Sail Date: May 2003
My husband and I just completed this cruise (may 18 - 25th) and had a wonderful time. we arrived in athens a day early and were able to wander around the plaza and have dinner at a scenic taverna that evening, spend the night, go on a ... Read More
My husband and I just completed this cruise (may 18 - 25th) and had a wonderful time. we arrived in athens a day early and were able to wander around the plaza and have dinner at a scenic taverna that evening, spend the night, go on a city tour of athens (including the acropolis/parthenon) that morning and then board the windspirit after lunch. we had been told that was all we needed to do in order to see the best of athens and i believe it. some people on our cruise had spent more time there but they had used it as a base to travel to neighboring sites. some advice about the ports (and the tours offered by the ship): mykonos: the tour to nearby delos is worth it. delos was revered by both the greeks and the romans as the birthplace of apollo and served as a major trading port to several ancient civilizations. wear sunscreen and a hat ---no shade. the tour goes until lunchtime and you can either return to the ship for lunch or eat out. we had already decided to eat "local" whenever possible to get as much of the experience as possible (btw the food on the ship is excellent). afterwards, there is time to visit the shops or the beach; the ship doesn't sail until late. santorini: because this route arrives here on monday, the ruins at akrotiri are closed. the only tour available takes you to the picturesque town of ia (or oia in some books). visit the town on your own --- don't bother with the tour. this is one of the two big regrets of our cruise (the other was not staying longer in istanbul). this tour took us to the highest point of the island, the profitis illas mountain, where you can see both sides of the island, which was not uninteresting but it was a big time-waster considering that the ship has to set sail at 4:30 pm in order to make rhodes by the next morning (shortest port time on the cruise) by the time we arrived in ia, we only had an hour and a half to see it. another couple invited us to rent a taxi with them to go directly to ia instead of the tour and we declined. big mistake on our part; they had time to see the whole town and do some shopping as well. rhodes: we took the tour to the acropolis at lindos and enjoyed it. the tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and from what i heard later had good advice about places to eat and shop in the town after the tour. once on our own, we paid the admission so we could walk on the top of the walls around the old fortress (again, no shade, need good sunscreen and a hat) and visited the "palace of the grand master" at the fortress -- probably the worst of the sites we visited because the pamplet and the signs explained little about the displays and the docents (if you could call them that) just said "i don't know" about everything we asked. perhaps they didn't speak english but if so, they were among the few people we met who didn't. btw: we shared rhodes and bodrum with the passengers on the sister ship windstar (the istanbul-to-athens route). we didn't have many opportunities to interact with them, but it was neat to see the two ships side-by-side in the ports. bodrum: the most relaxing and longest tour of the cruise. we hesitated taking this tour because it takes up the whole time the ship is in port and is the most expensive but it was worth it. we were broken up into groups of only 10 and taken to the port-side museum of underwater archeology. very few of the artifacts there are reproductions and span several centuries and civilizations. then, we were escorted on board a small sailboat (called a "gullet") and taken to a quiet cove where we were invited to change into bathing suits and swim (water was a little too cold for me though) and sunbathe while the crew fixed us a wonderful lunch of local dishes. we spent the rest of the day relaxing and sunning on the gullet. we needed that after 3 days of sight-seeing. when we got back to the ship, we were entertained by a troupe of local dancers along with a belly dancer in the ship's lounge and then it was time for the pooldeck bbq. tons of fun and great food and dancing under the stars. we also got the see the windstar put up her sails and head to santorini; good picture taking opportunity since you can't really get a good picture of the windspirit with sails up. many of us agreed that this was the best day of our trip. kusadasi & ephesus: before starting the cruise we booked a tour from a local company called byzance. we can't say enough great things about them and the tours they provided. guide was waiting for us at the port, ready to begin our day. i requested that we try to avoid the ship's buses, and they did everything possible to make sure this occurred! it was a pleasure to enjoy the same places that the ship offered at our own pace, staying as long or as short as we wanted for a fraction of the cost! the fact that we were "alone" made it much more personalized. on most of our tours, we had around 30 people and each and every one of them raved about the great time they had. it always seems there is usually someone who may have a concern or complaint, however this was not the case with byzance. our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. we will most definitely use them on future cruises and from comments made from our group, i can assure you they will also! their web site is the sea day: we needed this time off at this point. we were just about "ruin-ed out" and needed a break. we took the tour of the galley that the chef offered and had massages in the beauty salon. the dinner that night included beef tenderloin and lamb chops --- both were excellent and we celebrated over a bottle of champagne our last evening on board with two other couples we had become fast friends with. istanbul: you will regret it as we did if you do not spend a couple of days here. we used byzance here too. i could not be happier with the service we received from guide, i have never had a more positive experience with any company of any kind -- ever! i don't know what more i could say. we had to leave very early the next morning after our arrival so we only had time to see the blue mosque and the hagia sophia and walk through a small part of the grand bazaar. that means we missed topkapi palace entirely (it takes 4-5 hours to tour properly) and several other places we wanted to see. this is definitely on our list of places we wish to re-visit one day. we later debated "what if we had taken the istanbul-to-athens cruise instead?". the other route no doubt saw more port time at santorini (& would have been there when akrotiri was open) but on the other hand, their sea day came early in the trip instead of at the end when we felt we really needed it to recover and appreciate istanbul. the choice is yours. i hope this helps anyone considering this cruise. it was the trip of a lifetime for us and we have wonderful memories of the people we met and places we visited. 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Okay here's the REAL deal if you're not already committed to taking this cruise, DON'T! If you are here's how to enjoy it the best you can. First the positive things. The Wind Spirit itself is wonderful. We ... Read More
Okay here's the REAL deal if you're not already committed to taking this cruise, DON'T! If you are here's how to enjoy it the best you can. First the positive things. The Wind Spirit itself is wonderful. We lived mostly on the deck. The itinerary was fabulous although it was changed a bit for our cruise. We would have preferred a half day at Jost Van Dyke (By the way use the restrooms near the Soggy Dollar NOT One Love the owner was very unpleasant) and a full day on Tortola. The excursions if you love to snorkel or dive, definitely do the Tortola snorkeling excursion at the Indians and Benure Bay on Norman Island. It was the highlight of the entire cruise! Do the Regatta in St. Martin if you haven't before but don't waste time and money on the snorkeling in St. Bart. Wasn't worth the $52/pp. On St. John we rented a jeep from Spencer's and toured the island on our own. Loved Trunk Bay and Hawksnest Bay. On Virgin Gorda you must do the Baths. The caves are for people who have a sense of balance and upper body strength. You are rewarded by the beach on the other side but during our cruise 12/14/02 the water was very rough for snorkeling or swimming. If you like to jump waves it's great. There were gorgeous views on the bus ride to and from the baths. The Food on Wed. night they served a barbecue on deck that was out of this world. The surf & turf on the menu is great too. Otherwise the food was lousy! Tasted the same day after day especially breakfast. In the dining room, ask for Daddy's section. He was the ultimate! The only crew member who delivered 5-star service. The Cabin was small but with plenty of storage. Bathroom was great and mattress very comfy. Now for the Negatives. Several key crew members were rude toward the guests, the water sports director refusing to answer questions and yelling at passengers. We were misinformed several times by the hostess (cruise director) like the supposed 10-minute walk from the ship to Pussers on Tortola (it was 2 ½ miles!). We almost missed the ship. Thank God a taxi driver came along and rescued us! ZERO pampering as advertised in the brochure (exception was Daddy, of course). Too expensive for what you get. No 24-hour bar service. The deck bar closes ½ hour before dinner forcing people to go down to the lounge for the host's announcements. She should just do it on the deck where people prefer to be. Or do it twice for our convenience not hers. The music was awful. A passenger had to donate a Bahama Breeze CD just to hear island tunes. The live entertainers were lovely Brits but totally inappropriate for a Caribbean cruise. We thought we'd have more of an island experience. There was a steel pan band on Virgin Gorda for the beach bbq but they were mediocre at best. On the Regatta excursion in St. Martin boxed lunches were handed out to us prior to sailing (not a good idea) and in a filthy dock area with no place to sit. This wasn't thought out for the convenience of the guest. Disembarkation was the last straw and the deciding factor to not take this cruise again. First, at 6 am (prior to sunrise) there's banging on your door for you to give them your luggage. And strobe lights coming thru the portholes of the customs/police as they approach the ship. They recently changed their policy about putting it outside in the hall for pick up due to fire hazards (Wind Song had fire and is being sunk within the next 2 weeks). We were told that no one leaves the ship until everyone clears customs -- how inconvenient! If you wanted breakfast you were rushed with everyone else within an hour period. On a previous cruise, my husband I and woke up at a reasonable hour. Dined at our leisure and disembarked late morning. What we don't understand is this -- the ship doesn't sail until midnight certainly they could put off embarkation for new passengers till 6 pm (instead of 3 pm) to allow a more leisurely exit for disembarking passengers (like 10 or 11 am)...or much earlier if the passenger wants to do so. There would still be ample time to prepare the ship for the next sailing. The toilets in several cabins stopped working at the same time all this was going on! We spoke to many guests as we were preparing to disembark who said, "never again!" Another guest told me she was just on the Wind Surf and it was filthy (except for her cabin). Suffice it to say we took them up on their no tipping required policy. All in all we're surprised that Windstar is associated with the likes of Holland America & Seabourn which are known for great service, food and suchlike. Perhaps we'll try them next. February 2003 Read Less
My husband and I returned from the Wind Spirit's 7-day Costa Rica cruise a little over a month ago. This ship was built in 1988. It carries 148 passengers and is smaller than the Windsurf. The cabins are all the same except the ... Read More
My husband and I returned from the Wind Spirit's 7-day Costa Rica cruise a little over a month ago. This ship was built in 1988. It carries 148 passengers and is smaller than the Windsurf. The cabins are all the same except the Owner's Cabin which is a double room with sitting area. There are 4 decks and no elevators. To see our vacation photo album visit the following site: The comfortable cabins are well designed with lots of closet and drawer space. Part of the counter turns into a table for room service trays, workspace or cocktails! The spacious bathroom has teak floors and lots of storage. The food was the best we've ever had on a cruise! The seating is open and the dress casual. Deck 3 consists of the lounge and restaurant on the opposite ends of the ship and the reception area, cabin access, store and library in between. Deck 4 has the lunch & breakfast restaurant, sun deck and the bridge which is open and may be accessed by passengers anytime. Our first day on the ship was spent on the sun deck while sailing the Costa Rican coast. The ship's small sized allowed the captain to spend a beautiful day cruising scenic Golfo Dulce. It was a treat! Day 2 the ship anchored off Coiba Island, Panama. We were taken to the beach on small zodiacs for a "wet landing". This island park is very remote. We snorkeled here in clear water and saw some large fish and big schools but nothing exciting. There is a nice beach for sunbathing and the ship offered the use of kayaks. The ship provided the passengers with a BBQ lunch that they prepared on the island and everything was great! There are two walking trails that take you to lookout points to view the dramatic vistas of the surrounding chain of islands. We were the only people around for miles (except for a small prison)! Day 3 we used zodiacs to reach San Josecito beach. We immediately had to transfer to a small fishing boat to be taken, by our guide, to Cordova Park about 20 minutes away. 2 to 3 foot waves were crashing on shore when we arrived at a beach entrance. We had to wait for a set to finish before powering on shore for another "wet landing". We toured the park with a guide and saw pairs of scarlet macaws, large groups of small raccoon like animals scampering by, sloths, and a howler monkey that had lost his troop and was really howling! We walked to a couple of waterfalls where we swam and cooled was great. We were given sack lunches before returning to San Josecito beach where there is a small bar/soda fountain stand and a house with a troop of monkeys that were a hoot to watch! Day 4 we take regular tenders to the dock at Quepos which is the only town that we stopped at. We toured Miguel Antonio Park with a talented guide who was able to spot wildlife in the jungle and then let us view them with his telescope. We saw toucans, humming birds, sloth, lizards, iguanas, and a troop of white faced monkeys, with young babies clutching their mothers, that scampered right by our group while heading to the beach! The town of Quepos is very small, about 3 or 4 blocks long. This is the only place to shop on this cruise. It is very limited but we did buy some t-shirts and coffee. There is an internet cafe, grocery stores, a pharmacy and a casino. Day 5 we had another tender to the dock at Playa Flamingo. The ship's passengers are allowed to use the pool facilities at 2 nice hotels or enjoy a beautiful beach. There's not much else to do here if you don't take an excursion. We spent the day at the pool of the hotel next to the beach. There were lots of rentals available for beach or pool use, along with mopeds and bicycles. The ship offered water skiing and banana ride in the afternoon. Day 6 we had a zodiac take us to the beach at Curu Park at 8:00 a.m. It was fascinating to see a large flock of Pelicans fishing at the shore! The park has a couple of ranger's homes and small gift shop. There is an unguided nature trail that takes you through the park which consists of wet and dry jungles and mangroves. It was a nice walk but we only saw animals near the entrance! We saw scarlet macaws, a falcon and kingfisher fishing in a stream, a troop of white-faced monkeys and big iguanas that were everywhere! We returned to the ship for lunch while the ship sailed to Tortuga Island. We took zodiacs to the beach and spent the afternoon on a lovely beach next to a small private park which is available to tour at an additional charge. We came back to the ship for our last sunset and dinner. The next morning we disembarked early for our 2 hour ride back to San Jose! If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to try and answer them! gvre@ptw.comMarch 2002 Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2017
We wanted to see French Polynesia but we extremely disappointed with the Wind Spirit. First the good part -- the crew were great! However, there are no elevators (which we knew belatedly) so with our small stateroom on deck 1 we had to ... Read More
We wanted to see French Polynesia but we extremely disappointed with the Wind Spirit. First the good part -- the crew were great! However, there are no elevators (which we knew belatedly) so with our small stateroom on deck 1 we had to climb to deck 4 for breakfast and lunch and deck 3 for dinner. On top of that, we had to climb to deck 3 to exit the ship for shore excursions, etc. and then climb down 24 steps to get to the tender/dock (most all tender stops). All rooms were dark and seemed to have little ventilation. Dining room was dark and very noisy. Food was nothing to write home about. Most shore excursions we did were for snorkeling and they were less than great. The best was one we booked privately in Bora Bora with Pure Snorkeling. By the end of the 11 days my hips were so painful I could hardly walk (from all the stairs). Forget this cruise, it is definitely not worth the time or money. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2007
We posted this last year but trip advisor didn't have a "cruise review". I happened to still have this saved, so I thought I'd try to save other travelers from wasting money! The caribbean is beautiful and we'd ... Read More
We posted this last year but trip advisor didn't have a "cruise review". I happened to still have this saved, so I thought I'd try to save other travelers from wasting money! The caribbean is beautiful and we'd definitely try another cruise there, but this time on Royal Caribbean (see my Mexico Monarch of the Seas review).... We went on a one week St. Thomas cruise to 7 other little islands in the Caribbean in Feb. 2007. Overall: 1.5 stars/D-. The only reason it even got 1.5/D- rating is because the Caribbean is so beautiful- great destination (but the beauty of the destination has nothing to do w/ can do this on your own w/ either a "regular" big cruise or all-inclusive land vacation. If you want to save yourself a big waste of your hard earned money (an all inclusive land package would've been half the cost if not less), read this. Also, during our trip they announced Windstar had been sold (which helps explain the crappy management on board). The current owner is Holland America and they will complete the sale in April 2007. TIP: don't buy the "whole travel package" from Windstar...big rip off. Better off taking taxi ($5-10 vs. Windstar's $64), and booking your own airline. They market themselves as "180 degrees from ordinary" and 5 star/first class. Their brochure shows everything under the sun...but unless the only vacation you've ever been on has been a $29 special to Vegas, you will be sorely disappointed when you get on board (others on our cruise said the same thing). We asked some other cruisers how this compared vs. a "regular big cruise line" and they reacted this way "Uh, well...dead silence"...enough said. I just wish I would've known this before wasting so much money. We wanted to try a cruise so badly and decided to start w/ "the best" which is what they proclaimed to be...not so!! Read on. Airport customs at St. Thomas: great; very efficient & short both ways. Workers: Since they nickel & dime you for everything ($2.50 for a can of soda + 15% service charge on every single drink purchase + a daily tip fee of $11 per day PER PASSENGER )...unless you are buying booze or soda, hard to get them to wait on you (which makes sense since the workers don't get "paid" for serving the free drinks which is only tea and water). Water sports are supposed to be all included, but we found that they didn't really have any water sports except for one kayak & a little boat thing (and snorkeling gear)...all weather depending of course. You can only check out the snorkeling gear when they say so which is typically 7-8 am- so much for sleeping in (whatever happened to focusing on customers?) However, the sports platform is pretty cool whenever they were open (this is where all this stuff takes place). We got to swim in the ocean from the boat...but they were only open for a few hours twice in a one week cruise. Very different from Sandals (where we typically go for vacation), where everything is truly all inclusive. Rooms: Standard, very small (it's a cruise ship so we weren't surprised). But there's nothing 5 star about it. Equivalent to Days Inn. You get two HARD twin beds pushed together. Very uncomfortable. Bathrooms (both in cabin & throughout ship) are like being in a ventilation...smells horrible!! Restaurants: The only "saving grace". Gourmet like- the 2 restaurants are great. You won't be disappointed w/ the food...if you can manage to get in a meal...since the dining hours are TERRIBLE! e.g.,. one day, b'fast was 7-9 am (hello, you're on vacation), lunch was 1-2:30, and dinners are always 7:30-9:30. It was so sad, people are literally waiting for the doors to open to get their lunch & dinner. Many of us on board were disappointed and irritated at the extreme limited dining hours. WARNING: don't do the shore excursions. Alot of pple. on our cruise said what a rip off they were (overpriced, misleading descriptions). We paid $260 for a catamaran snorkeling trip and saw one fish! Another couple paid $400 for a "beach escapade" to be pampered at a 5 star resort and they came back irritated at having spent so much for "swimming at a hotel and getting a crappy lunch"... BTW, at a land all inclusive vacation, you get snorkeling, catamaran, etc. all w/o any add'l costs! They NICKEL & DIME you for EVERYTHING! Food is the only thing included (when you can get food). They had a special "Captains Sailaway" and "Beach BBQ" event and charged for all drinks...we figure that the average cabin paid an extra $1000-$2000 on excursions and beverages. From what I hear from the "big cruises" at least you can eat 24 hrs/ and get free sodas. They have NO amenities. The "pool" & jacuzzi...seats 4-5 people (yes I'm talking about the pool). They're not heated. Jacuzzi is like warm bath water at best. If more than a few pple. got in the pool or jacuzzi, forget about using room for you. Nothing to do on the ship unless you're on the excursion b/c the ports they take you to have nothing to do. One port we went to was literally you get dropped off and walk up & down a sandy road w/ 2-3 stores and that's you go back on board and there's nothing to do b/c they don't feed you til 1pm! Their "wind spa" that they brag about is in reality a teeny, tiny cabin w/ a massage bed in a small room. We did get a massage to try and recover from the plane ride, and it was good, but she doesn't massage your arms or front of your legs (all other 50 min massages I've gotten is full body). Fitness center has one treadmill (the other one broken), one elliptical & stairmaster & 2 bikes, & some weights. But if you're a man taller than 5'7 forget about using them, the ceilings are so low you'll hit your head. Management: TERRIBLE! But since they've sold the company, it doesn't surprise me. We brought up a couple of issues and they didn't resolve anything. Basically, even reasonable customer requests are ignored and you're told "this is our policy"... I kid you not, they will only replace your shampoo if they have proof that it's used up EMPTY and in your trash can (so I guess they rummage thru guests' trash cans, which is kind of scary). One day, since they didn't replenish our toiletries b/c our existing set wasn't 100% empty (and I had left it in the shower, instead of the trash), I had to call 3 times and beg them for more shampoo so I could was the gritty sand out of my hair! Yes, this is a true experience. Geez, even Holiday Inn & Motel 6 gives free shampoo!! The best comparison I can make is that they're like the Northwest Airlines of cruises (yes, quite an insult). NWA charges you extra if you want to sit next to your travelling companion. Here, they charge for every little thing. And on the last day, once they have gotten all your money they turn off the air conditioner and 150 passengers are sweating in the lobby going thru customs for over 1 hr! Overall, I guess it's to each his/her own. Some pple on board thought this was the greatest vaca. ever...go figure. But there were enough "negative" comments on board that I felt I should post this to warn other travellers. I would give anything to get my money back. The only saving grace was that the destination/scenery of the Caribbean is so gorgeous, and perfect weather nearly everyday (but again, this has nothing to do w/ Windstar) could get the exact same thing on a big cruiseline for about 1/3 of what we paid...also, to be fair...the food was very good (but it's comparable to Sandals resorts, which includes all beverages (non & alcoholic) and all activities. I wish Trip Advisor had some reviews on Windstar B4 we booked, so I decided to be the first. Anyone who is a discerning traveller who is accustomed to really nice vacations will be very disappointed by this. We don't mind paying more, if we actually get something for it. This is so overpriced, that even if they offered me $1,000-$2,000 off a future cruise w/ them, I wouldn't do it. Do yourself a favor...just book any all inclusive'll pay less and get more w/ better service. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2018
This was advertised as a "sailing" ship," filling its sails with the tradewinds of Tahiti" in every advertisement, and we fell for it. As experienced sailors on a 40' sailboat, San Diego to Hawaii and back, ... Read More
This was advertised as a "sailing" ship," filling its sails with the tradewinds of Tahiti" in every advertisement, and we fell for it. As experienced sailors on a 40' sailboat, San Diego to Hawaii and back, pacific northwest, central america and panama canal, we know sailing. The feeble efforts to make this look like sailing consisted of releasing tiny pieces of storm jib type sails for photo purposes, playing a sailing song, and departing port. The Captain himself said one sail was missing, and a crew member said the hydraulics weren't working--however, on excursion days we could look back and see that once again those fragments of sails were set while at anchor strictly for photographic value. Rough nights on board could have been improved with stabilizing sails, and the winds of 25 knots would have provided a wonderful experience. But this ship doesn't sail. We gave up the option of a veranda and having the fresh tropical air waft through our cabin with the expectation there would be sailing. Instead, the ports were sealed (two 16" port holes per cabin) and our cabin was a snug air conditioned capsule with no outside contact. From deck 1 it required 4 sets of stairs to get to the pool deck and breakfast. (we were on deck 2--only 3 sets) To depart the ship, however, required maneuvering down and back a steep 25 step stairway which hugged the side on the hull. On the plus side, the cabin space was well designed , sparkling clean, the crew was fantastic and friendly and the food was good. The high priced excursions varied in quality, several required riding in truck beds with boards on each side for seats, others used small SUV's requiring a lot of crawling into them. There was one well narrated comfortable bus ride. Our excursions alone for two cost about $1700 dollars. The worst was one advertised as a "romantic sunset cruise" and it turned out to be a small runabout boat, that speeded around for about an hour, served tiny plastic glasses of champaigne, got several of us wet with spray--all for a price of $300 for two. Dining on deck in Candles was magical, but had to be reserved. Amphora was the main dining room, very large, extremely noisy. One of the most disappointing aspects was their failure to obtain return airline seating assignments for us, claiming all they promised was a seat. This problem was not made known until we had paid all fees. As a result we ended up in separate seats on the 8 hour return flight. I had tried to correct this well prior to departure,with multiple phone discussions with an unhelpful staff member, but could not get her manager to return calls or emails or provide access to their air department. We have taken tours with Viking and their customer service far exceeded the haphazard approach found on Windstar. Their sales staff, of course, was charming and helpful. Never again!!! Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2018
If you are seeking a cruise with Tahitian culture, history and dancing, this one is not for you. We have taken two other Polynesian cruises and the crews were Polynesian. We learned a lot about the islands and their culture and history. ... Read More
If you are seeking a cruise with Tahitian culture, history and dancing, this one is not for you. We have taken two other Polynesian cruises and the crews were Polynesian. We learned a lot about the islands and their culture and history. The shows featured Polynesians and their dancing. The crew on the Wind Spirit is Asian and Eastern European and knew nothing about the islands. It seemed the cruise director learned everything he knew of the islands from books.This ship should have been sailing in the Caribbean. The entertainment every night was Hot, Hot, Hot, YMCA, and rock, nothing Polynesian. Even the music on the speaker systems was devoid of anything Polynesian. The crew was exceptional in all other respects. the food was good but not great. You pay $9 for a small glass of wine. Tours were excellent but expensive. On two occasions we contacted local tour operators for equivalent tours at less than half the price. The sports platform included a small swimming area and a couple of kayaks. On first and last day we had rooms at the Meridien hotel in Tahiti. Breakfast was included but nothing else. A better choice is the Paul Gaugin where everything except tours is included. We would not take another Windstar cruise. There is much better value to your money elsewhere. Read Less
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