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Sail Date: March 2019
This cruise exceeded my expectations and this was my 39th cruise overall, over 7 different cruise lines. We were on its sister ship, the Millennium, in October and the Constellation seemed to be in better condition overall. The Millennium ... Read More
This cruise exceeded my expectations and this was my 39th cruise overall, over 7 different cruise lines. We were on its sister ship, the Millennium, in October and the Constellation seemed to be in better condition overall. The Millennium went into dry dock in Feb. and the Constellation is due early next year. We were Aqua class guaranteed and I knew there was a risk being on the 9th deck with noise up above from the pool deck, but I didn't expect banging 2 nights in a row at 3:00am. I let guest relations know, and the next morning they called to see if it had been quieter which it had. She told me they sent security there overnight to make sure it was quiet. We also got an unrelated call from Guest Relations to ask how our arrival to to ship went. We had a problem with Choice air reservations which cost us more at the airport and I was going to contact them then I returned from our trip to resolve it. Guest relations immediately issued me a credit on our account without going back through Choice Air. Our balcony cabin was similar to every other balcony we've had. Only room for one person to walk between the end of the bed and the wall. With Aqua Class we got extra spray jets in the shower. Relative to other cruises, I thought the entertainment was excellent. We had seen several of the guest entertainers on other cruises before, but the Celebrity entertainers were as good as I have seen on ships. They had 3 different enrichment speaking series for days at sea including an Improv duo that my husband loved. We don't do the trivia games or all the merchandise "sales" so that gave us something else to do since we do not hang out at the pool. The itinerary was the reason why we booked this cruise and it was fascinating. India is dirty and crowded, but that's India. It also has beautiful temples, outdoor laundries, gardens, upscale hotels, etc. It's part of the experience. Abu Dhabi and Dubai were much more western than I had anticipated. Phuket is a beach resort paradise. Singapore is immaculately clean and there's a lot to see there. I had arranged private tours in advance for each port, which I do for all of our cruises, so I can't comment on the shore excursions dept. On all cruise ships they are meant to be profit centers unless you go on luxury cruises where they are included. We ate our meals in Blu, the restaurant for Aqua Class. The sommelier and wait staff were exceptional. The food was better than the main dining room. We liked the speciality restaurant, Qsine, better than the Tuscan Grill. Qsine has 20 different tapas selections and we enjoyed everything we ordered. The Oceanview Cafe is at par with other Celebrity and Princess ships. There are a lot of selections but you have to go all the way around both sides to see everything. Azamara is better, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and NCL are worse. If you are up for an exotic itinerary and can bear the heat and humidity in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Singapore, I would highly recommend this cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2019
My wife and I recently sailed on the March 18th Constellation voyage from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. In reading recent reviews on said trip I’m wondering if we were on a different cruise altogether. Why this Itinerary - We’ve done ... Read More
My wife and I recently sailed on the March 18th Constellation voyage from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. In reading recent reviews on said trip I’m wondering if we were on a different cruise altogether. Why this Itinerary - We’ve done the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Coastal, Transatlantic, and Mediterranean. A cruise to the other side of the world (for us) gave us an opportunity to experience new areas with minimal upheavals, knowing that we always returned to the comfort of the ship. So we booked it and started the process. Planning - All adventures require a bit of planning; much of what can be obtained via the internet. So we studied the various countries and their ports of call, checked out the shore excursion offerings, and looked into what could be done on our own. India extended the use of “e-Visa” to cruise ports in 2018 so after uploading the required documents, entering the required data, and payment of fees we had our visas in less than 24 hrs. Obtaining the “Transit” visas for Sri Lanka was even easier. We received them in less than an hour. Also checked how to get to/from the sailing and decided to book air travel on our own as offerings from Celebrity Air were all via Heathrow with lots of wait time between connections and higher costs. And of course ordered our luggage tags which, for some reason, we received twice. But better than none at all. Itinerary - Our home base is the Washington, DC area; Northern Virginia. Flew from Dulles to Abu Dhabi where we had decided on a 2-night pre-cruise stay. We returned eastbound from Singapore where we had also decided on a 2-night post-cruise stay. Thus without thinking about it we ended up with a round-the-world adventure. Abu Dhabi - Navigating the Abu Dhabi airport was easy: made our way from plane to Immigration, collected our luggage, found an ATM right off to obtain local currency, and loaded our luggage on one of the luxury taxis (Mercedes SUV’s); all within 30 minutes. As always we brought along more than we needed, but as we would be gone for 3 weeks why not! We selected the Aloft Hotel as it seemed to be mid way between various sights. We were at the hotel in short order, checked in, had a light dinner, and off to bed. I had forgotten to check if there were any special events in Abu Dhabi. Found out that it was Special Olympics time and that the Aloft was ground zero for this. So lots of folks in the public areas. Next day we were made it to the Grand Mosque and arrived in time to take one of the private tours - highly recommend this to avoid the masses. From there we went to the new Louvre Museum where we had lunch and also took a private tour which greatly explained the format and setup of the museum as compared to the Louvre in Paris. Afterwards went to the gold market souks and browsed a little. Then back to the hotel. Travel to/from all sights in Abu Dhabi was very easy by taxi. It was also very economical. Cruise Day 1 - Abu Dhabi: Checked out of the hotel shortly after 11 AM and promptly arrived at the cruise port, again via taxi. The terminal was small but clean and efficient. Check-in was straightforward; dropped our bags, presented documents, surrendered passports, got our Sea Pass, and were invited to board right away. Enjoyed the welcome cocktail and made our way to the public areas to await room availability. Made reservations for specialty dining as we had purchased a 2 dinner and 1 lunch special. Had lunch at he Oceanview Cafe, found the Martini Bar, and made a quick tour of the ship to get the lay of the land. After room availability announcement we checked out our cabin, met the room steward, found our luggage already there, and started the unpacking process. We booked Aqua class this time as we wanted to compare against Concierge Class which we had always done before. Other than the room locations and the special showers everything else seemed similar to the Concierge rooms. Soon it was time for Muster then, after changing for dinner made we our way to Blu via the Martini Bar. We found Blu to have the quality of food that used to be at the Main Dinning Room. Service and attention were superb by the Maitre’D Laurence, Waitstaff Armando & Gary, and Sommelier Enrickkee throughout the cruise. The food offerings were always varied and very satisfying. Cruise Day 2 - Dubai: We signed up for a ship excursion to the Burj Khalif so we were off by 8:30 AM. This got us through early enough to avoid the crowds; very long lines seen as we came down. Then we took a bus ride through some of the “notable” areas of Dubai - tall buildings, freeways, the outside of the Emir’s palace, and the outside of a couple of luxury hotels at Palm Island. We considered driving around to see the outside of hotels a waste of time and is something that ought to be eliminated as it makes the tour just drag on and on. Back on board for lunch at the Spa Cafe and then took to deciding which of the many activities to participate in. We have always felt that there are so many things to do that one can’t do it all. Late afternoon and early evening Trivia became our mainstay. And, of course, a stop at the Martini Bar on our way to dinner became de-rigor. We did see many of the shows throughout the cruise; enjoyed the large productions most of all. Cruise Day 3 - Muscat: We had signed up for another ship excursion which was called a “Walking Tour of Oman”. Since this was in the late afternoon we took it leisurely, starting with the Captain’s Club Elite breakfast and then wandering through the shops and such until tour time. This excursion ended being one of those that should never have been offered. All participants came ready for a least a brisk stroll but we found ourselves just going a block here to another block there, with way too much time listening to a guide who had difficulty with English and who then sent us off to explore a museum and shop the souk. Many of the participants complained to the Excursion staff to no avail. Fortunately that was the last ship excursion we had signed up for. Cruise Day 4 - Sea Day # 1: We located ourselves in the pool area by mid-morning. There was never an issue with finding seating and continuously enjoyed the music, the pool activities, and the beverage offerings from the pool bars. Also had lunch at the Pool Grill. I had signed up for several of the Cycling classes but decided that it was way too much of an effort so never made it to the gym. This being the first “Chic” night we enjoyed a great dinner at Tuscan Grille. It was very satisfying to see many folks in their finery. The Tux came along as being retirees (pensioners for our British friends) we don’t have many opportunities to spiff up. Cruise Day 5 - Sea Day # 2: More pool time with lunch tidbits from the Pool Grill, Spa Cafe, and Oceanview Cafe. We did find the layout at the Oceanview difficult as one has to circle around to get something from one end and then something else from another end. Understand this is to be changed after the ship undergoes its “revolution”. Cruise Day 6 - Mumbai (with overnight): Wanting to see the sights with a more direct involvement we signed up with “Mumbai Magic” for a tour using local taxis, busses, and trains. This is an outfit run by students who take you throughout the major areas of Mumbai. After the shuttle dropped us off at the “Green Gate” we found our guide and embarked on a fun filled adventure using all of the above conveyances and even stopping for lunch at “Swati Snacks”, where we had a great vegetarian meal. Back to the ship exhausted but very satisfied. My wife, being blonde, was stared at throughout the day. The guide explained that many young people who are visiting Mumbai like to ask for selfies. So we had a good laugh. Cruise Day 7 - Mumbai: This day we went on a tour of the Dharavi slum, the second largest in the world after the one in Pakistan. Again, we did this with a local outfit - “Young Tours”. The tours are led by actual residents and our guide led us through the area visiting various enterprises, enjoying a cup of special Chai tea, and even visiting his home. It was amazing to see so many people being industrious from the lowest job upwards. Cruise Day 8 - Goa: After two days under the unrelenting sun and exhausted from all that touring we stayed on board to recoup. Spent the day mainly inside and participated in various activities. We did enjoy a stint at the Persian Gardens. Cruise Day 9 - Sea Day # 3: More pool time; again no issues with finding seating. This was “Chic” night number 2. By now we were “regulars” at the Martini Bar which meant that the stop before dinner started earlier. Folks were a little less dressed up but still very smart looking. Cruise Day 10 - Cochin: Many on the cruise signed up for “Tours with Lijo” in all of the ports in India. We elected to take the Cochin tour which was essentially a leisurely ride along the backwaters of the many rivers and canals on a houseboat with lunch. The tour was well organized; each group of 20 was assigned to a houseboat, and we cruised along for several hours with a nice lunch served halfway through. The only negative was the long ride to/from - an hour and a half each way. This was the complaint about most tours at all ports - it required a very long bus ride to get to the sights and back. Cruise Day 11 - Colombo: Here we took a walking tour with “Colombo Walks”. Harold, who we met at the port gate after a shuttle ride, gave us a view of various aspects of Colombo - Pettah market, Red mosque, Hindu temple, Grand Oriental Hotel where we enjoyed tea, Fort Clock Tower which used to be a lighthouse, presidential residence, and the Dutch Hospital precinct. Tonight was diner at Sushi on Five. We had exchanged a lunch for a dinner so this gave us expanded offerings from which to choose. Good overall. Cruise Day 12 - Sea Day # 4: Back to the pool for the morning. In the afternoon we enjoyed the Elite formal Tea. Cruise Day 13 - Sea Day # 5: Pool time again with more wanderings throughout the ship. This was “Chic” night number 3. It seemed like everyone wanted to look their best at the last dress-up night. We had dinner at Q-Sine and were overwhelmed with the multiple choices. Interesting experience. Cruise Day # 14 - Phuket: This was the only “tendering” port. The ship anchored off Patong Beach and a myriad of launches ferried everyone to a small pier; about a 15 minute ride. We decided to go to a different beach which was rated best beach # 2 in Phuket - Kata Beach. Found an ATM right by the pier for local currency and took a taxi for the short ride to Kata Beach. Secured chairs and an umbrella; spent the afternoon enjoying the warm water and small crowds. Another taxi ride back to Patong and back to the ship via tender. Cruise Day # 15 - Sea Day # 6: Spent a good portion of the day packing as the cruise was coming to an end. I had purchased several Lotto tickets and as there had been no winners anyone who had tickets was invited to the Casino for a drawing to participate in a slot tournament. Not being gamblers this was our only foray into the casino. My name was drawn and I was one of six that enjoyed the slot event. As luck would have it I ended being the winner - a $100 credit! Now how to spend it - was offered the option of redeeming it at one of the stores. So off we marched to the store areas to see how we could put the winnings to good use. This was also our last dinner at Blu where we once again enjoyed the attention of the entire staff and said our farewells. Bags out by 10 PM and another cruise was winding down. Cruise Day 16 - Arrival in Singapore: Up early so we could have a leisurely breakfast at Blu. Then off to the Elite area to await our disembarking number. Our number was finally called and we sadly left Constellation. Singapore: We found the cruise terminal to be well laid out. Through immigration quickly, located our baggage, and off to find an ATM and a taxi. Only complaint is that the ATM is on an upper floor rather than on the exit level. Finding a taxi was easy enough and we were soon off to our hotel. We picked the Hotel Fort Canning for our 2-night stay. This was the old British Army headquarters and has been very nicely remodeled. Only negative is that while relatively close to the MRT the climb uphill is exhausting in the heat and humidity. Thus it was taxis every time we left and returned. We did use the MRT to shuttle between the various sites once we were down on the flats. We took on the usual major sights over our 2-day stay including the Arab Street area, the Chinese area, the light show at Gardens by the Bay, a climb to the top at Marina Bay Sands with an obligatory cocktail at Ce La Vi, and so on. A big find for us, being somewhat foodies, was lunch at National Kitchen by Violet Bon. Violet is considered the grand dame of Singaporean cooking. And we enjoyed the satay offerings at Lao Pa Sat hawker center. This is where one of the adjoining streets is closed at night and tables and satay being cooked line the street. Again a taxi to the airport with all our luggage and we started the long journey home. In Summary: This cruise did live up to being a journey to “exotic” destinations. It gave us an insight to areas of the world that we had not been to and probably will not return to. Most of the ports where the ship docked were industrial areas requiring a shuttle to the outside; time consuming. We found Constellation to be well maintained and all staff members were always helpful and accommodating. After being on many Solstice ships and several RCCL mega ships we were unsure as to how we would find a smaller ship. Needless to say we took to the size of Constellation right away; easy accessibility to all parts of the ship. One thing we both miss is a Murano class restaurant. We did make our way through all of the eating and drinking venues on the ship other than the main restaurant and Luminae which is reserved for suites. All of them met our needs at various times of the day. We were unable to participate in all of the onboard activities; too many things to do with not enough time. For example we never made it to the Rooftop Terrace to watch a movie. For some reason we also did not make as much use of our balcony as we have on other cruises. We never encountered an overt “up sell”. Yes, there were staff members seeking takers for the specialty restaurants and drink packages. But all it took was a smile and an “already taken care of” reply and we were never asked again. All in all we were very satisfied with our voyage. Until next cruise! Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
After a gruelling but uneventful 13 hour flight to Singapore with BA we walked from Arrivals (not far at all) to the Crowne Plaza, which was obviously WAY out of Singapore centre, Why oh why Celebrity? It was a lovely hotel but we were a ... Read More
After a gruelling but uneventful 13 hour flight to Singapore with BA we walked from Arrivals (not far at all) to the Crowne Plaza, which was obviously WAY out of Singapore centre, Why oh why Celebrity? It was a lovely hotel but we were a 'captive audience' with no choice of eateries etc. and no chance to see the beauty of the city at night. Bad choice Celebrity! The following morning we were transported to the dock as normal. Embarkation was no trouble. It was lovely to be back on the 'Connie' once again! She was just how we remembered her but now a little tired and in need of a facelift perhaps. We love the layout of this class of Celebrity ship. Not too large to get around and sensible sized lounges etc. (Unlike some of the newer ships we've encountered). Due to the early arrival, the cabin was not ready, no biggie. Spent a while in the buffet with friends who had travelled in from another part of the World. The food was up to the standard we have come to expect from Celebrity and there was plenty of choice. Our cabin was on deck eight and the balcony protruded further than many on the ship. This gave us an uninterrupted view along the length of the vessel. Although a decent size with adequate storage, the cabin appeared somewhat smaller than on the likes of Silhouette, Reflection etc. and again showed some signs of age. Brilliant cabin steward! Our first encounter with the main dining room was quite disappointing it has to be said! The food was quite poorly cooked and tasted as if it been stood under a heat lamp for a while. Not a great start. Sadly it never really improved. Although were persevered with the dining room most evenings, and there were a few very good dishes during the cruise, it was certainly below the standard we have become used to with Celebrity and far short of our experience on Independence of the Seas, last June. The dining room staff and waiters were brilliant, no request was 'too much trouble'. As a musician myself I'm naturally quite critical of the standard of entertainers, musicians etc. on a cruise ship. The bands were of a good standard overall and the 'House Band' that backed most of the guest acts were brilliant. BUT as on most ships, the sound in the theatre was quite poor to my ears. It lacked punch and the bass player might as well have not been there as there was SO little bass content in the mix. Come on cruise lines, stop employing sound engineers with a 'theatre' background and get some rock 'n' roll guys in, your audience is changing! We didn't really see much of the other music acts on board so can't really comment. The guest artistes were all really good apart from a so called Elton John tribute who was dreadful! I've seen much better in the local clubs in the UK. Being of a certain age we didn't get involved in any physical activities on board but really enjoyed the daily quizzes on sea days and the port lectures were very informative, if a little over cautious about going-it-alone in ports. Which brings me on to shore excursions. First port of call was Phuket. We made the choice to take a local tour mini bus from the dock side. What a fabulous decision! The vehicle was brand new and had been 'pimped' to a very high standard inside. A great driver who took us to the Big Buddha (breathtaking) and an area where there were a number of temples/mosques and market stalls, fabulous. He then dropped us at The Hard Rock Cafe later. Phuket, one of the highlights of the trip! Colombo was our next port. We took an excursion via the ship. A brilliant local guide took us to a couple of points of interest including the Independence Memorial Hall and the National museum. Not enough time was given to enjoy the museum! We finished the tour with tea on the veranda at the very upmarket Galle Face Hotel, which was an enjoyable experience. Overall, not a brilliant tour as much of it was spent in the bus in traffic. (to be expected in the this part of the World I guess) so wouldn't do it again. My advice, take a local trip off the dockside. Cochin was next, our first real taste of India and that's what we got! The taste of pollution was with us from the time we hit the dock. (not literally) :) Again we foolishly took a trip via the ship. We were first taken to a ramshackle Shiva temple which was closed! A very unpicturesque building, so little point in taking us there. We then drove to Church of St. Francis, Fort Kochi which in its own way was quite beautiful but drab and fairly uninteresting. Some of the folks then walked to see some Chinese fishing nets which were quite a distance, we didn't bother as we'd seen them previously whilst driving. Which is really what the body of the trip consisted of, driving through traffic, it was hideous! We were so pleased to see the ship again! Don't bother doing that excursion. Which brings me on to Goa, our next port. I'm a collector of Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel pins (badges) so we always endeavour to make it to any HRC in the ports visited. In this case it was a HR Hotel in the Saligao district of Goa. As none of the trips offered on the ship went near to the hotel, we (foolishly) decided to take a private excursion offered by Celebrity Cruises at a cost of $800!!!! We gave them our desired points of interest including the Reis Magos fort, which was recommended to us, plus assorted temples etc. We were quite excited about this tour, a private vehicle, a guide plus wonderful points of interest, what could be better? Most of it basically! The bus was old and rickety, the guide arrived late and the fort was closed! What angered us was, there were bus loads of Constellation guests already in the fort when we arrived (although the fort WAS officially closed on that day) but we were NOT allowed in despite our tour being booked on the ship! We were granted a 10% discount off a future tour and a small refund by the tour desk but this really didn't make up for the pretty poor experience sadly. But at least we had lunch at The Hard Rock Hotel and I bought pins and a tee shirt! We didn't know quite what to expect in Mumbai. Having watched various travelogue progs on TV we had preconceived ideas about India I guess. Our guide was fabulous! She was SO interesting and genuine. In keeping with other ports, the traffic and pollution was excessive, to be expected. We were taken to the Gateway to India (obligatory), the Victorian railway station and Ghandi's house plus a few other sights. Altogether an enjoyable day! We were overnight in Mumbai but didn't go ashore the second day. After a couple of days at sea we arrived in Muscat, Oman. The highlight of the cruise!! Pristine is the word that sums up the city. Not a scrap of rubbish or debris on the streets, beautifully kept road-sides, roundabouts and public places. Our guide on the ship-booked excursion was superb and a really lovely man with SO much knowledge about not only his country but the whole of the middle east in general. We were escorted to the most spectacular Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, about half an hours' drive from Muscat centre. You HAVE to see this if you visit Muscat! We then went to the Mutrah souq where one can buy anything from clothing to lamps. An absolutely wonderful and enriching day! Having looked forward to seeing Dubai (and getting to another Hard Rock Cafe) for a long time, it turned out to be quite disappointing! For a start it was cold and I made the big mistake of travelling in to the centre on the top deck of the bus! The bus we were actually taking the tour on was picked up at a terminus outside the Dubai Mall. Chaos reigned there with people trying to jump the queue to get out of the cold wind. After already losing an hour of our day we managed to get on the bus and begin the rather tedious tour of Dubai. SO many road works and building sites. The traffic was hideous (I believe I've used that word before). We didn't get off the bus until we arrived at the WAFI Mall where we needed to get a cab to the Hard Rock cafe which is in the Festival City Mall way out of the centre. The cabs are so well priced! Probably our fault but we didn't enjoy our day in Dubai much as we made little effort to see 'the sites' as such, plus it was very cold. Maybe return someday? Our final destination and point of departure was Abu Dhabi, a day later. As we were there overnight we thought we would be able to take a walk around parts of the city after being dropped off at the hotel. NAH! Once again Celebrity had decided to stick us in the Novotel Al Bustan out near the airport! Why Celebrity?? It was a super hotel though and we were able to get a cab to a nearby mall to eat and do a little last minute shopping, as you do. The downside was, we had to leave the hotel at 4am as we were flying from (you guessed it) Dubai, where we had been a day earlier!! No problems at the airport as we were there before the cleaners had finished their work having taken only an hour and a quarter to drive from Abu Dhabi. A lovely breakfast at Giraffe Cafe, Terminal 1 was very welcome. Such a shame the HRC Dubai Airport is in Terminal 3 so I couldn't get there. Hey Ho. Summing up (please do)! It was a wonderful cruise on the Celebrity Constellation and we enjoyed most of the experiences both on board and on land. We would highly recommend this cruise if you've not been to this wondrous part of the world. So much culture with some spectacular vistas to behold and remember for the rest of your days on the planet. My advice, for what it's worth, ignore most of the excursions offered on board (expensive and not good value generally) and go for a local mini bus and driver/guide found on the dockside in most ports. Ask to see the bus before committing as they vary widely in age and quality and HAGGLE! We (four people) got a full day tour in a brand new bus in Phuket for $150 US. Wonderful memories! Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
For the Itinerary, and to try a new Cruise Line after 6 Cruises with P&O over last 8 years. Constellation was lovely, it's going for a refit next year so will be even better. Food was superb as well as Service and ... Read More
For the Itinerary, and to try a new Cruise Line after 6 Cruises with P&O over last 8 years. Constellation was lovely, it's going for a refit next year so will be even better. Food was superb as well as Service and entertainment. The ambience is more informal than P&O and better for it. The breakfast and lunch Buffets are of a high standard, both choice wise and quality, and Dinner was of a high standard - see my expanded waistline! Only Cons are they try too hard with up selling drink packages etc early on in the Cruise. But easy to resist. They could also provide information on the Ports visited with a handout on Port Details as you arrive. Towels are also whiter and fluffier on P&O. Would I go back to P&O, no not after this experience, it is definitely a class or 2 above P&O and will definitely use Celebrity again although will use Concierge Class not Aqua as this Cruise. Did not find any advantage with Aqua, dined in Blu once and much preferred San Marco Restaurant Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
We stayed in Singapore the night before in the Copthorne riverfront hotel where we were able to walk along the river before being picked up by taxi at 1pm. Embarkation was very quick as we are elite we were put through a short queue. With ... Read More
We stayed in Singapore the night before in the Copthorne riverfront hotel where we were able to walk along the river before being picked up by taxi at 1pm. Embarkation was very quick as we are elite we were put through a short queue. With all visas checked and in order we were onboard within 1/2 hour. Cabin was available when we boarded at 1.30 and cases arrived about 4 in time for muster which was crowded but quick. the cabin 1126 was excellent, just what we ordered, peaceful and kept very clean with a good shower. Being elite we had cocktails and canopies from 5pm. it was good to meet over a drink before dinner, Chris the captains club manager mingled as did many other officers We had 1st sitting in the main dining room. food was always very good and our waiter made sure that we were happy with our meals every day breakfast in the Oceanview was where they serve the best poached eggs and egg Benedict sometimes we had breakfast in the dining room The best ice-cream at sea is available all day in the oceanview and always served with a smile entertainment was varied with only one bad night and that was the Elton John tribute, half of the audience had got up and walked out of the 1st show. there was music and bands or games to attend so plenty going on. By 11 the ship was very quiet as the cruise was port intense we booked 4 excursions before we left home through the celebrity site when we saw the 30% off we did find extra excursions when on ship and changed our basic trip to Cochin to a longer and fuller itinerary which included a boat trip, they refunded the money paid and i rebooked, so it worked out well. Staff from the ship were on the trip to help out and i must praise Spicey from the children club , who supervised with such care we loved the tea plantation trip in Sri Lanca We did the Mombai on the Move on the 1st day in Bombay which included a train journey and on the 2nd day the markets . both trips were very informative and enjoyable Goa we stayed on board and enjoyed the facilities At Muscat we docked in the town and so walked as we had been before. the souks are very near with cafes along the sea front . this was a very pleasant place to stop and just walk Dubai we have also been to before. most people on the ship booked the open top bus Phuket was by tender straight into the town, tender was very quick both ways and as it was our 1st stop we just walked in the lovely sunshine along the beach front We loved this cruise, we had a good itinerary, met some lovely people and found that the staff onboard were the most friendliest that we have encounted Our flight was not till 2.30 am so we booked into the Millennium hotel which was opposite the airport and they provided transport back at 11pm. That was better than staying at the airport all day Cruise was booked with Alana at Cruise.co.uk who looked after us and made sure that we had the correct visas etc and was always available for advice Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
Family of 4 in 2 ocean view balcony cabins. We have sailed on Connie before . The public areas are very clean and well maintained. The staterooms are showing their age, however very clean. She is booked for a refit later this year. This ... Read More
Family of 4 in 2 ocean view balcony cabins. We have sailed on Connie before . The public areas are very clean and well maintained. The staterooms are showing their age, however very clean. She is booked for a refit later this year. This will put more life into this beautiful ship. The staff are probably the best we have sailed with. The food in MDR was a very high standard as was the buffet. We had a drinks package ( not premium ) which was very good. We had one meal in Quisine, this was very interesting, but we ate far too much food ! Ordering was an experience in its self, but that is the idea of this restaurant. The entertainment crew worked very hard. On board singers and dancers very excellent, would have liked to see more of them. Their afternoon Broadway singing show was as good as any show I have seen. Guest performers were mostly very good. 1- Singapore. Arrived 1 day early. Pre booked a taxi in uk which did not arrive. The taxi rank at the airport is very efficient and much cheaper than we paid in uk. Lovely city , we need to explore more. Just managed the hop on / off bus which was good value. Taxi driver recommended a local restaurant / cafe called chin chin- the food was delicious and cheap- we were the only non local people and they were very happy to serve us. If you just want good food would recommend- but it is like a cafe. 2 - Phuket- ship tendered. Pre booked a tour in uk with Go Phuket. Guide arrived promptly at 10 am as stated. She was lovely and we had a mini bus for 6 which gave us a very interesting tour of the area and included a beautiful meal at a very clean beach front restaurant. Would 100% recommend this company, very good value. 3- Columbo Sri Lanka- very busy town. Pre booked a tour called Tuk Tuk Safari. This was amazing and we felt like royalty - the ladies given flower garlands and a coconut to drink. Also snacks and cold beer provided. We were transported around the city to see the temples and markets. Lunch also provided in a local curry house served on a leaf. I paid £136 for 4 of us and it was a highlight of our trip. 4 Cochin- immigration was very organised and we were off the ship very early. We booked a trip via a company called carnival on a house boat. It took about 1.5 hour to get there. The bus journey was interesting as this is a very busy place. The house boat tour was 2.5 hours with lunch prepared on the boat. It was very tranquil, but maybe a little too long. However very cheap in comparison to the ships tour which arrived and left at the same time. 5- Goa- Our room attendant was from Goa. We wanted a beach day and he recommended Majorda beach. We paid for a taxi at he port. The taxi booking spot is next to the money exchange just off the ship. We paid £30 ( on card ) 45 min drive to beach and the driver waited. It was lovely with shaded sun beds. Free wifi from the bar. Lots of beach sellers who pestered until you bought from them. The clothes however were very nice and cheap. Mumbia - 2 day stay. Booked a trip in uk with Amaze tours. Our guide was brilliant. We were in a private taxi and he took us everywhere the ship trip went to for a fraction of the cost. On day 2 we did the slum tour with the same company, also had a train ride as part of the tour. This was so interesting and we all enjoyed it. Mumbia was mostly very clean, noisy, colourful and very interesting. Muscat- we just walked into the town to the Souk. There was a hop on / off bus which was expensive. The town is clean and looks stunning from the ship. Dubai - Docked at 12. We had a free transfer to the mall on the hop on /off bus from the port but decided to buy a day ticket. It was expensive for 4 . Approx £55 each. The are 3 routes and we only managed 2 in the time we had. This was a shame as Dubia is amazing. I think it would have been better to miss MUscat and have 2 days in Dubia. Will need to return. Abu Dhabi - did not see as we flew home from Dubia so just got a taxi to the airport. 1.5 hours transfer and very reasonable. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
We chose this cruise because of where Connie was taking us, we hadn't been to Colombo, Cochin, Goa, Mumbai, Muscat or Abu Dhabi. (We had been to Phuket and Dubai several times before). After reading many reviews about Connie ... Read More
We chose this cruise because of where Connie was taking us, we hadn't been to Colombo, Cochin, Goa, Mumbai, Muscat or Abu Dhabi. (We had been to Phuket and Dubai several times before). After reading many reviews about Connie before, we really didn't know what to expect as there were so many conflicting reviews both good, bad and ugly. So I've decided to write a review on our experience on aboard and Connie in general. Connie herself is in great shape, nice and clean and everything was working on board, with no smells. In regards to activities onboard there were many choose from, but we chose to relax and just take in the sun on sea days and venture out when docked at all the ports. In regards to Shore Excursions we did choose one from the ship, but it turned out terrible so we complained and received a 30% refund. To be fare to the Shore Excursion team it was the tour guide who was terrible not the places we visited. Cabin, WOW we had no idea that it was going to be that BIG, we had an Oceanview Category 4 Stateroom Number 8003 and our cabin attendant was absolutely superb. Dining was easy, we just rocked up and asked to sit with 6 other guests and within a couple of minutes we were seated and every night apart from 2 nights we sat with different guests and the food was great, we tried just about everything they had on the menus, with top service all around. Entertainment on board this cruise was really really good compared to some horror stories we heard, in fact all over the ship the entertainment was good. The Ports, well what can I say they were simply fabulous, Phuket jus simply laid back and just did what we wanted to do that included catching up with friends (using free Wifi of course), Colombo it was a pretty place and would like to go back again and spend more time, Cochin, well we kind of liked it but Goa and Mumbai were much much better and overall we thought India was kind of organised chaos. Muscat was a beautiful city where the mountains reach out and touched the sea and the city and harbour met. Aub Dhabi, did'n really do any thing for us, it looked like another suburb of Abu Dhabi. Now for the best part, on Connie there is this special place called the Martini Bar, we lived there every night of the cruise just meeting the most loverly people you could ever meet from all over the globe and the 4 bar tenders put on the best Martini/Cocktail shows I ever seen, pouring 15 Cocktails in one go, it was simply the best, well done lads. Overall we had a WOW of a time on Connie will be sailing on her again in the very near future. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
Chose cruise because of itinerary but also because of good experience of good previous Celebrity experience. Great cruise. Singapore to Dubai via India. Our 3rd celebrity cruise but first on a Millennium class ship Embarkation in ... Read More
Chose cruise because of itinerary but also because of good experience of good previous Celebrity experience. Great cruise. Singapore to Dubai via India. Our 3rd celebrity cruise but first on a Millennium class ship Embarkation in Singapore very slow but disembarkation very efficient. We had 2 nights in Singapore pre cruise and 2 nights Abu Dhabi post cruise in our cruise package from Iglu Cruises. Hotels good and all but one private transfer went smoothly. Very happy with ship. Never seemed crowded. Preferred dining room layout to the Solstice class ships. Not the same wow factor admittedly but seemed roomier. Food excellent. Great variety, particularly in Ocean View buffet restaurant. Best buffet we've experienced. Service in main dining room a bit slow at times but good otherwise. Think the kitchen struggled to cope the nights there was an extra special cook to order dish. such as lobster or Beef Wellington. Very friendly crew. Must have said Good Morning about 20 times on way to breakfast!! Entertainment - high quality guest artists and varied shows. Ships own productions ok. Best was the Broadway Show, particularly Les Miserables. Loved the Modern Strings duo who played at various venues around ship and the guitarist. Lacked enrichment talks about the countries we were visiting. "Beyond Podium " talks apart from one on Buddhism not relevant to itinerary. Ports of Call talks more about selling excursions than giving information about the country or port. Loved Cafe al Bacio. Went there most afternoons and had quality coffee and yummy cakes. Staff particularly Marren and Anastasia very attentive. Enjoyed the Modern Strings duo music there too. Bliss! Cabin great. Outside on deck 3 midship. Comfortable and bright with large circular window and no higher deck overhang. Good sized shower and nice built in bathroom furniture. Cabin in good convenient location. Kept perfectly by our steward Yacob. Atrium a bit dull looking and lacked atmosphere compared to Solstice class ships. Rendevous bar decor a bit dull too but that may be addresses in the upcoming refurb. Would be nice to have a Piano Bar in Atrium or something to give atmosphere. Most attractive bar area was deck 4 martini and crush bars but very popular and hard to get a seat there. Pool area and top decks had plenty of sunbeds but finding shade was difficult. More areas with sun canopies would be good. All in all a wonderful experience. had forgotten how good Celebrity is since 6 years since last cruised with them. Will be back! Thanks to Celebrity and to our travel Company Iglu, who were most efficient at organising the whole wonderful trip. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2019
We chose Celebrity as we preferred not to have the very formal nights that some ships have. We also loved the itinerary and we were not disappointed. We will definitely sail with Celebrity again in the future. The food and service from ... Read More
We chose Celebrity as we preferred not to have the very formal nights that some ships have. We also loved the itinerary and we were not disappointed. We will definitely sail with Celebrity again in the future. The food and service from the food and beverage teams could not be faulted. The staff in the San Marco restaurant were amazing and could not have done any more for us. The food and drink everywhere we went on the ship was faultless. The size of Constellation for us was ideal. We have cruised on larger and smaller ships but we now realise that this is our preferred size. We also loved the fact that aside from the buffet (which is to be expected), at no point did we feel that the ship was crowded. There was never an issue with sunbeds even on sea days and there is space if you do not want to be too close to others. The ship is a little old and this is noteable in places, particularly in the cabins but this did not put us off and the cruise was good value. The downsides that I would say are that the linen and towels in the cabin were worn and that is something that should be addressed. The linen was also not changed as frequently as we would have liked but if we asked then of course it was no problem. I don't know if this is an area where Celebrity are trying to cut costs. We had the Classic drinks package included and for us this was invaluable. I did also upgrade to Premium as I wanted to ensure we didn't have only a small selection of wines to choose from. In fact, wines were good but they did not have any of those on the lists and no French wine so I don't think this was worth it. We did drink the more expensive spirits as we could but could easily have stuck with the Classic package. We loved the coffee bar and this is something we have not seen on other ships we've been on. It was great to be able to go after dinner and have coffee and/or drinks and a nice cookie. Many nights, we did a takeaway and this was great too. All included in the Classic package. We did a couple of tours from the ship which were not great for different reasons but I think some of this was outside the control of Celebrity. My final point where I think Celebrity could improve is their communication. I was disappointed to find that whilst in Hong Kong you could see the new year fireworks from the ship and if we had known this we would most certainly have returned to the ship instead we hung around in town to watch. I also feel that it is a missed opportunity for the Captain not to communicate a little more to the passengers regarding what is going on when leaving port etc. There were no sail away parties which is unusual and there was not even an announcement to say we were leaving. On sailing into Singapore for example it would have been nice if there was a little information given. I sailed into New York on Cunard and it was so interesting having the sights pointed out and knowing when the pilot got on the ship, what was happening etc. but maybe this is just me. That said any negatives were most definitely outweighed by the positives. A great trip! Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2019
We liked the itinerary of this cruise and although we hadn't been with Celebrity Cruises before we thought we would give them a try. Abu Dhabu, Dubai and Muscat were such rich countries with new buildings and then there was Mumbai, ... Read More
We liked the itinerary of this cruise and although we hadn't been with Celebrity Cruises before we thought we would give them a try. Abu Dhabu, Dubai and Muscat were such rich countries with new buildings and then there was Mumbai, Goa and Cochin, so dirty and poor! Columbo in Sri Lanka, Phuket and of course Singpore were all fantastic in their own way too. People thought the ship was old, but we thought it was lovely. There was the usual queue to embark, but there generally is, so no change there. The food was excellent and we had a super waiter. Our cabin was kept very clean by our steward and it was no problem for him to solve any of our problems, of which there weren't many. The shows in the evening were excellent and the Cruise Directer was too, he was so entertaining and had plenty to say without being over the top. We had booked plenty of Shore excursions and they were all excellent and we were able to understand what the couriers were saying, which is in fact very important. We had excellent speakers too, when we had sea days. All in all, fabulous. Wifi was rather pricey, so we went without! Read Less
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Enrichment 4.0 0.0
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