Sail Date: January 2003
We had a wonderful time! We stayed at the Radisson at the port on Friday night and left our vehicle there during the cruise. We didn't get to the hotel until about 6:30pm so the earliest shuttle available was at 1:30. We didn't ... Read More
We had a wonderful time! We stayed at the Radisson at the port on Friday night and left our vehicle there during the cruise. We didn't get to the hotel until about 6:30pm so the earliest shuttle available was at 1:30. We didn't want to wait so we decided to call for a cab. The hotel called and scheduled one for 11:15 but it didn't show up. An available cab pulled in at 11:40 so we took it since ours hadn't shown. The fare was 8.00 plus tip, our cabbie was great. He was like a tour guide with all kinds of info about the ship and the port, he also loaded and unloaded our bags and got someone to put them up for us so we didn't have to do anything at all. Embarkation went very smoothly and we were on the ship, by 12:15. We couldn't get in the rooms until 1:00 so we went up and got something to eat until it was time to go to the room. Our luggage didn't get there until about 2:00. The food was great throughout the trip, and the wait staff was spectacular! Our head waiter found out my husband was a vegetarian and since he was from India he was great to work with him. Every night he would say "this is great for you" or "this is made with chicken broth" etc... he also said once "this really isn't that good, so don't get it."  I loved the ports on this cruise with the exception of Progresso, which was pretty boring. We used Coral Breeze to go snorkeling in Belize and it was wonderful, we just shopped in Cozumel and we only spent about an hour in Progresso. My only complaint was that our room made soooo much noise. It was fine the first few days then it started to rattle, the walls and the ceiling. I would lay in the bed and stretch my leg all the way out to the wall and put a tiny bit of pressure on it and it would stop, but as soon as I moved it would start back. It really got annoying, it kept us up the last two nights of the cruise and made it really hard to go to sleep. I definitely suggest this cruise, we had a wonderful time!! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2003
Good cruise and a solid value for the price. Itinerary was good. Belize required tenders and the time in Key West too short (though I think that was the last visit to Key West for a while). My wife and I went to Orlando a couple days ... Read More
Good cruise and a solid value for the price. Itinerary was good. Belize required tenders and the time in Key West too short (though I think that was the last visit to Key West for a while). My wife and I went to Orlando a couple days ahead and stayed at the Marriott near the Airport. We were provided a free shuttle by Marriott back over to the airport for our transfer to Pt Canaveral on the morning of the cruise. We left on the bus about 10am and it took about 45 minutes to get to port. We waited on the bus for a short time and began the boarding by 11:30am. We were on in no time and had lunch on board about 12:30am. Very pleased with the transfer and embarkation. The ship was very nice and was pleasing to the eye. Food was good but I wouldn't say great. I ate a lot of bread too - the portions were lacking, but as always on Carnival "just have them bring another entree'". Shows were as one would expect for Carnival - action packed and well done. Carnival has managed to obtain a family fun atmosphere. Now, that's good if you have kids. Carnival and Disney are your ships! If you aren't with the kids it may still be for you depending on the ship. Having been on other lines I found that something has changed. More plasticware in the Lido dining areas and kids present most all of the time. The pool deck band didn't have the upbeat musicians I expected from Carnival. Very nice music but just two gentlemen playing. No dancing to this band! I have long maintained that the automatic tipping is causing the personal service (both room & dining) to become just average. This cruise really confirmed my thinking. Not bad, but just not that extra effort. It may be handy, but I still prefer that last night tipping and thanking the staff one last time. This ship met my expectations, but except for a real nice room upgrade, I can't say it was anything extraordinary. The main question: Will we go Carnival again? Maybe someday - but not right away! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2003
Just got back from 7-14 sailing of the Glory. as i am sure most have heard we had air and pa problems the first night. although i think the staff could of done a better job of keeping us informed, i realize a new ship must work out ... Read More
Just got back from 7-14 sailing of the Glory. as i am sure most have heard we had air and pa problems the first night. although i think the staff could of done a better job of keeping us informed, i realize a new ship must work out it's kinks. the only disappointment was that carnival offered nothing as compensation for an entire afternoon and until 2am of hot, no sleep gripey kids vacation. anyway i'll start with the good stuff. the ship is absolutely stunning in the glitzy, las vegas way carnival does it. lots of colored lights and lights changing colors etc. the main atrium area is just breathtaking with the partial ceiling changing colors constantly. there is a bank of elevators that look down into this area that are just wonderful. they even have see thru doors so you can see into the atrium from the bank of elevators. another plus for the glory was the number of elevators. we never had to wait very long on an elevator. our stateroom was an outside for 4 people and was very spacious with lots of rooms for storage. our luggage stored easily under the beds. we were very pleased with the buffet lines as we did not have to wait to eat all week. the food was also very good and always a good selection. the dining room food was also excellent. we ate everything from shrimp, steak, prime-rib, and of course the lobster tail which was wonderful. we did not eat any of the late night buffets but i heard they were great. i heard the chocolate one was the best. the shows were also very good with 1 exception. the broadway show featured a bit on "the full monty" which had several dancers dressed as policemen do a striptease down to nothing but a had held in front of their privates. this was a bit much for our 6 and 9 year olds. carnival gave no warning or information about this at all. other than that piece, the shows were awesome! the shows that cruise director john Heald did were also very funny and not to be missed. all of the shows were very funny but almost all have some sort of sexual overtones that caused many questions from my 9 year old. without the kids, these shows are all a not miss on the cruise. i also visited the casino a few times and it was great. the black jack tournament is a don't miss. the tables were a bit limited but larger than other cruises i have been on. there was never a problem with the room being smokey and bar service was very adequate. embarkation and debarkation was the best i have experienced. i did hear there was a long line to park around 2 to 3 pm. you had to drop off your luggage, go park and take a bus back to the pier. my process was very quick but i arrived early (11am). now for the bad. we were very disappointed in the service on the ship. we had to ask for more tea, bread, butter etc at every meal. we had to track down the bar waitress for coke and sprite refills for our kids at every meal. our waiters were very nice and funny and we loved them to death, but when you are on a cruise, you should not have to ask for more tea. we were also disappointed with the service at the buffet area (red sail restaurant). we had to request that tables be cleared off or wiped off at almost every meal. there were very few smiles and an attitude of "sit somewhere else" with many of the staff. i was never asked by anyone if they could get me anything, bring me some coffee, get me a refill, nothing! again the food was good, the service was not. we were also not very pleased with camp carnival. our 9 year old did participate and really enjoyed it. the programs and events they have looked very good and i am sure most kids would enjoy them. the problems we had were with the policies of carnival concerning camp carnival. there were no beepers or any way for the counselors to get in touch with the parents who left their children in the program. we were told that if and only if there was an emergency they would call our room and leave a message. that is all they would do even if their was an emergency! when we took our 5 year old the first day, we were told we could not stay with him even for 1 minute to help him get acclimated. we also wanted to see the play area and computers and was told we had ample opportunity to do that on embarkation day. on embarkation day, none of the toys, games etc were out and the computers were not on. our 5 year old would not stay if we could not at least stay a few minutes to get him settled in. we were not allowed past the door for any reason not even to observe. the policies for the 9-11 year olds was also not good. they are allowed to sign themselves out of camp carnival for any reason at any time. we ask the counselors if we could sign her in and out and if they would not let her leave without us. we were told no, that the counselors were not responsible for the 9 to 11 year olds, they could come and go as they please. these policies were very disturbing to us as this was the first time we had cruised as a family. we may be a bit over-protective but i do not want my 9 year old daughter wondering around a ship with 3500 other passengers and 1500 crew. as far as our 5 year old, i think he would have enjoyed the camp had he tried it out, but not being able to observe or stay for a few minutes was down right scary for him and unsettling for us. we had many problems with the room service. on all occasions we ordered it took 10-30 minutes on the phone to even place an order. twice i gave up after 30 minutes waits. it was also over 1 hour normally to receive your food. again the food was very good, but the service was bad. i did place a formal complaint to carnival about several of these issues with nothing done but phone calls to see how my week was going. we did have a wonderful cruise as the ship itself was an experience. i only wish the service would have been to my standards. i also hope carnival will take a serious look at their camp carnival policies and make some changes. until they do, we will probably not be going on a family vacation with them again. happy cruisin big al Read Less
Sail Date: July 2003
This was our 9th cruise and the first on a carnival ship. Embarkation was slow and chaotic compared to the ease of check in at Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America. stateroom with balcony category 8b was very small and bath has ... Read More
This was our 9th cruise and the first on a carnival ship. Embarkation was slow and chaotic compared to the ease of check in at Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Holland America. stateroom with balcony category 8b was very small and bath has small shower only (no tub). upon departure from the pier there was a lot of very noticeable side to side movement that continued throughout the entire cruise. this was the most movement i've experienced on a cruise ship since cruising on the boheme' during a storm back in the early 70's. there was no storms on this trip, just a lot of constant movement from side to side. the entertainment was good but sparse. two nights brought las vegas style shows, one night had a good comedian and juggler, and one night a good singer. no on board movie theater and very little on the tv. this crew generally does not work very well together. we noticed several verbal battles between crew members and most did not seem at all friendly. this is the first cruise we have ever taken where the ship automatically debits each passengers account for all tips for dining service and room stewards on the first day of the voyage. we don't know if this has a bearing on the lacking of friendly or efficient service, but we would have tipped much less on this trip than was automatically deducted although on past cruises we have tipped much more than this amount. our stateroom steward and assistant were great, but the majority of the rest of the staff we encountered were more rude than friendly and not what we are accustomed to on board cruise ships. the food in the pay-$50-extra-emerald diningroom was great. but like in the platinum diningroom the service was terrible, staff was cold, unfriendly, did not interact well with one another nor with passengers and made the experience memorable in a bad way. the food in the platinum diningroom was poor by the standards of the other ships we've cruised. the orange juice on board this vessel is so weak, it tastes more like cloudy water. they ran out of chocolate milk on the 4th day and out of regular milk on the 5th day of the cruise. disembarkation in st. thomas was totally screwed up. it took nearly 2 hours of standing in long lines to exit the ship and alot of folks missed their shore excursions. cruise directors and assistants always seemed to be in total chaos and didn't have a clue what was going on (if you could find one anywhere to ask). sorry to be so negative, but this was by far the worst cruise experience we have ever had and i just wanted to let others know that for the same amount of money a really wonderful experience can be had on celebrity, royal caribbean, or holland america and this carnival ship is a true waste of money and time and a source of increased stress and frustration. first time cruisers will probably have a good time though, because they don't know how low class this ship is by comparison to other ships in the same price range. experienced cruisers will hate this ship. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2003
Hi everyone!! This is my review from our cruise on the Carnival Glory from July 19th-July 26th. Day 1 (Saturday): Right off the bat, we had a problem with our flight out of Newark Liberty. Our flight, on Continental, which was booked ... Read More
Hi everyone!! This is my review from our cruise on the Carnival Glory from July 19th-July 26th. Day 1 (Saturday): Right off the bat, we had a problem with our flight out of Newark Liberty. Our flight, on Continental, which was booked through Carnival, was supposed to leave at 11:00am, which I already thought was cutting it close since the ship leaves at 4:00pm. Well, 11am came and no plane, due to traffic on the runway. Two hours later, it appeared and we left, arriving at Orlando at 3pm. At first, Carnival hoarded us onto the bus and said that we would meet our luggage in Key West tomorrow, but after leaving the airport and driving for a few minutes, we were informed that we were turning back because the ship would be leaving late. We got our luggage, were bussed to Port Canaveral, and got on the ship at 4pm, and the ship left. We were in cabin 1279. It was the largest we had been in, but I would not recommend this particular cabin. It is next to an AC unit that had some sort of buzzer that would go off from time to time and could be heard in our cabin. A bit of an annoyance. At night, we went to the Welcome aboard Show, which was very good. We found John Heald, the Cruise Director, to be very entertaining the entire cruise. Day 2 (Sunday-Key West): We had stayed in Key West for a few days in November, so we just walked around, went to the Hemingway House (OK) and the Little White House (much better). At dinner, I had a problem with my sail-and-sign account. After using the card for a full day, I ordered a drink at dinner and was informed that my account with the ship had not been started. So I had to leave dinner, go to my cabin for my credit card, go up to the pursers desk and resign up. This is the second year in a row that this happened during dinner, and it makes me ask why they cannot get that right. At night, we went to the Cinn-A-Bar, which has a piano sing-along each night. Had a lot of fun there, highly recommend. Day 3 (Monday-at sea): Very nice day on deck. We were laying out on deck 12 forward and never had a problem getting a deck chair in the late morning. There was a Caribbean band playing during the day who were enjoyable to listen to, though they can be quite loud if you sit closer to the pool. At night, saw the 'Livin In America' show. It was done well, but I'm not really a fan of Las Vegas Revue shows, so I was kind of bored. Day 4 (Tuesday-Belize): Another big problem this day. We had booked a tour with Reggies Cave Tubing before we had left for the cruise. Reggie had told me that he likes to leave around 9am. Well, we get into port and had been told to meet at 8am on the boat to receive our tender tickets. We were there right at 8am and received a ticket to be on tender #1. At 9am, we get an announcement that Belize had sent too few tenders and everything was backed up. Of course, Carnival needed to get their tours off first, so we needed to wait for that. And when I looked out the window, I saw plenty of tenders waiting. By 10am, we were on a tender and off to Belize. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Reggie's Cave Tubing. It was an outstanding excursion that lasted for about 4 hours. At night, we went to the casino (won $20...better than losing!) and went to the late night comedy show (Al Ernest), who was very good. Day 5 (Wednesday-Cozumel): We took a taxi to Mr. Sancho's Beach Club, which was $14 per cab. Mr. Sancho's was real nice, but we only had 3 hours there so that we could squeeze in shopping and be on the ship by 2:30pm. The stop was way too short. Plus Carnival had no organization when it came to getting back on the boat. People were cutting in line all over the place and I heard that a fight or two occurred, though I did not see any. At night, we went to the guest talent show, which was entertaining. The cruise director then does this skit called 'The Bedtime Story' with people from the audience that he chose and he chose some real characters because it was the funniest thing I saw all week!! If you know anyone with a ship video from this cruise, it is a must see. Then went to the only deck party they had the whole cruise. It was a lot of fun, but I wish they had had more of them. Day 6 (Thursday-Progresso): We took the free shuttle bus into Progresso and walked to the beach, which was quite nice, and free to get on. We rented chairs for $4 each, and drank $2 Coronas while on the beach. The local vendors are all over with all kinds of items to sell and will ask you to buy something every 5 minutes. Quite annoying, but a speed bump in a very nice day. My complaint here again was the amount of time that we had. Only 3 hours on the beach, and back to the boat by 2:30pm. Went to the late night comedy of Carl Faulkenberry, which was OK (he was better on Friday). Day 7 (Friday-at sea): It was a nice day, but very windy, so we found space in the shade where the wind was not too bad. Went to the ventriloquist act of Marc Rubben and then Carl Faulkenberry. Both were very funny. Closed out our last night by enjoying the piano sing-along again with Joe Spraker. Day 8 (Saturday): Debarkation went very smooth, plus they now allow you to leave the ship with your luggage, if you so choose. We chose not to, since our flight did not leave till 4pm. There was also a bus accident on the way to the airport with Carnival passengers aboard. Not sure exactly what happened or if anyone was hurt, so I hope all is well for those aboard. A few other notes... Our head waiter, Percival from Jamaica, was great!! He's been with Carnival for 15 years and seems to enjoy what he does. We had an assistant waiter, Tonya from Croatia, that we really liked as well, but she got hurt in a moped accident in Cozumel, so we ended up with Victoria, who was OK. Our room steward was good, but never got her name because she never introduced herself. The teenagers on this cruise were completely out of control (not all, but some of them). Especially the last night, when we saw them in the casino gambling and staggering around the ship drunk. The ship itself was very nice and colorful. I liked the additions of a basketball court and volleyball court on the ship. I ate every night in the dining room, plus had lunch at the grill, pizzeria, oriental, and deli. All were good. Overall, I did enjoy my vacation, but with each trip I take with Carnival, I do find my satisfaction level going down a bit with them. I know now that in the future, I will make sure that not only will I check to see where the ship stops, but for how long. If you have any questions that I can help with, please feel free to contact me at, and HAPPY CRUISING. My next one will be November 2004! Read Less
Sail Date: August 2003
I just returned from the Carnival Glory cruise, August 23, 2003, to August 30, 2003. The ship is beautiful and I had a wonderful time, mostly because we had 67 people traveling in our group which were family and friends. (Sorge Group) ... Read More
I just returned from the Carnival Glory cruise, August 23, 2003, to August 30, 2003. The ship is beautiful and I had a wonderful time, mostly because we had 67 people traveling in our group which were family and friends. (Sorge Group) Now this is why I'm writing you this email, My husband is in a wheel chair and I had a handicap room (room 6311). Every time I was leaving my room the cart which the Stewart called the trolley, was park in front of my room. Although my Stewart was very sweet, it was suggested I go the other way to leave my room. My sons were to the right of me and the cart was always in my way to visit their room. One day leaving my room, of course the cart was blocking my way to the right, I was tired of complaining so decided to go to my left, only to find an another cart, (smaller one) still blocking my way, so I decided to use the middle corridor to find still blocked with another cart. I was so frustrated I could not pass any corridor without difficulty. Besides it being a dangerous condition. Now another complaint, regarding the wheelchair. As I mentioned we were a group of 67 people. I was seated at table 330 in the Platinum dining room. I had to walk through dining room, having other guest be moved so I could get by (which was embarrassing to me). My group should have been seated closer to the entrance of the dining room, someone said I should have mentioned it to the waiter but figured they would move me from my group. I didn't want to be separated from my family. Figured they couldn't re-seat 67 people so I dealt with it. I do want to tell you that my waiter Enrico was wonderful, couldn't do enough for my husband. He cut his food and made sure his every need was attended to. (My husband suffered from a stroke and has no use of his left side.) This is my second cruise, last year we were also in a group of family and friends, not as large. We sailed on the Sensation and the attention my husband received was sensationally. The Sensation staff always put the handicap people first. I was so impressed I told my children and encouraged them to come this year. 4 of my 5 children and their families sailed this year with us. We are planning to sail next year from New York and I just had to share with you the difficulties I endured this cruise and hope these problems will be corrected for future handicap cruisers on the Glory. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2003
This is my review of our Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Glory, 8/30/03. I hope you enjoy it! A little background: Ages: I am 37 and my husband is 54. I have taken 4 Carnival cruises and 1 Princess cruise. My husband has also been ... Read More
This is my review of our Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Glory, 8/30/03. I hope you enjoy it! A little background: Ages: I am 37 and my husband is 54. I have taken 4 Carnival cruises and 1 Princess cruise. My husband has also been on 4 previous Carnival cruises. I did not care for my cruise on Princess. For me, Carnival surpasses Princess in every aspect that is important to us: service, food and fun. We are big Carnival fans and feel that no other cruise line would be a better fit for us. We also vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun which we enjoy just as much as cruising. We flew from NY to Orlando two days ahead so we could relax before our cruise. We took the Cocoa Beach Shuttle for $21 p/p to our hotel, the Comfort Suites. I do not recommend booking the ocean-view balcony rooms as the view is mostly of the parking lot. Location was convenient. There was a Winn-Dixie right across the street where we purchased a box of wine and a 12-pack of beer to take on the ship. There were also multiple restaurants and clothing shops within walking distance. We met up with an old friend who lives in Cocoa Beach. He took us around to some of the local bars and restaurants. Our two days in Cocoa Beach flew by and then it was Saturday morning: cruise day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMBARKATION This was going to be a very exciting day because I was giving my husband a very big surprise. Six months earlier I had arranged for his daughter, 26, and his son, 29, to come on this cruise with us. We had managed to keep the secret all this time. Lisa had to fly all the way from Seattle, and Marc was flying from Philadelphia. I was very nervous that something would go wrong, but everything went smoothly. They even made it to the cruise terminal before us. This was their first cruise. My husband and I took the free shuttle from the hotel at 11:30. Once at the port, we dropped off our luggage and made our way to the terminal. Things seemed to be organized well. I was rather angry that the security refused to hand-check our 800-speed film. We only allowed the film to go through that one time and one other time when coming back from shore. After a total of only two passes through the machine, there was some damage to the film in the form of dark spots. Fortunately, only some pictures were damaged. We made our way upstairs to the check-in area, and then my husband heard someone saying, "Daddy, Daddy." It was his daughter. He couldn't believe his kids were going to be on the cruise with us. Needless to say, he was very happy. We got through the check-in process quickly and were on the ship by 12:30. CABINS We first went to check out our cabins. Our cabin was 7439, one of the L-shaped cabins with an extra long balcony. I did not feel that there was any extra space inside. There was plenty of closet space and drawers. The room stewardess, Johanna, introduced herself right away. She immediately took care of several small requests we had. She took excellent care of us all week. Marc and Lisa were one deck above us in an inside cabin. They received the same excellent service from their steward. At embarkation, we had received a flyer with our Sail & Sign cards advising us not to use the cards to lock our safe. I had brought 4 old S&S cards and we used those instead. Before leaving our room, I used Funvision to book our Shark-Ray Alley tour in Belize. I found it very easy to use. VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO! 1. Check out dining room assignment 2. Eat lunch at the Lido deck buffet We were assigned to late seating, as requested, in the Platinum dining room. We went to check on our table, and found that it was a table for 8. We considered asking for a table for 4, but decided to wait and see how that night's dinner went. As you will read later, we certainly made the correct decision. We then made our way to the Lido buffet and enjoyed a rather large lunch. Afterward, we wandered the ship, then went back to our cabins to prepare for the lifeboat drill. Our luggage had already arrived. The drill was painless. We returned to our cabin, spent some time on our balcony, and rested up for dinner. PLATINUM DINING ROOM First, this was a beautiful room. It seemed larger than the dining rooms on Destiny and Triumph. We did not experience the over-crowding that others have reported though. The 2 couples seated with us were also traveling together. Our waiter and waitress introduced themselves, Alwyn, from India, and Katarena, from Slovokia. They were truly excellent and I believe they must be among the best that Carnival has to offer. Bread, butter, water, iced tea, were all replenished as needed without having to ask. Alwyn remembered everyone's special quirks and we were constantly given additional appetizers, entrees, and desserts to try. When I told Alwyn that there was nothing I liked on Beef Wellington night, which was on Wednesday night, he told me that I could get a sirloin steak instead, no problem. Alwyn and Katarena are sooooo personable and professional. We decided to cancel our reservation at the supper club because we did not want to miss a night dining with them. We tipped them well above the suggested amounts. We also enjoyed the singing Maitre'd, Ken. He really did sound just like Frank Sinatra. We enjoyed the waiters and waitresses dancing every night, and did not notice any lapses in service due to this. I thought the food was on par with our cruise 2 years ago. The desserts were better, especially the creme brulee. ENTERTAINMENT We were very disappointed that comedian Al Ernst was not on this cruise. We stopped in to hear Carl Faulkenberry, and were not impressed. The young lady singing and playing piano by the casino was very good. She reminded me of Jewel. The piano bar singer sounded good also. I missed the 4 man band on the Lido deck. There were only two musicians this time, and they did not have the spirit or energy of previous bands. We attended the deck party which was tame compared to others I have attended. None of the bars or lounges seemed to be as lively or as crowded as on previous cruises. I thought the entertainment was as good as ever, but it was a very quiet crowd. The bartenders we spoke to also thought so. They said they didn't mind though, because they needed a break after the summer crowds. Many told us of out-of-control kids. One expressed the opinion that Carnival should make use of "the jail" on the ship, and that perhaps this would curb such behavior. The 2 big shows in the Amber Palace were excellent. I know some people think they're hokey, but I would have seen both shows twice if I could have. The lead female singer has a very strong voice. You won't find anything like her on American Idol. Excellent! We also enjoyed the magic show. As for cruise director Greg Kneale, very ordinary. He was constantly on ship's TV and I found him very hard to watch. I also take issue with his presentations regarding the ports. I am all for giving passengers a realistic view of the ports, however I felt he gave SUCH a negative view of port times and activities that many people were wondering why they even bothered to take this cruise. KEY WEST Time in Port: 12:00-6:00pm After being warned that it would take a very long time to disembark, passengers, including us, began lining up 30 minutes early causing congestion in the stairwells. There were only 4 trolleys, holding about 64 people each, assigned to our ship. The trolley took us into town. The architecture of the old houses was amazing. That is really the best I can say about Key West. I would rather go to Progreso, San Juan, Jamaica or anywhere else. We met many rude people. We asked several people working in different establishments to point us in the direction of the Key Lime shop, and received answers of "I don't know." A salesclerk asked if I needed help. When I told her I was waiting for my friend to finish trying on a swimsuit, she rolled her eyes and turned her back on me. We did stop at Sloppy Joe's for a couple beers and had a nice waitress. When we eventually found the Key Lime Pie Shop, the pie was excellent. I really could have done without this port and spent more time at another. BELIZE Time in Port 8:00am-5:00pm We had booked the Shark-Ray Alley tour and left the ship at 8:00am. We boarded a boat, put on our life jackets, and we were off. One of the guides told us that we were traveling at about 35mph. We received our snorkel equipment, stopped at Caye Caulker for a few minutes, then took a short ride to the snorkel site. We were there about an hour. We did see multiple sharks and a couple large rays. There were numerous fish and coral. I thought the snorkeling was excellent. Even more excellent were our guides, Zack and Ash. They owned the boat, called Meteoride, and worked for a larger business that contracts with Carnival. These young men were very personable, answered all questions, and really looked out for all of us. Consider yourself very fortunate if they lead your tour. After snorkeling, we sped over to San Pedro for a barbecue lunch that is included with the price of the tour. It wasn't ready yet, so we wandered into town. It had been threatening rain all morning, and finally it started to pour. The streets truly are made of sand, not pavement. We quickly found a local restaurant, Cucina Caramba, and ordered Lighthouse beer that was very good. The employees there were very friendly. Belize is 2 hours behind ship time, so the kitchen was not really open yet. They did serve us Lobster Ceviche, salsa, and chips. All very good and not expensive. I wish it had not been raining so we could have seen more of San Pedro. We made our way back to the dock where they still had the buffet open. The barbecue chicken was delicious. Finally, the sun came out. On our way back to the ship, we came upon another small boat, full of snorkelers, which was either out of gas or had mechanical problems. Zack and Ash said after they dropped us off at the ship, they would go back and get the people who were stranded. I loved the people I met in Belize and would love to go back. Only drawback to this tour: just 2 hours in San Pedro. Carnival could easily add at least 1 more hour to this time. COZUMEL Time in Port 7:30am-3:00pm Excellent as always!!!!! Carnival, why is our port time so short here????? We all got off the ship right away, and were at Chankanaab by 8:00am. My husband and I just wanted to snorkel, and Marc and Lisa wanted to scuba dive. Lisa is certified and Marc wanted to take the Discover Scuba. We used Ramon Zapata's shop and the scuba was a total cost of $85. The snorkeling was very good. We wanted to eat in town and shop so we got a cab and were in town by 11:30.We ate at the same little restaurant we always go to, El Abuelo Gerardo, located a couple blocks back of the main square. Mostly locals go there. It was $52 for the four of us. This included 3 bottles of water, 8 or 9 beers, a huge combination platter, 2 plates of quesadillas, and all the chips and salsa we wanted. Truly amazing as always. We had to go back to the ship all too soon. PROGRESO Time in Port 7:00am-3:00pm We had a wonderful time in Progreso. Despite Greg Kneale's assertion that there is "absolutely nothing to do there." What was supposed to be the worst port turned out to be the best. We got off the ship around 9:30 and took the bus into town. We shopped for a while, finding prices to be substantially lower than Cozumel. Lisa got a hammock for $15. Dresses were half the price of those in Cozumel. We then made our way to the beach. The beach was prettier than I thought it would be. When you first walked into the water, it was a little squishy between the toes. No worse than a lake in the Northeast though. It got better if you walked farther out. No waves. Very calm and relaxing. There are palapas, chairs and loungers at no charge. The sky was blue and it was very hot! After spending a little time on the beach, my husband and I decided to walk along the waterfront and see what kind of bars there were. For anybody that wants to have a great time, I recommend you go to a place called Altamar Beach Club & Restaurant. There was a 3-man band playing all sorts of songs, from The Doors, to Elvis and Mariah Carey. We were the only customers there at first. After we bought a couple beers, we were served chips and salsa. We always think the more, the merrier, so my husband bought some beers for some other people that had dropped in. Eventually, we were joined by Lisa and Marc, as well as others drawn in by the music. I don't think that Progreso had seen cruise ship passengers like us before. We were dancing and having the time of our lives. We were kept in constant supply of chips and salsa at no charge. I saw some people had ordered meals, but I was too busy having fun to look at a menu. I told the waiters that I would recommend their place on the internet, and I hope that by writing this review that they will receive additional business. The hospitality was evident and if you really want to have a party, grab some of your friends and don't miss this place. After 3 hours, we were still not ready to leave, and just made the last bus back to the ship. DEBARKATION Excellent. We had early flight tags and were off the ship and on our shuttle by 8:30. By 9:30 we were at the airport. They were checking the colored deck tags closely to make sure you were actually eligible for the early debarkation. Additionally, if you need to hire a shuttle service, I highly recommend Basikshuttle. They were excellent. An interesting side note about reporting for immigration: There are now signs around the ship stating that there will be a $250 fine/charge for not reporting in a timely manner. If they actually enforce this, it is a great service to everyone. SUMMARY We loved our vacation on the Carnival Glory. The port of call schedule was exhausting, as you had to be up very early in the morning for Belize, Cozumel, and Progreso. We thought the service on the ship was the best we have ever experienced. Thank you Carnival for giving us a wonderful vacation!!!! If you would like to see the pictures that go along with this review, please visit my website: Read Less
Sail Date: August 2003
EMBARKATION Once we arrived at the very clean and tidy port, we were blown away by the size of this mother ship!!! It is Absolutely Huge!!! Wow. Then, if you are Canadian (rock on!!!) or just not American, you will need to go through one ... Read More
EMBARKATION Once we arrived at the very clean and tidy port, we were blown away by the size of this mother ship!!! It is Absolutely Huge!!! Wow. Then, if you are Canadian (rock on!!!) or just not American, you will need to go through one extra line, but that's okay. The lines were very organised, slightly long, but fairly quick. After you receive your Sail and Sign Cards (these cards are absolutely incredibly useful), you will proceed to a short "Photo shoot", and you will get a friendly "Welcome to the Carnival Glory", and there you go. This is your home for the next week. DINING Here we go, everyone's favourite part of the cruise: the food!!! From casual dining rooms, to a 24 hour pizzeria. From sushi to a chocolate buffet. From formal, dress up dining to a poolside grille. From a mini dessert bakery to fish and chips. And even a midnight buffet. The food on the Carnival Glory will keep you talkin' for months and years. For 5 nights during the cruise, you will have the option (take this option!!) to eat in an upscale restaurant, all food included with your ticket (everything is included except for a few speciality eating spots, like the supper club). Did you order something that, after you thought about it, you don't want it any more? No problem. Just order another! At the 24 hour Pizzeria, located on the Lido deck, you can get delicious, Italian style pizza, literally any time you want it. 6:00 am, Noon, 3:30 pm, Dinner, 10:00 pm, 3:30 am!!! Whenever. There is a Sushi bar on the ship, where you can get any kind of sushi you want, with as much Soy Sauce and Wasabi as you want. During one afternoon on the cruise, you will get to enjoy the delicious Chocolate Buffet, for all those chocolate lovers out there. It is sooooooooooooo good!!! Chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream with chocolate toppings, chocolate bark, and sugar covered nuts. Is your mouth watering yet? Get ready. It's better in person. During two nights on the cruise, there is a formal night, so bring your good dress shirt, pants, and suit. This takes place in the same restaurants (Golden and Platinum) as the casual dinners. The food on the Formal nights is extremely exquisite. On the Lido deck, near the back pool, there is a Poolside grille. They serve great burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, fries, and curly fries. It is great for a home style lunch. On the 10th deck, there is a great little Fish and Chips restaurant. We ate lunch there 5 out of the 7 days. It is so delicious, I recommend it to everybody. Here's a fun little thing: a midnight buffet! Every night (obviously at midnight), they serve a great variety of foods, and desserts. PUBLIC ROOMS There were PLENTY of bars to roam around in, and lots of lounges, too. If I were you, I'd take the first day to scan each floor, and go into EVERY room. It is really fun to do this, since there are so many of them. Check out the library, the WHOLE Lido deck, the spa, the gym, and the bars (P.S. Go to the "Club Crimson", it is very eerie and funky!). By the third or fourth day, you'll be walking around the ship comfortably. The pools are salt water, by the way, and the slide is very fun! ENTERTAINMENT The entertainment on the ship was absolutely incredible! The comedian was hilarious. The Amber Palace is magnificent, and it is huge! The bingo is played in there, and the prizes are great. The shows, after dinner, are very entertaining, and lots of fun, too. Make sure that you go to all the shows you possibly can go to! You won't regret it. Also, remember to go to the fun game shows, because they all have audience participation. By the way, don't miss the match game, or the Newlywed game! Another thing you can't miss is the Hairy Chest contest, it's very funny! Always consult your Carnival Capers letter every night for times, and info! CABIN We had an inside cabin, which was great. It wasn't too small, yet is was very cozy. The bathroom was cool, too, with a shower, a VERY LOUD toilet, sink and hair dryer. There was a TV near the beds, with access to movies, and NBC, ABC, and CBS. Don't hesitate to get an inside cabin, they are still very, very satisfying. FITNESS The gymnasium in the spa is excellent. There are daily, and hourly spinning classes, aerobic classes, and pilates classes. The equipment was very good quality, and there was every machine you can imagine. Treadmills, Eliptical trainers, weights, and several other machines. SHORE EXCURSIONS KEY WEST: We went on the Catamaran/snorkeling adventure, which was very fun. We went out on a catamaran sail boat, and go snorkeling at the reef. I had never snorkeled before, so it was very fun. BELIZE: We went on the Cave Tubing experience, which I highly recommend. The tour guide was very nice, and knowledgeable. The country is great, and it is my favourite destination. Once you arrive, you get a tube, a headband with a caver's light, and a life jacket. You then walk for about 45 minutes in a HOT, HUMID rainforest! It's a great experience. After all that sweating, you finally drop into a cool river with your tube, and proceed into the cave. It is very dark, so the lights are essential. Once you are far enough into the cave, the tour guide tells you to turn out your lights, for the darkest experience ever, I guarantee it. Then, you float out of the cave to a faster current, and finally, you get up and take the very short walk back to the bus. COZUMEL: We went to the beach for this excursion, which was great. There were little shops everywhere, a bar with swinging chairs, and a very fun shallow beach. The taxi ride to and from the beach made me very nervous, since the man drove very fast, about 135 KM/H. It was very scary. PROGRESSO: We went to Dch--- something (I don't remember the name, it was very weird), which was fun and educational. The place was a part of the Mayan Ruins, which was evident, since there were structures, buildings, and gazebos type things everywhere. It was very, very, very hot! Luckily, we got to swim in a natural pond afterwords. FAMILY The children's programs were fun, but not very well organized. The events often did not take place. When they did, they were fun, though. CONCLUSION Very simple: go on this SHIP!!!!!! It was absolutely the best vacation ever, and you will talk about it forever... P.S. I'm a 13 year old kid from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and this cruise took place during the week of August 16 to August 23, 2003. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2003
We just returned from the Glory western Caribbean cruise. The ship is really beautiful but not as the Pride. This is just my opinion others may have liked it better. But I will say with the exception of the wait staff in the dining room ... Read More
We just returned from the Glory western Caribbean cruise. The ship is really beautiful but not as the Pride. This is just my opinion others may have liked it better. But I will say with the exception of the wait staff in the dining room Carnival has let there "service" go way down below years past. Also they advertise that their cabins are larger will I beg to differ. We had a balcony on the Pride last year and it was quite a bit larger that one on the Glory. Also some of my group had inside cabins and I think they are the smallest size I have ever seen. Food and entertainment was wonderful, but as for the ports of call....Belize, the most God forsaken place I have ever been and I have been on 20 cruises and this by far was the worst. Cozemel same old same old, been there about 6 times so it does not impress me. Progresso, Merida was a real look at Mexico. The city of Merida was so crowded with locals we stood out like sore thumbs! lol Nobody spoke English, we were lucky enough to get a driver that spoke broken English. So between his broken English and our VERY LITTLE Spanish we made it fine. But without him we would have been completely clueless. He even had to "talk" for us with merchants. But Belize and Merida are both very EXPENSIVE. Couldn't even find as much as a magnet as either place! Progresso was by far my favorite stop, but we had so little time we only go to see the beach and a very other places. No getting out there. That is another thing I did not like, not enough time in a port AND 2 of them you need to be ready to disembark at 7 AM. UCK!!!!!!!!  I think I will return to the smaller Fantasy class ships from now on. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2003
Here is my review for our sailing aboard the Carnival Glory on 9/6/03. If you are a stickler for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, this review is not for you. It is late and I am quite tired of staring at this computer, so please forgive ... Read More
Here is my review for our sailing aboard the Carnival Glory on 9/6/03. If you are a stickler for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, this review is not for you. It is late and I am quite tired of staring at this computer, so please forgive the errors. quote: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- In the words of one of my many Big Cats friends... Hi y'all The following is my families account, and solely my family's account, regarding our cruise on the Carnival Glory on 9/6/03. This is also my first time posting a review, so bare with me. While I am a veteran on the boards of Cruise Critic, I am a rookie at posting reviews. This was our fifth cruise, fourth aboard Carnival. We are a family of three, consisting of George, Anne, and our little princess (as she became known by fellow big Cats) Arrielle. With the exception of one cruise, all of our cruises have been to the Caribbean. We hail from the "Valley of the Sun", otherwise known as Phoenix, AZ. There is something about escaping from the desert (although Phoenix is the fifth largest city now) to the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean. So, with all the formalities out of the way, here is our review... Flight: We flew in a day early on Sept. 5th so that we would be well rested getting on to the ship and wanting to avoid any possible flight problems. Flew out on American Airlines and actually arrived early in Orlando. Nice change if you have been used to flying on Continental or America West, as we have. Note to anyone who got sucked into their promos about extra space between their rows of seats..."BULL"! I'm 6' 5'' and I did not see any difference from any other airlines that I have flown. Port Canaveral/Budget: We rented a rental car from Budget (on a side note, Budget is now the closest Rental agent to the port, now that Avis has been exiled from the Radisson), and had absolutely no problems with them. On the drive to the Radisson we hit a wall of rain that was so violent, we could not see an inch in front of us. I now what its like to drive blind. We really like how everything is laid out on Astronaut blvd; everything is quite simple to find. Radisson Hotel/Grill's Restaurant: The Radisson is a great hotel. I know this hotel has gotten some recent bad reviews, but we found both the grounds and our room to be quite clean. They have a great pool, but unfortunately, due to the weather, we were unable to enjoy it. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone. That night, we met up with fellow "Big Cats" Dawn, David, Jacob and Marie at Grill's restaurant for dinner. We had a great time and the food was excellent and quite reasonable. Grill's is a can't miss if you are looking for somewhere to dine by the Port. First Impression of the Glory: I stopped off at a store not far from the port to pick up some "spirits". A gentleman walked in quite disturbed because he could not find the Disney cruise ship as I was walking out the door. As I came up on the Glory, I could not believe the size of this ship. And as I passed it, I noticed the Disney ship, dwarfed in comparison to the Glory that the gentlemen in the store had inquired earlier. There is something to be said when approaching a brand new ship with fresh paint of that magnitude...wowwwww! Embarkation: I don't know what Carnival and Port Canaveral did, but whatever it was, it works. We took the Budget shuttle over to the Port around 10:45 am and we were walking on the ship before noon. No problems with luggage, no bus rides, very painless process. We were so impressed with how quickly everything went we will be taking our next cruise from Port Canaveral also. Walking on the ship: From the pictures that I seen on the internet, the Glory came off as almost gaudy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ship is quite beautiful in both color and decor. Pictures do not do this ship justice. I will say this though, while I liked the colors, I did not like the layout of the grand atrium. It seemed quite small, and that center pillar spiraling up through the center is a waste of space. Our Room: We were in stateroom #7373, which is a category 8B with a balcony. Our cabin was a quad cabin, located about twenty cabins from the back of the ship, with both an overhead bunk bed and a couch that unfolded into another bed. It really is nice getting to sail on a new ship; our cabin still had that new look and smell to it. The only negative about it, was the side to side movement that we experienced throughout the cruise. With that said though, we pretty much experienced the movement throughout the whole ship; the movement just increased steadily the further back you got. Muster Drill: Once again, quite quick and painless when compared to the cruises that we have taken out of Miami. I don't think we were outside in our life jackets longer than ten minutes. Meeting the Big Cats: All I can say is "what a great group of people". From the Cruise Critic boards we had no idea how much fun this group of characters would end up being. Without mentioning names, because they are to many to list, these people made our cruise experience the best one for my family and I. We had so much fun that several of us are hard at work pricing cruises for a reunion next year. We have truly made lifelong friends. We were quite surprised at the large turnout that we had. Almost the entire group made it. I would like to go into some of the escapades of this group during our seven days, but they are many and it would take a book to write. I have a lot of photos of the group that I will share, as soon as we get things caught up around the home. Pool Areas: Yes, they still are saving chairs with just about everything that you can imagine. Some days we were on the lower level, some days we were up high. It wasn't really an issue for us; we just accept it as part of the cruise process. It's not worth getting worked up about, you will still be able to find a chair, just don't expect poolside every time. Also, make sure you watch your towels, or it could grow legs. Cabin Steward: We did not meet her until the third day of the cruise, and that was because she had to have us sign off on a piece of paper that we had met. I don't recall her name; but then again we did not see much of her during the cruise. With that said though, she did come to our room once in the morning and once in the evening to tidy things up. She did her job; she just was not a personable type of person. I think we got spoiled with the all the past room stewards that we had from previous cruises. We really enjoyed getting to know them and share stories of our families and our homes with one another. We made the mistake of assuming that this room steward would be just as approachable as those that we had in the past. Dining Room Team: We were lucky enough to change tables to one that seated all but one Big Cat. Unfortunately, that was the only good thing about being at that table. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't have taken another table in its place, just another table waiter. We were in the Platinum dining room, seated at table #438, 8:00 pm main seating. Our table waiter was Kim, and his assistant was Monica. We closed the dining room out each night, and it had nothing to do with our eating habits. Heck, we were lucky just to see the food finally arrive. We were getting out of the dining room each night between 10:30 and 11:00. I can't begin to tell you how bad the service was from mostly Kim, it almost seemed deliberate. All I can say is that even the Maitre'd got all over him to pick it up and constantly had to apologize to us for him. Kim also seemed to have a problem with showing any kind of respect for both his boss and his assistant Monica. Kim was seen and heard by all at the table belittling Monica on numerous occasions, really felt bad for her that she had to put up with that kind of abuse. Several of us complained throughout the cruise, and it took the Maitre'd Ken till the sixth night to finally replace him with a lady by the name of Petra. What a team, they really complimented each other quite well, and made our last two nights of dining memorable. We do somewhat hold Ken responsible for letting Kim go as long as he did, it should have never went past night two, and Kim was obviously not qualified to be a waiter. I will say this though, Ken is the most entertaining/visible Maitre'd you will ever find. He sang for everyone every night, and could be seen mingling with everyone throughout our dining. I think we would have been screaming a lot more, if it had not been for the company and conversation that went on at our table each night. Food: Lido deck - We saw a big drop off in quality and selections of food, when compared to our last cruise on the Paradise. The grill is still great for burgers and hot dogs, and the Pizzeria is good as ever. Also, big drop off in desserts and the salad bar. Platinum Dining room - Quite pleased with the food in the dining room, especially the seafood selections. I can only think of a few items that I did not care for the whole week. Sports Bar: What kind of sports bar only has one channel? Guy's, if you are thinking about seeing the games on Sunday...forget about it! I'm getting tired, so I am going to be brief on the islands. If you have any questions, please ask. I will be more than happy to answer them if I can. Nassau: We visited Nassau last year, and really didn't care to visit again. We mostly walked around taking in the sights and doing a little shopping. Very little shopping that is, we were there on a Sunday, and almost everything is closed. A word to the wise be careful in the straw market. Things can get quite heated between the vendors when they are arguing over your business. St. Thomas: Anne and I took the Paradise Point tram up to the top. You will not find a more picturesque place to take photos than the top of Paradise point. Awesome ride up, although Anne didn't think so due to her fear of heights. I'm proud of her, although she did not look at anything other than her feet all the way up, she still had the guts to get in that tram and go all the way up there. As far as shopping goes, the best shopping is pretty much right they're by the ship. Probably around one hundred stores to choose from, with something for everyone. St. Marten: Easily our favorite of all three islands. We spent the day with several other Big Cats on a tour of the island. We hired our own driver for twenty bucks a head, ten for children, and went on a three-hour tour of both the Dutch side and the French side. A great way to see the island if you are not on an excursion. Closing: Sorry I am being so brief on the islands, I'm just tired of typing. In closing, we truly enjoyed this cruise. I think the Big Cats and our frame of mind played a much bigger role in that, than the ship itself. While the ship is beautiful, it's quite harder to find your way around than the Fantasy class ships. We will sail Carnival again, just not next time. We will probably take a break from Carnival and try RCCL for our next one. I hope that my review was helpful (did I mention this was my first review) in some way to you. Like I said earlier, this was our experience, and I am sure there are others who have also sailed the Glory, who will have had an entirely different experience than we did. I need a Miami Vice... Read Less
Sail Date: September 2003
Our little group (husband, myself & 5 year old son) had a very nice time on this ship. We drove from Kingwood (by Houston), Texas to Port Canaveral. It is a long drive, 16 hours. We followed the suggestion of staying at the Radisson in ... Read More
Our little group (husband, myself & 5 year old son) had a very nice time on this ship. We drove from Kingwood (by Houston), Texas to Port Canaveral. It is a long drive, 16 hours. We followed the suggestion of staying at the Radisson in Cape Canaveral and we had a rate of $99 (with the free parking). Although, I would venture to say that it is not monitored; so most folks would be able to park there at no charge. The hotel was more of a motel; but it was clean. We took the shuttle to the Glory and gave our luggage to the curbside attendants. No problem at all. They were not shy regarding tips, either.... Just be prepared. We waited in line for about 30 minutes and got on board with no trouble at all. We arrived around noon. We purchased a category 4A (guaranteed inside cabin) and were upgraded to a 6A (inside, upper deck). That was nice; would have liked a window or balcony better; but that's what we get for being cheap! The cabin was nice and roomy. Our cabin steward was "okay". Didn't see her much; and neither did our room; but we were not there enough for it to make a difference. We prefer the casual setting for our meals; so we did not have any meals in the formal dining rooms. We liked the selection in the Red Sail. However I will say that compared to the Royal Caribbean Windjammer Cafe, it paled in comparison. The food was good; but usually at room temp. We did not like the room service provided at Carnival. It took too long (over one hour for a fruit salad) and on RCCL lots of the desserts & ice cream were far superior in quality. BAHAMAS: Immigration was a pain but we enjoyed going to the Atlantis Resort ($25/adults & $19/children) and enjoyed all the amenities (without staying at any hotel-pools & beaches included). I will say the cabs charge $4/pp each way-so be prepared. The island was poor but the beaches were incredible. The stay was too short! ST. THOMAS: We took the island tour with Raymond (private tour/not sponsored by Carnival). He's awesome. For $20/pp (adults) and $0.00/children, it was a great deal. We found him by the Little Switzerland building. He showed us (along with 10 other folks) to all the highlights of the island and then dropped us off at Coki Beach. INCREDIBLE! WOW! He picked us up at 5:00 (I think) and took us directly to the ship's ramp to board. He didn't expect payment until the end of the day and we didn't have to pay for any entrance fees, etc. All in all a great value & we had a very, very nice time. ST. MARTIN: We took off on our own, walked to Phillipsburg (not that long a walk, approx. 1 mile) and looked for scooter rentals. After we rented our scooters, we were informed by two officers that children (our 5 year old) was not allowed to ride on the scooter with us. Had we known that or for that matter that the island was not flat, we never would have rented them. It turns out that the guy that rented us the scooters had "never heard of such a law" and didn't want to give us our $$ back. We ended up making a deal with him and got 1/2 of our $$ back-for his inconvenience. In any case, we make our way to Orient Beach, via taxi and had a great time. The "clothing optional" didn't bother us and only about half of the women there (including some of the Carnival Dancers) were topless. It didn't faze my son, who was busy playing in the sand/water and my hubby was as happy as a clam... The drinks were very good. AT SEA: Fun; but could have been better; had there been more options. Played a little bingo, which is always fun and visited the casino a few times. The pool area was very comfortable and my son ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SLIDE! THE BOAT: Very nice, not gaudy at all. I agree with most-that the atrium could have been nicer and more spacious. Also, deck 5 was a must know to get anywhere on the boat. Wish they had a similar deck on top (to walk around). Visited the spa and gym and liked it too. I didn't like the idea of having to pay extra for specialty coffee, ice cream or good desserts. We thought it should be included in the base fare (like RCCL). GETTING OFF: The process seemed complicated but really wasn't. We got off pretty quickly and didn't have any trouble getting our luggage. We left it out the night before. They say you should have it outside your cabin between 10pm-12pm and they mean it... Although we enjoyed this much need vacation and loved the boat-the staff was not as friendly as we had hoped and the food was just fair. The shows were very good and we enjoyed them a lot. Our next cruise will likely be back on RCCL. We may try Carnival again; but it will be awhile. Hope you benefited from the review. If you need info; don't hesitate to contact me at I would be happy to answer any questions, etc. Thanks for your time. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2003
First I want to tell anyone staying in this area The Hampton in Cocoa Beach is great. Lance the guy at the front desk was wonderful. A little tip for travelers DO NOT use Art's Transportation!!! They promise you the world and ... Read More
First I want to tell anyone staying in this area The Hampton in Cocoa Beach is great. Lance the guy at the front desk was wonderful. A little tip for travelers DO NOT use Art's Transportation!!! They promise you the world and deliver nothing but grief. They are very rude!! I had a party of 13 that was traveling to the boat, the trip there was fine they told us that when we get off there would be a sign with our name on it and transportation back to the hotel. We got off the boat and met JUDY (we found out later it's the owner's wife) she was a living nightmare. They put 2 of us on one bus and a third went to get the rest of the party. Then the 2 were told to get off that the bus (rudely) was changing and going to the airport. The 3rd person's carry on stayed on the bus. They threw all our luggage into a uhaul on the back of a almost full bus. I tried to explain to her that my 79 year old grandmother was still back at the port and that a family member went back to get her that I would wait as long as I needed. She demanded I get on the bus. I told her to get my luggage off the uhaul now and she said you are only paying 3$ what do you want. I said I want what I was told I was going to have. She also told me that she would just drop off my luggage at the hotel because she couldn't take it off and it would be waiting for me if I didn't get on the bus. (Isn't that stealing?) Yes it would have been waiting on the sidewalk for me. They had no radios on the bus to let the other bus know about the luggage left on it. They were nice enough to leave her luggage at a hotel 2 1/2 miles up the road. They ended up walking to get it. We highly recommend Thunder storm transportation. They will even take you to the port after the hotel for free and they were much nicer. Our third cruise had a lot to be desired. The boat was very gaudy.. The dining room: Our wait staff was good, We loved Gita and Sanjih (hope its spelled right). The food was not the best. The quality of the overall dining room was not very good. The Platinum dining room was way too crowded I felt like a sardine. You had to squeeze between seats to get to your table and the chairs would hardly pull out. The bread basket is not left on the table any more, which made my daughter very sad. They left all the unused glasses on the table which made it very crowded and hard to move without knocking anything over. Our maitre' D loved to hear himself sing, he did have a great voice but 2 songs a night got to be a little much. No HOT HOT HOT at all. This was our favorite on the other boats the waitstaff danced around with vases and other things on their heads and did something that resembled a train. Our waitstaff did very little dancing at all just a little in front of the table. Again I have heard that the maitre' D decides what the entertainment is for the nights. The head waiters for the upper Platinum deck could have smiled and stopped looking like they were in pain. Our room: Our room steward Alena was great, best room steward I have ever had. Our room had a lot of space and was great. The lido deck being directly above our rooms was not a good thing. When anyone moved a chair on the lido deck it sounded as if someone was scratching nails on a chalk board. During the day it wasn't bad because we were never in our room but this included at 1am when they crew was cleaning the deck or when the water was really rough and the chairs slid. I guess it depends on what part of the hall you are in because some of my family had a room about 6 doors down and they couldn't hear it but my neighbors did. Not much you can do about that but maybe better sound proofing between the decks that are directly above the rooms. It just made it hard to sleep for my daughter. The Boat: Was very gaudy, the Amber Palace I can't even explain, nothing matched at all. The boat was very chopped up. You had to go up several decks to go around and then back down to another floor. Very poorly laid out. And very confusing. It was a hard boat to remember. I don't know if it was the time of year but it was mainly 70 years or older and they were very rude (guess you can't say anything about the guests). My 7 year old has better manners then they do. We normally go a month earlier and will go back to that plan. I was just very disappointing after my last couple of cruises. The shows: They were pretty good. The Destiny shows were better. Make sure you listen to the cruise director about the shows -- there is a little part that some people might find that is not appropriate for young children. I didn't have a problem with it but some might. The bar staff: There were a couple nice bartenders but for the most part they were very rude and ignored several people at the bar. A person in my party had to keep giving her card to someone else because they would never come up to her. They need a lot of help. If you cannot do stairs do not go on this boat because you pretty much have to be able to. The ports: Well thank God we had Cozumel because the others you could have just passed on. Belize the people are rude and it's filthy.. Progresso will be nice in 10 years not a lot there right now. The only place the water was that special blue was Cozumel. The tours were all awful. The only thing we saw to really do on the tours was swim with the dolphins but that ended up being $170.00 per person. A little steep for a tour. And we were only at the ports until 2:30pm every stop. What is that... They were an hour earlier time than us so you couldn't even get off when we docked (well you could but nothing was open). Last cruises you were there until at least 5pm it gave you some time to explore. If you take the trolly tour in Key West you don't get to stop at the most southern point to get a picture. You are better off renting one of those electric cars. Well believe it or not I did have a good vacation, but it is what you make of it and the people whom you are with. I will still go on Carnival because I know the quality they CAN have and decided not to return on this boat. Bigger is not always better and in this case it fits.... Hope you all have better luck than we did. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2003
Great Ship. Wonderful Crew. I used this website to research our cruise and I must say, I found it very helpful. I think it's important to provide a little background in regard to vacation styles. Let's face it, a person who ... Read More
Great Ship. Wonderful Crew. I used this website to research our cruise and I must say, I found it very helpful. I think it's important to provide a little background in regard to vacation styles. Let's face it, a person who vacations at a Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons will have a different take than folks who stay at a Days Inn. My wife and I are in our late 20's and 30's, we have two kids ages 2 and 4 (who did not come on this cruise). We found the embarkation process on the Glory moved along quite well. Upon boarding we found our cabin amidships and were very pleased. We spent the extra money for the balcony and would recommend you do the same. One quick note, the couple traveling with us was upgraded, free of charge to our level, a few doors down. We thought that effort was outstanding. We found the public rooms very inviting. I would suggest the late seating for dinner, as this allows you more time to recover from the days activities. We chose to be seated at a ten top. Again, I would suggest you do the same, as it allows you to meet some wonderful people and compare notes on a daily basis. The food was outstanding. This was a very pleasant surprise. A wide variety, proper temperature etc. The service was equally impressive. Carnival pulls the best folks form other ships when they launch a new one. This was made obvious time and again. The wine list was also reasonably price and extensive. Late night ice cream and pizza is a must! The pizza was great. The entertainment was good. We live in Las Vegas, so it's hard to improve on that. Still, we found the majority of the shows entertaining. O.K. The fitness and spa facility was the highlight of the cruise for me. I work out every day and really enjoyed the set up on the Glory. You could stair step or spin while looking out the front of the ship, across the sea/island etc. They had Spin bikes and classes, great free weights nice, new equipment. The men's steam room and sauna had one glass wall that looked out over the sea. Outstanding. The spa personnel were also top notch. Nice rooms and great service. Wait till later in the cruise as they will offer discounts for services provided while the ship is in port. Overall, worth every penny. I felt like we got a deal. This comes from some folks who did a Windstar cruise in Tahiti three months prior. No problems getting off the ship. It was a truly an outstanding vacation. Finally, we tend to stay at the Ritz, Four Seasons or Fairmont, in that order. Hope this helps. Happy Cruising! Jim Read Less
Sail Date: November 2003
Just got back from a 7 day trip to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Weather was not the best. Windy, cloudy and a bit chilly in Nassau. Sailed on the Legend last year and I don't know why the ships are so cold inside! The Amber ... Read More
Just got back from a 7 day trip to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Weather was not the best. Windy, cloudy and a bit chilly in Nassau. Sailed on the Legend last year and I don't know why the ships are so cold inside! The Amber Palace was freezing as well as the Red Sail dining area. People were walking around saying how cold the ship was. Definitely liked the layout of the Legend better. Because the Glory has two dining rooms I kept coming up to the 3rd floor and couldn't get through to the lobby so had to go up to 5 and work my way back around. Also, you couldn't walk around the perimeter of the whole ship like you could on the Legend. The shows were good although most thought the male singer wasn't that great. The gal with him was awesome! Hit bad weather and lots of people went to the infirmary. Had to cancel the Broadway shows due to the boat really rocking!--but they did the show last night and it was pretty good. Booked a guarantee inside--was hoping for an upgrade like last year when I got a balcony--but the ship was full. Also noticed that they now charge for cappucinos & espresso if you order it with your dessert in the dining room at night..they didn't charge on the Legend. Ship was nice and clean. Sewage smell in the corridor on the main deck. Our room was nice and quiet. Loved that the smokers had their side of the ship to helped a bit but the casino was always's funny too because there is seating in the hallway by the casino designated as a non-smoking area!!--heck, you get gassed just sitting there with all the smoke! Please remember that if you are out late, don't talk so loud when you are returning to your room! Some women were walking by and talking loud last night and it was 3:45 a.m.!!--be considerate!! It was an easy debarkation crowding to get off. All in all had a good time but wished the weather had have been warmer. Guess there was a storm by Jamaica that caused the rough seas. If I had the choice, I liked the Legend's layout way better. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2003
Although the cruise on the Glory was not what I would call bad, it was different from other cruises we have taken. We have previously cruised on RCCL and Holland America. We are "tweeners" our late 50's and early ... Read More
Although the cruise on the Glory was not what I would call bad, it was different from other cruises we have taken. We have previously cruised on RCCL and Holland America. We are "tweeners" our late 50's and early 60's so not ready for the older crowd yet, but have learned from our experience on the Glory we do not enjoy being around so many kids either. Here are some specifics of what we liked and didn't like aboard the Glory: Cabin: Was great. Nice and clean and roomy...nice large window. We were on deck 1, outside, mid-ship. In that we had some rough weather, we were very glad to be low and in the middle. Still, the ship seemed to have a great deal of side-to-side sway that was very noticeable, especially on the upper decks. They had to cancel the show one night because of it. We have cruised in worse weather than we had on this trip, but other ships had no where near the sway problem. Service: Was adequate. I read some reviews here from other folks and I pretty much agree with them. Everyone did their job, but no one went overboard either. I think the tipping policy of Carnival (tips automatically added to you bill) has something to do with it, however, I think there is more to it than just that. I think some is related to a culture mix of folks that just don't hit it off between themselves. Whatever the reasons, we didn't find any group overly friendly or outgoing. (Perhaps they are just overworked?) Decor: If you love "glitz and glamour" you'll love this ship. It was a bit too much for my taste. I found myself on sensory overload. It's so glitzy we didn't even notice the Xmas decorations until the third day. We also found it difficult to navigate the various corridors which don't go all the way through...they need to provide a better map. I believe we counted 21 bars on this ship, most of which were empty the majority of the time. I would have preferred they use some of this space for card rooms or other quiet space to read or visit. (Library is very small) Food: In the Platinum Dining room the food was very good. The dining room itself was very noisy. There were too many tables squeezed into the space which created waiters carrying trays over your head and bumping chairs. The Red Sail on the Lido deck was adequate, but too crowded most of the time. Kids Programs: We did not have kids enrolled in the programs, but something must be lacking as we observed kids playing cards in the hallway, bouncing basketballs in the hallway, running around in general and the coup was the screaming baby in the Bingo games. Think these folks should have stuck with the Disney ship. Entertainment: The production shows were very good and more elaborate decorations than we have experienced on other cruises. The comedians and singers were also good. I have to disagree with another reviewer who felt she was not "warned" about the shows not being age appropriate for her kids....the Cruise Director said several times that there would be skimpy costumes. I thought the Full Monty routine was a hoot! On the downside....I missed not having a theater for movies. In room movies were poor selection. I would try Carnival again but on a smaller ship. I don't think Carnival got the ship configuration right on the Glory to handle the crowds. Plus it appears to me that every square inch of the ship is designed to make money...not necessarily to provide comfort and relaxation to the passengers. I doubt that we will settle into being regulars on Carnival....and definitely not on any of these large super tankers! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2003
Hi - First review for a first-time cruiser. We researched quite a few cruise ships before deciding to go with Carnival Glory - in fact we lived on this web page for many hours! While I can give an overview of the ship, I really wanted ... Read More
Hi - First review for a first-time cruiser. We researched quite a few cruise ships before deciding to go with Carnival Glory - in fact we lived on this web page for many hours! While I can give an overview of the ship, I really wanted to comment about Camp Carnival after reading a previous posting. We have three children, (15, 10, 7) and we wanted to make sure they would have a fantastic holiday while mingling with other kids. I was also a bit dubious about the Carnival policy which allows 9-11 year olds to sign themselves out. However, we found it became a great learning and trust experience for our ten year old son. We didn't buy the walkie-talkies they had on board, but made firm arrangements on meeting times with our son. He was allowed to sign himself out and explore the ship providing he had one or two friends with him. Believe me, I am the most paranoid of mothers, and I was worried about all sorts of catastrophes that go along with unsupervised kids, such as falling overboard. But I was able to give my son some freedom, which he was appreciative of. The staff at Camp Carnival were great, and really made the kids feel welcome. Our seven year old son made friends and participated in heaps of activities. He would wake us and tell us to get dressed and take him at six in the morning. Even our dining staff complained they never saw the kids! Our teenager also had a fantastic time. He meet some other teens and basically had run of the ship for most of the cruise. He doesn't have that kind of freedom at home, and loved experiencing it. My recommendation for those with kids - try leaving your child at Camp Carnival, even if only for ten minutes. Believe me, they will let you know if they hate it. Brief Review of the Ship (Very Brief) First impression at port- OMG it's huge Embarkation - Took a little while, some confusion with paperwork, and the herding of US and non-US citizens into lines, but generally less than thirty minute wait for boarding process Cabin - Our cabin was wonderful, the private balcony was worth the extra money Cabin Staff - really friendly, talkative and helpful Dining - Golden Restaurant - waitstaff were fantastic, great personalities. Maitre D' was great, very entertaining. Not one bad thing to say about the service. However, bar staff in the dining room were scarce and tended to take their time. Late sitting was inconvenient as we tended to miss shows to put the kids to bed. Platinum Restaurant - We ate breakfast there a couple of times, staff didn't seem too friendly, but overall were polite. Lido Deck - We ate most meals here - good variety of food, sometimes, staff were generally friendly. Shows - The shows we did see were great, especially considering for two days the ship was pitching horribly and the dancers handled the movement well. Casino - crowded a lot of the time (money-grabbing machines!). The competitions were very crowded, so we didn't bother watching. Bars - Bars were lovely, it was easy to find a bar without heaps of people milling about. Some were quite cosy, especially the Cinnabar. Seasickness - For two days the ship was swaying, enough to make me seasick. There was movement regardless of where we were on ship, although it wasn't too bad in the cabin. The infirmary were handing over free seasickness pills, but apparently you have to take them before you feel sick. At least ten crew members advised I eat a green apple. The spa manager even fetched one for me (he was a sweetheart). Wedding Staff - we got married on St Thomas - WOW - the staff are great- coordinator couldn't do enough for us, staff helped us filch flowers from the dining room (we didn't have time to get fresh flowers for buttonholes), photographer was gorgeous, with a fantastic personality. Spa, hair and beauty staff were great. Wedding was unbelievable. Overall, it was a great experience. At no time did it seem like there were thousands of people on board. Everything went smoothly and we had a fabulous first cruise. While it might sound weird, we have absolutely no complaints. Kathy Read Less
Sail Date: November 2003
Last year, we took our 2 children, ages 8 & 11 on the Spirit for an 8 night cruise. While on board, we attended the past Carnival Guest presentation. My husband had sailed on Carnival 3 times prior to this, my first Carnival cruise. ... Read More
Last year, we took our 2 children, ages 8 & 11 on the Spirit for an 8 night cruise. While on board, we attended the past Carnival Guest presentation. My husband had sailed on Carnival 3 times prior to this, my first Carnival cruise. During the presentation, the new ships were mentioned. After we got home and looked at ports-of-call, we decided to book on the Glory. After experiencing the Spirit, we both couldn't wait to get on board. The only difference with this cruise is that we did not, to their great dismay, take our children. Instead, my sister and her boyfriend went with us, this being their first cruise. After personally cruising out of the Miami terminal twice, we were looking forward to the new terminal at Pt. Canaveral. We couldn't decide why the boarding process took as long as it did. Either it was because we arrived last year 1 1/2 hours prior to boarding or poor planning in the construction of a terminal for ships that accommodate upwards of 3200 passengers. The lines were un-believably long, however did move at a regular pace. But totally unlike the experiences we had in Miami. Once on board, we were all pleased with the cabins. Service on the ship was, indeed, as is to be expected. However, we had extremely rough seas the first two days, and the cabin steward supplied us with motion-sickness medication whenever we needed it. But the rough seas obviously took their toll. At dinner the first night, the dining room was only half full. Many people were unable to eat much the first two days. Fortunately, we were fine. But everyone questioned the stabilizers on such a new ship. The ship had a dark decor, and didn't seem as open as the Spirit had. It was a beautiful ship, however we expected more grandeur than what there was. The food also didn't seem much different than what we had on the Spirit, which was a little disappointing. I guess all of Carnival's ships have basically the same menu. We were on the Panorama Deck, which was very convenient to the pool area. Never having stayed that close, we all enjoyed being right there and only being a 30 second walk away from our cabins. The excursions we selected met or exceeded our expectations, even though my sister had an encounter with Fire Coral. Towards the end of the cruise, I asked them what they thought and if they thought they would like to cruise again. Both were slightly hesitant to cruise again soon. The rough seas had a lot to do with their thoughts. Over all, it was a wonderful vacation and we are looking forward to our next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2003
Embarkation: Waited for 45 minutes in the car as traffic in and out of the drop-off loop was slow. That was the best part however, as once inside the terminal you are put into a never-ending Disney-style line-up that winds back and forth ... Read More
Embarkation: Waited for 45 minutes in the car as traffic in and out of the drop-off loop was slow. That was the best part however, as once inside the terminal you are put into a never-ending Disney-style line-up that winds back and forth about 6 times. The wait in line through immigration was over an hour long as the desks were understaffed, with only one(!) person rotating between three separate lines to hand out room keys. By the time you get on the ship, the lunch service has already conveniently ended. Embarking in St.Thomas is a NIGHTMARE and completely the company's fault. Every person on the ship is required to gather in a large room or dining hall before embarking to have your passports and personal documents returned (you have to give them up when you first embark). They do not allow people to be checked through customs until all guests are in the room (and they threaten a $250 fine if you're the one that holds up the process). Once everyone's in the room, then you can go through customs. Unfortunately there are only two customs officials so this process takes over an hour and a half. We also saw people arriving late throughout the process, and believed that the $250 threat is just that, an empty threat. I would suggest you disregard, go for breakfast and resign yourself to the fact that your short stay at your destination will be even shorter. Disembarking: Check your own luggage! You'll be the first one off the ship. Leaving your luggage to be checked the night before means you'll be off on to two hours later than the self-checkers. Oh, and you'll have to wake up at 6:15 am to meet in another understaffed customs line. Lifeboat Drill: Yes, we know its mandatory required by the coast guard, but you could prepare us for what is going on. It s a total joke in that you are all called down onto one deck, squished back against the wall and then allowed to return to your cabin. The Room: Words that come to mind are gaudy, tacky, and dated. Reading through the Carnival Glory book in the room I discovered that Carnival has been using the same designer for the past 27 years, and it clearly shows throughout the ship; which is a hodgepodge of every conceivable geometric pattern. Down right ugly. But I digress, back to the room... the small coffee table had some sort of sticky substance on it that we had to clean off, two of the pillows were extremely dirty and there were blood stains on the mattress covers. With a quick call to our room steward, the mattress covers were replaced.... with ones that also had blood stains on them!!!!. Once this was remedied we received an apology and four free drink coupons. The Ship: The Carnival Glory is beyond gaudy and tacky. If you have a complete lack of taste, this is the ship for you. All of the electronic signs in the ship are LED lighted and change colours non-stop making them impossible to read. No two carpet patterns are the same as is the case with each and every different surface in the ship (countertops, window surrounds, faux-wood paneling, carpets, ceilings, etc.) In one room alone you will be blinded by a sea of patterns and materials that have no business being together, let alone existing in the first place. This ship is straight out of the late seventies/early eighties. With constantly changing lighted ceiling panels, giant candles and torches liberally sprinkled throughout the ship, the ugliest carpeting you can imagine, multicoloured plexi-glass partitions, a layout that is utterly confusing and will lead you to several dead-ends as rooms in the middle of the ship are not always open. You are also forced to go through several incredibly smoky sections of the ship if you want to stay on the same floor; confusing and almost useless elevator system (the elevator will only stop on your floor if it is empty; you will learn that the electronic display that shows which floor the elevator is on is useless when it constantly passes you without the doors opening) as well. For a little more depth here are the particulars about the ship... The Gym: The gym is nice and well equipped with a sauna and a hot tub. Any classes you would like to attend, besides the first introduction sessions cost money, as everything else on the ship does (see "The Money Grab" below) The Pools: Extremely small pools that are a waste of time as their are no lifeguards or supervisors to keep in check the numerous kids that are constantly horsing around in them. The pools and facing sunbeds are also barraged by a two-man reggae/Calypso band which is isn't bad; however, the volume is way too loud to enjoy comfortably. You are forced to pass by them to get to the restaurant, pizza and grill locations and are deafened each time. Shuffleboard: Not even a proper shuffleboard surface; you'll need rotator cuff surgery after trying to get your puck from one end to the other. We cheated and were playing from the middle and we still had sore arms afterwards. Ping-Pong: Hey, I've got a great idea, lets put the ping-pong table on the 11th deck so that the blustering wind makes playing the game impossible. Basketball: I was surprised to see a half court basketball court on the ship, which was nice. Spa: Everything costs a lot of money; more than you would pay at your local masseuse. But every second day there is some new kind of "sale". Casino: The ships saving grace. Craps, blackjack, roulette, slots, caribbean stud poker, etc. Smokyas hell, but you expect that in a casino. A bit odd to see kids gambling next to you, but I guess that's their parents fault (The ship allows it). Art Auction: The art auction was interesting in that there was some top notch stuff including some Salvadore Dali works, Miro, Picasso and Rembrandt. Prices seem to be well below appraisal and surveyed prices, which makes me think that its too good a deal for a reason, but overall not a bad way to spend an hour. If I knew anything about art, I might take the cruise for the express purpose of buying some quality works on the cheap. Various nightclubs and bars: White Heat: doesn't open until very late, decorated with numerous, large and small plastic candles. Terrible. Cinnabar: A very nice spot, and one of the few tastefully decorated. Bar Blue: another nice one, although perpetually deserted. The Black and White Library: A good idea if all the books and games were not locked up for the majority of your trip. Entertainment: The big "shows" are quite amateurish, although there was one exceptionally good singer from St.Thomas and some good comedians and an illusionist who came on the ship for one time performances. There are also pretty current movies available on the room TV's, with one new one each day. The other arranged functions, including the Hairiest Chest Contest, Mr and Mrs. Show, Trivia Game, Ship Survivor, etc.,. I would not bother seeing again if given the opportunity. Food: Nothing that wows you. The ships saving grace is that the Pizza place is open at all hours. You should also take advantage of room service, which is free, and can be used 24 hours as well. I'd like to recommend the Sushi bar, only it never seemed to be open when I wanted some. The Deli was a good spot and rarely had much of a lineup, unlike the buffet. Evening dinners in the dining room were excellent with a wide selection of menu choices. Staff: Overall the staff were fantastic. This includes the casino staff, room stewards, waitresses, maitre d', cleaning staff, etc. It does not include the tour director or the photo staff who are constantly employing the "hard sell" to get you to buy more products. Upon exiting the ship one day at St.Thomas and declining to be photographed on the gangway by a Carnival staffer we were told. "Oh come on, quit being so cheap". The Destinations: The destinations were the highlight of the seven days. Although I've got some complaints about them too. First of all, you don't have much time to see the spots. Being cruise ship destinations means every "marketplace" is tacky and full of the same cheap crap. You can't sit on a popular beach without being harassed by locals selling more of this crap at least every ten minutes. The same person that you said "no" to half an hour ago, will continue bothering you for the rest of the day. It seems that the locals don't make any effort to clean up their islands so you will see plenty of abandoned cars and half demolished buildings. Take every effort to go on tours that take you away from the crowd, if that's the sort of stuff you like(St.Johns, for example) The Money-Grab: Besides your room and the set mealtimes (including the pizza place and room service) costs money. Photos are taken as you enter the ship, leave the ship, walk around the ship and even go on tours (videolog). All available at our gift shop for a price. You want some bottled water, pop, beer or liquor. Well that'll cost you too. All beer and liquor prices average $4.50. You want some apple strudel, a smoothie or a piece of cake outside of the buffet? It'll cost you. Carnival doesn't recommend going on any tours not affiliated with them, because they won't make any money. Fancy a bingo game? bring your wallet (to be expected I suppose in this case). The gift shop is having a sale! Watches and high fashion jewelry only $10!, you could get this stuff out of a vending machine at the supermarket for a quarter. When stuff is on sale on the ship that means its come down to what you'd pay regular price on land. The staff would be happy to show you how a Pilates or Aerobics class is done, but if you want to participate in an actual class, in the small corner of our gym, it'll cost you $10. I have no doubt that the majority of Carnival cruise goers will be shocked when they find out they spent the same amount on their cruise as they did on the assorted "extras". Would I recommend going on a Carnival cruise again, hell no. Would I go on another cruise on another carrier, of course (although I believe Carnival owns Royal Caribbean and a few other lines already) Were there any positives? Yes, the staff are a delight. Most of them are from Romania or some other Eastern Bloc country and they are very friendly and eager to please. The majority of the locals are also very friendly. In regards to the ship, the casino is a saving grace and the imported entertainment (non-Carnival employees) is pretty darn good. The Pizza joint, non-stop soft ice cream and main dining room food was excellent. Certain tours were great. The basic "around the island tours" would be better from a private guide, found easily once you're off the ship. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2004
It all started January 24th at 02:00 AM Leaving our home town of Delphos, Ohio by bus to the Dayton International Airport with snow coming down. I had a group of 113 that joined me. We arrived in Dayton at 03:45 AM with the ticket counters ... Read More
It all started January 24th at 02:00 AM Leaving our home town of Delphos, Ohio by bus to the Dayton International Airport with snow coming down. I had a group of 113 that joined me. We arrived in Dayton at 03:45 AM with the ticket counters of Delta not opening until 04:00 AM. All of our flights were on schedule and we boarded on time. We left Dayton International and flew to Atlanta taking another flight from Atlanta to Orlando. We arrived in Orlando to find experienced Carnival help ready to get us from the airport to Port Canaveral using Carnival's shuttle service.(cost $38.00) The shuttle leaving when the bus was filled. Since I had two other people meeting us in Orlando we took two different shuttles. But since we were a group it was my choice as a group leader to split them up. We then had a 45-60 minute bus ride to Port Canaveral. Depending on the traffic. The porters were waiting for the bus, you clamined your bag and by my choice gave them a tip. Our last cruise the porters demanded a tip (needless to say they did not get the max) At the port it was very hard to keep the group together. I explained to them that there were four (4) lines through security then to a line where you waited in until you met at the ticket counter where they collected your boarding pass and accepted your credit card or cash at this time. Then to stand in another line to get your Sail & Sign and you proceeded to a hallway where they took your picture for security then a picture as you boarded. Total time from start to finish one hour. But I had two in wheelchairs to get on and Carnival Staff accomadated us very well by putting us in a no line at all and stopping the line for all security checkpoints a Carnival employee was with you from the ticket counter until you entered your room. (Very nice of Carnival to do this procedure) Getting on the vessel there were Carnival employees greeting you and giving you a map of the vessel, in which you might need as I got lost a couple of different times. There are a total of ten (10) elevators that you can use, but from prior experiences I just used the steps, as was only going down two floors. You can imagine the confusion with all the passengers getting on at the same time. (Good Job Carnival!) Found my room and was greeted by the cabin steward right away. The room was very spacious I had a window (6A) so that helped too. I had two other roomates and with three (3) of us girls we never had a probelm. After we got most of our stuff settled we then headed for the Lido where they were serving lunch, as all three (3) of us were starved. After lunch we headed up to the Verandah deck or Deck 10 to take some pictures of the Port. Had my picture taken with Funship Freddy. Got the drink of the day, which was very good. After going around on deck for awhile it was time for the muster drill 3:30 PM so headed back to the room for the life jacket. by this time I was hot, sweating as you put extra clothing on then put all this people side by side with no air moving was not good, but something that had to be done. After the drill went back to the room to catch a quick shower and get ready to experience our first night of dining. I was also explaining some things to my two roomates as it was their very first cruise. We had the early dining, in the Platnium dining room 5:45 PM. We met our dining room staff and had a delightful dinner. Some people did not get their luggage right away so the first night was very casual. After dinner it was time to explore the vessel, then meet up with the group. Our group meets every night on the Lido until the show. At night there is hardley no one on the Lido so it was a perfect choice to pick for the group. Our group had the option of doing things on their own or joining everyone on the Lido. I enjoyed all of the entertainemnt provided on the Glory including the late night comedy shows. I really enjoyed myself. Camp Carnival was also wonderful for my nephew (age 8) as he did not want to go to the show every night so my sister had allowed him to go to Camp Carnival while they enjoyed the show. I would reccomend Camp Carnival to anyone, as the kids enjoy it just as much as the parents enjoy so time to them selves. I enjoyed all of my Ports of Call: NASSAU- We took a water taxi over to Paradise Island to the Atlantic Casino, then came back to town to shop. I would reccomend to peopl to take a regular taxi as the water taxi waits until full we waited one hour! until full needless to say I swallowed the $3.00 coming back and took a regular taxi which was only $5.00. the catch is you have to buy both tickets to the water taxi at the time going over. I know some peopl in the group had bought tickets off the boat but I just did on my own. Cheaper that way. ST. THOMAS- We went to Sapphire beach reccommended by Chris off of Cruise Critic. Was a fabulous place to snorkel!! Stayed there 1 1/2 hours then brought a taxi back to town to shop. I managed to do all thing s I wanted to do. I just took a taxi by myself nothing from the boat. If this is your first time I would reccomend seeing Paradise Point but I had did that the last time was there wanted to do something different. i have also been to Coki beach if you have kids good choice. ST. MARTIN just took and island tour from ship (cost $38.00) then went shopping. This was a great tour and would reccomend it but also by aunt & uncle took a pricate taxi tour and he only charged them $19.00 so you just have to decide what you want to do. GLORY SHIP: places to eat the deli has Rueben sandwiches and great tuna fish, loved the fish and chips. The late night buffets were okay but if you're like me you do not like to eat much before bedtime. But I did eat on the Mexican buffet. Something to plan on atteneding it was Wed night for us. Lastly if you are planning for a big group, plan on getting a group photo and plan a separate party. I did this for both of my groups I put together and DID NOT regret it at all. I think I have covered everything. I hope this review helps someone out as I have read alot of reviews before planning this Cruise. And have taken alot of past Cruise Critic advice. I have had nothing against Carnival everything went super. But my travel agency on the other hand was a bad experience. I plan on taking some of the other cruise critic's advice by booking direct through Carnival on my next Cruise. MOTTO: the more the merrier Last Cruise: Total 40 people This Cruise: Total 113 people Next Cruise: unknown but hope to get more Thansk for taking the time to read my review Kim (kimmer1) Read Less
Sail Date: February 2004
This was my first cruise but my husband has been on one before about 13 years ago. This was absolutely the best vacation I have EVER had! We have two children, that we did not take, however we will be taking them on the next one! From the ... Read More
This was my first cruise but my husband has been on one before about 13 years ago. This was absolutely the best vacation I have EVER had! We have two children, that we did not take, however we will be taking them on the next one! From the minute we arrived in FL until we left FL was WONDERFUL! The lines went very, very smoothly and swiftly. As far as the ship goes....A+++ I do not know how you could not of had a good time on the GLORY! If you don't it is your own fault. Our room steward...AL was awesome! Our room was 7443 and hopefully he was recognized for the review we left him. Also, our team at dinner was also exceptional! It was Anouar and Tina! The best that there is! I am hoping that when we go on our next cruise that the will be assigned to that ship! As far as the food...excellent! The entertainment was great, especially considering we had some rocky days. The dancers still did a great job! The comedy shows, especially the "X" rated one was awesome! I dont' think I have laughed that hard in years! This is one of carnival's biggest ships and you could not tell that there was several thousand people on it! Every night we would go up top to the lido deck and could enjoy the sunset, without anyone around you. Or if you just want to go up and relax, NO PROBLEM! I have read on other peoples reviews that there was a problem with the smoking. We had no problems at all! The smokers were where they were to be. My husband said however, he would like to have real steel drums on the lido deck. I would like to see a little bench of some sort in the shower to make it easier to shave your legs. But the bathroom was GREAT...nice and big for everything to be stored in the bathroom. As I mentioned earlier we did have a rocky couple of days, but that is out of the captains control. He dealt with it very good though, kept us very informed. Over all we were very, very impressed with carnival and will definitely be going back! Hopefully very, very soon! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at HAVE A GREAT TIME! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2004
We have sailed the Glory twice in 2004. Feb. & Nov. We love the corner aft cabins with the extremely large balcony that wraps around the side. We have sailed NCL, RCL and Oceanic before ever sailing Carnival. Such a shame that people ... Read More
We have sailed the Glory twice in 2004. Feb. & Nov. We love the corner aft cabins with the extremely large balcony that wraps around the side. We have sailed NCL, RCL and Oceanic before ever sailing Carnival. Such a shame that people have a bad review on any of their ships. We always travel on their newest ships and have been using Carnival since 1990 and are scheduled this April on another. We love the "fun" ships, as they are called. And we have sailed 14 times, which might not be a lot for some cruisers. We have "never" had a complaint on any cruise line. However, we have chosen Carnival the last 10 times since they are "fun" ships. And that is what a vacation should be. My husband and myself just turned the ugly 65 this year. ( and that is depressing) But, we would be bored with a quiet type ship. We don't think we would like the "free style" cruising since the fun and the great guests you meet are at the same tables night after night. You can always dine somewhere else with no upcharge,except in the special dining room which is called their "supper club." We love their balcony cabins. Even better are the "extended balconies" on the Spirit series ships. ( the only way to go cruising) Their newest ships have wonderful restaurants on the upper decks that charge a nominal fee of $25.00 pp. We like some layout of their ships better than others. My friend, who is a travel agent for the past 15 years works for an agency who has had the business for a long time. Neither of them had ever gone on a Carnival Cruise. I was starting to think, am I missing something. Didn't think so, being we have sailed other lines. Well, my friend and her husband went on the Glory. Her boss, the following week went on the Conquest. BOTH CAME BACK "RAVING" ABOUT THE CRUISE SHIPS. I felt a lot better. My friend, who has sailed all the lines, said the Carnival Glory was the best cruise she ever had and was so impressed with the food quality and quantity, the entertainment, etc. Her boss said the same thing about the Conquest. My friend even sailed on Sept. 11, 2004 and we all know about the hurricanes that were in the Caribbean. So, I think it sometimes it is a shame that maybe one little item that didn't go right, can ruin someone's vacation. Then again, some people look for things to "pick" on. When ships hold 2800 to 3200 passengers, I think it is amazing. And since my friend went on that cruise. she recently just took a cruise on a RCC and said it could not compare with the Glory. I do believe, newer ships are the way to sail. No reason to sail on older ships. Also, there is quite a difference in the price. Carnival has much better prices and much larger cabins and we can vouch for that. We have started from our first cruise which was on the very bottom, in the front of the ship, inside to the high category suite. The more you cruise the more you want to improve your cabin. And, it is great. Happy sailing.. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2004
We sailed on the Carnival Glory the week of February 14. It was a wonderful experience. Our destination was Western Caribbean. Everything was literally smooth sailing. From the minute we landed in Orlando Airport, from our shuttle on a ... Read More
We sailed on the Carnival Glory the week of February 14. It was a wonderful experience. Our destination was Western Caribbean. Everything was literally smooth sailing. From the minute we landed in Orlando Airport, from our shuttle on a very comfortable bus to Port Canaveral, it was very pleasant. This was our first time cruising. The Carnival Glory is a beautiful ship. Considering our ship was at capacity level, with over 3000 people, it never seemed 'crowded.' The staff was incredible. We had very attentive service in every department. Everyone on staff seemed as though they were really happy to be there. Cabins, although small (they seemed to get bigger as the week went on), had ample space for all our belongings. Our cabin was on the Empress Deck, which was very quiet due to the fact we were above and below cabin floors. We were right near elevators which I thought would be loud, but it never seemed to bother us at all. Food was great. My husband and I enjoyed the sit down breakfast in the morning. It was very relaxing. There were many choices for lunch. We especially liked the deli and fish and chips. Dinner was great. A wonderful variety to choose from each night. I must say our all-time favorite meal was at the Emerald Palace dinner club. For $25/person, we had the most amazing meal that we have ever had. It was fantastic. We happened to have dinner there our last night at sea, and I must say it was a fine way to end a perfect cruise. The weather could have been better in Belize and Cozumel. We had hoped to snorkel, but due to high winds, the shore excursions were cancelled. In Belize we took a trip to their zoo, it was nice, but I heard from other passengers, the tubing trip was great. In Cozumel we did a dune buggy tour. That was a lot of fun. The greatest surprise stop was Progresso! There we took a tour of the City of Meridea and rodeo show. The city is beautiful. I wasn't sure what to expect there, but it was a fascinating city. The rodeo included lunch and dancers. Very nice. The only negative I can honestly say about Carnival Glory was, I would get lost from time to time., well all the time. But that was my problem. So to solve that, we plan to sail again on the Glory, but this time the Eastern Caribbean. Maybe by the second cruise, I will be able to figure out where I am! One tip to shoppers out there...when in a port, if you like it, buy it. I missed some awesome items I would have liked, but thought I'll wait until...Big mistake! Most of my purchases were done on board the ship. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2004
This was a major SNOOZE cruise. I am so unhappy with Carnival! The food was just terrible! We tried the Golden Restaurant for the fancy dining first. The food arrived cold and nasty. The first formal night my husband had the lobster tail ... Read More
This was a major SNOOZE cruise. I am so unhappy with Carnival! The food was just terrible! We tried the Golden Restaurant for the fancy dining first. The food arrived cold and nasty. The first formal night my husband had the lobster tail that tasted like a Goodyear tire. I had the prime rib with au jus and a baked potato. My dinner was cold and very rare. The au jus was not served for the meat. The baked potato was cold, it was supposed to come with butter and sour cream but was naked. Our waiter was so busy that by the time I had a chance to talk to him about the dinner it was over. We then thought well we'll just eat in the Red Sail restaurant. This food is served buffet style. This food also left much to be desired. The meat was either extremely fatty or so greasy you couldn't eat it. They served the same thing night after night. The ship is way too big. There were so many people that no matter what you wanted to do you had to wait in a line. Carnival is stuffing as many people as they can on these Mega liners but not adding to the entertainment, shopping, dinning or activities. There were no bands playing on the lido deck. They did have a couple games on our day at sea. When we were in a port they would close shops, casinos, gamerooms, everything. The only thing you could do if you didn't leave the ship was sit at the pool. We talked with many people on this cruise that were just as unhappy as we were about the whole cruise in general! On our last day at sea they closed the main pool to paint it!!! Here we have 3500 guest trying to squeeze around 2 small pools - it was a joke! Even their Vegas style shows were shows they had revamped from previous shows on other ships. We had a few of the waiters on deck that were very nice and one bartender was great but the rest of the staff were rude and unfriendly! The two best ports of call are Key West and Cozumel! Percy Crews is an extremely funny comedian that had 2 shows on board. That about the only praise I can give this cruise. Please think twice before you book this cruise! PS: We sailed on Carnival Pride in Feb 2002 and had a awesome cruise. Just wanted to let you know that I've had a great Carnival cruise before - this definitely was not! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2004
This is an overview of the Glory-Western itinerary. We loved the ship and had a terrific time; we would definitely sail on her again. Embarkation and Cabin - We arrived at Pt. Canaveral at 11 A.M. where we found ourselves in a long line ... Read More
This is an overview of the Glory-Western itinerary. We loved the ship and had a terrific time; we would definitely sail on her again. Embarkation and Cabin - We arrived at Pt. Canaveral at 11 A.M. where we found ourselves in a long line for the parking lot. We were able to pay for the parking with our Carnival MasterCard, and we liked that since we are building up more points for our next cruise (We got $500 off this one by redeeming points.). When we got to the porter, he had to give us our cabin assignment and new tags for our luggage. We sent our bags, parked our car, and walked to the terminal with our carry-on luggage. When we got inside, he asked if our FunPass was complete. We said it was, so he told us to go to the right. We looked at that LONG line and asked if we could go to the left (short) line, but he said no. I guess EVERYONE does the FunPass now. It really didn't take all that long, and who knows how long if would have taken in the other line. We then picked up our keys, and it was off to the ship! By this time, it was about noon. They told us we couldn't go to the cabin until 1:30, but we could go have lunch. Since we had no idea (well, we had a little idea and were hoping), what cabin we had (had booked an oceanview - 6A - guarantee), we asked if we could just go find our cabin, and they said okay. We were on deck 7 - Empress - near the back of the ship. Lo and behold, we had been assigned a balcony! We were so excited since we had never been given a balcony before. It was open, and our cabin steward Al told us he was finished, and we could go in and drop off our stuff. It was terrific, and it was in a very convenient location. They've decorated it differently, and it looks classier. The colors are nicer; not that orange they've been having. Shower gel and shampoo are in dispensers in the showers, and that's a nice touch. There is also a blow dryer in the drawer, but I took my own. The weirdest thing about it is that the closets have nonremovable shelves in them, so if ladies have long formal dresses, or just long dresses (I had 3), they don't hang in the closet without having to be folded over at the bottom. I hung mine in the cabin by using wire hangars that could be bent and hung up near the top where the lights are; there are holes there that can be used. Dining - We had the 8 P.M. seating in the Platinum dining room, and we were in a booth with just one other couple. I really hate sitting in a booth anyway, and for some reason, it seemed low. By that I mean that I actually had to reach my arms up to try to eat. My husband asked the waiter ("V") to put something on the seat so I wouldn't have to do that, so he did, and I sat on tablecloths all week. It wasn't that bad, but I prefer a table with about 8 people so you can have some different conversations instead of eating with the same people every night. Our tablemates were okay, but we didn't have a lot in common, so after a few days it was getting more difficult to carry on a conversation, but it was okay. The food was good, sometimes even excellent, and Carnival does have some new items on the menu, and that was a welcome change. Our waiter and assistant were very good; the usual service we've come to expect. I had brought a bottle of wine with me, and V brought it every night for me to enjoy. We ate in the dining room every night, only once for lunch because it was only open 2 days for lunch, and several times for breakfast. There was a variety of food in the Red Sail restaurant on the Lido deck, so we ate there as well. We sampled the deli, the grille, the Taste of Nations (which had a different country's food each day), the fish and chips, and the pizza place, skipped the supper club and the oriental place. We did know someone who went to the supper club, and he said it was definitely worth the money. The pizza wasn't nearly as good on this ship as on other ships for some reason; everything else was fine. My husband always took advantage of the ice cream/frozen yogurt machines. Entertainment - We saw the two big production shows, which were quite good. We've seen better on other ships, but I enjoyed them. I was not impressed with the male singer, and he was showcased in the second show. The female singer was excellent. We saw two comedians, and they were just okay. We also saw an illusionist who was very good. The hypnotist was interesting; it made for a funny show. The Welcome Aboard show was the same as usual; Mark Price was the CD, and we were on the Imagination with him 2 years ago. We opted to not see the sword swallower, and I saw the guest talent show on the TV; there were some good singers on it. Ports of Call - We didn't even get off in Key West; we had been there before, and the line was SO LONG to get off. They started letting people off about noon, and the line was still long at 2; it was starting to rain, so we just stayed on the ship. We took a FAST tender into Belize, and we booked a tour when we got off the tender. It was about 75 minutes long, and we learned about the history of Belize. It was very interesting and just long enough for us. We took a taxi into downtown Cozumel and walked around shopping; no bargaining anymore, just "fixed prices" they said. It was too crowded; there were 8 cruise ships in port that day. We went back to the duty-free port and shopped there, then went back to enjoy the almost empty ship. We went into Progresso, but it wasn't much to write home about. We opted to not go to Merida; we just shopped in the open-air market they had where the shuttle bus dropped us off. They are just developing this port, and I didn't feel real comfortable there, so we stayed for a while then went back to the ship. Casino - For those of you that like casinos, you'll love this one. It was ALWAYS busy, but there was not a problem finding some place to play since it was so big. They have all of the usual games, but there are plenty of tables. There were a lot of gamblers on this cruise, and we made a donation as did most people. There were 2 blackjack tournaments and 2 slot tournaments, and they were exciting to watch. It's called the Camel Club Casino, and there are camels everywhere. Miscellaneous - There were all of the usual activities like the trivia games, Newlywed/Not So Newlywed game, Survivor, Horse Racing, etc. I never had problem getting a deck chair when I wanted one, but there was some chair saving going on. There were also people trying to save whole rows in the show lounge for the main shows, but we just told someone you weren't allowed to save seats; it was posted in the Capers. They got mad, but we sat there anyway, and when the rest of their party came (about 5 minutes before the show started and 25 minutes after we got there), they had plenty of room anyway. There was a piano bar (Rob) with sing-alongs, karaoke, a deck band (duo, probably the worst deck band we've ever heard), a guitar guy (Gary) along the Promenade deck, a dance club that's interesting, and other music like jazz, classical, etc. depending on the night. You could always find music somewhere. The gym was very nice; equipment that had weights, not the kind that use air pressure. When I used it, it wasn't that crowded; never had a problem waiting for any machine at all. We didn't use any of the spa services at all. The Captain's Cocktail party was on Monday, and instead of it being in the big show lounge, it was in the clubs in the back of the ship along the promenade deck. We went in to the White Heat dance club and ate and drank there. There were 2 past passenger parties, I guess because there are so many repeat passengers. Our invitation was for 5-5:45 on Thursday (the 2nd formal night), but our tablemates went at 3:30 on that day. They were in the Amber Palace (the show lounge), and ours was very nice. Debarkation - This took forever. We didn't get off the ship until after 10:30, and I think this was unusual. However, before we could get off, there were people checking ID's. They took our passports and ran them though a computer, I guess. I assume they did that with people's driver's licenses as well. It just took a while; the longest it's ever taken for us to get off a ship. All that being said, it was a terrific vacation, and we're both glad our next cruise is already booked!!! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2004
We sailed on the Carnival Glory, this was our first cruise. We found the previous reviews very helpful. Some had a lot of details. We didn't really find time to jot every detail down, who had the time, things were always happening. We ... Read More
We sailed on the Carnival Glory, this was our first cruise. We found the previous reviews very helpful. Some had a lot of details. We didn't really find time to jot every detail down, who had the time, things were always happening. We just returned home this past Saturday so I am writing this down from a fresh memory. Some of the names associated with our great experience were; our cabin stewart Joanna, our waitress Lilliana, and the cruise director Mark. These folks stick out as regulars in our cruise whom we saw or heard from every day. The ship was very nice, clean, and everyone we encountered were friendly, even the guests! The food was fine, the accommodations clean, the cabin air fresh and the temperature kept very comfortable. I thought that the ship would seem crowded since it was so large, but once everyone disappeared into it we can only remember a few lines to do anything. The assigned seating for dinner was quick because there were no lines to get to your table. Breakfast and lunch went quickly as well. Our kids loved the 24 hour ice cream bar and the pizza bar (so did we). We are now suffering from food withdrawal! The two formal nights were very nice as it added an air of sophistication to everyone aboard. The ports of call were also nice, we found Cozumel to be very developed for tourism and very clean, I think we counted 8 cruise ships in port on the day we visited. Progresso turned out to be a very nice surprise. Save your shopping for craft type items for this port (Cozumel for jewelry), they only see three ships a week and are very willing to go low on prices. We found one establishment selling two beers for two dollars, this included two neck straps for the beer bottles, and a free straw hat (it was nice). The beach could use some attention, the sand had bottle caps all over the place (so bring your water socks), the local beach was a nice enough place to get some sun. Embarkation and debarkation were both smooth during each port call, no big problems there. The shipboard entertainment was nice and provided more things to do so idle time was nice when you could get it. Wait to buy shipboard souvenirs at the duty free shops until the last day of the cruise, prices drop. The top decks filled up with sun worshipers but we never had a problem finding a chaise lounge chair. We had a very good experience on our first cruise and are eagerly waiting to go again!! Read Less
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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