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Sail Date: December 2008
We booked the Celebrity Infinity back in June of 2007 and were looking forward to a great ship with a group of cruisers that have been on other cruise lines. Our embarkation Dec. 3, 2008 was very unorganized has they had one person asking ... Read More
We booked the Celebrity Infinity back in June of 2007 and were looking forward to a great ship with a group of cruisers that have been on other cruise lines. Our embarkation Dec. 3, 2008 was very unorganized has they had one person asking what deck you were on and put you in that line even though we were Concierge Class. We got into our balcony room around 1:00pm which looked a little outdated, but was clean. We had a rear balcony which is oversized and comfortable. Our luggage was supposed to be priority since we had the concierge level, but as of 5:00pm was not delivered. Our ship did not leave until 5:45pm so the band had stopped playing because the Bon Voyage party started at 5:00pm when the ship was supposed to leave. We had main dining and had a table of 10 people. The table next to us had a table of 10 also, but a different waiter. Our waiter did not show up until the other table had already received their appetizers. He apologized and the food that night was just average. Being on other Celebrity ships prior, the food was always what we looked forward to. I complained to our stateroom attendant about the luggage who told me to call Guest Relations. Guest Relations was impossible to get a hold of the first night due to all the complaints. We went out to the Constellation Lounge which was unfortunately the highlight of the ship until around midnight and on the way back to the room noticed there was no food to be found. We were told the buffet closed at 11:30pm and to order room service. Room service was pathetic as it took usually an hour to get the food which was soggy and cold. We docked in Key West on Thursday morning on schedule. We went upstairs to the buffet to find no coffee ANYWHERE on the ship. The crew acted like they could care less when asked where the coffee was. The food was luke warm and very below average for Celebrity. Trying to shower that morning revealed only warm water at best and we were never given a reason why. We returned to the ship at 1:15pm to find out they were having issues with the computer on the ship that relays information from the engines. We were told they were working on the problem and will update us as soon as possible. At approx. 6:00pm we were told the problem still wasn't fixed and unfortunately we would miss Cozumel. The ship did allow us to disembark once again, but we had to return by 2:00am. We returned from Duval Street around midnight to once again finding no food whatsoever in any of the dining areas. We were told to order room service if we wanted something to eat. Room Service delivered the wrong food after another hour of waiting and was again below average. The next morning we were advised the problem still wasn't corrected, but to be on the ship by 2:00pm again. We did depart Key West Friday and headed to Nassau which hasn't changed in 15 years. One would think with all the money from the cruise lines the government could make the pier a little less crowded as the locals are rude and pushy or to find another island. We returned to the ship after about an hour on the island going through the crowded market with the "today only sales" wishing we would have stayed at sea. We were issued a statement in the cabin stating we would receive a credit of $250. This was a relief and made this cruise a little easier to deal with. The last dinner had no big parade and was uneventful. The passengers on the ship had the Guest Relations Line going up the main stairs it was so long. There was no line for the Captains Club Members to get answers and everyone who has been on Celebrity in the past was extremely disappointed. A passenger told me they ordered a Captain and coke up at the pool lounge and was told they had no Captain Morgan left. The guest asked the bartender to check with another bar across the pool and the bartender told him if he wanted that drink to check with another bar himself. Needless to say Celebrity Cruises lost many new and returning customers because of the lack of respect and attention to their guest. Celebrity should re-train the staff of the Infinity and put them through a diversity course to handle complaints in a more professional manner. The staff did have one thing in common and that was to direct any complaints to the Guest Relations instead of handling problems themselves. Having talked up Celebrity so much to other people it was very disappointing to witness first hand the level of service that is now offered by Celebrity. Having taken Princess, Carnival and Royal in the past, it will be difficult to book another Celebrity cruise next year. Read Less
Sail Date: November 2008
When we booked this cruise last year, we were excited by the fact that many others considered that the Celebrity would be quite an upgrade compared to the other cruise lines that we had used previously. Unfortunately, our grand ... Read More
When we booked this cruise last year, we were excited by the fact that many others considered that the Celebrity would be quite an upgrade compared to the other cruise lines that we had used previously. Unfortunately, our grand expectations were not to be realized. This itinerary was a good one - however, we found out when we got to the ship that it was going to drydock - a repositioning cruise ? - so one night/port had been eliminated from the itinerary. I would recommend this particular ship insofar as the wait staff and the room attendant(s) as they provided great service - that is where the 'great' ends! The food was not impressive - most evenings (main seating) our food was room temperature, at best. Choices were not adequate. During the entire cruise the breakfast menu in the dining room remained the same.Croissants, rolls in the Oceanview Cafe were always dryand sometimes inedible. Salads were never crisp anywhere on the ship. Alcoholic beverages were very expensive in all bars, dining areas.The smoking restrictions were unreasonable - the areas where smoking was allowed brought on much criticism by non-smokers - had the smokers been allowed to use their verandas they would not have been such a 'problem' for the non-smoker's who never missed the opportunity to complain about the smoke in the smoking areas - better to have one person on his/her balcony than twenty people in one small, low ceilinged area. In the past we have many times remarked about how the cleaning process was ongoing thoughout the cruise - not so this time...the entire ship was worn and soiled - upholstery, carpeting, painted surfaces, etc. The windows throughout the ship were streaked with dirt and most times, impossible to see through - the one exception was our stateroom glass door, a credit to our attendant. The day of our disembarkation, I did find an attendant cleaning the glass in one of the elevators - perhaps the busiest time of the cruise - holding up one elevator when everyone on the ship was trying to get to their various venues. Attendants in the Oceanview Cafe, quick to remove empty trays, many times had to be asked to wipe off a table even though it was evident that it needed to be done - why wouldn't that just be an automatic procedure? Staterooms were the smallest that we had ever experienced - we were on the Penthouse Deck -but it may have been the design/placement of the furnishings that restricted movement within the cabin. I am not alone in my criticism of this particular ship/cruise and hope that some of the others that were unhappy will take the opportunity to vent as I have done - it costs a lot of $$ to go on such a trip and when we don't get what we consider to be our "money's worth" it is a great disappointment. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2008
We traveled from our home to San Diego by car and flew out to Ft. Lauderdale on Sat. We spent the night in a motel and the next morning we were met by our daughter who lives in West Palm Beach. We spent the morning with her and then ... Read More
We traveled from our home to San Diego by car and flew out to Ft. Lauderdale on Sat. We spent the night in a motel and the next morning we were met by our daughter who lives in West Palm Beach. We spent the morning with her and then shuttled to the ship for boarding. When we got to the Infinity there was a huge line down the street and around the corner of the building. We checked our bags and got in line. After 2 1/2 hours of standing in line and moving at a snails pace we finally boarded the ship. We initially booked a balcony room on the 6th deck but had upgraded to the 9th deck a week before the cruise. We entered our cabin 9197 and were pleasantly surprise as to the large size room we had and huge veranda. The room was the last one on the port side at the rear of the ship. Whatever you do, do not take a room on the 9th deck at the rear of the ship. The deck above us was the restaurant with a wooden deck and from 5AM to 10 PM the noise was terrible from the scraping and banging from the chairs and tables. After complaining for five days they offered us another room next to ours. (Our neighbors next to us also were moved to another room.) This room was much smaller so they finally said we could sleep in the new room and use the big one for day use and the large veranda. This worked out fine. The veranda provided an excellent location for going thru the Panama Canal. Our first port was George Town, Grand Cayman and we took a tour that we booked thru the ship. It was an excellent tour of the Island and we learned a lot of the history of the island. The tour was The Best of the Caymans. The next port was Cartegena, Columbia. We went ashore there and only did a little shopping and was back aboard ship in two hours. I purchased a Panama Hat which I had wanted for some time. From there we headed for the Panama Canal. I had gone thru the canal years ago from the Pacific to the Caribbean so this was the trip in the opposite direction. We spent the whole day on our veranda taking pictures and thoroughly enjoyed the passage in spite of some rain squalls. If you have not been thru the canal before I highly recommend it. It is a fantastic sight and the history is wonderful. On to Puntarenas, Costa Rica. We took an outstanding tour, The Pacific Train, Boat and Bus Adventure. The highlight was a boat ride on a river to see the crocodiles and birds. The train ride was aboard one of the oldest small trains in Costa Rica. It was a noisy bumpy ride but was a lot of fun. We saw the back country and back yards of number of shanties. Huatulco, Mexico was our next port. We went ashore and walked around town . We came across a street restaurant with an open kitchen to the eating area and stopped in. The food was excellent and so was the cerveza! Two more ports, Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas where we went ashore for a little shopping but did not do much. Back to ship. Rating the meals in the main dining room, I can only say fair. Most of our meals were only luke warm and one dinner the fish was half raw. We had lobster one evening where they only gave us 1/2 a tail and some of the lobster at our table was very soft like mush. This was our 8th cruise and we were not happy with the main dining. We did eat twice in the specialty restaurant, S.S. United States. The food there was outstanding along with the personal. The room stewart, waiters and all the people working on the ship were outstanding. I didn't go to any shows but my wife did and she thought they were excellent also. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2008
CELEBRITY INFINITY HAS LOTS OF HOMEWORK TO DO BEFORE THEY GET A PASSING GRADE FROM ME During our recent trip (Sept. 19, 2008) trip to Alaska on the Celebrity Infinity, I made the mistake of thinking that the Celebrity of the past was the ... Read More
CELEBRITY INFINITY HAS LOTS OF HOMEWORK TO DO BEFORE THEY GET A PASSING GRADE FROM ME During our recent trip (Sept. 19, 2008) trip to Alaska on the Celebrity Infinity, I made the mistake of thinking that the Celebrity of the past was the Celebrity of the present. To start our trip, we opted for a Vancouver two-night package and our arrival went smoothly. We did, however, get a note from Celebrity (after the final payment) that the ship would not be boarding until after 8 p.m., but figured the hotel would allow a late checkout. The Hyatt did...instead of the 12 p.m. checkout, we were allowed the room until 1 p.m. So now we were left to hang out in the lobby until 4:30 p.m. when the bus would take us to the ship. After visiting the places we had already been to the day before, we happily boarded the bus at 4:30 and were off to the dock only to be told that we needed to sightsee a little and be back around 8:30 or 9 p.m. Sightsee!!! What the heck did they think we were doing for the last several days? So we hung around another hotel at the dock until then. We were thankful that we were healthy...I can just imagine what those with disabilities were going through. Some even paid for another night, so they could stay in their room at the hotel until the 4:30 trip to the dock. Once aboard the ship, we unpacked in our small inside cabin. We have taken many cruises and knew that it would be small. After all, we came to see Alaska! To say the staterooms needed updating would be an understatement...I spotted set-in stains on the spreads and cigarette holes in the carpet and specks of mildew in the shower, but again....I came to see Alaska. Since my husband and I enjoy the freestyle type of dinning, we chose the buffet each night, but there again what a disappointment! Choice is not in the Celebrity vocabulary. They offered one type of meat at the carving station and usually one other casserole type meat, fish or chicken (all dark meat). The vegetable selection was limited to perhaps two each night and the meal was served cafeteria style with the staff serving (kind of like high school). Entrees were hidden under lids with the dish name written on the eye-level plastic enclosure, and many had trouble reading it. One dish labeled vegetable lasagna turned out to be a Greek dish with lots of eggplant and ground meat. I'll bet the vegetarians loved that one! After talking with the maitre d', we were offered steaks (for my meat and potato husband), but we didn't have the heart to eat steak while others munched on casserole surprise. And so it went, food-wise, but I must say each staff member was wonderful and tried to be helpful. The scenery was everything we expected, and our trip to Hubbard Glacier was on a clear and glorious day. The ship's captain inched close enough for us to get some wonderful pictures. To wrap up the trip, we stopped in Astoria for a booked tour to Cannon Beach. Here again, what was the Celebrity line thinking...a school bus awaited us. If you were over four feet tall, you needed to be in the back of the bus where the seats were higher and Lord forbid you got the seats over the tires. However, the tour guide was great, but the cruise line needs to let people know when they book a tour what type of transportation is involved. We had onboard some with disabilities who were having a tough time getting on and off and getting comfortable...and oh, for air-conditioning, we had the guys open the windows. Again, high school all over again. And to add insult to injury, the ship's re-boarding ramp was steep enough so that even a mountain goat wouldn't dare try it. As a retired teacher and writer, Celebrity has their work cut out for them if they expect to keep up with the cruise lines that have freestyle dining down to a science. I did talk with several of the staff on the ship to voice my suggestions, and they assured me they would be sent to Miami (didn't believe that for a minute). So in closing here are the tips for the Celebrity line and by the way, see Alaska; it is really beautiful: 1. Don't board your ships at night, and if you have to, arrange a true late checkout with your hotel partners; 2. Have more choice on the buffet; I can eat pizza and salad at home (and have someone from NCL show you how to do it right); 3. Work on updating those depressing staterooms and stock in some bleach for the shower mildew; and a great idea would be in-room coffee service (less spilling of coffee as travelers take it to their rooms). 4. Offer steak at least once to everyone and maybe even a real lobster tail (I don't think the folks in the dining room even got that.); 5. Don't use school buses for tours; and if you do, write it in your brochure; and lastly 6. Keep all your staff; they are wonderful, and they only thing that is saving you. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2008
This was our first time on Celebrity. We have been on about 25 cruises, lately mostly on Oceania. FOOD - The food was very disappointing. Uneven at best; not very imaginative. Many nights the lettuce in the salad was brown at the edges. ... Read More
This was our first time on Celebrity. We have been on about 25 cruises, lately mostly on Oceania. FOOD - The food was very disappointing. Uneven at best; not very imaginative. Many nights the lettuce in the salad was brown at the edges. All of the salads were basically the same. They just threw in either raisins, nuts, tomatoes, or a bit of cheese. Ordering a double size or having them mix 2 salads together was an alternative. Many of the pastas had no taste. The fish was overcooked on many occasions. The sushi, in the self service area was very good. A few nights I brought it down to the dining room in case dinner turned our badly. I asked if they could get it for me instead of me carrying it down to the dining room covered in a napkin, but never got an answer. The orange juice at breakfast was like a watery orange drink. The pancakes were awful. The United States restaurant (the specialty restaurant that they charge an extra $30/pp for) was much better. But it was a limited menu and didn't change throughout the cruise. The service there was terrific. SERVICE - This being a 5* cruise line, we had expected better service. We sat at the pool all day and were approached once or twice to ask if we wanted anything to drink. It did not seem that there were many service people around. The service in the dining room was good. CONDITION OF THE SHIP - The ship could use some refurbishment. Mosaic tiles were laying around on the floor in the spa showers. Windows needed washing due to the salt spray. STATEROOM AMENITIES - The bath towels were skimpy. There was no conditioner available. When I asked for some they told me I could buy it in the shop. Again on a 5* ship I would have expected better. MISC. - At one port there was a 2 hour wait to get on the tenders. ENTERTAINMENT - The name entertainers were good. I liked the entertainers in the lounges. There was a good variety ranging from jazz to rock to classical. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2007
This was a difficult and disappointing trip for us. Difficult because my wife was ill for about 9 days, disappointing because of the lack of class we experienced with many of the passengers and a decline in the quality that we had ... Read More
This was a difficult and disappointing trip for us. Difficult because my wife was ill for about 9 days, disappointing because of the lack of class we experienced with many of the passengers and a decline in the quality that we had previously enjoyed on other Celebrity cruises. This review also includes our experiences on a side trip to El Calafate, Argentina, before embarking on the cruise. This was our twelfth cruise, fifth with Celebrity and third aboard Infinity. Also, this was our second time doing this itinerary - the first time was in 2004 (also aboard Infinity). That particular trip was outstanding, and perhaps, this is partially the reason that this second trip paled in comparison. Since this was going to be our second time in most ports of call, our planning emphasized visits to new locations and/or doing different activities. In most instances, we enjoyed the excursions in 2004 more than those that we did on this cruise (with 2 notable exceptions). So, by the end of this cruise, we had concluded that we had done it right the first time around. A Christmas Cruise This is the first time that we have done a Christmas or New Years cruise. I have always resisted booking a holiday cruise because there is a significant cost premium for these cruises. But the timing of the cruise ship worked perfectly with our work schedules, so we took the plunge. Now that we have done it, I will never do a Holiday cruise again. Are a few extra decorations, feeble Christmas activities, and a New Year's party really worth the 75% premium we paid? Absolutely not. Also, I did not enjoy having over 400 kids traveling with us. At times, they really strained the resources of Fun Factory. With most of the 3rd and 4th berths occupied, I can honestly say that this was the most crowded ship we have ever traveled on. We have a 5 year old, and I missed the attention she's gotten on prior Celebrity cruises. The Ship It has been 4 years since our last trip on the Infinity, and the aging of the ship is noticeable. The ship is in need of some TLC, so I hope that it gets a much needed refurbishment soon. As expected, the wear and tear is most apparent on public areas such as the Trellis restaurant (furniture), the elevators (broken buttons, worn out paneling), and the Thalassotherapy Pool (rust). The Service I am happy to report that the service we received was, for the most part, excellent. The staff in the dining room and our cabin attendants did a great job. The Food We like simple food, so we typically don't have much to say in this area. However, we did notice that the quality and variety of the food in the Trellis restaurant has deteriorated considerably. We kept seeing the same food (especially meat) presented with a different sauce over and over again. On the plus side, I can not recommend enough the Rodizio dinner that was offered as a casual alternative on the Oceanview cafe on several days during the cruise. It was excellent. As word got out, reservations became hard to get. We ate on the United States restaurant, and the experience was excellent, except for a pushy sommelier that kept trying to sell a bottle of wine to us, even though we only wanted a glass each. Passengers This was the first time that we travel on a ship where the majority of the passengers were not from the US. I would guess that 60% to 65% were from Latin America. Of those, the great majority were from Mexico (around 1000 passengers). My wife and I were both born and raised in Latin American countries, so I was disappointed, and sometimes embarrassed, by the rudeness and lack of class exhibited by many of the Latin American passengers. I saw people picking food with their hands on the Oceanview Cafe, cutting of lines, incessantly talking during shows, blatantly disregarding the rules (for dress code, age limits, behavior), throwing discarded bingo cards directly at the cruise staff (actually hitting her on the face several times), and trying to sneak into the Persian Garden on several occasions. Also, there was significant Spanish foul language from the younger crowd. My personal favorite was having our neighbor smoking cigars in his underwear on the balcony next to ours. What a sight! I truly believe that most of the passengers on this ship had never been on a cruise before, and did not know how to behave. This does not mean that we did not meet some very nice people during the cruise. We met some great families from Mexico, Venezuela and other Latin American countries. It was also a pleasure to share our daily experiences with our tablemates from Hawaii. Over the years of cruising, my wife and I have formulated this theory: the best cruises are the ones that have a general mix of passengers, with no particular group dominating. This cruise has reinforced that belief. Children's Services In our four prior Celebrity cruises, we never had more than 50 kids on board. While we think that the facilities, programs, and staff for young children are outstanding for groups of that size, they were struggling with such a large number of kids. Typically they have 5 counselors, but for this trip they added an extra 5. The lack of truly special programs for Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day was disappointing. Also, I knew that it was only a matter of time before Celebrity (and all other cruise lines) would figure a way of monetizing the children's program. By adding a few perks (such behind the scenes tours, costumes), re-branding existing programs and offering unlimited time at the Fun Factory (including premium $$ hours), Celebrity has created a program called VIP. In our cruise, they wanted $220usd per child for this program - which was absurdly overpriced. We did not sign up our daughter. The fact that only 9 children out of the 400+ children on board signed up for the program speaks loud and clear. Please note that kids are now allowed in the Thalassotherapy Pool, if the are with their parents. So, the peace and quiet of the area has been somewhat compromised. Travel Journal December 14 - Our goal was to try different things on this trip. That also included the airline. We decided to fly with COPA from Orlando to Buenos Aires via Panama City. We found chaos in the Panama City airport flying down to Buenos Aires and coming back home. For some reason, about half of the passengers seemed to have duplicate boarding passes, which made a mess of the boarding process. We were directly affected by this on our way down. The seats on the plane were very tight and uncomfortable, and the food was bad. This was our first and last experience with COPA. December 15 - Buenos Aires We arrived in Buenos Aires around 5:30am, and after immigration found our driver fairly quickly (we arranged all of our transfers in Buenos Aires thru DeFrantur). We made it to our hotel around 7:00am. The Claridge Hotel has good reviews in TripAdvisor, but we found the front desk personnel to be arrogant and unhelpful. The location of the hotel, near Florida street (a pedestrian shopping street), was not a good choice for us. That street seemed to have a sea of humanity every day (maybe because of holiday shopping). It was full of people trying to get you into their stores, street performers and beggars. On our previous trip, we stayed in Recoleta, a neighborhood we enjoyed much more. Even though our ship was departing from Chile, we came to Argentina first in order to visit the Glacier National Park near the town of El Calafate. So, today was an in-transit day. We finally got our room key around 11am and took a shower and a nap. Around 3pm we visited the Recoleta area and the market that is outside the cemetery on weekends. With an early flight the next day, we called it a day very early. Since we were coming back to the Claridge after our visit to El Calafate, we left 2 large suitcases with the hotel and took only 2 small ones to El Calafate. December 16 - El Calafate Our flight was at 8:30am, and we had schedule a transfer at 5am at the hotel. (Why so early? Well, having experienced Ezeiza airport before, we knew that we might need 3 hours to get to the gate.) The driver never showed up, so at 5:45am the hotel's driver took us to the airport. We were lucky and the line at the Aerolineas Argentinas counter was very short when we got there. Our flight left on time and we had a pleasant 3 hr flight to El Calafate. The airport at El Calafate is tiny, it had one gate. However, it is a modern facility. El Calafate is a small town in the middle of nowhere, whose only reason to exist is to serve as gateway to the Glacier National Park about 45 miles away. The town has a feel of a small alpine village, even though it sits at the shores of Argentino Lake. We found the people living there to be very nice and helpful. Our hotel, Calafate Parque, was very good and had a great location (one block away from the town's main street). The staff was great and I would recommend it to anyone who visits the area. The local operator (Prestigio) that picked us up at the airport offered a variety of tours to the Glacier Park, so we booked 3 tours with them for the next 2 days. That afternoon a contacted another operator (Cerro Frias) that offered a 2.5 hr horseback ride and dinner at a local estancia. I was a little concerned about my 5 yr old managing such a long ride, but she did great. We went up a small mountain and the views were amazing, including the horns of Torres de Paine on the Chilean side. We saw plenty of local wildlife and tons of wild flowers. Then, we went back to the main house and had an asado (BBQ) dinner. We had a great time! December 17 - El Calafate We typically prefer private tours, but a private guide will add little value here as everyone ends up in the same places anyway. So, on this day we joined a bus tour to the Perito Moreno glacier. We had about a 1 hour ride to the entrance of the park where you will pay an entrance fee of around $10usd. As were getting close to the glacier, the guide offered an optional 1 hour cruise to the south face of the glacier. We accepted the offer and had great views of the glacier (however, if you are doing the all glaciers boat tour at any point during your visit, I would skip this in favor of spending more time at the time in trails that face the glacier). After the boat ride, we were taken to the main visitor center, which has a decent restaurant and clean bathrooms. In front of the main building there is a trail and walkways that you follow downward. From these walkways, you get great views of the glacier. The sound of the ice cracking was amazing, and we were lucky enough to see a large caving while we were there. A memorable experience. December 18 - El Calafate Our second tour was an all day boat ride in a large catamaran to see 3 other glaciers (upsala, onelli and Spegazzini). The boat was packed with people, but each person gets a seat. As were seating down, one of the staff members announced that they had a few spots left in the VIP area. I jump at the opportunity and it was money well spent. For the extra money, we got very wide and comfortable seats in a great location (on the top floor with captain). We also got unlimited free drinks (such as coffee, hot chocolate and sodas). The VIP area also had 2 small balconies from which to step out and take pictures. We were very comfortable during the whole trip and avoided the mass of people trying to take photos below. I truly recommend that you pay the extra money and reserve seats on the VIP section when making reservations. The views the glaciers and icebergs from the boat were amazing. As part of the tour, we had a picnic lunch on the shore of a lake with small icebergs. The lunch was prepared by our hotel. Our daughter had a blast. We added a dinner and show at an estancia called El Galpon del Glaciar. So, on the way back they dropped us at the ranch about 1.5 hours before the program began. We had the opportunity to go horseback riding again, watch a farm hand sheer a lamb, ate a great dinner, and watch a descent show. For the price, it was a very good choice, but I would recommend not combining this with a full day tour like we did. We were worn out, and got to the hotel around 11pm. December 19 - Buenos Aires I wish I had scheduled more time in this region and less time back in Buenos Aires, when I planned this side trip. We had a great time here, and it would turn out to be the highlight of our trip. We got back to Buenos early afternoon. This time we flew into Newberry airport near downtown, so we were back to the Claridge hotel in no time. We took it easy the rest of the day. December 20 - Buenos Aires When we were planning the trip, we decided to take this day to visit Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. It is 1 hour away from BA via ferry (Buquebus). We bought the tickets via their website about 2 months in advance, which turned out to be a great decision as the ship was sold out. The trip to Colonia was underwhelming. The historical part of town is tiny and can be seen in 2 hours. We had a very good lunch in a local restaurant, and did a little bit of shopping. Given the hassles of immigration (you are going to another country) on both ferry trips, I would not recommend doing this trip just for a day. Too much work, for such small payout. December 21 - Santiago My wife woke up with a fever, and was not feeling well. However, we had to catch an 8:30am flight to Santiago, and we pressed on. The check-in line for Aerolineas Argentinas was huge even though we arrived at the airport at 5:30am. It took about 1.5 hrs to check our luggage in, but we made to the gate with plenty of time. My wife was not doing well at all when we finally landed in Santiago. I had arranged a transfer with SportsTour from the airport to the hotel, but when we got out of customs no one was waiting for us. I called them to see what was going on, they said someone would be there right away. 20 minutes later and still no show, I called again and said if I don't see anyone in 2 minutes and would take a taxi. About a minute later someone from another company showed up and told me that he had been hired to take us to the hotel. The bottom line: SportsTour forgot about us and they ended up calling someone else to take care of us. We arrived at the Santiago Park Plaza, and as soon as we got there, we ask the front desk to call a doctor. The doctor was in our room in 20 minutes. My wife was diagnosed with bronchitis and given some antibiotics. A lot of rest was recommended. So, that killed our plans for the rest of the day in Santiago. I can not speak highly enough about the staff at this hotel. They showed genuine concern, and the fact that they got a doctor so fast was impressive. December 22 - Valparaiso My wife was still not feeling well but was doing slightly better. The day before I gave our contact at SportsTour a verbal whipping for non-performance. They promised that they would arrive on time for our transfer to Valparaiso. 15 minutes after the agreed time, SportsTour was no where in sight. Our representative gave me the cell number of the driver and, of course, I called him. He said that he was having trouble with the van and that he was going to be there in 10 minutes. To say that I was concerned about beginning a 90 minute trip in a van with mechanical troubles would be a major understatement. Four years ago, SportsTour gave us a great tour of Santiago; this time around they failed miserably. We made it to the pier around noon, and there were no lines. We were aboard by 12:30pm. We took care of spa appointments, reservation in the United States restaurants, and then my wife's fever returned. December 23 - Day at Sea My wife went to see the doctor, and she was diagnosed with the Flu. She ended receiving respiratory treatments for the next 3 days, and pretty much was out of commission in our cabin for the next 4 days. December 24 - Puerto Montt On our previous trip, I noticed that driving in the Puerto Montt region was pretty easy, so I arranged a car rental thru the local Hertz agency. Their brought the car to the pier and collected the car when we returned. My original plan was to go horseback riding in the morning, and then circle Llanquihue Lake in the afternoon. My wife stayed aboard the ship, so my 5 year old daughter and me collected the rental car and headed to Quinta del Lago. This working ranch sits between the 2 main volcanoes: Osorno and Calbuco. The ranch is owned by a lady from Washington State and her Chilean husband. We had a great time riding the hills of this beautiful land. After 2 visits, I think the best way to enjoy this region is by doing some kind of activity, such as river rafting or horseback riding. This region begs exploration, and not in a bus. Even though the rental worked out fine, there are plenty of taxis that will give you a tour just outside the pier entrance. They may not speak good English, but you don't need an interpreter to appreciate the beauty. This is a tender intensive itinerary. When we booked this cruise a year in advance, we specifically asked if "priority tendering" was still one of the benefits of having a Concierge Class cabin, and were told that it was. Well, when we met our cabin steward, he told us that Celebrity had recently stopped giving priority tender tickets to CC cabins. I was angry, and let the concierge know that I had private excursions in every port and needed to be out the ship early. The next morning, priority tender tickets showed up in our cabin. With tickets and help from some of our cruise critic friends, we were able to take early tenders on every port. I was told that in some ports, people had to wait up to 2 hours to tender the regular way. Yikes!!! December 25 - Day at Sea Christmas Day. I thought that Celebrity would have a full day of special activities for the kids, but the only thing that they did that different was a rather disorganized children's parade through the ship and a quick visit with Santa. All kids got some kind of gift. My daughter got a child-size bathrobe, which she loved. My wife and I have always enjoyed the Spa on our Celebrity cruises. This was no exception, but the prices are really getting out of hand. With so many days at sea, we purchased passes to the Persian Garden at the beginning of the cruise. Because of my wife illness and lack of time, we did not go there enough to warrant the price that we paid. For those of you that will be traveling on the Infinity in the next 6 months, I can not recommend Dora (from Hungary) enough. She has to be the best masseuse that I have encountered in over my 10 years of cruising. Ask for her in the Spa. December 26 - Day at Sea The weather was very overcast with low clouds, which limited somewhat the view of the Chilean fjords. However, the scenery was still spectacular. December 27 - Punta Arenas Our experience in Punta Arenas 4 years ago was underwhelming, so this time we looked for something outside the typical tours. I bumped into a website for a local ranch that offered several types of activities, such as trekking, hiking and a small zip line canopy. They arranged a program for us, and we decided to go with them. Our trip to Fundo San Fernando turned out to be an expensive disappointment. Our program called for a 2 hour hike to Cerro Campana, followed by lunch, then some canopy or horseback riding. The family of the Fundo was our hosts, and they were a very nice. However, the Cerro Campana hike turned into a 4 hour ordeal (I guess highly fit individuals can make up the hill and back in 2 hours, but there is no way the average person can do it that fast) and threw our whole day out of sync. My wife (feeling slightly better) was bored to death, as she waited for us in the main house with our daughter. In summary, this is a work in progress as a tourist attraction, and maybe in a few years, they will have all the kinks worked out. December 28 - Ushuaia On our last trip we visited Ushuaia first, and then Punta Arenas, which gave us the opportunity to see the 5 large glaciers a few hours away from Ushuaia. This time around, I got up at 4am, and missed them because we passed them earlier that night. What a disappointment! For this port, we contacted local operator Canal - they had provided once of the best excursions during our first trip. We visited the national park last time, so this time we did a 4x4 trip to Lake Fagnano. I am happy to report, that they did not disappoint. We had a great guide and enjoyed our ride thru the Fuegan forest and a BBQ lunch next to the lake. Even my wife's spirits were lifted during the day. I can not recommend them enough. December 29 - Day at Sea We had nice weather as we visited Cape Horn. December 30 - Day at Sea We went to see a comedian/juggler on this night. He was so bad that he was getting heckled by the kids in the front row. Overall, the nightly entertainment at the theatre was very poor. The production shows have been around for years now, and the rest of the entertainment was mediocre at best (with the exception of a comedian on the next to last night of the cruise - he was pretty good). I think Pampas devils have been in every Celebrity cruise we have been on (at least it seems that way), and trust me they are not that good. This is another area were a decline in quality was evident. December 31 - Port Stanley With some other CC members, we arranged a private excursion (with Neil Rowlands) to Volunteer Point to see a King Penguin colony. There were 14 of us. In essence, the same tour that Celebrity offers under the name "A Day with Royalty", but 30% less in cost. In our previous trip, we visited the rookery at Kidney Cove and had a wonderful time (at that time the trip to Volunteer Point did not exist). The opportunity to see King Penguins seemed to be worth the long trip to get there (2.5 hours). We found the trip to Volunteer Point too arduous. The last part (well over 1 hour) has no roads, and progress is very slow. What these Land Rovers can do, is truly amazing. Although the payoff is outstanding: 3 rookeries (King, Gentoo and Magellanic), we found the trip over there (and back) painfully long and rough. I must say, that some of the other members of our private tour though that the whole experience was great. Having done 2 tours in the Falklands, I would recommend the excursion to Bluff Cove rookery as a better alternative. Save the long trip to Punta Tombo in Puerto Madryn (which is also long, but over a paved/gravel road the whole way). After a long day, we still had a formal night and New Year's festivities ahead of us. I found no sense in Celebrity's holding the main party at the Constellation Lounge and requesting that all children be removed from the location by 11pm. As expected, most families ignored this rule. In addition to the Constellation Lounge, other parties where simultaneously held at the Rendezvous Lounge (with Latin Music), Michael's Club (with a string quarter) and the Cova Café (with members of the Celebrity orchestra). All locations were packed by 11pm with no seats to be found. I don't understand why the Trellis restaurant or the Celebrity theatre were not used. We roamed the ship until midnight, trying to stay awake. We did the countdown at the Rendezvous Lounge, and went to bed soon after. January 1 - Day at Sea My wife was finally starting to feel a little better. So, we enjoyed the ship together for the first time in our trip. We had dinner on the alternative restaurant on Deck 10 aft. We ended getting a show with our dinner. For about 1 hour, we went passed several whales (some of them very playful) that were heading south for the summer. This is the first time we had seen large whales in the open ocean, so it was a thrill for us. Those in the main dining room went unaware of the show outside as no announcement was made. January 2 - Puerto Madryn In Puerto Madryn, we contacted local operator Huinca Travel for a tour of peninsula Valdez. On our previous trip, we used Huinca for an excursion to Punta Tombo, which was excellent. At that time, the owner of Huinca, German Beck, gave us a great tour. His company has grown a lot since then, and he no longer has time to do the tours himself. We have stayed in touch with him since our trip 4 years ago, so we were so happy to learn that we would join us in our tour as a passenger. We had a great time with German and our guide. I recommend them without hesitation. I was a little disappointed in that our visit to Peninsula Valdez was between whale season and the peak of the sea lion season. However, we saw seals, sea lions and penguins (mostly from a distance of 50 to 100 feet. I must say that the color of the ocean on this area was truly remarkable. Having now visited both Punta Tombo and Peninsula Valdez, my recommendation would be as follows: (1) if your trip falls within whale season or the peak Sea Lion breeding season, go to Peninsula Valdez (see the penguins in the Falklands or Punta Arenas); (2) if your visit falls in between whale or sea lion season (or if can not enough of the penguins) go to Punta Tombo. For either tour, the distance that you will travel in total is the same. January 3 - Day at Sea The wind really picked up. Fortunately the wind was in the direction the ship was traveling, so the incremental ship movement was minimal. Around 5:30pm, the captain announced that because of the high winds for tomorrow, we would skip Punta del Este and instead, head directly to Montevideo and spend 2 days there. We really did not like Montevideo during our last visit, so this change to the itinerary was unwelcome by us. January 4 - Montevideo We had a private excursion set up in Punta del Este for this day. However, we were able to cancel with no problems. During our first in 2004, we arranged a city tour. That tour was really bad and spent 2 hours touring residential areas. Since the city itself did not warrant more than half a day, we walked out of the ship with no plans. Once we got to the area where the taxis are waiting, we asked the supervisor where to go off the tourist path and do some horseback riding. He suggested the Minas region in the center of the country. I usually do a lot of research before any trip we make, but this time we decide to just take a chance and go with the flow. Wrong decision!! After a 2 hour ride from Montevideo, we arrived at a vacation center in the mountain region usually reserved for employees of the electricity company of Uruguay. I do not kid you when I say that this place look like the hotel in "The Shining" movie. We got off in the main courtyard and were welcome by sad music blaring from a speaker from the 1950's and some very elderly people being wheeled around by staff dressed in white. It was so bad, that it was funny! We got there around 11:30am and were quickly informed that the horse trip would be at 3pm. So, that took care of that. Then we asked about eating lunch, and were told that the restaurant would open at 1pm. Fortunately, our driver convinced the restaurant manager to let us eat early. Our second stop was a waterfall called "Salto del Penitente". At this point we were skeptical about everything, but the name held promise: "Jump of the Penitent". After a 30 minute ride, we arrive at the waterfall. My wife and I looked at each other, and just starting laughing. My cabin shower had more water falling than this cascade. What a joke! After that, and because my daughter was starting to feel ill, we told the driver that we had enough and wanted to go back to the ship. This may our worst tour ever! January 5 - Montevideo After yesterday's fiasco, my wife and I decided just to do a little shopping and return to the ship quickly. January 6 - Buenos Aires The end of our trip. We were able to disembark quickly, and had secured transportation from the pier to our hotel for the day in advance. Our plane was not leaving until 3:00am that night, so we booked a room for a day at a hotel not worth mentioning. We did some shopping and then got some rest before leaving at midnight for the airport. After a very disappointing and difficult trip, we were ready to go home. We love to travel and we love to cruise. So, we look forward to better vacations in the future. Major bad luck and some bad decision making on our part seemed to doom this one. However, I do hope that Celebrity addresses some of the issues discussed above. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2007
First, some context is important. I love to go on cruises. I have been on more than 20 of them and have enjoyed them all. However, the variability in the experience is huge. Celebrity speaks incessantly about what a high quality line it ... Read More
First, some context is important. I love to go on cruises. I have been on more than 20 of them and have enjoyed them all. However, the variability in the experience is huge. Celebrity speaks incessantly about what a high quality line it is. Instead, from my experience with them,they are an average cruise line that overprices its product. In brief, Crystal or Oceania are much more distinctive cruising experiences for similar prices. The Infinity as a ship is comfortable and clean; the staff are especially and genuinely friendly. The rooms are small, but adequate. The public rooms are spacious and inviting. The best things about the ship are the fitness room which is the best I have personally experienced on the water and the entertainment. Unfortunately, the personnel they have operating the fitness facilities should stick to basic weight training advice, something they actually understand. Instead, I heard enough misdirection and misleading comments from them about nutrition and exercise to fill the practice passages section of a critical thinking text. Lowering one's voice and pontificating on health matters about which one is self-evidently untrained borders on serious malpractice. Puffing one's services is one thing, but pretending to be an expert about multiple matters that one so clearly knows little about is irresponsible. The entertainment was first rate. The singers and dancers were a cut above ordinary ship fare. Especially impressive was a guitarist David,whose talent and personality made the cruise special for our party. Now for the problems on the cruise. Many of the shore excursions were poorly executed. They were expensive and provided little that one could not have done on his own and for much less money. Especially unimpressive was a visit to a Tango Club in Montevideo. The performers were just going throughout the motions. The food was extremely disappointing. I have never seen desserts that are so horrible, and I have traveled a lot. How can every pie and cake be tasteless and flat? The buffets were far below even the cheapest Vegas buffet. The small facility that cooked healthy salads and desserts for the afternoon was an exception. As with any cruise, the food is plentiful. Hence, you can always find something tasty to eat. But I have never had to work so hard before on a cruise ship to do so. Finally, do not go on this cruise unless you wish to be surrounded by large numbers of children who are unsupervised roam about the ship, unregulated in the main, disrupting the elevators and the entertainment. I often felt as if I had been transformed onto a Carnival or Disney ship. Internet Service is terrible. It is slow and extremely expensive; it is so bad that the cruise line would have improved its image had it not provided the service at all. Then the grumbling would not have been so marked. Fundamentally, I would avoid this ship and experience because there are so many other better cruise options. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2006
This was my fifth Celebrity Cruise and the third one to ALASKA. (previous two, Mercury--A+, A+) Seems like when I talked up the service and experience, more friends wanted to go. This time there were 20 of us in eight cabins. This was also ... Read More
This was my fifth Celebrity Cruise and the third one to ALASKA. (previous two, Mercury--A+, A+) Seems like when I talked up the service and experience, more friends wanted to go. This time there were 20 of us in eight cabins. This was also the first time I book via a travel agent, knowing that some of the people were rather demanding and I wanted a profession in between. We booked the air and hotel through XXX and I was able to get the PAN PACIFIC hotel included the day before and after for about the regular price of the air. What a great hotel! You can throw a rock and hit the ships (don't do it) and it's a elevator ride down to the cruise terminal, Canada Place. The Pan Pacific took care of the luggage. Same on the return, just handed it to the bellman at the cruise terminal and saw it next in my room. We were excited about the INFINITY because we loved the Millennium in the Med. Great ship! Meeting our party in the lobby of the ship& that's when it started falling apart. We were to have three balcony rooms with inside rooms right across the hall. The diagram of the forward, 7th deck shows them across the hall and the agent confirmed that with Celebrity. They were not! They were in a inter hallway almost 200 feet from the balcony rooms. Because there were small children, this was a major problem! But all the screaming and complaining to GUEST relations could do nothing. The ship was sold out. Then is when we found out about the major motor (pod) problems. We'd heard that they were doing the cruise backwards with Sitka first, not last. Not a big deal, right? Let's face it, the Alaska ports are interesting and maybe even exciting (if you want to spend the big bucks on helicopters and dog sleds) but the towns are tourist traps. Many shops are controlled by the cruise lines' $$ and if you never go off the ship (for the towns), you wouldn't be missing much. What is amazing, spectacular, and memorable is the inside passage. It is hundreds of miles of rain forest and maybe the most beautiful places on earth (but inhospitable). Sitting on a cruise ship, drink in hand and watching wildlife, nature and panorama scenery pass is the reason we took this trip again. But the Infinity was not going there. POD PROBLEM!! The major inside passage up and down was eliminated because the ship couldn't go fast enough and we were told maneuver in the tight spaces safely enough for the pilots. We limped to Sitka through open ocean, arriving late. Tendering was the worst I've ever seen! Calling Tender ticket # 342598 Two hours! I think Sitka is off the CC list next year. I assumed a cute Russian village with a Russian bar with some incredible vodka it was just a place to buy a Sitka t-shirt. Do walk to the hatchery and the extra mile to the stream. Late in means late out. Late out means you lose the light and the topography becomes black. And that was how the trip went. They should have let us know we were going to be playing catch up the entire trip. We probably would have gone anyway making it our choice. The weather was good/bad. Wait five minutes and it would change. Rating of the cruise without the major disappointments. It was a 8 out of ten. The cabin service was a ten of ten. We'd actually had Norbert on a previous cruise and he took great care of us! The food was nearly a ten of ten too! It was like the AK weather, if you didn't like it, the waiter could sense it and five minutes later brought something else. (until you were too full) I see that the Mercury is leaving from Vancouver next year. Other than about 100.00 more for air, it's probably a better port. You'll have a passport then for sure and wasn't much of a hassle either in or out. We were in Cabin 3080. Very nice and comfortable, mid level and mid ship cabin. The cabin was always neat and clean but tight for three to get ready. We couldn't get the room cool and below about 74. We tried to make the specialty restaurant SS United States but had to cancel because of the late tenders and port arrivals. The captain took us very close to Hubbard Glacier. Maybe two football fields. The weather was cold, foggy and raining. I don't think the captain had a button to fix that so he got us CLOSE! It was the only time I heard the naturalist speak and he told a good story. Entertainment. After dinner we went to the show and without exception, they were entertaining to off the strip Vegas quality. We all spent the rest of the evening in the Casino. Many times I forgot I was in the ocean and not in Vegas! Aqua Spa. The Therapy Pool was wonderful the first night but progressively got greener and less inviting every day. It was heavy salt and chlorine and had two beds with bubbling water. Everyone go out with a bleached swim suit. We always ate breakfast in Aqua Spa cafe. The best pastries and tarts. A secret place and well hidden. Ketchikan  Like Disney Wilderness but enjoyed being off the ship (calling tender ticket 4356098). Juneau. I like the comedian who called the tram, the scam. Over twenty bucks to take you up so you can see where you were. Again we were late and left late to all ports. About the Infinity. We never saw them cleaning a window, even in Hubbard. Okay, it was raining a lot but you don't turn off your windshield wipers because it will just get wet again? The Mercury was older and showing wear (like an old pair of denim jeans) but was always being taken care of& Would I go again? Never AK in August. In June, it's light until the wee hours and you see it all. Never when a ship is having problems. CDC problems and Pod problems should have made me cancel. One of our party got very sick the day after leaving the ship??? Getting off the ship was only a problem in that they game me a very late disembarkation even though I told them I had an early flight (I didn't. I've been on enough cruises to know that you never tell them you are staying or you sit in a hallway for hours. Yes, they got me.). So, I still love Celebrity but feel sorry that they didn't tell me about the problems and let me make my own decisions. Instead, I am upset about the way they handled the problem. I will not be taking any CC M-class ship until they get the problems fixed. If they need me to testify at the POD law suit, I will!! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2006
I have sailed many cruises with several cruise lines. This was my 4th cruise on Celebrity but I am a Diamond Member on RCCL thus an elite on Celebrity. We had a royal suite (6140) on the Infinity. Commit that room number to memory and ... Read More
I have sailed many cruises with several cruise lines. This was my 4th cruise on Celebrity but I am a Diamond Member on RCCL thus an elite on Celebrity. We had a royal suite (6140) on the Infinity. Commit that room number to memory and NEVER, EVER book it. (I will get to that later) We arrived by our own car and stayed in a hotel in North Vancouver a couple of days early. Vancouver is such a wonderful place. Then used the cruisepark people as always and they were great. This cruise started in a hole and just kept digging for us. They limped home with one engine several hours late and Noro Virus loose on the ship. We were all put in a large room and given something to eat and drink. Not a bad start, doing their best in a rough situation. Then the fun began. We were to board at 7PM (no customs check). They called for&. All passengers with small children, wheelchairs and Captains club members to board first. (To heck with the numbers they passed out) Any guesses how many people bolted for the door? You got it, about 1500. The one poor lady trying to stem the flow was overrun. On board we got the message that we would not leave until the following day around 4PM. (24 hour delay) Sitka was once again removed from the lineup but we could have a port day in Vancouver. While Vancouver is a WONDERFUL city to be stuck in, still disappointing. Then came the next warning sign. In order to leave, all passengers had to debark and go though customs starting at 11 AM on Monday. Can you see it coming yet? To make a long story short, 1500 Pax left the ship at 11 and once again, the same poor lady was overrun. As always in such a situation, there were a few who tried to duck it or ignore it and we finally left at 5PM when the last one was rounded up and sent though customs just before they closed. A cheer went up as the gangplank was removed and we left port. Food is always subjective on ALL cruises. I love Celebrity's food and I was not disappointed. However I do not like their desserts, and I was also not disappointed in this area as well. The buffet was as always, a lot of choices and surely you can find something to your liking there. Service in the Dining room was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. We did the specialty dining, but will not comment on it other than to say I will not return. Just not me, not the ships fault. Service in the buffet was another story. Because of the horrid Noro Virus the cruise before they were nuts on sanitation the entire trip. They took up the salt and pepper shakers and on the second morning I was told they must salt and pepper my meal. I was so angry that I left the meal on the table, glaring and mumbling at the poor guy. You could not get you own drinks either. This left you wondering what was coming next. Dining in the buffet became a hassle&.not what you want on a cruise. The real disaster was our royal suite. (Remember 6140?) What a joke. There is a hot tub on the balcony & it was broke. They fixed it only to have it and the tub in the bathroom as well fill with black water. They fixed the hot tub finally, but it still left a nasty ring around the tub from the jets not being cleaned yet. Never did use that thing, which I was most looking forward to. There was also no privacy to it as the design of the deck was such that it was only partly covered, allowing peepers from above to watch. The tub itself would only hold one person at a time. The partial cover over the balcony was canvas and flapped horribly in the wind at night when it was windy. The tub in the bathroom never worked, so black water or not, it was not useable as a hot tub. The phones went out for two days, fixed twice. The computer went down for half a day as well as the overall sloooooowwww Internet being down half of the next to last day. The room steward was also bad, so that made it worse. We could just not get ahead of the repairs in the room the whole trip. DW became very upset finally with it and the steward and you know what they say about Mama being unhappy. The bright spot was our Butler who tried his best to make us happy. We gave him really good marks. What made us most angry was that everyone seems to KNOW that this was the room from& heck. If they knew that, why not fix it? Sheese. We heard about the fixes the week before that those people had, some were ours as well. Celebrity does a uniquely bad job of Alaska. ALL other cruises I have been on in Alaska. (This was our 15th year to go to Alaska, most but not all with cruises) take pride in being in Alaska. Pointing out whales, places, ETC. There was only one announcement all day at noon. While I would love that in the Caribbean, it leaves you lost on what is going on around you in Alaska except for the wonderful views. There was this wonderful lounge forward on 11 for viewing&. They never cleaned the inside windows the entire trip and by the last couple of day&it was nasty with little handprints, slobber, and unknown drips of God knows what. I can understand the outside (remained quite clean despite the rain) but the inside? One guy was busy cleaning the bottom legs on the chairs on the third day out in the morning. Hey buddy& can ya clean these disgusting windows? Hubbard glacier&. We finally got to see the area after five trips into the area due to wonderful weather. What a place I have been missing all those years. Then once again&dig the hole deeper. We got to the glacier where they turned the ship 360 degrees slowly and left. Only 30 minutes at the face of the glacier. I was stunned. The least time on any cruise in the past was 1 hour, the rest were over that. They also put a stupid tender in the water to video us there and it disrupted the sounds and sights as well. The one tour was a total bust due in part to poor tendering procedures, but it was going to be a bust no matter what. Not Celebrity's fault at all. It was the undersea tour, and should not be in Alaska if they can not work it out better than that. Stick to the Caribbean. There was more, but time to put this horrid cruise to rest. We are canceling next year's cruise on the Summit in Alaska and booking Princess. No more chances for Celebrity here. (It is our second one and the first was even worse years ago.) I will stick to them in the Caribbean where they do a wonderful job. I talked to people on the cruise (most first timers) and they loved it. I am glad. There were so many unhappy customers on this cruise from the start. I saw at least three open arguments with ship workers and supervisors; this is NOT a happy ship. You never air this stuff in public. They did not think twice about doing it. Others noticed it as well. Read Less
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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