Sail Date: October 2014
This was our 35th cruise, 5th with RCI. Overall, we enjoyed the cruise itself, however, the booking process, the safety drill and getting on and off the ship were such a nightmare that we will likely not return to sail a 'mega ... Read More
This was our 35th cruise, 5th with RCI. Overall, we enjoyed the cruise itself, however, the booking process, the safety drill and getting on and off the ship were such a nightmare that we will likely not return to sail a 'mega ship' like that in the near future. It appears to us that while the ship itself is absolutely stunning, RCL's ability to manage the passenger load is nothing more than a disgrace. The Booking: We booked on line at the RCL web site. We booked four cabins for a total of eight passengers. A few days before sailing we noticed that the prices had dropped and my sister expressed an interest to join us. She is a single and RCL quoted us a 200% supplement for her. When we asked about her joining us in my cabin, they told us we needed an upgrade to do this, which would still have resulted in an increased cost equivalent to the 200% supplement. We offered to pay for two passengers, with only her showing up, but this was denied as well. The rep told us that they would rather sail with an empty cabin than sell it to us at the advertised double occupancy price. We ended up going without her. The Embarkation: We boarded in Rotterdam. We did buy the RCL air and transfer package and this worked great. We were received at the Amsterdam airport and bussed to Rotterdam. When we arrived at the port our jaws dropped. There was the mother of all line-ups. And it was outside and it was raining. We stood in line and after an hour my wife needed to go to the bathroom. No bathroom. She tried to get into the building, but access was denied. She ended up crossing the road and sneaking into a restaurant to use the bathroom. It took us two hours to get onto the ship. Apparently, the same experience was shared by our fellow cruisers boarding in Southhampton. The Safety Drill: It was a disaster. Staircases plugged with people, some moving up, some moving down. Some went left, some right some just stood there not sure where to go. We did end up getting our cards scanned, but I don't think we were in the right place. The Cruise: Once on the ship, we had a good time. It is indeed a beautiful ship and it does have that 'Wow' effect. Except for the first day, the public spaces did not feel crowded at all. This ship has so much to offer that it took us 10 days just to experience the essence of it. For example I've seen complaints that there was no Salmon for breakfast, but this was only the case at the marketplace buffet. The complainers did not realize that there were at least five more venues where breakfast was being served, and that they all had different offerings, some including salmon. In general, the food was good in quantity and variety, and average in quality. Appetizers, soups and desserts were above average. We did try the 150 Park specialty restaurant and felt it was ok, but not worth the high extra cost. Especially not when adding the abnormally high cost of the wine (they have a few sub$50 a bottle wines on the wine list, but none of them was 'in stock'). We enjoyed the entertainment offered, especially the comedy show, the ice show and the Oasis production show. We were somewhat disappointed at Cats. How long can you watch heavily accented English dancers crawl around the floor? At the beginning of the show there was standing room only, but by half time about one third of the audience had left. Yes, we did make reservations for all the shows we went to, but except for the comedy show, it was not really necessary. Especially not if the show was a repeat. The crew was very friendly and we especially enjoyed the services of Vince, our head waiter. Superb service. The Disembarkation: The lines to get off the ship started to form around 7am. By 12 noon, nobody had gone off the ship yet. The announcements were that there was a customs delay. We finally got off at 2pm. Luckily we did not have flight reservations for that day!! The Bottom line: Great ship, great crew, enjoyable cruise, but not recommended if you are elderly and cannot stand in line, in the rain, for two or more hours without washrooms, chairs, hot drinks, etc.   Read Less
Sail Date: October 2014
I booked this cruise as I wanted to experience Oasis but wasn't that impressed with her Caribbean itinerary she was coming to Europe and we enjoyed our last transatlantic so we went for it. EMBARKATION : Got there at 12:30 queues ... Read More
I booked this cruise as I wanted to experience Oasis but wasn't that impressed with her Caribbean itinerary she was coming to Europe and we enjoyed our last transatlantic so we went for it. EMBARKATION : Got there at 12:30 queues where huge so we dropped our luggage and went into Southampton for lunch we went back at 4:30 walked straight on and went to our cabin. CABIN: Loved it loved it there was 3 of us it was plenty big enough and we had a balcony perfect! FOOD: Was lovely and I didn't have to cook it or clean up after it Sabor was my big favourite also perfect! WEATHER: Partly cloudy!!! yes it was rubbish but it was worse at home and I was on holiday :) THE SHIP: I will be honest I will not choose to go on Oasis again a bit to big for me but the experience was worth it its an amazing ship and the art work was just brilliant, yes there was crowds and queues (the biggest was always at guest services lol) we just went somewhere else no big deal, we tried to have a drink at most bars the Mango mojitos where amazing and I just loved the cucumber and jalapeño margarita's in sabor. ENTERTAINMENT: Loved come fly with me,Graffiti classics was brilliant and the ice show was again awesome we also managed to get sneaked into the comedy club those guys where hilarious,We only lasted till the interval on Cats I was just to hot in the theatre how all the cats in there costumes under those lights manage is beyond me( I would have stayed for hairspray though) but my favourite was definitely the Oasis of dreams aqua show OMG WOW!! STAFF: Awesome as always (apart from one rude bartender in the casino) DISEMBARKATION: Slow and boring but I expected that (didn't help my son had a big hangover) All in all myself my husband and especially my son had a really good time and met some really lovely people and can't wait to cruise Royal Caribbean again. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2014
First, as an engineer myself, I have to say that the ship is indeed a great expression of what engineers are able to accomplish. Especially the central park is very impressive and to me it was a place of inspiration and an oasis of ... Read More
First, as an engineer myself, I have to say that the ship is indeed a great expression of what engineers are able to accomplish. Especially the central park is very impressive and to me it was a place of inspiration and an oasis of tranquility especially after midnight when most people were at sleep. Because of the size of the ship we did not even notice that we were moving and the sea was not always calm. This is definitely on the positive side, as well as the entertainment that was offered. However a cruise is not only about the size of the ship and the entertainment it is a lot more. The Oasis was a disappointment in many areas and I will talk about this during my review. Our group consisted of 7 Germany, all from one family, ages from 6 to 47. A Central Park Balcony stateroom and Royal Family Suite was our home on this cruise. My wife, our daughter and me are not new to cruises. We've already been on cruise ships from different cruise companies including 2 other RCL ships, Aida, Oceania, Disney and one cruise on the NCL getaway just prior to boarding the Oasis of the Seas. For the rest in our party the Oasis was the 2 cruise after Getaway. This matters as they can only compare the Oasis to Getaway. For the 3 of us, the experienced cruisers, the best overall experience we had on Disney Dream and the Oceania ships (Riviera and Regatta). For the rest of our group NCL Getaway wins over the Oasis of the Seas. Reviewing the overall experience on Oasis I must say we were disappointed. We encountered disorganized people at guest relations and other places, a cabin that was under our expectation, poor overall dining experience with very few exceptions. The buffet in Windjammer appeared to be the same day after day, although the quality of food is ok. It was also limited in what was offered. Sometimes it was even better than what we got in Opus where on several occasions we left when we saw the menu after we were seated. Can you imagine that on a 12 days cruise the main restaurant only offered 2 different menues for lunch and only 3 for dinner? I still have the waiters word in my ears: "our dish of the day is pasta marinara" which was good but hey my 6 year old can make a good pasta marinara. Breakfast in the windjammer was the same every day, very limited offerings. Other places on the ship had other items none of the restaurants had all we wanted. For example I had to go to the solarium to get some of the food and finish in Windjammer with the rest. My wife wanted her own created omelet, it was not available in windjammer. Who wants to wander around on such a large ship to have a complete meal? Looking at the cabin, it was disappointing in many aspects. To me the interior design was done by a drunken interior designer, there is no way a sober person with taste would combine colors and materials in such a way. The armchairs were dirty, nothing that can be fixed by cleaning. In the cabin an undefined smell was omnipresent, something like dust of dirty carpets or curtains. The cabin steward is not to blame for it, he did his job very well. However he noticed it since every time when he made our cabin he had to spray an odor, trying to kill one bad smell with another bad smell. I still don't know which of the 2 bad smells I prefer. The veranda had 2 lounge chairs with cushions, one of those you rather don't want to touch, it felt like these were not cleaned, ever. Or maybe just bad quality? The floor of the veranda was dirty, it became apparent on the bottom of the foot or on our socks if we had these on when going out to enjoy the view. The veranda floor was cleaned only once, well I have to say it was not cleaning, all that was done is water it and let the sun dry it. The noise in the cabin was louder than on other ships, noticeable louder when compared with NCL Getaway. Especially in the 2-nd bedroom. On the positive side I have to say that the cabin was large enough for us 3, we had enough towels, it was cleaned properly. As I mentioned before the entertainment was great, we loved the shows. But this is why we selected Oasis Of the Seas for the intercontinental voyage. We had problems with the table tennis equipment and the air hockey machines. I've never seen table tennis equipment in such a bad condition. Out of the 6 table there was not a single one in good condition. Most of the tables had curved surfaces as if people were dancing on them, one of the tables had a whole and a sharp piece of the tables coating was bend in the air (where my little one managed to hurt her hand). The 2 kids in our party liked to play air hockey. The machines were so crapy, we spent hours in asking maintenance to come and fix because the air hockey puck was stuck or other malfunctioning. One of the 2 arcade rooms was too noisy. Given this rooms attract mainly kids this is not acceptable. Service in general was good but not always professional. For one issue with a booking in our folio that we did not make we had to go to guest services. We were given the impression that all will be fixed shortly. 4 days later it still was not and I had to call them a few times before it got fixed. We had my time dining and we were not alway assigned the same table. On our last 2 cruises on RCL we did. The touch panels at the large displays were supposed to give guidance to what is available on the ship and for orienatation (locate cabin etc.) This is a great idea. One can also check the menu in the Opus restaurant before entering. However when I looked at the menu one day and we decided it is worth to try, we were surprised that in the restaurant something else was offered. When I asked why it is so, it took them a while to figure out that the display does not display today's menu but a random menu. Well he could not answer why on day 7 of the cruise the first menu I can see in the display is the one from day x. Would not it make sense to see today's menu? As suite guests we were allowed to go into the concierge lounge. At the time where there was free food and drinks it was very busy and hard to find a place to sit. Since our cabin was not far we opted to take the food and the drinks to our cabin so not a big deal for us. the concierge was not a help for us, the electronic UNO card machine he rented out to us was broken. How come he did not check? Embarkation and disembarkation was quick, as expected. In Malaga we explored the city on our own. In summary I can say that the Oasis of the seas was the right ship for a transatlantic. There are enough things to do on so many sea days. We enjoyed the entertainment, not so much the food. We were disappointed with our (expensive!) cabin. After the 3 cruise on different RCL ships we know that the shows are still great as well as the friendliness of most staff. However food was better on our former cruises. As I mentioned we sailed with NCL Getaway before this cruise and we would go with NCL again, but not with RCL. Read Less
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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