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Best Baltic Cruise Shore Excursions
Whether you're touring tsarist-era palaces in St. Petersburg, Estonia's cobblestone alleyways or the islands of Stockholm, the Baltic's attractions and astounding beauty will wow you whatever you do. To give you a unique and immersive experience in each of these countries, we've highlighted a few of our favorite Baltic cruise excursions. Please note: Although these are popular tours, check with your cruise line before you book to ensure your preferred excursion is offered.
First Cruise to the Baltic and Northern Europe: Lessons Learned
The Baltic -- with its marquee ports of St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen -- is a popular bucket-list cruise destination, but that means your first once-in-a-lifetime cruise there is possibly also your last. You definitely want to get everything right on the first go if there's not going to be a repeat visit to learn from your mistakes. To help you out with some Baltic Sea cruise tips, here's a recap of what we learned on our first cruise to the Baltic and Northern Europe.