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Amadeus Silver III

Martina Lueftner and Wolfgang Lueftner founded Lueftner Cruises more than 30 years ago. The company remains a relatively small, family-run organization based in Innsbruck, Austria.

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River cruises in Europe, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia

A la carte excursion packages that are customizable

Complimentary bicycles onboard

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Austrian-based Amadeus by Lueftner Cruises sails Europe's rivers, including the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Main and Saone onboard a relatively young fleet. The line touts its superb dining experience and quality red and white wines, which are complimentary (and "free-flowing") with every dinner onboard. Dinners are served in five courses, but if that doesn't fill you up, midnight snacks are also available.

Boats feature modern, elegant decor, and activities -- think oversized chess boards, shuffleboards and walking tracks -- that will keep passengers busy during rare downtime. Musicians perform live daily.

Compared with other river lines that ply the same waters, Amadeus offers a more moderately priced, a la carte cruising experience. Excursions can be purchased individually or as part of a variety of packages. Packages cost less than booking each excursion individually. Passengers can use the line's complimentary bicycles while ashore. All excursions come with wireless audio guides.

Amadeus focuses on environmentally sustainable cruising and even offers cruisers a chance to offset their carbon footprints by paying an additional 2 euros per person per day, which goes toward U.N.-sanctioned projects aimed to benefit the environment.

English is the primary language onboard all of the boats in the fleet.

Fellow Passengers

On Amadeus, fellow passengers are likely to be experiential-minded. They're well-traveled, somewhat older and generally casual. Passengers tend to value getting involved in authentic experiences rather than more passive touring. They prefer shaping their experiences, which focus personal service and comfort. Passengers tend to be in the 50-plus age bracket. It's rare to see children onboard.

Amadeus Fleet

The Amadeus fleet consists of 14 river ships.

The first vessel of its line, the Amadeus, was launched in 1997 and renovated in 2014. Not only has surpassed its other sisters as a terms of kilometers traveled, but will enchant passengers with its nostalgic charm combined of course with the usual modern amenities of a luxury hotel.

Amadeus Rhapsody launched in 1998, one of the first ships of its fleet, underwent a renovation in 2014. The vessel offers timeless elegance with a hint of romance.

Amadeus Classic which launched in 2001 had a complete renovation in 2013; the vessel offers its guests a feel at home experience with of course the classical congenial atmosphere.

Amadeus Symphony was launched in 2003 yet had a complete renovation in 2014. It is considered one of the most beautiful vessels of its fleet, which one well known accommodation offers its guests high standards such as spacious cabins which majority have floor-to-ceiling panorama windows and French balconies.

Amadeus Royal which was launched in 2005 yet renovated in the 2015, reemerged with a renewed splendor and stylish environment alongside of course a first class filled service for every guest onboard.

Amadeus Diamond was launched in 2009 and received a complete renovation in 2019. The vessel departs from Paris and travels exclusively along the Seine river, making guests experience the full charm of northern France they will never forget.

Amadeus Elegant was launched in 2010, cruises along Europe’s most beautiful rivers, that offers its guests a stylish ambience as well as common elegant customary quality experience from its other vessels.

Amadeus Brilliant which was launched in 2011, is an exclusive 110-meter cruise ship that offers its guests premium travel comfort.

Amadeus Silver, which was launched in 2013, was the first vessel of the Amadeus fleet which received the honor of being the “River Ship of the Year” in the year it was presented to the world.

Amadeus Silver II was launched in 2015, is comparably identical from its famous award winning sister ship Amadeus Silver, with its sun deck, beautiful vistas, panoramic views which overlook the beautiful landscapes you travel to.

Amadeus Silver III was launched in 2016, which combines luxuries of a 5-star hotel and includes all of the amenities of its sister ships.

Amadeus Provence was launched in 2017, travels exclusively along the Rhone and the Saone, two of France’s most beautiful rivers.

Amadeus Queen was launched in 2018, and it sails along the Danube, Rhine and Main rivers as well as the Dutch and Belgian Waterways.

Amadeus Star which is the lines most recent vessel with launch in the spring of 2019 and will explore Europe’s most beautiful rivers.

Amadeus Itineraries

Amadeus' itineraries run between five and 15 nights and visit ports along Europe's most-popular rivers. Highlights include Christmas market cruises along the Danube and New Year's Eve cruises on the Rhine. Its 15-night options highlight the Danube or provide breadth -- 2,000 kilometers (about 1,200 miles) of sailing through Europe. Passengers who also happen to be music lovers will enjoy the line's eight-night classical music theme options along either the Danube or the Rhine. Amadeus also offers seasonal tulip cruises through Holland. Beginning in 2014, the line will offer more exotic itineraries to Cambodia and Vietnam (eight nights) and Burma (10 nights).

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