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Sail Date: March 2012
Let me start by saying that we had a wonderful vacation; and most hotels and restaurants could learn a lot from Oceania. That said, my husband and I took a 10-day cruise aboard Oceania's Regatta last year. (Western Caribbean) It was ... Read More
Let me start by saying that we had a wonderful vacation; and most hotels and restaurants could learn a lot from Oceania. That said, my husband and I took a 10-day cruise aboard Oceania's Regatta last year. (Western Caribbean) It was the vacation of a lifetime. The experience was unforgettable and we found Oceania to be "Perfection," as I entitled my review. For a year, we have told people that we would never consider any other cruise line. The 10-day cruise ended way too soon, so this year we booked a 12-night cruise aboard Oceania's newest ship, the Marina. (Eastern Caribbean) If you don't know: Oceania targets an older demographic and offers no activities or facilities for children. (YAY!) Its ships are mid-sized, carrying from 650 - 1250 passengers, so we experienced unbelievable personalized service last year. Dress attire is ostensibly country club casual (although it's amazing how many people don't seem to understand what that means). For these reasons, we selected Oceania last year. Because our experience was "perfection," we did not even consider any other cruise line for this year's vacation. Oceania's biggest failing is shore excursions. The descriptions provided are apparently written by the shore excursion companies. What we found is that the descriptions are often inaccurate. As an example: The desciption for the "Sail Away to Savannah Bay" says that, after a 45-minute catamaran ride to an island, you can snorkel or swim or relax on the beach. I booked the excursion thinking my husband and I would frolic on the beach and splash in the shallow water, while others snorkled. When we arrived at the snorkel location, we anchored far from shore. It was then that we learned that, to get to the beach, we would have to swim ashore! And back! My husband doesn't swim; had we known that, we would have chosen a different excusion. I got in the water and swim the length of the catamaran a couple of times and came to the conclusion that, although I could probably make it to shore, I was not at all confident I could make it back. Too, we would have to leave our personal belongings (cash, credit cards and a new digital camera) unattended on the boat (no lockers were provided), as we had no way to carry them with us as we swam to shore. Oceania says it "stands behinds its shore excursions" but they don't. We had fun, but weren't able to do what we had planned: frolic on the beach together and enjoy the shallow water of the beautiful Caribbean sea together because the description was not accurate. Therefore, we asked Oceania for a 50% refund and were denied. The other problem with the shore excursions: Oceania's lack of control over the quality of the excursion. In Dominica, we had booked "Dominica's favorites," as did many of our fellow passengers. So many guests booked that tour, that several buses were provided. With one exception, the buses looked fairly new, nice and clean. We had the exception. Our bus was filthy, old and poorly designed for adults -- especially seniors with all of our physical ailments. We were the second ones to board the bus. We chose a metal bench seat directly across from the door, thinking that the cross-breeze would keep me comfortable. We immediately realized our error, but passengers kept up a steady flow, filling the bus. By the time we were able to get up and move, all the seats had been filled so we were stuck. Here's the problem: The mechanics of the bus caused the floor to be stepped. (Think of where the transmission used to cause a big hump in the middle of your cars. No one wanted to sit in the middle because the floor rises up.) The floor had three levels to accomodate what lies beneath. The first step was where our feet where, not allowing sufficient space for the length of our feet! (We needed to have our toes amputated in order to fit.) I was able to stretch out my left foot, resting it on the next tier up, but our other three feet did not have sufficient room to accomodate the length of our feet. There was not adequate space for our legs, either. (I'm only 5'4; my husband is 5'9.) I have to wonder if the bus was designed for children. WE SPENT THE ENTIRE TOUR IN PHYSICAL PAIN! We took turns shifting hips; at one point, we changed seats: I moved to the outside and my husband took the aisle. At that point, I could no longer write in my journal (I had been taking notes of what the Tour Guide told us about the island), as there wasn't enough shoulder space. I had to sit with my arms forming a V and resting on the metal bar in front of our metal bench seat. This is an example of Oceania not having any control over the quality of the tour. Dominica seems to be a poor country. You can't expect them to give up the revenue associated with a bus load of tourists just because they don't have enough appropriate buses available -- but I can expect Oceania to inspect the buses and say "No, this is not acceptable." But they don't do that, so we spent the entire three hours in physical pain (less the time we were hiking up to the water falls). Again, Oceania claims they stand behind their shore excursions. They don't. I asked for a full refund -- we didn't spend $13,000 on a cabin plus liquor plus tips plus shore excursions plus plus plus so that we would experience hours of unnecessary physical pain. They did not respond to my request, nor offer an apology. (I know my end-of-cruise Survey was received.) In summary: Shore excursions are Oceania's weakness. I would advise against booking them. Go ashore and make your own arrangements. Last year, by the second day of the cruise, all of the pretty female drink servers at the bar knew my husband by name and what he drank. "Here's a cold Heineken for you, Mr. Bird." "Would you like another Heineken, Mr. Bird?" This year, most of the drink servers were male; they never (in 12 days) learned my husband's name or what he drank; and service at the pool was very inconsistent. Sometimes, they were attentive; other times, we would finally get up and get our own drinks. This holds true for the bar at the pool as well. One time, I asked for the check. The bartender acknowledged my request. I never got it. So I moved to a deck chair while my husband waited for the check. It was half an hour before he finally got the check for our two drinks - after asking a second time. We met our Butler the first day. We asked him to keep a carafe of iced tea in our suite for me at all times, as well as a bucket of ice. He did so. We also told him that we only need two things in the refrigerator: Diet Coke and Heineken. We asked him to make sure there is always cold Diet Coke and cold Heineken in the refrigerator. We ended up going to the Executive Lounge to get Diet Coke more often than not. Our butler went MIA on the third day; turns out, the rough waters made him "green around the gills." We also found that we're less than enamored with the guests this year. Because Oceania caters to an older demographic, a lot of guests are infirm. We too have walking challenges but are considerate enough (on the ship, at work, in public) to step to the side rather than hold up people behind us who can and want to walk faster than we can walk. Very few of Oceania's guests were considerate in this regard. A group would take up the entire passageway, moving excruciatingly slowly, and not step to the side to allow us to pass. Obviously, Oceania has no control over this; but one should be aware of this fact when selecting cruise lines. After sharing the pool at Margaritaville in the Grand Turks with a ship from Crystal Cruise Line, we decided "No more old people cruises." It was so fun to share the pool and bar with people of various ages; to see younger people actually play in the pool; young women on men's shoulders (ah! memories); beautiful tanned bodies; a few young children laughing as only children do. Again, we had a good time. Most hotels and restaurants could learn from Oceania. BUT: Service aboard the Marina was inconsistent and Oceania does NOT (regardless of what it claims) stand behind the shore excursions to the extent that guests might expect. For these reasons, among others with which I will not bore the reading public, we will consider other cruise lines in the future. Various guests consistently named Regent Silver Seas (which is all-inclusive, by the way) and Crystal as their preferred cruise lines. Next time, we'll check them out. Bon voyage! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2012
I admit I was prepared NOT to be impressed as we really liked "our" little REGATTA after five cruises and worried that something twice as big with twice as many passengers would be half as nice. In the end, and indeed from the ... Read More
I admit I was prepared NOT to be impressed as we really liked "our" little REGATTA after five cruises and worried that something twice as big with twice as many passengers would be half as nice. In the end, and indeed from the onset, I was instead very impressed and pleased with almost every aspect of the ship, her staff, cuisine, service and operation in general. I am not sure if MARINA is the best ship for the money in the world, but surprised if she were not. The Ship Predictable pile on a raft. One day someone will design a handsome new cruise ship. This ain't it. Funnel is surprisingly ineffective and there was a lot of soot deposited aft. Maintenance is good but the varnish needed redoing. Outside decks are spacious, ample and well laid with more space than I imagined and mitigating fears of crowding. However, this is achieved at the expense of losing the elegant teak deck furniture of REGATTA so that it's back to the cruise ship serried rows of loungers and except for the main lido, it's plastic underfoot. None of this looks as tidy and appealing as REGATTA and towels were often in short supply. Oh and I LOVED the miniature golf course despite of my preconceived notions other that it would impede on deck space. Finally a ship with stuff to do: shuffleboard, croquet, paddle tennis... HAL is a lousy basketball court and that's it. Only one pool but my goodness what a nice big one it is. Excellent. But where is the promenade or boat deck guys, what were you thinking? Interior is well laid out and familiar to the "R" ships which is good. Only real flaw: only two lifts aft where all the dining is situated and four lifts forward where they aren't as needed. So lots of good healthy stair climbing or long waits. Someone needs to reprogram the Stepford Wife lift announcement: it's a DECK people not a "floor". Decor is generally lovely, not sure how they managed such an elegant transition from the Edwardian of the old ships to something equally pleasing but more contemporary but they did and it works. Disconcerting changes in ceiling heights are very odd.... the dining room going from 17 ft. to barely 7 ft. at the entrance and deckheads are too low in the Grand Bar, Casino and Martinis. The Dining Room must rank as the most handsome space afloat with its 17-ft central ceiling and impressively restrained decor and colour scheme. Gorgeous. Martinis, our favourite watering hole on REGATTA, isn't nearly as cozy and effective on MARINA, though, with its central area a walk-through. Horizons is as close to a mid 1970s shipboard lounge out there, but it works and unlike the ones on the R ships actually used outside of tea. Cabin decor could have been a lot lighter, too much dark phony wood. Superb furnishings throughout although some choices will probably not hold up in heavy shipboard use, my chair in Toscana already had a wobbly arm. Library has the best selection of books afloat but what a cramped, impossible to use room it is... as boneheaded a layout as I've seen. Like trying to read in a dark, wood panelled phone box and totally opposite of the simply delightful libraries on the R ships. Food & Service Simply exemplary throughout. Astonishing really how good it is and even better than REGATTA which seems impossible although lots of familiar faces from her: they remember us and we remember them and we like that a lot. Everything was done in that subtle efficient manner that only high standards, supervision, training and experience can achieve and very, very few ships can accomplish. The head stewards and maitre d's WORK on this ship, too, and keep everything running like a clock. No waits for tables for two anymore, only a few longer than desired meals and genuine smiles and hospitality abound. Best crews afloat. The food is to die for, better than Queens Grill in fact, Jacques (the French speciality restaurant) is tres splendide, Polo and Toscana pretty much on par with REGATTA. Red Ginger wasn't nearly as impressive; the Asian extra cost restaurants on EURODAM and NIEUW AMSTERDAM are better. Oceania have introduced a new $50 per day all you can drink add-on which is good value and the choices are very good indeed. A few flaws We don't like at all the ever increasing "class" system on Oceania wherein what you get and how you are treated seems increasingly based on your cabin grade. Even embarkation times are staggered based on cabin grade although ours (later at 3.00 pm) proved far quicker and less crowded than the earlier ones but you miss embarkation lunch. You don't even get full breakfast room service in your cabin if booked in anything under a Concierge level cabin.... come on Oceania, you're a deluxe line and even Holland America Line can provide this to all. The level of attention from the Cruise Director etc. seemed also pure pandering to those in better cabins and you don't have a chance at the speciality restaurants other than your allotted once a cruise experience unless paying top dollar. It's not nice paying a lot for a cruise and still being made to feel Second Class at times. And trust me, a lot of the folks in the top cabins think they're really something thanks to Oceania's endless pandering and fawning. Single biggest negative was the incessant, annoying and en-ragingly intrusive loud "music" blaring forth around the pool 24/7. Astonishing that a line whose motto is "Your World Your Way" cannot fathom that in this age of iPods, one can listen to one's own music without enduring that of others (or better still listening to nothing but the sound of the sea we paid for!) and has banned all of the petty annoyances of cruising like yards of gold, art auctions, logo tee shirt heaps, pool games, on board photographers etc, can still foist this sonic refuse on all. It was horrendous. And gives one real pause as to going back. This simply has got to go! Oh and you gotta love the separate shower stalls in the otherwise superb and gorgeous cabin bathrooms (what a change from the airliner sized ones on the R Ships!): I think I was among eight passengers skinny enough to fit into it but at 6'2", the shower head was almost grazing my scalp. You need to soap up before getting in. Yikes. Who the heck designed this?! Overall, renewed my faith in Oceania and the ability of lines to get most things right. Shame about the half dozen design "why the heck did they do that" flaws but once they ditch the 1966 elevator music or worse the 1980 Miami Vice disco jazz poolside, we'll be back. This is a great product people! Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2012
Having previously cruised in the owner's suite on both the Regatta and Insigna my wife and anticipated a new dimension in cruising as we booked an Eastern Caribbean voyage on the Marina. Since our last Oceania cruise the company ... Read More
Having previously cruised in the owner's suite on both the Regatta and Insigna my wife and anticipated a new dimension in cruising as we booked an Eastern Caribbean voyage on the Marina. Since our last Oceania cruise the company become apart of Apollo Management LP along with the Regency Seven Seas. With the exception on the Ikea inspired dorm like furniture in the stateroom, the ship is truly lovely. The library can only be imagined - wonderful. The furnishing the size/comfort of the seating in the public areas are perhaps the finest afloat. The crew was helpful and personable. The ships officers were aloof and offered no ship's tour of the kitchen or bridge so popular on other cruise ships like Silver Sea. The cruise director and many members of the staff were recovering from a sever case of bronchitis which quickly spread to the passengers including ourselves and traveling companions. Each bar check had to be individually signed with a common pen which was probably one of the ways in which the infection was transmitted between staff and passengers. Holland America doesn't require each chit to be signed and also had a staff member at the maitre d stand who would offer a hand sanitizer to each diner upon entering the restaurant. Our bout lasted almost a month and required a doctor's visit at home. Perhaps cruising during the winter flu seasons isn't advisable. The shows were apparently well produced by an independent company from Nashville, but only one was performed as a late afternoon matinee. The normal shows started after 9:30 pm which was too late for us as we wanted to participate in morning shore excursions. The matinee was almost filled to capacity and one would wonder why more aren't offered which would cater to the ages ( 60-80 ) of the ships passengers. Oceania is attempting to follow Cristal with optional all inclusive beverage and gratuity packages. We chose not to purchase the beverage package as we felt that it would be difficult to be identified by the wine servers in the dining room. We did take the gratuity package. Our room staff were fabulous and I inquired at the reception how much of our pre-paid was allocated to them. I was told that that was confidential. Not wanting to short change them, we gave them additional gratuities. Oceania should be all inclusive. Country Club Causal - My wife likes to dress up when we dine in the main dining room which is elegant and has the staff in formal style uniforms. Jackets are no longer required for the main dining room. We typically prefer to share a table with others, and many of the other passengers dressed as they were attending bingo night at the local Elks club. Shirts without collars, suspenders, sweaters without shirts, shorts, you name it. Not for us . Perhaps a section of the dining room could be reserved for those who want to dress down market. Other cruise lines have a blend of causal and more formal. Perhaps Oceania will be able to figure out their identity as a premium cost cruise line with a down market clientele. The food was exceptional. We enjoyed all venues with the exception of the evening meal on the Terrace grill where there was often a long line for the grill item of the night. I would be in line for 5-10 minutes while my wife would be at the table having her food getting cold. They should have wait staff take orders for grill items and serve them at the individual's table. The Muster Drill Given the Costa Concordia tragedy, I will finish with a few comments on the importance of muster drills. As a former holder of a US Coast Guard Masters License I have observed these drills with a critical eye. In recent years I have cruised on Crystal, Oceania and Silversea and all ships had full muster drills prior to departure. Having only been aboard only a few hours, the muster drill gives the passenger the opportunity to locate their life jackets, get familiar with them and become knowledgeable with the location and procedures of the life-boat stations. A critical aspect of the drill is that the crew station themselves on the stairways and hallways to give directions to the passengers. Since everyone is wearing a life jacket, the crew ware brightly colored hats which distinguish them from the passengers. The crew on Crystal and Silversea took their duties seriously and were easily identifiable by their hats. On the Marina during muster drill the crew were more casual about wearing their caps. The ships officers need to enforce this requirement and if the crew objects they should be replaced. The muster drill on the Marina did not assemble the passengers at life boat stations but in the main dining room. Apparently this was due to the fact that the ship doesn't carry enough life boat capacity for the guests and crew and instead relies on life rafts in canisters to supplement the life boats which will deploy upon contact with the water. I asked many officers and crew members how one was to enter a life raft and my questions were evaded. My guess is that once the guests have assembled in the main dining room a ship's officer will determine who gets to go the life boats - and depending on the sea state who will attempt to enter a life raft from the water (jumping fgrom the ship) or directly from the ships boarding ramp. Both the Nautica and Regatta muster drills assemble on deck at a designated life boat. Now in my seventies, I am not anxious to go thru a life raft drill and will chose smaller ships with full life boat capacity. If we cruise with Oceania again it will be on their smaller ships. We will look to Holland American for a up market value package and SilverSea for our all inclusive voyages. Oceania seems to be almost pregnant - it should be an all inclusive cruise line like Crystal or SilverSea or return to being an add on cruise. Hopefully Oceania will discover it's identify once again. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2012
My friend and I (two ladies) have just returned from the 12 day Caribbean Pearls cruise on Marina and found this cruise to be superb in all ways. Embarkation was quick and easy and debarkation was a breeze with no shortage of taxis as ... Read More
My friend and I (two ladies) have just returned from the 12 day Caribbean Pearls cruise on Marina and found this cruise to be superb in all ways. Embarkation was quick and easy and debarkation was a breeze with no shortage of taxis as reported in other reviews. We were at Miami airport by 8:45 am and that was with rush hour traffic. >The food was fabulous in both the Grand Dining Room and the specialty restaurants, and also in the Terrace Cafe on Deck 12. The lunches served at the Waves Grill by the pool had a diverse gourmet sandwich menu along with Angus Beef Hamburgers and Hot dogs. We enjoyed Pellegrino, Perrier and Cappuccino in all dining venues at no extra charge. Service could not have been better with crew members from many different countries anticipating our every need, all with smiles and greetings. They all seem very happy in their jobs, working together and helping each other, from the waiters to the captains to the maitre d's. We did find the wines and drinks to be a bit pricey once the 18% gratuity was added on, but Happy Hour between 5 pm and 6 pm offered 2 for 1 drinks and there were 3 specialty cocktails offered every day for $ 5.00 each. Free drinks and hors d'oeuvres were flowing however at the Captain's Cocktail Party. >Our veranda cabin # 8001 was great, at the very front of the ship; I was wishing I'd brought binoculars. I also would have liked to take the mattress, pillows and linens home with me. The bathroom has a full size soaking tub which we did not use and the shower space, although small, was adequate for our needs having a rain shower head on the top for hair washing and a hand held sprayer as well. Our cabin girl Tatyana was always visible and pleasant and kept our cabin spotless. !! There is a Guest Laundry on every cabin deck with a loveseat, table and flat screen TV along with the washers, dryers and steam iron. The one I used also had a lovely live orchid plant on the table. The machines no longer accept quarters, you have to buy tokens at the reception desk, one each for the washer and dryer at $ 2.00 per token and the detergent is supplied. >The library had an excellent supply of books, I read five good ones that I hadn't read and could have found more if there was more time. The casino has may penny and two cent slot machines so you can have some fun without losing your shirt. My only complaint would be that the seats in front of the slots are very hard and uncomfortable. >As for the entertainment, I don't understand the complaints in other reviews. The Oceania singers and dancers are very talented and they double as assistants for the many activities on the ship. The ship band is outstanding. We saw 4 shows and enjoyed world famous pianist Linda Gentile and the lovely soprano voice of Emma Sinclair (google them, you'll see they are top entertainers). No they don't have the large scale productions that you may have seen on other larger ships, but keep in mind, this is a small ship with a small stage, with just over 1200 passengers. I have been on many cruises with several other lines and you can always find people who are never pleased with anything and who just like to hear themselves complain. There were certainly some of them on this cruise as well. You know who you are!! > I also found the complaints about not enough elevators on Marina to be unfounded; 80% of the time the elevators were empty when we accessed them. Of course after the shows or coming off the tenders they were always crowded, but that is to be expected on any cruise ship. > The ship decor is subtle in taupes, beiges and aquas, with comfortable couches, expensive art work, sculptures, Lalique crystal and live plants throughout the public areas. The boutiques' selection and prices were far above my pocketbook, but I'm sure many of the passengers could well afford them. The Marina does not offer special sales as other cruise lines do. I will not comment on the ports because the ship itself is what I enjoy on a cruise, to relax, unwind and be pampered. Oceania is definitely a big step above other cruise lines, offering class and elegance. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2012
You will love this ship for everything it's not. We had a PH3 unit (deck 10 port side) and it was days before the admiral stopped purring about the makeup table, walk-in closet, endless storage, crisp linens, and even the shorter ... Read More
You will love this ship for everything it's not. We had a PH3 unit (deck 10 port side) and it was days before the admiral stopped purring about the makeup table, walk-in closet, endless storage, crisp linens, and even the shorter height chaise for under-tall people LOL. This suite was a big factor in our onboard booking of a 2013 cruise on this same ship. The ship has an elegant modern 'Park Avenue' decor ...tasteful and understated (except for the outrageous 'Martini Bar'.). You will love this ship for everything it's not. There is no 'photo hall' , no lurking photographers; no charge soft drinks and coffee; no bargain sales events, no art auctions, finally no hogging chairs on the pool deck as 'placeholders' get removed!..there is no tipping so serving staff are not running popularity contests..and finally there are no crowds or lineups. Almost. AVOID the main dining room the first night by eating at a specialty restaurant or the buffet. We had no trouble with 'anytime' dining with the longest wait being 3-4 minutes. The food quality and service is exceptional even at the Waves Grill on deck 12. The excellent musical shows had a small but talented cast. The other entertainment offerings were just OK. Marina has the only cooking school in the cruise industry where you can participate (vs watching). It gets better...One of our favorite Toronto chefs -Massimo (Mitsura restaurant) will be a guest chef on this same cruise in early Feb. Wow! Things you need to watch for: - there is an 18% service charge embedded in everything including the spa but it is kept like a quiet secret... so be sure to ask to avoid double tipping. I'm ok with the policy... just that it should be stated up front and on the chits. - every boat has a bit of smoke/ soot but I would not take a cabin aft of the exhaust stacks until they wake up and fix this easy to repair problem. -if you are tendering in you may be entertained by a less than expert tender skipper. The guy running tender #7 on our trip has line handlers shaking their heads and passengers chuckling about the water ballet as he's trying to park Lol - Piano bar service is spotty at times so head to the bar to place you order. You will like this ship! Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2011
We flew out of LAX on 12/9/11 non stop into Miami Int'l Airport. We stayed overnight in the downtown Courtyard Marriott. Hotel was convenient - a $25 cab ride from the airport and the next day a $5 per person van ride to the cruise ... Read More
We flew out of LAX on 12/9/11 non stop into Miami Int'l Airport. We stayed overnight in the downtown Courtyard Marriott. Hotel was convenient - a $25 cab ride from the airport and the next day a $5 per person van ride to the cruise terminal. Hotel was OK - a little worn around the edges but clean and a friendly/helpful staff. Embarkation at the cruise terminal was a nightmare. The worst experience we have ever encountered. Long lines of passengers disembarking and waiting for transportation and long lines of new passenger waiting to get through the door to check in. No organization what so ever by Oceania - no signs, specified lines to check it etc.............The reason for all the confusion and turmoil was because Immigration did not clear the ship until after 11AM and Oceania did not have the check in set up on time etc..............New passengers are told in their documents to arrive at the terminal after 3PM - well passengers were waiting in line starting approx 10AM and thus caused more confusion and congestion. We received a letter from the Captain once on board apologizing for this situation. Once on board the 12 days was terrific. The cabin was very nice (ours had an extended/larger balcony) the bedding and amenities were first class and comfortable. Our cabin attendants were without question the most friendly and efficient we have had. Wonderful, welcoming people. The shower is very small and took some getting used to. The bathroom itself had a separate bathtub and there was plenty of room. Our experience with the dining was great. The main dining room food was very good and the presentations and service was fine - a very beautiful room and overseen by attentive bus boys, waiters, and the captains. They were there to please you. We ate in all 4 of the specialty dining rooms and agree that the food was wonderful and services and choices were fine. We especially enjoyed the Red Ginger and the Italian restaurant - the Polo Restaurant and the French Restaurant, Jacques was just OK. There was no separate service charge for any of the 4 speciality restaurants. That in itself was a nice option since so many of the other cruise lines charge extra to dine in their specialty restaurants. The buffet served breakfast, lunch and dinner and was really great for a serve yourself buffet - many choices of foods at every meal and always someone to help you to your table. The out door Grill served some of the best hamburgers and sandwich's of any cruise ship - also a nice ice cream bar, making malts, shakes etc............... The entertainment was just OK. One of the issues for many passengers is that the main show started in the evenings at 9:45PM and that was late for them. The ship should consider having an early show and a late show. Another "challenge" that needs to be addressed is at the reception desk, especially in the evenings. The staff on duty is not very responsive and not very friendly. We had a problem with our cabin door locked - it did not work and I had to go back and down to the reception 3 times to get some attention and there was never a follow up. They kept telling me they had given me a new key and it should work - but it did not because the complete door housing had to be taken out, new batteries installed 11PM that evening it could not be fixed - if we had to leave the cabin we could not get back in! No follow up or help from the evening reception staff. Very frustrating. One of the major complaints was that the Internet either did not work well and was extremely slow when it did work. Also the Internet was very expensive for the packages (and also per minute)and that made it even more frustrating waiting for it to come up, writing and reading emails etc............the company needs to go over the wiring system again and try to fix it. As far as the ports go and the tours - tours were very expensive on this cruise compared to many we have been on. The majority of the ports we were in we received warnings in writing in the daily on board cruise notes and verbally to be extremely careful and vigilant when going into the towns - no jewelery, stick with a group and be aware of children surrounding you since there had been a lot of pick pocketing going on. Going on a tour was much safer then walking along from the port to the city and around the cities. Disembarkation was a breeze. Started at 8AM and was extremely organized getting off and procuring your luggage and getting a cab. The cab ride to Miami Int'l was a flat fee of $25 and approx 15 minutes. The ship provided a bus service from the terminal to the airport but it was fairly expensive a approx $69 per person. In closing this was one of the best ships we have cruised on. The crew went out of it's way to make you feel welcomed and at home. The food was excellent. The ship was beautiful. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
As experienced cruisers, we enjoyed many aspects of our first Oceania cruise on the Marina in March, 2011. The food, the service, and the decor of the ship are much as described by other travellers. We were surprised to enjoy the nightly ... Read More
As experienced cruisers, we enjoyed many aspects of our first Oceania cruise on the Marina in March, 2011. The food, the service, and the decor of the ship are much as described by other travellers. We were surprised to enjoy the nightly entertainment as much and even more than many other, larger ships we've sailed on. The ports were fantastic, although we booked almost everything independently due to the limitations and the cost of the offerings of the ship. We would like to advise that cabin 9005, a concierge-level cabin, was extremely noisy at night with so many thumps, bumps, crashes and jolts that we finally had to move to another cabin on a lower floor. The seas were not exceptionally rough and certainly we have been in a variety of weather in our nearly 20 cruises, but we suspect that since cabins are put into a ship, during construction, as a whole unit, there must be something structurally lacking in 9005. We had never experienced anything like it and sleep was out of the question. We made our concerns known after the first night and happened to hear someone from another deck, voicing the same complaint to the registration desk -- the noises and jolts were enough to bring one up out of bed! We were all met with limited concern and the advice that if it happened again, we should call the desk right then and there. Not particulary reassuring. The second night we experienced an identical problem, called the registration desk at midnight, were met with casual concern but persisted, and were finally successful in getting moved on the third day. Our new stateroom did not have any of those sound and movement issues. Despite the luxury of the ship and its many good points, the rooms are not that well constructed, with chips in the "wood" of the closets and cupboards already (our cruise was in the second month of Marina's existence), bathroom tiles that let water seep through the grout of the floors and walls (noticed that in both staterooms and our room steward said it was a problem ship-wide), and flimsy walls that do nothing to keep the next room's conversations inside that room -- especially if you happen to be in a stateroom that could be an adjoining room. The closets rattled, the showers have been discussed enough already, and the balcony doors did not always open easily or close completely, despite a lot of effort. We especially wanted to warn people away from choosing cabin 9005. We enjoyed the rest of our cruise, but the construction issues are probably enough for us to avoid taking another chance on Marina. Read Less
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Entertainment 3.0 3.1
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 1.0 4.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.1
Enrichment 5.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.5
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 3.9

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