Sail Date: September 2014
We arrived at the port from Rome into the train station. Train was fantastic and I highly recommend it. At the train station there was a porter to take your luggage and deliver it to your cabin. This was great as we were going to walk to ... Read More
We arrived at the port from Rome into the train station. Train was fantastic and I highly recommend it. At the train station there was a porter to take your luggage and deliver it to your cabin. This was great as we were going to walk to the people mover. Embarkation was rough....It took about 2 hours to get on the ship from curbside and I think they need a more efficient way to get people on board. You wait till they call your letter to check in and then you wait again until they call your number to get on board. Why can't you board right after you check in...terminal was hot and uncomfortable however they trip did go uphill from here. Due to the long wait to get onboard our cabin was ready when we got on board which was nice...didn't have to carry bags with us. Since we had been in Italy for a week already we just got into our bathing suits and go enjoy the pool. We ate at the Garden Café for lunch and just grabbed at table outside to eat at. Food was fine, we just wanted salad anyway. Free Ice Tea and Lemonade included. We ate most breakfast and lunch at the Garden Café. Food was fine always could find something to eat. We enjoyed the Oompah Band at the German lunch and food was really good although not truly authentic German. We also had brunch at the Bistro for the Jazz Brunch. It was good fresh food and you could order off menu and enjoy the buffet so its nice to be served as well. We only tried one specialty restaurant for dinner, Cagney's. It was delicious and service was excellent. There was a lot of choice in the starters and appetizers but don't fill up, steaks are perfectly cooked and the truffle fries were very good. I would definitely do it again. We ate at the Grand Pacific once, hubby did not like having to wear pants and food was same as Alizar so we didn't go more than once. We were on vacation and just wanted to relax. I didn't find the service as good as the Alizar although the Grand Pacific Dining Room was supposed to be better, I found service in Alizar to exceed it by far. Alizar Dining Room - first night was rough, put us (couple with no kids) beside a family with two screaming toddlers. Parents seemed too tired to care and kids were screaming so much we had to get up and leave before our Main Course came. We spoke to Front Desk on our way out and asked not to be seated near small children again which they assured us they would do. The next night we were seated in an area with all adults around and we had a fantastic waitress, Marilou. She has been on board Norwegian ships from 11 years and it shows. We asked to be seated with her for our whole two weeks and we were. She knew our names and our drink preferences and always took time to chat about our day. She always had our carbonated water and drink of the day brought to us right away. We had no problem eating off the menu each night, we were at the MDR for 12 nights and never had to repeat a choice. The maître d and asst maître d also came by and we got to know them. They were also excellent especially in telling us the drink of the day. On night onboard was my birthday and we got complimentary champagne and a cake courtesy of the maître d. We only attended three shows out of the 14 nights and I found them to be amateurish and boring, since I was on Oasis of the Seas in April , Jade just couldn't compare. I highly recommend they get rid of the magician. Very boring and transparent. At night we enjoyed the casino or music at one of the many venues. There were two pools, one being an adult only, we enjoyed the adult only. We tried to avoid the pool when it was really crowded ( leaving ports) and tried to use it in port or earlier in the day. We bought the thermal spa package at the Mandara Spa. Highly enjoyed it, thalsotherapy pool, Jacuzzi tub, Sauna, Showers with therapy, steam room and plunge pool. Went every day. I also used it for showering in the evening. Our room was fine, everything was comfortable and clean. Our attendant was fine nothing spectacular but room always clean and made up when we wanted it. Once issue with attendant, we asked for distilled water for my hubby's CPAP machine (requested beforehand) and he had no idea what we were talking about. Had to go to guest services next day and they got us some. We had a balcony room which was great however if you want to see the Grand Canal on the sail out you need a port side room, ours was starboard. We went up on deck, no big deal. We did not buy a drink package nor did we do any excursions with Norwegian. We are not big drinkers, only one a day so we paid as we went. As far as the excursions, too expensive with Norwegian, I arranged all port excursions myself and we paid at least half price to ship. Always got back on time. Getting off the ship was much easier, I picked up luggage tags on Friday for a later time off ship. Our luggage was in terminal when we arrived , got into a cab and off to airport. I would go on Jade again however I would like to try some other ships such as Epic. I really like the free style dining and not dressing for dinner, really suits our vacation style.   Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
This was our 3rd cruise on this line. We travel with 7 people and have 3 cabins. We always do 2 balcony cabins and one inside. This boat is old and the décor is cheesy. I think it goes to Hawaii a lot - but we were in ... Read More
This was our 3rd cruise on this line. We travel with 7 people and have 3 cabins. We always do 2 balcony cabins and one inside. This boat is old and the décor is cheesy. I think it goes to Hawaii a lot - but we were in Italy/Greece/Croatia/Turkey. LOVED the ports - but we are done with this cruise line. We always want to sit on our balcony at night together, and they would not allow us to open the adjoining door to be together. They also would not let our 17 year old girls be in the spa with their mothers for a day pass. They DID let them purchase services - like they have a teen facial...but they would not let them use the facilities. The facials were totally lame, and when we told them that - they did not care. The restaurants that they do an "upcharge" for at pretty good - a couple of them very good. The regular restaurants and buffets were mediocre at best and the entertainment was ridiculous. It was seriously like a karaoke contest made to be like "the Voice" kind of deal, and then they had some other really lame stuff. Not like other ships we have been on with Blue Man and such. We were VERY disappointed and they did not care. They also TOOK our passports for 4 DAYS and totally freaked us out. They would not let us on the ship unless we gave them these - and we were already in Italy - and obviously paid thousands of dollars for the cruise. If they would have given us a heads up that this was going to happen - or EXPLAINED in advance at all, it would not have been such a big deal - but who gives up their passport to some young cruiseline rep that can't even explain the reason. It was very stressful and handled extremely rudely and poorly. Then even more disturbing - when we were supposed to go stand in line to pick them up on day 4 - they just GAVE me the passports of all of my party without even making me provide the receipts for them all. This was weird and not OK at all. We did our own excursions as we learned on previous cruises that this is not a strong suit for them . (We did all private or small groups with NCL before and they were a MESS. We spent over $7 grand for the 7 of us JUST on excursions and when they messed up, they did not care - gave us each a $200 on board credit toward the NEXT cruise - which was not done in their time limit - so we didn't get to use it anyway!! They refused to grant us an extension even when we were ready to book...missed their deadline by 4 months. They are not customer service oriented at all!!) We also upgraded the dining experience as the buffets and regular dining was not good. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2013
We were on the Jade March 6 -- 17, 2013. Ship: The Jade is the sister ship to Pearl, Gem, and Jewel. The overall flow inside of the ship is excellent, absorbing crowds easily with the exception of the Garden Buffet. The Hawaiian theme is ... Read More
We were on the Jade March 6 -- 17, 2013. Ship: The Jade is the sister ship to Pearl, Gem, and Jewel. The overall flow inside of the ship is excellent, absorbing crowds easily with the exception of the Garden Buffet. The Hawaiian theme is pretty if a bit out of place on a European ship. Personally I would replace more of the decor since it continues to be used more in Europe. The ship was completely sold out with many of the third and fourth berths used for a group, so keep that in mind during this review. Cabin: We had Cabin 9150, a handicapped balcony because of injuries I had sustained in a car accident, and I was in a wheelchair for part of the cruise. The cabin is the largest we have ever been in and we loved it! The bed was comfortable, but not great, linens were very nice. We only got two bathroom towels though, and it would have been nice to have a third. Other than that the stateroom steward, Charles, was incredible, always saying hello and sneaking into our room to tidy up where we weren't there. He even taught me to make a mouse from a washcloth. The sofa was across from the bed and I really liked that arrangement. The color of the sofa -- purplish pink was wonderful. There were three large drawers for clothes by the desk. I noted that in addition to 4 clothes sized cubby holes inside the closet they had 6 clothes sized cubby holes outside of the closet immediately next to the bathroom door, and 6 bookshelf size cubby holes all from floor to 6' high. We had no problem finding room for all of our stuff. In a chair I could reach almost all the shelves. The bathroom was well thought out with the small glass shelves for toiletries from about 1' from the floor to 4' high. Perfect if you are in a chair or not. The shower was small as we found the curtain (no doors) would often hit your legs while you were standing or sitting down to take a shower. One nice feature of this cabin is the door to the balcony was automatic and you could fit a wheelchair through the door and onto the balcony. I couldn't have been happier!! Dining: We went to the main dining room, Moderno's, Garden Buffet, Cagney's, and Sushi. Main Dining Room: Beautiful and elegant, we found all of our entrees to be good and salmon was excellent. We almost always went with the specials which seemed to be the best. Favorites were -- Salmon, Chicken Kabobs, Spring Rolls, Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, Bread Pudding and Lobster. First day was slow and after that we had excellent service. Garden Buffet -- Enjoyed breakfast here with waffles, eggs, sausage and juice. Not as much variety as they often repeated the same items at different stations and had the same selection every day. Lunch had good vegan indian food, otherwise was often repeated grill fare that I do not care for. Really missed the cold soups!! Loved the crepe station, choices were strawberries, nutella, blueberries, apple, whipped cream. Moderno's -- Plenty of meat, soup was outstanding. Cagney's -- As always filet mignon was excellent and accompaniments were good. Sushi -- Liked the seaweed salad and edamame. Didn't care for the sushi. Husband's biggest complaint was not having juice or milk or something other than ice tea later in the day. Most lines at least have lemonade. Overall this is the least amount of variety we've ever seen on a ship and we were on it for 10 days, could really use an improvement here. Entertainment/Activities: Main Stage shows ranged from mediocre to excellent. We enjoyed graffiti, Angels (the aerialists), and Elements (aerialists, dancers, escape artist). Could have skipped Showdown as ending was disappointing as the last two don't show down but sing together. Puppeteers were very talented but out of place. Many of us grumbled that all the stuff we wanted to do was in the evening, there was little to do during the day and we had 3 sea days!! We read and enjoyed the spa, a lot. Movies should be in a darker location, hard to see. The guitarist, piano player, and band were fantastic. Easily my favorite part on the ship. It was so nice to hear good singing music and not the Caribbean blare. Suite and Lattitude Cocktail Parties: Another of my favorites. Silvio, Orlando, and Misrod all chatted with us at the different parties and it was worth it to come on the ship just to hang out with them. They are so interesting, professional, courteous, and caring. Spa: I enjoyed my spa time as best as I could. This was my biggest disappointment. They had the thalassotherapy pool jets set to 8 minutes, so by the time I was able to hobble onto the loungers I would get about 2 minutes of bubbles. Not well thought out. There was no conditioner, a huge draw back for me that I didn't anticipate. The sauna was kept at 82 degrees -- I checked every day, and the heated tile loungers felt cooler. I liked seeing the same people each day but it was impossible to relax as everybody wanted to chat it up like it was a lounge area. All in all I would go again though as I love being able to soak in a private hot tub without kids and cool down with their ice shower (about 60 degrees). They also personally wheeled me to/from the spa during the first few days so my husband could do his own thing and that was a huge benefit for us. Ports -- I summed up briefly below. I also want to say what made our trip special was the large group that we chatted with on the forums before hand. Getting to chat with such intelligent wonderful people throughout the cruise was great. Embarkation/Disembarkation -- Embarkation was crazy, had a difficult time getting a wheelchair to get onboard. Disembarkation was a breeze. Lastly the weather was beautiful for 7 of the 10 days, and miserable and raining for the other 3, 2 of which were sea days so not a big deal. Given a choice I would have done the March 27th cruise, but hubby couldn't be gone from work at the end of the month. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2011
Let me start by saying I have read some bad reviews from people that have traveled on this ship and all I can say is I have NO IDEA what ship they were on but it wasn't the Jade I was on. I LOVE THIS SHIP! My friend and I just got ... Read More
Let me start by saying I have read some bad reviews from people that have traveled on this ship and all I can say is I have NO IDEA what ship they were on but it wasn't the Jade I was on. I LOVE THIS SHIP! My friend and I just got back from a 7 day cruise to Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Izmir, Split and back to Venice. This ship is so clean and had such a good vibe...I never wanted to leave. The entire crew was absolutely wonderful! We had a BB Balcony state room on the 10th floor...cabin 10512 and Michelle was our room keeper. Fabulous room! Really comfy bed, super clean linens and loved the bathroom. Sliding door to separate toilet, lots of fresh towels every day and the water pressure in the shower was amazing. Michelle makes a mean towel monkey too! (They make your towels into animal shapes sometimes) Lots of storage space for clothes....big closets and shelves. There was also a vanity, desk, TV, pull out sofa and mini bar. The only minus I can think of is that we didn't use the pull out bed (we were 2 friends...male and female traveling together) as it didn't look like it had been given fresh linens in a while. We shared the huge queen size bed so it was fine with us. Yes the ship is designed with big palm trees and Hawaiian fashion as it was initially The Pride of Hawaii but I love the cheesiness of it all honestly. The whole vibe of the ship was awesome...especially the disembarkation parties on the pool deck when you're leaving ports....loved it! Great mix of people and nationalities. I got to know people from 22 -70 years old and had a blast doing it. The food all over the ship was excellent! I have no idea why so many people are complaining about the restaurants that have a small cover charge....don't go there if you don't want to. The free restaurants are excellent. We ate at Alizar or the Garden buffet almost every night. Actually, the buffet was my favorite part of the ship and I never even had time to try everything it offered. The Spinnaker Lounge is the night club on the ship but a lot of under age kids are allowed to stay into the wee hours of the night and inappropriate things sometimes happen so if you have kids....bad thin gs can happen even on a cruise ship. Put your kids to bed at night where they belong...that's all I'm saying. My favorite part of the cruise was the Lychee Sakitini after dinner in the Martini bar on deck 6. Sam and John are excellent bartenders and I really looked forward to hearing the pianist John play every night. Having been off the ship a few days now....I really miss hearing him play. Drink prices....AGAIN...I have no idea what people are complaining about. The prices were totally reasonable unless you're from the sticks and you're used to $2 Budweiser...I don't get it. I ran up exactly as outrageous a bar tab I expected to and it was worth every penny. Free all day in the buffet are coffee, tea and iced tea. There's juice in the morning with breakfast. Fine with me.The pool and pool area are super clean and I actually asked the pool maintenance guy how it all worked when he had emptied the pool for cleaning one night. The pool is refilled with fresh sea water quite often and he was so sweet telling me about it. I talked to the staff more than passengers actually...they were all so nice!THE SPA....oh my....the spa! I bought the $119 week long package to the spa. (They only sell 40 women and 40 men passes each trip so when you get on the ship...RUN THERE and get one) There are women only, men only and co ed areas here. In the women only there is a huge hot tub right above the captain's room so you're in a hut tub in the front of the ship with nothing but deep blue ocean in front of you and on the right side. It was indescribable and decadent...I felt like a queen. They also have a windowed sauna (again...ocean right outside) and a steam room with eucalyptus in the steam.. There are lockers with robes and towels inside, showers and these mosaic tiled showers with light therapy and your choice of ice rain or tropical rain. There is also a cold plunger pool which is my favorite thing. It's a great way to wake up between being pool side all day and dressing for dinner. The co ed area has a huge hot tub that you lay down in....ahhhhhhmazing and heated mosaic tile beds right in front of the windows that put you to sleep in about 5 seconds. Trust me....get the pass!They use hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE on the ship to keep people safe. I never use it myself but on the's necessary. Just use it and cooperate. Say hello to the "washy washy, happy happy" lady at the garden cafe for me....I LOVED her!I also loved "Champagne Duo" that usually performed out by the pool....they sang such great songs and really set the mood on the pool deck. Everything was just so harmonious....I really miss it. On days when you are at have to get up really early to get a deck chair and reserving for over an hour is not allowed so plan your attack ahead of time or you'll be standing or up a deck or two above the pool. I never saw the ship actually run out of deck chairs though. If you look, you'll find one somewhere. All the excursions we took were fabulous but in in Athens I scheduled an air conditioned Mercedes Taxi and it was the smartest thing I could have done. The owner of the company picked us up at port himself and took us everywhere we wanted to go in 5 hours...he even bought us lunch at this brick oven place. Amex had accidentally canceled my card while I was on the ship and when I told him where the Athens Amex office was....he took me there and I was on my way in no time. We went straight to the Parthenon before it got too hot or crowded and doing it without a group is a breeze...then you just split when you want to. He and his drivers also really know a lot about the history and i got as much knowledge from him as I would have from any tour guide. He also had a video of Athens that played in the car and sent me home with a book and DVD. The best part? It was only 150 Euro for us both. 150 per tour! Can't beat it....30 Euro dawn payment through Pay Pal and you're all set. The best part was we got to go to a lot of scenic spots that a tour bus would never have been able to get to and he even brought us to Parliament for the changing of the guards. I highly recommend you do it too! Ask for John!, I loved this ship...loved the ports...loved the crew...loved it all. If you can't have fun on this need to take a long look at your life cause I can't wait to go back! Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2011
The best thing about this cruise was getting off the ship! The ports of call were AMAZING! I cannot wait to go back to Europe!After day 3 of the cruise my nhusband was looking for something in our room and said " it's like they ... Read More
The best thing about this cruise was getting off the ship! The ports of call were AMAZING! I cannot wait to go back to Europe!After day 3 of the cruise my nhusband was looking for something in our room and said " it's like they do everything on this ship" and we said together "half-assed".The food was average at best. The buffet was small and the same every day. The 2 no extra charge dining rooms had the same small menu aand the food was OK. It felt like they put ALL the effort into the restaurants with a "cover charge". Even then, the cheese they used on ALL foods with melted cheese, when scraped off the food cooled to a gelatonous glob. It was so gross. There was same spice used in all the sauced foods that made everything taste the same italian, mexican, japanese, french...all had the same taste.We often joked about NCL's tag line of "free style cruising" since there was a charge for everything. On top of the $12 per day per person "service charge" there was a mandatory 18% gratuity added to everything plus a place on the bill to tip more of you liked. We bought pop packges on the first day. Because we didn't get charged for soda it was often hard to get served.There is very little common space on the ship. Only 2 small pools for 2000 people, a small library, and small quiet room. Every other common area there to get out of your state room was someplace you were expected to spend money. The activities were half assed, and the entertainment was very hit and miss. The beds were SUPER uncomfortable, so hanging out in the room wasn't an option. Read Less
Norwegian Jade Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.8
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 5.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 3.9

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