Disney Magic - May 12, 2019

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  • kapucine
    kapucine April 16, 2019 2:15 am

    Wow, thanks Jennifer for all the advice

    Where do you live in NZ? A very good friend of mine lives in Wellington.


    Thanks PRtoCA for the tip on the FB page, got added to the group. But I will never get enough time to read everything, that page is VERY active...


    We are getting very excited here!

  • Gotravel3
    Gotravel3 April 15, 2019 3:00 pm
    On 9/30/2018 at 3:38 PM, marisam said:

    HI we are taking a tour from Barcelona with pick up ath the port and delivered to the hotel

    Includes a visit to Park Guell whit skip the line

    Hoping someone want to join us


    this is the link






    Hi Marisa! I'm not sure how long you are staying in BCN but if you are staying more than the first day, you may want to consider a 1`/2 day tour to Montesserrat on the 1st day, and do the 1/2 day bcn the second day.  (That's what we are doing. We have added park guell and tickets for la sagrada after the trip is done!) Our guide is monica cortez...she's the best! If you want to, let her know and maybe we can all cruise together!)

  • PRtoCA
    PRtoCA April 15, 2019 12:02 pm

    Hi Jennifer, I thought the same thing at first but there is a Facebook page- Disney Magic May12-25. The FB page is busy with tons of information as well as group exchanges (about 20 but most of them closed-up yesterday), 5K, open bar mixers, Palo Brunch, tips,  etc... Cancelation for groups do come up so you might be able to get into one of the groups. Hopefully this helps and we will see you around. 



  • Kiwi35
    Kiwi35 April 15, 2019 7:52 am

    Wow this board is quiet.


    Hi Isabelle scroll past the port stuff for my 'Disney' thoughts for you!  


    We're traveling with friends to the UK  (from NZ). Our 2nd Disney cruise, we did WBTA last time. We're also seasoned transatlanticers! I think this will be our 5th?


    We have no plans for ports.


    Punta Delgarda, Lisbon and Cadiz are all beautiful and walkable from the ship to the town square.


    In Lisbon I'd recommend taking the trolley on your own for a cheap option - you see all the neighbourhoods it was great!  Our friends are doing the hippo trip there but I don't think we will. 


    Malaga we'll park ourselves on a beach, Cartagena I'm not sure of the dock location and Barcelona we will go direct to the airport. 


    If you don't know,  Malaga itself is pretty, but it is the original area for cheapo package holidays for Brits/Germans so don't expect an upmarket or particularly Soanish experience and watch out for pickpockets! A tour would be a good option here. 


    Cartagena I haven't been to for decades so I'm not sure what is good to do there..


    In Barcelona I highly recommend first time visitors go to Sagrada Familia (pay to go up a tower it's awesome!) and Park Guell, both fantastic. There's also las Ramblas the famous shopping street  the end of which is the where the ship docks so very accessible. We went and it's much like walking down any pedestrianised high street with carts selling tourist tat. It's famous but nothing special. It's no St Marks Square! Side streets are more interesting. Those on b2b will enjoy the area by the ship it is lovely with good Paella at the local bistros! 


    As for the cruise itself I'm no Disney expert at all -  what we enjoyed was the outstanding kids club immensely, the rotational dining is fun (food is not great at all so lower your expectations vs other lines, but service/entertainment is fantastic!), being inside the Disney "Bubble" of effervescent crew, even though the constant Disney brainwashing gets on your nerves by the end of the 2 weeks  haha! But clearly it works since our first Disney cruise was meant to be our last, yet here we are haha!


    We didn't really have opportunity to enjoy them last time as our dd was only 5 (now 7), but the adult areas look fun at night! 


    What's really different from other lines is the deck parties really are a party! They are not halfhearted efforts like other lines. The atmosphere is incredible! Sailaway, Frozen, Pirate night they were all outstanding with most of the pax there and heaps of crew too to chivvy things along. Really fun. Really inclusive and immerse.  They started quite late for young ones was the only problem..Make sure you go to the Sailaway!


    Dress code is more relaxed. My husband was almost the only one in a tux last time. We're not bothering this time even though we are doing other cruises around this one.


    Other cruisers seemed to be full-on Disney fans. In NZ we're not exposed to Disney like North Americans are so that was fun for us to see. We did not encounter any grumpy people at all. It's VERY relaxing if you have kids as people were more tolerant than on other lines!


    There was a great gift exchange program on board (fish extender list?) which we didn't know about last time and I would like to participate but it doesn't look like there's any info on that here or on the Disboards either? 


    If anyone has info to share on that I'd love to hear it please! 






  • kapucine
    kapucine March 16, 2019 12:41 pm

    Hi all,

    We are a family of four (kids 2 and 5) from Montréal Canada. This cruise will be our first on Disney, but our 4th transatlantic (first one eastbound however). We have cruised with many other compagnies in the past and are thrilled to try Disney in May.

    Might get back to you with some questions later,


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