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Sail Date: December 2014
Long check in to board cruise liner Food Luke warm at best and often cold Cruise personnel seem very disillusioned and this was reflected in the service or lack thereof provided Cruise personnel were reprimand in front of guests and ... Read More
Long check in to board cruise liner Food Luke warm at best and often cold Cruise personnel seem very disillusioned and this was reflected in the service or lack thereof provided Cruise personnel were reprimand in front of guests and often there were arguments in front of guests Novara whilst we were on board plus a significant number of guest who had respiratory problem - very expensive if you need oxygen Cabin in a general state of disrepair (this was fixed but the 4 issues had to be raised one of which included electrical sockets hanging off wall). Shower room and toilet had ingrained dirt despite having received a heavy duty clean of all cabins before we were allowed entry Had to find some of our own luggage on cruise ship this us at 19.30 on first night of cruise If you don't won't children in the night club suggest you don't go there until after 2 am And the list goes on And yes we have sent feedback direct to Celebrity   Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2014
Celebrity Infinity April 29 - May 12, 2014  TRANSATLANTIC: MIAMI to HARWICH INTRODUCTION Is there such a thing as infectious malaise? The INFINITY had just suffered an outbreak (3% to 5%) on its last cruise. It was super- cleaned and ... Read More
Celebrity Infinity April 29 - May 12, 2014  TRANSATLANTIC: MIAMI to HARWICH INTRODUCTION Is there such a thing as infectious malaise? The INFINITY had just suffered an outbreak (3% to 5%) on its last cruise. It was super- cleaned and departure was delayed. There were at least two inspections in the early days of this cruise. Before the completion of the inspections all food and drink had to be served by gloved staff. To do this must have required extended and double shifts of a staff that typically works 15 hours a day. Perhaps, this explains the poor service we experienced. OVERALL SHIP The ship is not kept as nice as it should be. I have been on many older ships; all of which were maintained better. The public bathrooms were clean and the attendants were very nice. Celebrity used to be known for its customer service and its food. Our cruise lacked both. We have sailed on Celebrity five times before the Infinity: 1. CENTURY, 2005, Amsterdam to St. Petersburg. 2. GALAXY, 2006, Panama Cana. 3. SUMMIT, 2009, San Juan, Southern Caribbean. 4. MERCURY, 2009, Los Angeles, Alaska. 5. SOLSTICE, 2011, Barcelona – Athens. Early Arrival We arrived at the Cruise Terminal after an early flight from Houston. We were not given anything. We were offered a tour of Miami on an open air bus. We declined. A cup of coffee would have been welcomed. I got a wheel chair but no one to push me. The Celebrity attendant just left me. My husband was ahead of me and I was left to wheel myself across multiple lanes of traffic and I feared to be left behind. This was unacceptable. Virus Because of the virus on the ship we were not allowed to board the ship for hours. By then I was tired and my arthritis was flaring up. This bad start continued throughout the cruise. We took this cruise to rest. With no place to rest we just roamed around the ship. We had very little for lunch on the first day. All the areas were overcrowded. We knew dinner would be served soon. The shops were closed as well as the casino because we were still at dock. For your convenience we had a fire drill right shortly after we boarded. At this point what I need was a tall cool drink and my feet propped up. Neither one I got. We attended the fire drill at your convenience not the passengers some of which were still not able to get into their room After a day of travel and just waiting you k now that passenger need to freshen up. Bags We fortunately have a bag we can easily identify. We found one far down the hall from our cabin. Stateroom Of the 1,085 cabins aboard Infinity, roughly 80 percent are oceanviews, while 57 percent of all cabins have balconies. The ship also offers a range of suites, from sprawling penthouses (1,400-plus square feet) to more petite but elegant Sky Suites, as well as 26 accommodations that are fully ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. Infinity's standard cabins, from the least expensive insides to balcony cabins, are well configured and nicely decorated with soft hues, elegant furnishings, rounded-end beds and comfortable seating options. Standard inside and outside cabins come in at 170 square feet. Balconies add 38 square feet of outdoor space. All standard cabins come equipped with minibar fridges (for-fee), safes, telephones and interactive televisions with excellent programming (including CNN, ESPN, several movie channels, several in-house channels and TNT). THE TV PROGRAMS WERE AS BAD AS I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A CRUSE SHIP. The "interactive" part includes ordering room service, checking your daily bill balance and playing video slots and blackjack (for those who are bored and need to spend money gambling on a television). Our stateroom was not completely ready but we understood about the cleanup. We overlooked many things. It took days before things were in place. An example of this were many (5) ice buckets stored in our stateroom. The small sofa and bed pillows were uncovered. I never did see a bed spread. Our steward put wet sheets on our bed. We called him and he did not say much. I wonder if he would have gotten in trouble if he sent them back. I next called the guest relations desk because 15 or twenty minutes went by and he did not come to the room. The guest relations person sent a supervisor. He came shortly after I called. He brought LEZLY our attendant and it was uncomfortable for Dr. Sodek, my husband, and I to talk to him. The supervisor changed our attendant and sent us a bottle of wine. We had another occasion where I called Lezly about a hair dryer which did not work. I am familiar with this type of dryer and knew how to work it. Lezly was annoyed I called and said he was at lunch or break. I had just washed my hair but I told him it was fine to wait until his break was over. I did not get the dryer until I returned from dinner. I stayed in my stateroom until my hair dried. Lezly had a poor attitude and perhaps was very tired. I asked room service for half and half and got an artificial creamer instead. Lezly offered to get me some cream. He dropped one of the creamers on the floor and he Looked at it and then turned and left the stateroom. I, of course, picked it up and placed it on the desk. We got something in a pitcher because he said there were no more small single containers of half and half. Of course later we got them. A rose given to us by the Captain’s Club remained many days on the desk dead until I finally threw it away. Our stateroom bathroom had a swishy, soft spot as one stepped out of the shower onto the mat. All I could think about was mold underneath where the water collected. Frederick and Kem, our replacement room stewards, were very nice. Dining room Our wait staff, Michael and Juan Carlos, was very, very good. Juan Carlos will make a good waiter and has a very pleasant personality. An attitude problem surfaced in the dining room (lunch) when I asked for yellow mustard. I was told they only had only Grey Poupon. There was certainly yellow mustard at the buffet. I know you have yellow mustard and I was having a Hamburger which to me calls for yellow mustard. When we booked our cruise we asked for early dinner and a table for six to eight guests. The first night we had dinner alone at a table for two. We asked for a change and were told we could request it after dinner. We found no one to help us that night. The next day following instructions on where to go to make a change we found the information to be incorrect and had to search for the place to change. We were not able to be seated at early dinner. We accepted this, but we were put at a table where one other couple was seated. It happened that only one other couple showed up for dinner twice and the other 2 seats remained vacant. We like to meet and talk with other passengers. Fortunately we did enjoy the other couple. They left the cruise early and we had our last dinner by ourselves. Meeting and dinning with other passengers are to us a large part of a cruise. We have been to 75 plus countries and like learning about different cultures. Management should do something to prevent passengers being unable to get a table the size they request. I understand the servers need to get their tips but I need to experience other people and cultures. As I stated this is important to me. When guests do not come to dinner a few nights in a row could you arrange to combine some tables? The striking Trellis Restaurant, Celebrity Infinity's main dining room, offers formal breakfast, lunch (select days only) and dinner. It also offers brunch on one of the sea days. The highlight of the two-tiered restaurant is a huge, paned showcase window that extends from floor to ceiling. Tables are set for combinations of TWO, six, eight and 10. There are two options for dinner in the Trellis Restaurant. Passengers can go with traditional, set seating (at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.) or opt for the more flexible Celebrity Select dining option. With Celebrity Select, passengers have the option to dine any time between 5:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. and to decide whether they want to eat with their own party or at a mixed table with other cruisers. They can also make specific dinner reservations for each day of their cruise online in advance, make reservations onboard or simply show up when ready to eat. The effects of adding cabins and carving Blu out of the Trellis Restaurant during Infinity's revitalization are most felt in the ship's Celebrity Select dining experience. It's the one place where Infinity gets too crowded, especially when the ship is near full capacity and on nights (like formal night OR LOBSTER NIGHT) when more people, AquaClass passengers included, choose to eat there. Nearly everyone shows up during the peak dining hours of 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; passengers with reservations will likely wait 10 or 15 minutes to get through the line, while passengers without reservations can wait a half hour or more for a table. Celebrity is working on getting buzzers for waiting passengers, but with limited dining space, there's just no way to add more tables to the already squashed second floor of Trellis to accommodate flexible diners. Cuisine at The Trellis is generally well received; the menu features a mix of traditional and imaginative fare with vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, no-sugar-added and SPE (healthy yet tasty, as validated by SPE Certified consultants) items noted on the menu. Anytime menu items include escargot and shrimp cocktail starters, French onion soup and Caesar salad, broiled salmon and New York sirloin entrees, sides of roast potatoes and steamed vegetables, and chocolate cake, apple pie and cheesecake for dessert. Our only service complaints were that they could bring bread more quickly to the table (given that many diners had just waited for a table and were hungry) and that the waiters could respect our choice not to eat dessert, and not try to wheedle us into trying the cherries jubilee. The Oceanview Cafe is the ship's buffet restaurant, located aft on the pool deck. Coffee, tea and juices are available 24/7, and food is served from 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. The buffet is set up in one long U, but three stations (pasta, pizza, and ?) are hidden way at the back, separate from the main buffet and easy to miss, which is unfortunate; these sections have different offerings from the regular buffet. Room service is available 24/7. Breakfast door cards allow you to check off both cold (cereal, fruit) and hot (eggs) choices and choose a window for delivery times. Throughout the day, passengers can order from a menu of soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches, pizza and dessert, with additional hot items like vegetable lasagna, New York strip steak and avocado-tomato quesadillas. One can order via the phone or the interactive TV. Tipping for room service is customary and greatly appreciated. A new feature (since 2011) on the breakfast room service menu are prices for some items. The all day menu features chicken at $20 and filet mignon at $20. Wine Steward Our wine steward was very aggressive serving wine. She really sneaked up on me and after a couple of times I stopped her and said no at this time to more wine - I would tell her when. This did not stop her from freely pouring my wine. I am sure she sells a lot of wine but she is annoying. All the wines was sold at approximately 500 %(!!!) of the cost. Casino Slots were not familiar. I did not like them. My 46th Cruise We have been on 46 cruises. We have been on Six Celebrity Cruises. This cruise was the worst Celebrity cruise we experienced. There are many small old ships we have been on that were better maintained and where the crew were happy to serve you. I can forgive the tiredness of the crew for the first few days after the cleaning and 2 inspections, but the attitudes did not change. I saw passengers become rude and irritable because so much was wrong. I know you cut down on the activities crew and how much Rachel and her one colleague had to work including carrying heavy objects to set up for the artist and they had to clean up and place chairs in their proper place after some of their events. How many areas did you cut back on personnel? The standards we experienced in the past are gone and you were no better and in some instances; more like Carnival. These transatlantic cruises are a bargain but I did not expect a cruise with lower standards. Entertainment First, we found the cruise director and staff to be outstanding. The only problem is that Rich’s two assistants, Rachel and Shawna, were the only two assistants. Most cruise ships as large as the Infinity have at least five on the cruise director’s staff. This appears to be another Celebrity effort to reduce costs. The entertainment was reduced to single person performers. I always enjoyed the musical productions. We expected to see some musicals preformed. The one musical night was wonderful and we were grateful for it. Entertainment in the theatre was also disappointing. There were one or two nights that it was good, but overall, it was less than enthralling.. Celebrity Life is Celebrity's enrichment and activities program for day and evening fun onboard. Activities mostly follow cruise ship standards (art auctions, bad hair day seminars, cooking demos, wine tastings, bingo and ballroom dance lessons). Some of the more unique (and entertaining) options are interactive events with officers and passengers, including Ping-Pong or water volleyball tournaments, silly game shows and an uproarious Dancing with the Officers "dance" (or is that physical comedy?) contest. Celebrity's nightly theatrical performances, ranging from Broadway compilations (one on this 13 day trip) to piano concertos, take place in the lovely three-deck Celebrity Theater and are generally well regarded. Shows include typical Vegas-style lounge acts. Various presenters of interest lectures were not interesting, an awful level to be provided on a cruise with few landings and on a smaller ship with little else to do. The Captain’s Club reception, for all past passengers, was the best we have attended in our 46 cruises. The food and drink was presented on a menu for each table. Sufficient wait staff served very nicely. The uppermost Captain spent many minutes talking to his guests. Departure I requested help with a wheel chair. I called first and was told to call back 15 minutes before I was ready to leave my stateroom the next day. I did as instructed and was told that was wrong and I needed to go to the excursions area and wait my turn. My husband and did this and if it had not been for the lady officer who did try to control the way passengers were chosen to leave we would have missed help again just like the arrival was for me. Fortunately that Officer got someone to push me and my husband. What was shocking and alarming was that there was no customs procedures or any passport control. Crew members could have walked off the ship and simply disappeared in the UK. Cruising for us is wonderful. I am reluctant to book another cruise because I cannot have a cruise make me more stressed and tired than before I started. I am very sorry I took this cruise. I will have to think hard to try another Celebrity Cruise. In summation, a cruise is a wonderful experience and even a less than wonderful one is a unique experience. Would I recommend Celebrity? "NO" Would I consider another one with Celebrity? Probably not. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2014
I was unfortunate enough to pay for a 14 day Cruise on the Celebrity Infinity from Santiago Chile to Miami via the Panama Canal. I am a solo Male Passenger, 47 years old, with 27 years of Hospitality Management skills under my belt, and a ... Read More
I was unfortunate enough to pay for a 14 day Cruise on the Celebrity Infinity from Santiago Chile to Miami via the Panama Canal. I am a solo Male Passenger, 47 years old, with 27 years of Hospitality Management skills under my belt, and a total of 30 years of hospitality experience. I literally could write a book on how tragic this cruise ended up being, but I will stick to the larger broad issues. Basically if you find people 40-80 that are well traveled interesting you will enjoy your fellow passengers. That and about 9 of the 975 plus crew members I had good experiences with. The SS United States also has great food and service. Everything else aboard was so bad if I had not gotten so sick so many times it would have been laughable. The ship is very poorly maintained to anyone with a trained eye and an ounce of interest. From large advertised destinations onboard, to the spilled sloppy paint job, rust, tarnished mirrors,and wood that lacked varnish, broken items,etc. the list is endless. The Management Crew on this ship are inept, defensive, rude, and completely unable to communicate with each other, their staff, or the customers in any effective matter be the issue large or small. I was Welcomed onboard the first Night to a wonderful dinner of Food Poisoning, which repeated itself a total of three times on this voyage. Later I was exposed to Noro Virus, became extremely ill, locked down in my room like a prisoner and was forced to eat food that is known to cause me gout. Upon emerging from Prison the entire ship seemed to be coughing at that point so the last two days at sea, I was treated to an upper respiratory infection, that evolved into full blown bronchitis which I'm still being treated for. As much as I would like to say the staff caused any of the problems would be totally unfair, as clearly management in every department failed miserably. If you like an old ship that rolls nearly constantly, is poorly maintained, has poor quality entertainment,lost and damaged laundry, and food that will make you sick, Rush to call your travel agent and make the very next booking. Otherwise this one you might choose to avoid until they can get their act together. The frosting and candles on the cake, when we arrived in Miami those of us that chose express departure ie. we carry all our own items off without help, were sent to a room with two staff members who could not even tell us where the door to exit the ship was. I guess this is what Celebrity repeatedly told us onboard was " Modern Luxury". Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2014
We sailed on the Infinity from February 16 to March 30, three back-to-back. On day 10, the ship was put into what we called "lockdown" because of the novovirus. The Antarctica portion of the trip was great. The next two cruises ... Read More
We sailed on the Infinity from February 16 to March 30, three back-to-back. On day 10, the ship was put into what we called "lockdown" because of the novovirus. The Antarctica portion of the trip was great. The next two cruises were a continuous nightmare. The ship was filthy, but the crew kept throwing Purell at the passengers to clear up all the bacteria. There was garbage under the tables in the Buffet area, food on the floor, that the crew ignored. The tables were constantly wiped off with the same rag which was never rinsed; edges of the tables were filled with crud. There was a table broken from February 16, which was broken when we left on March 30. The main dining room had chairs which were stained so badly you could see them in the dimly lit room. You never saw an officer walking around the ship. The Martini bar was broken from day 1, The Hotel Director never contacted me when I asked to speak to him (Mark). Shore excursion personnel were rude. The Laundry ruined a Merino sweater of my husbands, and no one cared, until I filed a claim; then the Guest Relation Supervisor took care of it. The first cruise, the steward put stained sheets on our bed. More and more and more. Horrible. We booked a Hotel with Celebrity for the night of February 15. We paid twice what we would have paid if we had booked it direct, but I trusted Celebrity to do right by us (wrong!!) The hotel was run down; we had a room in which the windows did not close, because their frames were rotted. Breakfast was included, but when we went to breakfast, there were no eggs, meet, bread, etc. We waited as long as we could, but it never came. We had to leave to get to the ship. We are Elite Plus with Celebrity; if this were our first cruise with them, we would never go on Celebrity again. The Enrichment Lectures were not up to Celebrity par. We had been on the Infinity through the Panama Canal in 2006, and it was wonderful. This trip was terrible compared to the lectures we had then. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2013
I am an Elite member of the Captain Club on the Celebrity Cruise Line. I did online check in which usually gets us on board in 10 to 15 minutes. 90 minutes later we finally walked on to the ship. It went down hill from there. My room was ... Read More
I am an Elite member of the Captain Club on the Celebrity Cruise Line. I did online check in which usually gets us on board in 10 to 15 minutes. 90 minutes later we finally walked on to the ship. It went down hill from there. My room was next to a family that had taken 4 cabins for 7 children and the parents, The 3 rooms for the children were next to mine. The parents room was 4 doors away. I did get my room changed but that was not easy to do since it was a holiday sailing. My next room was next to a man with 2 children. The AC in my room was terrible so I kept my balcony doors open only to be woken by screaming children on the next balcony. Nothing was done about this. The specialty restaurant that never allowed children under 12 yrs. bent their rules this time because there were so many children on board. Infants and toddlers were in the adults restaurant. They had to make every nickel and dime they could. There were so many people in the staterooms that it made this small ship very crowded, loud, and almost uncontrollable. Children running and screaming thru the halls and in the public areas. No one stopped them. Areas that normally were set aside for adults and quiet areas were over run with loud children and adults. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2013
The Infinity AQUA CLASS BLU food and service is very poor, the cuisine being highly inferior to that which is served in the main dining which, itself is not very high in quality. BLU is supposed to serve cuisine which is light and healthy ... Read More
The Infinity AQUA CLASS BLU food and service is very poor, the cuisine being highly inferior to that which is served in the main dining which, itself is not very high in quality. BLU is supposed to serve cuisine which is light and healthy but many of the dishes have cream, and use deep frying techniques which are unsuitable based upon the claims made by the company. The only advantage to the BLU dining room is that it is small thus promoting interaction among the guests. At the same time one is paying to segregate oneself from the rest of the passengers, thereby placing oneself in a separate class of service which is somewhat questionable. Overall Celebrity is not offering very much for the additional fare paid. At lunchtime, BLU does not function and one must lunch either in the main dining room or the cafeteria which is a chaotic and culinary disaster. Throngs of people converge in a setting appearing to be the last supper, with poor higenic principles being followed. There are few personnel to constantly clean the buffet areas and this truly discourages one from wanting to eat in such a setting. Rather unappetizing! The quality of the food ingredients is not very high, the company probably choosing to maximize its profits. Explanation from the staff regarding the most basic questions are met with inaccurate response since the staff is not very well trained. Many staff seem to have joined the ship for the first time. I will not travel on Celebrity again. I prefer to save my money and travel on a cruise line which costs more but provides better value and quality.   Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2013
My wife and I have sailed many cruise lines over the years, and are diamond members on Royal Carribien. This is the first review we have felt compelled to write. We have made two transatlantic cruises this last year, one on the RC's ... Read More
My wife and I have sailed many cruise lines over the years, and are diamond members on Royal Carribien. This is the first review we have felt compelled to write. We have made two transatlantic cruises this last year, one on the RC's liberty, which was fabulous and the other on the Celebrity Infinity, a miserable experience. Celebrity made the reservation for the cruise and air to London. They told me I would receive the air arrangements about 30 days before the cruise date, I had to call them twice shortly before the cruise for the info? We had to leave before our luggage tags arrived. The check in on the ship went well. The service in the dining room was slow and the food was Mediocier at best. The Ocean View Cafe was under staffed by unhappy people, and the food terrible and not hot. We had a drink package and the service was nonexsistant. The Elete club members had no lounge, and given paper slips to use in verious bar. The whole ship was dirty and unkept. Our room had dirty tile with black algae in the bathroom and shower. My wife and I both got some kind of skin infection on our feet we are trying to get rid of. We were told our package included a pier to airport transfer, which was printed on both our cruise invoice and air confermation, which was refused by the ship customer relations after showing them their own printed documents. After four trips to the CS rest I received a done message they were going to give me the transfer as a favor, but crop. Was still maintaining I had not paid for it. Very poor. We will never ever sail on Celebrity again, and now have question about Royal Carribien. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2012
This was our first trip on a Celebrity line. This trip was also to Alaska the last week of July out of Seattle. We had numerous problems on this ship. Although it was noted in other forums that this ship was "dry-docked" the ... Read More
This was our first trip on a Celebrity line. This trip was also to Alaska the last week of July out of Seattle. We had numerous problems on this ship. Although it was noted in other forums that this ship was "dry-docked" the ship was still dirty. Stained carpets, paint on the main dining room windows. Shore excursions desk was only open for a limited amount of time during the morning or evening. It was closed for most of the afternoon. Our son got yelled at by an older lady for going in the adult pool during the 1 hour that the kids got to go in. She told him to "get out, it isn't a kids pool!" :-( The computer lab staff didn't seem to know what they were doing when problems arose (being logged off when it said we weren't but we still got charged.) Not being able to serve ourselves our food. Having things disappear one day after being there all week. (milk by the dessert portion of the buffet line) It was there all week then it got moved and no one knew what I was talking about..... Disembarkation floors moved by the hour. Once it was on floor 2, the floor 4, then floor 3. All in the same day during the AM. There was the cruise director, Ian, who seemed to think that everyone was having a great time and all we heard was how horrible everything was for them. The staff in the shops talked about other staff while passengers were walking around. The one great thing about this cruise was seeing the breaching whale. That was amazing. All the ports were amazing. I'm sure that the other ships are nicer and friendlier than this one. There was this tension on the ship. We've been trying to put a name to it, but can't. While I know that it may seem that I'm here "bashing" this ship, I've been on others and have never had such a horrific cruise. Kids and parents were letting themselves into the kid play zone. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, this is to me. The staff there didn't give anyone a second look. One girl was hurt badly and had to be taken to medical. They couldn't find her parents on the ship. Had they known to ask for a pager, I'm sure this would have been easier for them to be found. I had to ask for one. Please let me know that all Celebrity ships are not like this. We had an absolutely miserable time. Many others that we wound up speaking to during our week at sea felt the same way. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2011
The main dining room on the cruise was very cramped and the food was of a poor standard comparing to the buffet upstairs. The menu in the main dining room was exactly the same throughout the cruise. The ports within Alaska are full of ... Read More
The main dining room on the cruise was very cramped and the food was of a poor standard comparing to the buffet upstairs. The menu in the main dining room was exactly the same throughout the cruise. The ports within Alaska are full of tatty souvenir shops that are near enough identical in all ports. The only port that you do not have enough time to go into is victoria because if you have a trip booked you do not have enough time to go anywhere else. The cruise would be better if you had more time in Victoria rather than the tatty souvenir shops in the port previous. It was as if the cruise liners have a financial interest with these shops and they do not have any in Victoria hence the limited time you are in that port. The balcony state room was big but very dated and the carpet was worn through at the door to the balcony. The tv remote did not work very well. Disembarkation in Seattle was a complete farce and was as coordinated as a box of frogs. This was totally the opposite to when we embarked which was very smooth. Brent Nixon the guest speaker was outstanding and made he cruise for me along with the excursions. I will not be going on another celebrity cruise and it is definitely not a 5 star cruise experience. I will stay with p&o as they make you feel like they want to do everything to make your cruise better. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2011
I feel compelled to write to express our extreme disappointment felt by my spouse and I with the lack of communication by the Ship's Captain and then later from Celebrity by the failure to discuss the fact that the Infinity Cruise ... Read More
I feel compelled to write to express our extreme disappointment felt by my spouse and I with the lack of communication by the Ship's Captain and then later from Celebrity by the failure to discuss the fact that the Infinity Cruise which departed Buenos Aires on 13th February did not reach its destination - Antarctica.While we are not doubting the decision which was made for safety reasons was no doubt correct (we hope)- it was more that the sadness and disappointment felt by the passengers was ignored as we never heard from the Captain again after he asked the cruise director to tell us the bad news. A very brief 2 paragraph letter was delivered to each room to say that he was not in control of Mother Nature. It was never mentioned again. Perhaps by not mentioning it again we may forget! This cruise to Antarctic did not contain your usual cruise type passengers who go for the luxury and food. This was a group of 2000 people who had only one reason in being on the ship and that was to see Antarctic. Like us, most people had paid huge sums of money to travel from the other side of world to see such a special place. We weren't interested in Ushuaia or Port Madryn or Montevideo - only Antarctic.We expected further explanation from the Captain when his duties permitted - perhaps a special gathering in the theatre where he could assure us that that all suitable alternatives had been considered. On the second last day there was a staff talent show at 10am and the theatre was absolutely packed and the Capt was to speak at the end. To our amazement the Captain merely said "I hope you had an enjoyable cruise" Not one mention of the fact that we did not get to Antarctic. He missed a perfect opportunity to address all the passengers and explain. Was it ever considered that we could shelter for a day in Ushuaia then go back and then miss out on Port Madryn and Montevideo to make up the schedule? Nothing like this was mentioned but I know it was certainly wished for amongst the passengers. The ship actually stayed for 2 whole days in Ushuaia doing nothing. I actually saw people in tears over their disappointment.Not only is the large cost of airfares from the other side of the world and the accommodation required either side of the cruise important, but the loss of vacation time and just the extreme effort in getting there and then to have our disappointment ignored. This has been heartbreaking to say the least. There has been no offer of any type of explanation or perhaps a small offer of compensation.Very poor customer relations I would think. Everything else on the ship was very good eg. service and food but some of the talks were just a sales pitch. I would not recommend Celebrity if you are after a particular destination - you may not get there. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2011
This cruise featured a very international mix of passengers and like so many of our fellow cruises we traveled from afar (Taiwan via New Zealand) for what would be the last of only two Antarctic sailings by the Infinity this year. Our ... Read More
This cruise featured a very international mix of passengers and like so many of our fellow cruises we traveled from afar (Taiwan via New Zealand) for what would be the last of only two Antarctic sailings by the Infinity this year. Our voyage was sold as an "Antarctic Cruise" and I assume that most passengers booked this itinerary with high hopes and expectations of seeing the white continent. Arriving in Buenos Aires one day early, we stayed overnight in the very central Sheraton Buenos Aires Convention Center. Boarding the next day around 3pm, we were pleasantly surprised at BA's new cruise terminal. Especially after reading about the embarkation chaos in prior years. There were no queues at the baggage security screening, we then headed upstairs for our cruise paperwork and to obtain our seapasses. Although we received CC priority stickers, there were again no queues and plenty of empty counters with friendly staff. We boarded buses for a short ride to the ship. We were in our cabin less than 20 minutes after arriving at the port. The Infinity continues to be a gracious ship and, in our opinion, is in very good shape. Public areas were kept spotless and passenger flow is excellent. There was only a small number of passengers in the lobby when we were welcomed with champagne. As we walked to our cabin, carpeting and furniture coverings seemed very new. Our cabin was large and although the dEcor is a little dated, the ship and cabins feel cozy and comfortable. Despite us arriving with too much luggage for the long cruise, we had excess wardrobe and other storage space even after unpacking everything. One big plus of the Infinity ships that was going to be in evidence throughout the next 2 weeks was the superior sound proofing between cabins. At no point in time did any noise intrude from neighboring cabins. This is unlike many other ships we have sailed on, including Celebrity's newer Solstice class. The only improvement I can suggest is to replace the clingy shower curtains with Solstice type glass doors, which I am sure will be done when Infinity is refurbished at the end of the year. Celebrity does an excellent job running its routine operations on the ship, more on these later. However, we have had continual problems with bad communications between its land based operations and its team at sea - not only on this cruise, but many prior ones. We are Captain Club Select members and although our Captain Club's vouchers were all in the cabin upon arrival, we immediately noticed that our dining arrangements were yet again not what we had booked. We had asked for 5th floor, early seating and a table near the back of the dining room. Instead, we had been assigned 4th floor, late seating at the front of the dining room - in other words the exact opposite of what was booked. This was downright annoying since I had talked to my Celebrity reservation agent on this matter countless times (we had booked the cruise nearly a year in advance). Furthermore, I had called the Captain's Club to ensure they had captured the same. The Maitre De and Captains Club hostess onboard subsequently confirmed that all of this was in our reservation but that a systems glitch between Miami and the boat meant that our dining had been re-assigned. In the end, the best the team onboard could do was to assign us to early seating at the front of the 4th floor. This after several hours of waiting as the Maitre De was very busy moving around a number of large tour groups and had little time for individual passengers. Our general observation is that when things go wrong, Celebrity handles them extremely poorly. The number of groups and passengers who had to change seating arrangements seemed astonishingly high on this cruise and we have never had much luck in Celebrity communicating our requests to the ship, no matter how often we triple check prior to our departure. We were told that this was due to the large number of international versus US bookings and the international reservation system having a number of bugs. This explanation doesn't seem to make much sense in an age where many global companies are able to make their systems work across the world. Furthermore, the Captain Club staff we called was obviously also in the US. Be that as it may, we eventually settled in on our balcony for a beautiful evening sail away from BA, enjoyed a great dinner and subsequent show. With a large number of sea days on this cruise, we were able to try most ship facilities at some stage. Food was consistently of a very high standard in both the MDR and the Cafe. We always looked forward to meals and the variety was very good. The Spa Cafe continues to be a good choice for lighter meals, we enjoyed every visit to Cova Cafe and the MDR was an occasion to look forward to for every meal. Small gripes include the United States, which served up a rather disappointing afternoon tea with very soggy sandwiches. The scones, cakes and the service made up for this. In fact, the service given by the cabin and restaurant staff was always exceeding expectations. We did notice that the dress standards are slipping and were not being enforced. Even on formal nights, tour leaders would walk through the restaurants, including the United States, in jeans and T shirts to talk with their groups. We feel that the number of formal nights has already been drastically reduced over the past number of years and that passengers (as well as their tour leaders) should make more of an effort on those few formal nights that remain. Obviously not everybody agrees with that sentiment, but it is the code. Therefore, it would be nice to see the ship staff enforce this. Instead, the ship's staff seemed to fear upsetting any of the tour leaders, presumably for fear of loosing future large group business. We overhead a number of what we felt were unreasonable requests by tour leaders and the ship's crew usually prioritized these over the needs and convenience of other passengers. I am not sure what lead to the large number of groups on this particular sailing, but to us it was not a good thing for all of those who had booked individually and did not have a tour leader to represent us. Our first port of call on this cruise was Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. We had beautifully warm weather and had booked the 4 wheel drive tour to the King Penguin colony. Well worth it for a close up encounter with the Penguins on a great beach, which can simply not be replicated elsewhere. We also called on Ushuaia where we enjoyed a great day at the Martial glacier and a drive into Tierra Del Fuego National Park. In Puerto Madryn we drove to Peninsula Valdez for wildlife spotting and in Montevideo we enjoyed a Tour of the recently renovated Opera Solis and simply walking around this very charming city. However, the highlight of our cruise was supposed to be the two days to be spent in Antarctic waters. Unfortunately, this is where Celebrity's organization provided yet another major let down. After Infinity reached Elephant Island, we saw our first and only iceberg on this trip. After approximately 2 hours of cruising close to the island, we were informed that the weather was going to turn bad and that we would be heading to Ushuaia for an extra day, to be simply parked in port. The entire remainder of the Antarctic itinerary was therefore cancelled with just a couple of announcement that were neither apologetic nor very caring. After all, this was the destination that the entire cruise had been sold on (at a considerable premium versus other 14 day itineraries) and that most passengers had traveled very far to see. When I enquired from the Guest Relations Manager whether we might be going back in case the weather improves the response was "are you cruising for the first time" - as if such diversions are routine and we were complete cruising novices. She quickly back paddled when she saw our CC status. Hardly a satisfactory response to any passenger though. Furthermore, I saw on the cruise critic boards from last year that Infinity's voyage met with similar obstacles and returned to Antarctica once again after diverting to Ushuaia. Unfortunately, we did simply park the boat for two days in Ushuaia and did not return to Antarctica. While we respect the decisions of a captain on any ship, we feel that Celebrity needs to do a much better job at communicating such decisions and providing accurate information. It also needs to show a lot more empathy to passengers even if a port diversion is necessary. Here is what we did not like with how Celebrity handled the situation : - The Captain announced that a low pressure system had approached and repeated the next morning that this was at 1014 millibars. Well, we analyzed his rather technical sounding announcement via Wikipedia and found that 1013.25 is the standard pressure at sea level and therefore 1014 really does not sound either High or Low. Furthermore, the weather and visibility outside was ok, seas were not heavier than we had during our Alaska and New Zealand cruise and neither was the wind. - When we arrived in Ushuaia, we expected a flotilla of all the other cruise and expedition ships that were also in Antarctica at the same time to take shelter. Surprisingly there were none. In fact, we had two groups of friends cruising in Antarctica at the same time and neither of their cruises was interrupted. They have returned with glowing reports of the spectacular scenery and none thought that the weather was particularly bad. Thirdly, we were able to see ourselves at the port that Silversea's Prince Albrecht docked in Ushuaia more than half a day after us and continued on its next Antarctic visit the following day. The Celebrity Infinity is obviously the largest and most stable ship that was operating in these waters at this time of the year. Given the above, we therefore sought out the Guest Relations Manager once again. We questioned why none of the other cruises had diverted. Even if visibility/ice/wind were supposedly affecting Paradise Bay, why did we simply not stay longer near Elephant Island or try holding patterns in another part of the peninsula? The Prince Albrecht was multiple times smaller than the Infinity and yet had managed to cruise the Drake Passage back to Ushuaia in comfort half a day after us. Therefore, there really seemed to be little rhyme or reason for the Infinity to rush back to Ushuaia so quickly. Not to mention that Silversea once again left Infinity in the dust with its next departure for the continent the following day. The Guest Relations Manager really had no explanations for any of this and could only reply that she cannot comment on what other cruise lines do. Miami head office had decided that we would not go and that was that. We left extremely disappointed that we were being told that the itinerary had been changed due to weather, yet smaller and less equipped boats continued on their cruises. We were even more annoyed when we returned home to tales from our friends on how beautiful the Antarctic scenery was when they visited on the very same days. It appears that Celebrity can disguise any diversion under the pretext of weather and does not owe its passengers an explanation when they observe other vessels that are continuing on their itinerary without any concern. It sounded like weather was only a pretext for another reason. The GRM did say that she would feedback our comments to Miami and that somebody would be in touch to explain the itinerary change further. One month later, we have not heard. Celebrity may have a good product when it comes to simply relaxing onboard and not caring where the next port of call might be. However, for anybody who is interested in destination cruising, like we are, we recommend giving Celebrity a wide berth. It has obviously not learnt from the debacle of its problematic 2010 Antarctic sailing a year earlier. We are repeating our attempt to go to Antarctica next year. Although Celebrity's Azamara sister is heading down there again in 2010, its probably the same mangement and we will try another line. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2010
We flew into San Francisco one day prior to the cruise and stayed at the Tuscan Inn. The Inn is located at the Wharf, just steps from the cable cars, Ghirardelli Square, etc. A very quaint hotel, clean and extremely well priced. Cafe ... Read More
We flew into San Francisco one day prior to the cruise and stayed at the Tuscan Inn. The Inn is located at the Wharf, just steps from the cable cars, Ghirardelli Square, etc. A very quaint hotel, clean and extremely well priced. Cafe Pescatore next door was really good, atmosphere, espresso and good food were welcome after walking all day. Unfortunately the panhandling in the city was a huge negative. I was born in S.F. and raised just down the bay. I hadn't been home for years and was terribly saddened to see the filth and begging to the degree we experienced. Other cruise passenger's concurred on the begging to the degree that it spoiled a great old city. We boarded the Infinity the following day to a champagne welcome. That was the last real hospitality we received. Our room had plenty of drawer space. However the bathroom was shameful. The white grouted tiles were black on the bathroom floor and the shower. The shower head was grimy, greasy black. The Shower curtain was always sticking to you - yuch. No magnifying mirror, horrible hairdryer that burned your hand after 1 minute. I did contact the front desk. Several times to no avail. Apparently I'm to nice and should have raised my voice. We met other passenger's with similar problems. They flat had shouting matches with the staff. Some did receive results. Saying I'm sorry for your experience and doing nothing is 5 star hospitality? I'm not even bringing up the dirty curtains, pill-ed bedding. The rough old towels that should have been retired. And our robes,one was stained with yellow spotches - disgusting. i truly believe the automatic tip has ruined good service. They used to work for it. I did go down and remove the tip from my account. Many other did also. That should give the line a clue shouldn't it? The shows were better in high school, for sea days, bring a book or sit on your veranda and relax. The food was the worst,the coffee was bad. A consensus among everyone we ate with at various meals. The food, bland, lukewarm. A medium rare steak came well done. Mind you I'd ordered the veal. It wasn't available so without asking what they could get me they came up with a steak. We were first seating and always on time at the fixed seating. So the excuse there? I was promised by the asst. maitredumb creme brulee and received jello, shall I go on? Salmon served one of the last mornings was so off and salty I complained. The maitredumb came over (surprisingly) to ask about it. He tried mine after I didn't eat it and agreed it was bad. He also said that everyone that morning was complaining about it.....he said it wouldn't be served again, Score 1. Fish was always "well done" you could count on that. And the lack of good quality food in the cafeteria where they ran out of eggs 2 different morning, along with serving cold corned beef hash? 5 Star at a homeless shelter more like. The cafeteria was flat bad. And no help to carry your tray, or coffee, juice served by the staff like on Princess. The waitstaff was overworked. They ran at breakneck speed, no wonder so many orders were wrong. They were unfriendly in that they had NO time to chat at all with passenger's. Twice we paid $35.00 each to eat at the S.S. United States Specialty Restaurant. The food and service were excellent! But I had paying that much after already paying for our cruise. We did have several meals delivered to the room so we could enjoy the deck, food was cold, or sweaty from taking to long to deliver it. My impression of the non-smiling staff was boredom and under pressure. We also had a problem with someone in the Cova Cafe using our card for extra tips twice after we'd had expresso's. The staff was flip about it. Obviously someone was pocketing the money. And it took two tries to correct it. The kayaking tour we booked via internet, Ketchikan Kayak Co. was excellent. Our first kayaking experience and now we want to buy our own. A seal, and plenty of starfish, bald eagles, just beautiful. The other tours we booked through Celebrity were all good. The Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest we've done before and was again fabulous. Brown bear, sea otters, whales, bald eagles, etc. Juneau, Whale Quest & Orca included lunch on a beautiful island. The tour got us up close to many whales. We intend to continue cruising and return to Princess where the staff is welcoming, attentive, fun and the ship isn't dirty, with plastic flowers (NO fresh flowers anywhere) The Conservatory was full of dead plants, and the gift shop staff doesn't sleep walk while your asking questions on items for sale. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2010
Let's Start with the good bits cruise director Keith Cox was great as were the big shows & the food in the SS United States & that is where it ends. How a company as gone down hill,we always travelled with Celebrity but ... Read More
Let's Start with the good bits cruise director Keith Cox was great as were the big shows & the food in the SS United States & that is where it ends. How a company as gone down hill,we always travelled with Celebrity but after this rubbish never again.Cold food in the main dining room very poor choice in the evening in the casual dining in fact same choice every night. Boarding in San Diego what a joke! two men for the luggage took over a hour just to get our bags taken from us. Entertainment recycled over a period of nights & always late seating show at 7pm. What as happened to the dress code even formal nights t shirts in the main dining!!!! Then the dreaded bug & oh yes did I get it we travel with hand wash & wipes for our room & for when on trips but did it work this time NO & we didn't eat on shore only on the ship & only drank bottled water from the ship.Got a letter stating that there was a problem I think it was on board from the previous cruise as on board they were busy spraying everywhere but didn't do a very good job.Also caught staff passing the hand wash machines without using them,drinking glasses with lipstick on them & dirty cutlery & very dirty floors in the self service food area with mouldy food on the floor in one area. The ship was tried & needs a refurbishment soon. The trips provided were not great a couple were good but that was it nothing really to get excited about. Will I go back? no thanks Celebrity are not getting any more money out of us,this was our 10th cruise with them & the standards have dropped too far for me. All the best to people who sail with them. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2009
Let me start by saying that my family loves to cruise and this review is hard for me to write as I do not want to post such negative comments about cruising, but feel I must let future cruises know about our experience with Celebrity ... Read More
Let me start by saying that my family loves to cruise and this review is hard for me to write as I do not want to post such negative comments about cruising, but feel I must let future cruises know about our experience with Celebrity Cruises. This was my 21st cruise (most with RCCL), but my first and last cruise with Celebrity. We have enjoyed and have always had a wonderful time on each and every ship we sailed with RCCL (13 cruises). After hearing so many positive comments about Celebrity and there service is a 'step-up' and being they are owned and operated by RCCL, we figured that Celebrity would be a great choice for our next cruise. BOY WE WERE WRONG! We booked our cruise 11 months ago in June'08 along with our airline tickets. Our flight left Los Angeles at 8am on 05/22 and arrived in Seattle on time at about 10:15am. There was a Celebrity agent at the terminal to collect out luggage and shuttle us to Pier 66. Things seemed to be going good, then the nightmare began! When we arrived at the pier terminal, there was no ship. The shuttle bus driver handed us a pre-printed sheet stating the ship would not arrive in Seattle until 7pm that night, with a boarding time of 7:30 to 8:00pm. Every cruise I have ever been on before had a boarding time of usually 1:00 or 2:00pm. They unloaded the ship in Vancouver that moring and then sailed empty to Seattle. This would have been nice to tell us that we were paying for 7 days, but will only get a 6 day cruise. They would not even allow check-in until 2pm. We figured we had hours of waiting, so we went out to see the sights of Seattle, which we originally planned on seeing after the cruise. Our return flight was booked late, for this reason. Seattle was beauiful and the weather was great (not your normal rainy Seattle day). We walked around the pier for a few hours and returned at 3pm to find the worst check-in system ever, the line zig-zaged and went on forever, we waited and waited, and waited, finally arrived at the counter. At the counter they handed us hand written slips of paper with our cabin number on it, no ship, so no cabin key cards. By 5pm we decided to just go thru security and wait as we were getting very tired. We were placed in a waiting room, with no refreshments, no food, no coffee, no tea, just water. As we are Elite Club members, we were allowed to wait in the VIP lounge, which was nothing more that another room with the same refreshments, just water. The ship arrived at 7pm, but now needed to clear customs, so more waiting. Finally at about 8pm they started to allow passengers onboard, this took another hour, so at about 9pm we were ready to start out cruise. We dropped by the cabin, and looked for somewhere to eat, we found the Oceanview Cafe and noticed the poorly put together buffet, with very limited selection. We had no choice, as there was no other options, and we were hungry. After the horrible dinner, we decided to go to the 'Welcome Aboard Show' at 10:30, when the show started, they was only about 40 people total in the theather. Artie the cruise director was putting me to sleep, after 15 minutes we walked out and went back to the cabin to just end this day. The next day we woke up and due to the late departure, we had to do the Safety Drill at 10am, all the restraunts and cafe closed at 9:30 for the drill. We figured we would get breakfast after the drill, as this was a day at sea. The drill ended at about 10:30 and off to the Oceanview cafe we went. Much to our surpise, when we arrived, they had only one out of six serving stations open, with a line that went all the way out the back of the ship. I would guess the wait would have been at least an hour before we were served, so we just left in search of another option. Guess what, there were no other options, the dinning room did not open until noon for lunch. Now come on Celebrity, you knew the Safety Drill would interfere with breakfast, why couldn't you open more than one serving station? By now, forget gaining weight, I must have lost 5 pounds, as I have not had a decent meal yet. The rest of the day was spent walking around the ship, which I must say is showing some serious wear, this ship needs dry dock soon. Our dinning was early seating at 6:15pm and we were anxious to get a sit down full meal. We arrived to get our table location and meat our table mates (we always request a large table, so we can meet and converse with new people). Much to our surprise our table was for two and shoved into a far corner of the dinning room, this is NOT what we requested with our reservation. We immediately spoke with the head waiter, and his repsonse was go to table 517, that was it, he did not look at me or show me where the table was or even point in the right direction, just "go to table 517". So we wandered thru the dining room until we found table 517, a table set for 8 that was empty. The remaing 6 days were spent eating dinner alone at an empty table set for 8 people. I do not want to relive the entire cruise, so I will just give the main points for the rest of the cruise. Trust me it just kept getting worse. 1. Buffet Breakfast in Oceanview Cafe was very limited selection and if you do not get up early, you will miss it completely. 2. Entertainment was mediocre at best. 3. Cruise director will put you to sleep 4. Front desk could care less about any issues. 5. Linens in bathroom were horrible. 6. Activities, what activities, there were none, we slept more on this cruise then any other. I could go on, but I think you get my opinion of Celebrity Cruises. I would not recommend this cruise to anyone. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2008
Dec 3, 2008 Infinity cruise to Key West and Cozumel... This cruise was a TOTAL, unorganized disaster. Onboard, it was being referred to as the "cruise from hell". Here is what WE alone encountered... We requested a ... Read More
Dec 3, 2008 Infinity cruise to Key West and Cozumel... This cruise was a TOTAL, unorganized disaster. Onboard, it was being referred to as the "cruise from hell". Here is what WE alone encountered... We requested a shower chair to be put in our room. It was not, and when the attendant got one, it was not a shower chair, with the holes in it, but some type of marble topped small end table of some kind, with a crack in the corner. I showered on an end table. We then got to miss out on the sail away party, with a drink in our hand, something we always do, because the ship was behind in leaving dock, forcing us to skip the sail away so we could make dinner on time, in the main seating. We later that night, after midnight, at a slower hour, ordered room service. After 45 minutes, we got it, complete with missing parts to the sandwiches, cookies totally missing, and something we didn't even order. The fries were lukewarm. He took it back and ANOTHER 45 minutes later, it again came back. This time, the sandwiches were complete but wrong cookies and the fries were ice cold ,probably the original ones). We called and were told "they didn't make choc. chip cookies today." They could have told us that an hour and a half ago. At least if they couldn't call the room when they got the order, then have the delivery guy tell us when he arrived. So, and hour and a half later we ate, WITH the ice cold fries. Trying to get a coffee/tea mug in the buffet area was impossible. They were not available. When we asked for one, we got a blank look, and she eventually returned with a few, for the whole boat. The ice machines weren't working either, and they resorted to putting ice in a container with a scooper, when they DID get around to doing that. Our attendant was good with tidying up, however, he must only look at the champagne bucket only once a day on all his trips, as our champagne would go warm many times. We had brought onboard some stoppers for its top, and after the bubbly got warm, again, as my husband was talking to me about all the problems, leaning against the wall, the stopper blew off the bottle from the pressure of the warm bubbles and missed his eyes by about a foot! We were not kept with a supply of ice. This is the first time ever we have not had a picture from a cruise. The one picture we did like, at the dinner table, was very digital looking and blurred. The others of ours were clear, except this one that we would have bought. The buffet was a horrendous, chaotic joke. There were many people clearing plates, but not one person making sure the lines were orderly, or even heading in one direction. When you hit the backwards pasta line from the previous food section, you ended up at the FRONT of people already waiting, so you have to leave the line, then go around the other end of the pasta line. Nothing flowed, and my husband ended up getting shoved. When we attempted to give room service another try for breakfast, we put down 8:30-9:00. I called at 9:05 to see IF it was coming, as we were planning to do a trivia game in one of the rooms, and was on hold for 15 minutes. The order came as I was on the phone, missing items, and barely warm. At this point we had the assistant housekeeper come to our room. He had the food done again, hotter this time, but still missing items, We were told AFTER we found him by guest services after we ate that it was missing canadian bacon and chicken sausage. He said "it wasn't put on the boat." BUT, when we tried the buffet again, lo and behold, there it was. A whole canadian piece, being carved. ?????!!!!! The shower water started out very brown. The last night was supposed to have "gourmet bites" in the cova cafe from 11:30-12:30am. There was NOTHING. We were told from a bartender that they were getting new crews tomorrow, so they were all cleaning up early. I guess at OUR expense. We had to use room service once again. We order a simple chicken sandwich and a soup. The soup was hot, fries warmish, again, AND it took an HOUR AND A HALF to get it, ordering it at approx. 12:30 and not seeing it until 2 am! When I booked, we were told that we get special invites to VIP events. Never got any. Also were told Celebrity doesn't even do the towel animals anymore, something we love and look forward to. The 4 and 5 night cruises, we were told by the guest relations manager, don't have a lobster night, and don't even get the last night waiter extravaganza. (like the baked alaska parade, etc). It was like it was drilled into us that the 4 and 5 nighters don't matter, or really count. It's not worth their time to put forth the extra effort. The communication between themselves AND the guests was also unacceptable. The public areas were very cold (a/c), especially the martini bar and one gentleman asked the bartender if it had to be THIS cold on the boat, and was pretty much ignored by the staff with no one getting an answer for him. Whenever you asked questions, the "go to" response was "I don't know". Not "I'll find out for you." Some didn't even know WHERE certain rooms or events were! The staff! Rooms where events were supposed to happen would change. No one would make an announcement on the intercom for the passengers so we could BE there. Also most things were always being delayed. We went to attend an anniversary/honeymoon party. When we all got there, a female staffer informed us, when we saw just champagne or mimosas being offered and no food at all for this "party", that "usually there's a cake for you guys, but we're going to see if we can do this again tomorrow. Watch the daily to check." And it was cancelled. Everyone except us and 2 other couples left at that point. Lo and behold, a few minutes later, they walk in with the cake, that no one but the stragglers got to even eat, because we were just told that there WAS no cake for that day, so everyone left. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2006
Alaska on the Infinity July 16th 2006. The WORST travel experience I have ever had in 30 odd years of world travel. After the ship docked to pick us up (5 hours late) & keeping us waiting in an exhibition hall (1930 of us) for over 7 ... Read More
Alaska on the Infinity July 16th 2006. The WORST travel experience I have ever had in 30 odd years of world travel. After the ship docked to pick us up (5 hours late) & keeping us waiting in an exhibition hall (1930 of us) for over 7 hours (having fed us tuna sandwiches). We felt like Katrina victims at the Superdome. Upon boarding we were NOT greeted by anyone & had to find our own way to the stateroom. Our bags did not arrive at our room until nearly midnight. Food service a breakfast in the main dining room a disaster every morning. 45 minute waits, cold food, wrong food coming to the table (still waiting for the grits I ordered 1st day). The second day (still in port) we ALL had to get off the ship to go thru customs(these idiots didn't arrange for a customs official when we 1st boarded). This was how every day went; skipped ports, never saw the Inside Passage in daylight, no one with any answers, didn't receive my shipboard casino credit until the LAST day. The most appalling thing was no one in the Spa asked my wife about any possible medical problems before putting her in an over 100 degree milk bath unattended(not even a glass of water). The list could go on for pages. My feeling is we were robbed of our vacation by the daily aggravations & inadequate compensation from Celebrity. If you have engine problems DON'T SEND OUT THE SHIP. If you do pay the price RETURN most of my $ for the lost days. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2006
This is my experience with the Celebrity Infinity Alaskan cruise on July 16, 2006. We arrived in Vancouver without incident. The Sutton Hotel was over-booked and they were scrambling to get everyone rooms. Not the nicest staff we ever ... Read More
This is my experience with the Celebrity Infinity Alaskan cruise on July 16, 2006. We arrived in Vancouver without incident. The Sutton Hotel was over-booked and they were scrambling to get everyone rooms. Not the nicest staff we ever encountered. They had the room set up for 2 of us, not 3. We had to wait a few hours for our room and finally one became available and was set up for only 2 people, but there was 3 of us. I finally got a hold of someone 5 hours after we arrived to say we needed accommodations for 3 people. They rolled in a sad roll-away but didn't accommodate us in any other way. We left the hotel and spent the day in beautiful Vancouver. We met the nicest people and everyone was so friendly. When we got back into our room, there was a note from Celebrity to have our luggage outside the door as they were picking it up at 7:00 a.m., and that we were going to be delayed going out until at least 7:00 Monday evening. However, we could board the boat at 11:00 a.m. With that, I got dressed thinking I was going out on the ship. We were bussed to the convention center at the dock where we were told the ship would not be arriving until 5:00 that evening. Since I didn't have my luggage, I didn't have shoes to walk around for 8 hours in. By the 3rd hour, I was blistered and had to buy a new pair of shoes. Not too happy about that as I had luggage full of comfortable shoes. Had they told us we were spending the day in Vancouver, I would have dressed appropriately. We were offered tuna and egg salad sandwiches for lunch (sound appetizing??). Not too appealing and not what I had expected and things were chaotic to say the least. There was 2,000 people in a room very upset that we were being held there, with no ship and not a lot of information. Again, we spent the day in Vancouver and had a wonderful time. We finally boarded the ship around 8:00. We got our seating assignments (Main Seating) and we asked for Late Seating. I know for a fact that we confirmed this with our travel agent. I went to ask for Late Seating and was told that "your travel agent screwed up and asked for Main Seating." I thought that was really rude and said as much and were given Late Seating. We found our room but not our Stateroom Attendant. I think during the entire trip, we saw him about 6 times. He was never around, never answered his telephone and I know for a fact he didn't even know our names. Again, not the quality service we had heard and read so much about. The room again was set up for 2 people but we paid for 3. Had to ask for extra robes, glasses, etc. At this point, we are in our room with no luggage, tired, frustrated, but found some wonderful champagne and stood on the balcony and cheered our trip in spite of our hectic day. We got another letter from Celebrity stating that since the ship was delayed in leaving, we would not be going to Sitka. That was a bummer to everyone. The boat took off around 9:00 p.m., on Monday as some fool refused to go through customs (let me back track, we were boarded on the ship around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night, then told on Monday that the entire ship would have to disembark to go through customs. This took about at the minimum a few hours of everyone's time and we had to do this at 11:00 a.m). We finally got all our luggage on Monday as we had to go looking for it. After the prior cruise to ours, the staff was burnt out. No one was smiling and everyone looked tired and upset. I can understand their frustration, but sadly, it was our cruise that everyone got the shaft. No one went out of their way to make you feel special. The only exception to this were the bar staff in the martini and champagne bar and the casino crew. They provided exceptional service!!!! When we left finally, we were told we would be spending 3 days at sea and would not disembark until Thursday. We were given a 500.00 credit per stateroom (not per person). All there was to do was drink, eat and spend money. Their kind gesture ended up in their favor because they pretty much got all their money back. On Wednesday morning, my husband woke up with his eye swollen shut. I called down to the medical facility and asked if he could be seen. The nurse asked me if he was having a heart attack or was it life threatening, and I said no. She said the doctor was not available and to call back the next day as the doctor would only be disturbed for an emergency. Since the doctors hours are about 4 hours per day, and the nurse obviously did not want to be bothered, we waited until Thursday. On Thursday, it had gotten even worse and I called again. She told me that if we were to walk through the door, it would be $104.00. I told her that was nuts and she said then don't come. I was ticked off at this point and told her to make an appointment. She said we had 1 hour to get in there. We walked in and I went in with my husband to see the doctor. She asked what the problem was (as you could clearly see, he looked like he went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson). She looked at him, didn't examine him, told him he had an infection in his eye and needed antibiotic. I asked her if it was contagious and could he go on his excursion in Ketchikan. She said its up to him. I asked her if she could write him a prescription so we could have it filled in Ketchikan and she said no, you take what I give you here. We were in and out in 3 minutes. I checked on our billing account an hour later and she billed him $167.00 for a medicine that would cost no more than $20.00 and an additional $100.00 for an eye ointment. I could not believe how rudely they treated us and it was all about the mighty dollar. Let me add that when we got home, my husband went to his regular physician because things hadn't gotten any better and the doctor was astonished at how much our medical bill was (almost $300.00 - a $100.00 a minute) and stated that his eye was so infected he had to have surgery on it yesterday - July 26.) I really am upset that this could have been a bad situation gone bad since we were stuck on the ship, we had no other recourse. It was also worth noting that some staff member walked into the medical facility while we were there (he had a white uniform with stripes) and started talking to someone and walked out saying "this is the worse ship ever!" not realizing we were there and looked at us and said "good morning" and walked out. I saw the doctor a few hours after my husband was seen walking through a bar and asked her if we could get more gauze for my husband's eye who she had seen earlier that morning. She said she didn't remember seeing anyone with an eye infection but to go to the medical facility in about 2 hours when they were open. Soooooo rude!! Our hours were cut short in Ketchikan and Juneau. We only had time to take our excursions and be back on the boat. We didn't get to see much of either town. I have to add that our excursions - whale watching, Mendenhall Glacier and salmon bake in Juneau and Crab feed and Wilderness Adventure in Ketchikan were amazing. We have amazing memories of these two excursions. Hubbard Glacier was also amazing but too short. The nice part of all of this is that we had amazing weather. Not a drip of rain to speak of and mild weather, not cold. I heard, though not confirmed, that we either (1) went through the Inside Passage during the night; or (2) skipped it all together but needless to say, we didn't see the Inside Passage, or Sitka and had our trip shortened by a day and had very few hours in port. I was extremely disappointed in this cruise. It's a once in a lifetime experience and the one week we go, was less than pleasurable. None of us were bitter on the cruise or caused any problems for anyone and as I told everyone, you get lemons, you make lemonade. I am just sorry we had soooo much lemonade. I wondered if Celebrity would pick up the medical bills and shoes. When the choice for cruises came down to Holland America (were were afraid they were too bling and uptight) or Celebrity (the service and experience was supposed to be exemplary). We talked to people who cruised on Holland and they said there experience was beyond belief. They were pampered, treated like gold and everyone was down to earth. Far from the experience we had. I know they flew in a couple of hot shots from Miami who jumped on board in Juneau. A petition circulated that was signed by at least 1000 people who experienced a similar experience. I wouldn't recommend Celebrity until it goes into Dry Dock. You do not want to have anyone else experience this. We saved for over a year for this and I speak for all of us when I say it was very very disappointing. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2006
We spent embarkation day in the Vancouver Convention Hall & we were "stuck" there for 8 hours. After you checked in your bags & went to the convention Hall, then they told you that you could tour Vancouver. Unfortunately, ... Read More
We spent embarkation day in the Vancouver Convention Hall & we were "stuck" there for 8 hours. After you checked in your bags & went to the convention Hall, then they told you that you could tour Vancouver. Unfortunately, many people weren't dressed for that, nor did they have their walking shoes because "X" took their bags without saying a word about the delay. We didn't know about the delay until we reached the Convention exhibit hall & then we were told we wouldn't be getting on the ship until 7 PM & we wouldn't be sailing until 4 PM on Monday. They needed that time to repair the propulsion pod. It was a mob scene in the exhibit hall...there was no operational PA system (you couldn't hear it) and people pushed & shoved out the doors when they called for the first group to board. I saw elderly & handicapped people caught in the mob of people trying to get on the ship. Many of the seapass cards also weren't working properly & this created more angry passengers. But, believe or not, "X" had their photographers in the hall ready to take embarkation pictures. This was hard to believe. All around us people were shouting & complaining. We hadn't even stepped foot on the ship yet! It was so frustrating that after 10 cruises we chose to sail on the Infinity because if its high ratings & it turned out to be our only cruise disaster. Not only did we not go to Sitka...we also didn't sail through the Inside Passage when we left Vancouver...basically we were at sea. On the return trip, we did get to see the Inside Passage briefly. Our port day in Juneau was delayed by 2 1/2 hours & we missed our 8:30 private excursion with Captain Larry. Luckily, they moved us to the 11:30 whale watching trip, but we had limited time to walk around town after that because we had to get back for dinner. Our port day in Ketchikan originally was from 7-4 PM, but it changed to 2-10 PM. In actuality, we had to leave for the ship by 6 PM because of dinner & also because many of the shops were closing at 6 PM. Things looked good on paper, but in reality weren't what they seemed. We were advised NOT to eat off the ship in any port because of the Norovirus situation, so we had to return to the ship in enough time to get ready for dinner. We also weren't told anything about the Norovirus situation at all from Celebrity, nor did we have to fill out a questionnaire indicating if we had any recent intestinal problems as we did on our previous cruises. On Monday, all passengers had to leave "our floating hotel" and go through U.S Customs in Vancouver...this process took us almost 3 hours and after we finished the ship was again delayed for a few more hours because about 30 stateroom passengers never showed up for customs. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, and things seemed to domino after day #1. Except for Martina & Julia, the staff at Guest Relations and Shore Excursions were rude & we spent the week watching & listening to angry passengers trying to fix many of the problems that Celebrity caused. The Captain's Club desk had its hours posted, but frequently there was no one there. I never received my invitation to the Cruise Critic get together. The Captain's Club cocktail party was held on the last night of the cruise. The Captain made a prepared speech, along with the CD & they both departed immediately. No pictures with the Captain on this cruise. (I wonder why?) Very few people showed up for the Captain's Club cocktail party (probably because they never received an invitation) ...it was only listed in the newsletter. Celebrity made the last night the 2nd formal night and that infuriated more people. Imagine being asked to have your bags out in the hall when you had your formal clothes on. Celebrity never did anything to make things better. They never opened up the bars for a few hours to serve free drinks or wine. They never served hot chocolate or soup at Hubbard Glacier, unless you wanted to pay $9.95 for hot chocolate in a special "X" cup. The naturalist on the PA system at Hubbard Glacier could not be understood...no one knew what he was saying. This was unfortunate, because he was excellent when we heard his lecture in the theater. Celebrity brought in two executive reps. from customer service to hear complaints from passengers. Passengers were sent to a private conference room to vent their concerns. Notes were taken on a laptop. It appeared that people were sent to see them when no one else knew what to do with them. We did have a few pluses: The food and the service in the dining room was very good, our stateroom attendant was excellent, and the shows were also good. Our excursion with Captain Larry (whale watching) was wonderful & our flight to Misty Fjords was also great. If you visit Alaska I highly recommend these two excursions. Our travelling companions were great...friends that we met on our Century Cruise 2 years ago. These were the highlights of our week. Other than these positive items...everything else was pretty much a disaster. I have never seen so many unhappy passengers on a cruise ship. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2006
I have hesitated posting this as I have written several letters to Celebrity and my travel agent. The Celebrity letters (certified mail) have gone unanswered. I was advised to keep this as short as possible, but there is no short concise ... Read More
I have hesitated posting this as I have written several letters to Celebrity and my travel agent. The Celebrity letters (certified mail) have gone unanswered. I was advised to keep this as short as possible, but there is no short concise reporting of this experience. HOTEL CHECK IN, VANCOUVER: Check-in was something I have never experienced at a Sheraton Hotel. The young woman at the desk was obviously not familiar with dealing with the public. When she finished her process she gave me the room keys in an envelope with the room number written on it. She explained that it was 2 double beds and a smoking room. I responded, No, I requested a single queen size bed and non-smoking. Her response. well, that's all I have. We, took our luggage up to the room. The keys would not open the door. I went back down and another young man looked at them, re-coded them, and sent us back up stairs. My wife open the door, went in and came right back out with a shocked look on her face. There's someone in there! Back down stairs only to find the first woman had written the wrong room number on the envelope. He gave us a very nice non-smoking room with a single queen sized bed. INFINITY: After three hour bus tour of Vancouver on July 16th, we finally arrived at Canada Place for 2:00 boarding. Our bus driver was told that they were not ready for us yet. He dropped us off at another location. We then were herded into large room with 1900 other people. We were told that the ship had had an engine problem and had arrived late. We would not be boarding until 7:00PM. No more information was given. We all sat in this hall all afternoon. They did provide water and tuna sandwiches. Sometime after 7:00 we boarded. There was a letter in the stateroom to the effect that on Monday at 1100 hours we ALL had to get off the ship and go through Customs! Any idea how long that line was with 1900 people in it at once? Upon arriving at our stateroom we found a letter stating that we would not be sailing until after 5:00 PM on Monday! And, because of the delay the following schedule changes would be necessary. We would not go to Sitka. We would be at sea for 2 1/2 days. Hubbard Glacier late Wednesday afternoon. No Inside Passage would be seen as this would be done at night. We would arrive at Juneau late Thursday morning, not Tuesday. Those of us with Shore Excursions would have no time in Juneau except for the excursion. We did not even have time for a drink at the Red Dog. Friday we would get to Ketchikan late in the afternoon, however, they were going to reschedule the tours. Friday night and all day Saturday would be spent at sea again. There were no answers forthcoming from Celebrity until a mob scene forced them into sending 2 representatives to hear our complaints. They offered no satisfaction. We spent more time standing in lines for Infinity's convenience than we did standing at the rail of our balcony suite enjoying the ocean view. I also do not understand why we were encouraged to not dine in Alaska (not that we had time) by the ship's crew. Isn't Alaska one of the 50 U.S. states and not a third world country? What actually happened instead was: Monday afternoon as we were finally ready to sail and the festivities had begun on the upper deck. The PA system began calling the numbers of 10 or 12 staterooms that had not yet cleared customs. It took another two hours to complete this. Again, this delayed the rest of us unnecessarily. It could have been handled differently without penalizing the rest of the travelers. We did not actually sail until sometime around 7:00 PM o We did sail for 2 ½ days. No site of land or the beauty of Alaska. In Juneau, we got off the ship, on a bus to the excursion site. We did the excursion, went back to ship in time to set sail. Again, we didn't even have time for a drink in Juneau. The excursion process in Ketchikan was a disaster. We arrived late in the day. As we and several hundred others had morning excursions and several hundred others had afternoon times everyone was done at the same time and same place, again late in the afternoon. Two women had been assigned the impossible task of processing and issuing tender stickers to everyone. There should have been much more help there to direct people and keep them from taking what was becoming a very valuable commodity, time. It turned out that several people just went right to the tenders and were taken ashore without being processed and they were never checked for stickers at the departure point on the ship. This of course delayed tenders that were intended for those of us who waited. As a result, when we got ashore we were told the Lumberjack Show had already started and we would not be able to go that. They would refund our money, but that was of little consolation as once again, we missed the experience. We had a little time in Ketchikan, but had to rush back for dinner, as we had been told by the Tour Director on the ship that we should not eat on shore as they were concerned about the safety of the food. So, we left the city after an hour and made our way back to the tender. By the time one arrived and we got back to the ship and went to the dining room we were told Too late and they would not serve us! o Saturday morning was taken up by a departure briefing. And a wave by the crew as they brought them all out to receive adulations for the fantastic job they had done. o Requested meetings with Representatives from the home office in Miami were not kept on time on Thursday. I was told to come back on Friday. Little response from the two individuals nor did they seem to really care. Several times throughout the trip I had conversations with Guest Relations and other of the ship's officers. They listened, but with blank stares. As if they had heard this so many times they really did not want to hear it again. The communications between the crew and passengers was pitiful. Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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