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Sail Date: February 2016
We have cruised with Carnival about 8 times before, once with P&O and once with MSC. Glory is an older ship and this is reflected in her appearance, many areas are streaked with rust and our balcony was particularly bad! The ... Read More
We have cruised with Carnival about 8 times before, once with P&O and once with MSC. Glory is an older ship and this is reflected in her appearance, many areas are streaked with rust and our balcony was particularly bad! The glass on the balcony door was streaked with marks and the surrounding frame was in very poor condition with what appeared paint streaks?? The booking in procedure in San Juan was efficient and fairly quick . All the shore staff were a delight to talk to! We were in cabin 7415 starboard balcony. Our cabin steward ,female, greeted us angreatd despite not seeing her, bar a couple of times , always remembered our names. However as we explored our cabin we found no bathrobes and one wardrobe was devoid of any coat hangers. We rang our steward and robes and hangers were supplied. Why I ask myself were these not there when the cabin was cleaned, who steals hangers off a cruise ship????!!! We dined in Golden upper the waiters their were exceptianal , evey evening they greeted us by name and generally entertained us. The table lacked table cloths, why all other Carnival ships had them? No butter knife, again all previous ships had a butter knife on the table. The waitrrs did not place our table napkins on our laps as we were seated. A small thing but on ALL other ships this was a normal ritual, why not on Glory. We also noted that there was a charge for tea and coffee, not so on previous ships. The menu in this restaurant did not vary much and some of the meals were below average in both taste and below par, and did not meet our expectations. The Omelette Bar never seemed to be open, why? Despite all this we visited 8 islands had great weather and enjoyed ourselves, meeting some great people both on and off the ship in the process. On the Thursday we booked and ate in the Emerald steak house at $35 a head. We had never done this before and had heard excellent reviews from fellow guests. The menu was quite extensive and despite the extremely low lighting level we ordered and ate a very good meal! Great steaks. The staff that waited on us were all female from Eastern Europe with extremely strong accents which made their English difficult to understand. All Carnival ships that we have sailed in have a couple of Fun Shops selling jewellery watches clothes etc.... my wife loves them and would visit them every day, however on Glory we commented how low stock was. After a few days we found out why, they closed both shops for the rest of the cruise to refurbished them. A real disappointment but a relief to my wallet! The live band has been done away with, it was on the last couple of ships too, prerecorded, another cost saving exercise? The balcony is generally cleaned once a week and a letter is circulated to warn you of this operation...........not on Glory they just hose and wash away without warning! We as past guest have always had a party in the theatre one afternoon with free drinks and canapés, not this time, very disappointing as it is another way of meeting fellow passengers and exchanging our experiences and views. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
This was our third cruise and third with Carnival and we chose it because we hadn't been to most of the stops- only repeat stop was St Maarten. Our stops were St Croix, St Maarten, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire, Aruba and Caracao. We ... Read More
This was our third cruise and third with Carnival and we chose it because we hadn't been to most of the stops- only repeat stop was St Maarten. Our stops were St Croix, St Maarten, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire, Aruba and Caracao. We love all of what San Juan has to offer and we stayed 2 nights (before our cruise) at a hotel in the Condado area. We had a fast and easy embarkation and once booked in we left the ship to wander the city and then strolled back on board later in the afternoon. We liked the layout of the ship - it is the same as the Carnival Valor which was our first cruise and we had no issues with this. We treated ourselves to a balcony room on the 7th floor and the only issue we really had was neighbors who seemed unable to close the room and balcony doors without slamming them which was annoying at night. Any problems that we had with our room were dealt with in a timely and pleasant manner and our maid was very pleasant and did an excellent job of looking after our room. We enjoyed all of our meals whether at the lido restaurant or dining room. We had anytime dining which we've had for our other 2 cruises and had great visits and many laughs with a great bunch of people from all across North America. I am amazed at the selection and variety of food offered at the buffet restaurants and dining room. There was so many choices I had a hard time trying to decide what I wanted to try. I enjoyed trying the appetizers and main course related to the ports of call. Every night you had a choice of main dish of either beef, fish, pork, chicken, lamb- many different appetizers, side dishes and desserts. For me part of the fun is trying new dishes and since I cook all meals at home I really enjoyed the variety that was offered. My husband has two diet restrictions (sugar and wheat) and he was always able to find enough low carb and wheat free foods. We got off at every port and spent the morning walking around the towns visiting shops and museums and other local attractions. The only port we didn't find very favorable to tourists was Dominica. The streets are not made for safe walking, would be unsuitable for anyone with mobility issues because of narrow sidewalks if any sidewalk at all, deep open gutters between street and walking areas and very few wheelchair accessible areas. I was just about hit by a car that used a sidewalk portion to drive on. What the town should do is close off several streets to cars as they drove through very fast and didn't seem too concerned about the safety of the pedestrians. Disembarkation was fast and no problem. We aren't big on late night entertainment but enjoyed the shows we did see and there seemed a lot you could do if that is what you wanted. Any negatives for us were very insignificant, other than sea days when it is hard to find a chair in the shade. We enjoyed our holiday, would do the same ports again to do excursions and would recommend the Glory as a great ship to cruise on. We are very happy that we chose this cruise and looking forward to our next cruising holiday. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
This was our first cruise with Carnival. We went on this one because of all the islands they stopped at. We have cruised with R.C., NCL, Holland, and Princess other years, and this was poor to all of them!! Embarkation was quick and ... Read More
This was our first cruise with Carnival. We went on this one because of all the islands they stopped at. We have cruised with R.C., NCL, Holland, and Princess other years, and this was poor to all of them!! Embarkation was quick and easy. Our balcony room on the 8th deck was great. On most ships when you eat at the main dining room, you have a hard time to decide what to eat, but not this ship!! The food was so-so, and not good choices at all. We ate at the buffet one night, and it was half filled with food. The shows were also not that great. One day we ate at the seafood restaurant for lunch, and the fish was very greasy, but the fries were good and crispy. We couldn't believe that every morning the buffet had the same food, no change what so ever!!! No band at the pool, just a boring D.J. Shame on Carnival!!! The best part of the trip were the islands, which we had been to before. The days at sea it was hard to find a person to get a drink while sitting on a pool chair. Whenever we left the ship or coming back on the ship from an island they only had 2 workers so some days it took a long time to get back on the ship!! The workers there never smiled, or said good morning, very unfriendly!!! Getting off the ship back at Miami was unorganized, as we were waiting in line to walk off with our luggage, and soon it was swamped with people coming off of an elevator. They should have been directed to go where the line ended!!! This will probably be our first and last cruise with Carnival. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
This was our 6th cruise, 4th with Carnival. We booked this cruise because of the value and the ports of call and for the most part the cruise exceeded our expectations. However... The boutique hotel on Calle Fortaleza in OSJ was small ... Read More
This was our 6th cruise, 4th with Carnival. We booked this cruise because of the value and the ports of call and for the most part the cruise exceeded our expectations. However... The boutique hotel on Calle Fortaleza in OSJ was small but wonderful. We enjoy San Juan so much we wonder why anyone would choose to embark in Miami. Embarkation the next day was quick and painless. There was a HAL ship docked next to Glory chartered as an alternative lifestyles cruise. The music from her Lido deck was much louder and better than ours. The cabin stewards were efficient and friendly, as always. The evening wait staff was also great; daytime staff, not so much. The food, however, was never great. Guy's is good, but the sodium and fat content likely keeps the medical staff hopping. "Britestar, Lido starboard" is probably not an unheard of announcement. Fish tacos were tasty, pizza always ready. The food in the MDR was hit or miss. The evening wait staff always sensed if we were not pleased and offered an alternate entrée. The Emerald steakhouse was very good. The biggest issue, and the reason we're looking to spend a bit more to cruise with a different, more upscale line, is our fellow passengers. Okay I get it, you're on vacation! But your rude behavior, attitude to the staff, slovenly dress in the MDR, complaints to the waiters / waitresses - "I didn't like any of my 3 entrées and only 1 of my 4 desserts, oh, go get me another chocolate melting cake to take to the room", etc. is affecting MY vacation. A trivial but common example: there are 2 condiment stations on the fish and chips level, with 1 large bottle of malt vinegar per station. How hard is it to sprinkle vinegar on your fries and leave the bottle for others so they don't have to search all of the tables? Do you put cream in your coffee then take the carafe with you? Do I need to smuggle my own bottle of malt vinegar on the ship in place of rum? C'mon! Rant over. The 2 ports we enjoyed the most were St. Croix & Bonaire. These happened to also be the 2 ports with the most relaxed attitudes by the locals. Curacao was also right up there. Debarkation was a cluster with people stacked by the elevators, but we did get off the ship and thru customs quickly. MIA, however, was a disaster and good luck to anyone with an early flight Saturdays. Did the cruse meet 80% of my expectations? Yes, hence the 4 stars out of 5. But, I think we'll try Celebrity or Princess next time. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
The main reason for choosing this cruise was the length and itinerary. What we ended up finding were some nice upgrades to the Glory and fresh activities which included the long lost midnight buffet. If your vacation experience must ... Read More
The main reason for choosing this cruise was the length and itinerary. What we ended up finding were some nice upgrades to the Glory and fresh activities which included the long lost midnight buffet. If your vacation experience must include tablecloths and decorative pats of butter in the main. Dining hall, you may find yourself disappointed. We are more relaxed with this sort of stuff. This isn't what will mar our vacations, and for this reason, we scored it a 5. Our room was located on deck 8 close to the forward elevators. I was concerned this. Any be a noisy spot, but turned out to be perfect. The food was really excellent every night with a 'port of call' menu which highlights the foods from the port of call we had previously been at. St croix - rainbow beach. Too small. Beach was just ok. Hubby later went for a beach walk and he said just south of this beach was a spectacular stretch of beach which he would have preferred to be at. Next time!! Dominica-tour with Nature Ilse tours. Amazing amazing. Really worth the price, highlights were the champagne reef snorkel (bring water shoes)!!! And it tou gorge. Wow.... St Maarten. Beach at great bay. We had been here a few times already and with 8 ships in port, didn't want to venture too far out and get stuck in traffic. It was a lovely day of beach and shopping. Grenada. Grand Anse beach via water taxi. Big lovely beach. Highly recommended Curaçao - Porto Mari beach. Really lovely spot. Expensive cabs and totally worth it Bonaire. Private snorkelling with Renee snorkel trips. Ok folks, this was soooo cool. We were only 4 people and she explained what were seeing as we went. Awesome. We also went to sobibor beach which was really not nice at all. Find another beach. There was no sand. We were all on top of each other on the little patch that was there. Really not good Aruba. Took the city bus to eagle beach. $2 will get u there one way. We paid for 2 return passes. The bus never came back for the return back to the ship, so we ended up paying for a cab back. Now for the beach, despite being a really gorgeous spot, the wind made it quite unpleasant. The wind picked up sand when it blew and we were constantly getting whipped with it. Note that once we had paid the $40 for chairs and umbrella, we decided to make the best of it, but it really wasn't ideal...no amenities. Despite have no read there were some. Debarkation was in Miami and really fast. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
I considered myself a somewhat seasoned cruiser having been cruising since 2001, logging 20 cruises in that time; and in the process achieving Platinum status on RCL, Princess and Carnival. I say somewhat seasoned because I know many ... Read More
I considered myself a somewhat seasoned cruiser having been cruising since 2001, logging 20 cruises in that time; and in the process achieving Platinum status on RCL, Princess and Carnival. I say somewhat seasoned because I know many cruisers that consider me a beginner. That being said here is my impressions of the 11 night Journey cruise on the Glory out of San Juan. Ship: While having never sailed the Glory before; I have sailed several of her sister ships and because of familiarity with the class, I had no problems finding my way around. I thought the ship was tastefully decorated and I did not feel crowded anywhere on board, except for the Serenity area. I went to the Serenity area a few times but it was usually crowded so I didn’t send much time there. Large seagoing ships by the nature of where they live; always need scraping and painting somewhere and she appears to be well taken care of. The casino appeared large enough to accommodate everyone interested in gambling. While I did not partake of any of the shows because of back and hip issues; I heard many people commenting on how good they were. The one thing that did seem strange after being on Carnival ships at Halloween, Thanksgiving and around Christmas time was the absence of Marti Gras decorations on the ship; especially since our cruise included the last week of the Marti Gras season or ‘Carnival’ as it is referred to it in the Caribbean. The only thing associated with Marti Gras I saw; was a girl in a Marti Gras costume and a photographer running around taking pictures for the guests to buy. The ‘Throwback Sea Day’ was pretty much a joke as well. We had a couple heavy showers come through after breakfast that morning and I think all the Throwback Day activities on the Lido deck for the day were canceled; but the photographers putting guests in 80’s costumes long enough to take their pictures was still being going strong. Also some of the shops on the ship closed on day 5 or 6 of the cruise and all but the candy shop closed on night 7 of our 11 night cruise. We heard that the merchandise sales contractor had changed and they had to pack everything up and remove it from the ship when we reached Miami so the new contractor could bring their merchandise onboard. Crew: The crew was the best I have seen on a ship in several years now. In general, all crew members I interacted with were congenial and helpful to the individual. My cabin steward and his helper were among the best I have encountered in the 20 cruises I have taken. In the time it took me to get breakfast at the buffet and return to my cabin the morning service was completed and they were working elsewhere. In the evening, after a busy day ashore or onboard, I would come in with them nowhere in sight, get cleaned up and go to dinner. When I returned from dinner, the bed had been turned down and a new animal was in the room. However, if I wanted to talk to one of them about something or had a question; they seemed to appear out of nowhere as if they knew I wanted to see them. I spent most of my bar time at the Red Frog Rum Bar, primarily because they were the only bar on board that has a rather obscure Dominican rum that is my favorite sipping rum. They always knew what I was drinking and addressed me by name when I approached the bar; and when I encountered them elsewhere on the ship or ashore they always spoke calling me by name and were very cordial. Food: Not having sailed with Carnival in almost a year and a half I saw a further noticeable degradation in the exoticness, variety, quality and quantity of the foods offered in the Main Dining Room. While the food I did eat onboard was ok to good, it was less than I expected and was no better than what I can get at a good restaurant at home; and nowhere near what Carnival was providing 3-5 years ago. The extra quantity I can do without these days, it just doesn’t come off as easy as it goes on any more; but I do miss the exoticness, variety and quality of what we used to get. I did not bother visiting the dining room on either of the elegant nights. After reviewing the menus on those nights; I did not think the offerings were worth the cost of cleaning my dress clothes. Specific disappointments were what was once delicious Alligator Fritters has turned into something barely edible and the apparent replacement of the Black Forrest Cake with a Black Forrest Cheesecake. The deserts also leave a lot to be desired. Not everyone is a chocoholic or addicted to Chocolate Melting Cake. I also noted that normally the buffet had a much better selection of deserts than the main dining room and many nights I had my desert in the buffet after dinner. I had a few late night slices of pizza and the peperoni has stayed pretty much the same on every Carnival cruise I have taken since I first sailed on the Celebration back in 2001, good but not really great. I remember they also had some other offerings besides salads on a couple nights. I believe they may have had lasagna one night and something else on another night. I ate all my breakfasts in the buffet, usually because I either got up too late to make it to the dining room or was in a hurry so I wouldn’t miss an excursion. While the buffet had a good selection of items I did think the scrambled eggs were a little lacking both in flavor and occasionally in cooking; and usually hit the omelet station after the second morning. I also did Guy’s for lunch if I was on the ship, there is just something about those Piggy Patties. I even ate one of their Vegie Burgers which wasn’t bad either. They are not on the published menu and you have to ask for them. They usually take about 5 minutes to fix. I did not eat at Fish and Chips or the Blue Iguana or the extra $$ venues either. While others may rave about them, I have found, that for me; the extra $$ venues, industry wide, generally do not live up to their hype and are not worth my time or money. Then the Red Frog snacks for the Super Bowl were not even up on the Lido deck by the Frog and big screen, they were being served somewhere else on the ship. Excursions: I did ship sponsored excursions at St Croix, St Maarten, Dominica and Grenada; plus an independent snorkeling excursion in Bonaire. At Aruba & Curacao, I just went ashore, did some shopping got lunch and went back to the ship. The ship sponsored excursions were basically all island tours as I had never been to any of those islands before and all were reasonably good informative tours. However, I was expecting the St Maarten tour to go by the airport for a photo op; but it didn’t. I don’t know if I told the excursions desk person the wrong tour or he put me on the wrong tour, but by the time I found out it was too late to do anything about it, maybe next time I am there. I booked the Bonaire excursion with a company I had snorkeled with in the past. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2008
Before we left, we had tried to inquire what the real difference between Carnival (which we thought was one of the lowest/cheapest cruises) versus our regular Royal Caribbean...well, here it is. We left from Montreal and arrived in ... Read More
Before we left, we had tried to inquire what the real difference between Carnival (which we thought was one of the lowest/cheapest cruises) versus our regular Royal Caribbean...well, here it is. We left from Montreal and arrived in Florida. Getting on the ship was easy and no problems. We were on the ship within about 5 minutes of arriving at the port (got there about 3). We had our luggage quite quickly (by 6). We were met by our room steward who wanted to know all about us. We had signed up for a different dinner time (630) but were given 8pm...don't wait in line to get it changed on the first day. You wait a LONG time and you will be just as successful if you do it either at dinner that night or the next morning at breakfast. Just go to dinner at the scheduled time and get it changed to whatever time you want. They is a lot of switching of tables after the first night. We had an outstanding tables with couples who were all in their 20/30s and we ended up spending most of our week with them at the ports. Our waiter was friendly and helpful and got to know us well. The food is great and very similar to RCCL. I did find that Carnival had more selection that our RCCL ships (Grandeur/Empress which are small ships in the fleet so maybe we are comparing apples to oranges given we are comparing a smaller RC ship to a large Carnival ship). Carnival had a sushi station, deli with great sandwiches, a fish and chips place, pizza bar, grill and a lot more drink selection (hot chocolate, lemonade, juice, tea which were available 24hrs a day). I found on RCCL, certain drinks were only available at certain times (juice was in am, ice tea at lunch and dinner so you really were stuck with water or ice tea). Carnival also serves the melting chocolate cake--OH LA LA!!! everynight for dinner. You can often get seconds or thirds or variations of things if you want....kitchen seems to be flexible. You can ask deli to create other sandwiches other than the ones listed (grilled cheese etc.) Our inside room was bigger than our previous RCCL window room...shower was bigger, bed was bigger (king v. queen) and had a great duvet (Heavenly Bed). They had a basket with razors, deodorant etc. upon arrival. Beach towels were better on Carnival but if you lose them or have them stolen, you have to pay which is stupid since I had mine stolen while in the hot tub. People get crazy about their towels. I think Carnival's port days are shorter than RCCL. We often weren't able to get off the ship until mid morning and had to be back on by 4ish...It seemed to me that we could get off and had more time in port with RCCL. I don't think Carnival has as good a variety of ports as other cruise lines. They are still advertising Costa Maya which they don't go to due to a hurricane on that island. You do get $25 back per person for not going. Carnival definitely is the fun ship...there are endless activities to do (water wars with balloons, speakers, dancing, sports, art). They divide the ship into three teams (red, blue and white) and as you compete in activities, you earn points for your team and they announce the winning team at the end who gets bragging rights. Now, on RCCL, they have a walking club which Carnival didn't have and should have. On Carnival,they did do a walk for breast cancer event but you had to pay to take part and it went to a good cause and you got a tshirt and bracelet. Whereas, RCCL gave out ship shape dollars when you took part in any activity and you could redeem these dollars for RCCL merchandise (water bottles, shirts, etc). I liked the incentive of taking part and being able to get merchandise with my earnings. Something minor but I wasn't as motivated to participate on Carnival...guess I am still extrinsically motivated at my age :) Carnival did have more activities overall. Just an inside tip, both ships have a captains party. On RCCL, they serve champagne and put on a good show. On Carnival, there were two rooms for the party so if you went to one room, you didn't see the introductions etc and sort of missed the whole reason for the party. However, Carnival is an open bar. You are supposed to go at a certain time based on your dinner seating...we went to both parties and enjoyed the free beverages!!!! The shows are equally as good on both ships. The dancers are rather scantily clad on Carnival ships I found. Their shows tended to be rather provocative given they were advertised as a family show. The cruise did do midnight shows for adults each night which was good...often R rated comedians. They did an outstanding magic show (Justin Illusion)...it was worth going to see it. You have to get there early (10ish) to get a seat for 1030 show. Drinks seem to be cheaper on Carnival. The best deal is the $6.40 Fosters can...it is a huge can and offers best value. The glasses that RCCL serve as nicer. The gym is better on the particular ship we went on (Carnival Glory) than the RCCL one. There were less free classes on Carnival. Disembarkment was quicker on Carnival because you could take your luggage off yourself if you wanted...on RCCL, youhad to leave your luggage out the night before to be picked up and then wait for your number to be called which could be anytime from 730am to 10am. On Carnival, they started letting people off just after 7 or 730...so we decided since we were going to Disney after that we would get off as soon as possible to get to our next destination. We were through the terminal in about 10 mins. Interestingly though, there was no check of our luggage...we thought we would have to get it scanned or checked but no, we went through customs which took about 10 seconds of him scanning our passports and we walked through terminal and out the door. Weird! There was quite a wait for the rental car pick up vans to get there. You are sharing the vans with the Disney cruise line so be prepared to wait if you are renting a car. That was the longest part of our day...being picked and then waiting in line at the rental car place...ahgahgahag! It may be worth just catching a cab and going there immediately. Hertz seemed to be picking up quickly. Sea days were a disaster...many people got upset. Carnival stacks the chairs each night so when it comes to sea days, they didn't seem to put out all the deck chairs ahead of time. Unless you get out on the deck by 730ish or early morning, good luck finding a decent spot. It was crazy busy....we didn't find it this hard to get a good seat on RCCL and there always seemed to be enough loungers out for people on RCCL. I don't know if they put out the loungers ahead of time but we had to unstack 6 loungers and drag them across the ship (which was a hike I might add and they aren't exactly light and rather awkward). This ordeal took us about 20 minutes to find a good spot and get ourselves situated. Then, as we were moving the loungers, someone stole one of ours!!! This was about the extent of our stress on the cruise mind you, having to deal with thieves of loungers :) They do have very comfortable blue chairs and a great water slide. Sometimes the line up get alittle crazy for the slide...you can wait 15 mins for a slide. The slide goes at a good speed and it quite fun for any age. We did bring pop on with us...both of us brought a case in our checked luggage and apparently the rule is that, you can bring on pop as long as it is a pop that the ship does not sell (coke zero or dr. pepper etc). I think it still would have gotten on the ship but just in case. Do check your sail and sign card on your tv as you go along inthe week...our room steward charged us 8 bucks for an in room beverage which we did not have. When we asked him about it, we said we had drank the water bottles provided...which we hadn't. There was 1 bottle provided and then after he put this charge on our account, he put two bottles in our room....I am not sure if he was trying to pull a funny one but we got the problem rectified immediately...which took about 2 days to sort out. Overall, I did not think there was a significant difference between Carnival and RCCL. I would sail either. The differences that existed were pretty minor. Now, we did meet people in the hot tub who had been on both and they were not happy with this particular ship because they did not think the service or food was good. I think everyone is different. We met people before we left who said their large group loved the ship. The people we met at our dinner table all had fun. There were not as many 60 plus people on Carnival as on RCCL. We found the age range mostly 20-50 but it was March Break. Many of the kids who were on the ship seemed to love the kids program (young kids to teens). I was a happy customer. We did not have any problems or stresses all week. If you are prone to sickness, Carnival had motion sickness pills at the pursers desk as well as antacids, pain relievers etc. in trial packets. I don't know if RCCL offered a similar convenience but that was nice. We thought the rates were a lot cheaper than RCCL this year in particular. I don't remember RCCL being that much more expensive than Carnival but I was very pleased with what we paid for what we got. The ship was nicely decorated, clean and service was personal without being pushy or insincere. The staff seemed to be having more fun on Carnival. Policies are obviously different for each cruise line because Carnival staff could come to the disco and socialize with guests onboard at events. On RCCL, staff could not socialize or drink with guests onboard. It just seemed like Carnival was alittle more laid back...guests could get up and sing with the bands or make requests (specifically with Isaac in the Casino. He is great. Check him out). Cozumel is always a fun port and seems very clean and safe. Carlos and Charlies as well as Senor Frogs were booming.Shopping was good but you are always bombarded by the same stores at every port. It is amazing that Diamonds International and those stores have multiple stores within a 5 minute stretch :) I attended the shopping talk, as well as the gemstone and diamond talk...you get some useful information but it isn't the end of the world if you don't make it. You can go downtown Cozumel for $6 per cab. There is a place just as you are almost downtown and internet is one dollar for 30 mins. It is within walking distance of Carlos and Charlies, heading towards the cruise ships...AS well, if you have your computer, there is a starbucks where you can use wireless. Belize, while it appears to be a nice island when you tender in, once you leave the port, it is rather rough. We found a cheap, Chinese restaurant in Belize (just outside the gates). It was a local hang out it seemed. Beers were 1.50 as opposed to 2.50/3 at the port. We had a fight break out right in front of us over one guy touching another guys car...alittle scary. The locals told us there is a lot of violence there at night. You really really really get harassed in this port for taxis. The beach was apparently quite nice (slides and ziplines etc.) We would go to the beach if we return to that port as there isn't much else to do. The river tubing was a very popular excursion. We also found out that we could have gone to the casino where you can drink for free if you are playing. We did not find an internet cafe that we could use. Our last port was Nassau...a nice port. We were told shopping was more expensive there but we didn't find it to be. We went to the beach which was nice and I think it costs about 4 bucks pp one way. You can get into some parts of Atlantis to see the tanks for free. We did not find anywhere cheap to drink or internet but we weren't really looking. Internet is not cheap nor are phone calls on either cruise ship.The jewelry selection was good on Carnival and prices were good. Carnival did A LOT more pictures...they always had about 6 spots set up on floors 3 and 5 I think (pursers desk floor and casino floor)...they did really cool pictures all week. Pictures are 20 bucks. They did airbrushed ones...it is worth checking them out. They had better backgrounds and variety overall. We used the mini golf which was fun. They also had a pool in the back of the ship where they could open or close the roof...often it was open. It was a nice feature. On RCCL, their solariums often were very humid and not well used. Apparently, you don't want a room which is under the pizza/deli area because you hear all the chairs being moved a lot (8AFT I think). Security is really strict about the hot tub and always watching it. Security is general is quite good on this ship. We did hear of people being kicked off for various reasons. don't ever be late for the boat. Our dinner table friends had a flight arrive late and they contacted Carnival to see if the boat was delayed...they were told it would leave at 430,..they paid 100 bucks to get to the dock and the boat was leaving. there was apparently another group who also had called and were told it was leaving at 445...all of them had to get a flight to cozumel for Monday so if you are late getting to the boat on embarkment....get the name of the person you are talking to. Carnival gave our friends a hard time because they couldn't tell them who they had been speaking with at Carnival who gave them this information. They were subsequently given an onboard credit (not much though given they spent 200 bucks in taxis and 1000 bucks for cozumel flight and they lost 2 days of their trip). The boat also leaves on time when in port so don't be late!!! Overall great trip. Read Less
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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