Sail Date: May 2019
I’m careful with my reviews because I read them carefully prior to booking and my hope is always the same, people that write point out the good as well as the bad. We have been in 17 cruises, with 5 different cruise lines. Nine of these ... Read More
I’m careful with my reviews because I read them carefully prior to booking and my hope is always the same, people that write point out the good as well as the bad. We have been in 17 cruises, with 5 different cruise lines. Nine of these cruises have been in a Norwegian ship. The various cruises were on Norwegian, carnival, Princess, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean ships. The truth be told although most would think the same quality from ship to ship, and my guess possibly what the cruise line strives for, it’s just not the case. This review is regarding Norwegian cruises, specifically the Escape. As you will see I rated it excellent and do so with sincerity. We have taken cruises on the following Norwegian cruise ships, Escape, Breakaway, Dawn, Gem, Epic, and Pearl. There are and will always be a few hiccups so to speak on any vacation regardless of how taken. It’s not so much that a problem develops, what’s of more importance is how any issues are handled. The staff, Chiefs and management aboard the Escape far exceed that of all the other Norwegian ships we have been on. My wife as well as I have a variety of medical issues, all of which have the potential of ruined vacation if care is not taken by staff to assure cleanliness in the room of dust, sanitation throughout the ship to assure colds and illness isn’t spread but my wife having a major Gluten allergy Chiefs and waiter staff assuring foods are prepared and handled avoiding any chance of cross contamination. Entering the Escape a food service manager is assigned to any and all vacationers to assure food is handed in strick compliance. Regardless of so many areas of a ship to eat, anytime a key card is swiped in a food area, that supervisor somehow responds to the area to assure no mistakes are made. Although I’m sure many that cruise are aware this is done on other ships as well as other Norwegian lines... None are as careful as those on the Escape. In fairness, any ship can be just lucky or have a bad day. But with 5 cruises now on the Escape, each cruise on this ship has actually improved and a few supervisors as well as managers have kinda got to recognize us. Chiefs and food service staff routinely add to our experience by sending gluten free items/treats to the room for my wife to enjoy. Only drawback we have found on Norwegian is entertainment. Because we cruise so often on this cruise line, there is a bit of redundancy on shows. For example, although a great show, the magician dinner show has been running for over s year on this same ship. This being said for those similar to us that cruise often and enjoy a particular ship, we lose out on entertainment because after seeing several times it gets old. So my suggestion to Norwegian staff is IF they are going to keep a show or act for any extended period of time, that show should be updated with new material. For a magician I would think this would be easy to do, why it’s not done beats me. I would think after a year doing exactly the same thing would get old on the magician as well. Same goes with the Newly or not so newly wed show. How hard would it be to change up the questions asking guests called up to participate? I realize this is being a little critical of a ship I’m rating 5 stars, but Hope is someone in management looks over this review as well and possibly consider what I’m saying as a easy way to make trips even more enjoyable for others like us that cruise 3-5 times a year and are regulars on their ships. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
The service was excellent, the food was excellent, and we loved having 2 1/2 days at Bermuda vs the usual 8 hour port call. I would easily give this cruise 4 or maybe 5 stars if not for one thing. The number of elevators on the Escape ... Read More
The service was excellent, the food was excellent, and we loved having 2 1/2 days at Bermuda vs the usual 8 hour port call. I would easily give this cruise 4 or maybe 5 stars if not for one thing. The number of elevators on the Escape is completely inadequate for the number of passengers. This may sound like a minor gripe, but it is a serious problem. You can easily wait 10 minutes or more at non-peak times before an already packed elevator stops with barely enough room for you to cram yourself in. At peak times such as embarkation and disembarkation, it gets worse. Much worse. I was travelling with someone with limited mobility, so taking the stairs was simply not an option. Even if you are healthy enough for the stairs, do you really want to run up and down 10+ floors of stairs multiple times a day? This is not how I envisioned my vacation, nor will I spend a vacation this way again. This was my 4th cruise. The previous 3 were on Carnival. I hoped Norwegian would be a more upscale experience than Carnival, and in some ways it was. The cabin bathrooms were far superior to Carnival. Also we did not wait a minute before being seated in any of the dining rooms for a meal. Also kudos to Norwegian for the kids activities. Our 11 year old wanted to be at the kids club pretty much 24 hours a day. Not really sure what they were doing in there, but I don't really care either. If everyone in your party is young and healthy, you could have a great time on the Escape. But do not book this boat if you have anyone who doesn't want to run stairs like a high school track star. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
If you are a complete novice to cruising and were to read some of the reviews here for this ship you might come away thinking that the cabins are all filthy, the crew all have a chip on their shoulder, the food is substandard even by ... Read More
If you are a complete novice to cruising and were to read some of the reviews here for this ship you might come away thinking that the cabins are all filthy, the crew all have a chip on their shoulder, the food is substandard even by cafeteria standards, the entertainment is poor, the ship is packed to the gills with rude passengers and children are all running amuck. This absolutely is not the case. Although there might be a kernel of truth to some of the negative statements you will read in these ship reviews, one must take them with a grain of salt and always keep in mind that everyone has their biases, myself included, and tend to be more hypersensitive to the things that annoy them most. The underlying truth is that a vacation aboard the NCL Escape is a wonderful experience. In this review I will try to remain as objective as possible and give tips where I can. Understand that my rating of 3-stars is not a negative assessment of the Escape or her crew. It is merely a neutral rating, meaning I rate the Escape as average especially when I compare the ship against other cruises and other lines on which I have sailed. I have set this review up with headers to make it easier for you to skip those things that are not of interest to you. SHIP BACKGROUND: Make no mistake, the NCL Escape is a really BIG ship. As of 2019 it is the 14th largest cruise ship in the world! The Escape is similar to the Breakaway and her sister ships in physical layout, but had additional cabins added to make her a “Breakaway-Plus” class ship. Whereas the Breakaway accommodates 3,963 passengers (and a crew of 1,657) the Escape accommodates 4,266 passengers (and a crew of 1,733). This does not include third or fourth passenger occupants (often children) in a cabin. On our voyage, for example, the total passenger headcount was 4,829. A ship of this size is NOT for everyone, regardless of the itinerary; bigger is not always better. So my first tip is to do your homework before booking any ship and select the one that is right for you. OUR BACKGROUND: This review is for the Escape’s cruise of May 5-12, 2019. To understand our perspective, on this voyage there was my wife (50+) and myself (60+). It was our ninth cruise overall, third time on Norwegian, and our fourth time to Bermuda. One of our sons (27) joined us for this trip. It was his third cruise overall, second time on NCL and first time to Bermuda. NYC CRUISE TERMINALS: There are three cruise terminals serving the NYC market: Manhattan (serves Norwegian, Carnival and Holland America), Brooklyn (serves Princess and Cunard) and Bayonne, NJ (serves Celebrity and Royal Caribbean). Unless you live in NYC, the Manhattan terminal is probably the most difficult and most costly to access. Parking is available at the pier for $40/day but it is limited. If the parking garage is full there are other garages in the area, but these can come at an even heftier price. If you are coming from nearby points in NY, NJ, PA, or CT my recommendation is to price out other options than parking at the pier. Oftentimes the convenience of not having to drive into Manhattan is worth the extra cost. For comparison purposes, we used YELP! to get 12 quotes from Hunterdon County, NJ to NYC. The totals we found (for fare + tips + tolls) ranged from $183 to $319 each way, with most in the $225 range, so be sure to shop around. As a tip, if you are driving yourself to the piers, leave sufficient time to find a parking garage. It may be easier for you to park first and wheel your luggage to a porter, rather than using the curb side luggage drop off and then going in search of parking. Also, if you do not have EZPass, expect high tolls on all of the tunnels, bridges and turnpike approaches so have sufficient “toll money” available. EMBARKATION: Embarkation was slow, painfully slow, the slowest we have ever experienced on any cruise. We arrived at the NY Cruise Ship Terminal at 11:30 AM. We did not step foot aboard the ship until 1:10 PM. Almost all of that time was spent standing in queue to check in, after having quickly gone through security. Considering passengers are supposed to complete their preboarding on-line, I do not know what took so long. What I noticed was that many of the guests who were taking 10 – 15 – 20 minutes or longer with a boarding agent were non-US citizens (judging from the color of their passports) and probably had additional paperwork to fill out. There really needs to be a separate line to assist these individuals. Once onboard the muster drill at 3:30 is definitely a congested event. This is amplified at the conclusion of the drill when everyone heads for an elevator at the same time. (And as noted in other reviews, this ship does not have any elevators midships, so everyone is crowded fore and aft.) My tip is that if you are capable of walking at least 4 flights of stairs, take the stairs to Deck 8, go outside, and enjoy the views while the lines thin out. It will easily save you a half-hour wait for an elevator. On this cruise, just prior to the muster drill the Captain announced that our departure was being delayed from 4:00 PM until 6:30 PM due to some heavy weather that had passed through and was currently in the ocean. This was fine; I am sure he did not want a repeat of the incident from a few months ago when this same ship encountered unexpected 125 mph winds offshore. But I suspect there was more to it than just weather since, at 5 PM, I could see the forklifts on the dock were still loading massive amounts of luggage onboard. Nice try. Norwegian, but there was no way that was all getting onboard had we left at 4 PM as scheduled. CABIN: Our cabin was a forward balcony, 10730. It was sufficiently large for 3 adults, as the couch was made into a 3rd bed for my son to use. There are no drawers in this stateroom, but ample storage on the shelves in the closet assuming you stow your empty luggage under the bed. Our steward, Reggie, did a great job of keeping the room clean. He recognized that there were 3 of us in the room so brought in an extra chair for the balcony and, at my request, also brought in a dozen extra hangers for the closet. The bathroom in these cabins is large by cruise ship standards with plenty of space to store toiletries. The shower stall is enclosed with a curved Plexiglas door rather than a shower curtain, which is nice. It is also well lit. PASSENGERS: For our cruise the average age of the passengers was probably 30-something. There were a lot of young couples pushing toddlers in strollers and more school-age children than I would have expected. (I guess pulling your child out of school for a week in May is no longer as big of a deal as it used to be.) There were very few teenage/college age kids on this cruise, since most schools were still in session. I suspect that once school is out for the summer this ratio will change dramatically and the Escape will take on the air of a being either a summer camp or a party ship. So buyer beware when booking your cruise dates, especially if you are looking for a quiet voyage, and consider Bermuda in the months of April/May and September/October. CREW: The crew was remarkable; friendly and hard working. Practically everyone we encountered or passed in the hallway smiled, said hello, and offered us a “good day” greeting. And for the few who did not, my take on it is not that they were being rude or unfriendly but that either they were preoccupied with some other task at hand or were not as well versed in English to respond appropriately. As a passenger, my advice to anyone is to remember that a cruise is only as much fun as you make it. So just smile and say “Hi” to everyone you meet. After all, you are on vacation – so act like it. You will be surprised at how pleasant everyone can be to you in return. One weak note, in our opinion the Cruise Director Jacky was AWOL for the most part. We never saw him anywhere other than in the main theatre, and even there he never had much of a presence. I can remember cruise directors by name from 10 years ago who were engaging, humorous, and generally fun. I will not remember Jacky in even a few weeks. FREESTYLE CRUISING: In general, we are huge fans of Freestyle cruising. Not having set dining times, set seating, or a formal night (and therefore not having to pack a suit and tie to play dress up) is perfect for us. I believe some people have taken the notion too far, however, and are “too free” with their wardrobe choices. NCL is not doing anything to turn people away from the MDRs who are not appropriately dressed in “resort casual”. For example, we had a passenger sitting near us in the Manhattan room wearing a Patriots football jersey, cut off shorts, and a Boston baseball cap (backwards). Not appropriate. It was not uncommon to see t-shirts instead of collared polo shirts and flip-flops instead of topsiders. These are fine for the Garden Café, but a little too casual for one of the MDRs. And there was even one woman sitting at the table next to us smoking an eCigarette – something that is not supposed to be permitted. Come on Norwegian – police yourself better before you ruin a good thing. As it is, NCL has changed a lot in the last few years and not in a good way; it now feels more like a Carnival ship. DINING: The food aboard the Escape was good, but not “OMG – WOW” good. There was no lobster night in any of the MDRs, and prime rib was not on the menu until the last evening. Nor were there any of the traditional “cold fruit soups” on any of the menus. I found it interesting that the repeating classic fare – that is, the menu items that are available every night – did not include the customary salmon dish. Instead, the repeating seafood entrée was breaded flounder. I think this is an indication of NCL cutting back on expenses and going with a cheaper selection of meals. Food is always a matter of personal taste, and for us we often found the meals were lacking “something”. That may have been a soup that was missing seasoning, an appetizer that should have included a sauce to moisten it up, or a dessert that needed more zing. Again, none of the food was bad, but none of it stood out on this cruise as being superior. Perhaps the best item on the entire ship was the honey crème brûlée on the first night; that was indeed delicious. On the other end of the scale, the worst food item was probably what NCL tried to pass off as pizza. The crust was so thin and hard that the pizza tasted more like tomato sauce and cheese on a cracker. I am sorry, but if you are serving the NY/NJ market you better have a darn good pizza on your ship’s menu. And please, serving French Fries in the MDR on a plate that calls for mashed potatoes or a baked potato is just being cheap. It was nice to see NCL does have nighttime snacks available in the Garden Café from 9:30-11:30 each night. This is something that was missing on the Breakaway during its inaugural season. Aside from that, breakfast and lunch in the Garden Café did not vary their daily choices by very much. The food was fine, but not outrageously spectacular. The most noticeable issue we had with the whole dining experience was its inconsistency. A sit-down lunch in Taste/Savor took about 1 ½ hours. Dinner in the Manhattan room took about 2 hours. Much of this time was spent idly waiting to be served. One person would seat you, 10 minutes later another person would take your order, and 20 minutes later a third person would begin to serve you. Often that third person mixed up the orders at the table (no big deal), but on more than one occasion they started to serve us a meal meant for another table. We would always order 4 items from the dinner menu: an appetizer, a soup, a salad and an entrée. We expected these to be served in sequence but again, on more than one occasion, we were served the appetizer, soup and salad all at the same time. That is poor service. Of course, an Assistant Maître-D’ would always come around and ask how things were. We did not complain about the minor slips, it was not worth it. But they do build up in your mind after a while and lower your overall impression of the service. NCL probably should spend a little more time working on training their dining room staff. The running joke we had throughout the cruise was that no one on the ship knew how to fill the simplest order – that of after-meal tea and coffee. This was not limited to dinner only, or to just the Manhattan room. It occurred at breakfast, lunch and dinner in all of the complimentary restaurants. My wife and I always order a pot of tea, each, with a small pitcher of milk, each, and our son ordered coffee. For seven days we received every possible permutation of that order except the correct thing. We usually were served only 1 pot of tea for the two of us, sometimes with one cup, sometimes with two cups (for a table of 3), sometimes with 1 milk for the entire table, sometimes with no milk, sometimes with 1 teabag, sometimes with 3 teabags (already in the pot!). The worst was one night when we were served 1 pot of tea and 1 cup for my wife and me to share. We could not get a waiter’s attention, so my son rinsed out his coffee cup at the table with a glass of drinking water and we reused that. Again, this is poor service. As a few additional, random thoughts on dining, the food portions in O’Sheehan’s seemed to be more generous than in the MDRs. And the Garden Café offers both hard ice cream and soft self-serve cones. That is nice. RECREATION: Recreational activities are pretty standard for NCL. There are 2 shuffle board courts, a bocci court, a basketball court, the ropes course, water slides, pools, a kiddie-zone and a miniature golf course. Caution – the two zip lines from the rope course go over the mini golf course and, if the rail is wet from rain, drip lubricant in the wind. My guess is that it is an environmentally friendly substance and not petroleum based, as it did wash out of my white polo shirt after much scrubbing. But we all were instantly covered in dozens of spots. Judging from the amount of dried black spots on the railing on Deck 8 and on the lifeboat davits on the starboard side as well, NCL is well-aware of the problem but has done nothing to warn its guests. ENTERTAINMENT: Entertainment was hit or miss. The highlight of the cruise is the show Choir of Man. It is a lively hour of entertainment set in a British Pub atmosphere. There is singing, dancing, and audience involvement. And the best part is that the “pub” opens about 15 minutes before the show starts, during which the entire audience in the theatre is invited onstage for a free beer and to mingle with the cast. The low point of the cruise entertainment is the show After Midnight. This is a plotless hour of song and dance that is supposed to be a tribute to the jazz music of Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club in Harlem during the 1920s-1930s. The cast was talented, no question about it, but we are talking music that is nearly 100 years old. It was quite boring. Some of the audience loved it; we did not. In fact, this is the first time I have seen a show at sea that I would have walked out on it had we been in an aisle seat. Yes, it was that bad. The other shows in the theatre included a welcome show on the first night that was a forgettable sample of the acts for the week to come, a comic-magician who was entertaining, and a comedian who was not funny (we skipped the theatre show having seen him perform in one of the clubs the night before and not having laughed once for his entire set). Some of the best entertainment on the ship is to simply pop into Headliners for a few minutes to sit and listen to the piano duo referred to as Howl at the Moon. PUBLIC AREAS: During the muster drill and around the pool deck on sea days the ship definitely felt congested. Also, any time there was an activity in the Atrium getting through that area could sometimes be a challenge. Other than that, the public areas on the ship merely felt crowded, especially during peak periods – such as dinner time or when a show was getting out. There are plenty of public places to go to escape the swarms of passengers; you just have to find them. Our favorite spot was the stern on Deck 8 or walking around the Waterfront. SHIP IN GENERAL: Considering that ship’s hull art is by marine artist Guy Harvey, I would have expected that the exterior marine life theme would have been carried forward to the interior motif. It has not, and that is a big disappointment. Staircase landings are all adorned with mirrors rather than art. (Why no Guy Harvey murals, NCL? You commissioned him to do the outside of the ship, why not the inside, too?) In fact, the mini golf theme is urban ghetto. I kid you not. The putt-putt course is made to look like the roof top of tenement apartments, complete with graffiti style lettering proclaiming itself as ‘Roof Top Golf’. It was totally out of place on this ship. The grotto on Deck 17 in the Spice H2O area is nice, and adults only. So it is another place to get away from the children onboard if so desired. Enrichment activities are numerous throughout the voyage, but typical of what you would find on any cruise line. I cannot complain though; as a result of the raffle for attending the seminar on wrist watches I won a $900 (MSRP) watch that I gave to my son. Sweet. One of the disappointments with the Escape is the gift shop. My wife and I collect shot glasses from all of our cruises. On this ship there was virtually no NCL branded merchandise at all. No shot glasses, no mugs, no Christmas ornaments, no pewter refrigerator magnets, nothing. When I inquired about this I was told, “Well, we used to have it, but nothing has been sent for a while.” Someone in the NCL marketing department definitely has dropped the ball. Likewise, we were never given our Latitude Rewards Member ship pins by our steward, as has been the case on previous cruises. I did obtain one each for the three of us, but only after I went down to the Service Desk and asked for them. BERMUDA: We have been to this Island nation multiple times now and look forward to going back again many more times. Prices have gone up, but the residents are still friendly and helpful. By way of a few price points, gasoline was $2.19/liter (i.e., $8.29/gallon). Rum Cakes at Dockyard are $18 apiece for the small size. The National Museum of Bermuda is $15/pp admission. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is still the best buy on the island at $2.50/pp admission to climb up to the top. And the 75-minute jet ski tour (of which my son raved) is $145 for a single. Transportation costs are another matter that needs closer discussion, so let me do that separately. BERMUDA TRANSPORTATION: Transportation fares in Bermuda have steadily risen over the past few years, to the point where it takes a little bit of math to figure what is the best value based on one’s personal plans. The island is divided into 14 zones and has two basic fares: one for a trip of 3 zones or less and one for anything greater than that (called a 14-zone fare). As a rule of thumb figure anything you do (Dockyard to Hamilton, St. Georges to Hamilton, Dockyard to the south shore beaches, etc.) is going to be a 14-zone fare. A one-way fare is $5 cash. Tokens are offered at a reduced fare of $4.50. Day passes are offered for 1-Day ($19), 2-Day ($31.50) and 3-Day ($44). Figure that unless you plan to get on a different bus/ferry more than 4 times on any given day, the tokens are your best bet. Tokens or passes can be purchased in Dockyard right on the pier at the shack made from a reconditioned cargo container or at the visitor information building. They cannot be purchased in advance over the internet or on the ship. Please note that the most economical fare is to purchase a book of 15-stamps for $37.50. These can be shared within your group. Unfortunately, the Bermuda Transportation Department is no dummy – these books cannot be purchased at Dockyard, nor can they be purchased in advance. If you want to use them to save a few dollars you will need to first pay for a token to take a ferry from Dockyard to Hamilton and then buy your book of stamps there to use for the rest of your stay. For most people, this extra effort is not worth the savings. Norwegian offers a complimentary ferry service to St. George and back. This is the most economical way to go especially if you plan your day to do St. George in the morning and then stay around Dockyard in the afternoon to visit the shops, the National Museum of Bermuda, or perhaps take a water sport excursion. There are also private mini buses that leave right from the pier in Dockyard and follow the #7 bus route to Horseshoe Bay Beach. These shuttles are like taxis and charge a flat rate of $14/pp round trip. This is $5 more than the public buses, but the added convenience of being taken “down the hill” to the beach might appeal to some people. The new public bus schedule for 2019 has buses leaving Hamilton for Dockyard, and Dockyard for Hamilton, every 30 minutes. The posted schedule is for the starting point, which is not so helpful if you are standing at a beach stop somewhere along the route. There are no scheduled times for any of these other stops. The entire end-to-end trip is listed as taking 62 minutes, but it can be longer or shorter depending on how many times the bus stops to load or unload passengers. Therefore, even if you know when a bus should be passing a certain point, unless you get to the bus stop early it is likely you will miss the bus and will have to wait 30 minutes for the next one. The posted time for the #7 buses to start their run from Clock Tower Mall at Dockyard heading to Hamilton is at 10 minutes before the hour and 20 minutes after the hour. As a tip to help you remember when to catch the bus on your return ride, this is approximately the same time that a bus heading the opposite way from Hamilton to Dockyard will pass Horseshoe Bay Beach. DISEMBARKATION: A lot has been written in recent reviews about how chaotic disembarkation from the Escape has been in NYC. Although we did not find it to be chaotic, we did find it to be long. Here is our experience. Shortly after departing Bermuda on Friday, one of the ship’s TV channels started airing information about the disembarkation procedure for Sunday morning. Passengers were instructed to pick up color-coded tags by the Customer Service Desk. These included the tags for your luggage if you wanted to set them outside your cabin on Saturday night as well as tags if you wanted to do self-assisted walk off. For self-assist the first block of time was Green (7:45-8:00 AM) followed by Orange (8:00 -8:30 AM) and Brown (8:30 – 9:00 AM). There are then 7 additional colors/times for guests who leave their luggage outside their cabins the night before, with embarkation starting at 9:00 AM and the last group leaving at 10:10 AM. There was no other announcement about these tags. My tip is to get to the desk early on Friday afternoon if you have a specific window in mind that you want to exit. By the time we stopped by the desk after dinner on Friday the only self-assist tags that were left were green. This was fine for us as we wanted to be in the first group to leave anyway, but keep this in mind if you are looking for a later time. The tags go first come, first served. The ship docked in NYC around 6:00 AM on Sunday. We ate a quick breakfast in the Garden Café at 6, did a final check of our cabin, grabbed our luggage and went down to Deck 6 forward at 6:45 AM. At that time the line to exit the ship through the door nearest the theatre already stretched through O’Sheehan’s back to the chandelier midships. (The length of this line will make more sense to you once you are actually onboard.) A 2nd line also formed on Deck 6 aft from the exit near Taste/Savor back towards the chandelier from the opposite direction. As you may have read in other reviews, there are no midship elevators, a major design flaw on this class of ships, so these are your only options. We stood in line until 7:45; 1 full hour. I can only imagine how long the two lines were by that time or what confusion existed if you were trying to get on one. For this reason, my recommendation is – if you are doing self-assist then get in line as early as possible and be prepared to wait. There was no announcement on the PA that disembarkation had begun. It just suddenly started to move at 7:45 on the dot. We exited the ship fairly quickly at that point, but then needed to walk the entire length of the pier from the bow to the stern, outside in the rain, only to meet up with the other embarkation line that was exiting nearest the stern. These two lines merged and funneled into the cruise terminal. My tip is to get on the embarkation line in the rear of the ship to start with. Once inside the terminal we took our luggage down an escalator, through the warehouse where all of the other luggage was arranged for those passengers getting off at a later time, and through the winding queue to the Custom’s officials. Custom forms are no longer required unless you have over $800 in purchases to declare. We were out of the building and on the curb, in the rain, at 8:05. So, figure it took us 20 minutes to go from ship to curb once we actually started moving. Those behind us obviously took longer. CLOSING THOUGHTS: In summary, as I stated at the beginning, a vacation cruise aboard the NCL Escape is a wonderful experience. The crew is great and there is more than enough to keep anyone busy day and night for the full the week. Bermuda is a gorgeous port of call and having three days/two nights in port gives you a lot of time to explore. The NCL Escape itself, however, is not for everyone because of its size and volume of passengers. The overall dining and entertainment experience is about average for any of the mainstream cruise lines; not the best, certainly not the worst. I would not hold back recommending it but would simply add the caveat to do your homework before booking and go in with your eyes wide open. Thank you. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
My family and I went to Bermuda on the 5/5/19 sailing on the Escape. It was our 3rd cruise with Norwegian and our second cruise with NCL to Bermuda. The first one was on the Breakaway. We love the island and enjoy the trip. We have ... Read More
My family and I went to Bermuda on the 5/5/19 sailing on the Escape. It was our 3rd cruise with Norwegian and our second cruise with NCL to Bermuda. The first one was on the Breakaway. We love the island and enjoy the trip. We have also together on RCL as well as Carnival. We were in a balcony cabin on the 9th deck. Pros - The ship was clean and seemingly well maintained. - The staff was very friendly and engaging. Everyone that I encountered was exceedingly nice. It made me feel wanted. - The Choir of Man is a fantastic show. Best show I've seen on a ship or land. - The washy washy team was great - The senior F&B team was very visible and interactive the whole week - The embarkation and disembarkation process was smooth and orderly - While shows booked nearly instantaneously upon entering the ship, we were successful in getting seats via the standby process. - Smoking areas were restricted which was nice. - The Captain decided to take a different route out to the Bahamas which seemingly reduced the motion. The Celebrity cruise the same week went direct and in talking with people on that ship it was very rocky for the whole duration. Cons - The room steward was not attentive. We never met him on day one and when we departed the room we left a note asking for him to split the beds. That never happened and at 9:00 when we called directly to request the change his response was..."Right Now"? - There was no body lotion or bar of soap in the bathroom, trash was left day over day, no bottle of wine as a latitudes member, just no communication at all. - We booked two rooms as we had 5 people. We put the majority of onboard purchases on my account simply because I always had it readily available. We came to find out on the last night when we received our bill that we had $150 of onboard credit on the other room. I specifically asked my cruise consultant if we had any OBC and he said no. And NCL never let us know either. It was very frustrating to see that we had to return that OBC and pay on another account. - The internet was very slow. This was expected but still a con. - The shows and dinner reservations booked very fast on day one. The first afternoon many of the best times were taken and shows completely booked. It was frustrating. But see pro above as we were successful in going standby and not having long waits for dining. But we never seemed to be able to get good seats as a result. - The food in the main dining halls was very average. Very little seafood available and the nicer steaks were just ok. - Wait times to get seated in a dining room were ok, but once seated the dining process was quite long. It took me over 20 minutes to get a coke. In summary, Bermuda is one of my favorite places on earth. Cruising out is a great way to take advantage of a nice ship and have great availability to the islands for 3 days. I had enjoyed my previous cruises on NCL much more and developed an affinity for the brand. While I intend to cruise again, I am not sure that NCL will be my first choice. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2019
There was 3 main rooms to eat.One forgot husbands dinner and order and when he did receive it everyone else was done.They gave him a steak that you couldnt cut never mind eat. The second main room was always late and food never hot and the ... Read More
There was 3 main rooms to eat.One forgot husbands dinner and order and when he did receive it everyone else was done.They gave him a steak that you couldnt cut never mind eat. The second main room was always late and food never hot and the cook was terrible.The 3rd main room was the savor and it wasnt too bad but the food was never hot.So we tried the 3 speciality dinning rooms.The seafood well i had a lopster whole when i ordered the tail.They cooked it on a grill and i couldnt get the meat off the lopster to eat it.Terrible and this was a speciality dinning.The french one was very good and that was the only one that was great. The 3rd one i dont even remember but it was bad food so that will give you an idea of what that was like. They had entertainment good for the teens and that was it.Terrible.The comedy club was so so.Only good thing was the bar and thank god for that or we would of starved.How could they charge what they did when the food was so terrible i dont know.We had a white party and loud music for teens and children no matter what age were allowed till midnight.That ruined it for the adults who wanted to dance and drink.All in all stay away from norweigan any of them.This was my second norweigan ship and never ever again.Hope i did the required amount of letters which is so stupid also Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
All in all the cruise was very nice. My wife and I liked Bermuda the last time we sailed there. Pros: Restaurants were top notch. We had selected the specialty restaurant package last time we cruised, and this time my wife said: ... Read More
All in all the cruise was very nice. My wife and I liked Bermuda the last time we sailed there. Pros: Restaurants were top notch. We had selected the specialty restaurant package last time we cruised, and this time my wife said: "The food and service is so good in the complimentary restaurants, we don't need the specialty restaurant package". Entertainment was great. We only took advantage of a couple of the venues, but they were very entertaining. We attended our first art auction. Mostly because we were curious. There were a couple pieces we could afford, but most was WAY out of our league. Staff was friendly and conscientious. Cabin was a Balcony, and had more than enough room for me and my wife. The shower stall was smaller compared to a mini-suite, but it was sufficient for our needs. Cons: Ship was too big with too many people for us. We will most likely choose a smaller ship next time. At Taste and Savor restaurants, they had salt and pepper mills that looked exactly alike. Sometimes we had a salt and a pepper, but had to try them over a dish first. Sometimes we had two salts, and sometimes we had two peppers. Be careful with the internet if you buy it. You log on using "login" and log off using "logoff". It's usually "login / logout" or "logon / logoff". I made a mistake and burned through a couple hours of my 250 minutes. The friendly internet manager gave it back to me without an argument. Karaoke: They only had one tablet for signing up to sing. There was no list posted for the songs that they had. So you had to search over and over for songs you knew that they didn't have. I have mentioned to them twice that they ought to have loose leaf binders with lists of songs for people to browse before they order. The Cigar Lounge: This is one of the most important amenities for me. I enjoy sitting down in comfort enjoying a fine cigar and I choose Norwegian because many of their ships have indoor Cigar Lounges that are roomy and comfortable. On our last cruise on the Breakaway, the cigar lounge sat next to an indoor bar with a door to the outdoor bar on the deck. Cigarette smokers were allowed to sit at the bar and at the tables to smoke on the deck. They even had a couple of tables fenced off for cigar smokers. On the Escape they changed these rules. So all the cigar and cigarette smokers crowded into the Cigar Lounge taking up all the seats and putting out a smoke load that the air handlers couldn't take care of. On the first night, when I walked in at 9:00 the smoke in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. When I left, my clothes stunk so bad, I designated that outfit as my "smoking outfit" and changed into it each time I wanted to use the Cigar Lounge. It was like this at least half the time when I was in the Cigar Lounge. I felt bad also for the cigarette smokers many of who waved their hand in front of their scrunched up face when they walked in. This was a huge disappointment, and will prompt me to consider other Cruise Lines. If the Cigar Lounge isn't enjoyable, then what's the sense. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
Beautiful ship! The crew was courteous and accommodating. Our cabin steward was wonderful. The entertainment was great. The restaurants; from the Main dining rooms to the Specialty restaurants were fantastic! We absolutely LOVED The ... Read More
Beautiful ship! The crew was courteous and accommodating. Our cabin steward was wonderful. The entertainment was great. The restaurants; from the Main dining rooms to the Specialty restaurants were fantastic! We absolutely LOVED The Manhattan Room; the classy, upscale Main Dining Room! The live entertainment was an added bonus. La Cucina was our favorite specialty restaurant. We had waterfront seating on the second port night. Food was out of this world and the ambience Amazing! The Choir of Man was the BEST show onboard! The cast was High energy, great, talented singers. John McDonnell, the comedian was gut-busting hysterical!! Jacky, The Cruise Director and Jake, Assistant Cruise Director had great personalities and made all activities fun for everyone. A great vacation to the beautiful island of Bermuda! We spent a fun, relaxing day at Horseshoe Bay Beach. We took the free Ferry provided by Norwegian to St. George and had a wonderful day there; historic place with beautiful architecture. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
The cruise experience was less than optimal. First the dining experience. The waiters could not get the orders correct, it was cold and not very tasty. Second, the customer service in the casino was terrible. Very few of the dealers ... Read More
The cruise experience was less than optimal. First the dining experience. The waiters could not get the orders correct, it was cold and not very tasty. Second, the customer service in the casino was terrible. Very few of the dealers engaged in any discussions. They were robots. The public restrooms were disgusting, not clean. Overall the service was average, not remarkable. Members of my family spent a lot of money on this cruise and the value was just not there. The shows booked up immediately so it was a challenge to experience the ship shows. Advice to those book your shows early. Same with excursions. Several of these sold out fast. Last the bingo is a scam. They clearly had a nice turnout but the payouts for the games were significantly less than what they took it. I know they need to make money but they only paid out a fraction of what people paid for the games. I have been on several cruises and the experience as noticeably inferior on the NCL Escape versus other cruise ships. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
Those of you in the New York area should consider yourselves lucky to have access to the NCL Escape and its Bermuda itinerary. This was a great ship and we (my wife and I – ages 59 and 50) experienced a high level of service in almost ... Read More
Those of you in the New York area should consider yourselves lucky to have access to the NCL Escape and its Bermuda itinerary. This was a great ship and we (my wife and I – ages 59 and 50) experienced a high level of service in almost every aspect of our cruise (we are experienced cruisers). Could it be that our extra attention came because of the cruise critic meet and greet, and our personal connections made at that meeting with some executive staff and other cruisers? Maybe, but then again, we talked to more than a few people who found the level of personal service to be excellent. Also, if you are reading this review, you'll probably have joined the cruise critic roll call for your cruise, and you will probably have the opportunity to make the same connections that we did. The food ranges from "good" to "great", where one of the better meals (surprisingly?) was in the MDR (Manhattan room) with a pork belly dish that made our mouths water and compelled us to inquire how they prepared it. Other highlights included well-prepared steaks in Cagneys, a virtual meat-orgy in Moderno that my wife loved so much we had it twice, and the whole experience in Bayamo. The best kept secret (shhhhh! don't tell anyone! You'll spoil it!) is the breakfast area in Margaritaville (one flight up from the buffet - open to everyone!!). If it's not raining (access may be limited in bad weather) head up there to avoid the crowds and you can get made to order omelets and eggs, and a mini-buffet of eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, fruit, cereal and chocolate croissants - among other standard items. O'Sheehans was a great late night option for some good ol' junk food (and it was pretty good). Buffet was good quality, large and had many options and plenty of seating whenever we attended, save for a crowded last day at breakfast (no Margaritaville open at that time). And my wife and I witnessed that if you are a female and enjoy one too many late-night libations, and then happen to pass out at your table in O’Sheehans, a kindly security officer and assistant (one of each sex, smart policy by NCL) will kindly assist you up from the table and up to your room – thankfully, it did not happen to us. :) The talent is great on NCL, and once again, did not disappoint. After Midnight was great, and Choir of Man might have been even better! In fact, the talent playing in most lounges and the DJ’s in the dance bars and for the Glow Party are also high quality. We enjoyed the Howl at the Moon piano bar, although we have seen slightly better performers at this venue on other ships- still had a very good time, though (the female performer who was primarily at the Brewhouse but joined the guys for a few songs was actually the best of the bunch). The Supper Club show we attended was the Knights - a trio that performed a medley of British Male iconic singers - and they were just entertaining enough to make up for the "just slightly better than mediocre" food that came with the show. There’s no way to see everything the ship has to offer in one sailing, and it’s easier if you don’t try! The highlight of Bermuda (for us) was a "Hidden Gems" shore excursion (booked privately) that, while expensive was worth every penny. Cliff diving, cave swimming, spelunking, snorkeling - it had everything and more. Any criticisms I could give would truly be nitpicking (fruit could have been slightly better quality, the apple pie on the ship could use a makeover, and my raspberry crème brulee in Cagney's did not have a crust that "snapped" when I started in on it (still devoured every delicious bit anyway). MDR lunch can be slow sometimes (we never did breakfast here but heard the same). I did notice, however, that a day or two into the cruise the wait staff inquired whether you had dietary or time restrictions in most venues, which were accommodated - so don't be afraid to ask. The casino staff does need improvement, as this is the area I would consider service "spotty" (I personally saw mistakes made by dealers in the bettor's favor two times at UTH - dealer missed seeing he had a flush twice - and I heard about another - and I witnessed one error against the bettor at the craps table where a bet was not pressed properly - so gamblers, be aware). Drink service was also spotty at times in the casino. Some may think mistakes in the bettor's favor is a good thing, but those in the industry would recognize it's an indication of a larger issue. For disembarkation, our flight got moved up, and we had to self-disembark by lugging our luggage off ourselves. I suggest that unless you do one carry-on bag per person, this option will be a major hassle, but this was made bearable for us by Denielle Reyes, who really went above and beyond to make our cruise great. Personal visits by the high-level staff seemed common at many venues – it was one of the more memorable crew experiences we’ve ever had. All-in-all, this was a more than positive vacation experience. I would definitely recommend this ship and its itinerary, and will be sailing NCL again. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2019
We chose the Escape because we like the bigger cruise ships. We live in NJ so leaving from NY couldn't have been any more convenient. We parked right at the terminal. Parking is pricey there but, it couldn't be any easier. We ... Read More
We chose the Escape because we like the bigger cruise ships. We live in NJ so leaving from NY couldn't have been any more convenient. We parked right at the terminal. Parking is pricey there but, it couldn't be any easier. We parked and were on the ship in minutes and when we disembarked we were in our car and home in an hour Our last 4 cruises have been on NCL ships. Free Style cruising is our style. The choices of activities and entertainment are numerous. The Latitudes Program has perks we enjoy. This was our 4th time staying in the Haven Complex on a NCL Ship. I will warn you that you can't turn back once you've been there. The service and amenities are unparalleled. The perks of priority boarding & disembarkation at all ports, private lounge and bar, private pool and hot tubs, private restaurant, and the top notch staff are unbelievable. We've tried to explain the luxury of the experience to our friends. Once you try it you'll be a convert!! Our cabin was a Courtyard Penthouse. Very spacious and clean. Plenty of storage. Jovito and Crisol took amazing care of us. Our cabin was always spotless. The daily treats and canapes were delicious. My husband ordered a Birthday Package for me. The cabin decorations were nicely done and the cake was huge. We ended up sharing the cake with the staff. We ate at Cagney's, Teppanyaki, and Le Bistro as our 3 specialty meals. All were excellent between the abundant food and excellent service. We ventured out to the buffet one day so my husband could get soft serve ice cream. It was fine. Nothing special but, not terrible. We got lunch, my husband had soft serve and we never went back. We ate all of our other meals in the Haven restaurant. I can't say enough positive things about the service and food we got there. Everyone was so pleasant and efficient. Yes, the menu is the same every day but, there are so many choices it doesn't make a difference. Also every night at dinner there is a special. Most of our Bar Time was spent in the private Haven bar. The bartenders were masters of their craft. No drink stumped them and the introduced us to so many new cocktails we had never tried before. If you get the chance, try a Pistachio Martini. I promise you'll love it!! The Choir of Man was amazing!! Don't miss it. We did a Wine and Cheese pairing seminar. Loved it!! The Casino was hot and cold. In the end we didn't lose our shirts:) There were people smoking in there but, I didn't find it unbearable. I can see how it would be a problem for people who are vehemently against smoking. I just didn't find it as dramatic a problem as others have mentioned. Never played Bingo or Deal or No Deal. Not worth the extra money to us. We heard so many bad reviews about After Midnight that we cancelled our reservation and skipped it. The supper club shows didn't really appeal to us so we skipped them as well. Bermuda is a beautiful island. The first day we went on a private tour with Byways Tours. Heidi took us allover the island. She chose the stops and we saw everything we could have wanted. Stops included a beach, private gardens, Fort St. Catherine, the lighthouse, bridges, fish feeding, and the outside aquarium. A picnic lunch is included. We ate a picnic tables by the water. Perfect Day!! The second day we took the free NCL Ferry to St. George. Try to be there around noon for the Dunking Stool Re-enactment. We took the ferry back and wandered around the dockyard a little and shopped. Our final day we took the Local Ferry to Hamilton. Shopped some and then headed back to the ship for a late lunch. The NCL Escape and Bermuda are wonderful!! Read Less
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