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Sail Date: May 2017
We go on Celebrity again and again. Obviously, we like this line. Embarkation: It went pretty smoothly for us. We live in the San Diego area and that was the embarkation point. So we arrived by train (a 40 minute trip), got off ... Read More
We go on Celebrity again and again. Obviously, we like this line. Embarkation: It went pretty smoothly for us. We live in the San Diego area and that was the embarkation point. So we arrived by train (a 40 minute trip), got off downtown, walked across the street to the cruise port and we were there. Very easy (and inexpensive). There were the usual serpentine lines but it was not terribly objectionable. About 30-45 minutes to get on board. We were booked as Concierge Class so there was lunch on embarkation day in the main dining room. There were maybe 3-4 entrees from which to select. Really quite good and I was thrilled to be able to escape the chaos that is always at the buffet in the Ocean View Cafe--the latter is just not my style. Debarkation: Easy and smooth. Vancouver was the debarkation point. We got off, walked a couple of blocks to the Canada Line Sky Train, and for a couple of bucks arrived at the airport. Much better than the cruise line bus but only for those who are willing to carry their own bags and be willing to navigate the streets and terminal on their own. Ship: The ship has three specialty restaurants (unless you are suite or Aqua Class). However, the Sushi on Five does not serve what I eat so one more would be perfect. They actually have room to put one at the Wine Cellar as a lot of that space seems to go unused. Service: Service was very good to great in most places on the ship. All the crew were extremely friendly. Our cabin steward, Elmer, was absolutely outstanding. Was it because of the $5 I gave him upon meeting him with a promise of another $5 when we debarked? Who knows. But he was great. Herve in Qusine is an absolute kick (I won't spoil the surprise for you but he was entertaining as all get out.) Jovel, the Maitre'd at Tuscan Grill simply could not do enough for us as is true of all of the staff there. And if you talk to these guys as people, many of them are very interesting. Food & Wine: My wife and I are wine and foodie people and their specialty restaurants hit our goals. We attended the Chef's Dinner (3rd time we have done this)---great and memorable experience. We, along with some good friends traveling with us, were joined by two ship's officers. That was it, just the 6 of us. Dinner in the private dining room of Tuscan Grill. Pleasant conversation with the officers including a lot of behind the scenes information. Dinner was outstanding. Wine flowed freely and it was not the cheap stuff. We did Tuscan Grill twice (first night and deep into the cruise) and Qsine one time. And because we signed up for the chef's dinner upon boarding the first day,Tuscan Grill took very special care of us when we were there. We enjoyed all three of those dinners immensely. The main dining room was really poor the second night (many of the entrees were overcooked) but got better each night that we ate there after that. But even on that second night the appetizers were very good. We were on the any time dining plan. I'm not sure I would do that again as I like having a waiter/ass't waiter who knows what I want, etc. With any time dining, some of the wait staff was less attentive/quick than I would like. If that occurred with the 1st or 2nd seating I would say something to the supervisor and expect that the situation would improve. Beverage & Wine Package: We both had this package as one of our perks. I wasn't sure it was going to be a better deal than the $150/person OBC offer. It was and I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to sign for each drink and hear (in my head) the cash register going off. Further, Celebrity had just changed their policy so with the classic package if you ordered a drink over the limit ($9 I think) you only paid the difference, not the entire tab. This is a much fairer approach. Internet experience: It is definitely better than the old system which tended to move like molasses at times. They advertise you can use this for business web conferences and VOIP calls. Maybe at times but not at the times I tried. If a lot of people on the ship are on the internet at the same time then things slow down to too slow for conferences and VOIP. And since you don't know when that will be you can't schedule a web conference. So that was a disappointment. Internet Options: We called before sailing and were told only option was unlimited at approx $200. On board there was, as I recall, a one hour, one day, 100 minutes, and unlimited options. Although the unlimited is expensive, and they do push that option, I'd still go for that as with the others you have to remember to log out or the time just keeps running. Internet Hook Up: My laptop couldn't find the log in page. The web browser just couldn't find it. ILounge guru could not resolve the problem. Unfortunately I allowed him to tweak and change some of my computer settings as he tried to get the laptop to navigate to the log in page; that was a mistake as it significantly disabled my laptop for a while until I was able to back out his changes. We did get credit for half the unlimited charge. Easy solution: log in on phone and create hot spot for laptop. If they want to charge you for two devices, get special dispensation since the laptop won't hook up. Wish I had thought of that then rather than a day later. Ports/Excursions: We rarely take the ship excursions, preferring to plan things for ourselves. I often put together walking tours of the ports we are in along with restaurants for us to stop for lunch. All of the ports were very enjoyable except Nanaimo. There is just nothing I can find to do there. In our pre-cruise planning we just decided to treat it as a "sea day," although we did get off for about an hour just to walk around. This is the second Pacific Coastal Cruise I have taken (both on Celebrity) and I would do it again. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2017
Celebrity Infinity May 2017 Background- Total of about 35 cruises, ~30 with Celebrity, last few were all on Solstice class ships. Route-We started in San Diego and moved up the coast ending in Vancouver, 7 stops in 11 nights, also ... Read More
Celebrity Infinity May 2017 Background- Total of about 35 cruises, ~30 with Celebrity, last few were all on Solstice class ships. Route-We started in San Diego and moved up the coast ending in Vancouver, 7 stops in 11 nights, also doing an overnight in San Francisco, each city stunning in its own right. They couldn’t have picked a better itinerary, and we were only touched by rain one time in our journey which lasted about an hour, luckily that was on a sea day, so it affected nothing other than missing an hour in a lounge chair Boarding Boarding in San Diego was hectic. Two ships Infinity and Disney Magic) were boarding the same day and port didn’t seem well equipped to handle more than one. Once we made it past the security screening all was fine and smooth but did take about 1-2 hours to get to that point. We purposely arrived later in the day to avoid crowds (boarding started about 11, we arrived at 2), but still chaotic. 6/10 (but Celebrity’s portion 9/10) Cabin I initially booked a C3 for this voyage bit a few weeks before a Suite Guarantee became available for a nominal $600 so I grabbed it since it also included the 4 perks, so I ended up in an S2 on deck 6. The room was nicely maintained and updated (Infinity was refurbished in 2011), and carpets were changed again 2 years ago. The Sky suites are a bit smaller on the Millenium class that the Solstice class (250 vs 300ft2), but plenty of room for two people. Small balcony as well with a few chairs was great. Only negative I found with the suite was the combination bathtup/showers limited height. If you are tall it’s a bit awkward, as is just climbing in the high wall of the tub. Heard a few people that had sky and Celebrity suites complain unless you are tall it’s hard to climb into the tub/shower. Plenty of closet space, drawers and storage, so much so that I only used about ½ of it. Did like the little touches, the plush bath towels, great sheets, and that the room attendant and butler introduced themselves the first day. Cabin service was excellent. Never used the room service, but cabin was serviced twice a day and butler checked in 3x a day, and canapes delivered daily at about 4PM 9/10 Excursions Took two of the ships excursions and good ROI (return on investment on both). We visited the Reagan library in Santa Barbara and whale watching in Victoria. The tendering operation was a bit frustrating for some as we tendered in two ports, and some were getting antsy about the lines, but I think that’s just a part of cruising. Always amazed how crabby some people get over little things beyond their control. I do wish they would re-write the explanations on excursions details though. It just seems like every excursions details include two much flowery generic prose that could be found in a tourist publication and not really any nuts and bolts detail of nuts & bolts of the tour (how much time will we spend on bus, what places are we visiting, are we going to be sidetracked to a pottery place to try and sell us trinkets?). I wish it was more of a bulleted time line of what, where, when and how long. 7/10 Food & Dining Main Trellis Dining Room-Didn’t try it Sushi on 5-Didn’t try it Blu- Tried it once enjoyed it-Seemed to me to be a mini-me version of the MDR with smaller portions and a few different selections, nicer more intimate atmosphere than MDR. 7/10 Luminae-We dined the majority of our meals here. Can’t say any negatives about it. Truly a 100% positive experience. Service OUTSTANDING, by the second day everyone on staff knows your name and has the atmosphere of a place you’ve been dining out for decades. Food well prepared, original, seasoned and cooked to order. Their recommendations were generally spot on. The menu consisted of about 4 or 5 appetizer/soup/salad dishes and about the same in main courses. You could also order off the MDR menu if something didn’t catch your eye, but most meals I found the Luminae selection to be the better quality choice. Not even once did I find myself waiting for service, a course, or a table. Efficient, friendly and great attention is given to everything. Only open on sea days for lunch which makes sense, since when they have tried to keep it open every day (on past cruises), as it sits empty unless it’s a sea day. 10/10 Qsine-It’s a fun playful experience and you always end up with a lot more food than you can ever imagine. My only negative is that since you use the Ipads to select your dishes, would it be two difficult to have them connected to the waiter? It just seems silly that put all these inputs into a computer and ultimately the waiter comes and writes them down on a slip of paper. Bravo to Qsine for the way they handle vegan/vegetarian dishes. One person in our party, preferred vegan/vegetarian, and for just about every dish we ordered that contained meat or seafood, he offered our friend a meat/dairy/etc/etc/etc free version of the same or similar items. Truly astounded me on how the waiter kept track of the ultimately 20+ or so different dishes that he bought the three of us. 8/10 Tuscan Grille-It was awesome, had dinner one night with Captain and 8 other guests, and last night dined with the Hotel Director and three friends, and it was fabulous. I savored every bite of every dish. Filet Mignon was fantastic (as for the brown mushroom sauce for it), the plate on Antipasto (prosciutto, sopressata, salami and cheeses was heavenly). Again in Tuscan my one friend’s dietary requests were adjusted to give him alternates to the meat heavy menu. The establishment itself has a great ambience, nice old world Italian steak house design. Service was attentive but not overbearing. Like Luminae it’s a great restaurant to have a conversation in. Tables and seating are set up so you’re not having to raise your voice to speak at someone at the other end. 10/10 Oceanview Grill- Ate their twice for breakfast and a few times for lunch It’s hit or miss. I like the salads, fresh fruit and ice cream. Pizza’s are limp right out of the oven rather than crisp (I’m used to New York pizza which the Gold standard), a few of the dishes were good, but nothing really memorable. They do a great job of bussing tables, and making sure people aren’t waiting for tables. 8/10 Bars & Lounges-Great smiling faces at them all. Most of the cruise critic events were held at the Constellation Lounge on deck 11. Especially though that Istavan from Hungary was fantastic. Superb fun bartending group overall. Erik and Dian fantastic at Michaels club. Didn’t spend much time at sunset or martini bar though, so hard to give you good feedback on those. 9/10 Entertainment Was fun that they did the silent disco a few times, I think it’s a slam dunk win even if you don’t participate, and just watch the fun. Alejandro did a good job, and the activities team really seemed to enjoy getting people involved in everything from bingo, to trivia, to mock game shows. Always enjoy the Celebrity dancers and singers, the material is usually dated, but their vigor and enthusiasm makes it fun to watch. Liked some of the guest performers, magician was funny, and always fun when you see them tailor their act to audience a bit, and make it interactive. 7/10 Spa Tried an 80 minute massage, it was OK. They always try for the upsell though. 80 minute massage DISCOUNTED rate was ~$200, then if you want hot stones during it, that’s ~$30 more. I’m a massage junkie at home, and this was pretty good but not very good 6/10 Crew In a word-OUTSTANDING. Captain Berdos and Hotel Director(HD) Bosco Pires work together like a well oiled machine. Their personalities are similar and I think so is their work ethic, excellence performance. I can’t say enough good things about them and their management style. Rest of the department heads outstanding as well. The housekeeping manager, the F&B director, guest relations manager, restaurant managers all go out of their way to keep passengers happy. Kirsty the Captains club host also spectacular as was the event coordinator. The excellence of the senior managers rolls down to the staff which seems totally engaged in guest satisfaction. The senior staff attended every event that we had from Captains Club to CC, to informal gatherings, and were always asking what they can do to make things better. Great sign of an engaged group of men and women. One of the stories I heard from the HD I thought was surprising. He told me he found being a HD on a Millenium class ship more challenging then on a Solstice class ship. I would of though since Solstice having more dining venues, more passengers, more lounges and staterooms it would be tougher. He went on to eloquently explain that because the Solstice class ships have all the “bells and whistles” (my words not his, his explanation was much more poetic), it makes it easier from a guest relations standpoint. The older ships it takes some extra marketing and extra effort to make them a competitor, and he enjoys that extra challenge of showing any product he is currently serving aboard. Really enjoyed our talks as much as the meals. 10/10 Overall-I’d give the cruise 5 stars. Any minor things I pointed out were minor in comparison to all the great things that the team onboard does to keep you happy. You know it’s been an excellent cruise when you’re two biggest complaints were that Voicemail in my room didn’t work Internet was slow I already have my next voyage booked on Infinity for February of 2018, so see I put my money where my mouth is I’ll end the review with this story the Captain read on the public address system the last day, it’s called “Why I want to be a Captain” and was written by an 10 year old British boy. “I want to be a captain when I grow up because it’s a cool job that is easy to do. Captains don’t have to go to school such a long time. They only need to learn figures so they can read instruments. I think they also have to able to read maps so they don’t get lost when they sail. Captains have to be brave so they don’t get scared when it’s so foggy they can’t see and when the propeller falls off they have to know what to do about it. Captains must have eyes that can see through the clouds and they mustn’t be afraid of thunder and lightning which they have closer to them than we have. The captain’s wages is another thing I like. They earn more money than they can spend. That’s because most people think it’s dangerous to driver a boat, except captains, because they know how easy it is. There’s not much I don’t like, except that girls like captains. All girls want to marry a captain, so captains are always having to chase them away to get some peace… I hope I don’t get seasick, because if I get seasick I can’t be a captain and I’ll have to start working.” Read Less
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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