Sail Date: August 2005
This was our 11th cruise, first with NCL, and we expected a first class cruise. We were in for many surprises. NCL arranged airport transportation but they were difficult to find once we arrived. They were very disorganized and mixed ... Read More
This was our 11th cruise, first with NCL, and we expected a first class cruise. We were in for many surprises. NCL arranged airport transportation but they were difficult to find once we arrived. They were very disorganized and mixed people going on the Norwegian Wind and the Pride of America. The adventure had begun. Embarkation at the pier was good and fairly fast. Luggage delivery to your stateroom was a different story. The first of four bags arrived within three hours, the next two 4 hours later, and the last one arrived three hours later. Balcony Cabin:Tiny is an over-statement. Room service - expect your room to be made up once late in the day and turned down sometime between 10 and midnight. If you retire early you'll need to call Housekeeping BUT you can only reach them by dialing the Reception Desk. It seemed like there was one cabin steward per 40 staterooms so don't expect much especially if you've cruised before, prepare to be disappointed. Bathroom - One of the florescent bulbs was burned out and you needed to wait 3-5 minutes for the flickering to stop before you went inside. The bathroom drain in shower clogged. 4th day mechanical problems no one could flush toilets for 4-5 hours. 6th day there was a power outage during the night so no hot water in morning. Elevators: Like the cabins, small and usually crowded so expect to use the stairs a lot. Ship overall: Made in the old style, cramped and retro - no comparison to modern Grand class ships. Freestyle dining - Great if you don't mind spending 2-3 hours for a meal with long waiting for food and drinks. Hot food is usually cold or lukewarm. Food rating: poor. The waiters and servers are all rushing but they are seriously understaffed. Optional restaurants - Nice to have a guaranteed seat but again service was very slow. Food rating: below average. Entertainment: After 9pm it's only the Mardi Gras room with 60-80's music or one of the smaller smoking lounges. Overall rating: Poor Activities on board - limited SPA: Excellent. Excursions: All excursions were great, food was excellent and the crew went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a great time. Speakers inside cabins not working so you had to open cabin door to hear them. Transportation from pier to Airport: There are no carts or porters inside the terminal so you have to move your own bags outside to the buses (but security won't let you back in the same door for you other bags). At the Airport: No one tells you you must go through Agricultural inspection, then ticket counter, then x-ray inspection while moving through crowds, with your baggage. Flights home (arranged by NCL): Wife and I were given two different seats (not even close together) on a full flight. Overall: NCL needs to understand service by sailing on other cruise lines and offer "freestyle dining" as an option to regular early or late seating. General comments from everyone we talked to on this cruise was the same: they were disappointed and complaining about service and waiting a long time for everything. If you want to see Hawaii and have a great time try Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland or Pleasant Hawaiian or SunTrips but do not cruise with NCL. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
Save your money! This trip was a total disappointment. Our family of 8 just returned from week long cruise (8/13 - 8/20/05). Pro: New ship, a few staff members who tried very hard to "make things work." Cons: Lackluster food, ... Read More
Save your money! This trip was a total disappointment. Our family of 8 just returned from week long cruise (8/13 - 8/20/05). Pro: New ship, a few staff members who tried very hard to "make things work." Cons: Lackluster food, mostly bored staff, poor quality entertainment, nothing for 18-21 yr olds, and not much for others to do but drink at bars. (10 on ship.) Freestyle meant slow service in main dining rooms due to people coming to dine at all hours with not enough staff to effectively handle them. One meal took 3 hours to complete service! Be forewarned re Smoking: the Cigar "bar" is just an open space to the side of a main public space which means smoke goes everywhere. On our cruise the air conditioning, generators, and 4 engines went out at differing times causing various types of inconvenience including no hot water for showers, a shortened day on Kauai and a cancelled sail past the Napali coast because the ship had to "limp" straight back to Honolulu port. Jokes about "getting off and pushing" abounded. 3 hot tubs were cold. "Swimming pools" are extremely small, should be labeled "dipping" pools. With so many things not up to speed, this ship definitely was not ready to be put into service and should not have been. Try for some other line or visit these beautiful islands on your own. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2005
Just returned from our Hawaiian cruise. I had done extensive research before so I thought I knew what to expect. However experiencing it was another story. I was expecting an extremely small cabin w/ limited storage. We had an outside w/ ... Read More
Just returned from our Hawaiian cruise. I had done extensive research before so I thought I knew what to expect. However experiencing it was another story. I was expecting an extremely small cabin w/ limited storage. We had an outside w/ balcony and were pleasantly surprised that it was more than adequate for 2 adults. The bed was extremely comfortable. Lots of pillows. We had a great cabin stewardess. Our room was always clean, made up by noon and always turned down in the evening. No complaints there. We ordered room service breakfast every day. There was very limited selection especially regarding fruit (and we were in Hawaii!!). Everything was tasty but limited. We chose not to spend extra for dinner except for one night (my birthday). We spent that in Jefferson's Bistro and thought it was quite good with excellent service. The rest of the nights we ate in either the Liberty or Skyline. No problem getting seated as we like to eat late (9). The choices were limited but what they had very tasty. Service was hit or miss. Definitely need more training! The staff on the whole was very friendly but not efficient or well-trained as far as I was concerned. Luggage service was awful. We spent 2 days in Honolulu prior and our luggage was picked up at 8:30am. from hotel. We arrived on ship about 3 and did not get out luggage until 8 in the evening. Our cabin was across from where the luggage arrived and I kept checking. The people were totally disorganized and furthermore did not seen to care at all!! Totally unacceptable. One day leaving the ship around 10 am they ran out of beach towels. Same day there were no towels at the pool. Jacuzzi was lukewarm. Loved the piano player at Pinks but smoking was allowed there. Why they would choose that area is a mystery as it is totally open to the main atrium of 2 floors. Makes no sense. Should be in an enclosed bar area. Ship is quite lovely and unique. However they definitely need to spiff up a lot of service issues. I told them I would rather they increase my bill by $50 and NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR THE RESTAURANTS. Maybe have one for special but not 3 or 4. Diamond Princess has freestyle dining with 4 free specialty restaurants and only one that charges. This was my first NCL experience and I doubt I would try another. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
* NCL customer service = Abysmal * Sewage smell = Everywhere * NCL adhering to the itinerary sold = Not even close! * Food = Mediocre at best * Cabin = Closet sized with a bathroom out of a travel trailer * Staff = Undertrained, ... Read More
* NCL customer service = Abysmal * Sewage smell = Everywhere * NCL adhering to the itinerary sold = Not even close! * Food = Mediocre at best * Cabin = Closet sized with a bathroom out of a travel trailer * Staff = Undertrained, overworked and treated horribly. *Security = A joke, as long as you're not trying to smuggle in booze you _ should be able to bring just about anything on board. *Value = We'll see if I get a refund, then it might have been a value. *Recommend to others = Not even to my worst enemy! Precruise stay at Waikiki Marriott was great. NCL transfer from airport to hotel was not. Very lengthy ride with several stops at other hotels along the way. NCL transfer to the ship was great considering there were only 8 of us on the bus. When we boarded the ship the first thing we did was head to the front desk to make dinner reservations. This was around 2:30 and was a long and tedious process. There were only two very confused people handling this and the line moved very slow. When we finally reached the desk, reservations were limited to very late hours if at all. Next we headed to our cabin and were treated to the lovely aroma of sewage in several areas. Not a great first impression of our home for the next 7 days. Our itinerary was changed without notice porting late and cutting our day in Hilo short by 2 hours. We didn't do the evening sail around the lava, one of the only reasons we booked this cruise in the first place, and the only reason we booked a balcony. We arrived 2 hours early in Kauai, we would have been able to schedule things much differently had we known in advance. We left Kauai 4 hours early the second day forcing us to cancel a whole days plans and reservations. Food was hit and miss, you better get on the ship early the first day and book your whole week's meals in "specialty" restaurants if you want decent meals. Main dining rooms constantly had wait times well over an hour leaving you with the Aloha Cafe. Aloha Cafe is like playing the lottery. You might get lucky and have a decent meal, you may get lucky and have said meal actually found on the buffet hot, you may get lucky and be fed at all! Never saw a trash receptacle anywhere. This forced passengers to just leave things on tables. Dirty plates, food, spilled drinks and trash everywhere. Saw things blowing into the sea on numerous occasions. Dress code was not being enforced. First nite at Little Italy was far from quiet due to the obnoxious drunks dressed for a ballgame. For those concerned about eating too much at the buffet, shirtless sweaty guys at the Aloha Cafe will help you shed pounds while onboard. Nothing like a intoxicated, sweaty, shirtless man near a buffet to ruin an appetite. I know a snack poolside is a nice idea but PLEASE put a shirt on before going to get it! There are touchless hand sanitizers throughout the ship but were usually empty. I'm sure everyone washes there hands thoroughly before hitting the buffet. I know you'll enjoy watching a young crew member being yelled at and ridiculed in a very public area by an officer in front of everyone. Theres nothing like watching a young girl forced to tears because they're understaffed and she can't keep up. We witnessed this no less that 5 times during our cruise. Nothing encourages pride and loyalty amongst crew like a good public beating! Maybe they could give them 20 lashes or make them walk the plank like the good 'ole days. Security at ports without x-ray equipment was horrible. They seemed to only be concerned with finding booze. They would shake water bottles, rifle through and make a mess of our things and send us through. Not once was my backpack thoroughly searched. Had a passenger been a crazed lunatic, or god forbid, a terrorist wishing to do harm they would easily been able to bring something onboard to do so. Obviously I'm a little bitter over the ship. I feel that Pride of America was rushed into service and is not ready for passengers. I have requested a refund from NCL for the cruise portion of our trip. I believe that it was bait & switch and NCL didn't come close to delivering the services we paid close to $4000.00 for. Did we let it ruin our vacation, nope. We were in Hawaii and had a great time OFF the ship! We booked rental cars on each island and did everything on our own. We swam with dolphins on Oahu before the cruise. Saw most of Volcanoes National Park at our own pace, we did have to cut our hike on the flows short due to our late arrival in port. We drove the road to Hana and saw some incredible scenery and waterfall's. We did an amazing helicopter tour of Kauai, they flew without doors! We found several small uncrowded beaches and met some really nice locals throughout our vacation. Best of all, we were married on Maui at a great little beach! Island hopping sounds like a great idea, but you really need at least a week on each island to experience all they have to offer. Even with a week you'll still only be scratching the surface. Next time we'll pick and island, find a condo and stay on land. We could have done so on any island for around the cost of just the cabin alone! This would be my advice to anyone even considering booking through NCL. Whatever you decide, we found Hawaii to be a magical place and are already trying to figure out when we'll be able to return. Feel free to email me. Questions, comments, complaints are all equally accepted ;)   Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
We sailed on 8/20 on the Pride of America and had a very nice experience. We were 2 adults and 2 teens in 2 rooms with balconies. (split by gender, not age -- maybe not having to put up w hubby's snoring for 6 nites enhanced the ... Read More
We sailed on 8/20 on the Pride of America and had a very nice experience. We were 2 adults and 2 teens in 2 rooms with balconies. (split by gender, not age -- maybe not having to put up w hubby's snoring for 6 nites enhanced the experience for me) The rooms, storage, and even the bathroom were more than fine for 2 people -- perhaps having the balcony gave an illusion of more space. Never any electrical problems, bathroom problems or smell in any part of the ship. We were in the 9600 row of cabins. Our cabin steward, Marylou, was cheerful and courteous. We often left the room late in the morning and she did not seem irritated. (I've seen comments about staff walking in -- we did lock the door at nite so that wouldn't happen. Also put the "wheel" outside the door to do not disturb. There were a couple of times when some prankster along the hall decided to turn all the wheels to DND and the staff needed to double check with everyone and were quite apologetic.) If we were out of the room at turndown time, the room was turned down. If we were in the room at nite, Marylou asked if we needed anything -- when we said no she didn't come in. The room was always clean. When we arrived, the twin beds were pushed together as a double, and she had the room reconfigured as soon as we pointed it out. I did hear people grousing that they never had turndown -- this was on a tour so I don't know what part of the ship they were on. These same people also complained that when they asked the cabin steward at 3pm to have a blouse ironed by 6, she told them it couldn't be done and asked for more notice the next time. I think they were the ones out of line. We were fairly happy with the food (and some of us are non-meat eaters -- also have "new york city" quality expectations). Actually preferred the Aloha Cafe -- liked to take our own portion sizes and sample lots of stuff. Also preferred not to get "dressed" for dinner and to eat at our own pace. Did eat a couple of times in the Skyline, which was pleasant when we wanted to slow down. Wasn't impressed w/ Little Italy, the only "free" specialty restaurant. Didn't try any other specialty restaurants. Bkfst at the Diner was fun once, but too slow if you want to get off the ship and do things. There was something extra appealing about the soft ice cream at the Aloha - especially around 4pm. We flew from NJ to Honolulu same day as the sailing. NCL arranged the air portion, so we had transportation from the airport to the ship. Embarkation was tortuous. Disembarkation was a pleasure. In fact, we wanted to be among the first to get off (so we could make it to Pearl Harbor on our own - read abt the long waits and running out of tkts), and the staff was very accommodating. We left our luggage at the pier ($5 a bag) and took a taxi to Pearl Harbor (abt $30). Found a shuttle for $20 that took us back to the pier. (For those thinking abt renting a car instead, Pearl Harbor is pretty close to the airport) The cab back to the airport cost us less than the cab going to Pearl Harbor. NCL shuttle back to the airport from the ship ended at abt 10:30 -- way earlier than we returned. Enjoyed a couple of the shows and contests; my teens did not take advantage of the activities specifically for teens but I heard good reviews about the teen pgm from others. The staff were all pleasant and tried to be helpful. Most of our anxiety came from shore excursions. We booked scuba trips for my husband, relying on the brochure timetable. It turned out that he'd be gone much longer than advertised (leaving the rest of us waiting). The first time, we at least had some notice -- looked at the tour ticket and saw a very late return time. We found out that he'd have to wait several hours after the dive for transportation back to the ship. I ended up renting a car at the last minute (called Budget 800# from a pay phone at the pier, got good AAA rate -- cell phones work but why use up minutes for an 800 #) and drove to pick him up and do some touring. The second time, on Kona,transportation back was delayed by more than 2 hours for no reason other than disorganization. I finally gave up waiting for him and took the tender (very easy once the first rush is over)and did shopping I could walk to. (Longs Drugs is good for souvenirs like coffee; also did a lot of shopping for macadamias etc., at the ABC stores. Don't buy at the Mauna Loa nut factory if you take the volcano tour - too expensive.) My husband got back in time to go to the chocolate buffet w the kids (and they brought things back for me -- refrig in room is a nice touch) so it worked out for all of us. The other excursions we took were the Volcano in Hilo (shorter trip -- I did hear all the long trips were too long) and the helicopter in Kuai. I had booked the scuba for 1, volcano and helicopter for 4 online. Got confirmation just for husband and self. Called NCL and got kids booked on volcano but told helicopter sold out. Kept calling w/out any luck; told to take care of helicopter on ship. Once on ship, went to join long shore excursion line, but was fortunate enuf to explain my problem to a staff person who was going along the line offering advice, and he pulled me out and took care of it right away. (Selected Kuai for helicopter based on recs from this site -- it was wonderful. Saw a lot that we couldn't have seen w/out hiking and climbing many days. (The ship did change itinerary from what was advertised so that all passengers could enjoy seeing the Na Paali coast of Kuai. Still, I was disappointed that the time in Kuai was cut short. Also, we did not cruise past the volcano at nite after leaving Hilo because the captain wanted to get to Maui early for repairs. There was never an announcement about this - I found out when I asked a crew member for details about time and place to view the volcano.) Once onboard, my kids wanted to go horseback riding in Kuai. The shore excursion desk was 1 spot short. They were very nice, promising to hold the 2 open spots and encouraging us to check late the prior nite and early, early the day of the trip. Unfortunately, the 3d spot didn't open up. When the boat docked, I went down to the pier and got some brochures from horseback companies. We called a few places and a wonderful small operation squeezed my family in - the husband came to the ship to pick the 3 of them up (I don't think he makes a habit of this, it just worked out that he had time that day) and it turned out they were the only ones riding. They were really happy with the intimacy of the ride, getting to know one of the owners and the couple's dreams for their land. The ranch is very near the waterfall in Lihue . Please give them a try: Keapana Horsemanship, Laura Butler, owner, phone 808-823-9303, cell 808-651-2375. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
Here's pretty much a journal of our experience on the POA on this cruise. I know it's long, but I hope some of it will fill in the corners, so to speak. In regard to buying better service from your room steward, I'm not so ... Read More
Here's pretty much a journal of our experience on the POA on this cruise. I know it's long, but I hope some of it will fill in the corners, so to speak. In regard to buying better service from your room steward, I'm not so sure. It's in their training, personality and inclination. Ours couldn't be stopped; unfortunately, it sounds like others couldn't be started. Saturday, August 27. It was a dark and stormy night in the Old Pueblono, wait a minutethis is, after all, the Old Pueblo and it was only dark. Here in Tucson it was a beautiful predawn morning, warm and clear. On our way to the airport for Le Grande Adventure, on board the Pride of America to travel the islands of Hawaii. We left home at 4:30 am, after waking at 3:30. Had left Maggie (our collie) with friends the day before, then packed our stuff in two suitcases rather than three. Arrived at airport, well through car parking shuttle and security, by 5:20 or so, ready for the plane. Had to shift some stuff from one suitcase to other, 3 pounds worth, to get under 50 pounds each. Plane went wrong wayto Denverso we transferred there to another which took us to Honolulu. LOOOng flight. Landed 2:50 PM at Honolulu airport (12 hours traveling by now), excellent handling by Norwegian Cruise Line, who had people to meet us, direct us, drive us, got to terminal where we had the first of many future security checks! They took our pictures at terminal at the Aloha Tower in Honoluluthen created a shipboard credit and ID card for each of us. Up to room at 4:31 PM. Life boat drill at 4:36. Discovered the coffee makers at the Aloha buffetthe machines will produce regular coffee, cappuccino, latte, or actually grind and make a fresh cup of Kona coffee. This turned out to be excellent, NEARLY as good as the french press but only almost. Ate at the Aloha buffetfound beds turned down with chocolates on pillows. Luggage did not arrive in room until 7:30, which was a tad late but they had over 7000 pieces of luggage to handle!! We were fine. The buffet food was very good. Took too much, of course. And not everything was topnotch, but there were many, many things that were. Certainly enough very good items to satisfy anyone who has ever eaten at a buffet. Their beef dish was excellentchicken fried porkturkeytomato, mozzarella and basil saladmany others as good as any anywhere. Carving station meats were excellent (roast beef, marinated pork baked in pastry) and very poor (pork loin). Pizza wasnt gourmet but not bad. Grilled sirloin steak, however, and the hot dogs, were both really bad. But as I said, there were plenty of really good items on the buffet line, way more than you could sample even over the course of a week. Noritas plate and mine were often quite different, though we both had lots of fresh tropical fruit. Desserts were plentiful, very good, although the wide diverse array did not change much; they brought everything out every day. Each day the ship published and distributed to each cabin the Freestyle Daily, a pamphlet paper telling what was going to happen that day and what to prepare for. Lots of information there. Ship left for Hilo about 8 PMvery interesting departure, turning the ship in the very small basin of Honolulu Harbor, right at the foot of streets crowded with buildings and people. Great weather, very scenic. Our TV shows many onboard channels, including a live bridge cam, information, activities, plus ESPN, CNN, TNT, and two full-time movie feature channels, 24/7. The hurricane Katrina has been terribly disturbing, all that CNN was covering. But that was the only real negative of the entire cruise. All the pre-cruise opinions that weve read, all the negative and positive press that the ship and NCL has received, all havent matched the wonderful positive experience that we have had. Example: The toilet seat was brokencalled and reported itand it was fixed by the next day. We were contacted several times to make sure it had been fixed satisfactorily. Wonderful response by the crew. Also, the entire crew and staff whom we have met to date have been very, very friendly, helpful and forthcoming. They appear to be very courteous and helpful to each other, too, a result of good training. Maybe those who elicited the negative previous comments have left the ship (or just possibly those who expected bad stuff to happen left the ship). Our stateroom was fantastic, for a standard balcony room. What made it good was the fact that it was a handicap-accessible room, which had 50% larger space in both the room and the balcony. Two of these rooms took the space of three regular ones. The bathrooms particularly were great, since they had to be wheelchair-accessible. The shower was large, and there was plenty of space even for two people to maneuver in the room. The only downside of this room was that the shower had a narrow 4" grille (perforated sheet of metal) in the floor on the two open sides, to catch the water that didnt make it down the central drain; at one point I took a shower while under way and water made it across these grilles, washing across the floor to the other wall. I spent a few minutes on my knees using a bath towel as a wide squeegee moving that water back to the drains. That really worked well and quickly; however, I learned to take the shower either in port or with the wind on the port side. Apparently the starboard wind was just enough to give us a couple of degrees heel to port, which we did not detect at the time. Although floor space was larger than normal, there was the same amount of storage and features as other rooms. Storage was more than we could use. The bed had space enough underneath to stow the suitcases, and could have taken twice as many as our two full-size cases. There was a double-door closet with an automatic light when you open the door on the right; there were several drawers in two places, plus several available shelves. Very nice woodwork, too; a warm red cherry. The room had a small refrigerator, a 4-cup coffee maker (which will make two 12-oz cups of either coffee or hot water for tea or a french press), and an electronic safe into which you put a 4-digit password and it will close and open electronically, very easy and quick to use (easy to reset or clear, too). There were a number of nicely shaped wooden hangers in the closet, which would take shirts/jackets, pants, and skirts or shorts. We had a couple of drawers left empty after stowing our stuff from two suitcases plus a carryon. Not many electrical outlets, though. There was a duplex outlet at the desk area/hair dryer next to the TV, and one at the coffee maker; however, in the bathroom there was a strange European outlet that was marked both 110 and 220v, but no one here in the US ever uses anything that will fit it. Sunday, August 28. Awoke 3 am, 6 our time, watched the slow passing of white foam in the bow wave from our warm, slightly breezy balcony. Almost no discernible movement; no roll or pitch, though the sea was slightly ruffled from our viewpoint. The ships navigation channel showed 3-4 seas. We enjoyed the very smooth gliding through the morning, watching the sun start to lighten the sky behind slowly-appearing low clouds on the horizon. Sunrise was spectacular, gold, orange and rose. I made coffee in french press for enjoying on the balcony, and this experience was every bit what we had hoped in anticipation. Ordering the french press, packing it carefully in suitcase within bubble wrap inside its original box, handling the considerable mess of grinding beans, then cleaning press, all was absolutely worth the effort. I enjoyed doing it for my lovely bride anyway. Weve wished once or twice that we had a ceiling fan in the room (were used to them), though the temp control has been very good, and the A/C keeps the air cool and dry. We made a dinner reservation in the Little Italy restaurant for Friday evening, 9 PM, the last night onboard. Decided not to make any others, since the food weve experienced is excellent and probably not worth going to the surcharge restaurants. This is definitely a food cruise, as weve been warned. We actually had three meals before noonbreakfast at Aloha Cafe quite early, then made the mistake of walking through it again in mid-morning and the sights and scents grabbed us again for a second meal, then ate (very lightlya couple eggs for me, fruit for Norita) at the Cadillac Diner. Then, of course, back to the room for a nap. Man, did that feel good! The duvets are much more wonderful than we thought they would bedeep but light comforter, like a thick down pillow, covered in a white cotton slipcase. The first night we had two single duvets on our queen bed, but then our room steward changed them to a large queen size one. I liked the two singles better. Great to cover, wrap up in, generally be coddled and swaddled in. Sucks you right into deep sleep. Got up to walk off the ship and down some waterfront neighborhood streets in Hilo. Interesting houses, streets, green vegetation covering trees, poles, bushes, like an infestation of greenery. Huge leaves on some plants. We had a good view of the ship from those old homes on the waterfront, so took some pictures of the ship and the old neighborhood. We only walked for maybe an hour off the ship, but that was plenty for the day without transportation. Found that the disembarkation drill was one swipe of the cruise card, but embarkation was three separate checks of both picture ID and the cruise card. This is to be the normal routine in every port. When we returned to the ship we stopped for coffee in the Aloha Cafea great spot for this, since they have the super coffee makers, any kind of snack youd like with coffee, and both indoor and outdoor seating. Picked up our embarkation pictures, shown in display racks in the photo gallery (pick them out yourself, pay at the desk). Back to our stateroom. Sometime later, maybe an hour or so, we realized we did not have the camera! Retrace mentallyNorita suggested we ask at Reception instead of trying to actually physically retrace our steps, and sure enough, there it was! Katy, a worker in the Aloha Cafe, had found and turned it in. Since then weve tried to catch up with her at least three times to thank her but havent found her yet. Wanted to both thank her and give her a small reward. Never caught up with her, though we left plenty of word for her. Took a second nap. All that eating is hard work! Actually, walking around the ship gives you plenty of exercise too, since the ship is three laps to a mile, and were quite a way forward on port side with most restaurants entering on starboard way aft. Also they are on decks 5, 6, and 11, and we are on 9. We do use the staircases regularly. Got dressed for dinner at Liberty restaurant. On the way we had pictures taken in Capitol Atrium, since I had made sure to remove all traces of spinach from my teeth, and at this point my pants still fit. Very short wait in line at Liberty, maybe 5 minutes. No reservations, but no wait either. The whole experience here was superb. The food preparation was excellent, as was the service. It is a beautiful restaurant, very colorful, well-decorated, comfortable, plenty of room, and arriving at your table just "feels" good. The wait staff was unbelievable! Each person was polite, helpful, well-trained, attentive and prompt beyond anything I have ever experienced. And when you are finished, you get up and leave without signing a charge card or even waiting for a waitperson to recognize you and bring the bill. We were supposed to cruise in the evening in a loop past Kilauea volcano lava flowing into the ocean; however, a "minor technical glitch" wouldnt allow us to sail fast enough to do that and then make it to Kahului by morning, so we just went direct. Makes you wonder if one of the propellers is about to fall off! Or maybe it was just the cost of the extra fuel, I dont know; however, I was not about to get my nose out of joint over a few minutes worth of glowing lava, as much as Id like to see it. Monday, August 29. Woke at 5 am, clear, calmgreat sunrise. Picked up pilot boat before dawn off Kahului harbor. This was a tiny powerboat that carried a crew of one plus the pilot, who came alongside and had to make a tricky move to jump aboard the ship. We were going slowly, but even at that the bow wave made it interesting for such a small boat. As we came into the harbor, we of course recognized many, many landmarks of our favorite island and could easily orient ourselves. A sight weve never seen before. We were watching bridge cam while entering, too. Haleakala is clearcan see traffic coming downhill from Pukalani; clouds over Hana Highwaygood sunrise pictures. Charging batteries for camera on and off, since I neglected to recharge them last night. We arrived in Kahului at 6:28 am. We wandered the ship in the morning, checking out things that were happening. In one of the spotsI think it was the Mardi Gras Disco, bright purple and gold, a dance class was going on with loud music. We stood and watched it a bit; then as we left, we ran into the ships captain, Captain Kjell Nesheim. He asked us what was going on in there. Very friendly guychatted with him a few minutes. We had seen him once in the library, a beautifully designed and outfitted cherry-wood large complex room with several wings and freestanding cases, each with framed glass doors and full of brand-new books of all kinds. Quite a wide selection. Shuttle to Thrifty about 10 am; rented Chrysler convertible. Really too hot for top down some of the time, but we did go up to Pukalani and Kula, where it was more successful. Drove to Kihei, saw Maui Sunset (our condo), Hilo Hattie, Wailea Beach, many other beaches, down to old church, etc. Parked car overnight in lot close to ship; free, but overcrowded so we had to use an overflow lot a couple hundred yards farther down road. We looked at yet 4 more photographs but decided not to buy them. We ate at Skyline restaurant; quite good, though my strip steak was very rare instead of the medium rare that I ordered; also a bit tough. Service was still good, but nothing like that we had yesterday at the Liberty. Its possible that since we were there earlier, the Liberty staff could handle us better. However, the training of staff was clearly different, plus our two-person table was much better situated in Liberty than those in Skyline. Our cabin steward, Shirley, was back for new towels (twice in one day!) plus turndown and chocolates on pillows later. The maids wear a "formal" outfit for evening work. They are working constantly, it appears. Tuesday, August 30. Took car to Wailuku Heights in early morning to photograph ship. Got gas, then over to the Maui Mall for one of our favorites, Guri-guri (same as everwonderful!). That is a unique sherbet/ice cream concoction made by Mr. Tanaka. The Guri-guri shop is at the west end of the mall, if you are looking for it. Ask for 5-scoop, both flavors. One is a pineapple, the other guava. Five scoops fit in a cup of about 12 ounces, sell for $2. What a treat! We would NEVER think of going to Maui without getting some Guri-guri. The recipe is secret, but it sure seems to be a combination of sherbet and ice cream. He used to have an option for sweet beans as an addition, but discontinued that 15 years ago. Then we returned car to Thrifty lot. Thrifty car shuttle driver, a fat Hawaiian gal, was on phone during entire trip back to ship. Weve seen this before, with salespeople in Sears. Shirley, again, about 10 am, with another helper, to clean. Dressed for Hawaiian formal portraitsfollowed by dinner at Skyline. A late-returning passenger held up departure for an hour; we all watched him running the length of the pier just before we shoved off. Everyone was on board by now, plus dressed for the pictures, so everyone got to the restaurants early too. That meant it took the better part of an hour to get into a restaurant. We had been told at Reception that they did not take reservations at either the Skyline or the Libertyturned out to be false, there was a reservation list. And then, after waiting through a bunch of people, we found they had missed our name on the walkup sign-up list so we got in even later. Dinner and service was down a notch from the last time there. Had lattes on deck at Aloha Cafe afterward., watching the ship leave Kahului. Actually we watched the ship leave the dock and harbor much earlier, but also watched the lights later after dinner with lattes on deck. Route was a bit different from anticipatedwe swung west and south around Lanai rather than between Lanai and Maui. Wednesday, August 31. Arrived early in Konaanchored at 5:31 am. We were already up and drinking coffee on balcony, what a luxury. Tenders left starting at 7 am with up to 107 passengers each; there were four in use. Plenty of tenders at this rate. We went into town, walked around, had shave ice (more like a snowcone, though they used the rotary ice shaver machine), took pix, came back onto ship before noon with only 12 on our boat. Our balcony faces the land, so its quite interesting. Snoozed again in early afternoon. Today there is a chocoholics buffet in the Skyline restaurant at 2:30. All the items were beautifully preparedchocolate mousse, chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate ice cream sundaesdozens of varieties, and lots of it. There were several large ice sculptures done for that event, swans, fish, etc. There were also some chocolate sculptures and structures as decoration. There were several lines of people snaking through the buffet serving area, so it didnt take too long to go through. We survived it, mainly by bringing a plateful back to room instead of trying to pork it all down at once. Porked it down later. Again, when we were ready to leave, the last tender waited for a late passenger for an hour; we had already weighed anchor, turned the ship, an extra tender used for checking on the one waiting at the pier. Then we finally left without the passenger. No ones fault but his own, and I dont feel a bit sorry. We picked up the last tender on the run, leaving harbor. For dinner, we thought about the Liberty restaurant but decided on the Aloha Cafe buffet instead. This is generally more successful, first because of the wide selection of different dishes, second because there is no wait time anywhere during the meal, and third if you are disappointed in a dish you just go get something else. And generally many of the dishes are every bit as good as the other restaurants. We tried pizza, hamburger patty, lighter fare. Lines at the buffet are nearly nonexistent, even for the individual morning omelet or carved meats. There are many buffet stations inside (three main ones with food both sides, one salads and fruits, one desserts, one milks, cereals, yogurts, etc.; plus separate ones for burgers, hot dogs, pizza, several coffee, milk and drink stations, and an ice cream machine). There is a separate well-equipped area for kids, with a buffet counter and furniture sized to small people; this area had hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, mac-n-cheese, milk, and other kids favorites such as big chocolate-chip cookies. Not too separated, though, so families can still eat together. The kids area also is right next to the ice cream machine, for some reason! Then there are many stations outside too, almost as many as those inside, with all the possibilities except that outside the omelet stations replace the ice cream machine inside. So if you are hungry for long at the Aloha Cafe, you are just lost! In the evening we went to the Hollywood Theater for a juggler plus Rebecca Lowe, a singer. Very good, both of them. The theater is really a fine onecomfortable, large seats with plenty of passing room between rows. No bad sight lines, either. As usual on this ship, there is a great amount of ornate decoration. There are a number of 12-foot gold statues similar to the Oscar at the entries and along the walls. Thursday, September 1 The cruise to Kauai is direct from Kona instead of scenic cruising on the way to see the Na Pali Coast. Instead, we will leave Kauai at 2 PM tomorrow, cruising the Na Pali coast in the afternoon on the way to Honolulu. We arrived in Nawiliwili Harbor at 7 am. Decided to go get the Thrifty car early; picked it up at 9 instead of noon. We had decided to change car from convertible to a Jeep Wrangler, but none available so we took a Jeep Grand Cherokee. A good choice, though the V6 was gutless compared to our Hemi. With the rain we encountered, neither a convertible nor a Wrangler would have been the best. Drove north, through Kapaa, through Princeville, down through Hanalei, to end of road at Haena park. It rained off and on, fairly hard going north at first, spotty later. Had espresso and latte at Lapperts in Princeville shopping mall: big on prices, small on flavor and value. But it was coffee, and we needed it; at that time of the day it was getting a bit dozey. By the time we got back to Lihue it was pretty clear, just scattered clouds. Decided not to keep the car overnight, though the ship wasnt to leave port until 2 tomorrow afternoon. Returned car; forgot to get gas first, and they wanted to charge me $43 to fill, at $3.99 a gallon and I assume they estimated an entirely full tank. We drove off to hunt for a hard-to-find station, at $3.06, only about 7 gallons; total $23. Back to ship on shuttle by 1:30-2 PM. That was plenty of land for this trip in both islands, especially Kauai. Nawiliwili Harbor is very tight, even more so than Hilo, Kahului or Honolulu. The ship was required to turn in its own length much of the time, rather than turning as it proceeded. Maneuvering the 920-foot ship in that space was a slow, careful dance between tugboats, ship power, and bow and stern side thrusters. Those thrusters were really the motive force for the maneuvers in all the ports; the tugs were there mostly as insurance. Went to a Polynesian show at Hollywood Theater in the evening to see the Tahiti dance troupe, which performs in luaus in the islands; I recall seeing them advertised on Maui. Friday, September 2 Last night we got letter to have our luggage OUTSIDE the room door by 1:00 AM Saturday morning, with special brown tags attached. This is because our flight from Honolulu is before 2 PM, an apparent cutoff time. We tried to get an appointment for Norita at the Santa Fe Spa for a pedicure (her first professional one) and change of nail color, something she had looked forward to; but there were no openings. She did get on a waiting list in case of a cancellation, but its not likely with the 50% fee for canceling within 24 hours. So it appears she will have to put up with ripped sheets for a while yet. Fairly light breakfast at Aloha Cafe. Fruit, cereal, only small amount of sausage, bacon, three eggs over easy, and oh yeah a blueberry pancake with pineapple/cherry topping. Juice and a latte. Just like home. (Norita: "Oh yeah???") The plates in the buffet, by the way, are not the usual round ones. They are large ovals, which accommodate probably twice as much as a normal dinner plate. Once we saw what must have been a good ole boy from the land o grits, who had one of these buffet plates mounded high and large with just grits and nothing else. A sight to behold. Photographs are taken by the ships photographers constantly, it seems. We had the one taken just before boarding: $12.99 for a 5 x 7. Then each day there have been some photographers in the main atrium from 5 to 10; those are 8 x 10: $19.99. One with blue background. One with a green screen and substituted backgrounds. One with green stripes. One on the white balustrade/red carpet staircase. One on formal night. One for each of the ship-sponsored shore excursions. You could break the bank just on photos. Then the day after each one, the photos are set up in wall display racks, a very large space along the passageway to one of the restaurants, all sorted into sections for each of the photo opportunities; you open the case, pick up your photos, take them to counter to buy them on the ship credit card. We got just two, the first one plus the formal night (Hawaiian formal). Our Cruise Director said that one woman came up to him when he told them where to find their pictures, and said, "How will I know which one is mine?" Ba-da-boom. We left the pier at Nawiliwili at 2 PM. This allowed daytime cruising along the north shore of Kauai and the Na Pali coastline. We swung in fairly close to shore, filling the camera lens without a telephoto. What a spectacle; took lots of pictures, since this is probably the only chance well have to see this. The coast itself is accessible only by air or boat along this wild coastline with heavy seas. It is also possible to hike at least portions of a trail along the coast, but in some places the trail must go across waterfalls and climb high to bypass vertical cliffs with no ledges or beaches at bottom. Its debatable whether one can really hike the full coastline. Late in the day, we could see Niihau island along with its northern island, Lehua; but before we were close enough to see details, it was dark. We ate dinner at Little Italy restaurant. Not very impressed with it, I have to say. The waiters, though enthusiastic, were obviously new at the job. I had chicken on pasta, which was pretty good but not superb; but I ordered a glass of Ulupalakua Red wine--I've had this before from the Maui winery and enjoyed it--which I could have sworn was two-buck-chuck, the two-dollar Merlot from Trader Joe's. And it was fully room temperature, too, rather than slightly cooled. I would have sent it back except that I felt sorry for the obviously over-their-heads young waiters. But if that's all I have to gripe about, the world is a pretty good place. Saturday, September 3 We decided to do the Express Disembarkation. So instead of packing in the evening, leaving luggage outside the door by 1 am, then finding the luggage on the pier in the morning to move onto the bus and take into the airport, we just packed the next morning and carried it with us. The wheeled pull-cases are great; one apiece worked just fine. The Express people were first off, so we didnt have to disembark by groups as designated by our luggage groupings. Took the bags straight to the bus; checked in as usual at airport. Even that check-in was a piece of cake; self-check-in at the United counter gave us all boarding passes for both flights home, plus took our luggage. If possible, I would always choose the Express Disembarkation. Very efficient, just as we found nearly all processes on board. Everything that was purchased on board was charged to ones shipboard account via the ship ID/credit card. Same card was used when we left and returned at each port, so the ship always kept track of who may not have returned to the ship on time. We had some time to wait in the Honolulu airport, which is not too bad. Plenty of open air space, plus shops and seating. We knew United Airlines was not going to provide a meal on this flightwould sell us a meal for $5 eachso we bought a BK Whopper and a BK Chicken sandwich to take onboard later; we shared one sandwich in the airport to stave off hunger. On board the plane, the couple in front of us laid back their seatbacks upon takeoff and did not raise them until we hit LA. They had the right to do this, but it was rude to never ever raise them, since we had no space even to reach down to your shoe or purse. Tight seating, so it was not a comfortable flight. In LA, however, there was no wait; they were waiting for us and we with another couple from the ship were last aboard; and the smaller plane had plenty of room for this shorter flight. One hour flight time to Tucson, arriving 11:41 PM. The airport was very quiet, with few travelers. Immediate bag retrieval, shuttle trip, into car and drove home, arriving there at 12:30 am. It was a beautiful, warm and dry summer night in Tucson, 86 degrees, with saguaros to welcome us home. Maggie came home in the morning, flopped down and rested all day. We had a great time. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
This was our first cruise. We departed on August 13. Embarkation: Pretty easy. If you pay attention at the airport, you will not have a difficult time finding your escort. I was very disappointed not to receive a lei at the airport like ... Read More
This was our first cruise. We departed on August 13. Embarkation: Pretty easy. If you pay attention at the airport, you will not have a difficult time finding your escort. I was very disappointed not to receive a lei at the airport like some of the other cruise line customers. There were a lot of people who were very put out at having to carry their own luggage. Are you kidding me? How lazy can you be? If you can't carry it, you brought too much! People complained about the Dept. of Agriculture inspection. That is state law in Hawaii, not the cruise line's fault! It's no big deal. Anyway, after arriving at the port we checked in (no line!) and luggage arrived at our room a few hours later. Room: Kind of small, but the balcony helped a lot. Our cabin steward did an amazing job of replacing towels (2-3 times/day!) He called us by name every time we saw him. We were very impressed with his service. One bad thing: our room was under the Aloha Cafe, which made things very noisy when they started serving breakfast! Entertainment: The vocalists that did the shows were fantastic! The stand up comedian, Bud Andersen was very funny, too. W.T. Greer at Pink's was phenomenal... a voice like Brian McKnight. Joey Racheff in the Gold Rush Saloon is really great, too. Activities on board: Lots to do, if you read your "Freestyle Daily" newspaper. I took hula lessons. (The Hawaiian Ambassador, Kamana'o is terrific.) My husband took juggling. They had crafts, dance lessons, various exercise classes, basketball, trivia, movies, etc. Most people DO NOT stay on-board during the day, so activities are not crowded. Shore Excursions: Pricey, but WELL worth it. We snorkeled in Maui, did the luau there too, and the helicopter in Kauai. I never heard a single complaint about ANY excursion experience. My biggest problem with this cruise (and maybe it's my ignorance having never cruised before) is that there was NOTHING to do at any port (the exception being Kona). We ported in industrial areas FAR from shops, restaurants, etc. If you do not have excursions planned and have not PRE-RENTED a car, there is a good chance that you will not be leaving the port. The Norwegian Wind followed our same route almost the entire trip, so rental cars were scarce! We we got on board the first day at 4 PM and all excursions were sold out for the next day. We got off the boat and found out all rental cars were booked, too. We were screwed. We called and booked rental cars for the next day's island immediately. Food: What do you expect? It's food for the masses. It was very similar to dorm food. Alcoholic beverages are ridiculously expensive. Cadillac Diner: our worst meal. Horrible service. East Meets West: terrific food, terrific service. Little Italy: Another great meal, our favorite. Lazy J: AWESOME food and service. Aloha Cafe: great for breakfast, made to order omelettes were great. Lunch/dinner were sort of bland. Great salad bar, though. It does pay to eat at the specialty restaurants. The chocoholic buffet was awesome. I stood in line for 45 minutes for it though. We loved the freestyle dining concept. Pools: Very small! Hot tubs are not hot at all, but who wants that when it's 90 degrees outside anyway? We didn't use the spa. Photos: Cameramen were a little pushy and constantly taking pictures. One thing to note. I get VERY seasick. I was terrified that I would be ill the entire time. This was NOT a smooth sail at all. I took Bonine a few hours before getting on the ship and never let it get out of my system and I was totally fine. We were disappointed to find out that there was a mechanical problem that wouldn't allow us to cruise the Napali Coast on our final night. They "made up for it" by offering us 2 free watered-down cocktails. It was a good time. There are kinks to be worked out. I don't think cruising is for luxury travelers, but if you're willing to roll with the punches, plan ahead as far as excursions go, and have some patience, there is no better way to see ALL of Hawai'i. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2005
Just returned from 7 day Hawaiian Island cruise. Have travelled with NCL in the past and found service on previous cruises to be far superior than that delivered on the Pride of America. Had this been my first experience with NCL it ... Read More
Just returned from 7 day Hawaiian Island cruise. Have travelled with NCL in the past and found service on previous cruises to be far superior than that delivered on the Pride of America. Had this been my first experience with NCL it definitely would have been my last with this cruise line. As noted in other reviews the staff was for the most part all young college type seeing the world or paying off college debts. This was a big variance from the many foreign crew members on the other ships who would continually go out of their way to please the guests. Crew were for the most part were friendly, however, seemed to lack direction and training. Cleanliness of their uniforms was one of the items we noted in all restaurants as all wore stained and wrinkled clothing further portraying their lack luster service attitude. We enjoyed the specialty restaurants for the quality of the food but could not get over the slow service and lack of training. You would have to ask for everything - can we have butter, can we have milk for the coffee, do you have ketchup, do you have?? They did not anticipate the needs of the guests and you typically had to wait while they ran around trying to find what you asked for. Lazy J Steakhouse was the funniest episode as when the steaks were presented waitress states "cut into it and see if it's cooked to your liking". Number one, this is not what I would expect at the premium/pay restaurants and I would assume if I ordered it medium that it would be cooked this way without question. To top it off the wait staff must have gone off for a break, as they never returned to see if it was cooked to our liking/order. The break lasted for 10 minutes before any of the wait staff reappeared. Even then we had to flag down a supervisor to ask for the bearnaise sauce. When speaking with the supervisor we indicated our displeasure with the slow mediocre service and the fact that by the time we get the sauce the steak was cold. This supervisor did nothing to apologize for the poor service. A supervisor of any strength should have at least offered to waive the $20 fee for a cold steak or offered to re-order the steak. Our cabin stewardess was also in the mediocre range at best. On other cruises they would make an effort to say "hello" and introduce themselves. This gal basically ignored us in the hallways. On 2 of the 7 days when we didn't leave for dinner until 8 and she would merely knock of the door and offer towels. Other cruise stewards would wait until you left the room regardless of the time to refresh it. For a new ship the cabins were also not kept very clean. Food quality was fine, room was as expected, ship is nice. Biggest irritant was service. Also, don't try to bring any bottles in your suitcase. We checked in at 1 pm and didn't get one of our bags until 8pm when a voice mail was left to come to security who quickly confiscated our half empty bottle. Staff wouldn't hold until end of cruise or pour out in front of us. My guess is the staff have a great party with the bottles as ours was one of many many others who had their bottles confiscated. My experience has been that NCL have established a good reputation for quality/service for the price. This was not the case with this cruise. I will have to think long and hard and do a lot of investigation if I ever opt for NCL in the future. If you are planning this cruise read all of the reviews as by the time I had done my investigation we had already been booked. The reviews all indicate the same experience we had with service and were all very accurate. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
We were met at the airport by a half a dozen NCL representatives. They directed us to a tram to take us to the baggage claim area. After we had our luggage we proceeded out the door where there were more NCL representatives who directed us ... Read More
We were met at the airport by a half a dozen NCL representatives. They directed us to a tram to take us to the baggage claim area. After we had our luggage we proceeded out the door where there were more NCL representatives who directed us to the proper place to put our luggage and which bus to get on to bring us to the ship. From the time we had our luggage got on the bus and went through security to get on the ship we were checked in and up in our cabin in about 45 minutes. The cabin was cozy and the decor was very colorful. We had a balcony cabin at the front of the ship that is three times as big as all of the other balcony cabins. We really enjoyed the extra room out on the balcony. The shower was a bit on the small side. The drains in the shower always seemed to drain real slow. The clothes line in the shower was broken. I contacted the front desk on three different occasions to get it fixed. It was still broken as we got off of the ship. The room was always made up in a timely manner so we did not have any concerns with our cabin steward. She was friendly and always had a smile on her face as we came and went throughout the week. We were not aware that they were serving Prime Rib in the main restaurants on the first night we sailed. They did not offer it any other night that we sailed. The food was average. It could have been served warmer. It always looked like the servers were so busy rushing to and from in the dining room, but the never got anywhere. they really need to work on giving better service to the guests on board. We are once in one of the specialty restaurants on our anniversary night. We had an excellent dinner that night but at an extra price. They should try to run the main dining rooms as well as they did the specialty ones. The entertainment was good, we really enjoyed the singing and dancing shows on board. Service at the bars was always slow. The work ethic of an all American crew leaves a lot to be desired. The shore excursions desk always had long lines. I was glad that we prebooked our shore excursions online. We were a little disappointed that one of our excursions was cancelled supposedly because not enough people signed up. They did swap a more expensive shore excursion in its place. The shore excursions were overpriced in my opinion. Schedule you own on line by yourself. The Pride of America is a very pretty ship. I am glad that we sailed on her while she is still new. I have a feeling that in another year she will be dirty and run down. I hope that NCL can get a handle on training an all American crew and turn them around so this beautiful ship does not suffer. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2005
We enjoyed the sail on Pride of America - the ship is beautiful and spotless. The 7 day Hawaii tour is busy because there are NO 'days at sea'; you arrive in a new port every morning. We had no infrastructure problems such as ... Read More
We enjoyed the sail on Pride of America - the ship is beautiful and spotless. The 7 day Hawaii tour is busy because there are NO 'days at sea'; you arrive in a new port every morning. We had no infrastructure problems such as what we've been reading has occurred with engine failures, and plumbing. The specialty restaurants are worth the upcharge and provide excellent service. The food in the main dining rooms, which are beautiful, is good but we preferred Jefferson Bistro, East Meets West and Lazy J. The cruise had no children on board, a few babies, and a mature crowd. It was a 'sleepy' crowd - not much action; no one in the discos; not a lot of 'partiers', but a seasoned crowd of travellers determined to make the most of each port stop. Service was very mixed. We had excellent servers in some areas, and some very inexperienced staff in Napa Wine Bar and Pink's Champagne. Some staff with attitude as well and some I would say were totally depressed. Very mixed - you don't know what you will get with service; It was about 50/50 excellent to below average. Overall great scenic trip and activities - we did helicopter over Circle of Fire in Kilo, Captain Zodiac tour of Kona coastline and snorkeling, and cancelled our horseback riding in Kauai for a car rental after went spent a day in Maui in car rental. We covered both islands in full - if you continue past Road to Hana in Maui and go back side of island instead of turning around - the view is spectacular and will lead you to the island's winery - about a 6 hour drive total to see this half of the island. Loved Kauai - see the Canyon, we skipped Fern Grotto; see the Northshore. Read Less
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