Sail Date: March 2019
This was the third Royal Caribbean cruise for my fiance and I. We've sailed on Oasis of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas, and thought Mariner would be a good in-between. Since the cruise was short, this was a precursor to a Disney ... Read More
This was the third Royal Caribbean cruise for my fiance and I. We've sailed on Oasis of the Seas and Enchantment of the Seas, and thought Mariner would be a good in-between. Since the cruise was short, this was a precursor to a Disney trip we took after disembarking. We chose Mariner because it was recently updated and appeared to have great night life. We flew into Miami the evening before and stayed at the Ramada airport hotel. It was our second stay there, and we love it. Very cheap, but clean and the attached pub is really good. The following morning we took an Uber to the port. The terminal is brand new and beautifully designed. When we arrived at check-in, we were surprised to see someone with just an iPad. The employee took our photos on the iPad, checked our documents and sent us through security. We received a paper with boarding info an a bar code, but no Sea Pass cards, which we were confused by. It turned out that the paper we received was our temporary sea pass until we got our rooms at 1pm. I found this to be super strange and inconvenient, as paper gets wet when trying to get bartenders to scan it on the pool deck. Several people were confused about this as well, I'm not sure when they stopped printing Sea Pass cards at check-in. When we boarded, none of the bars on board were ready, and most locations on top deck were still being cleaned. We did find one bar open but they were out of several items. It was strangely quiet compared to when we boarded our other cruises. No music, not a ton of crew members around. We did go on the bow a few times, and it's SO cool. Definitely check that out if you can, we didn't have access on our other cruises. Once we set sail the bars were fully stocked and open, and everything was in full swing. We got into our stateroom at 1:30, and our luggage was there early as well, although we actually found it down the hall waiting at the wrong door. Our steward's name was Sid, and he was very nice, though we only saw him twice, and not until the second day. He did a great job, we were just used to having more of an introduction than we got with him. I always enjoy that personal touch that the stewards bring with formal introductions. Our interior stateroom was comfortable and identical to all the others we've had. We were on Deck 10 and felt a lot of vibration in the evenings, but otherwise it was great. On the second night in the hallway there was a terrible sewage smell that luckily didn't penetrate through the door into the room. It was gone the next day but alarmingly strong the entire evening. Overall, the ship was well run but the cruise itinerary was very predictable. The stage show put us to sleep. The Quest was awesome as usual, and the ice show was great as well. We saw the comedian on the final night and found him to be average. We also went to the Perfect Couple Game Show, but both thought Love and Marriage was better. They did not offer it on this cruise. There were also several themed street parties on the promenade. The balloon drop was very cool, but otherwise these parties were repetitive and I never want to hear the Cupid Shuffle again in my life. Also, the Red nightclub experience was not worth our time, as most of the cruise was full of spring breakers who just wanted to create mosh pits and jump all over everyone trying to dance. I DO highly recommend the silent party called "Hush"...just go to it. You won't regret it! We did shop on the Promenade, but had issues with our Sea Pass account. I went to purchase a shirt and didn't have spending privileges. It turned out that our account hadn't been set up properly, but the store cashier was very rude and loudly exclaimed in front of everyone that I must not have enough money when my card didn't work. We ate in the dining room the first evening, which was good. Nothing too special, the menu is pretty similar on all RCCL ships. On the second evening we went to Jamie's Italian. It was incredible! Highly recommend it. We both loved everything they brought out and even tried new foods. Loved everything, would eat there all nights if I could. The final night we ate in the Windjammer which was good comfort food and I had no complaints. Our first port was Coco Cay. We were the first ship to ever dock at the new pier, which was pretty cool! We rented a beach bed for $125 which came with lunch, Evian water, floating mats and drinks service. Worth every penny. It was so peaceful, an absolutely perfect day. We also went to the floating bar and saw a shark and stingray in the water. We went snorkeling in the roped off area but didn't see a ton of fish this time. Last trip they were everywhere. We figured it had something to do with the tide. Next we went to Nassau. Last trip we went to Atlantis but this time we decided to just get lunch and head back to the ship. We went to Fat Tuesday for daiquiris. The rest of the day was spent on top deck at the pool. Overall, a good cruise. I wouldn't say it was my favorite but it was good. There were definitely moments where we felt things could have been handled better. The entertainment is all the same across the cruise line and we felt like we'd just seen it all before. I did enjoy the food and Coco Cay the most, and I think our next cruise we will be mixing it up and staying away from the short itineraries. We just want more time to soak things in. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2017
1. Smooth embarkation and disembarkation. 2. Cabin is comfortable and cosy, stateroom is clean and tidy, kudos to the Suite Attendant MR WEIGUANG REN. 3. Good Food and Excellent Services. The services from:- Mr Alberto Aquino, ... Read More
1. Smooth embarkation and disembarkation. 2. Cabin is comfortable and cosy, stateroom is clean and tidy, kudos to the Suite Attendant MR WEIGUANG REN. 3. Good Food and Excellent Services. The services from:- Mr Alberto Aquino, Shan He of table no. 325 and Mr Liew Chung Sieh of table no. 295 from restaurant Rhadsody at Deck 3 are remarkable. 4. The information given on the ship is well informed to the pax. 5. All activities on the cruise are very interesting and adventurous. 6. Casino was partly the most drawing having losing couple of hundreds just to enjoy the fun and thrills of it. 7. Whirl pools are the most relaxing place we looked forward during the whole trip. 8. Royal Promenade Cafe offers very yummy food to fill our tummy during the nights. 9. Yes we are planning our next trips in the coming years together with our grandchildren, as care centers are available and offer many activities. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2015
I love Royal Caribbean, but this by far, was it's worse. The staff wasn't well trained - I asked the person at the guest services desk if I could purchase the bottled water package that included 12 bottles. He said there was ... Read More
I love Royal Caribbean, but this by far, was it's worse. The staff wasn't well trained - I asked the person at the guest services desk if I could purchase the bottled water package that included 12 bottles. He said there was no such package. I showed him the advertisement. He brought it his manager and he said his manager didn't know about the package. They advised I drink 12 bottles from the mini bar and they'll charge me the equivalent. I refused. Eventually, I found a bartender who was able to help me purchase it. The buffet wasn't good - The food at the buffet never changed. They have so much opportunity to do so (and provide delicious cuisine) given their ports in Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. But no. Instead leftover breakfast items (like grilled tomatoes and Belgian waffles) were served as afternoon snacks. Leftover lunch items were served for dinner. By the end of the week, the kitchen used up ingredients in random combinations: shrimp salad in hot dog buns, tuna on pizza, fake crab sticks used in sushi turned into a crab stick salad, and everything eventually turned into a soup. The map was incorrect - On the website, Mariner of the Seas had Vintages, the wine bar. Also, Vintages could be found on the interactive maps on the ship. However, in reality, that space in the promenade was replaced with Michael Kors. I was expecting the same cupcake place (I forgot the name), Vintages, and other features from the promenades of other ships in Europe and the Caribbean. But no, none of them were there; they were all replaced by high-end shopping. There were other passengers who complained other promenades had cafes where they could sit; on this ship, seating in the promenade was limited. The staff wasn't communicative - Upon check in, no one asked about our Vietnamese visas. In our boarding documents, nothing was mentioned about being provided a Vietnamese landing card for $6. When we boarded the ship, our passports were taken away, and no one said anything about visas. There was no mention of such in any printed communication. It wasn't until day 5 of the daily bulletin called Compass, I saw we needed to have surrendered our visas. But by then, our landing cards have been issued, and our accounts have been charged $6/person. The person at guest services said there was nothing they could do at that point. This upset me - for an American, the Vietnamese visa is $100, and it takes 1-2 weeks. I now wasted time and money for something that wasn't communicated to me. I couldn't even be credited a measly $12USD (let alone $80USD). Guest services called my room to explain I was informed via a handout at the beginning of the ship. I didn't get such form so I gave up this argument. This would've been much more convenient if I was informed upon check in or at least in our travel documents. They wanted way too much money - There were too much name-brand high-end shopping. They even had two stores by the name of Regalia. (Obviously, they really want guests to shop there that they insisted to put it in twice.) Other than at the ports, there was no where I could buy souvenirs from Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam. They kept running out of food - Most of the wines on their menus weren't available. In fact, the food service person at the cafe in the promenade said they ran out of hot chocolate. The buffet ran out of shrimp for the shrimp curry. I found it odd that this was the first ship that actually ran out of anything. The entertainment was so bad, I had to laugh - The Korean drum group Fantasticks did a lot of audience participation acts (like people scream and cheer) that in the 45 minute performance, they only drummed twice. Then the magician / illusionist the next night was so bad that he couldn't even finish one of his four tricks. He had 45 minutes and he only completed 3.5 tricks. (His GoPro, which projected onto the main screen, ran out of battery and he was using it to zoom in his deck of cards.) It was so awkward and sad to watch him convince the audience that it really was a good trick. He even admitted on stage he's only been doing this for 5 months. The activities director came out to convince the audience to come for the second show to watch it. We didn't eat in the main dining room because according to the menus on the LED displays just outside of the rooms, there was always chicken breast, shrimp cocktail, and a beef dish. The other two items changed. One night, I asked a captain and asked if the items will changed. I'm not exaggerating - The captain proceeded to laugh at me and say that's impossible because the menu always changed. Then he walked away. I was still standing there. The ship was understaffed - No one was ever in the fitness center. They readily allowed guests to use the weight machines either in sandals or barefoot. There were many guests obviously using the machines wrong, but I guess liability and injury wasn't a concern for anyone. In addition, I understand this trip was marketed as a "cultural immersion," which simply put, it was catered to the Chinese and not American consumer (which I understand as a business perspective, but I'm being honest as a brand loyal member who felt misled. I must've misinterpreted the term cultural immersion as the ship being themed more Asian given our ports, not necessarily having an overwhelming number of Chinese passengers.) Furthermore, it was bad enough I was consistently bothered by passengers' behavior (bumping into me, cutting in line, pushing in elevators, hovering over me while I eat so to take my table, making our tour bus late ... And please note, I've spoken to several Australian, British, and Singaporean guests who experienced the same but didn't want to say anything in fear of being seen as racist. Please note: we agreed this is alienating these particular guests from returning or recommending it to friends and family.) Understandably, the behavior is beyond anyone's control but they really should rethink their marketing. The Australian, British, Singaporean guests, and I are not racists, but we are polite. (I've even seen Royal Caribbean staff get elbowed, and even breathed on. I'm not kidding. But even with that, I felt overall service was compromised (with the above incidences listed), which isn't consistent with the service on the other ships. Do not book this cruise. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2015
I paid a significant amount of money to have the Royal Suite so I could give my mother and father a real treat on the cruise. The Royal Suite experience was billed as a 5 star experience which I stupidly as it turned out interpreted to ... Read More
I paid a significant amount of money to have the Royal Suite so I could give my mother and father a real treat on the cruise. The Royal Suite experience was billed as a 5 star experience which I stupidly as it turned out interpreted to mean the equivalent of a 5 star hotel experience. To start the trip we flew Emirates Business Class from Brisbane to Singapore at a cost of some many thousand dollars and then stayed for 3 days before the cruise left at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. This was a truly 5 star experience at a costs similar to that charged by Royal Caribbean for the Royal Suite. Perhaps the marketing people at Royal Caribbean should stay at Raffles Hotel before they have the hide to describe what they offer to the public as a 5 Star Experience. Don’t get me wrong perhaps my expectations were too high but they only arose from Royal Caribbean’s sales/call centre staff and the Royal Caribbean website. Also thank god for the Concierge Kevin and our Suite Steward Aldrin. Both were very helpful and tried to assist. I have built up my expectations of as I say a 5 star experience. Needless to say I think a back packers hostel in country Australia could have provided a better experience than what was provided by Royal Caribbean. Departure day arrives and we get a limousine from Raffles Hotel to the Marina Bay Cruise Terminal. What a shambles this experience was. I should digress and explain that I am 50 year old male and confined to a wheel chair. I travel always with my Carer. My father is 80 and cannot walk out of sight on a dark night and needs a wheel chair to board an aircraft and uses a mobility scooter. My mother 77 years old is blind and has difficulty walking. I of course had told Royal Caribbean about these issues repeatedly and in writing. I was told that we would be met at the drop off and that there was express procedures to go through customs and that arrangements could be made upon arrival to get my father a wheel chair. Needless and not surprisingly none of the promised things happened. There were only staff from the Marina Bay Cruise Terminal who put us all in line and said they could not help with my father wheel chair. There was no staff members from Royal Caribbean evident or present. Matters were exacerbated by Voyager of the Seas departing at about the same time. Once we got through security (told by a security officer we should have gone on the disabled peoples lane and that Wheel Chairs were available and Royal Caribbean should have had staff helping its disabled passengers) we got through security and found the priority check station. This matter proceeded and despite asking for a wheel chair for my father who was nearly out on his feet no wheel chair was provided. Remember I was sitting in my own wheel chair at this time. Once they processed our check in we were met by Kevin the Concierge who was to escort us to the ship. I demanded a wheel chair for my father (the wheel chair I had asked for months previously and been assured it would not be a problem and everything would be taken care of at the kurb) and only when I intervened in a 4 way argument between 2 wheel chair pushers and 2 Marina Bay employees which had gone on for 5 minutes and left my father nearly collapsing did the Wheel Chair pusher eventually provide a wheel chair for use by my father, We were then taken to customs and customs clearance was expedited and then we were taken to the ship. By this time my disabled bladder was wanting to empty and we got stopped by some ship employee telling us we needed to choose a dinner sitting and me telling him I did not want to (as I intended to dine in cabin at the dining table which was part of our Suite) and me actually peeing my pants because this staff member would not take no for an answer until I became rude. It is easy to get rude at 5O years of age when you pee your pants. We eventually got to the ship and the Suite. The master bedroom was supposed to be a large king which could be split into 2. Of course despite being told this was not a problem it could not be. The Suite is divided into 2 areas lounge/dining/second bedroom and master bedroom and en-suite. The air-conditioning control for the Master Bedroom was set at half hot and half cold and was cool to cold. Remember this Cruise left from Singapore – pretty hot place. The outside maximum today was over 35 degrees Celsius. The air-conditioning was not working in the lounge area. I sought to have it repaired. The maintenance man told me he had fixed it and went to tinker with the master unit. He did not return despite me asking him to give me an update. I complained again and he came back this time with another maintenance man and a guy in white overalls and after 2 hours working on it told me it was fixed and it would cool down in about an hour. At this time it is is well past 8 pm but the temperature in lounge 25.4 degrees Celsius and getting no cooler. Of course it has not been fixed. Still very hot!!! Just walked into the master bedroom (Control set at 50% between hot and cold) freezing in there. Control set in lounge 100% cool – not cool at all. The Curtains in the Suite are remote controlled. The Curtain control did not work and would not open the heavy curtain. It took 2 hours to replace the knob which was broken. I was told before the cruise that Australian Electrical units could function from the power outlets on board. Not so – had to request adapters. Asked 2 times and waited 4 hours until 2 adapters were provided. I was told by Concierge to how to order dinner from the menu he provide. Menu called MOJO. Telephoned and spoke to the room service lady who answered. She had no knowledge of this menu and told me half the selections on it were not available. I read the menu to her and told her if she did not know about it to put her supervisor on the phone. At this stage she agreed she had been wrong and took the order for 7.30 pm delivery to the Suite. What a monumental mistake this course of action was. The food arrived early (7.15 pm) – we selected scallop gratin dish for starters, prime rib x 2, sweet and sour pork and prawn cocktail plus desert. The Food and Beverage Managers idea of what Scallop gratin is not something know to other discerning dinners. The Food and Beverage Managers version (I took a photo to prove it) consisted of a small steel plate with some white meat about 8 mm x 8 mm and covered in melted butter – actually drowning it. A disgusting greasy mess that was not edible. This was followed by what i would describe as oven finished prime rib with vegetables. It was cold and was just a piece of 6 mm thick over cooked roast beef. It was ordered medium rare and served well done. It again was returned half eaten. The prawn cocktail was average and the sweet and sour was 5 pieces of pork 1 piece of onion and 2 pieces of capsicum and some steamed rice and a sweet and sour source. Hardly a main course size meal for all that. One of the worst meals I have ever had the misfortune to be served. If the Food and Beverage Manager thinks it is acceptable fair to be served to passengers expecting a 5 star experience, then his expectation of what 5 star means are on a course that will never meet. It is simply not acceptable to serve this garbage to people let alone to passengers who have paid significant money for a 5 star experience. Also remember we are in the Royal Suite for this 5 star experience. The Bar Fridge had a can of coke and can of lemonade and 2 bottles of water in it. When I pointed this out and asked for half a dozen cold cans of coke, bottles of water and cans of lemonade to be delivered the bar attendant arrived 2 hours later with hot stock. Some 4 hours after this the fridge has not even made the stock cool let alone cold and I have little expectation that the fridge functions efficiently if at all. The morning will tell and i was proved right. I went to take a shower in the second bathroom turned on the water soaped up and then got scalded because there was no cold water. So covered in soap after being scalded I went to the other shower and again started with the water on washed off the soap and it again was only the cold water in the pipe before I got hit with scalding water. I called maintenance about this problem and the air conditioning. A maintenance man arrived. He said after 40 minutes and the arrival of a second maintenance man that there is too much hot water pressure and it needs to be fixed. He made a phone call about air conditioning and they both left 25 minutes ago. I am waiting a return. Neither problem has been fixed. My father and mother went to bed dirty as no shower could be taken. Royal Caribbean did not make any offer to provide alternative showering arrangements. I am waiting for it to be fixed. It is 11.31 pm I then spoke to Assistant Customer Service Manager - I demanded to speak to the captain and was told he was asleep and that there was nothing they could do and that they would not wake him up. Eventually the most senior officer awake the Assistant Front Desk manager came to the Suite. He then organised for further technicians to come fix the air conditioning. It took 2 hours further to fix same. So at last everything was working. We never left the ship - so all food was supplied by ship - everyone got sick and we got quarantined in the cabin. The food was garbage including the expensive restaurants. It was the worst experience i have ever had. Another issue that deserves comment. Get interest -2 devices – costs over $550.00 for the cruise. I cannot even open my Gmail server to get some mail before the Gmail server connection log ob times out. This is simply fraud. The email connection whilst still in Singapore behaved like this. I could go on - but this review will be pages long Simply don't waste your money - RCL are a joke and their product is garbage, Read Less
Sail Date: November 2011
We were dissappointed with our cruise especially since we have sailed on Royal Carribean and were very pleased. It seems that the Mariner has cut back in many areas to save costs. Our getting on the ship took a very long time...about 2 ... Read More
We were dissappointed with our cruise especially since we have sailed on Royal Carribean and were very pleased. It seems that the Mariner has cut back in many areas to save costs. Our getting on the ship took a very long time...about 2 hours...and getting off was not as quick as we would like. We had two terrific waiters in the dining room and the food there was good but not exceptional, i.e, the French Onion soup was more like a broth without the layer of cheese on the top....they have eliminated the lobster and surf meal and did not do the Baked Alaska desert. We did not like the buffet lines and food at the Windjammer was like bumper cars going from one serving line to another....they should have two long serving lines instead of the multiple serving stations....the Roast Beef and hamburgers are cooked way too much. The interior cabin room is small at 167 square feet so consider getting a larger one. The fitness center is terrific, two great instructors who gave free Stretch Classes and Talks on Physical fitness and plenty of workout equipment, the staff there is very nice and helpful. We did not like the two R.C. Singers and Dancers and Orchestra shows. The Orchestra plays way too loud drowning out the singers. The other problem is that they allow smoking in a number of the bars and Casino. The also need more musical groups in play in the bars and lounges expecially before 10 seems like everything starts after 10 PM. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2011
Regent Seven Seas Cruises sets the standard in all-inclusive luxury cruising! I can't say enough about how exquisite everything was -- the ship, food, staff, and state room. We booked the 10-night "Scenic Havens" ... Read More
Regent Seven Seas Cruises sets the standard in all-inclusive luxury cruising! I can't say enough about how exquisite everything was -- the ship, food, staff, and state room. We booked the 10-night "Scenic Havens" cruise aboard SS Mariner, which sailed the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Rome, with stops in Mallorca, Spain; Port Vendre, Marseilles, St. Tropez, France; Monaco; and Portofino, Florence (Livorno), the Amalfi Coast, and Capri. The nice part about booking on this particular ship is that every stateroom is a balcony room, and for this particular cruise, we were fortunate enough to be on the Port side, giving us almost all of the views as we sailed. From the moment we embarked, we were treated like royalty. The staff was extremely accommodating, friendly, and referred to us by name. They went out of their way to make sure all our needs were met and that everything was beyond expectation. Regent takes all-inclusive to a whole new level. Whereas some all-inclusive packages include mid- level wines and liquor with mediocre food, Regent provides top-shelf options across the board. The wine selection was incredible and the liquor options were all top shelf. The restaurants onboard, be it the specialty restaurants or the Compass Rose dining room, were all 5-star quality. Every meal could only be described as exquisite culinary experiences since the menus changed every day. Even the Burger Bar for lunch took casual dining to a whole new level, with choices like ahi tuna burgers and Asian salmon burgers. We ordered room service on the mornings with early excursions and, although the breakfast was very good, they sometimes forgot to bring some items. We never experienced a misstep in the restaurants, but we'd recommend checking your room service order carefully before the steward leaves. Regarding excursions, Regent visits some amazing ports since it's a smaller ship (700 passengers). We were even able to dock right in Monaco until 11 pm, whereas larger ships must anchor well-away from shore, or dock in Nice. All in all, the excursions were wonderful, but we caution to read the descriptions very carefully, as some were misleading. As an example, there is a big difference between "seeing" a cathedral and "visiting" one. We didn't experience this more disappointingly than in Florence. We selected a 9-hour excursion in which we saw almost nothing due to the wording of the excursion. For instance, we SAW the duomo but never went inside. We SAW the museum where David is housed but never went inside. They walked us through the streets showing us building exteriors followed by 3 aimless hours of free time. You don't even have the option of then going into the duomo or the museums because you need to purchase tickets in advance. All the other excursions were phenomenal, but read the wording carefully or call Regent directly to have their excursion director explain the tours in detail. The entertainment on the ship was modest and the casino was small, but it was actually fine considering the days are spent touring and the nights are spent eating. The ship had a very nice theater, a nice night club with karaoke, and several lounges and bars. As a couple in our 30s, we were by far the babies of the ship. Most couples were in the 50-70 range, but it's a very affluent older crowd. These aren't Bingo and Wheel of Fortune people. However, this shouldn't deter younger couples. We would go on another Regent cruise in a heartbeat! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2009
Let me start by saying a big thank you to Royal Caribbean for allowing my wife and I to change our cruise date to July 5th 2009 from May 10th.  Swine flu caused the May 10th sailing to be re-routed to Oregon, Washington, and Canada.  ... Read More
Let me start by saying a big thank you to Royal Caribbean for allowing my wife and I to change our cruise date to July 5th 2009 from May 10th.  Swine flu caused the May 10th sailing to be re-routed to Oregon, Washington, and Canada.  I'm sure these are beautiful locations but that's not my idea of a vacation.  I was not forced to pay the cancellation and rebooking fees.  I only had to pay the difference in the cost of the cruising dates which equaled $300.  I got $150 back in onboard credit because I chose a balcony room.  The ship returned to it's normal Mexican Riviera route at the end of June so July brought good hot weather and three beautiful locations.Embarkation:  Day one can usually tell you how your vacation is going to go.  Sooooo.... Embarkation in San Pedro wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  My ride pulled up to the curb right outside the registration building.  The courteous porters took our bags and we entered the building to register.  We showed all of our papers, passports, and pre-printed sail passes.  We only had a couple short forms to fill out (swine flu form and some other one).  We got out Sea Pass cards and were onboard in less than 10 minutes.  I was surprised at how well this was organized.  Keep in mind that this ship holds over 3000 people.  We arrived just as the crowd was picking up so I guess we were lucky enough to beat the rush.  I didn't hear anybody complaining about their embarking so I'm rating this perfect.  I immediately went to the Guest Relations once onboard so I could start my Sea Pass account.  I always use "cash" accounts so I can limit my onboard spending.  The last time I used my credit card I went way overboard on the spending.  The people at the desk were pretty friendly and helpful.  They also mentioned that I would be able to use my $150 starting the next day.  I was expecting them to be a little more grouchy (like people at customer service in stores) but they were extremely nice.  My wife and I went to the Windjammer Cafe (the buffet) to eat since the rooms weren't ready yet.  The food was pretty good.  But I've had better buffet food with Carnival CL.  Side note: breakfast was great every day in the Windjammer.  Food for lunch sometimes was a little undercooked.  We only ate dinner there once and it was okay.  Nothing to get excited about though.  Speaking of food...Food:  Again, the breakfast in the Windjammer cafe was great.  This buffet and Jade are connected and really just feel like one big buffet.  I'm a hamburger or hotdog guy when it comes to lunch.  The problem was that they always seemed to be undercooked.  Not good when I'm hungry.  The pastries weren't too bad.  My wife and I only tried one specialty restaurant.  That was Johnny Rockets. Cost $4.95 and $2.50 more for sodas.  Excellent burgers and fries were served.  My wife enjoyed the onion rings.  I didn't like that we had to pay extra for the sodas here but at least they were large sodas.  I got up and danced with the waiters as they danced for us.  Not bad.  We wanted to try Portifino's or Chop's grill but we could not find the time because of all the things we did on this ship.  We will next time.  The dinners in the main dining room (Rhapsody in Blue level) were okay.  Most nights the dinners were great but there was a couple nights I had the waiter return my food for something else.  Sorry, I'm picky (especially after I've paid a lot for something).  Our waiter Remy was awesome.  His assitant waiter was very nice as well.  They occasionally worked in the WindJammer as well and they always greeted us and remembered who we were.  That's a feat in itself with so many people on this ship.  I liked how they always recommended several meals and told us what to expect for the next day.  Deserts were excellent but my wife ate mine most nights.Ship Appearance:  Overall this ship is huge.  I know you've probably heard this multiple times but really, you have to see it up close to realize how gigantic it is.  When you're inside, it doesn't feel too large though because of the way it is layed out.  Everthing is well organized and easy to remember how to get to.  Maps are located all over the ship so you won't get lost unless you can't read a map.  The promenade is beautiful.  It's about as long as a city block with stores on either side and lots of decorations.  Expect to see a couple parades here and to participate in several celebrations here.  The pool deck is just beautiful.  There are so many jacuzzis that you never feel crowded.  The pools are large enough to accomodate a lot of people as well.  The adults only area felt more crowded than the public areas so we stayed in the public pools.  The movie theater was kind of small but comfy.  There isn't a movie in there that you won't see in your own stateroom anyhow so I didn't really see what the point of it was.  The showroom theater aka the Savoy theater was fairly big.  There were only a few bad seats in the house (mainly ones with poles in front of them).  Great acoustics as well.  The sports deck was awesome.  Inline skating, rock climbing, basketball, golf, ping pong, and a few other sports were offered.  I got plenty of exercise here.  Studio B (the ice skating rink) was nice looking.  Fun music was played here as you got to ice skate around.  The Lotus Lounge looked like the perfect karaoke bar.  Very comfy as well.  One more place I'd like to suggest you see is the gym.  It is huge for a cruise ship.  I'm sure there will be no waiting for machines because there are so many.  There are a lot of other locations on this ship but I only wanted to mentioned the ones I visited.  I liked the color schemes on the ship and the ship seemed to be in good upkeep.  Suggestion: go all way to the front of the ship at night and sit down at least once at night.  It's a beautiful view.  Not many ships allow passengers to go all the way to the front.Entertainment:  The shows were great.  My suggestions:1) The ice show: You've probably already heard about how good it is but you have to see it to really understand just how good it is.  It's emotional, magestic, and funny all in one.  You feel like you're in the show.2) Love and marriage: This is basically like the Newlywed game.  But the three couples they picked for this show were the most popular people onboard once the show was over.  The cruise director Ken (who was on loan from the Oasis of the Seas) is simply hilarious. 3) The Quest: Let me start by saying this show is NOT for children but it is the most hilarious competition for adults that you will ever see.  I cannot tell you all about it because you have to see it for yourself but believe me... you'll be glad you went.4) Tribute: We were fortunate enough to see a group called tribute sing Temptaion songs.  They were spectacular.5) All other shows in the Savoy:  I mean the ones by the RC singers and dancers were okay.  Almost like Vegas shows.  Not bad at all.Disembarking:  This process is well organized.  If you want to get off quickly, take your own bags.  We had too many so this was not an option.  But still, we had plenty of time to eat breakfast and then depart when they called our group down.  Going though customs was a breeze.  Finding our bags wasn't hard either.  Always a plus.Overall:  This was a very fun ship to be on.  Really, even if we never left the ship I would have enjoyed this cruise.  This ship has so much to do that you would really have to be a boring person to not enjoy yourself.  I mean that.  Ken Rush, the cruise director, and his team made sure you were having plenty of fun throughout the day and the night were even more fun.  As far as the ports went, I've never been to funner places in my life.  Will I go again.... definitely.  I'm already planning for next year but we're trying to decide between waiting for the Oasis of the Seas or just cruising on the Mariner again.  You'll find out our choice soon enough.  Enjoy folks! 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Mariner of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.5 4.4
Dining 5.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.5 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.3
Family 4.5 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.6
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 5.0 4.0
Rates N/A 4.3

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