Don't Miss

Admiralty Bay: The small, colorful town of Port Elizabeth overlooks Admiralty Bay, where dozens of yachts come and go throughout the day. Go souvenir hunting or enjoy a meal along the Belmont Walkway, a lively waterfront path with small restaurants, bars and shops. At the opposite end of town is an open-air market that's worth a browse. Nearby are Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop and Mauvin's Model Boat Shop, both on Front Street; they offer handmade model boats that reflect Bequia's seafaring past.

Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary: A great stop for families is the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary (Belmont Road), where kids (and adults) can see conservation in action. The founder, Orton "Brother" King, has dedicated himself to saving hawksbill turtles from extinction by collecting hatchlings and caring for them until they are three years old, at which point he releases them into the wild. Call ahead to make an appointment. (784-458-3245; open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., November through April, with shorter hours during the offseason)

Hamilton Fort: There's virtually nothing left of the 18th-century Hamilton Fort, save for a few French and British cannons propped against a low stone wall. But this hilltop site overlooking Admiralty Bay is worth the visit for the spectacular views of the bay and beyond.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling: Go scuba diving or snorkeling in Bequia's crystal-clear waters. Both Dive Bequia (784-458-3504) and Bequia Dive Adventures (784-458-3826) operate snorkeling and diving excursions out of Port Elizabeth's Belmont Walkway.

Friendship Rose: Set sail aboard the schooner Friendship Rose (784-457-3888) for a day trip to Mustique. If you've ever wanted a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, you can get it here: Mustique's spacious private villas, many perched atop promontories overlooking glittering seas and blinding white beaches, can cost as much as $45,000 per week to rent. Once you arrive after the two-hour sail from Port Elizabeth, you'll have time to tour the island, go snorkeling and eat lunch aboard the 100-ft. ship. Note: The sea can sometimes be choppy as you sail from island to island, so you'll want to bring your remedy of choice if you're prone to motion sickness.

Excursions to Mustique alternate with longer trips to the more-distant Tobago Cays, so check the schedule in advance. Trips to Mustique leave from Port Elizabeth at 8 a.m. and return around 5 p.m.


Best Beach for a Half-Day Visit: You can walk to Princess Margaret Beach from Port Elizabeth's Belmont Walkway in about 30 minutes, or take a quick cab or water taxi ride. This serene stretch of sand is a good place to sunbathe, swim or snorkel. Bring a picnic with you, or head back to the restaurants along the Belmont Walkway for lunch.

Best Beach for Families: Families can swim, kayak, snorkel or build sandcastles at Lower Bay, one of the island's broadest and loveliest beaches. There are several bars and restaurants there in case you need a snack or a restroom, and water sports equipment can also be rented nearby.

Best Beach for Scenery and Seclusion: If you really want to get away from it all, head to Hope Bay along the island's eastern coast. You'll need to take a cab and then hike about a mile down to the beach. (Don't forget that you'll have to hike back up that mile as well!) It's worth the trek for a wide stretch of white sand that you may have completely to yourself -- just remember to bring a picnic (there are no facilities) and to arrange to have your cab return for you at the end of the day.