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Sail Date: February 2019
We traveled on Britannia from 2nd to 16th February 2019 starting from Barbados.In the main it was a positive experience, it’s a lovely ship, with amazing staff and lots of fabulous food (you definitely won’t go hungry) We preferred to ... Read More
We traveled on Britannia from 2nd to 16th February 2019 starting from Barbados.In the main it was a positive experience, it’s a lovely ship, with amazing staff and lots of fabulous food (you definitely won’t go hungry) We preferred to eat in the Oriental or Peninsula restaurant for breakfast/lunch and share a table which gave us the chance to meet lots of new people who were all very pleasant (despite differing Brexit views which was inevitably one of the conversational topics) There were a few passengers on board however who were rude/ignorant but I suppose you will get that wherever you go.They are catering for a lot of people with varying expectations, so of course there were things we didn’t like (The sail aways were a bit naff, although we heard that the Great British sail away where there were a lot of rousing, patriotic songs was very good) but there are so many activities you can find something to do or somewhere quiet or noisy depending on your mood. The entertainment was good, although as someone else has commented there were a LOT of quizzes. We did one everyday in Brodie’s bar before dinner, which was enough for us. The shows in the Headliners Theatre were very good. The Headliner troupe are very talented and enthusiastic, and the other acts we saw were very good too, it’s excellent entertainment. The only thing we felt let down by was the Astonishing show, which I think was built up to be a huge magic show and was really more singing and dancing, with some very average illusions. It was okay, but didn’t live up to the hype. We were impressed by the organisation when things went wrong. Our inbound flight was delayed by 3 hours and our transfer from plane to ship was very smooth and straightforward. Also we were unable to dock at Antigua as planned, and they very quickly organised more entertainment for the enforced Sea day and we made an unscheduled stop at Martinique the following day instead. This was our first long cruise and there were a couple of things I wished I known /thought about in advance. On the final night you have to put out your hold luggage between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. My hand luggage was just a smallish handbag. If I was doing it again, I would have a larger bag for hand luggage to accommodate wash kit, and change of clothes etc. Also on the final morning you need to vacate your cabin by 8 a.m. As we weren’t due to congregate to leave for the airport until 3.40 p.m. I wish we’d organised an excursion that morning as it was quite boring and very little going on on the boat and because of the aforementioned hand luggage debacle we were overdressed for sitting by the pool. The launderette was very useful too, although business was brisk on the day we chose (First sea day, second week) full of ladies ironing their husbands’ shirts (No sign of the husbands, did Germaine Greer burn her bra in vain?) I probably would have taken fewer clothes, as it wasn’t too much of a chore doing a bit of washing. I understand that P&O are introducing a drinks package soon, which would put me off travelling with them again. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
My family chose this Cruise specifically because P&O advised it was going to Antigua my mothers original birth place and to see the rest of my family, and celebrate my Sisters Wedding Anniversary as she got married on the Azura and hen ... Read More
My family chose this Cruise specifically because P&O advised it was going to Antigua my mothers original birth place and to see the rest of my family, and celebrate my Sisters Wedding Anniversary as she got married on the Azura and hen night on Jolly Beach Antigua. So a special and important Trip as it was also my Anniversay and my Brother in laws Birthday. My Sister has also been diagnosed with a serious illness so a reaaly important cruise for her and the family and close friends, so the party of nine booked this cruise paid alot of money and counted down the days to the cruise The cruise started off well the ship looked impressive on first glance, but on closer inspection for a so called new ship it needed a make over and good tidy. Balcony suite we had was small and pokey, bits of rust in the bathroom and a strange smell of cats wee. Lido deck entrance was damp and had blowers on trying to dry it out for most of the trip. So 3 days before the end of the cruise and the lovely island Antigua we should have docked in, we were told due to a technical issue we could not dock we were 4 miles away so we were going back out to sea and arrive in a day at Martinique instead. Imagine the outrage by not only my family but most of the people on board, we were fobbed off, told it was too chopey to tender us out when it was not. Then told we were the only ones who had complained. They wish P&O Managerial staff were all contradicting them selves with different reason for not docking in Antigua when customers challanged them, the queue to the customer service desk was unreal, all we know was it was a technical issue. When we met with the P&O Customer Service Manager to explain the importance of us going to Antigua, and my sisters diagnosis, we were told to look at the terms and conditions my sister left the room crying, the rest of the party were offered a drinks voucher for a house red or white wine to use in 2 days,we gave them back told P&O they need it more than us. He also said there will be no chance of any financial recompense what so ever, very good customer service P&O! Allegedly this is not the first time that they have missed out Antigua, according to people on the ship who sailed in January the same thing happened. Why you have the same technical issue twice in two months, and how strange at exactly the same island each time. While on the cruise P&O did a sponsored walk for teenage Cancer it was £10 to enter and £10 for a T shirt, I donated £20 did the walk with my sisters and brother in law and we all got the Tshirt. They raised over £1200 in total no mention of P&O topping it up, just thought it was pretty ironic that they were raising money for teenage cancer, but a real life Cancer Patient in front of them with a genuine reason to see family in Antigua they could not care less about. shame on you P&O Shame on you. P&O have made it quite clear that the customer does not matter, they are quite arrogant about it, they are a big company and what we complain about or do is of no concern to them. The cabin staff and servers and bar staff do an excellent job, and work so hard to ensure your stay is a good one, without them P&O would be no where. The Entertainment and Resturants were good along with the servic, our cabin steward was lovely and looked after us well The Ports we went to were great apart from not going to Antigua and ending up ing Martinique which was not so good. we went on one ship excursion only because you could only book it through the ship, otherwise we would not pay their riduculous prices. We had beenon the Rhum Runner excursion before and it was great a fantastic day and beautiful beach in Grenada. Would i use P&O No Would i recommend P&O No Is P&O value for money No The Britannia in my opinion was over sold and under delivered for a so called new ship to the fleet. So if you are thinking of a Cruise be very careful who you use. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
We decided to get some winter sunshine. The islands were interesting some of which we had visited before. We always went on independent shore excursions and shared taxis with passengers from other ships and had interesting conversations ... Read More
We decided to get some winter sunshine. The islands were interesting some of which we had visited before. We always went on independent shore excursions and shared taxis with passengers from other ships and had interesting conversations with several Americans and a lovely young German couple. We never use the ship's excursions as they are expensive and not good value. We found Britannia too big and impersonal. Although we attended the Captain's welcome party, we were on deck 7, there were no officers present and we wouldn't have recognized the captain or been able to identify any of his officers. Only one lady officer spoke as she passed you.None of the others gave you the time of day. The balcony on the cabin was bijou even though we were in a superior deluxe cabin. We didn't feel that they were worth paying the extra money for. On a positive note the food was excellent and the ship seemed very clean.8 Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
Chose this cruise for the itinerary. Barbados, Bonaire, Aruba, Grenada, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Maartin, St Vincent back to Barbados, had to call into Martinique instead of Antigua. Disappointed we had to miss this resort. Had Friday ... Read More
Chose this cruise for the itinerary. Barbados, Bonaire, Aruba, Grenada, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Maartin, St Vincent back to Barbados, had to call into Martinique instead of Antigua. Disappointed we had to miss this resort. Had Friday and Saturday in Barbados prior to sailing, loved Barbados and the people, went to Oistins on the Friday evening, walked around the port area on the Saturday morning then Garrison Savanagh on the afternoon for the races. Had a great time. Embarkation and disembarkation top class, best ever, very quick, well organised and efficient. SHIP - excellent, no complaints, had a balcony cabin C117, great views, early morning coffee, early evening drinks, great view of ports arriving and departing, a must for Caribbean. Food great, we were on freedom dining, six of us and never waited for a table, service a bit slow in both Meridian and Peninsular. Some people may enjoy sitting for 2 hours for courses, bit much for us. Ate breakfast in the Horison, excellent. Afternoon tea starts at three, also great. ENTERTAINMENT - Most of it was good, Pulse, Steel, Tina Turner, Comedian Mark Walker excellent, there was also a married acrobatic couple just for one or two nights, excellent show. Saw Eric and Ernie and Gareth Gates in the Limelight. Bit disappointed in both, don’t know what I expected, Gareth lacked personality but great singer. Eric and Ernie, although spitting image of the originals, I thought they would bring something more up to date, but can remember their routines word from word on the shows. As I say not sure about these two, food the same on both nights that was a bit disappointing and we did complain, turns out we could have ordered off the Meridian menu, not advised at the time we ordered our food. We paid 25.00 for each show so expected the menu to have changed. We also sat from 7.15 to 10.30pm, food in between, but sick of sitting by end of night. Service through the ship was excellent, everyone made it special, no complaints what so ever, the ship is spotless, the staff always smiling, greeting am/pm whenever passing. Senior crew also very pleasant when passing. PORTS - excellent, Barbados, Bonaire, Aruba, St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada, St Maartin had to miss Antigua due to engine problems so called in to Martinique. Least favourite, but think this is because I wanted to visit Antigua. Plenty to do in each port, too much so will have to go back- what a shame! Golf buggies in Bonaire a must great start to holiday. Kayaking in Aruba, island tours in rest. Barbados we went to the races in Garrision Savanagh, fab day had some good wins. Not too keen on Oistins in Barbados, not our thing it was a bit rough and ready for our liking. Locals loved it, heavy drinking all around you, crowded place and dirty. We travelled in a group of 6 all couples in late 50s, early 60s. I would go to the Caribbean again in a flash, cruise it again, heck yes, loved all the countries, the people, would like a different itinerary though as I love to visit new places. Hope this helps. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
Being able to fly direct from Belfast to Barbados to board Britannia was perfect and for my first cruise I wanted to be on a ship that I knew first hand from acquaintances was clean, friendly, helpful and whose website was very clear and ... Read More
Being able to fly direct from Belfast to Barbados to board Britannia was perfect and for my first cruise I wanted to be on a ship that I knew first hand from acquaintances was clean, friendly, helpful and whose website was very clear and informative for first time cruisers. I also felt it better for my first cruise to be on a British ship. I wasn't disappointed. The embarkation and disembarkation, travel to the ship and the complete stay was perfect. Everything ran smoothly and having an unexpected upgrade was the icing on the cake. The cruise visited 9 islands with only 4 sea days which was the perfect mix for me. Entertainment was very good and shows of a good quality. I would perhaps have liked a little variety across the two weeks though as the vast majority was the same on offer every day but it was good. Food variety was excellent and of a high quality. The only slight criticism was that the selection in the buffet while also excellent and good quality was a couple of times lukewarm or dried up but this was a very seldom observation and only affected maybe a couple of items from the vast array on offer. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
I have put this review on here rather than send to P.O. as P.O. would take no notice, and it would be filed away as it’s not what they want to hear, but more people will see it on this site. We picked the Jan 2019 cruise to the ... Read More
I have put this review on here rather than send to P.O. as P.O. would take no notice, and it would be filed away as it’s not what they want to hear, but more people will see it on this site. We picked the Jan 2019 cruise to the Caribbean as our first time on the Britannia. Flights were good, getting transferred was good. To finish off the good points, the sun shone and the food was good. First problem we had was having a shave, the electric sockets on ship don’t take UK razors or tooth brushes. Nothing in the brochure or any literature on the ship. We were told by reception to buy an adapter from the shop (sold out, of course) or they would charge it up for you. Not good news if you have a travelling razor that needs to be plugged in all the time. Then we encountered the lifts which, long with the set up of the ship leaves a lot to be desired. Basically there are too many floors of just cabins, and insufficient lifts for the amount of people on board. So if you need a lift, you stand there for ages, and by then the floor is full of others wanting to get aboard the lifts. It became the normal to get into any lift that turned up no matter what direction it was going. We also found there are no quiet corners to hid in, no matter where you go on Britannia you have mind numbing music playing all over the ship. When we asked if it could be turned down, no one knew how to do it. Too many places to charge you extra to use or go to. We went as a group of 6 who love Dancing, and as this is the Flag ship of the company we were expecting an enjoyable time. What a shock we got. We had a dance band that played the music they wanted to play, not music to dance to. One evening they had a night of playing Jazz all night. That emptied the ball room. On their night off we got local band playing again their type of music, that again emptied the ball room. ( I could write war and peace on that subject only) When the instructors came on they were only interested on the group of novice dances they had nurtured on the cruise. So the floor was literally full on novices, no problem with that but anyone who could dance could not get on the floor to dance. They should have played 2 of each, but they didn’t. The male instructor danced with the same passenger nearly every dance for the 2 weeks we were there. Their knowledge of sequence dances seemed minimal, as some requests were met with “we don’t know that one” then they would not play a sequence dance as only 3 or 4 couples knew it. The next minute they would play a Viennese waltz, and only 2 couples would get up for, so double standards there. To us they were more interested in selling private lessons and their dancing week ends away than doing what they should. So to me we had a disappointing time on this ship and I would not recommend to anyone. God help anyone who has booked a cruise on the next overgrown monster being built at the moment. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
Having used Princess, Celebrity and Costa to cruise the Caribbean in the past via Miami and US Immigration, it is refreshing to cruise with P&O for the following reasons: Say goodbye to your luggage at Manchester Airport and ... Read More
Having used Princess, Celebrity and Costa to cruise the Caribbean in the past via Miami and US Immigration, it is refreshing to cruise with P&O for the following reasons: Say goodbye to your luggage at Manchester Airport and don't see it again until it is delivered to your cabin. Charter flight to Barbados on TUI 787 Dreamliner. Exit the plane, board a bus at the bottom of the aircraft steps and be taken directly to the ship, no terminal to go through with customs etc. Fast check in at the dockside, then onto the ship. From plane to balcony in 50 minutes! As good as Princess and Celebrity are, we would probably have just arrived at US Immigration in 50 mins, then claimed our bags, be taken to a Hotel for the night, then bused to the ship the next day. It's a dream with P&O via Barbados! The ships currency is £ stirling and drinks are at fair prices a G&T around £4.50 and a bottle of wine £17 to £24 for a decent wine. One niggle, on Brittania, P&O's flagship, you have to go to reception to see your account statement, no on cabin TV display or printer in the Aitrium like Princess, a sister company have. We liked the minimalist design of Britannia, but felt the Aitrum should have live music every night, not just on some nights. The Crowsnest is a fabulous bar with great views. People did dress for formal night and even on smart casual evenings, most people made an effort, no shorts or baseball caps wandering around! The entertainment was good, as it usually is on cruise ships, with the ships cast putting on great shows. The Limelight Club is good, Gareth gates and Chesney Hawkes appeared when we were on board Jan '19. There is a cover charge and the atmosphere is that of a cabaret supper club. We also had dinner in the Epicurian restaurant, which was excellent and attracts a cover charge. The Sinduh restaurant was also very popular with those who enjoy spicy food. We also enjoyed sunbathing on the forward quiet deck, with its own pool. High density of sunbeds on all decks due to the Brits liking the sun in January. The staff did enforce the away for 20 mins and you loose your bed policy, great! The itinerary was fine, most Caribbean Islands are much the same, good beaches, sometimes taty ports. Usually there are taxi minibuses available off the ship, which are well organised and safe. They gather groups together and off you go. As a price guide, US$20 will get you a return trip to say Jolly Beach in Antigua, then you pay $10 for a sun bed and $10 for a umbrella. All together we had a very relaxing holiday and will return to Brittania for Christmas 2019. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
It's just fantastic to get away from the cold winter months of the UK .... to the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine.....and now on our 10th cruise with P & O we enjoyed it just as much as our first one....The flight on 'The ... Read More
It's just fantastic to get away from the cold winter months of the UK .... to the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine.....and now on our 10th cruise with P & O we enjoyed it just as much as our first one....The flight on 'The Dreamliner' had complementary drinks as it was a few years ago, which we appreciated....The itinerary was well organised and the captain of the ship Paul Brown was informative and very approachable.... Neil Oliver the head of entertainment was his usual charismatic self....The waiters Savio and UJ entertained us with a excellent sense of humour as well as served us with delicious food fit for a king! The food in the Buffet area and for breakfast in our opinion had risen to a higher standard and the display was mouth watering .....Already going to book for next year....Thank you to all crew on board Britannia...'A Tonic to Our Very Soul'........xxxx Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
Chose this cruise ( 7 nights ) as it fitted with a special birthday and the itinery was new ports of call from a previous Caribbean cruise we had been on . Flights with Tui on the Dreamliner were on time - no need to book Premium - ... Read More
Chose this cruise ( 7 nights ) as it fitted with a special birthday and the itinery was new ports of call from a previous Caribbean cruise we had been on . Flights with Tui on the Dreamliner were on time - no need to book Premium - great leg room in economy, Good In flight catering and complimentary wine with meal. From plane steps in Barbados, straight onto the mini bus and at the terminal in 35mins, no waiting at the quay - on board in less than 5 minutes. Luggage was delivered into our cabin by our super cabin guy Aurelino. We chose an inside cabin, as on Britannia the balconies are rather small, I would be rather up on deck in the open air. Cabin was clean no wear- note this ship is now 4 years old. The décor throughout Britannia tends to be in my opinion ' very boardroom and dark ' just hope they remedy this on the new Iona. We always go FREEDOM Dining, and never a problem for a table for two which my friend prefers. Main Dining - choice of Peninsular or Meridian... The Décor in the Meridian is much softer , so we chose as our preferred option, the Glass House one night for an excellent steak and triple cooked chips. Horizon Buffet often for lunch, and some breakfasts, always a huge huge choice. I have always found P&O excellent for choice and indeed quality in the dining restaurants, just cannot believe the adverse comments- ( perhaps the moaners should try RSS - with the £££ to match !!! ) Enjoyed each port of call - will comment on each one individually. Entertainment - Good choice - always appreciate the hard work the ' Headliners ' put in , went to Gravity & Once upon a time shows......these were of the high standard we have always seen. On the second week I think they will have included ' Astonishing ' which we saw on Ventura … this takes a show to a high level. New style sunbeds and always plenty to go round...……. My preference area was the rear of the ship with the small plunge pool. Note as many reviewers comment on, first thing in a morning the area around the two central pools have the ' TOWEL SYNDROME', as there is music there, I prefer the quiet areas anyway. Cruising with P&O can build up the loyalty points and we are climbing the ladder slowly, yes it does make a difference on your on board spend!! Drinks are reasonable we tended to just have a large glass of wine each evening with the meal. Liked the Crows Nest for pre dinner drinks and the Sunset Bar too. After dinner drinks again in the Crows Nest. The formal nights were fine and adhered to in the main Dining rooms and Bars.. well done P&O. Have already booked for June this year and for Iona in 2020.As yet not tried any other cruise line, RCL looks very geared to children/ teens as they need to be entertained 24/7, which is not my style. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
We sailed on P&O Britannia on 4th - 18th January visiting the Caribbean. It was our first cruise and we booked it months in advance as a surprise for my mum’s 60th birthday. Before booking I read lots of reviews on Britannia and I ... Read More
We sailed on P&O Britannia on 4th - 18th January visiting the Caribbean. It was our first cruise and we booked it months in advance as a surprise for my mum’s 60th birthday. Before booking I read lots of reviews on Britannia and I felt that some of the more negative reviews would likely be unjustified or people just being fussy. So I went on the cruise with a completely open mind and write this review to give a completely honest account of our experience as first time cruisers with P&O on their current flagship Britannia. FLIGHT Unfortunately our holiday didn’t get off to the best start, I rang to purchase some extra weight allowance for our luggage via the cruise personaliser as unfortunately some of my formal wear was particularly heavy. I paid £80 for an additional allowance of 10kg each way, so taking my weight allowance from 23kg to 33kg. I questioned the person on the phone to ensure one bag could weigh upto 33kg having previously worked for an airline that allowed baggage to only go upto a max. 32kg per bag. I asked if I would I need to split it into two bags but I was advised one bag was fine to be upto 33kg as that was TUI policy and since I had paid for the additional weight it didn’t matter if it was in one bag or split across more. So I packed my case accordingly, on arrival at the airport I went to check my bag in & was advised it was too heavy - their policy is 25kg max. per bag despite paying for the additional weight it couldn’t be in one case and would need to be split into an extra bag. I ended up having to take 10kg of out of my suitcase and check in my hand luggage bag. I sorted it, but it was a massive inconvenience and embarrassment when all could have been avoided had I of been advised correctly beforehand when I had asked. Nevertheless, it happened and we sorted it. The flight with TUI on Dreamliner was okay, having previously travelled on Dreamliner to Mexico and loved it, we found that this time there wasn’t two options of food and that there was a lot less choice of films etc, unsure if this is because it was a chartered flight opposed to scheduled. The crew going out were lovely the crew coming back were absolutely miserable, they announced they had run out of tonic water and red wine before we’d even set off due to a busy outgoing flight. I didn’t think this was good enough when (I assume like us) everyone on our flight had paid a supplement to fly from Manchester. This must happen every single time. Just poor to say we paid an extra £200 pp supplement plus £60 charges to book seats to fly from Manchester. There was three flights from Manchester and back so there is clearly a demand for flights from Manchester. Paying for the privilege but with a reduced service on the way back is not good enough when you’re paying a supplement in my view. EMBARKATION Our transfer to the ship straight from the airfield by coaches was well organised and the embarkation process went smoothly with our luggage arriving within 4 hours direct to our cabins. FIRST IMPRESSIONS The ship itself is very elegant, the decor is neutral and quite understated. The atrium is nice but I wouldn’t say it has the wow factor, lined with bars and duty free shops, it’s a bit of an odd space where evening drinks and duty free sales rails meet. I think for size of the ship and number of people on board, it’s quite a small space and never really came to life as we expected it would on formal nights, instead it was more of a people watching space. CABINS We travelled as a group of six (age range 30-64) and all had balcony cabins with a sofa (F130, F131, F132) the cabins are a good size with a reasonable sized balcony. The design and decor is nice and the beds were very comfortable. We felt very at home in our room for two weeks. The cabin included Tea & Coffee making facilities, a mini refrigerator with a chargeable mini bar, walk in wardrobe space, bathroom with shower & White company toiletries and a writing / vanity desk. Overall we liked the cabins and had no complaints. Our steward was very helpful and attentive. I learned whilst on the ship that the steward and waiting staff work split shifts with no full days off each week which made me feel really uncomfortable to be honest. They work exceptionally hard and you could often see the same staff on the breakfast shift as the late evening shift. The stewards seemed to work from dusk till dawn yet always had a smile on their faces to greet you - it was very apparent that there was a staff hierarchy system on board Britannia. ISSUES As mentioned it was my mum’s 60th birthday on our second day, I had tried to organise some ‘Little luxuries’ from the P&O cruise personaliser a few weeks prior to sailing, over the phone. However was advised it was much easier to book once on board. So on our first day we went to reception and as a surprise we booked a birthday cake, champagne breakfast, chocolate dipped strawberries and some flowers, all to be delivered on her birthday at certain times throughout the following day to her cabin as a surprise. In short, none of these happened as they should, with the exception of the flowers. The Champagne breakfast never arrived - it was supposed to be delivered at 7.30am, I rang to find out where it was to be told I hadn’t booked anything, had I not of had print outs of everything I’d organised and the person’s name of who I’d dealt with on reception the previous day, they would have continued to tell me I hadn’t made any bookings. It took three phone calls to reception to finally be advised they hadn’t organised it at their end and they would sort it. By this time the surprise was ruined as we had to tell my mum about it to stop her from going for breakfast. Eventually the breakfast arrived over an hour later. The breakfast was lovely but the surprise ruined. Because of this mess up, I ensured I double checked the arrangements for the other little surprises I’d booked and all was confirmed as organised. Unfortunately that evening the chocolate strawberries were meant to be delivered at 5pm for us all to enjoy pre- Captain’s welcome party in our cabins to have a toast to my mum’s birthday, 5pm came and they did not arrive, after two phone calls to reception they arrived 50 mins later just as we were walking out of the door to the welcome party alongside the birthday cake which should have been for the restaurant. At this point I was really annoyed that not one thing I had organised and paid for had been taken care of properly. In the end we came back to our room after our meal to find them and the cake just left melting on a tray on our bed. I called reception to for them to be taken away, reception staff seemed absolutely useless, no ownership of anything, just completely disorganised and rude. At no point did anyone from reception apologise for any of the mix ups on their part. Feeling frustrated. I spoke to the customer service manager Jan Fernandez to log a complaint, as it put a damper on not only what should have been a special day for my mum but also caused a lot of unnecessary inconvenience all due to the fact the reception staff were completely incompetent and they are some of the higher ranking staff on the ship! Jan dealt with our complaint efficiently and offered an apology but this was only our second day so it wasn’t the best start to our holiday. It just felt like no matter what you booked or organised, it was 50/50 chance whether it would actually happen as no one seemed to care or take ownership of anything. There were so many people complaining at reception about various things I get the feeling the customer service manager is a very busy man! One mess up I could have overlooked but not absolutely everything I had organised. The whole day was just a series of errors on their part from the beginning to end and I felt like I just shouldn’t have bothered trying to organise anything special because the day was remembered for all the wrong reasons. LAUNDRY Another issue we encountered twice during our stay was the laundry service was completely disorganised, my husband organised the day before each of the formal nights to have his shirts ironed for an additional charge, both times, it took over 24 hours for this to happen and each time he was told the shirts would be delivered by 4pm on the formal evening, however they never arrived at the time advised and it took 2/3 phone calls for them to be chased up for them to then arrive over an hour late cutting into our formal evening. One of the evenings, he had to re-wear a shirt as the laundry service could not locate his shirt or give an answer as to when it would arrive. Just very disorganised and not what you would expect, if I’d have known how much of a hassle it was I’d have just ironed the shirts myself in the ironing room but for a couple of £ it seemed value for money to get them done professionally. The ship seemed to offer services that it could not fulfil or meet the demand for. FOOD We could not find fault with the food on board. We booked freedom dining so were able to dine whenever we liked and in two weeks we never had a bad meal, there was always plenty of choice. Meridian Restaurant - we dined here most of nights during our cruise and were seated in the same area so we got to know the waiting staff who were fantastic and could not have done more to make our meal times pleasant - special mention to Olav and Lawrence who looked after us. The menus were varied and all six of us enjoyed everything we tried. The portion sizes are perfect. Being a British cruise line, there was always an option to cater for the traditional British taste plus plenty of other choices. The staff work exceptionally hard in this restaurant and I can only imagine how many people are needed behind the scenes to make it run as smoothly as it does. Horizon Buffet - The buffet restaurant was a great easy no fuss option for breakfast, lunch or dinner and also provided late night snacks. The food served was generally similar each day with some different themed dishes added to mix it up, so if you found something you liked you could rely that it would be there most days. We liked the fact that the Horizon buffet was more relaxed with self service so you could be in control of what you wanted to eat, how much and when. Only complaint about the buffet was the rudeness of other guests, there seemed to be a lack of common sense amongst other guests with people barging past with trays and no real system to the buffet so at busy times it was frustrating and dangerous, twice I saw guests drop their food and smash things due to the chaos. Another note, the automatic doors into the buffet kept shutting on people, the sensor only worked if you walked under it head on, we got trapped in the doors a couple of times and they shut completely on us, I witnessed a woman carrying a baby get caught in them and an elderly woman who needed medical attention after they closed on her walking through them and she fell backwards onto the tiled floor. Britannia really need to sort this out before someone gets seriously hurt! Grab & Go - There was always a selection of sandwiches etc available if you preferred to take your lunch back to your cabin or ashore. Lido Deck Grill - Freshly baked pizzas, hot dogs, burgers and chips. Typical fast food that was always readily available. We found the standard of cleanliness and hygiene on board to be excellent. We saw most people observed the washing hands/using sanitiser prior to entering the restaurants or when embarking the ship after being in port. There was people on board refilling their personal water bottles using the restaurant water machines, the staff soon put a stop to it to ensure no spread of germs. SPECIALITY Glasshouse - The Glasshouse is a wine bar which also offers small plates, tapas and main meals for an additional charge. We ate here one evening and the food was absolutely fantastic, we had a selection of tapas dishes to share including Tempura prawns, Kebabs and scallops followed by Steak & chips. It was all absolutely delicious and well worth the additional charge (which was still very reasonable - 3 tapas for £6.85/ Sirloin steak and chips £8.50) LimeLight Club - We booked a meal and a show (Kevin Kennedy) the food again was lovely and the entertainment better than we expected. I would say well worth paying a cover charge to spend an evening enjoying some fine dining and special entertainment. The Limelight club is also one of the best decorated bar areas of the ship so we enjoyed being somewhere a bit different. Sindhu - We booked a meal at Sindhu after reading good reviews about it and we weren’t dissappointed. All the food was delicious - the soft shell crab was exceptional and the service fantastic. Definitely worth the cover charge but book early to avoid disappointment as we would have liked to have dined here a couple of times during our cruise but it was always fully booked. Epicurean - We booked afternoon tea here, the restaurant had lovely decor and felt very elegant. The afternoon tea was nice, there was only three table occupied when we had it and it was a sea day so unsure why it was so quiet but nevertheless enjoyed it and service was good. BARS Crow’s Nest - Our favourite bar on the ship, situated at the very front of the ship just below the bridge, we loved starting our evenings here especially on formal nights where you could sip a cocktail whilst watching the sun setting and listening to the on board pianist who was fantastic. The crow’s nest is also one of the bars on the ship which is well designed and feels opulent with plush high back chairs and ambient lighting. The cocktails here were also in a different league than those served in the other bars on board. Brodie’s - We usually love a pub quiz in a good English pub but we surprisingly found Brodie’s to be our least favourite bar on board. The entertainment always seemed very cheesy or not to our taste (bingo/horse racing games) and the drinks were poor in comparison to other bars on board, there was also always a bit of a dull atmosphere, it kind of felt like a waiting area instead of a pub. Live Lounge - Another area of the ship we looked forward to before we came but then disliked, tucked away I’m guessing because of sound proofing as it was the only place offering entertainment after a certain time. On formal nights when everyone wanted somewhere to try make the most of the night it was always really busy with standing room only, there never seemed enough tables and chairs. We watched the ships entertainment band Pulse play here for an 80s night and also came down a few times for the late night disco. I have to say we didn’t really enjoy any of the entertainment here as all were disappointing, we love to have a good drink and a bit of a dance but there was never a real party atmosphere. The drinks we ordered in here were absolutely terrible (Porn Star Martinis & Rum Cocktails) both were barely drinkable. So the difference in drink quality across the bars on board varies a lot. Atrium - The bars and coffee shop in the Atrium were okay, we didn’t drink often in the bottom of the Atrium as it felt like a reception area. The coffee shop sold Costa Coffee and there was some nice seats looking out over the deck. The duty free shopping on board was okay, I didn’t think some of the prices seemed that different from buying the items in the UK particularly the make up and perfume on board. The jewellery seemed more competitive. Crystal Room - Purely for ballroom dancing. We called in and had a drink at the Crystal Room on occasion to watch the dancers which was nice. This is really a place specifically if you like dancing or if you can ballroom dance to show off your talents. They sometimes had a band on that played jazz music after the dancing finished so it was somewhere we sometimes called in for a night cap. Probably a place to people watch unless you are into your ballroom dancing. Doesn’t really cater for everyone which is a shame as it’s a lovely space which I felt they could have done more with than just the same ball room dancing every night. Would have been nice if they made more of this area on formal nights. POOL AREAS Having never been on a cruise before I wasn’t sure what to expect with the pool area. I did find the main pool on the lido deck (deck 16) to be quite small for the number of people on board, it always felt crowded and not somewhere you could kick back and relax. The adult pool on deck 17 was preferable but again the pool area isn’t big and as everyone is situated around it, so prepare to have everyone watch you getting in & out of the pool. I felt in all the pool areas it was quite crammed in and there was little privacy. There was lots of people complaining on sea days that people were reserving sunbeds by placing towels on them and there seemed to be announcements every few hours about it. We didn’t have any issue finding sunbeds but we were happy to just spend an hour or so on deck then do something else. I think if you want to spend all day sunbathing, you need to set up camp on sea days early. ENTERTAINMENT We were really disappointed with the entertainment on board. I had read mixed reviews before we came and hoped on the positive side that people were just difficult to please but honestly the majority of entertainment we experienced was really poor and in no way represented what we thought P&O would be like. Formal Nights - Other than dressing up, there was no ‘special’ entertainment on formal evenings. This was a big disappointment for us, every single formal night on board we dressed up in our cocktail dresses and tuxedos and headed to the atrium where the same entertainment was on as every other night…then once our evening meal was done, it was either head to the Live Lounge (where everyone seemed to go because they obviously like us, wasn’t sure what else to do) or go sit in the theatre for a 45 min show… I could not believe the number of people sat around the atrium in all their beautiful outfits looking bored out of their brains by 10pm. Each formal night I got glammed up and looked forward to having a few drinks and have a bit of a dance but it always seemed we were back in our cabin before midnight as we were fed up of traipsing around the ship looking for something with a bit of atmosphere, it was either that or force ourselves to try enjoy the same entertainment as we had seen the previous number of nights. Just really really poor effort on P&O’s part. Headliners Theatre - We watched a one night only show here by Victor Michael who was fantastic, he sang lots of musical hits was well as Italian and rat pack classics and he got everyone up dancing, joining in and enjoying themselves. It was a fantastic night but as mentioned he was a one night only show and we by chance had finished our evening meal and decided to call in to see if the show was any good. We were glad we did as we really enjoyed it and it was much needed after the other poor entertainment on board. A few nights later there was a show called ‘Astonishing’ a magic style show that people highly recommended that was originally developed by Stephen Mulhern and Jonathan Wilkes. Honestly, it was a massive let down, it was full of strobe lighting, neon costumes and some terrible singing and a few magic tricks that we’ve seen a good few times before. Despite being told all the way through that we were going to be ‘astonished’ - we were not. Some people seemed to think this show was amazing, so I guess it just depends on your personal taste but for us, it was terrible. Did not live up to the hype. Pulse Band - The Ship’s band were just OK, full of energy and belting out the popular songs but not really anything amazing. We didn’t dislike them but we also didn’t plan our day around making sure we got to see them. So I suppose make of that what you will. Steele Band - Absolutely fantastic, one of the only regular onboard entertainment that we thought was very good and we always enjoyed. Very talented and always got people up on their feet enjoying themselves. Only criticism is we wanted to see them more they were that good! They tended to be on the lido deck during sail aways or occasionally in the atrium but always during mealtimes. Runaround Kids - There was a band who joined our cruise for a couple of nights and we watched their rock n’ roll show. They were fantastic, really enjoyed their show. But again these were limited night entertainment not regular entertainment. Sail aways- We tried to go to every sail away party. The Great British Sail away was by far the best and felt very patriotic the other sail aways were just a bit tacky and felt very butlins. We always got involved and tried to make the most of the atmosphere. A lot more could be done to make the sail aways more special. SPA This is an area that needs vast improvement based on our experience. We felt really disappointed by our experience with the Spa onboard - the staff, services and handling of our complaint was appalling. Before coming on the cruise, we pre-booked and paid for treatments via the cruise personaliser as a treat for our birthdays. On the second day the three of us arrived at the spa looking forward to our treatments (ELEMIS quartz facials, deep tissue massage and hot stone massages in total we had spent over £400 on these treatments between the three of us) The staff at the spa reception were less than welcoming and unfriendly when we got to the spa, we felt we were in some way inconveniencing them by being there. We were shown to a waiting room. No offer of a drink, or showing of facilities, not a good first impression. The spa is also located in one of the busiest areas of the ship - reception which I found really odd, it wasn’t a tranquil relaxing space but instead was a walk through area with people passing through constantly. The massage I had was nowhere near the quality I have received previously at other spas, which I found disappointing as my expectations were high for a cruise ship Spa. My treatment was 50 mins, the lady doing my massage spent the first 15 mins talking to me about stress then went into a hard product sell for the last 15 mins of my treatment and then when I said I wasn’t interested in purchasing any of the recommended products she was visibly frustrated…then asked for a gratuity. I found it all less than relaxing and a bit embarrassing for us both to be honest. The other treatments the party had were okay but again they didn’t like the hard product sell afterwards. I asked where the sauna/hydrotherapy pool was and was advised it was an additional £30pp to use these facilities for the two hours we had between treatments or we would have to leave to spa and come back for our second treatment later - I’ve never experienced a spa that doesn’t have an area for guests to relax in and facilities to utilise between treatments. It wasn’t clear when I made the online booking that the use of any of the spa facilities was an additional charge which granted could have been my error but given that we had all paid full price for all of our treatments we weren’t prepared to then pay a further £90 for us all to use them especially when the spa was offering the treatments we had pre-booked and paid for in full - now at a discounted rate. In short, we were penalised for pre-booking and paying in full price for our treatments when people could book the same treatments for much less when on board. We found this unacceptable. I also booked for a ‘red carpet’ treatment package as I was given an on board gift voucher for the spa by a relative, there was a mix up at fault of the spa and I didn’t receive the treatments in the package, so I made a complaint whilst on board covering all of these issues. The spa manager was somewhat helpful but didn’t really take any ownership of the complaint. After numerous discussions over a number of days with different members of spa staff eventually I was offered to rebook the treatment however it was by then the last days of my holiday, so instead I eventually got a full refund. Finally the issue did get resolved but it wasn’t easy to sort out with the spa manager and eventually Renee from reception managed to sort it all out. It was just a really frustrating experience and the Spa staff really couldn’t have cared less. On our 14 day cruise we tried to book a day pass to THE RETREAT numerous times and each time the spa staff laughed and said it’s fully booked - so clearly if you wish to use the retreat you need to book it immediately when you board (pre-booking isn’t available), as from the reaction from the spa staff, it seemed like there’s hardly ever availability. I imagine due to the poor design of the pool areas on board, THE RETREAT is an attractive option for most wanting a relaxing day, so it is likely always fully booked. Another example of an area not fit for purpose and that isn’t designed to support even a decent % of the people on board the ship. Lastly, the spa staff seem to behave in a way that suggests they are higher up the hierarchy in terms of the ship’s staffing. This is something a number of other guests also commented on. Regardless of the complaints we have about the spa and the repeated mistakes regarding the treatments, the service we received in the spa was by far the poorest across the whole ship. I largely believe this is because P&O Britannia clearly have a staff hierarchy system and the spa staff are ranked higher than the waiting staff so seemingly have the belief that they do not need to make as much effort. The spa staff came across as arrogant & unfriendly and at times rude with a very commission based attitude. We did not find this of any of the other staff on the ship. I was also told by a member of the spa’s staff that they have two days off every week, can go ashore, have deck privileges on days off and can enjoy formal nights etc. So it is no wonder they believe themselves to be a cut above others if they are treated with better privileges in comparison to other staff. Really disappointed with the Spa on Britannia and from speaking to other guests I know we weren’t the only ones. The spa offered daily treatment packages at discount prices and there was continuous leaflets being posted to our cabin on the various deals the spa was offering each day, so it was clear they were not booked up or they were struggling to fill appointments. It’s a shame the quality of the treatments and service was so poor as I would have likely booked to use the spa numerous times during my cruise had I of had a positive experience. P&O really need to look at the quality and experience of the staff in their Spa, would not recommend anyone else doing what we did and wasting a good deal of money on their services. LIFTS We read in lots of reviews before we went, that the lifts were a big issue. We didn’t experience this to the extent people have mentioned in other reviews. We found that there were busy times particularly when disembarking/embarking from port as you’d expect but other than that, we didn’t have any issues. We did find that some guests were not giving priority to those with limited mobility which was unacceptable. WIFI One of our biggest complaints of P&O - the wifi charges are extortionate. It worked out cheaper for us to use our data when in port than it was to pay for any on board wifi charges. P&O really need to address this as so many guests were complaining about it. If guests cannot upload holiday photos to social media P&O are losing out on some invaluable free marketing, if you search Instagram for other cruise lines you can locate hundreds of photos, if you search for P&O it’s quite limited as people are more likely to upload as they go rather than once they’re home. Also whilst we were away our niece was in intensive care and we weren’t able to keep in touch with family regularly unless we were in port, fortunately we only had four sea days so we managed. But in 2019 there should be a better more affordable wifi option on board. You spend the first hour of being in port looking for wifi to try keep in touch with family etc. DRESS CODE When you book a cruise, in my opinion you are aware and accepting that there is an onboard dress code that you will adhere to. It’s clearly stated when you book and on board there is reminders in the Horizon daily paper you get to your cabin and around the ship’s TV screens of what that evening’s dress code is. Formal nights- most people we saw had made effort however there was some people purposefully ignoring and choosing not to adhere to it. The night we visited Sindhu there was two couples not in formal wear (one had jeans on) who were turned away by the restaurant team for not wearing formal attire. However they were so rude back to the staff and kicked off shouting and threatening that eventually the staff gave in and accommodated them much to the frustration of other guests who were abiding by the rules. I have read on other reviews that the dress code is not strictly enforced however my experience of this is that it is the guests who choose not to partake that make it awkward and difficult for not only the staff on board but also the other guests. I’m almost certain some guests choose to ignore the dress code and test the boundaries just to make an exhibition of themselves, I would personally be embarrassed to be turned away from a restaurant for not being dressed appropriately but some of these guests seem to do it for the argument, seriously if you don’t intend on making an effort to abide by the dress code, don’t book a cruise. Football shirts and sometimes on an evening we saw people in smart shorts, which it stated were not allowed, but we did not see anyone enforce this. SUMMARY I would say as a taster holiday for the Caribbean islands that this is an option to see a little of a lot of places, but we found our days quite rushed by the time you have disembarked and explored enough to get your bearings you have to be back on the ship, it's a shame they don't dock later in each port. We were especially disappointed that the Captain announced just before our last port of Antigua (somewhere we were really looking forward to on the itinerary) that we would need to be back on board an hour earlier than usual cutting a day there very short. Overall, for a first time cruise, we booked P&O as we were led to believe that P&O were more prestigious than other cruise lines and we felt we would be experiencing a once a lifetime holiday for a special occasion. Having travelled all over the world everything from back packing to 5* luxury hotels, our expectations for a cruise were high, but were not met. The reality was, it did not live up to our expectations in many ways and we have come away with mixed feelings. There was some positives - the itinerary, the food and the quality of service from some of the staff but the negatives for us, much outweighed all of this to the point we are unsure if we would ever try another cruise and would more than likely choose a different cruise line if we do. Far from the relaxing, luxury experience we had imagined. P&O definitely need to up their game if they are to sustain a future customer base. Read Less
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