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Sail Date: November 2003
Although the cruise on the Glory was not what I would call bad, it was different from other cruises we have taken. We have previously cruised on RCCL and Holland America. We are "tweeners"...in our late 50's and early ... Read More
Although the cruise on the Glory was not what I would call bad, it was different from other cruises we have taken. We have previously cruised on RCCL and Holland America. We are "tweeners"...in our late 50's and early 60's so not ready for the older crowd yet, but have learned from our experience on the Glory we do not enjoy being around so many kids either. Here are some specifics of what we liked and didn't like aboard the Glory: Cabin: Was great. Nice and clean and roomy...nice large window. We were on deck 1, outside, mid-ship. In that we had some rough weather, we were very glad to be low and in the middle. Still, the ship seemed to have a great deal of side-to-side sway that was very noticeable, especially on the upper decks. They had to cancel the show one night because of it. We have cruised in worse weather than we had on this trip, but other ships had no where near the sway problem. Service: Was adequate. I read some reviews here from other folks and I pretty much agree with them. Everyone did their job, but no one went overboard either. I think the tipping policy of Carnival (tips automatically added to you bill) has something to do with it, however, I think there is more to it than just that. I think some is related to a culture mix of folks that just don't hit it off between themselves. Whatever the reasons, we didn't find any group overly friendly or outgoing. (Perhaps they are just overworked?) Decor: If you love "glitz and glamour" you'll love this ship. It was a bit too much for my taste. I found myself on sensory overload. It's so glitzy we didn't even notice the Xmas decorations until the third day. We also found it difficult to navigate the various corridors which don't go all the way through...they need to provide a better map. I believe we counted 21 bars on this ship, most of which were empty the majority of the time. I would have preferred they use some of this space for card rooms or other quiet space to read or visit. (Library is very small) Food: In the Platinum Dining room the food was very good. The dining room itself was very noisy. There were too many tables squeezed into the space which created waiters carrying trays over your head and bumping chairs. The Red Sail on the Lido deck was adequate, but too crowded most of the time. Kids Programs: We did not have kids enrolled in the programs, but something must be lacking as we observed kids playing cards in the hallway, bouncing basketballs in the hallway, running around in general and the coup was the screaming baby in the Bingo games. Think these folks should have stuck with the Disney ship. Entertainment: The production shows were very good and more elaborate decorations than we have experienced on other cruises. The comedians and singers were also good. I have to disagree with another reviewer who felt she was not "warned" about the shows not being age appropriate for her kids....the Cruise Director said several times that there would be skimpy costumes. I thought the Full Monty routine was a hoot! On the downside....I missed not having a theater for movies. In room movies were poor selection. I would try Carnival again but on a smaller ship. I don't think Carnival got the ship configuration right on the Glory to handle the crowds. Plus it appears to me that every square inch of the ship is designed to make money...not necessarily to provide comfort and relaxation to the passengers. I doubt that we will settle into being regulars on Carnival....and definitely not on any of these large super tankers! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2003
Last year, we took our 2 children, ages 8 & 11 on the Spirit for an 8 night cruise. While on board, we attended the past Carnival Guest presentation. My husband had sailed on Carnival 3 times prior to this, my first Carnival cruise. ... Read More
Last year, we took our 2 children, ages 8 & 11 on the Spirit for an 8 night cruise. While on board, we attended the past Carnival Guest presentation. My husband had sailed on Carnival 3 times prior to this, my first Carnival cruise. During the presentation, the new ships were mentioned. After we got home and looked at ports-of-call, we decided to book on the Glory. After experiencing the Spirit, we both couldn't wait to get on board. The only difference with this cruise is that we did not, to their great dismay, take our children. Instead, my sister and her boyfriend went with us, this being their first cruise. After personally cruising out of the Miami terminal twice, we were looking forward to the new terminal at Pt. Canaveral. We couldn't decide why the boarding process took as long as it did. Either it was because we arrived last year 1 1/2 hours prior to boarding or poor planning in the construction of a terminal for ships that accommodate upwards of 3200 passengers. The lines were un-believably long, however did move at a regular pace. But totally unlike the experiences we had in Miami. Once on board, we were all pleased with the cabins. Service on the ship was, indeed, as is to be expected. However, we had extremely rough seas the first two days, and the cabin steward supplied us with motion-sickness medication whenever we needed it. But the rough seas obviously took their toll. At dinner the first night, the dining room was only half full. Many people were unable to eat much the first two days. Fortunately, we were fine. But everyone questioned the stabilizers on such a new ship. The ship had a dark decor, and didn't seem as open as the Spirit had. It was a beautiful ship, however we expected more grandeur than what there was. The food also didn't seem much different than what we had on the Spirit, which was a little disappointing. I guess all of Carnival's ships have basically the same menu. We were on the Panorama Deck, which was very convenient to the pool area. Never having stayed that close, we all enjoyed being right there and only being a 30 second walk away from our cabins. The excursions we selected met or exceeded our expectations, even though my sister had an encounter with Fire Coral. Towards the end of the cruise, I asked them what they thought and if they thought they would like to cruise again. Both were slightly hesitant to cruise again soon. The rough seas had a lot to do with their thoughts. Over all, it was a wonderful vacation and we are looking forward to our next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2003
Embarkation was terrific. We arrived early and the lines moved very quickly. Our room was nice, however, the balcony made a huge difference. We heard a lot of noise from the room next door. The TV needs improvement. Same couple of movies ... Read More
Embarkation was terrific. We arrived early and the lines moved very quickly. Our room was nice, however, the balcony made a huge difference. We heard a lot of noise from the room next door. The TV needs improvement. Same couple of movies playing over and over. Room service was pretty good. Menu had nice choices but the quality and taste was lacking when it actually arrived. Food was mediocre. I was not at all impressed. Cafe Lido was nothing great. The pizza station was VERY disappointing. They advertised all sorts of great pizza and really your choices were plain or pepperoni, if you were lucky. The desserts were awful at the buffet. The Supper Club was fantastic. Of course there is an additional fee. However, it was completely worth it. The food and ambiance was wonderful. By far, the best food we had the entire cruise. The casino was great. We didn't win, but the variety and atmosphere was a lot of fun. We sailed in October. The crowd was older. A lot of senior citizens and a lot of obese passengers. In fact, one person died of a heart attack while we were on board. I say this because the activity level and enthusiasm was lacking from the passengers. The cruise director was fantastic. He offered a lot of great information and was a lot of fun. I wish there were more activities for the younger crowd. It was often geared for the older crowd or the teenagers. Tortola was horrible. Absolutely disappointing and ugly. It looked like a run down hole in the wall. St. Thomas on the other hand was gorgeous. We did a snorkeling excursion to St. John which was FANTASTIC. Overall, I think the legend is a good value. They need to improve on entertainment and food. The staff was friendly, the ship was clean, and the transitions were smooth. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2003
Our little group (husband, myself & 5 year old son) had a very nice time on this ship. We drove from Kingwood (by Houston), Texas to Port Canaveral. It is a long drive, 16 hours. We followed the suggestion of staying at the Radisson in ... Read More
Our little group (husband, myself & 5 year old son) had a very nice time on this ship. We drove from Kingwood (by Houston), Texas to Port Canaveral. It is a long drive, 16 hours. We followed the suggestion of staying at the Radisson in Cape Canaveral and we had a rate of $99 (with the free parking). Although, I would venture to say that it is not monitored; so most folks would be able to park there at no charge. The hotel was more of a motel; but it was clean. We took the shuttle to the Glory and gave our luggage to the curbside attendants. No problem at all. They were not shy regarding tips, either.... Just be prepared. We waited in line for about 30 minutes and got on board with no trouble at all. We arrived around noon. We purchased a category 4A (guaranteed inside cabin) and were upgraded to a 6A (inside, upper deck). That was nice; would have liked a window or balcony better; but that's what we get for being cheap! The cabin was nice and roomy. Our cabin steward was "okay". Didn't see her much; and neither did our room; but we were not there enough for it to make a difference. We prefer the casual setting for our meals; so we did not have any meals in the formal dining rooms. We liked the selection in the Red Sail. However I will say that compared to the Royal Caribbean Windjammer Cafe, it paled in comparison. The food was good; but usually at room temp. We did not like the room service provided at Carnival. It took too long (over one hour for a fruit salad) and on RCCL lots of the desserts & ice cream were far superior in quality. BAHAMAS: Immigration was a pain but we enjoyed going to the Atlantis Resort ($25/adults & $19/children) and enjoyed all the amenities (without staying at any hotel-pools & beaches included). I will say the cabs charge $4/pp each way-so be prepared. The island was poor but the beaches were incredible. The stay was too short! ST. THOMAS: We took the island tour with Raymond (private tour/not sponsored by Carnival). He's awesome. For $20/pp (adults) and $0.00/children, it was a great deal. We found him by the Little Switzerland building. He showed us (along with 10 other folks) to all the highlights of the island and then dropped us off at Coki Beach. INCREDIBLE! WOW! He picked us up at 5:00 (I think) and took us directly to the ship's ramp to board. He didn't expect payment until the end of the day and we didn't have to pay for any entrance fees, etc. All in all a great value & we had a very, very nice time. ST. MARTIN: We took off on our own, walked to Phillipsburg (not that long a walk, approx. 1 mile) and looked for scooter rentals. After we rented our scooters, we were informed by two officers that children (our 5 year old) was not allowed to ride on the scooter with us. Had we known that or for that matter that the island was not flat, we never would have rented them. It turns out that the guy that rented us the scooters had "never heard of such a law" and didn't want to give us our $$ back. We ended up making a deal with him and got 1/2 of our $$ back-for his inconvenience. In any case, we make our way to Orient Beach, via taxi and had a great time. The "clothing optional" didn't bother us and only about half of the women there (including some of the Carnival Dancers) were topless. It didn't faze my son, who was busy playing in the sand/water and my hubby was as happy as a clam... The drinks were very good. AT SEA: Fun; but could have been better; had there been more options. Played a little bingo, which is always fun and visited the casino a few times. The pool area was very comfortable and my son ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SLIDE! THE BOAT: Very nice, not gaudy at all. I agree with most-that the atrium could have been nicer and more spacious. Also, deck 5 was a must know to get anywhere on the boat. Wish they had a similar deck on top (to walk around). Visited the spa and gym and liked it too. I didn't like the idea of having to pay extra for specialty coffee, ice cream or good desserts. We thought it should be included in the base fare (like RCCL). GETTING OFF: The process seemed complicated but really wasn't. We got off pretty quickly and didn't have any trouble getting our luggage. We left it out the night before. They say you should have it outside your cabin between 10pm-12pm and they mean it... Although we enjoyed this much need vacation and loved the boat-the staff was not as friendly as we had hoped and the food was just fair. The shows were very good and we enjoyed them a lot. Our next cruise will likely be back on RCCL. We may try Carnival again; but it will be awhile. Hope you benefited from the review. If you need info; don't hesitate to contact me at minisann@aol.com I would be happy to answer any questions, etc. Thanks for your time. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2003
Review of Carnival Legend Cruise Saturday, August 9, 2003 - Sunday, August 17, 2003 Itinerary: New York - San Juan - St. Thomas - Tortola - New York About us - We are in our very early 50's with a 21 year old son. We've each ... Read More
Review of Carnival Legend Cruise Saturday, August 9, 2003 - Sunday, August 17, 2003 Itinerary: New York - San Juan - St. Thomas - Tortola - New York About us - We are in our very early 50's with a 21 year old son. We've each been on 10 previous cruises. The three of us went on this cruise. The itinerary and the convenience of sailing out of NY really appealed to us. If you were on board - I was the guy wearing the Cruise Critic hat all week. Getting there and embarkation - We had sailed out of NY 5 times before this cruise and thought we had the routine down pretty well. Figured we would leave the house about 11:30 AM and be on board by around 1:00 PM. Wow, were we wrong! There were 5 ships in port that day and traffic was a nightmare. I was finally able to drop off my wife and son with the luggage around 1:30 PM and go park on the roof of the terminal. The line inside the terminal led first to the "Welcome Aboard Picture" and then snaked around to the actual check-in lines. The lines were long and moving slowly. The Carnival reps were checking paperwork as we got on line, but somehow the ladies who wound up ahead of us on the check-in line got that far without filling out any paperwork. So we had to wait while they stood there filling out the forms. We finally boarded a little after 3:00 PM, and for the first time ever, all our luggage had gotten to our room before us. We were in cabin 5299, which is an aft facing cabin on the upper deck, with an extended balcony. The cabin was very nice, had two twin beds pushed together plus a sofa bed. Closet space was ample for the three of us. We had a bite to eat and went off to explore the ship. The ship - The Carnival Legend is a beautiful ship! I had read about "the urns" but found that all the dEcor was really nice, including the urns. There are more lounges than I can remember, a nice size casino, a library, a chapel, and the fastest elevators on the seven seas! The layout and design were generally pretty good, but there were a few things I did not care for. In the Follies lounge, where the nightly shows are presented, there are several poles which obstruct the lines of sight; there is very little, if any, slope to the main floor so viewing from the rear of the lounge can be somewhat difficult at times with all the heads in front of you; and there is no bar service on the upper level due to the layout and design of that level. The Truffles dining room is two levels and the majority of the seating is designed for 2's and 4's. There were not that many large tables and the ones they had were taken by larger groups. We were disappointed by this design because we enjoy sitting at a large table and meeting people. We had a booth which sat just the three of us. On the outside, there is a lack of lounge chairs in the shade, which is something we have always enjoyed on other ships. But all in all, we really liked this ship! Service - This is an area where I feel Carnival is lacking. Most of the service we received (purser, cabin steward, dining room, Lido buffet, and bar waiters) I can only describe as adequate but very perfunctory. On other lines (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity in particular) we have always felt pampered. I don't know whether this has anything to do with the automatic tipping, but the attitude of many of the staff was not very caring or hospitable. Our cabin steward was a complete idiot. Other than cleaning the room and turning down the beds at night she obviously didn't want to be bothered with anything else. We asked her several times to unlock the mini-bar, but she never did. After the second request, I went to the purser and removed all the automatic tips for the cabin steward from our account. We asked the steward why there were no bathrobes in the cabin and after 2 days of stories and excuses we went to the purser to find out why there were no bathrobes in the cabin. It was news to the purser, and after making a few phone calls the purser had room service deliver bathrobes to our cabin. Carnival also provides beach towels each day to take ashore if you are going to the beach. One night she took the used beach towels from our room but didn't replace them. Unfortunately we didn't find out until about 11:30 PM when we came back to the room. The problem was we had to be off the ship and on the pier in Tortola at 8:00 AM the next morning for our excursion. We paged her, but since she was off duty the call was rerouted to room service who told us the laundry was closed and they couldn't help us. So, it was back to the purser who also didn't want to be bothered. At this point I asked for the hotel manager but he was also unavailable, so I left a message. I also asked the purser to inform the cabin steward that if we did not have beach towels when we left the ship then I planned to purchases towels from the gift shop at the beach and the cost was coming off her tip. I went back to the room and not 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door and someone from room service was standing there with 3 beach towels. Finally, on the last night, I had to call to find out where the liquor was that we had purchased and she was supposed to deliver to our room. She gave us some lame excuse about the "do not disturb" sign hanging on the door. I pointed out to her that was the "please make up room" sign which had been hanging there since the morning. I was going to leave her no tip at all, but my wife and son made me feel a little guilty so we agreed to put back some of it on the account. Food - The dining room food was not spectacular but was pretty good. Unfortunately, the dining room service was very inconsistent. Our head waiter and assistant at our assigned table for dinner were superb! However, at the open seating for lunch, the service left a bit to be desired. We had to continually ask to have our water or iced tea refilled, and had to request coffee with the dessert. One afternoon the waiter actually brought coffee for my wife and me and ignored the other 4 people at the table. I'm still waiting for the salad that guy was supposed to bring me. The Lido buffet was good, but we found it repetitious and it became boring after a few days. The burgers and hot dogs were good and the pizza was very good. It seemed that whenever we went to get lunch there, the lines were long and weren't moving very well, so more often than any cruise before we ate lunch in the dining room. We did not try the Golden Fleece or the midnight buffets so I can't offer any opinion on those. Room service had us laughing the whole week. I give them an A+ for promptness and C for accuracy. We ordered room service breakfast five times and some occasional snacks. Breakfast always arrived at the exact time we requested and the snacks came very quickly. The only problem was we never knew exactly what they were going to actually deliver. They would leave out items, add items, forget cups or napkins or silverware. On three mornings they came back a second time (on their own) with the missing cups or food. It became pretty funny. Upon uncovering the dishes one morning we discovered that they delivered enough food to feed a small army. They must have combined our order with 2 or 3 others and delivered it all to us. We had enough fruit to fill an orchard and a platter of Danish and croissants big enough to open our own bakery. They did get the cereal correct. The eight coffee cups should have tipped us off (since there were only 3 of us) but we were still half asleep when it arrived. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Legends cafe where they serve (for a small charge) specialty coffees and some yummy desserts. I particularly liked the black forest cake. Activities - The assortment of activities on board were fun but I felt there should have been more, especially geared toward adults. Maybe after 10 previous cruises a lot of this stuff is old hat, but at times I was actually a little bored. It felt like they took the activities from a typical 7 day cruise and stretched them into 8 days instead of adding some extras considering all the time we had at sea.. Entertainment - The entertainment was great! From the shows in the Follies lounge to the music in the various other lounges. Whatever your taste in music it seemed there was something for everyone. Fellow passengers - We had a very diverse group of passengers and everyone we talked to was really nice. In our section of the dining room, the dress code seemed to be anything goes. On formal night most men wore suits and some tuxes. But there were quite a few wearing dockers and polo shirts and a few with jeans. On nights designated as "casual elegance" quite a few interpreted that to mean clean jeans. There were a lot of little kids on board, but we hardly noticed them. I wonder where Camp Carnival hid them? Some of the older kids were running around the ship and at times were a bit obnoxious. On the last night, around 10:00 PM, as we were packing we heard a series of loud banging/crashing noises outside. We went out on our balcony to see what had happened and it turned out that someone had attempted to throw a lounge chair overboard. It hit several balconies on the way down and came to rest hanging over the rail of the balcony next door to us. Thank goodness nobody was hurt! We called security to report it and we later heard that there was a bunch of drunk teens up on the Lido deck creating a ruckus. It's a shame security couldn't throw them overboard. The ports - We were lazy this time around and booked all our tours through the ship. San Juan - We arrived in the afternoon which limited what we could do. We took the Bacardi Rum Factory tour since we had never done that before. It was actually pretty interesting and of course we bought a few bottles. After bringing the liquor back to the ship, we walked over to Senor Frogs for a few drinks and appetizers. Then it was back to the ship for dinner. St. Thomas - We decided on the St. John island tour, which was basically a trip to Trunk Bay. Trunk Bay was beautiful! Wish we would have had a little more time there. Back on St. Thomas we took a taxi downtown for some shopping and got back on board about an hour before sailing. Tortola - My wife and I took the excursion to Virgin Gorda and the Baths. It was well worth the money! The walk down the path to the beach (and back up) could be an excursion all by itself! The beach is beautiful and the boulders and rock formations are spectacular. We explored "the caves" and also found a nice shady spot on the beach to lay out and relax. My son did the dolphin swim excursion and loved it. A word of advice - the dolphin swim sells out fast. If you want to do this excursion, book it as soon as you get on board. Summary - The ship is beautiful, the itinerary was great and we had a truly wonderful time. The only downside is the subtle differences we felt with Carnival compared to other lines we have sailed. Would I sail on the Carnival Legend (or any Carnival ship) again? It wouldn't be my first choice, but if the itinerary and price were right - yes I would! Read Less

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