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Sail Date: October 2014
It has been two weeks since disembarkation from the Oasis WBTA, and I still believe it was the "Worst! Cruise! Ever!" From a nightmare embarkation to crowds and noise and lines all over the ship, this cruise was a waste of 12 ... Read More
It has been two weeks since disembarkation from the Oasis WBTA, and I still believe it was the "Worst! Cruise! Ever!" From a nightmare embarkation to crowds and noise and lines all over the ship, this cruise was a waste of 12 days. Before we even left for the cruise, I was afraid that it would not be what we are used to. On Oasis, you have to book your shows before you board. The IT department couldn't be bothered to allow those boarding in Southampton to do this. I was able to make some reservations in the weeks before sailing by calling, but after all of them being changed from 2 to 12 people (others had the same thing happen and then some were being told that all of the shows were now booked), all but 2 of our reservations were canceled about a week before boarding. I gave up on trying to book anything. My husband said that we were bound to have a good cruise, because our expectations were so low!!! The people on the Cruise Critic boards said not to worry about this, because it is so easy to book on the TV in the stateroom - except that didn't work either! When we thought we had something booked, we checked our reservations and the new ones weren't there. At Guest Services, we were told that the TV wasn't working for bookings, but they were able to make them for us. Some people didn't have a working TV the entire cruise, others had no hot water the first three days. Needless to say, there were always long lines at Guest Services. In fact, there were long lines every place we went. It was noisy and crowded, and not at all relaxing. Not to mention how far you have to walk to get from one place to another. And to top it off, they never even checked our reservations for most of the shows! The activity schedule was very limited for a transatlantic. There was only one speaker the entire cruise - a former prosecutor talking about forensics. The subject got old quickly. The first few days, it was held in one of the bars that held relatively few people - we couldn't get in until the day we got there 1 1/2 hours early. They finally moved it to the ice rink, which filled up with about 800 people. Unless you went to trivia, there was nothing else to do, so people went to the lecture. And if you did want to do trivia, again in one of the bars, you had to get there over an hour before the first trivia of the day to get a seat because no one left after that until lunch, when multiple trivia's were over for awhile. Except for progressive trivia, which we did every afternoon. There were six on our team and we always got there about 1 1/2 hours ahead in order to get a table. It started with 50 teams, but ended with about 20 because of the hassle involved. The place it was held (another bar) always had a dance class right before trivia, so it was very, very noisy during our wait. The shows were okay, some better than others. But there were several nights that there was nothing to see because they repeated shows two days in a row. There was a late-night comedy show most nights which required reservations. But, it was the exact same show every time! CATS was shown the last two nights of the cruise. Another 1 1/2 hour wait, even with reservations. Some who came closer to show time, with reservations, couldn't get a seat. The mass of people waiting to get into the theatre was almost as bad as boarding in Southampton. I would say we were in line for 3 hours, except that there wasn't a line - just a mass of thousands of people waiting outside for them to open the terminal. The RCL loyalists said this is not Royals fault, wait until we see how easy it is to disembark in Ft. Lauderdale. Well, it was also a nightmare. It took over 3 hours to get off of the ship and through customs. I read that they finally cleared the ship about 3 PM. Some people with 3:45 flights missed them! There were several fights on this cruise. Before one Forensics lecture, one man choked another apparently over one of them saving seats. The choker was on house arrest the remainder of the cruise, and the chokee was pressing charges. People were very aggressive and the tension level was high. This was our 49th cruise, on 10 different cruise lines, and our 11th transatlantic. If this was our first transatlantic, I would never do another one. And if it was our first cruise, I would hesitate before booking a second one. This was our first RCI cruise, and it will most definitely be our last!!! Apparently, our expectations weren't low enough! Throughout the cruise, we felt that they just didn't care. At least 90% of the people we talked to said they would never cruise Oasis again, even some with Diamond or Diamond Plus status. One couple at our table are Diamond Plus, and they said they will not sail RCL again. For all of the people RCI alienated by their lack of effort on this cruise, they would have been better off sailing it back to the US empty. But I don't think they cared...   Read Less
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