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Sail Date: April 2006
My wife and I decided to take a cruise by ourselves this time, and our Infinity cruise on the Pacific Coast and Mexican Riviera was one of the most relaxing cruises out of the 15 cruises we have taken. Of course having a round trip cruise ... Read More
My wife and I decided to take a cruise by ourselves this time, and our Infinity cruise on the Pacific Coast and Mexican Riviera was one of the most relaxing cruises out of the 15 cruises we have taken. Of course having a round trip cruise from San Francisco was great, as we live about 100 miles east of San Francisco and didnt require any air travel. Our neighbor took up to the cruise terminal, letting us off at the curb for our departure, and picking us up 11 days later. BOARDING THE SHIP = We received a notice to not board before 5 p.m. with an 8 p.m. cruise departure. We arrived at the pier at 12 noon, and we were able to board immediately, and we were in our cabin before 1 p.m. and having lunch a short time later. The safety drill was at 5:15 p.m., and it was not realistic to have more than 2,000 passengers board at 5 p.m. and ready for the safety drill 15 minutes later. On other cruises we arrived prior to the scheduled boarding time, and in nearly every instance we were able to board the ship early. Another thing we have discovered is that the cabins are usually available even before the announced time. We check out our cabin as soon as we board the ship and it is usually ready. By arriving at the terminal early we were able to board the ship without any hassle or crowds. BUFFET DINING ROOM = Our initial experience in the buffet dining room for lunch was excellent. The beef stew was outstanding, but many of the other buffet meals left a lot to be desired. The fruit juices available at the buffet were often watered down or empty. The cruise line where we have cruised the most, generally has a better arrangement in their buffet, and the fact that cruise line is open 24 hours a day is an advantage. Basically the food is excellent, but it is a hassle when trying to get an egg omelet and a waffle for breakfast and having to go to two different areas. Utilizing one of the four major buffet stations for pasta, ended up having long buffet lines. Their pasta and pizza were excellent, They also have a sandwich and soup station which was very good. One of the highlights of their dining program was the Spa Cafe on the opposite end of the ship from the buffet on level 10. They offer healthy food, which is great for breakfast and lunch. We didnt have any long lines at the Spa Cafe. MAIN DINING ROOM = The only disadvantage was the fact that we were in later seating, which resulted in us not finishing dinner until sometimes as late at 10:45 p.m. Then going to the show resulted in us not getting to bed until after midnight. On a few nights the entertainment was presented at 7 p.m. which didnt make it so late for us. The Grand Buffet was presented in the main dining room, and it was as excellent as the one on the Mercury on which we cruised in April of 2005. The ice carvings were outstanding. HEALTH ISSUES = On the second to the last day of the cruise we received a written notice about 1% of the passengers had contacted a virus and that the crew were taking extra precautions to prevent it from spreading. In the buffet we were served rather than helping ourselves. The crew also we very busy sanitizing elevator buttons, hand rails, and everything else that people come in contact with. The Captain did not waste any time to inform the passengers about the virus, and everyone seemed to take extra precautions. THERAPY POOL AND GYM = Tables and chairs for the Spa Cafe surrounded the therapy hot salt water pool. The pool is like a giant hot tub. The Infinity had an excellent gym with the latest equipment, and a mens and women's sauna. They also had a co-ed Turkish Bath and a steam room at a cost. In the mens dressing room they also had safety razors and shaving cream available and cloth hand towels/face cloths. THEATER ENTERTAINMENT = We have seen some excellent entertainment on the 15 cruises we have enjoyed, but the entertainment each evening on the Infinity was by far the best entertainment we have experienced. The production programs were fantastic. The singers and dancers were something to see and enjoy. The other entertainers were likewise excellent. Many other cruisers made the same comment to us. CASINO SLOT MACHINES = It is easy to evaluate the Casino based upon whether you won or lost. Not being a big gambler, the 5 cent slots were an attraction for us. They were making some big pay-outs when you consider some of them resulted in $200.00 to $400 on a couple of machines. The biggest payouts on the 5 cent slot machines were on the Money to Burn machine. PORTS OF CALL = We only went ashore at Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, as we have visited the Mexican ports on numerous occasions. We did not take any tours or even venture downtown, so we are unable to enlighten you much about the ports. When we were in Puerto Vallarta there was a shopping area near where the tenders arrived. We were able to get on the internet to check e-mail at a very reasonable price amounting to $1.00 for 15 minutes, or $5.00 for one hour. That sure beats the starting rates of 75 cents a minute on the ship. DISEMBARKATION = The Infinity has one of the smoothes disembarkation we have ever experienced. Going though immigration on the ship was a snap with no long lines. We were one of the last to leave the ship, and it was before 10 a.m. that we got off the ship. Being last was our choice as our ride was not going to arrive to pick us up until 11 a.m. SERVICE = As far as we are concerned the service on Infinity and other Celebrity ships is the greatest. The crew and staff seem happy and they work as a team. In the Buffet they nearly always carry your tray to your table, and then ask what you would like to drink. They offer lemonade, two kinds of punch, and ice tea, in addition to coffee and tea. Of course you pay for the other drinks. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
Reviews are all about perceptions, and perceptions are based on your current and previous experiences. So there will be things we liked and things we were less keen on, particularly because having sailed with Celebrity several times before ... Read More
Reviews are all about perceptions, and perceptions are based on your current and previous experiences. So there will be things we liked and things we were less keen on, particularly because having sailed with Celebrity several times before we know they can be better/worse at some things. Other factors to be aware of - our cruise had some of the best weather seen in Alaska this year; our last cruise on Celebrity was in April on the Summit in the Caribbean and we are from the UK so may be more of less demanding Overall a really good cruise. High spots +Our suite - Celebrity Suite is beautiful - the views were stunning (helped by the fact we saw the Northern Lights!). +Members of staff from the Summit coming up to us, addressing us by name and asking after others who travelled with us in April- that's what a family does - well done Celebrity. +Very good food, especially in the SS United States where we changed our usual habit and had the Menu Exceptional which we would thoroughly recommend. +Ship was quiet - very few children on board and those that were were impeccably behaved - even the little ones in at the 2030 sitting +Excellent service in the Martini Bar. +A member of the ship's joinery team making a perfect carpeted step to help me get into the bath tub - I have a slight mobility problem. +Every location we stopped at especially Icy Strait Point All the embarkation and associated logistics worked very well even when we were late due a medivac. +Good Captains Club activities - better than on the Summit where the receptions were moved to the Theatre because of Cirque. +The entertainment - some better than others but the Cruise Director (Damian) was very good at getting to know everyone and remembering us all and for us the Celebrity Orchestra - always good - was the best we have ever had on board. Lower (note lower not low) spots - Our stateroom attendant (Ronnie) assist maitre d' (Danuta) and sommelier (Veronica) were excellent but our butler and waiter where the least good of all we have had. Both were technically sound, neither really wanted to engage with you. I would say both were reactive rather than proactive. I will summarize with 2 examples - every time at afternoon tea the butler asked if I took milk in my tea (I do not and had told him on Day 2 I had a mild allergy to milk - would have done it Day one but despite arriving in our suite at 1330 never saw the butler until 1730, so much for the welcome and help with unpacking). Our waiter never learned the names of any of the 7 of us at the table and conversed with us only to deliver a script (tomorrow breakfast will be at etc) Its a little thing the names issue but the personalization at mealtimes is something that has always "felt good" on previous trips. Embarkation and Disembarkation -Well it was San Francisco- at the start you just want it easy and at the end you are grumpy anyway. And finally - we already had one future cruise booked - we booked the Autumn 2006 last day on board - so we must have been happy!!! Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
Just wanted to share with all of you about our cruise. My husband and I had a Balcony cabin on deck 7. Getting on the ship went pretty fast. We had a great lunch on the 10th deck at the buffet. Our room was small but clean and I had the ... Read More
Just wanted to share with all of you about our cruise. My husband and I had a Balcony cabin on deck 7. Getting on the ship went pretty fast. We had a great lunch on the 10th deck at the buffet. Our room was small but clean and I had the state room person put an extra padding on our beds, since they felt a little hard. The food at the dining room was great. The buffet was good, not great. Sushi bar was ok. Basic sushi, nothing fancy. We really enjoyed eating at the Aqua spa. They serve both lunch and dinner and always healthy lo cal food with a pretty presentation. No crab legs the entire trip which was disappointing since I cannot eat lobster (allergy). You can order a shrimp cocktail every night even if it is not on the menu. The waiter was GREAT and so was the assistant waiter. Eggs at buffet in the morning were fake eggs and kind of wet. :-(.Entertainment for the most part was incredible! Also had a wonderful Naturalist by the name of Brent Nixon. He was the highlight of the trip. He gave these incredible talks about the animals in the area. I would go on another cruise just to see him. WOWWIE!!! Also some other wonderful shows. There was only one night that was so, so. Played a lot of bingo, Didn't win but had a great time. Seems everywhere you turn, they are trying to get money out of you. They snap your pictures all over the place and charge 14.95 for each one. 8.00 per min to make a phone call. Charge for bottled water, soda, etc,,coffee at the coffee bar. Aqua spa prices are over inflated. Get the package BEFORE you sail, because if you don't, you pay the big bucks for individual treatments. They don't mention the package once you are on ship, and when I asked about it, they told me not to tell other guests about it!!!!!!!!! The Persian room is a great getaway from all the people. They have great steam rooms and places to just relax and unwind. $99.00 for the entire 13 days, this was worth the money. My sister and brother in law got a teeth whitening that did nothing to the tune of $120.00 each. They talk a lot about the great deals on jewelry in the ports, when in fact it is WAYYYYYYY over priced. The jewelry is NOT a deal. About 8 times more expensive then the best sellers on e bay. Also to e mail is 1.00 per min, which really adds up. The excursions are also really expensive, so pick carefully. We did have a great time with our family on this trip, however I felt I was nickled and dimed to death. All of the classes at the spa are usually sales pitches. I won a contest in the one the ship jewelry store called " pick the fake tanzanite ring" The gift was worth $10.00. The art auction was fun to watch and the music for the most part was geared to an older group of folks. Out of 10 stars, 10 being the best. I would rate this trip an 8. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
We sailed the Infinity for 12 nights beginning September 15, 2005 round trip from San Francisco to Alaska. This is an upscale ship with upscale passengers who are, for the most part, retired and elderly. There were only a handful of ... Read More
We sailed the Infinity for 12 nights beginning September 15, 2005 round trip from San Francisco to Alaska. This is an upscale ship with upscale passengers who are, for the most part, retired and elderly. There were only a handful of children onboard, including our 15 yr. old daughter who was the only 15 yr old girl on board. Needless to say, she was pretty bored. However, we were NOT as there was so much to see and do. The staff was very friendly and helpful and accommodating. Our waiter and his assistant were outstanding and they only serviced our table of 7 plus one other table so the service was more than we hoped for. However, the food fell a little short of our expectations at dinnertime. The presentation was excellent but the quality was rather disappointing. We ate breakfast in the dining room every morning and it was very good. Lunch at the buffet was visually unappealing and we found ourselves eating pizza and hamburgers a lot. Not acceptable from this cruise line! Our cabin with balcony was way too small for 2 people, much less 3. We couldn't fit all our clothes in the tiny closets and so had to leave some in suitcases under the bed. We were climbing all over each other to get from the bathroom to the balcony. This is the smallest cabin we have ever had on any line. Nicely appointed, but 10 more sq. feet would have been nice. The entertainment was wonderful and the theater was great because there were no pillars blocking our view. Easy on, easy off in the ports!! Kudos to Celebrity for that!! We expected better food, and at least some younger people on board. And, Celebrity doesn't have a coin operated laundry like most of the other lines. $60.00 for one load of wash which we had to send out. 12 days on a cruise and we had no choice. Still, the service was fantastic and we did have fun in the ports and getting on/off the ship was super fast even with the tenders! Read Less
Sail Date: May 2005
First of all, let me say my wife is in a wheelchair and we had a handicapped cabin with a veranda so some of our perspectives will have a handicapped view. At San Francisco there was a lot of chaos, not all of Celebrity's doing. The ... Read More
First of all, let me say my wife is in a wheelchair and we had a handicapped cabin with a veranda so some of our perspectives will have a handicapped view. At San Francisco there was a lot of chaos, not all of Celebrity's doing. The previous cruise that ended in SF came through the Panama Canal and customs was very slow in clearing the ship. When we arrived at 11:30 (we live 15 miles south of SF) there were still lots of people from the last cruise in line waiting for taxis. But once inside the lines were fairly lengthy, not helped by the fact Celebrity's computers were down and some things had to be done manually. The "special assistance" line was not that long and they offered wheelchairs to anybody in line that needed them for the wait or there were chairs around also if someone needed to sit. We were Captain's Club members but that didn't seem to make any difference in waiting. After checking in and getting our cruise cards, we were escorted to our room, 6105 on the Penthouse deck. Our cabin had a roll-in shower and twin beds with lots of storage space not only for luggage but a power chair if you have one. The only drawback was the balcony. It had a large lip that a wheelchair person would be unable to get over by themselves. With me to help, it was no problem to get my wife out on the balcony which we used throughout the trip. By 1 pm we were eating at the buffet on deck 10. After the mandatory lifeboat drill, we met our cruise critic friends on deck 11 at the Mast Bar. The wind proved to be too much and we went inside at the Constellation Lounge for a lengthy chat before dinner. We met many wonderful people there, including Jeff and Cathy from St. Louis. Jeff had made door signs for each one of us, along with cruise bookmarks, noting our tops and what was on each of the floors onboard. Lo and behold when we went to dinner Jeff and Cathy were at our table. Our table couldn't have been better with Dick and Brenda from Maine and Sharon and Marty from San Diego. Our waiter Henry and his assistant Faustino were both from Honduras and couldn't have been nicer. The first day and a half were somewhat choppy since we ran into a storm going up the California-Oregon-Washington coast. But once we got into Victoria the weather changed. We rented a car from Budget who picked us up at the dock and drove us into their location in town. We were quickly in our car heading to Buchart Gardens. Even though it drizzled slightly when we got there, it couldn't deter the beauty of the flowers and plants. And it is totally wheelchair accessible, though with a manual chair, there is a bit of up and down hills to negotiate. We stopped at Butterly Gardens on the way back and saw lots of beautiful butterflies there along with flamingos and koi in their pond. We stopped near the Empress Hotel and went inside for a look around, very lovely. Saw where they were having high tea, though we didn't. Took some pictures of the area, had some ice cream before heading back to turn in our car. They dropped us off back at the ship. We spent the rest of the day on our balcony, observing the beautiful scenery. We docked right near the helicopter pad and saw several take off right near our balcony along with numerous sea planes taking off and landing. I should have mentioned before that our first night at sea was our first formal night. Next up was Juneau on Friday. We had booked a whale watching tour online with Captain Larry. The Orca Enterprises office is easily accessible right across from the ships. We checked in, and got picked up for our Noon cruise in a handicapped van for the short ride to the dock. There we met Captain Larry and Kelley our on-board host. They couldn't have been nicer to my wife and I. They made sure she had a perfect spot not to be disturbed and were she could see. They provided snacks and drinks along with binoculars to use. Later this year they will have a fully ADA boat, making it even easier to board. We saw several whales throughout the cruise, though the best was right near the end right in front of our 23 passenger boat. We also saw see lions on a buoy. A very lovely ride we would recommend to anybody, handicapped or not. Then on to Skagway. We booked the train ride through the cruise line since it stops right in front of the ship if you do instead of downtown. Beforehand we took a shuttle into town and walked around and shopped some. It was kinda drizzly and windy so we didn't spend a lot of time there, but was very nice downtown. The weather cleared just about the time of the train ride and we had spectacular clear weather all the way to the summit and back. The scenery and waterfalls were lovely in May. We recommend this ride to anybody in Skagway for their first time. Our next stop was Icy Straits, their first ship of the year and were they excited. Lots of nature tours to do, but this is a tender port (until they build their new dock). Even though the weather was clear and calm and my wife could have easily gotten into the tender, she elected to stay onboard. I got off and took off exploring the area. We had been told it was about a mile walk into the town of Hoonah, right along the waterfront. I did that. About halfway a man in a truck passed me and said hello and I responded. He turned around and came by and asked if I was going into town and would like a ride. I said sure if he didn't mind. This was better than any tour I could have taken. His name was Steve and his wife runs one of the shops at the dock. He told me all about the area, all the highlights and more. He was most gracious and I felt special to have met him. He dropped me off in town (after showing me several bald eagles in the trees and how to spot them). I looked around, took many pictures and walked back. Along the way I spotted a bald eagle sitting on a pile on the dock and took a picture. The Tlingit Indian people are very friendly and several shared stories with me when I got back to the dock near the shops. The next day we were to see the Hubbard Glacier, little did I know this would easily be the highlight of the trip. The weather was magnificent. We spent some time up on the the top deck taking video and pictures with lots of calving, more they said than normal. The captain was able to get within half a mile of the glacier and there was white thunder all around us (calving). Got some fantastic video. The experience was made so much better by our on board naturalist, Brett Nixon. If you find out he's onboard, go on that cruise. He is a pistol, a type A personality, and VERY knowledgeable. He was on the intercom at the Glacier and sounded like a small kid seeing things at an amusement park for the first time. His enthusiasm is genuine. He also had 4 lectures (maybe 5) onboard about every type of wildlife we would be seeing during the cruise. Next stop was Sitka. We tendered in and my wife and I wanted to visit the Raptor Center on our own. We spoke to several people regarding handicapped transportation there, but that vehicle was out of service. We were told to ask a Indian man, John, who ran Tribal Tours there. At first he said no, but wasn't satisfied having to tell us no. First he had us try one bus where he would help carry my wife up 3 small stairs. But her chair was too wide. Again John wouldn't take no for an answer. He went and got one of his own van buses and drove it over himself. He helped get my wife inside up the stairs and drove us to the Raptor Center. He said to just have the front desk call when we were ready to come back and gave us a transfer (it cost $5 per person roundtrip). We had been there a little over an hour when one of the naturalists asked us if we had ridden with John. We said yes. He had called to make sure we were all right and were we ready to come back, so sweet. We said in about 15 more minutes and there he was to pick us up. He dropped us off downtown after short tour on the way back. Thanks again John, we won't forget you. Our last stop was Ketchikan. It rains 240 days a year there, but we had 65 degree magnificent weather. We had arranged a Misty Fjord flight with Michele of Island Wings. We hit another homerun here. They didn't have a handicapped van to take us to the dock and my wife was worried about getting in it. The driver, Jerry, picked her up easily and put her in the front seat. He took her out the same way at the dock and helped her down the ramp to where we met Michele (the best looking pilot in Alaska) and the plane, a 6-seater. Along with Jerry and another employee, they carried her up the 3 short stairs into the plane. Needless to say, there was no mist on the fjords that day and the flight, including landing on a lake magical. Michele knows her stuff and thoroughly enjoys her work. DO take this ride, handicapped or not. Perhaps I should mention the ship, after all we were on there 12 days. It was lovely and in very good shape. The public rooms were very nice, the theatre nice and the shows with their singers and dancers were very good as was Pearl Kaufman and her piano shows. The comedian (and I'm sorry I can't remember his name) was probably the best we've seen onboard a ship. They had to rearrange the order of acts early because of choppy seas so his name wasn't listed on the night we actually performed. I'm sure somebody else can remember his name. The dining room was very good, the food consistently very good, especially the deserts. We dined one night in the SS United States speciality restaurant which was tremendous. My wife had Caesar Salad made right at the table and I had the goat cheese souffle, lovely. She had shrimp scampi made tableside as was my Steak Diane, a huge piece of remarkably tender. I think beef is probably the best thing they make onboard, though I am not a fish eater. The upstairs buffet we thought was very good, with lots of variety. For breakfast you can have the usual buffet items, or have eggs or omelettes made custom for you, or hot waffles with several toppings too. Not leaving out the pastry stations...get the chocolate ones, they are tremendous. For lunch they had sandwich stations, carving stations, pizza stations along with theme buffets also, lots of choices along with there own home made ice cream. I have to mention one waiter, Johannes van der Berg (I hope I spelled it right). We met him one morning we decided to eat in the main dining room. He saw my wife and I outside the room, checking out the menu. He came out and wheeled my wife in to a table. He bent over backwards to make our breakfast one of the best meals of the cruise. The bottom line is this might have been the only time on the cruise we might have seen him. He treated us special, like we were one of his regular dinner table customers. By doing that, he exemplified the Celebrity experience, tremendous service for service sake not for a tip. He is to be commended. Well if you are still reading by now, you know we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. I am hard pressed to even come up with things that needed improvement. Several things we had seen mentioned in earlier reviews have been remedied (like lack of hangers in the rooms). I think they could provide a door stop for the bathroom door that seems to want to open and close in choppy waters if not latched shut. Also perhaps they could put signs in the Celebrity theater behind the back room to keep this area open for handicapped passengers. Several times we encountered several able bodied people sitting there, while nobody in a wheelchair would be able to go down the stairs they could have. We liked our first cruise to Alaska so much (my 14th overall) we booked the identical cruise onboard with Colleen for next May. Colleen was particularly frazzled since Celebrity was delaying their opening of many cruises next season, including ours. If anybody has any specific questions, I would glad to answer if I can. Thanks. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2005
I don't know how they managed to do it, but the designers of this 2000+ passenger ship made were able to create a feeling of intimacy in the various public rooms. Perhaps it was the eclectic mix of live music, or the ambiance of the ... Read More
I don't know how they managed to do it, but the designers of this 2000+ passenger ship made were able to create a feeling of intimacy in the various public rooms. Perhaps it was the eclectic mix of live music, or the ambiance of the surroundings to be found on the various decks. Nevertheless, I found it very comfortable to be on board. Kudos goes to the purchaser of the furnishings. This is the first cruise I have been on where I actually could fit my zoftig frame into a chair comfortably! The crew of this ship is outstanding, with a capital O. On our second day out, my husband mentioned to the cruise director that he couldn't find a set of dominoes onboard. Within 5 minutes, my husband was presented with a box of dominoes. Not only that, but Simon, the cruise director, made certain to include a game of dominoes on the Infinity's daily newsletter! On another day, I watched in awe, the video of Simon's diving vacation where he encountered a whale shark off the coast of Costa Rica. I felt very comfortable to be around someone who could share this memory -- a true person, rather than just the Cruise Director. I have nothing but praise for the Captain, who made himself available during the journey. He was charming, disarming, and I felt as if the vessel was in good hands. The Chef's presentations were lively and fun. He also visited many tables in the dining room along with the Manager to make sure everyone was happy. The staff of the Oceanview Grill is also to be commended, I never had to struggle to find a table or carry my plate -- someone always graciously helped me. Each member of the crew that I came into contact with made me feel that I was, indeed, Madame. The only complaint I have concerns the disembarkation procedure. I heard they were trying some new procedure out. I trust they will scrap the idea. Another minor complaint was the future cruise travel office -- very small, tucked away, and not enough brochures to please me. Last but not least, I would like to thank those who responsible for the entertainment. The variety of the performers was wonderful. Great comedy, acrobatics, musicians, dancers and most of all the Naturalist, Brett, who was onboard. He was a treasure -- you could never call this man boring! I was wondering how the pairing of the violinist, comic and aerialist would turn out...but not to worry, I enjoyed every minute of the show. There was something for everyone on this cruise. I look forward to my next Celebrity experience. Read Less
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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