The Pilgrim Monument: This 253-foot-tall granite tower is a homage to the Pilgrim's first landfall here in 1620 after their ship, the Mayflower, sought shelter during a storm. (They were originally bound for Virginia.) The tower was constructed between 1907 and 1910. Sixty ramps and 116 stairs lead to the top, where your efforts are rewarded with a spectacular view in all directions. A well-executed museum on the site contains exhibits relating to the history of Provincetown and the Outer Cape.

Rose Dorothea Schooner: A half-scale model of the ship fills the length of a second-floor room (66 feet!) in the town library. It took a decade to construct and, beyond being a curiosity, is a thing of beauty. Continue to the library's third floor for bay and harbor views that on clear days stretch for up to 15 miles.