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Lake McKenzie: This is the best known of Fraser Island's 100 freshwater lakes. This large expanse of water (measuring 150 hectares) sits 100 metres above sea level on layer upon layer of sand, built up over millions of years. As a 'perched lake' its structure is much like that of a huge swimming pool but with a sandy bottom rather than a concrete base. The lake's contents consist entirely of rainwater; ground water cannot penetrate the lake's base. A wide sandy beach edges this crystal-clear expanse. The sand is blindingly white and so fine it makes an excellent exfoliant. Grab a few handfuls and rub it over arms and legs for a quick beauty fix. The lake has a picnic area where tour operators will usually have a refreshment break.

The lake is about 10 km from the resort; active people can hike to the lake in 2.5 hours one way, but this is not recommended for cruise passengers on short stays.

Central Station: This fascinating attraction, with a network of rainforest bushwalk trails, is a former logging camp. Despite its name, it's not in the centre of the island but about 15 km south of the resort. During the thriving logging era of the 20th century huge kauri pines, Satinays and other tall trees were felled and taken by small trains to the port on the western side of the island. Today the train and train tracks are gone, however, several old buildings remain from the days when this logging community sported 30 homes and a small school. Informative signage tells the story of the logging industry as well as identifying the tall trees of the forest and surrounding natural environment. Walking trails, of various lengths, wind through the rainforest. Several meander past Wanggoolba Creek, a waterway that is so crystal clear one can see to the bottom from every angle.

Kingfisher Bay Resort: Situated some 100 m from the jetty, the resort has two pools, a casual restaurant called Maheno and a bar, all available to cruise passengers. Passengers can also rent canoes and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) from the resort's Jetty Hut by the beach. Each is priced at $20 an hour. Fishing rods can be rented at $50 for the day; bait can be purchased at Jetty Hut.


Sunset Beach: Located on the west side of the island, this is the beach where cruise passengers disembark after being tendered ashore. It is safe for swimming, unlike the eastern side beaches that have strong rips and currents and are frequented by sharks.