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Saint Helena Island (Photo: Umomos/Shutterstock)
Saint Helena Island (Photo: Umomos/Shutterstock)

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Cruise Critic Contributor

Port of St. Helena (Jamestown)

The remote British territory of St. Helena is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, which in recent years has become best known for having "the world's most useless airport," since reaching the island typically involves a long flight followed by a boat ride. The island is sleepy, but breathtakingly beautiful and full of prime opportunities for hiking and exploring undisturbed nature. Diving, whale watching and bird watching are all popular pastimes on St. Helena, where wildlife thrives.

St. Helena also has a long and unique history -- including its status as the last home of Napoleon -- and many sights where visitors can learn about the movements that shaped the island, including St. James Church (Jamestown is its capital city) and the Museum of St. Helena. Despite its tiny size, St. Helena even has a distillery where patrons can learn about and sample local spirits.

Shore Excursions

About St. Helena (Jamestown)


St. Helena is a dream destination for nature and wildlife lovers


St. Helena only just got internet a few years ago, so connectivity can be an issue

Bottom Line

Despite its remote location, St. Helena is a well-rounded destination with an absolutely stunning natural landscape

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