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Sail Date: May 2019
Just returned from a 5-day Bermuda trip. We're a quiet couple that was looking for relaxation and fun together. While this is of nobfault of RCCL, our trip was a bit ruined due to having very boisterous neighbors. We've been on ... Read More
Just returned from a 5-day Bermuda trip. We're a quiet couple that was looking for relaxation and fun together. While this is of nobfault of RCCL, our trip was a bit ruined due to having very boisterous neighbors. We've been on other cruises where we could enjoy our balcony (or have the door open to the balcony if in the room). The ENTIRE 5 days we didn't go out on the balcony and would have to keep the the sliding balcony door closed due to the obnoxious neighbors continually hanging out on their balcony. Kids screaming, humans screaming and drinking. One day maybe cruise lines will have adult only floors (no groups, no families, no kids) or even adult SIDES of the boat. No noise from above, below, or next door. EUREKA! Or maybe I need to switch to a more upscale cruise line or boat? 1) more expensive cruise + 2) smaller boat would perhaps yield a more refined group of passengers. Not saying EVERYONE on my boat lacked refinement (we actually met a lot of lovely nice people), but people like my neighbors need to be weeded out, and there were just way too many kids around. Trying to have a romantic dinner in the MDR? You're only as peaceful as your closest neighbor...and your closest neighbor may have a screaming kid. Other than this I would give the Anthem of the Seas and the itinerary 5+++ stars. The BOAT was clean, gorgeous, and lots to do. Never had a problem getting deck chairs on the top deck (15), even if we showed up in the afternoon. We enjoyed playing ping pong, foosball, watching people on the FloRider and got on the North Star twice. We saw all the shows. Loved going in the Adult's only solarium pool. NOTE: if you're reading this and have kids- kids under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the Solarium or the Solarium bistro. I can't really comment on the FOOD as I am not a picky eater lol. I wouldn't say it was the "best" food I've had on a cruise but I was continually going Mmmmm Mmmm at the MDR (we ate there every night - no need to pay for dinner at the expensive restaurants, people!). Lobster night was great, and we regularly ordered MORE apple pie dessert! So good. If you're a GYM buff - the gym is really nice. Walking track on 15 is really nice (unless it's windy, then you might feel like you're going to get blown overboard haha). There's also a little walking area on either side of the boat on deck 5. It doesn't go all the way around the boat, but you can walk up and down the sides of the boat and be away from the chaos. The LIBRARY could use some love. Not a lot of books to choose from or games. The ELEVATORS - I love taking the stairs as much as I can, but when you're going from the very top to the very bottom of the ship (or vice versus) it's best to take an elevator - well, be prepared to wait a long time for that elevator! CABINS - balcony room was well laid out. Two nice sized closets and larger square footage than other boats we've been on. Glass shower door (no shower curtain sticking to you ha!). Perfect for a couple. BERMUDA was a great destination (especially with it being an overnight stay). We walked over to Snorkel Bay the first day ($5 entrance fee). Very pretty. Later that day we did the Famous Homes tour via boat. Great way to see the island. The next day we went to Horsehoe Bay. Gorgeous beach there too. Take your sunscreen! KITCHEN Tour (with bottomless mimosa brunch) - highly recommended. Loved seeing the inner workings of the kitchen and lunch was delicious. Getting on the boat was a breeze, but if you're carrying your own luggage off for disembarkation at 7:45 I suggest getting there at 7:30 (or earlier) to line up (deck 5, mid ship) as the line was back to Two70 by 7:45am. The line moves fast, however. We had THE KEY. Cost $25 per person per day. Probably wasn't worth it in the end, but we enjoyed all the little perks - speedy check in, free lunch at Chops or Jamie's (on embarkation day), Wifi for the entire trip (the wifi on the boat is GREAT!), special times to do Flo-Rider, I-Fly, North Star (we went up twice - I had made a reservation for one of the times, the second was during the Key viewing time), designated seating at shows. Which came in handy for Spectra's Cabaret as the Two70 is not a big venue. And with that being said, be sure to book stuff ahead of time. Reservations are not always needed depending on what the demand is, but it's best to be locked and loaded. Especially for Spectra's Cabaret. Get to shows early to get the seat you want. Overall a great trip and nice clean, big, impressive new boat. Very easy taking it out of New Jersey - no need to fly. We took a train up from Maryland, stayed overnight at the Hilton (walking distance from the Newark Penn stop) and took an uber (30 min) the next morning. We were on the ship by 11:30 (slight delay due to the Coast Guard doing a boat check). Give it a shot! But just pray for quiet neighbors :-) Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
Well this is going to be a long review so get ready folks. As an avid cruiser (this was my 11th) I was really looking forward to going back to Bermuda for 3rd time. Please remember in this review Bermuda itself is incredible! The ... Read More
Well this is going to be a long review so get ready folks. As an avid cruiser (this was my 11th) I was really looking forward to going back to Bermuda for 3rd time. Please remember in this review Bermuda itself is incredible! The people! The beaches! It is paradise. I'd still say check out Bermuda but just on this ship. So the check in process was easy but it felt like cattle. The seating area was tight and awkward. Thank god that wait was only about 30 minutes. Once we got on at first I was so excited because I was on anthem to Bermuda back in May 2016 on my honeymoon so my husband & I were trying to "recreate" the trip. I am aware on boarding day that ships are usually busier but holy crap was this ship a nightmare. The layout just doesn't allow for everyone to be comfortable. It was just packed and miserable. This cruise also had a lot of children so if you aren't a fan of that just be aware. I am talking many from under 1 to teenagers. Be prepared for many screaming kids, running around everywhere, and the teens roam the ship all day/night (they are have a 1am curfew which shocked me). To touch on the cabin. We got an inside cabin which was fine. The only thing I can say is the virtual balcony sound didn't work, and many times the screen would randomly go black and stop working. For an inside it was a good size, and decent layout. The bed however was HORRIBLE! The sea day on the way back was rocky and being the very back you feel it more and every wave we physically rolled in the bed. That rolling causes a creak in the bed so you can imagine how hard it was to fall asleep. The walls are also paper thin so as the waves got nasty we could hear everyone puking around us. Lovely eh? I am now going to touch on the worst part of the cruise which breaks my heart because to me the food is such a large part of the cruise. I am loyal to Princess which always has amazing food. Well RCL you sucked in the food department. The food just lacked flavor (I never use salt on other lines but you needed it on everything). Say a breakfast potato (its as if they just boiled it and served it). Also as someone who cruises a lot I love trying new foods from around the world but I was reminded how "american" the food can be on RCL. Every night the buffet was the same and honestly there wasn't much change from lunch to dinner. We opted for the anytime dining option but it was constantly so busy we never went to the dining room. I understand you have to pre book but when you just aren't sure when you will return to the ship or what shows/activities you will be doing I find the concept of pre booking "anytime dining" very ironic. Don't call it anytime if you cannot go anytime!!! I am going to touch on the service now. I've never had bad service on a cruise ever but this one was a bit sad. I felt if you weren't buying something they weren't bothered (especially by the pool bars). Also I just found it hard to get help in various venues, and our cabin stewart was miserable. On princess I love making small talk, and learning about them. I think cruising is so incredible how so many people from all over the world work on one vessel. But we couldn't get a word out of him. Just a lack of smiles and honestly it was sad because I wondered if RCL treated their employees right because their unhappiness showed. Activities lacked. All the fancy bumper cars, ifly, and etc we didn't go on because it would be full of bratty children. I could drown on and on about this cruise. Overall it lacked in almost every aspect. Dining, room, activites, service. One last thing. RCL needs to stop nickel and diming. Here is a quick PRINCESS vs RCL. Popcorn on RCL they wanna charge like $3.50 vs princess its free! Room service on RCL they wanna charge $8 plus 18% vs princess its free! Drinks are pushed everywhere at all times vs princess they don't really bug you! Movies in the cabin on RCL are $12 vs princess has many movies to watch for free! So if I were you I'd rethink that bermuda RCL cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
We did a 5 day cruise to Bermuda, leaving from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ. Embarking and disembarking went smooth and quick. We stayed in a balcony cabin. Only 2 complaints- 1) we could not hear when the Captain (or anyone else) made ... Read More
We did a 5 day cruise to Bermuda, leaving from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ. Embarking and disembarking went smooth and quick. We stayed in a balcony cabin. Only 2 complaints- 1) we could not hear when the Captain (or anyone else) made announcements over the PA system. As a result, we would have missed the muster drill if I hadn't read the Cruise Compass in our room indicating what time it would take place. 2) the shower leaked all over the bathroom floor. We dined at American Icon each night for dinner and sat at the same table with the same wait staff. Our waiter was great and took time to chat with us each night. The food was decent. We also ate breakfast at American Icon 2 mornings, again the food was decent. We dined at Windjammer for breakfast the other mornings as well as lunch the day we embarked. The food there reminded of me of a college campus all you can eat buffet. It was incredibly busy and at times hard to find a table to sit at. One morning I started clearing a dirty table myself because it took so long for an employee to do it. We Will Rock You was AMAZING!!! All of the actresses/actors/singers in all of the shows were super talented. The Gift's storyline was a little hard to follow and Spectra's Cabaret was bizarre. That aside, we did enjoy the talent! The only shore excursion we booked (Glassbottom Boat into Bermuda Triangle) got cancelled because of high winds. We were notified via a phone message and by paper delivered by your stateroom attendant. That was a bummer, but I'm glad we weren't lost in the triangle due to bad weather ;) The island of Bermuda is so beautiful! We chose to take the ferry over to St. George's on day 1 and then to take the public bus all the way back to King's Wharf. The ride took about 1.5 hours and we got to see a lot of the island and interact with the locals. On day 2 we took the ferry to and from Hamilton. The food at Wahoo's Waterside Bistro in St. George and at Flanagan's in Hamilton was delish! Read Less
Sail Date: April 2019
We were on the Anthem Bermuda/Boston cruise April 27-May 4. We chose to fly in a day early and stay in NYC. Transportation costs into the city, to the port, and back to LGA were just over $200 with Dial 7 limo service, but they were ... Read More
We were on the Anthem Bermuda/Boston cruise April 27-May 4. We chose to fly in a day early and stay in NYC. Transportation costs into the city, to the port, and back to LGA were just over $200 with Dial 7 limo service, but they were extremely prompt (even early) and easy to work with. Bo05arding the ship in Bayonne was the easiest we have ever done. Car dropped us off with our luggage and we walked into the terminal about 11:05. We were checked in quickly (no line) and walked onto the ship with the suite guests. I told the lady we were not suite guests, but she sent us right in. We were on the ship by 11:30 easily. We ate in the Windjammer and then went exploring. The day was a bit windy, so it was not a good day to sit by the pool. We did enjoy the view from the bridge “wings” and especially appreciated the view of the Teardrop 9/11 memorial there at the port. Rooms were ready right at 1:00 and our luggage was already in the hallway, so that was a nice treat. We had a standard balcony room 9288 that is on the aft slope and has a slightly larger than normal balcony for standard balcony price. The room felt larger to us than any balcony room we have ever had. The bed placement was by the balcony, so that may have contributed to the sense of largeness. Sailaway was right on time and because it was a beautiful clear day, we had good views of the Statue of Liberty. We had chosen My Time Dining because we had very good luck with it on Oasis and Majesty. On both ships we had the same table and waitstaff every night. Not so on Anthem. In fact, if I have one complaint about Anthem it is the sense of chaos around MTD seating. Lines were long but fast every night. Still, it felt like they were just placing us anywhere each night. Nevertheless, service and food were excellent in American Icon and Silk. We dined one night in Chops and it was also very good. It is much darker than on Oasis because of its location, but service and food were good. Solarium Bistro was also good, but we chose to dine there the night we were leaving Bermuda so we could see the sail away. Curtains were closed, however, and we saw nothing. Bermuda was the highlight of the ports of call of course. Weather was beautiful and we had a great visit. Once we left Bermuda weather was not so good. Days were cool and Boston was misty and 46 degrees. Weather didn’t prevent us from doing anything in Boston, and we enjoyed the city very much. We took the CityView trolley HOHO tour and liked it very much. One tip: don’t plan to walk to the City View pick up. They say it’s a 15 min walk, but it’s more like 30. Once we got there the tour was very good. We arrived back in Bayonne early Saturday, and were among the first to disembark by using self assist. We were off the ship by 6:55, and I notified the car service that we were already off the ship. We were picked up at 7:15 even though I had told them 8:00. We thoroughly enjoyed the Anthem. We did miss the outdoor space of the Oasis, but the Solarium and indoor pool areas offered a semi-outdoor feel, and chairs were almost always available at any time of day in those areas. Anthem is a beautiful ship, and the crew was excellent. Cruise shows are not really our thing, and the entertainment on Anthem was hardly different. We were disappointed in Spectra’s Cabaret after reading rave reviews about it. The show lacked energy we felt. And The Gift was just your average cruise ship show. The one show we were blown away by was We Will Rock You. Outside of Disney Cruise entertainment, this was the best show we’ve ever seen on a cruise. The show’s lead guitarist played acoustic in the Schooner Bar a couple of times and she was amazing. Ours was cruise director Dennis’s last week on Anthem, and I don’t know who has replaced him. For those that are interested, the 10 drink card was offered on Day 4 for $79 I believe. I didn’t get it because we were off the ship for most of Day 4 and all of Day 6. If I’d had someone to share the 10 drinks with me, I would have purchased it. We felt like the Anthem to Bermuda was a good bang for our buck when we purchased and we were not disappointed. I would definitely cruise her or another Quantum class ship again, but in all honesty we do prefer the Oasis class ships. Those wide open air spaces are hard to top on a cruise ship. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2019
We choose this cruise, as I always wanted to go to Bermuda. We were also looking to compare Royal and Norweign. The ship was amazing and so much to do. The embarkation and debarkation process was so smooth, easy and quick. We really ... Read More
We choose this cruise, as I always wanted to go to Bermuda. We were also looking to compare Royal and Norweign. The ship was amazing and so much to do. The embarkation and debarkation process was so smooth, easy and quick. We really enjoyed the food in the Windjammer and the main dining room (I personally liked the food better than NCL) The service was amazing everywhere our waiters Vinod and Ikadek in the main dining room were stellar and so fun. The shows were awesome..We will Rock you was amazing and would recommend everyone to see it. The Gift was very good, a little slow on the start but great ending. Spectra's Cabaret was not our type of show, so we didn't stay for that one. We did several shore excursions in Bermuda and Boston. The BUEI Museum was so cool and we learned so much about Bermuda from the Island tours and got some amazing pictures. We also enjoyed the the sunset glass bottom boat tour. Boston was a bit of a let down because of the weather but we made the best out of it. We did the all day tour Road to Revolution - Walking in Paul Revere's steps, which was very informative, our tours guides on all excursions were wonderful. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2019
My family and I have only sailed with Norwegian during our past 3 cruises, however, Royal Caribbean is now our favourite! We sailed on the Anthem on April 27th - May 4th with 5 adults. GETTING TO BAYONNE: We missed how easily ... Read More
My family and I have only sailed with Norwegian during our past 3 cruises, however, Royal Caribbean is now our favourite! We sailed on the Anthem on April 27th - May 4th with 5 adults. GETTING TO BAYONNE: We missed how easily accessible the port on Norwegian was compared to Bayonne for Royal Caribbean. We took the greyhound bus from Toronto to the Port Authority terminal in Manhattan. Instead of taking a cab to Bayonne, as we got to Manhattan at 5am, we decided on taking local transit. LESSON LEARNED, TAKE A CAB OR AN UBER. It'll cost about $80+ with tolls. For local transit, we got off at the Port Authority Terminal and walked over to 33rd Street where we took the PATH Rapid Transit System train to Newport station. It was about $2.75. From there we walked over to the Newport Light rail transit which was another $2.75 I believe and got off at 34th Street. We read from an earlier post that the 2 mile is walkable from 34th Station to the port of Bayonne. IT IS NOT. There is construction there and sidewalks were closed off/ Some stretches were not walkable, so, therefore, we took an uber for $25. EMBARKATION: We got there at about 9:30 am, even though it said our check-in appointment was at 1:30-2pm. COME EARLY! There were barely any cars in the line, however after 12pm, the line was very long. We dropped our luggage off with the porters who will then load them onto the carts for you. We did our self-check in online, so we brought our set sail pass tickets and were guided to the seated area. OOPS. Even though you did your self-check in online, still go to one of the check-in stations as they have to stamp and check you in. Coffee, tea and water was provided while we waited which was nice. We didn't sit for too long as around 11am, everyone was allowed to board the ship. TIP: book your activities (North Star, Ripcord by iFLY) as soon as you get on the ship on the 5th floor using the Royal IQ ipads as the activities get filled up FAST! PORTS: Bermuda was beautiful! We were thankful to have warm, clear skies on both days. On the first day we took a ferry to GORGEOUS Tobacco Bay. We each purchased a two-day pass for 31.50 each from the booth, which was a 2 min walk from the ship. Using this pass you can take ferries and buses around Bermuda without having to carry tokens or exact change. The ferry was very nice to St. George, which was about 40 min from the naval dockyard. Tobacco Bay was about a 20 min walk from the ferry dock. If you love to snorkel and swim with beautiful fish, with calm, cool waves, Tobacco Bay is for you! It's a small, less crowded beach, with facilities including an indoor rinse off station. Perfect for families with small children as well. We stayed overnight in Bermuda, however there was not much to do during the night as many shops were closed in the naval dockyard. The next day we took a local bus to downtown Hamilton. The locals on the bus and in Bermuda were super friendly. The bus took about an hour to reach Hamilton, but it was a great experience. Hamilton is beautiful, and a good place to visit if you do not want to go to the beach. BOSTON: It was a wet, rainy and cold one. We didn't really plan on doing much, so we just explored Quincy market and tried their famous clam chowder. Really good! A lot of our fellow guests also agreed that we would have rathered stayed an extra night in Bermuda than to go to Boston. DINING: We ate at the Windjammer buffet for breakfast and lunch and dined in the main dining rooms for dinner. The Windjammer had a great selection for everyone. I wished the buffet closed a bit later than 9PM. There was an indian cuisine themed night, as well as a seafood night, which had clams, bay scallops and shrimp which we enjoyed. We did my time dining and dined in all 4 of the main dining rooms, however Silk was our favourite. Special thanks to Ygnacio (Yggy), for the most memorable dining experience ever. He was very friendly and full of energy which we loved! On the last night there was a moment of appreciation for the staff where they danced, and Yggy put on a show with his dance moves. The food in the main dining room was great. We enjoyed their beef courses each night, prime rib, beef tenderloin, striploin, etc, as although was not cooked to perfection each night, was still tender and delicious. There was a lobster tail night, as well as a Royal Caribbean 50th anniversary night which they serve a special personalized cake that was delicious! CABIN: My parents stayed in an inside stateroom with a virtual balcony on deck 8 and my siblings and I stayed in a balcony stateroom on Deck 7. Our stateroom attendant Claudia was very friendly and did an amazing job ensuring everything was clean and ready. Our room was very spacious even for 3 adults, and there was plenty of space to store your luggage. Entertainment and Activities: We had 3 days at Sea so we did a lot of activities including the Ripcord by iFly and Northstar. the Ripcord by iFLY was ok, my sister loved it. The instructors go through a mini-course to teach you the positions and hand signals they use while you are flying. I am afraid of heights but the Northstar was not too bad! We were able to do both iFly and Northstar twice as we walked in and asked if there were any no-shows for reservations. Bumper cars were super fun as well as the mini competitions they had throughout our cruise. The sports staff were fun and very friendly. Spectra's Cabaret was our favourite! Be sure to reserve the shows too! The Gift was a bit confusing, however the dancers and the production team was amazing. Especially on sea days, don't even bother going into the Solarium as it will be occupied with towels on chairs, not people on chairs. The indoor pool was nice on cold days. We used the gym a few times and thought it was great. Plenty of machines, smith machine, rowing machine, elipticals and treadmills as well as free weights. SERVICE: I would love to thank all the staff on the Anthem of the Seas. There were some that made our experience incredible, but overall, everyone was super friendly and we had a wonderful time. There were some guests who were very rude to the staff members, but they still maintained their professionalism. They work very hard to make our cruise trip enjoyable and I want to thank each and every one of them for that! DISEMBARKATION: It was a smooth process as you got to choose whether you wanted to carry your own luggage off with you or have it taken down to the night before for you. A cab back into the city cost $90 including tolls for us, although there were some asking for $120+. OVERALL: My family and I had a great time! This is our first time cruising with Royal Caribbean and we noticed how spacious the entire ship was including staterooms, etc compared to the ships we've been on the Norwegian (Spirit, Jewel, Getaway). We loved the Seaplex as it was indoors and had plenty of activities to do. I'm glad we decided to try out Royal Caribbean, rather than always sticking with Norwegian. Be careful however, that some things require a fee especially when they ask you for your stateroom # or seapass card. We were on our way to watch The Gift and they had a popcorn stand. Thinking it was complimentary we asked for some, in which they asked for our stateroom # and realized it cost $2.75. Overall it was an enjoyable vacation and would definitely cruise with RCL again! Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2019
Sailed 4/27/2019 to 5/4/2019. We chose this cruise because we loved Bermuda the first time we sailed there a few years ago and the Bayonne cruise port is in driving distance from our home. Check in was by far the easiest in the 15 ... Read More
Sailed 4/27/2019 to 5/4/2019. We chose this cruise because we loved Bermuda the first time we sailed there a few years ago and the Bayonne cruise port is in driving distance from our home. Check in was by far the easiest in the 15 cruises I have taken. Ever. We uploaded our own photos and did the pre check in prior to cruise day. Do this otherwise you will be standing in a separate line for them to do it for you. We arrived to the port around 10:15 am or so. We were on board by around 10:45 am. This counts unloading our luggage with a porter, finding a parking spot in the garage, standing in a very short line for Gold passengers and getting checked it. The ship is lovely and has many high tech features. This is the biggest ship we have sailed on so far. I was a little nervous. It didn't typically feel very crowded except for when they brought out the watches and other items for sale. Bionic Bar also got a little crowded at times. Solarium was tough to find a spot during the day partially due to chair hogs but around 5:00 pm or so, it was much better. It was nice to get away from the hundreds of small children and strollers aboard. Check out the Solarium on deck 14 for breakfast as it is less crowded than Windjammer. The selection is more limited but we always found something we liked. It is less chaotic and crowded than the Windjammer. We ate breakfast in one of the MDR's twice. It's the same menu every day but they also have a buffet. We liked being waited on but it was better in the buffet. We were sailing with 2 other couples and somehow one of the couples had a different seating than us even though we linked them to our reservation. Due to this, we had to switch to Grande from Chic. We bought the 2 BOGO deal with the specialty dining venues and had a free specialty dinners from our travel agent. We ate at Chops, Jamie's and Wonderland. All were great. Wonderland was a neat experience. I thought I wouldn't care for it but I found it to be really good. We could have done without the lady who decided to change her kid's diaper in the restaurant while we were eating but overall it was awesome and I recommend it. Go in with an open mind. Jamie's was great as well. It was a lot of food!!! Wow! Chops was good but I have had better on other cruise lines. The service there was excellent. Hubby ate at Izumi for lunch and said it was excellent. Overall, the specialty dining was good and I would recommend it. Cafe Two70 and Sorrento's was decent. Two70 is a great place to hang out on a sea day with a book. The bartender there, Rony is the BEST! He made awesome drinks. We opted for the deluxe drink package. We could use it in the Starbuck's at La Patisserie and the specialty coffee station in Windjammer. You can also get unlimited bottle water. They give you large drink cups with a chip on the bottom to use in the stand up, self serve drink fountains. There's one in Sorrento's and a few in Windjammer. There may have been some others around but I didn't see them. It had all kinds of sodas (Coco Cola brands) as well and flavored waters. We didn't use it a ton but enjoyed it when we did use it. Brass and Bock was a fun place to hand out with our friends. The Cherry Orchard was a huge hit with us and they made a mean Bloody Mary. Highly recommend. We saw We Will Rock You. Thought it was outstanding! Didn't see Spectra's or The Gift. Saw the two comedians, both really funny. Watched L.A. vation, the U2 cover band twice. Really good!! The Music Hall was really cool and we spent most nights there after dinner. The 70's disco party was a hoot! Would have liked to play pool but there were kids in there most nights so we only got to play once. We loved Bermuda. Took the ferry to St. George for the day. Such a quaint little town. We went to some parks, did some shopping, took lots of photos and went to a couple small museums. The people were friendly and it was easy to walk around on our own. The ferry ride was about 28 minutes from King's Wharf. We highly recommend doing this. There's also another one to Hamilton. The second day, we spent mostly at King's Wharf. Got a Rum Swizzle and did a little shopping. The weather was gorgeous! It was in the mid to high 70's with a light breeze and sun. Perfect weather. Boston was OK but the weather was chilly and rainy. We made the best of it. We pre- purchased a Hop on Hop off with City View Tours. The price was great but I would opt for Old Town Trolleys as they are much closer to the cruise port. We had a haul to our first pickup spot so we had to take an Uber. I would use them if not on a cruise. Went to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. We also enjoyed some adult beverages at Cheers. The North End was neat and loved Mike's bakery! Please note that they will not let you bring on and baked goods as we found out when trying to get back on the ship. There was a whole line of us scarfing down cannoli and pastries. We along with other passengers, gave the baked goods we couldn't eat to the security staff. I am sure this happens all the time and now we know for next time. That was totally on us. Since we only live about 2 hours from Boston, I would definitely go there again in better weather. It is a great walking city. The reason for the 4 stars?? -The bed in our cabin was hard as cement. Our wonderful steward added some kind of padding which helped a little. I woke up with a sore back most days. -The walls are thin! We were in between multiple families that were all sailing together. Not sure why they didn't book a block of cabins together. It was incessant noises mostly screaming, slamming doors and yelling down the hall to one another. I am guessing all of their cabin phones were broken since they chose this as their main form of communication with one another. Our friends were down the hall from us and had a another set of families from the same group and experienced the same thing. They complained and even politely asked them to stop but it didn't get much better. Luckily we didn't spend a lot of time in our cabin or if we did, we went out on the balcony. -Main dining room dinner selection was not that great. Don't get me wrong, the food was fantastic. A lot of the selections were basic and underwhelming but tasty. -Lots of screaming children. This is not Royal's Caribbean's fault. We love kids and hate to seem like bitter old folks (we are in our 30's/early 40's) we just felt that there were so many that were unruly with matching parents it took away from our enjoyment. I saw 2 girls about 5 and 6 push an elderly woman using a walker out of their way. I saw these two girls nearly every day with no adult with them. They were not the only ones. I normally would never even bring something like that up but because it was the norm on this cruise. Every cruise is different of course our experience can be very different from the next. Overall, this was a great cruise. We would sail with Royal again. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2019
Living in NY this cruise was perfect if you choose not to fly and you have a large family coming along. We heard a lot of good stuff about this ship and couldn’t wait to get on board. It’s a beautiful ship and staff was superb. ... Read More
Living in NY this cruise was perfect if you choose not to fly and you have a large family coming along. We heard a lot of good stuff about this ship and couldn’t wait to get on board. It’s a beautiful ship and staff was superb. Being a seasoned cruiser on multiple cruise lines, I only have 2 complaints: 1. The shows need improvement 2. Forget Boston, spend extra day in Bermuda instead. Everything else was great. We dined mainly in complementary restaurants and did the steakhouse once. Good food and service. The hotdog truck at the sports complex was a nice treat. Kids did roller skating but somehow missed bumper cars. The I—Fly was amazing, book it the moment you get on the ship because it fills up quickly. Also, make sure you book North Star, the views above the ship are amazing. We got lucky and were given time when we were docked in Bermuda. We also purchased Deluxe Beverage Package, I think it’s worth the money at least for us. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2019
I took my teen son on this cruise from Bayonne during the NYC Schools spring break. It was just the two of us -- my husband had to work. We shared a twin bedded balcony cabin on the 11 deck, midship. On arrival our beds were not ... Read More
I took my teen son on this cruise from Bayonne during the NYC Schools spring break. It was just the two of us -- my husband had to work. We shared a twin bedded balcony cabin on the 11 deck, midship. On arrival our beds were not separated but our cabin steward took care of this while we explored the ship in the afternoon. I'd already booked the bogo for dinners before boarding so we had dinner on night one at Chops and night two at Jaime's. Both meals were good and service was good but a downside was that the teen meet/greet was this first night and at the same time as our dinner. My son never did make friends on board and I felt badly that I did not know in advance that this was going to happen. I would have scheduled the meal much earlier. We did have a strange thing happen at Chops. The waiter could not answer a simple question about the wine. He was unwilling to find me someone who could answer my question. I ultimately did not order the wine. I mentioned it to a ship services person and someone from restaurant services tracked me down at Jaime's to answer the question. I also got a call in my cabin the next day from someone else making sure my question was answered. It was a little overkill but I wouldn't have said no to a glass of wine, which I didn't get. We went to our standing res. at the main dining room on night 3. Everything was great but the waiter, busboy and restaurant manager for our section gave me grief about not coming to the main dining room on nights 1 and 2. I had to apologize. It was strange. The ship should notify the main dining room when passengers have other reservations. It should not come as a surprise .. we are all on the same ship. On night 4 we had dinner in Wonderland and enjoyed it a lot. We enjoyed the shows -- and yes some shows were postponed due to the rocky seas -- better that than someone get hurt. I watched another performance from two of the singers instead. Great voices. We Will Rock You was terrific and we even went back to see the ending a second time. There are so many activities on board -- particularly great for active kids and teens. I really liked that there were so many music venues on board in addition to all the shows. Small complaint that there is no proper library on board. While there is a place marked library -- when I got there -- there was a group playing mah jong -- which is fine but not quiet. Also -- there is piped ship music going on and no doors on the space so at one point there was teens running through. We did have some rough weather and two sick passengers. It's unfortunate but nothing that could be helped. I was glad we both started taking bonine two days in advance of the cruise and were both fine but heard others that were not prepared or fine. In Bermuda we took the $7 one way shuttle to the horseshoe bay beach .. We both got sunburned... the water was cold but not too cold and we were in it quite a bit ... Temps were in the low 70's but the sun is strong! We walked past the crowds to the less crowded beaches and even further to where there were less than 5 people. We had lunch from the counter there and took the shuttle back to the ship. The next day we stayed in the area and explored the storefronts and the little beach there. In Boston we booked the ship's excursion on the Old Town Trolley but because the immigration time had changed due to a later arrival -- our excursion left without us. I'm still not sure how that happened as we were repeatedly told to move everything forward an hour and our immigration time was at 9 -- so we went closer to 10 - which was the time the announcement called us there. It only took 15 minutes but when we went to the meeting place for the excursion (and met another family that had done the same), there was no one there. We went outside and were told that the last trolley left at 10am. I'm guessing that those other folks just skipped the immigration processing? Not sure what to make of it. The cruise rep took our tickets and promised a refund before we got back to the ship -- and he delivered. We walked to the make shift sales tent from Old Town Trolley and bought tickets directly and got on a trolley within 5 minutes. We stayed on board for a couple of hours and then walked to the north end for pizza and cannoli. The ship will not allow you to bring back unwrapped food so don't be like the many other folks who brought backed baked goods and had to dump them at the security desk. I knew better but many did not ... They've complained on the boards and I expect reviews to come may include that info here. Granted the ship could do a better job of reminding people that they can't bring fresh food on board -- but I googled, can I bring baked goods on board the ship -- and easily found this info. Getting off the ship was a breeze as we'd already done immigration in Boston. Yes, we arrived the night before and while another reviewer complained -- we were told it was due to a sick passenger who needed to get off board asap. An ambulance met the ship on Friday night. When we pulled in I got the most beautiful pictures of the Verrazano Bridge and the NYC skyline at night. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2019
About me: Family of 4 (11, 14 y.o. girls) Parking-took our own car and purchased a weekly parking for Bayonne Parking lot (10 minutes away from the port). Parking lot cost us about $110 plus tips for 7 nights and it provided free ... Read More
About me: Family of 4 (11, 14 y.o. girls) Parking-took our own car and purchased a weekly parking for Bayonne Parking lot (10 minutes away from the port). Parking lot cost us about $110 plus tips for 7 nights and it provided free shuttle to the port. It was convenient for us to get to from Brooklyn, NY. Registration-lines were going quickly, workers directed people efficiently and we were on the ship maybe in less then 20 minutes. Population: They said there were 1,400 kids during this April spring break cruise. Majority were families with kids. Food in windjammer-this was the biggest let down when compared to previous sailings on royal Caribbean. The food was cooked fine, however, the selection of food was cheap, and our family had hard time choosing what we want. Stayed two nights for indian and asian theme for dinner at windjammer during port days as we were hungry and didn't feel like waiting at the restaurant and again a big disappointment. Very little to no selection of higher quality seafood, and there were no shrimps at all at buffet for lunch or dinner that we went. For breakfast, had to wait for popular items like hash brown and long wait for made to order eggs. Food at "Grande" restaurant-the choices were amazing with greater variety of more expensive food. Lobster night, tiger shrimp night, and shrimp cocktails were amazing. Every night there was few repeating items that we liked such as french onion soup, cheesecake. Food at specialty restaurant "Wonderland"-the service, the unique food experience exceeded my expectations. Activities on board-Lines, lines and more lines. 1.5 to wait for one minute of bumper car ride. 2 hours wait for 30 minute session of roller skating. When we went to book north star, escape room and iFly on the first day at 1 pm everything was booked. This was a huge disappointment on the first day of vacation as it was the main reason why I chose this ship is for its activities. We were lucky to get iFly during port day in Boston which conflicted with our plans to go out and explore. But we pulled through it and did the best that we could. I truly felt disappointed of experiencing all the activities on the ship, as they always were accompanied with waiting, shoving, people skipping lines and stress. Shops/casino-nice variety of shops to walk around and explore. Casino was as usual. Shows-were cancelled for first 2 days due to rocky weather, however they did repeat the shows and re-booked it for people. The weird thing is that they did not check the reservation at the door. Guess what happened? Overcrowding, not enough seats, angry people. They tried to seat everyone, however, people left upset and pissed. I didn't not find the two main singers of "spectra cabaret" talented, but theme, costumes and use of the stage was unique. Fell in love with "we will rock you" show, as the singers, costumes and dancing was top notch. Was amazed is that all dancers, sang as well. "The gift" was pleasant to watch too. Comedians were doing same jokes as on other sailings, about the toilet, farting, weight gain etc. Silent party-cool and unique. I experienced it for first time. My girls loved it. Burmuda-weather is beautiful for walking and exploring, but water was freezing (would say in 60s). People were swimming, so was I, but it took a lot of courage to submerse yourself. We took taxi ($30 for 4) to Horseshoe beach, which had no spots to lay a towel, the frustration came to me again. So we took our stuff and walked along the beach, onto the trial, through the rocks, through the woods, through the lawn (about 15 min walk) to a beautiful small secluded, no people beach. Vacation at last, I thought. Second day we did beach next to the ship (5$ entrance fee), did standing boogie board $20 an hour, they also had jet ski, and kayaks at reasonable price. Again water was too cold for swimming. Miniature golf at the same location was also an option for a fee. Boston-immigration inspection!!! 6,000 + people going through the customs before leaving ship for port in Boston. MORE lines, angry people and chaos. Took us about 30 minutes to go through the check. cold again with wind. We booked trolley tour for $150 for 4 ppl, which i though was a waste of money. An hour and 1/2 with traffic and continuous rebuilding sites, I didnt find this excursion interesting. Should of done aquarium, boston tea party museum or freedom trail, which was 2-3 walk-able miles from the port. iFly-30 second-1 minute (felt very short) but was amazing, with good instructions and safety as number one priority. Staff-waiters at buffet and restaurant, room steward were polite, generously welcoming and seemed to be eager to help. From previous cruises experience, the head of all waiters in main restaurant greeted us every dinner, not his cruise though. With 5 dinners, he only greeted us once, and when we had a question about upcoming port he said to ask cruise services desk. Really? This was the first time that the head waiter did not attempt to find out the answer for us. After that we saw him coming up to specific tables with older couples but not to tables with kids and families. I believe his name was Juan. The waiter and assistant waiter for our table though were kind and amazing. Pools-bleach, bleach and more bleach to the point where we couldn't sit in Jacuzzi at Solarium, nor indoor pool due to scorching pain the caused eyes to be teary. I had to get out and spend time on the chair to open my eyes again. Then I said to myself, no more jacuzzi and I will go to 3 tier pool. I step inside and its freezing cold. Really!!!! The anger and disappointment rushed through me again. My kids 11, 14 refused to use the pool even once due to overcrowding and enormous amounts of bleach in the pools. Medical emergencies-2 life threatening emergencies happened on this cruise, but did not effect our family's vacation in any way. But they closed casinos and shops on the last night. Disembarkation-quick and painless without needing to go through customs, with free shuttle back to our parking lot. Read Less
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