luggage and went thru customs. Although the two lines looked endlessly long, and we were at the end, we were through the whole process in 10 minutes (baggage claim, customs, and out to the real world). Our family was on a tour by the ship, so we proceeded straight to the tour bus for the rum factory, while our luggage went in a separate truck for the airport. Once our tour was complete, we found our luggage guarded for us at the airport terminal building.FOODThe Celebrity Millennium cruise is my 3rd cruise for 2011 on Celebrity, with two more booked ahead before year's end, and I am feeling more and more able to compare apples to apples, rather than to oranges. Celebrity is streamlining their food to be comparable with other ships in their fleet, and although some specialty restaurants still do a better job cooking than others, the menu's are basically the same, and have been taught by one executive chef system wide, teaching the other chef's on each ship his dishes, and how he likes them prepared. Each ship's executive chef seems to put a little twist of his own into the menu, and for that I am grateful, or else I would be bored with an identical taste in cuisine on each cruise. For this year at least, I know the menu. I do not know how long the particular head executive chef for Celebrity will be under contract, or know when the menu will be totally replaced. I would like to highlight a few areas of both compliment and concern:1) The left hand side of the main dining room menu has items that are available every night of the week and seem to have been long standing favorites of past guests. I no longer have to ask the matri de for a standing order of escargot, I can just order it. These include: Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail, Escargot, antipasti platters, French onion soup, lobster bisque, Caprese and Caesar salad, king salmon, grilled chicken, NY steak, cheesecake, apple pie, and Crème Brulee. All outstanding, and being with family, we were able to try each other's dishes without having to order extra.2) The right hand side of the menu varied so differently each night from beef Carpaccio or frog legs as appetizers to the Chilean sea bass, and quail for dinner. Each dish was expertly prepared and served picture perfect. If you didn't want the sauce, just ask your waiter! I think my waiter was a genie granting my every wish or whim. I was in heaven not having to cook for 11 days, and having gourmet food nightly. Honestly, it was a wonderful experience.3) I did find that the portions have been downsized, which I found positive. After cruising for the past 20 years, I noticed how much waste there was in food (passengers unable to finish large portions of their meal). It truly was sad to see so much waste. Now, you are always able to double order if you wish of anything, or order it again, or just order a little bit, and in a few minutes, it will arrive from the galley. Happily the waiter will serve you another portion, and never will question your judgment. It is a much better system than discarding plates and plates of food. It has also helped Celebrity keep the costs lower on food on the cruise, thereby keeping my total price down for the cruise fare. My hats off to Celebrity for this. Next time someone says, the portions seemed smaller than last time; think of what I have just stated.4) Excellent presentation of service. Each waiter we had, no matter where we were on the ship, were skilled in service, presentation, table set up, and clean up. Their mannerisms were consistently friendly and respectful. I was never ignored, like I have been on other cruise lines. The Waite staff was there to please. I never saw any crew member act disrespectful towards a guest. 5) The complimentary appetizers served in the room truly need to be updated. Mostly pieces of bread with a cream cheese of sorts on top or an occasional shrimp. I think humus, and the more modern appetizers would work better in our rooms, with pita crisps, rather than bread, keeping in the "healthy theme" that the ship often touts. So what constitutes healthy appetizers? Maybe some new evaluation would be good in this department, as I have seen the same, year in and year out, to where I finally tell my stateroom attendant, not to bring them anymore, that part is sad.6) Complimentary champagne, ummm... I know it's a cost issue, but maybe it's time for a little finer champagne.7) Wines: the wine seminar I attended as Elite did not feature any fine wines. As a matter of fact, the sommelier asked us how we liked each wine, and most replied they didn't. I prefer a good French, Italian, California, or Down Under wine, but the elite seminar, should have been just that, their elite wines, so that we would buy them with dinner. I know there is also a paid wine seminar to attend, but shouldn't the Elite guest (more than 10 cruises) be given the finest of wines... we are really dedicated cruisers to the company. That being said, I did share wine with my friends and a few martini's that were exceptional, but not given tastes of their better wines, I didn't know if there would be a good value in choosing a nicer wine of their list at dinner.CLEANLINESS AND HOUSEKEEPING: Grade AHand sanitizers everywhere, and in constant use, as instructed by the staff before entering many events or for the dining hall. I also noticed them constantly disinfecting the hand railings coming on to the ship from the island. Now, that is attention to detail, my friends!The restrooms were always spotless, no watermarks on the sinks or mirrors. There was plenty of paper products or towels in each public bathroom. Commodes were consistently sparkling clean, with a nice pleasant smell. Doors and trash cans were always clean and emptied often.We had a Celebrity Suite of over 450 square feet. My carpets were clean and not soiled. There was no odor in the room. There was ample closet space to hang or store all of our belongings. We had fresh towels and linens on the bed daily, and my sofa bed (there were 3 in the room) was made for "The Princess and the Pea". I asked my stateroom attendant to make it to these specs for a comfortable sleep. 2 foam crates on mattress, followed by one blanket, and bottom sheet. Then add top sheet, and blanket, 2 pillows, and I never woke until morning. I am a light sleeper usually, so I was very impressed with the comfort of my sofa bed! My parents had a beautiful bed in their bedroom, made into a king nightly with absolutely no complaints.Our butler, John, brought us fresh fruit daily, and attending to our every need, including shoe shining. He was truly a professional butler. He never complained, and came promptly every morning with breakfast at 7:00 AM.Our stateroom attendant was named Mike. Once he had figured out we wanted fresh soap and a shower cap daily, he provided us everything we could have hoped for. He was clean, and paid great attention to straightening up things, and even folding an occasional piece of clothing left behind. Occasionally I left money or a piece of jewelry out. Nothing was touched. They were very honest gentlemen. Both Mike and John did a wonderful job in stateroom 9096.ATTENTION TO DETAIL: GRADE AOur windows had not been cleaned upon check in from the outside (it had been raining earlier) and we did not have a balcony, just 5 large floor to ceiling windows. Now, I know that feat must not be easy to do, but I gently let our hotel director, Andrew Harris know about it. Before I could finish my next meal, he had accomplished the impossible, and my windows were sparkling! My hats off to the hotel staff on this issue alone.LAUNDRY SERVICE: Grade DMy only suggestion to come in line with Princess cruises: We had unlimited laundry and dry cleaning with Princess, where I am also Diamond (clothing came back ironed and hung up, and not shrunk). I sent out quite a few cotton items, with clear instructions for cold water wash. Every item of laundry was wrinkled, and stuffed into one bag, including my blouses, and shirts, and skirts. I would never do this at home, why would they do that on the ship? I found it an inappropriate way to clean clothes and I was extremely disappointed! The coupon indeed states 30 articles, cleaned and folded. It does not tell you they will shrink them and wrinkle them, and stuff them back in a bag for you as well. RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Grade ASome people remark that Celebrity doesn't have a lot to do aboard ship, but I found that to be quite the contrary. Activities for free included morning stretch and relax class, trivia, pool aerobics, ping pong tournaments, basketball challenges, line dance classes, napkin folding, golf challenges, a lesson in facial rejuvenation and acupressure, pool games, listening to strolling A Cappella, more trivia, a nightly movie in the cinema, piano music, nightly shows in the Celebrity Theater, a lovely string quartet, dancing in different venues including Cosmos, galley tours, art auction events, shuffleboard tournaments, Zumba classes, cards, and the library if you are really stuck.For fees there were Mega Slot Tournaments, Chilates and body sculpting classes, champagne cocktail, martini or wine tastings, spa treatments, Texas Hold'em Cash Tournaments, and the Champagne High Tea at Sea. These are just a few, but I know there were more, I just couldn't get to all of them.DRESS CODE ENFORCEMENT: GRADE A: We were glad to see so many people dressed for dinner each night, even on casual night. The guys looked great on formal nights in their tuxes and the ladies looked lovely in their dresses and gowns and fine jewelry. I never saw anyone in jeans the entire cruise, and on one occasion my father accidentally wore shorts when he it stated no shorts. He immediately went back to change. Our fellow cruise passengers seemed to be on whole, experienced cruisers, who knew what to expect, and how to dress. As well, I saw the officers, and crew with buttons polished, shoes polished and clean, and faces and hands scrubbed clean, and uniforms spotless without Wrinkles! A very professional image constantly, including the dining room, and maintenance staff. Well done!CAPTAIN'S CLUBDelightful! I can't say enough good things about this program. The benefits far exceeded my expectations, from complimentary Michaels Club nightly functions, to the Seniors Officer's party. Juliana, our Captain's Club hostess was outstanding, paying particular attention to every detail, to make the event perfect for all members.STAFF INVOLVEMENT: GRADE AFive stars on this one! I always believe the Captain or leader of the pack sets the tone for the voyage and I believe our Captain Alevropoulos ( who is drop dead gorgeous!) to the Food and Beverage Manager, Michael Bramlett...the whole staff was totally involved in the guests activities and there was always an officer present around the ship that we could speak with. They made themselves readily available, were friendly, professional, personable, and genuinely interested in me as a person, who was comforting more than once, while at sea. The staff participated in a Dancing with the Stripes show, an officer slot pull, officer card tournament against the guests, a volleyball tournament against the guests, and more activities than I could count. We knew who our officers were, how different from other cruiselines, that I won't mention. Our assistant Hotel Director, Jamie Petts, became one of our closest staff friends on board along with Our Captains Club Hostess, Juliana, who was an expert in juggling our programs, giving us access to meeting the staff, and hosting numerous events on the ship for us to enjoy. She also led the Macarena dance with all the ships officers down the main central staircase, much to the delight of hundreds of ship's passengers! My mom, dad, and I loved meeting all of the ship's officers of the Millennium, and were so sad, when we had to leave on the eleventh day of our voyage! They were all family to many of us. I have put together a slide presentation if you would like to see it please copy this site: http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/tripwow/ta-0147-be6e-7aec?lm Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
Hubby and I live in Seattle, Washington and were so happy taking an Eastern and Western B2B cruise 5 months ago that we decided to get out of the cold once again and sail the Southern Caribbean. This sailing was out of San Juan, Puerto ... Read More
Hubby and I live in Seattle, Washington and were so happy taking an Eastern and Western B2B cruise 5 months ago that we decided to get out of the cold once again and sail the Southern Caribbean. This sailing was out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and we decided to do a five day stay pre-cruise, at a rental cottage in Rio Grande, PR, to rest up and relax, before our departure on Monday, March 7th, 2011. We dropped off our Hertz rental at the Hilton Caribe Hotel and took a taxi to the Pan American Cruise Terminal. A reminder.....there are two cruise terminals and our cruise itinerary stated we would be leaving from the San Juan Terminal. This info was incorrect. Fortunately, a CC member pointed out to me prior to our departure that they were on the same cruise and that we indeed needed to check in at Pan American. Apparently the San Juan Terminal is used by Celebrity when San Juan is an actual port stop. Most taxi drivers do know which terminal to take you to when you tell them which ship you are on. There was a long line outside the Pan Am terminal when we arrived. However, we had filled out the Express Check-In online which allowed us to move to another line where we were processed through quickly. One of the easiest embarkations since we began cruising 6 years ago. We had stateroom 7146, cat. 2A with a veranda. Our room had plenty of storage and drawers. The stateroom was very clean. I was surprised, but not in the least bothered, that we had a shower stall only. We were so tired that we skipped the first night's dinner in the Metropolitan Dining Room and ate in the Ocean Cafe. Tuesday: St. Croix: We had booked an independent ATV Island Tour with Gecko Tours. Arlen and his wife are the owners. They are friendly and safety conscious. There were 10 people, two per ATV. We checked in at their little office, paid by credit card, and were fitted for helmets. Arlen and his assistant then took us out to the ATV's and gave us a quick lesson in their operation. My husband was gung-ho, but I was VERY nervous. We took off as a caravan with Arlen leading and his assistant in the rear. The St.Croix roads start off as asphalt smooth and then change to gravel with ruts, potholes, and puddles and some mini-ponds. On the last leg of the trip, Arlen dismounted to tell us that our next leg of our tour was a bit on the technical side because we had to climb a hill on a trail that was just barely wide enough for the ATV. Our ATV rocked and bounced around, but hubby was a great driver and got us safely to the top. The view at the top is a beautiful outlook of the coastline of St. Croix. The air and the view was especially clear that day. Some side notes. An ATV ride is VERY rough. It is dusty. Be sure to wear sunglasses or glasses (NO contact lenses) I believe Gecko Tours can give you goggles, if you ask. You need eye protection from dust and helmet protection (provided)from the occasional vine hanging down as you whip by. This ride is not for the faint hearted. I was squealing, yelling, crying, most of the trip. I was sure everyone heard me, but one woman said she was screaming, too :-) I am high strung so this may have not been the best tour for me. Arlen had previously told us about the wild horses on the island. Sure enough, as we rounded a bend on a gravel road we saw a wild horse bolting past us and Arlen told us to stop. Arlen's assistant (forgot his name) was bringing up the rear and the horse cut right in front of him as he was coming down the hill. The assistant had to slam on his brakes. Thankfully, he was not hurt. Arlen stated that he was afraid that could happen. Arlen knew exactly what to do when he saw that wild horse. He frequently would give us a hand signal to stop during our tour for a variety of reasons and in this case, it kept us safe. If you like ATV's, then this is the tour company for you. St. Croix overall, though is not the most beautiful island. Wed. March 9th St. Kitts: We had pre-booked a tour for the Clay Villa Plantation and Gardens. A Taxi met us just outside of the tourist information booth to take us there. There were several cruise ships in that day and while our group had a wonderful start of a tour with Philip, the owner, it later became more congested as our tour progressed. Read the history of Clay Villa online, it is fascinating and inspiring. This is a working plantation, established in 1763 and the only plantation on the island not to have used slaves. The property is beautiful and well cared for. The Plantation house is full of museum treasures, arts, and crafts. This is Philip's and his wife's family home. She is a Caribe. Again, it was so busy that day that Philip had to split our group and one of his assistants took us to for part of the tour. Later we joined back up with Philip. We finished the plantation tour in their plantation backyard, sipping rum punch. Afterwards we boarded a van for a tour of the island with our guide (part of the Clay Villa tour package we chose). Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. Thurs: March 10th, Dominica: We pre-booked independently for a day package with Papillote Wilderness Retreat and Tropical Gardens. This was THE highlight of our entire trip. A taxi was sent for us and took us up some winding narrow roads to the retreat. We checked in at the desk in their open air restaurant and were told to wait for our guide to take us on the garden tour. "Massa" showed up and we proceeded on our private tour. I wore some wedgy sandals thinking "garden tour".......well, this was a tropical garden tour which meant I had worn the wrong shoes. I did ok. But know ahead of time, that you need to wear good footwear and have the ability to climb and navigate some muddy steps at time. Overall it is easy enough, but not for someone with a disability. My husband has a bit of trouble with balance, but once Massa was told about that, he was kind enough to help my husband navigate the steps (there are quite a few). This area is like the Garden of Eden....pure beauty! We even saw a handmade horizontal bamboo pole with holes strategically placed in the midst of this verdant environment to serve as a natural shower for their guests! Massa was so knowledgeable about the various herbs, plants, and trees. We saw and smelled the bark of a cinnamon tree. We were shown the tattoo ferns that children of Dominica enjoy. This fern has a white powder underside that when placed against darker skin creates a white fern tattoo! There were coffee trees, grapefruit, mango, etc. Massa even located two large "walking sticks" to show us. The tour was approx 90 minutes. If you ever get to go here, ask for Massa. He is awesome! Afterwards we had lunch and, wow, what a lunch!!! We ordered the flying fish, fried plantains, and breadfruit and garlic bread. Included with our lunch was a choice of a rum drink. I ordered the coconut rum punch, while hubby got the fruit rum punch. The drinks arrived in small (6 oz?) cups. They were soooooo good and wow, they packed a punch! The ONLY good (not watered down) rum drinks we had on our entire cruise. Afterwards we were given towels and used one of five+ natural mineral hot spring pools to soak in. It began raining very hard but the temperature was still in the high 70's. Hubby and I laughed as we got drenched while soaking in the pool. We were the ONLY people at lunch and the ONLY people in the soaking pool surrounded by this amazing jungle beauty. I felt like a celebrity! I asked why it wasn't busy as there were several cruise ships in that day. We were told that they just had had their "Carnival or Mardi Gras" and that this was a quiet time for them. This place is one of the best kept secrets of Dominica. Our taxi driver showed up promptly at 2:30 to take us back to the ship. This is one island I wouldn't advise renting a car. There was a lot of construction going on, the roads are narrow and the driving amongst wandering pedestrians, a bit challenging. Be aware that the taxi ride is not included in the Papillote package even though they arrange for the driver. The taxi was $40 round trip. Friday, 11th, St. Lucia. We booked independently with SpencerAmbrose Tours for the "Jalousie Beach Break". We were taken by van to Spencer's boat where approx 27 of us got on and motored out to Jalousie. We left in the morning and though it was only a bit cloudy and warm outside, there was a good wind and the water was choppy. Spencer decided to detour to a smaller beach for a short time. We stayed for only about an hour and then back onto the boat to Jalousie. Spencer's boat has two outboard motors that were able to cut through the chop but it was a splashy, rough ride. We arrived on Jalousie where chaise lounge chairs were set up under some palapas and trees. We had "our side of the beach" (a small corner) and the $1500 a night hotel had the "other side" of the beach where you could rent a chaise lounge for $20.00. Our group stayed together and we had the small portion of this beach all to ourselves......for about two hours before Cosol Tours group showed up and later, with some locals. You have to get there early to get a free chaise and Spencer seems to have the first dibs on this (at least on this day). There is only one side of a small dock to bring in a boat and after a while there were so many boats coming and going to drop off people at the beach that by the afternoon it was quite crowded. We had a nice lunch provided along with unlimited drinks, bottled water, soft drinks, rum punch, and beer. Restrooms are nearby. The view of the Pitons is stunning! Also on our section of the beach, the snorkeling was very calm and easy, several varieties of fish and scattered coral amongst the volcanic rock. Bring water socks or fins...wading in barefoot is uncomfortable. On our way back and before the tour was completed, we encountered engine trouble. We stopped while Spencer and Devin tried to figure out the problem with the engines. Turned out that one motor was very low on oil so we limped along with only the one functioning motor. Eventually we made it to a marina where some marine oil was picked up and poured into the ailing motor. The motor started right up and once again we were operating with two motors. We were on our way once again to view the coastline and to finish the tour. Spencer's tours are highly regarded on CC and on TripAdvisor. My husband and I felt that Spencer was "overworked" and trying to do too much while doing the tour (on the cell phone ALOT). The boat was packed. I don't know what troubles he was having that day. However, when an alarm went off on the boat, and the one engine stopped, we were 200 feet away from some rough volcanic rocks and I had flashes of old sailing ships breaking up on the rocks. But a bit later as we drifted, another Spencer boat showed up, noted our trouble, and trailed us for a short time and then left. Stuff happens. I accept that. Come to find out that engine/motor troubles are not uncommon. However, it is what you do and how you keep your tourists safe during these times that matters. The biggest issue for me was that Spencer was NOT communicating to his passengers as to how he was going to handle this problem and how he planned to keep us safe. I have been on 9 cruises and on a variety of boats over the years and this was the only time I felt unsafe and worried. Communication is key. Spencer should have talked to us, to reassure us as to what his plan was to keep us safe as we were bobbing in choppy water as he was attempting to diagnose the motor problem. No life vests were passed out at that time either. I do not believe he (nor many Caribbean boat tour operators for that matter) carry enough life vests, as regulations are much looser than they are in the States, (our Coast Guard regs, etc.) I was relieved when after oil was added to the motor that we were running on both engines again. We completed the tour and then motored back to the pier. The ride back was at full speed, bumpy, splashy and a bit on the wild side eliciting a few screams here and there. I held on tight. The other troublesome event: While we were heading for the marina we passed by some large yachts with mooring lines. One very large yacht had a BLACK mooring line way out into the water. Don't know why these lines are not a bright color so boaters don't run into them? Fortunately, the passengers at the bow of the boat noticed the mooring line above water and yelled out to Spencer. Spencer and his assistant did not see it. Spencer was grateful that the passengers spoke up because we would have snagged right into that mooring line! Don't know if the Yacht had a line out too far out in the water? Or should Spencer have known not to get too close to moored boats knowing ahead of time that a line could be there? I would expect that conducting these tours for years that Spencer would be aware of such a danger being familiar with the water, the marinas, the yachts....... This could have been a bad accident! Personally, when we do the southern Caribbean again, I will only book through the Ship. Yes, even with a ship excursion an accident can happen. However, I do believe the cruise lines do basic vetting on safety issues and insurance and operator competency. I have learned that just reading TripAdvisor is not going to tell you how safely a company operates. Sat, 12th Barbados: We had booked a Catamaran snorkel and sail with ShasaTours. We were delayed due to the fact Shasa had motor problems. He could not take us out. We were taken aboard by Graham on his smaller Catamaran (Stilleto Tours) for our snorkel and sail. Graham is a very good captain and nice guy as well as his assistant, "Preacher". I loved this trip and felt at ease on the catamaran and Preacher was a hoot and very attentive to our needs. My husband enjoyed the snorkel off the boat, accompanied by Preacher, to see fish and and view a shipwreck. We also saw some sea turtles near our boat. That was awesome. Everyone snorkeling returned to the Catamaran and then we set sail. Water and soft drinks were available. This particular catamaran is so small that they have a porta-potty tucked under cowling that opened up like the cockpit of a fighter jet. You climb down and then Preacher slides the cover over you for privacy. It was fun! Not good if you are claustrophobic, though. When done with business, you knock and Preacher lets you out. The sailing was wonderful even though we had a huge shower. We all got soaked, but were laughing throughout. Luckily we brought our big Celebrity beach towels that kept us warm and somewhat dry. Graham predicted the rain would clear soon and indeed it did. We sailed back with the sun shining and the views stunning. Note: For those with any disability....the smaller catamaran we were on had a removable side ladder that had narrow steps. My husband and another woman had a bit of difficulty getting back up those steps, but Graham was right there to assist. The much larger catamarans have built in steps on the rear ends of their twin hulls. However, these larger catamarans are also packed with people. Our tour group was small, 12 of us, and much more fun because of that. Sun 13th, Grenada: I decided to stay aboard the Milli and enjoy our veranda and do some reading and watch the boats pass by. My hubby booked a shore excursion through Celebrity for a bus tour of the island (visiting a nutmeg factory and spice processing plant using century old techniques. He thoroughly enjoyed this trip and found it was a great photo opportunity. My husband said "Simon", their guide, was excellent! Simon told the history of Grenada and showed the beach where the marines landed in 1983. Mon. 14th At Sea Tues, 15th Curacao: We were told by our dinner mates that Curacao was wonderful for shopping. We got off the ship and strolled around and crossed the floating pontoon foot bridge. Willemstad's architecture is like little Holland, with multi colored pastel colors. There was a guy who was selling water at the gate to the bridge who would blow a conch shell to warn people to get off the bridge (not mandatory though) when it needed to swing to the side to allow boat passage. Some people stayed on the bridge while it swung slowly to one side to allow boats to pass through the waterway. We had to wait about a half an hour before the gate opened and we were allowed to cross to get to the fish market and various shops. The shopping was so much fun and I purchased a couple of pareaus while hubby bought a Hawaiian style shirt. We ended up having lunch at an open air waterfront restaurant. Be aware that in the Caribbean the service is very slooow. Once you get used to that fact, you can plan your time accordingly. Wed, 16th Aruba. Aruba is known for their beautiful beaches. We took the public bus ($2.60) round trip. Bring at least 30, preferably 50 sun blocker. Be sure to get your tickets for your return trip when you pay to get on. The return bus trip took 45 minutes with waiting time and was standing room only. Hubby says a 6 hour car rental will be arranged for next time, small cars are available right at the cruise dock and parking is abundant at the beaches. We got off at Eagle Beach. This is a beautiful beach with turquoise water (approx 82 degrees) and gorgeous white sand. We saw people with chaise lounges under the palapas. I asked about renting chaises at a manned shack and found out that though the beach and palapas are public (actually the palapas are illegal, but tolerated) that the chaises are only rented to the time share or hotel guests. We were told we needed to go to the other end of Eagle beach. We noted how far down it was and crowded. All beaches in the Caribbean are public, but the hotels "set up shop" for their guests (I do understand) and they do not want to encourage others on the Public beach portion of what they deem to be "their" beach. Still, I knew from my research that we could freely use a palapa and spread our beach towels under it. The palapas have hooks on them to hang beach bags and while I read under the shade, my hubby went for a swim. The water was a bit rough that day and not good for a long swim. Still, we both enjoyed the quiet and more isolated part of this beach. We were glad we brought our bottled water with us. We did not see any concessions or bathrooms nearby. After a time were were hungry and also needed to find a restroom. We went across the street and inquired about a restaurant. "Tulip" was recommended to us and we walked over there to find a charming open air restaurant with a pretty little courtyard. The waiter and waitress were super gracious and welcoming. We ordered our meals and asked about the iguanas. Our server led my husband out to the courtyard to point out a green iguana that liked to rest on a particular shrub. Hubby took some snapshots. Our water glasses were refilled, thankfully, as it was around 87 degrees that day. The food was good and very reasonably priced and the atmosphere relaxing. The restrooms were clean. We finished up our meal and headed back to the beach for a short time before realizing we better get a bus back to the pier. We timed it just right and caught the bus at around 3:30. The bus was packed!!! Mostly with tourists and some locals. There were even people standing on the steps of the bus. A really sweet young man gave up his seat for me because I was carrying two heavy beach bags! Thursday, 17th At Sea Fri. Back to San Juan, PR. Disembarkation was easy. We were given a specific time to be out of our room (8:00 am.) and to meet in the Rendezvous Room at 9:20. We had a leisurely breakfast and then had a relaxing time in the Rendezvous where one of the entertainers read out the numbers for disembarkation. Soft music was playing in the background and the whole process was incredibly pleasant! Impressions of the Millennium: This was our first Celebrity cruise as we have done eight HAL cruises before. We chose this ship because of the Southern Caribbean itinerary. At first, when I boarded the ship I was disappointed at its plainness. That thought vanished quickly as I soon saw how clean and well maintained the ship was. I loved our stateroom! Lots of storage and the bed was very comfortable. Our room stewards, Silvestre and Ovidio were terrific. Friendly, but unobtrusive. I was so pleased that we received full room service twice a day. We had a filled ice bucket morning and evening. Clean towels replenished quickly. The room kept spotless. I was truly impressed. I also was impressed by the quick response to problems that popped up. I noticed that when I pulled the stopper to drain the sink, that there was a mini-flood on the bathroom floor. I notified the front desk and when I returned from my excursion the next day, the problem had been fixed. Celebrity has a nonsmoking policy in their staterooms and verandas. The couple in the stateroom next to us either didn't know that or figured that they could get away with smoking on their veranda. I had to call on three separate occasions about the smoking. The final time was after we had returned to our stateroom around midnight and I was sitting on my bed. A strong odor of cigarettes wafted into our stateroom. The sliding door to the veranda does not have a tight seal and the ciggy smoke wafted in. I opened my veranda door and yup, they were smoking out there.....despite the fact that had supposedly received a warning letter about the no smoking policy. I called the front desk seething mad. A big hulking security guy came up immediately to talk to me. He said that he knocked on their door and that they said that they were in bed (LIE!!!!!!!) Obviously, they weren't asleep. I wouldn't admit to smoking either as Celebrity "claims" there is a $250.00 fine if caught smoking AFTER receiving their warning letter. What we liked about Celebrity Millennium: We enjoyed the food quality. I am on a gluten free diet and the maitre' d (Allen) was very good about helping me with the menu each night. The food quality was good, but for some reason many of my meals were really really salty. The second formal night dinner (end of cruise) was excellent and pleasantly, unsalty!! The escargot appetizer is offered every night on their alternative menu and they are excellent! Table service in the MDR was good. Some nights service a bit slower because the dining room was packed. However, we had Dede and Nicolette serving us and they were wonderful. We were a table of 10 and all of us got along so well. My husband and I looked forward each night to dinner to discuss and hear about everyone's experiences during the day. Overall, the Millennium crowd was a fun group. We enjoyed the Ocean Cafe. Never ever had trouble finding a table there due to the other numerous dining options. We always were able to find a seat in the Celebrity theater for the shows. Though this is a big ship, I never felt crowded or rushed in any way. It was totally relaxing. I also liked the fact that Celebrity still has trays for their buffet. HAL did away with trays in their Lido buffet dining area a little over two years ago. Kudos to Celebrity for keeping them!!! I do not recall the name of the Hotel Manager for the Milli, but he must be tops. I know from previous cruises on various ships that the Hotel Manager sets the quality and tone of service provided. Entertainment: The dancers were wonderful. We enjoyed the amazing juggler though he had a fair share of risquE humor (I am o.k. with that, some may not be). My husband and I enjoyed listening to On Point, an acapella group, singing in the Cova Cafe and other spots throughout the ship. There was a variety of band entertainment out on deck 10, Riviera Pools. I especially enjoyed the emphasis on Latin style music, some like Reggaeton, my favorite. For those who wanted different music, the Cosmos hosted a '50's night that we did not attend. Close to the end of the cruise, there was a dance contest in the Cosmos, that was a real hoot. Here is a link to the "Dancing with the Stripes" that hubby videoed with his new camera (Panasonic DMC-GH2) It is a video of the two couples (finalists) doing the "chicken dance". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb2I1PZk8qM We enjoyed the international crew and were told 60 nations were represented! I loved this aspect and the staff and crew were efficient and friendly. Beach towels: Celebrity provides two large yellow beach towels in the staterooms. These are wonderful towels and came in so handy on our boat and beach excursions. A nice touch: Arriving back to the ship from our day on Aruba, we were greeted by some of the crew and given champagne+grapefruit juice, that was so refreshing and welcome after being out in the heat all day. Chairs also were set up for those of us who wanted to sit down. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and the level of service. Yes, the Milli needs some work done and she is due to go into dry dock, April 12th, 2012, as it will be "Solsticized"....more specialty restaurants added and other space rearrangement and improvements. Jennifer (future cruise consultant) explained that the dead space on the Milli will be utilized more efficiently. The Down Side: Our bathroom smelled like Mildew. I am sure that the bathrooms will be redone during the dry dock and the situation remedied. I saw no evidence of mold on the shower curtains or in the bathroom, but the smell was definitely there. Ship's Tap water: Ugh! I do not know the Milli's water system, but by taste, it is chlorinated....yuck! I hope that somehow with dry dock that their water system can be improved. HAL ships have water that tastes as good or better than any bottled water. As a side note: Puerto Rico has great drinking water (rain water). It is VERY good, so good, I filled up my Starbuck's spill proof cup in the airport restroom. Our first Celebrity cruise was a hit with us and we put down our $200 which will get us a $300 credit on a future two week cruise. The down side of flying out of Puerto Rico. Their airport is undermanned. There were two agents at the U.S. Air desk and a line snaking all the way back. One agent needed to spend over 20 minutes with one couple and there was no one to take over and help process the many passengers waiting in line. One airline official did ask each person in the long line what time their flight was departing. So I do think they were paying attention. But it was an arduously long process and one that I don't care to repeat. We heard the news that Celebrity will still have Caribbean cruises out of San Juan for 7 day trips, but the longer Southern Caribbean itineraries will depart from Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale. This is a great itinerary as you get to leave from a very nicely organized airport and cruise terminal and you have two relaxing sea days at the beginning and the end. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
This was our seventh cruise but first with Celebrity. We have been Princess devotees but liked this southern Caribbean itinerary better. So glad we tried it!! We love Celebrity!Flew into San Juan two days early. Stayed at the Marriott ... Read More
This was our seventh cruise but first with Celebrity. We have been Princess devotees but liked this southern Caribbean itinerary better. So glad we tried it!! We love Celebrity!Flew into San Juan two days early. Stayed at the Marriott Stellaris. While the hotel was very nice, I would only stay in Old San Juan next time. The traffic in and out of the area was horrible. We did do a wonderful history/food tour with the Flavours of San Juan! It was an evening event that walked through Old San Juan and stopped in four different restaurants. Highly recommend it!We boarded at 11:30 on March 7th. Very efficient! Rooms were not ready but lunch in the buffet was. By the time we ate and explored the ship, our room was ready.Our balcony room was very nice- larger, I think, than the Princess rooms. I like the small sitting area and the bathroom was larger. There was plenty of storage, too. We had Concierge service which was at a reduced rate when we booked. I don't know that I would pay full price for it. Canapes weren't necessary, binoculars are a joke, nice to have the extra hair dryer, love the tote but how many do you need. Our room attendant (should have written this sooner as I forgot his name!) was OUTSTANDING!! I will say that overall service on Celebrity is better than Princess.The Millennium is going to go into dry dock, I believe. I will say that it looked a little tired. I was use to the flash of the newer ships but I will say we came to love this ship by the end of the 11 days.The food on the Celebrity is MUCH better than Princess (and forget Carnival!) We had the 6:00 seating which we wouldn't do again. I prefer select seating because we love sail-aways and weren't able to see any. Ate in the Olympic twice- so worth the extra money! A word about the gratuities... this was automatically charged daily. If given an option, I wouldn't do this again. We always bring a stack of dollars with us for the bars and buffets, but it was very uncomfortable on the last day when the waiter stood at our table waiting for additional gratuities. We weren't impressed with his service at all so didn't leave any additional cash. No one at the table did. We did give our room steward additional gratuities twice during the cruise.Husband bought the premier drink package- it was just OK. But priced some of the premier liquor(cognacs)just above the $12 limit and had to pay full price not the difference. At buffet, not a lot of table service for soft drinks that would be included with the package. He said they should name it the "Almost Premier Package". He said he wouldn't get it again.I used the computer service as I always do on cruises. It was slow at times but that has been my past experience. Took two Photo Shop classes- Chris was an awesome teacher!Shows were better than past experience- casino was fun (lost!) but change buckets?!Couple of notes for 1st time Celebrity cruises...Community Board with group postings was located on the back of a pillar which we didn't find until the end of trip. Kept looking for CC meeting info in the daily bulletin so missed it.Daily US news bulletins were available at the concierge desks- found out at the end.Concierge was wonderful for info about getting around ports on your own.Overall, we loved this cruise- great food, ports, and overall service! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
Just got back from a 11 day Southern cruise on Celebrity Millennium. It was the best cruise we have been on so far. Yes, I know the ship is 10 years old, with some updates, in 2009. But I was not on the ship to notice things like peeling ... Read More
Just got back from a 11 day Southern cruise on Celebrity Millennium. It was the best cruise we have been on so far. Yes, I know the ship is 10 years old, with some updates, in 2009. But I was not on the ship to notice things like peeling paint, or stains on carpet. I loved everything there was on this ship. The port stops, in the southern Caribbean were the best. Very hot, and I am not a great heat person, but went on private tours of the islands, with the taxi outside. Don't take the first one you talk to, as they start at $50.00 dollars for 2 people, but we always got someone cheaper, like $30.00 or $40.00. They were also the best. Did not get a bad driver once out of the 8 island stops. Allot of jewellery stores just off the ship , but bought most of our things at the local shops, around the island. Great buys.The deluxe balcony room we had, was great. More than enough storage, the beds were very comfortable. The room attendants could not have been nicer. All the staff had smile's, so you could really see that they loved there job. We always had table 502, for 2 people. Jorge ( or George, if you could not say his name), and Arijiwan from Honduras, which I probably spelled wrong were the best servers in the dining room. I would recommend getting a table in there section. And the bar server O'Brien from Jamaica was so funny. A wonderful guy. We went with anytime dining, but always asked for this table. It was our 39Th Wedding Anniversary, so we did not want to share other tables, as we did that on our first cruise. What can I say about the food. There was always something for every-one's needs. Be you vegetarian, or what ever. They had sandwich, pasta, fish & chip, American, Asian,ice cream station, etc food in the buffet. The food was so very good. And out by the pool, you could get burgers, hot dogs, french fries,wings, etc. I would have liked more bigger pools, but even that I can't complain about, as there was always room while swimming. Even a spa pool that was warm water, and had healthy snacks. What more could you ask for. The pools were salt water as well, which is very healthy for your skin. There were only 2 sea nights, which was great. Love the fact that there were so many stops, which was why we booked this one.I had prepaid gratuities, so that we would not see it on the bill everyday, and booked everything off the ship, as cheaper, and very safe. Always went on the morning one's, so as not to miss the ship. And you got to see so much more, and the cruise ship tours only take you on one.I know that you pay the gratuities, and have to pay another 15% on things that are not covers. But we also paid to our main sever, his assistant, and the bar server, as we thought they were very special guys, and they work very hard. Serve breakfast, lunch & dinner in the dining room. Which we only did the once for breakfast. We always did the dining room for supper.The entertainment was very good. We did not go to all the shows, but the one's we did were great. Especially the piano player, who also sang some. He was very funny, but the best piano player I have ever heard. Also Nestor, the guitar player, in the different bars, was terrific. Sang in Spanish, but boy could he play. He got the biggest crowd.We also gave extra gratuities to our room server & his assistant. We asked them if they got extra tips on the deluxe balcony rooms, and they said not too often, so if you are reading this, please give more if you can, and if you are happy with them as these guys only have 2 hours off during 7am till 10 pm, when they finish, and are on call for the 2 hours off, and don't go home again for 6, or nine months to see there families.And if you liked it & them, write a nice letter about the one's you liked, as this is what helps them get promotions. They deserve it. As well, the questionnaire.Well, I can't say anymore nice things about our cruise. We did hear some people complain about a little peeling paint, or updates that needed to be done, but I don't go on a cruise to see these things, so did not notice if it needed it or not. As long as the room was good, the bed, and the food, what more could you complain about.The ship is going into refurbishment, after the next 11 day cruise for 2 months, to be updated to be more like the Solstice. Than to Alaska.R Gionet from New Brunswick Canada Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
The Ship was a little tired looking on the outside and could do with some T.L.C. however the ship was so very clean and the staff were so very friendly and accommodating, the cabin was very spacious and had plenty of storage space alas if ... Read More
The Ship was a little tired looking on the outside and could do with some T.L.C. however the ship was so very clean and the staff were so very friendly and accommodating, the cabin was very spacious and had plenty of storage space alas if you had or have back problems the cases have to go under the bed this can be a little tricky.no problems were encountered when boarding the ship, it was very organised and fuss free. This cruise had a varied age group of passengers which was really nice for a change!The food as always once sorted out was very good, unfortunately teething problems were experienced,but quickly rectified by the Food and Beverage Manager DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT if you have a dietary problem. unfortunately the Maitre D' was a little ignorant to the problem but speaking out soon sorted this rather serious problem out.The pre cruise hotel in Puerto Rico was very comfortable and was well equipped with a gym and roof top pool to relax before embarkation. The food here was rather slow in arriving but was worth the wait.The entertainment on board was OK especially due to the mixed ages on-board although we did feel it was geared up for the more mature cruiser's. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
This ship is looking a little tired ,however a fantastic time was had the cabins were very clean and well kept with fresh flowers,and horderves dailythe ports of call were very organised with no problems upon disembarkation,.the ... Read More
This ship is looking a little tired ,however a fantastic time was had the cabins were very clean and well kept with fresh flowers,and horderves dailythe ports of call were very organised with no problems upon disembarkation,.the entertainment was OK and I feel was well suited for the varied age group on this cruise.Alas if you suffer with ANY dietary requirement you may experience problems, especially with the Maitre D whilst on this cruise a problem arose in the restaurant concerning Coeliac Disease and on this occasion the Maitre D was confused and did not really understand the seriousness of the problem,however having spoken to the food and beverage manager and choosing to eat in the buffet for a few days until this could be sorted out we were then moved to another part of the restaurant where the service was First Class and no more problems arose concerning the dietary requirement.This was a super cruise and Itinerary and would NOT stop us repeating it againand I feel the staff do need to be FULLY aware of certain dietary requirements as I'm sure training is available.We understand this ship is being re-fitted April 2012 Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
Best overall cruise so far.Itinary great, even some rain didn't spoil the overall experience.Captain a great guy, friendly and approachable.Entertainment first class.Buffet food very good, had bad previous reviews re choice, but I ... Read More
Best overall cruise so far.Itinary great, even some rain didn't spoil the overall experience.Captain a great guy, friendly and approachable.Entertainment first class.Buffet food very good, had bad previous reviews re choice, but I think they are better giving quality rather than quantity, started providing english bacon as well at breakfast.Olympic Restaurant, fantastic experience.Food in main dining room very good.Only gripe was we chose select dining which they took gratuities for in advance at booking.Doesn't work as well as Princess that have dedicated restaurants, shouldn't be able to book in advance, should be first come first served.Also, level of service varied according to where seated.Cabin comfortable and sufficient, slightly larger showers than other companies.Other than that, a great time.Booked on Equinox for next year, can't wait. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
We stayed on deck 7 portside and as was previously reported on this message board, there was a leak in the hallway that caused an offensive mildew smell. After 2 days they dealt with the problem (smelled like they used bleach) - but I was ... Read More
We stayed on deck 7 portside and as was previously reported on this message board, there was a leak in the hallway that caused an offensive mildew smell. After 2 days they dealt with the problem (smelled like they used bleach) - but I was bothered by it nonetheless. My sister who stayed on 7 starboard had a leak in her closet that wet her clothes. The ship cleaned the clothes for free and provided a free bottle of champagne - but to me this was further evidence that Millie is showing her age. I'm guessing that she will not be taken out of service to fix these kinds of problems - and that the crew will continue to deal with them on a piecemeal basis until she is sold or retired. Meanwhile, there will continue to be special offers/low prices, like the one we purchased online. That's probably how we ended up in a cabin near the leak! Still, I believe we got good value. The food was very good - one of the reasons why we especially like Celebrity. The crew was generally helpful and friendly. Danillo did a very nice job of keeping our cabin clean. We opted for the Select Dining (where you can eat at anytime you choose) and were very happy with that option. We were able to sit in the same section each night - with Jorge as our enthusiastic head waiter. Couldn't have stayed at a decent hotel for the same money. We ate at the Olymipic one nite - and the food and service were excellent as they have been in the past. We were underwhelmed by the entertainment this cruise. Didn't attend the shows, but the music around the ship was better on our 2 previous cruises on Millie. Also, the activities on sea days were less interesting than on our previous trips. As a holdover from my childhood, I'm a fan of bingo - only play on cruises - but there was no bingo on the first sea day and the bingo machine was broken the second sea day. Alas - a bingo deficit. We didn't spend a lot of time on the ship during the day on non sea-days. This is the second time we have done this 11 nt Southern Caribbean itinerary on Millie - and as divers/snorkelers and mild adventureres we loved the white water tubing in Dominica, the volcano tour in St. Lucia and the diving/snorkeling everywhere else, especially Curacao. I would love to see an itinerary that keeps St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Curacao and Aruba and swaps St. Croix for Tortola and Barbados with anywhere else. I just don't get the attraction of Barbados. The port is really ugly. The islanders are surly and rule happy. The only snorkeling attraction is the turtles - but there are tons of boats and hundreds of people vying for space with the turtles - got whacked in the head more than once from inexperienced snorkelers. Not my cup of tea. This time we arranged all of our excursions directly online, based on tips on this website and TripAdvisor. Some worthy of note: We took a taxi to South Friars Bay Beach on St. Kitts (negotitating fare upfront -$4 ea). Snorkeling at beach WAS good as advertised. Shipwreck Bar was fun. Took lots of pics of the monkeys. Taxis reguarly stop there for the way back. Used Antours for river tubing in Dominica - and was very happy with their service. We were able to tube almost all the way to the ocean - much further than the excursion we previously arranged thru the ship. We had also paid to snorkel at Champagne Reef same day - but because the tubing trip was much longer than expected were were concerned that we'd be leaving ourselves no margin for error if we opted to do the snorkel, so we bagged it. I still think we got good value - and it was really fun. Used Serenity Tours for the volcano tour/beach snorkel in St. Lucia and liked that a lot. Important safety tip: Hurricane Thomas had done a lot of damage to some of the roads, though - and there were some scary moments on sheer cliffs where the road was still damaged, particularly near the top where the landslide occurred. We all joked that this is why we had done our wills before leaving, but it was a little unnerving. Not something I'd do at home. Then again, we don't have volcanos at home. Used Scubatech in Grenada - very nice people, good dive/snorkel sites. They could use a bigger boat, though. Did a Red Sail snorkel/sail cruise in Aruba and it was very pleasant. An excellent value for the money. Disembarkation was uneventful - in other words, not exceptionally unpleasant - just the usual waiting and hassle at the pier. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
My husband and I booked this cruise last August. Little did we know then that we would have such a brutal winter and how much we would appreciate leaving snow and ice behind. We had cruised with Celebrity before but never on the ... Read More
My husband and I booked this cruise last August. Little did we know then that we would have such a brutal winter and how much we would appreciate leaving snow and ice behind. We had cruised with Celebrity before but never on the Millennium. We picked this ship mostly for the itinerary. We prefer port intensive cruises and this itinerary offered four ports that were new to us. We flew to San Juan the morning before embarkation. We stayed in OSJ at the Howard Johnson Plaza De Armas. This hotel has a great location right in the center of OSJ on a very busy plaza. Location is it's only redeeming quality. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner Sunday night at the Parrot Club in OSJ. Let's just say we were happy to check out the next morning and board the Millie. We took a taxi around 11:30 to the Pan Am Pier for $20 plus $1 per bag. There was a line to drop off luggage and we were on board enjoying lunch at the Ocean Buffet by Noon. The rooms were available around 1-1:30. When we got to our cabin we found all but one bag of our luggage (the other made it to the room after dinner). Our cabin was of adequate size for the two of us. Our empty luggage fit under the bed. Storage space was ample and we asked for extra hangers. I can not imagine four people fitting into this room. It would really be tight. All the furnishings looked to be in good shape and we did not notice anything that needed repair. We asked that the mini bar be emptied so we could have space to store the wine we brought on board. We had decided to try Select Dining. We had always had traditional late seating before and this time we thought early seating was just too early and we like the late shows so late seating would not work. Before we left home I had made reservations for every night. It turned out we did not need them. We ate at different times every night. We never had to wait. We were always asked if we preferred to eat alone or join others. Only one time did we have a table for two, we usually shared with two other couples at a table for six. One evening we chose to dine with new friends and when we asked to be seated together we were promptly led to a table. We will always choose Select Dining in the future. We found the food on this cruise to be good to very good. I especially liked the two menus. On one side you had the "always available" think Caesar Salad, Steak, Creme Brulee. On the other side you had the daily selections that changed everyday. We especially liked the fruit soups and any of the fish selections. My husband was fond of the sushi at the buffet and the salmon at the Aqua Spa Cafe. I would be remiss if I did not mention the wonderful and calorie free (ha) pastries at the Cova Cafe. Such a selection and one bite was never enough. The specialty coffees offered here were very good. All in all, you would never go hungry. Service on this ship was always with a smile and "It will be my pleasure". Our cabin steward Anthony knew when we were gone and our room would be clean when we returned. I only had to ask for something one time and it was always delivered with a smile. I have never been on a ship where the ship's officers were so readily available to the guests. From Jamie the Assistant Hotel Manager to Juliana the Captain's Club Hostess, they were seen frequently on deck and when you left for the day at port and when you returned. All crew seemed to really care about your day and stopped us many times and asked if we had any concerns. We have always thought Celebrity to be lacking in the entertainment area. The entertainment on this cruise was great. The comedian was so funny, he had my husband in tears. We enjoyed the pianist, the magician and the Latin singer. The production shows were very good, the singers and dancers had so much energy!! Nestor the entertainer from Peru was one of my favorites, also the Blend-Tech a four man A Capella group. We did five Celebrity excursions. I will review them on the Ports of Call forums but I do want to give special mention to the Catamaran Fan-Ta-Sea on St. Kitts. This was one of the best excursions we have ever been on. The crew was exceptional and the sail was great from the snorkeling to the lunch provided on the beach, all was enjoyable. Well worth the price. River tubing in Dominica was also a fun experience. Do not stay on the ship in Dominica. Get off and see this beautiful island. Embarkation was smooth. We had a porter handle our luggage and get us a taxi. We went to OSJ for the day as we had a late flight home. The Barrachina restaurant in OSJ will store your luggage for free, we dropped off our luggage and returned later for a nice lunch. We loved this cruise, we are just talking about when can we go again. It will certainly be on Celebrity. They never disappoint. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
My husband and I have always taken 7 day cruises and decided to see what an 11 day cruise was like! Well, lets just say it will be hard to go back to 7 days! It was absolutely wonderful! We flew to San Juan on the 12th. We rented a car ... Read More
My husband and I have always taken 7 day cruises and decided to see what an 11 day cruise was like! Well, lets just say it will be hard to go back to 7 days! It was absolutely wonderful! We flew to San Juan on the 12th. We rented a car and checked out the rain forest and had a great experience doing the Bio Bay Adventure one evening! It was really cool kayaking at night and seeing the glowing water! Embarkation on Monday the 14th went very smoothly. We drove our car to the pier and dropped our suitcases off, took the car back and had a taxi take us to the ship. We got to the ship at about 2pm and there was no line. We had reserved a guaranteed veranda and they upgraded us to concierge class! Wow! More being spoiled! It was great! Champagne, candy and flowers (had fresh flowers every day!), fruit and canapes every day, a travel bag, terry cloth robes...all wonderful! One thing that they may as well forget, they offered complimentary binoculars so my husband didn't bring his. Tried 3 pair - none worked. We liked the ship right away! Very pretty and tastefully decorated! Our room was very nice except for one big drawback...when on the balcony, you look down right onto someones balcony! You can see them and they can see you! Not private at all! We will definitely check that out next time! The room had plenty of storage! I always pack way too much and there was plenty of room for it all! Everything was is in very good condition! We ate in the RMS Olympic the very first night - this was included in our package from the travel agency. Wow! Absolutely wonderful in every way! Have never tasted lobster so tender - not the normal rubbery lobster! Loved the surf and turf! We ate every course and were completely stuffed when finished! Told ourselves not to do that again or we'd be buying new clothes when we get home! We chose select dining and chose to eat by ourselves. A couple of nights we had to wait 15 minutes or so, but others we just walked right in. This worked well for us. We enjoy the formal nights and would hate for the cruiseline to give them up! Just special! My husband even rented his first tux for the cruise from a company recommended by Celebrity. Fit pretty good and he looked great! :) The shows and musicians were really good! The Celebrity orchestra is AMAZING! Make sure you do the galley tour! Very interesting! We regret we didn't do the brunch on the first sea day. Heard that it was really good! We had room service one morning - a full breakfast - and it was delivered exactly when requested! Very nice! The crew was very friendly and attentive! Used the exercise room several times and it was fine for what we needed. We loved the adults pool, the area to relax beside it overlooking the water sitting on lovely wood recliner chairs! Used the hot tubs a couple of times. We only did one excursion and it was one we did on our own. Bumpiing Tours in Dominica! AWESOME! We hiked a waterfall, swam in a hot mineral pool and snorkled Champagne Beach! An amazing time and our favorite island! We love to snorkle and did so on every island - again - on our own. The caribbean has lots of dead coral so it's not as beautiful as other places, but we still saw lots of fish and had a great time! Disembarkation went smooth - line a bit long - but we were staying in San Juan one more night so we were in no rush! This time in San Juan we just took the bus to Old San Juan and spent the day there, wandering the charming streets! Beautiful old city! Have been home a week and are starting to think about when and where we can go again! Celebrity was a wonderful experience! We hope to go on a Celebrity ship again someday! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
We have cruised with Celebrity ten times and have always been very pleased. The crew and staff are always extremely friendly and helpful. This last cruise with the Millennium was great. The selections of foods were very good and the ... Read More
We have cruised with Celebrity ten times and have always been very pleased. The crew and staff are always extremely friendly and helpful. This last cruise with the Millennium was great. The selections of foods were very good and the presentation has always been exceptional. We like the method of displaying the desserts to the table before we order. The entertainment in the theater was good. The Celebrity singers and dancers are high energy and very professional. We are ballroom dancers and enjoyed Kathleen and the Saints every evening. The ports of call were a good mix of the Caribbean Islands with varied selections. We have traveled twice with Celebrity in the Elite Class. We are pleased with all the extra benefits. Dinner with the Staff Captain was exceptional. The Olympic Restaurant was elegant and special. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2011
Celebrity has a reputation for being a very good cruise line with excellent food and service. It did indeed live up to that expectation and then some. I would definitely try them again. A few highlights to note. * The Olympic ... Read More
Celebrity has a reputation for being a very good cruise line with excellent food and service. It did indeed live up to that expectation and then some. I would definitely try them again. A few highlights to note. * The Olympic (speacialty restaurant) is definitely fine dining at its very best, albeit at $35 per head cover charge a little high compared to other ships with dining of comparable quality. Service was exceptional and the quality of food and presentation was what would be expected from this venue. * The library leaves a lot to be desired. The books are sorely in need of updating, with most "newer books" dating back at least 10 years. Thankfully I had many books with me, and a few guests I met shared their books. Celebrity needs to take a lesson from HAL, where the library is significantly larger, much broader selection and has many books from the current year. * When I could not find berries for breakfast, all it took was to ask for them and a big bowl was delivered. * At dinner, it would be nice if a fresh fruit or berries option was available on the menu. I do not eat the rich, fancy deserts, so I had to ask for berries each evening, which were delivered without a fuss. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
I will start by saying that we are not experienced cruisers, we were on one other cruise 15 years ago but my wife and I and two other couples just completed the 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise and we all had a great experience. ... Read More
I will start by saying that we are not experienced cruisers, we were on one other cruise 15 years ago but my wife and I and two other couples just completed the 11 day Southern Caribbean cruise and we all had a great experience. Embarkation and debarkation were well organized. The only opportunity to bring your own liquor on board was at embarkation, at all the island stops your carry-on bags are x-rayed and any alcohol is confiscated until the last day. We took the organized ship orientation tour after we got settled and found it helpful. Our scheduled time to leave the ship on the last day, based on our flight, was 10:15. We had to vacate our room after breakfast which finished at 8:30 so we ended up relaxing on deck for an hour and a half - probably better than standing in a long line at customs. Our room size was fine, with an adequate balcony that accommodated 4-5 people standing during port sail-aways. Our steward Seby was attentive and kept our room clean and refreshed with ice, etc. We chose the Select Dining option which worked well for us. Our group arrived for dinner without a reservation at various times during the cruise and never waited more than 15 minutes to be seated. Our waiter Rogelio, our assistant waiter John Paul and our sommelier Alex were one of the highlights of our trip. They were friendly, helpful and highly entertaining. The food in the dining room was excellent, with lots to choose from and with help from Alex we were able to find reasonably priced good wine. We ate in the Olympic dining room one night-it was a good experience but given the quality of the main dining room we would probably pass on it next time. There are lots of options for breakfast, lunch and snacks and we never experienced any significant line ups. We really enjoyed the Spa Cafe for breakfast. The coffee was the one exception to our good dining experience, it was terrible! With eight ports on this cruise be prepared to be busy. We prebooked zip lining in St Kitts through the ship and had a great time. We are relatively experienced travellers so for the rest of the stops we arranged our own activities once we arrived in port. We had great experiences with friendly people and saved some money over the cruise arranged activities. There are lots of locals at the ports to sell you tours and taxi rides but we did not find them overly aggressive. Make sure you try the Aquaspa Pool after a hard day of touring. Best shopping was in Curacao and Aruba but we found the prices in the on-board shops to be competitive. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
Everything we've enjoyed with Celebrity on past cruises was repeated again on this cruise. All in all I would recommend the Millennium if you don't expect a 'new ship experience'. San Juan embarkation and disembarkation ... Read More
Everything we've enjoyed with Celebrity on past cruises was repeated again on this cruise. All in all I would recommend the Millennium if you don't expect a 'new ship experience'. San Juan embarkation and disembarkation was as easy as it could be. Don't arrive too early or you'll wait outside the terminal with no chairs until the ship is cleared of former cruisers. Luggage arrived a little later than on other cruises, which is not Celebrity's doing. There's an outside company which now handles this for them and I suppose they work at their own pace. However, exploring the ship and enjoying lunch fills the time until your 'pieces' arrive. Dining Main dining room menu choices were varied, tasty, and well presented. When we requested a table for two, instead of a large table for 10 which was assigned to us, the Maitre d' worked his magic and was able to seat us the second night at a window table which normally accommodates 4. We actually enjoyed our meals just as much in the main dining room as the specialty restaurant (which was also very good - however, we felt over attended). Buffet stations never seemed to be as busy as Solstice class, but less people might be the reason. Aft veranda was a great place to take our tray. A little more shade would be an improvement; the Summit provides umbrellas. Breakfast on our veranda was delivered on time, hot, and with a requested tablecloth (not so on the Equinox). Condition of the Ship It's to be expected that an older ship with such great turn-around is going to be a little frayed at the edges. We found our room to be in as good shape as other ships, except for the newer S class ships of course. The elevators, public rooms, corridors, etc showed no signs of shabbiness. Pool Chairs There's lots of room to sunbathe all around the decks if you move away from the immediate pool areas. As there were only 2 sea days, we didn't find a problem as there has been on former sailings. The 'little information cards' they put on each chair now seems to advise users of the 'half hour left empty and you're outta here' Celebrity policy. I overheard a young couple, after they had been away for quite some time, laughing that "their things were still there", then told those around the chairs they were going for breakfast!). Not sure if the policy deters, but it at least informs. Entertainment Certainly great. Our daughter was a cruise line dancer/singer in a former life on many cruise lines, and we enjoyed all her shows. These productions had terrific energy, professionalism, plot, sets, and expertise. The comic left everyone laughing really to tears! Some of the acts were a let down, but one man's meat is another man's poison, so I'm sure there was something for everyone. Excursions Very typical and as we've visited these ports several times, there were no surprises. It would be nice to find a little something different during these port days. Staff Officers were quite visible and engaging in conversation. Guest Relations staff was very helpful to the 9th degree in one situation with my husband's tuxedo problem. Our room attendants couldn't do enough to help us out if the need arose. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
We are veteran cruisers, with over 14 cruises under our belts. Check in: This was painless. We arrived in San Juan a day early and enjoyed the Marriott Resort on the Condado. The next day a $20 cab ride to the pier. In San Juan ... Read More
We are veteran cruisers, with over 14 cruises under our belts. Check in: This was painless. We arrived in San Juan a day early and enjoyed the Marriott Resort on the Condado. The next day a $20 cab ride to the pier. In San Juan these are fixed prices. We arrived at the pier at 11:30. Check in was smooth and without a hitch. We were on the ship in a matter of minutes. Having cruised before we knew that the cabins would not be ready until after 1PM. After a lunch we changed into swim suits that we carried in our carry one bags. The pool deck was open and we enjoyed the opportunity to relax and swim until the cabin was ready. Cabin: The cabin was ready at 1:30 and our checked luggage as delivered shortly after that. The cabin was standard with a veranda. Even thought this ship is 10 years old the cabin was in good shape, with the exception of a few cracked tiles in the bath room and some rust on the metal on the veranda. More storage space than we needed. Bed was firm but not to. As on all ships we slept very well Shore excursions: the less said about them the better. Nothing spectacular. Basically run of mill for the island that we visited. Dinning: Over all the food lived up to Celebrities standards. The Metropolitan dining room was over all excellent. The service was excellent. However, I missed the table side presentation of Cesar salad and the deserts. I know that the lines cite safety but they prepare the Banana Forster and Cherry Jubilee in the space outside the kitchen doors and not at the table. Lack of personnel is the real reason. The Ocean Cafe buffet was as expected. One thing that I missed was the Metropolitan dining room being open for lunch. Only on sea days was this done. The buffet was fine but I like to get my food hot and cafeteria style does not allow that. Entertainment: Typical cruise ship fare. However the production shows were excellent and the singer and dancers had lot of energy. I do miss some of the headline entertainers. The acts seem to be second line, though enjoyable. Attendance at most shows was low and this could affect the performance but didn't seem to. Two shows one a 7 and one at 9. On previous trips there was a late show for the second sitting not one early. My preference would be for a late show. General comments: First the good. The senior staff was very visible on this ship. From the Captain to the Hotel Manager and on down all were there to talk to guests and make notes to keep us happy. Additionally they, the senior staff, participated in activities that interacted with gussets. All the hotel staff had ready smiles and pleasant greeting whenever they were encounted. This made for a great experience. Not a cross word. Another great thing was the pool butlers. If you vacated a chair on the pool deck for over 30 minutes, they removed your stuff and made the chair available to other gusset. This was great on sea days, since there are never sufficient chairs on the pool deck on these days. Also, there were senior dining room personnel turning away people who were following the dress code. This was true on formal nights and made the dinning experience that much better. The Bad. There seemed to be more things to nickel and dime us. Fresh squeezed orange Juice is now $2.50. Espresso in the dining room is extra, a bar costs, not part of dinner. These things could be added to the overall cruise cost with minimal impact on the gusset choosing Celebrity. Overall and very good experience and I would recommend Celebrity to anyone who wants an upscale experience at reasonable cost. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
My husband and I had spent months researching and planning before taking the plunge and booking a 10-day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity Millennium; so, when I learned that my blood sugar was elevated, I was concerned that the ... Read More
My husband and I had spent months researching and planning before taking the plunge and booking a 10-day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity Millennium; so, when I learned that my blood sugar was elevated, I was concerned that the vacation would be a disappointment. I read in the diabetes literature that cruising is, in fact, the easiest way to travel. I am happy to report that we found that to be very true. No matter what individual meal plan a person has, it is easy to find delicious, timely options. The breakfast buffet offers egg white omelets, turkey sausage, and cereals. Lunch has salad bars, whole grains, lean meats, and sugar-free desserts. At dinner in the dining room, the waiters graciously adapt the plates per request ( I usually asked to have the potatoes left off).The daily options of tiny appetizers, wonderful soups and varied entrees were such healthy treats that I felt that every night was a party.On the first night, we left before dessert was served. The next night our waiter urged us to at least wait and look at the options. He said that, if dessert was not appropriate immediately, he would happily order it to be sent to my cabin later. As it happened, all of the walking during the day made it possible for me to indulge in the moderate-sized treats with no ill effects at all. I usually carried fruit and a few almonds on shore excursions in case I needed a snack while we were out. There is a small buffet late in the evening, if a person really needed to eat; and, of course, there is always room service. I met one woman whose diabetes is so advanced that she needs two kinds of insulin. She said her blood sugar levels were even better than they are at home because of the amount of moderate activity ( walking) that is a normal part of the cruising experience. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar and a healthy weight is very easy for anyone who has the knowledge to make good choices and the self-control to be selective. It is much easier and more fun than cooking at home! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
We booked the February 14, 2011, our 15th cruise, last July at just under one-thousand dollars for a balcony guarantee, and got an upgrade to a C2 Concierge in a great location, mid-ship near the middle bank of elevators. We received an ... Read More
We booked the February 14, 2011, our 15th cruise, last July at just under one-thousand dollars for a balcony guarantee, and got an upgrade to a C2 Concierge in a great location, mid-ship near the middle bank of elevators. We received an OBC of three hundred dollars from the cruise line and an additional OBC from our travel agent of one hundred dollars and had a miniscule cleanup bill, making this 11 day cruise the most economical ever. Flew into San Juan the day before, stayed at Marriott Stellaris, an older but well maintained hotel on a gorgeous beach. Taxis to hotel from SJU airport/to cruise port were a pricey $20 for two each way, for what amounts to be short trips. We ate at a local restaurant on Ashford Ave, Latin Star, which was a total dive --- dirty, poor service, extremely poor food. Since it was raining we opted to go to the ship early and had the fastest embarkation ever... 25 minutes, on board by 11:40 am and in our rooms at 1 pm. We ate lunch at the Ocean Cafe and could see that we would be off to a good start, as there was plenty of variety, very good food and what turned out to be the biggest surprise, always available tables. As we learned over the next eleven days, this ship tries to change the variety of foods served at breakfast and lunch in the Ocean Cafe. The ship is in very good shape. Most common areas have been recently updated and you would never know that it is 11 years old. The balcony C2 cabins show some wear (carpeting and stained granite counter tops), but are a spacious (191 Sq. Ft.) have a sensible layout with lots of storage, and with a bathroom shower that has ample room. Navigation around this 91K ton vessel is so easy. No blockages, good walking track around deck 11 and it offers two pools of good size as well as the Thalassotherapy pool in a quiet, covered Spa area adjacent to the other pools, which is at no additional charge to guests. The ship also has three sets of elevators which guaranteed no waiting for elevators. This ship prides itself on superior service and all the crew genuinely seems happy and most cheerful. It all starts with the Captain who was very visible throughout the entire trip and flows down to each employee. The very positive, friendly attitude was very noticeable and appreciated. The internet cafe was very well staffed with very helpful people. Surprisingly, it was easy to log on and use the computers. If food is important to you, then this is the ship for you. The evening meals in the formal dining room were better than those served on most new ships. The menu included two sections, dishes available every night (shrimp cocktail, [great] crock of onion soup, Caesar salad, steak and even crème brulee (yes, every night!!!), as well as the daily, changed selection of meals. At least five appetizers, two to three soups and five to six different entrees are offered. Fish was a highlight of the ship, offered every evening and well prepared according to my hubby. Except for petite filet and entrecote, steaks were noticeably poorer in quality .... A real surprise given that all other food was way more than just acceptable. Another highlight was homemade ice creams and real fruit sorbet in a variety of flavors, which we have never experienced on any other ship. At lunch every day in the Ocean Cafe at least 8 varieties of ice creams were offered. Regular, (baked) desserts were also very good. Chocolate mousse was a highlight. For the first part of the trip the coffee was unusually poor (strong chicory taste). Then one of our shipmates learned that they changed the coffee and it was noticeably better. The ship also supplied a variety of juices at breakfast and lunch, which most ships no longer do. Since we only had two sea days (in the 11 day trip), the luscious buffet brunch on the first sea day was a great treat. So too was the chocolate dessert buffet one of the evenings in Cosmos, the large room at the top of the ship where great dancing, contests, a lot of entertainment ,etc. took place. The ship delivers great musical entertainment in many different venues. Many combo bands worked hard to offer a great variety of music including a lot of Latin and rock as well as pop songs. There were three great shows by the ships dancers and singers --- "Dancing with the Stars," Boogie Nights" and a Broadway /London Shows review. So sensational were these performances, leaving guests wanting more than just three shows for 11 days. Yes there were other performers, a pianist (who toured with Liberace), magician and terrific Texan singing impersonator who could belt out a song like nobody. Still another, one or two major shows would have been greatly appreciated. The cruise director and his staff were very visible and there were a lot of activities to keep cruisers well entertained. Comments about not being a lot of late, late night activities are true as many of the lounges closed at 12 - 1 am. The gym was not well equipped and rated a fair at best. The reason we selected this ship was for the packed itinerary of many Caribbean ports we had never experienced/and some we were happy to revisit: in alphabetical order: Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Dominica ( not to be confused with Dominican Republic), Grenada, St. Croix, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia. As usual, we avoided the overpriced ship's tours and booked our own ahead of time or visited the local beaches for some water fun. The only ship's tour we booked was the trolley train in Curacao, which was a major disappointment. Aruba - We picked up bus #10 directly across the street from the pier and went to Eagle Beach after a 10 minute bus ride through the main hotel strip. Bus tickets are $2.30 round trip. [Note: If you give the bus drive a $5 bill for two tickets, you won't get any change back]. There are several sections to Eagle beach, the first, quieter section, where the bus drops you have many palapas which are free to use but no chairs for rent. The second, busier section about 1500 feet further down is where taxis drop you ($15 fare for our four friends) has more palapas, vendors renting chairs and a restaurant. The wave action on this beach (and currents/undertow are significant, but the water was divine. Barbados - Since we were there twice before we opted for a visit to a local beach (Brandon/Brighton beaches) are the closest to the port, a $3 pp cab ride each way per person. While the sand was white and lovely, the water was filled with treacherous banks of coral stones making it very tricky to get in and out ... and not enjoyable at all. Avoid these beaches if you want to be in the water. Have a taxi take you further down to a much better set of water friendly beaches. Curacao- We paid $33.75 each for what was billed as 1 ¾ hour trolley ride around the tourist area of Curacao, which we booked through the ship. It turns out that the ride was only 50 minutes, through a small section of town and really was a waste of money. The tour company didn't even have enough taxis to take people back to the ship and some had to walk back (over the floating bridge ---- not a very long walk). By the way, the trolley tour is normally $25 pp, but the ship controlled this very small tour and you could not use it unless booked through the ship, paying the $8+ up charge. Dominica - This lush, somewhat undeveloped island is worth the tour we booked through Reyno. We paid $65 pp and had a superb tour guide, Davis, who went to great lengths to show us his homeland, with great pride. Davis showed us a huge variety of plants, stopping along the way to get samples (we even ate some cocoa beans). We stopped at the Mr. Nice fruit stand and were entertained by the riotous owner, where we sampled a lot of indigenous fruits. We also went to some local falls, but opted not to do the steep climb down to the falls or walk over the slippery rocks. We had a great view of the falls from above and could scoop up water from brooks feeding the falls. Grenada- We took the local water taxi ($4pp each way)immediately outside of the port shops ( to the left) to a most gorgeous beach - Grand Anise-where we rented chairs and an umbrella (for only $13).... Cheaper if you walk down several hundred feet from the dock, where they get $20. The views of hotels/private homes up in the mountains surrounding the beach made you want to come back and spend some vacation time. There were local shops (small open air mall at the beach) which were open on Sunday. While everyone says you must purchase spices (what this island is known for), we found no particular bargains). St. Croix- We opted for the local beach, Fredricksted, within close walking distance to the ship, near the Fort and a small village which had outdoor shops. It's a free beach, and wasn't bad at all, just a little rocky in some spots. There are better beaches just a few miles away going either right or left from the ship and the taxi ride is $10 each way. After several hours in the water we did a little shopping and went back to the ship for a late lunch. St. Kitts- This Island has opened a wonderful village full of shops at the pier (some are still to open) which made for a very nice welcome. While we had no particular plans, we talked to some of the taxi drivers and decided to do an island tour in the afternoon. Walking halfway through the main part of the village, we saw off to the right an open air trolley and decided to ask about this. We got the last two seats, and went on a 3 ½ tour of the entire island that included stops at Romney Manor ( lovely property near the rain forest) which was the sight of a batik mill and large retail store. Our friends paid $99 each for the scenic train ride around the island, which paralleled the streets we traveled on. I think we got the better tour, at just a fraction of the cost. Our tour even dropped some people off at the local beach towards the end of the tour and drove in and around the area where the Marriott and other hotels are located also giving us a view of the area where US citizens have homes. What a great area. The Marriott looked like a spectacular property ... a must visit some day. St. Lucia-We prearranged an island tour with Herod at $83pp which was 5-6 hours long and included lunch at a local bar/restaurant. We had some beach time and a long boat ride back to the ship (so that we didn't have to drive back the way we came which took over three hours). Our tour included a visit to the mud baths ..... great experience and many stops along the way to view the famous pitons and breathtaking views of this lush island. The only minor disappointment was that we were supposed to have the Caribbean buffet lunch at Herod's mother's home and she was ill that day and the local bar we ate at had a somewhat mediocre buffet. All in all we had a very good time. Overall, this was such a good route to choose and luckily, none of the ports required a tender. Further, we liked the fact that the ship didn't play games and let everyone off when they wanted to go. They did not give preferential treatment to those who bought ship's tours, delaying the exit off the ship for those who made their own plans. Kudos to Millennium for no favoritism. There were no billing problems. You could view your bill online throughout the trip. Disembarking was very easy and quick. Cabs at the pier (all minibuses) were plentiful. Our group of six paid $37 for a cab back to the airport (including all the extra baggage charges and tip). Celebrity Millennium definitely changed our views about only booking newer ships. This ship delivered a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Read Less
Celebrity Millennium Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.5 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.5 3.9
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 5.0 4.2
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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