Don't Miss

Main Hall

The main hall acts as a passenger terminal and is the first point of call stepping off the ship. It's worth spending some time here as there are traditional dancers providing entertainment throughout the day. An emcee will also point out places of interest down the main street. There are a few fascinating stalls in this area, including Plasticwise Gizo, where the ladies explain how they've made bags and other souvenirs from recycled plastic retrieved from the ocean.

Gizo Hotel

Located directly across from the main hall, Gizo Hotel offers a place to sit and relax in the shade and just soak up the atmosphere of island town life. The streetside bar looks down over the town and serves up a great vantage point to watch the boats come and go from port, with a buzz of activity down the main street. Food and beverages served at Gizo Hotel are reasonably priced and tasty.

Main Street Markets

The local Solomon Islanders line the main street in Gizo with makeshift stalls. Here you can purchase handicrafts in Solomon Dollars, however some stalls might accept other currencies. The products are mostly carved wood, stone and shell handicrafts, so be cautious that what you purchase might not be allowed back into the country. Pricing is a little expensive, but you can barter it down. This is also a great opportunity to chat with the locals, who are very friendly and open to discussing their culture, like what shell money is used for and how they source it.

Epanga Cultural Village

Located only a short 7 to 8 minutes via banana boat from Gizo wharf, Epanga is a beautiful village where you can see authentic island life and enjoy the white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters. Take time experiencing local traditions and culture before cooling off with a swim straight from the beach. The waters are calm and safe for all ages to swim here.

War Canoe Paddle

Really experience what it's like to be a local in the Solomon Islands by jumping in a traditional war canoe called a Tomoko, which was used around the Solomon Islands during headhunting days for tribal warfare, trading and festivals. This unique experience lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and allows you to ride and paddle a traditional Solomon Islands war canoe.


Best for a Half-Day Visit

Saeragi Beach is the perfect place for a relaxing swim and wander around the beach. A boat ride from Gizo town will set you back SBD150 per person.

Best for Active Types

Kennedy Island is just 20 minutes from Gizo or 5 minutes from Fatboys Resort. Here you can explore the WWII history of the area and step foot on the very island where J.F.K was left stranded. The beach is protected and the island even has a bar for refreshments.

Best Secluded Beach

Nusa Batu Island is a 20-minute boat ride from Gizo, but you will feel like you are miles from anywhere on this remote beauty of a beach. There are no facilities so take your own water, but the isolation is well worth the views.