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Sail Date: October 2016
for the Panama Canel, food was below standard the meals in the dining room were good and bad, the meals repeated themselves, we were served pork that was not eatable , I was served fish that was way overcooked, were served rolls that were ... Read More
for the Panama Canel, food was below standard the meals in the dining room were good and bad, the meals repeated themselves, we were served pork that was not eatable , I was served fish that was way overcooked, were served rolls that were very stale, most of the deserts were very good, the cabin and cabin steward was above standard never had to ask for anything including ice! Ship is old and had many signs of rust and peeling paint on it, had a foul smell of sewer in many of the halls, entertainment was great, ports and excursions were good, some of the ports were scarie,did not like being charged $4.95 for room service after 11:30 pm even if it is tea or coffee! service was just good. many things are not as good as royal carribean cruises. i would not recommend this ship. the entertainment was great. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2016
Boarding: San Francisco's cruise port area is quite congested and one needs to allow extra time for arrival. The main boulevard is blocked with traffic on cruise days, and the only public transport from the airport subway ... Read More
Boarding: San Francisco's cruise port area is quite congested and one needs to allow extra time for arrival. The main boulevard is blocked with traffic on cruise days, and the only public transport from the airport subway ("BART") is serviced by historic trolleys that require hauling your luggage up and down steps, AND the trolleys are crammed with riders. The subcontractor that handles check-in and boarding is reasonably friendly, helpful and efficient. Cabin: The cabin (ours with veranda) is compactly designed with lots of space for clothing storage. The room was reasonably clean with the exception of shower grout that needed scrubbing, and a shower that drained very slowly to the point of backing up several inches if standing water. Dining: Three Thai barristas operated the artisan coffee shop on the morning shift and deserved recognition for their exceptional service. They remembered our special coffees every morning without our input. A gelato shop across from the espresso cafe sold a large variety of flavors that were manufactured onboard the ship. A continuing problem expressed by several passengers was the consistency of the gelato in that it contained ice crystals that resulted in a sandy texture, possibly from melting and refreezing. When we mentioned this to staff we were met without concern. When the mango gelato contained two-inch pieces of unpeeled mango, and we returned it to the server, she said that it was normal, even though we suggested she reported the "chunks" to the gelato-makers. She was adamantly uninterested in our feedback. The upper deck buffet was reasonably diverse in offerings, both vegetarian and meat, and included a free ice cream/cookie stand with helpful friendly staff. The buffet supervisors were always at full attention and monitoring the buffet and its staff--very impressive. In the main dining room we bought a seven-bottle wine package for $360 so we could drink our Artesa chardonnay, for which we normally pay $17, so Celebrity takes quite a mark-up at $50, including 18% gratuity. The good news is that our wine stewardess, Ivana, was amazingly helpful, friendly and efficient. Service from our waiter was mixed in that he was friendly, but couldn't remember that we did not eat meat, and twice took us aside to insist that we rate him ten out of ten when we received an email survey from his employer. We felt very uncomfortable with is in-your-face style of arm-twisting to give him the highest rating possible. His weirdness was balanced by Windy, a hard-working assistant waiter who we gave a special recognition to ship's management. By the way, if you prefer vegetarian, the selection is sparse and not so appealing. Entertainment: A museum docent calling himself Doctor Dave, presented college-level lectures on various aspects of the travel itinerary. He prepared and delivered his talks to earn an "A+." A woman taught water color classes every other day, and she was appreciated by all of her students. The minor entertainment throughout the ship was rather amateurish and included a pianist who couldn't carry a tune when he sang, a bored-looking guitarist, and a high-school quality small band. The main theatre nightly entertainment was either great or very disappointing. Four incredible male singers performed Four Seasons songs and other songs with an excellent pianist/singer on another night. Two solo stand-up comedians made us laugh like crazy two other nights. Two duds included an Irish flute player doing songs that were unsuited for his instrument; also a strange guy who played old-fashioned group games with the audience that were better suited to elementary school children and who put a recording instrument on the floor so he could sing duets with his own voice--quite bizarre and boring. The seven-piece pick-up orchestra played moderately well except for the drummer who had no sense of volume modulation, so that all of his playing sounded like garbage cans banging together. Ports: A major service failure occurred at our first port, Cabo San Lucas, when two other cruise ships were already using port tender services and our ship had a long wait to shuttle passengers to shore. Strange announcements stated that our own emergency boats couldn't be used due to mechanical problems. When we finally were able to disembark and step in a Mexican tender, it was already 3PM (!) and the last tender back to the ship was 5:30PM, so we decided not to go ashore due to the extremely short turnaround time. The other ports did not require a tender shuttle, so disembarking and embarking was efficient. In all of the ports English-speaking drivers and guides were waiting to take you anywhere you wished to go. When we finally arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, were delayed by US Customs and Immigration lines that were backed up as usual since they likely suspected terrorists arriving under the guise of cruise passengers. So, all in all, nothing is perfect, and you can enjoy a pleasant getaway if you are patient and amuse yourself throughout the trip. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2006
Before you begin to read this review I want to warn you that it is not very complimentary. Those of a nervous disposition or planning on sailing aboard Infinity soon may want to give it a miss. As usual my Mum was my travelling ... Read More
Before you begin to read this review I want to warn you that it is not very complimentary. Those of a nervous disposition or planning on sailing aboard Infinity soon may want to give it a miss. As usual my Mum was my travelling companion. We have taken 6 cruises before, all with RCI and on various ships. We have sailed The Med, The Baltics, Hawaii and 3 times to the Caribbean. This was our first Celebrity cruise. We chose Infinity because of the itinerary, ie, Acapulco AND the Panama Canal. Our first disappointment was that our cruise was shortened by one day and one port of call. I do not think that the compensation was adequate and in reply to my letter of complaint, Celebrity are now calling it a 'goodwill gesture'. We were booked into The Radisson Hotel, San Francisco for 2 nights instead of the expected 1 night. The hotel turned out not to be in San Francisco at all, but several miles outside the city. They got around this by laying on coaches to take us to 2 drop-off points within the city. The coaches ran every 30 minutes and were excellent, although the last coach back to the hotel was quite early - 9pm - which meant that we could not experience San Francisco at night. Fortunately we have been to San Francisco before so had already enjoyed this. The hotel was very nice although the booking in was a bit of a nightmare. The first evening we felt like a captive audience. There was NOTHING in the surrounding area. We had very little choice but to use the hotel restaurant for our evening meal and breakfast on 2 occasions. We had a bar meal the first evening - delicious hamburgers which we normally would not have ordered. We didn't think much of the breakfast menu, however all the staff worked very hard and were pleasant. Embarkation went very smoothly. We have previously had some horrific experiences when joining cruise ships so this was a very pleasant surprise. We were greeted with a glass of champagne and found our way to our cabin very easily - 3 doors down from the Atrium. Our luggage had already arrived and this was also a surprise. Our outside cabin was about the size that we have had on previous ships but the layout made it seem smaller. The bathroom was definitely smaller. I have never before had the shower curtain sticking to me when I have been OUTSIDE the shower. Also all our bathroom storage cupboard space had been utilized by our cabin steward to store tissues and toilet-rolls. Our cabin steward did the bare minimum for us. We ended up wiping surfaces down ourselves during our stay...I know, I know, but you shouldn't have to ask. I did have to ask for extra soap though. I don't share my soap at home but the steward thought that it would be acceptable for us to share on board. One morning I spilt an entire pot of coffee in the cabin - more of which later. We did mention this to our steward. When we returned to the cabin he had resolved the problem by placing the table over the spillage. Very resourceful.There were non of the little extras that we had come to expect from previous cruises, such as towel folding. Having said all that, he was a pleasant fellow. We found the ship to be in good condition and all the public areas were very clean. To us the ship felt very dark and oppressive. The ceilings were very low and this added to the overall feeling of being enclosed. We were very disappointed with the Atrium area. It seemed to be more of a business area. On previous cruise ships it has been a place to sit and enjoy a drink, listening to a music group whilst people had a dance. This is usually the place where brides have delighted us all by making a grand entrance in all their finery. I cant imagine that anybody would make any sort of grand entrance on the Infinity Atrium. The art work on board wasn't up to much. Several pieces were broken and were glued down. We enjoy informal dining for breakfast and lunch. We were very disappointed in the Oceanview Cafe. The presentation of the food was reminiscent of a works canteen. At best the food was luke warm to begin with and by the time we had queued and then sat down it was invariably cold. People would be queuing 10 deep for toast but the server only made 2 pieces at a time, attending only to the person directly in front of him. The omelette station was the same. We also found the food to be very bland. Not at all what we expected. In the end we resorted to room service for our breakfast. This was delicious and HOT when it arrived. The 'canteen' staff were very, very pleasant and hard working, except one or two of the servers. I saw one server angrily throw a plate down onto the side as a lady had picked her tray up too quickly for his liking. Also a server handed me a red hot plate without any warning. It was only saved as a passerby quickly took it off me with their napkin. The Trellis restaurant was pretty much as we expected. Our waiters were fantastic. Very friendly and entertaining. The potatoes were very nouveau cuisine and we ended up ordering a side dish of mashed potatoes each evening, which wasn't a problem. I, and other diners were surprised on several occasions when courses that we expected to be hot were cold... crepe suzette, fried pineapple. Some food was sent back but on the whole it was a pleasant enough experience, made better by pleasant company. At our table we had a wedding anniversary and a birthday during the cruise and were suitably serenaded and served with delicious chocolate cake. As we have sailed with RCI before we were classed as Select members. There didn't seem to be any benefit to this at all. One of the supposed 'benefits' was to be invited to High Tea in the SS United States. The invitation came in the form of a letter at the beginning of the cruise outlining activities to which we would be invited. We had a phone call to our cabin from Heidi to remind us to attend. When we did attend we were prevented from entering until we proved who we were. When we sat down the champagne waiter asked us if we would like a glass of champagne. When we accepted we were presented with the price list!!!!!! I later complained about these 2 incidents to Heidi. I advised her that if she wanted to prevent gate-crashers then she should have issued invitations. She then added to the insult by telling me that Celebrity didn't want to waste paper on invitations - every morning our daily planner was overflowing with bits of paper advertising duty free drinks and bingo sessions etc. etc, which I think is more wasteful than invitations. I also told her that it was disgraceful to invite us to High Tea and then to want to charge us for champagne, especially as they were giving bucket loads of it away at events all over the ship. Heidi looked surprised that this had happened, but I believe that this was feigned. I did not have any acknowledgement from Heidi about my complaint and I am sure it was forgotten the minute it was made. Incidentally, there were only about 12 people at the special High Tea. Perhaps Heidi would have welcomed some gate-crashers after all. The 'welcome aboard' by the captain took place in the theatre before a show. It consisted of the Captain introducing his officers, then they all had a glass of champagne served to them on stage and left. Very odd indeed. Every other cruise we have been on we have been invited to a champagne and canape party and every guest on board has been introduced and had their photo taken with the Captain. The 'welcome back' party took place in the nightclub. It too wasn't anything to write home about. We gave the 'Officers welcome back' party a miss. The Chocolate Gala took place in the nightclub too. It was very poor and hidden away in shame. They didn't seem to have any nice venues for special occasions on Infinity. The Captain was very young and I feel he has a lot to learn about making his guests feel welcome. There were lots of activities on board and the activities staff were excellent, especially Cher and Andy (or Manchester as we came to know him - you know who you are!). Some of the activities did tend to overlap, but they were good fun. The guest lecturers were very informative. We took an excursion in Acapulco. It was very interesting and the cliff divers were fantastic. There were hundreds of children clamoring around and begging. A little tip for you - don't give them anything as 1 became 10. If you want to give, then do it just as you are about to get back onto the ship. We found all of the ports of call to be much poorer than we had expected. The people do rely heavily on tourist dollars. Puntarenus market was fabulous as was Cristobel Pier. Cant tell you much about Aruba as I fell off the 'treacherous' gangway and broke my wrist and sprained my ankle. The broken wrist was misdiagnosed by the ships doctor, so beware. Guest relations did phone my cabin to find out how I was. They made the call when they knew that I was in the dining room, which makes me think they did not really want to speak to me. In a voicemail message they offered me assistance to disembark if I needed it. When I went to guest relations to avail myself of their kind offer, they refused me any assistance and told me to use the porters like everybody else. I went back later to speak to a different person and they too refused me any assistance. So it was left to my poor long suffering Mother to get us both off the ship and to the airport. Guest relations also refused to make a call to the airport to advise them that I would need airport assistance. So much for Guest Relations. I find it strange that their parent company, RCI, seem to get everything right but Celebrity don't. I did not think that the officers were very visible on this cruise. They seemed to want to stay as far away from the guests as possible. One evening about 8 officers dined near us in the Trellis restaurant, but instead of dispersing around the tables, they all chose to sit together and even had their own waiters. There were no officers present in the Oceanview cafe during meals. Perhaps if they had been there they could have witnessed the amount of food that was left on plates and asked their guests about the quality of the food. Also it is my opinion that there are too many places on board ship where people can smoke, although I am sure smokers wouldn't agree. If I had my way they would be banished to one outside area only (yes I am a former smoker) On a high note - the Celebrity singers and dancers were fantastic. The best shows that I have ever seen. All the entertainers were great and the theatre was a treat every night. I have tried to be honest about my assessment of the cruise and our experience of it. Obviously everything is subjective and you may have a truly wonderful time, I hope you do, but I will NEVER sail with Celebrity again . Read Less
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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