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Sail Date: July 2016
Worst of the worst. From cleanliness to service. Completely awful. we wrote to the company and have made several attempts to receive compensation and have been ignored. I think we were fair in our review and the expectation of some sort ... Read More
Worst of the worst. From cleanliness to service. Completely awful. we wrote to the company and have made several attempts to receive compensation and have been ignored. I think we were fair in our review and the expectation of some sort of refund but now we are just past caring and wish to warn those that you will not receive a quality experience with this cruise line. First, the bed is probably the best we have encountered on any cruise line and that did contribute to a sound and comfortable sleeping experience. We also complimented a select few staff who showed their personalities and provided us with some entertaining discussions. These employees were Gregory (Horizons), Emil (Horizons and Martinis), Natalia (Tuscan Steak, Waves & Horizons), Vangresh (Horizons), Alfredo (Waves Bar) and Glenn (Terrace Café). All these individuals were pleasant and shared little pieces of their homes, their travels and we thank them for that. The itinerary was fantastic, and even though we had to be diverted a couple of ports from the original plan, due to the sea condition; we cannot fault Oceania for that. The rest is unfortunately unpleasant and why we requested a refund of a portion of our fare. We paid the extra for concierge level for the “Priority Noon ship embarkation with priority luggage delivery” in order to get our bags early and unpack, we wanted to do laundry as we had been traveling a week already. One of our bags did not come until 6pm – 6 hours after we boarded. This left no time to unpack as we had spa appointments at 6pm. The spa appointments were booked pre-cruise for 5pm on embarkation day. When we embarked, we were told about the emergency drill scheduled for 5pm. We went to the Spa to find out how this would affect our treatments and we were postponed to 6pm due to the drill. This was fine except we had two-hour appointments and an 8pm dinner reservation for the Tuscan Steak house. This immediately inconvenienced and rushed our first day. We had to push doing laundry to the next day which limited our exploring time at Gozo. When we arrived to our stateroom, the bathroom was filthy. There was soap scum, from the previous guest, on the underside of both of the shower trays, which I personally find disgusting to have my soap mixed with the leftover soap of another person. There was also toothpaste spray on the wall over the sink and the toilet smelled heavily of urine. We travel with Clorox wipes so we cleaned it ourselves. Cleanliness was definitively sub -par. The guest bathrooms are old and worn, the mirror is de-silvered, the cabinet corner glass is chipped and dangerous, and the sink was cracked. The wood on the guest room deck was chipped and beveling, causing you to catch your toe when going to the balcony if you are not careful. The stateroom curtains were filthy and the light fixtures were cracked. This was very below the expectation and obviously not a part of the $50 million upgrade marketed for this ship. The level of service expected when traveling a luxury, upscale line lacked everywhere due to extreme understaffing. The Terrace café attendants were confused constantly and were unable to determine which guest was waiting on service. Mostly it would take three and four requests to get beverage orders filled. When you arrived during meal service, you would have no option but to sit at a dirty table. The Buffet at Terrace Café was a cluster. Everyone gathered in the center of the buffet to place orders, which confused the staff. They were unable to fulfill orders effectively, dishes presented to guests who had not ordered, and others went unfilled. It was chaos between the staff and the guests for any made to order items. Buffets should be self-served in order to get people through the line with exceptions for stations (carving, pasta). The system that is being used is unorganized and ineffective, which cheapens the experience. 9pm last call for the Terrace Café would rush you if you were a late diner. At this venue, they simply are not able to keep up with the demand. To quote from the experience section of the Oceania brochure “With no need to rush, stand in endless lines or worry about crowds, you can savor the defining elements that make our ships so special”, we certainly did not experience that. The Grand dining & Terrace Café serve the same food – one buffet and one served which is not providing additional dining choices for the guests if the menus are if the same content. The Grand Ballroom was on a 40-minute wait for dinner at times, even though there were plenty open tables. The service staff does tell you need to order everything in order to get it before the kitchen closes if you dine later in the evening. To quote the brochure: • With open-seating in all our restaurants, dine where, when and with whom you please, at your own pace • Cuisine never prepared en masse; every single dish created à la minute just for you • Staff and crew attend to your every whim and remember your individual preferences This seemed to have failed during our sailing. Room service was inconsistent – sometimes it would come and sometimes it would not. Pool bar services were great, if you went and got the drink yourself. If few guests were around the occasional service staff would ask if you would like something or distribute water regularly but if it got busy you would not see them and the water service seemed to stop between 2pm and 4pm daily. The guest laundry facility was filthy. Detergent product was always present in the washing machines. The product dispenser was broken the entire trip. The machines were out of order to begin with and more broke during cruise. Several times, we encountered situations where they had run out of some of the selections of wine and beer, which was occurring mid-cruise, not just at the end. The public area bathrooms lacked proper upkeep. In Horizons, we asked several times for replacement of hand towels. They never were, even though we saw and heard the bartender make the call for service. The pool deck closed on the last night for cleaning, we understand it needs cleaning but it was the last night and we could not enjoy the outdoor space. This was not the only example of maintenance during peak guest times. There were wet varnish signs in Horizons one evening during the night’s happy hour. Lastly, the Chief Concierge exasperated our experiences. He is truly horrible at his job. When we sent our travel agent a note to tell her how horrible we thought the experience the corporate office called him and he called us. We had a meeting with him and explained our concerns and he promised to follow up. He even agreed with all our statements and complained that he was juggling many things as guests were complaining about the children in the pool and the itinerary changing. We understood and ensured him we are only concerned with the items that the ship and its crew could control. Itineraries change for weather, it happens. You cannot control other people and how they discipline their children but you can control cleanliness and service levels. He never followed up. My husband went back to Him, 3 days later, He did not have recollection of our conversation. My husband reminded Him of our earlier meeting with him and his response was do you want compensation and if so that Oceania prefers to handle these things after disembarkation. We had another conversation with him, he again promised to follow up and we again never heard from him. Maybe he should spend less time in Horizons drinking and partying and more time doing his best to keep the guests happy and satisfied. The Chief Concierge never followed up with us on anything. When purchasing a luxury upscale cruise, which we have on multiple occasions, the expectation is that you will have a luxury experience. We do not feel that this experience even came close. We were disappointed upon embarkation with an unclean stateroom bathroom that was severely outdated and in disrepair. The inconvenience of not receiving the priority luggage delivery that we paid for was a further disappointment. The inconvenience of the spa to dinner reservation miscommunication and being rushed through restaurant venues. We were disappointed with the cleanliness of the ship and shortage of selection in menu choices coupled with running out of product and, with the exception of few individuals, are terribly disappointed in the service levels and certainly do not consider it a luxury experience. In fairness, other guests we spoke with whom have traveled with Oceania previously stated the other ships are much better so maybe this is working out the newness factor. For us it did not deliver to our expectation and we feel we grossly overpaid for the luxury experience we did not receive and are respectfully requesting a partial refund. We feel further disappointed that this cruise line has refused to make it right by us, post cruise even though we submitted photographic evidence with details to the Corporate office in Miami. We can guarantee we will never book again nor recommend to the world wide friends we travel with. we will also continue to share the experience with any future cruisers considering their options. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2016
This would be our fifth time we have sailed with Oceania, our other four cruises have been on Riviera, but we wanted to try the old “R” ship. We knew before we sailed what the ship would be like in relation to the configuration as ... Read More
This would be our fifth time we have sailed with Oceania, our other four cruises have been on Riviera, but we wanted to try the old “R” ship. We knew before we sailed what the ship would be like in relation to the configuration as we have also sailed with Azamara. We flew from Manchester to Malta to join the ship and had booked transfers thorough Malta Transfers, the taxi driver was waiting for us at arrivals, the only thing that went wrong was he dropped us off at the wrong place for the embarkation. We felt that there was not enough Oceania staff around to tell you where to go for embarkation, in fact we saw one person. When we eventually got on the ship it was very easy, but there must have been about 10 check in personnel doing nothing, why were they not reemployed to show customers where to check in. Overall we thought that Oceania had made a reasonable job of the refurbishment, we were in an obstructed view cabin on deck 6 which was convenient to most of the ship. The cabin being small, which we knew would be, but the bathroom had not been refurbished at all. The shower screen was very badly marked and there were about four or five hooks that you could not use because they had been smashed at some time. The bed was obviously new as was the carpet. We had two very good cabin stewards, a lady and a man. The food around the ship was very good, not as good as Riviera, we thought, the only negative we could give here is that the food in all venues was not hot. Every night we asked the waiters could our main course be hot, we achieved this only once in the MDR, a great waiter called Alexander from Russia, he said yes I also like hot food. This is one failing we find with Oceania and even after asking they still cannot get this right. Reservations in the speciality restaurants again were not what you know but who you know. We were told that they were fully booked all cruise, but the two times we got reservations there were tables that were empty all evening. Yes don’t say that they could have been booked and the people did not turn up, because they say they only hold a reservation for 15 minutes after your time. The one night we went to Tuscon Steak the couple in front of us were greeted by the Head Waiter and his comment was, Good Evening Mr and Mrs ***** I have saved your usual table by the window? Overall service again was much hit and miss, in fact one night we went to a bar and sat for 10 minutes and there were no waiters to order drinks from. We eventually went to the bar ordered our drinks and they sat on the bar, we went and picked them up and took them back to the table, and yes you pay 18% gratuity for the pleasure of serving yourself. We then went to the MDR and ordered a bottle of wine, and at 57.45 Euros we thought it was not cheap, the wine waiter came opened the bottle and served a little amount to us, we never saw her again all evening, if we need our glass refilled we did it ourselves, again 18% gratuity was added for the pleasure. The shows were very good and we really like the production shows. Unfortunately we had children onboard, now don’t get me wrong, we have grandchildren ourselves, but some of them did not know how to behave. Three boys about 8 or 9 years old ruled the pool deck most afternoons, this is where Oceania falls down, and there was no policing of the pool deck. One afternoon we had the boys firing water cannons into the pool, another day they were jumping from the Jacuzzi into the pool, they could have easily hurt themselves. They were even in the Jacuzzi and it clearly states that they were not allowed unless they had an adult with them, but no adults could be seen, they were just left to run riot. Even after many passengers complained to reception, nothing was done, they need a deck officer or someone in charge to oversee what was happening. This was a very bad reflection on Oceania, for first time cruisers, they may think that this was the norm. Even the pool waiters were getting fed up with them, one day the staff took away the bats and balls on the ping pong table as the boys were stamping on the balls and destroying the bats. We had changes to the ports of calls, two in fact, we were told that we could not go into Monte Carlo as it was too windy, but we also found out that on the same day the new Regent ship was being christened, now what was the truth. I seems that my review is quite negative, but overall we had a good cruise and will cruise again with Oceania, due to the many staff that were wonderful, it is such a shame that the few staff can be so surly and not helpful and it does cloud your judgment. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2016
We are seasoned cruisers having been on many lines including Azamara, HAL but mainly Celebrity. We wanted to try Oceania and this cruise seemed as good a place as any to start. On embarkation, which was a breeze, we realised that the ship ... Read More
We are seasoned cruisers having been on many lines including Azamara, HAL but mainly Celebrity. We wanted to try Oceania and this cruise seemed as good a place as any to start. On embarkation, which was a breeze, we realised that the ship is identical to the Azamara Journey. Nicely decorated and our cabin (outside 4th deck) was spacious and had the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. However, it was let down by the bathroom!! Minuscule with a tiny shower with a horrid cheap shower curtain which I am sure was not changed when the ship was refurbished. Ugh!! Interesting itinerary which was changed because of weather conditions but still we visited lovely places in the main. However, I can't see the point of being dropped off in places such as Marsailles. It's like being left in Manchester. Too big and not enough time to do it justice. I know they want you to take their tours but they are extortionately priced so we always do our own thing. I have some issues with my food and after a word with Maitre D Sinisia from Croatia, he made everything perfect. He looked after us superbly and every day he made sure we had what we needed and had food specially made for us and even brought the chef up to meet us to check everything was OK. Superb attention to detail and it made us feel very special. Can't thank him enough for his help. On the subject of food, which in the main was great, there were a few hours in the late afternoon where there was nothing available to eat anywhere on the ship except for room service. I have never known this happen on any other line and it is an issue that needs addressing. The entertainment in the evening was so so with the exception of a couple of speciality acts such as the violinists who were great. The Cruise Director is working under false pretences. Didn't see him speak to any passengers and hardly saw him at all. On that point. we didn't see the Captain anywhere on the ship, ever!! I suppose he must have been on board!! However, these are only minor issues. On the whole we really enjoyed the cruise. Love that you can usually get a sun bed at any time and the pool deck staff do their job well and keep you refreshed with iced soft drinks at all times. Would we cruise with Oceania again? Most definitely. But I think I would like to try one of their bigger ships. There would be more going on in the evenings I think and probably more dining choices. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2016
Chose this cruise after reading al the hype about Sirena and the refit. Having cruised on similar ships we knew what to expect regarding size, layout, cabins etc. Although the carpets, linen, furnishings, deck chairs etc. all appeared new ... Read More
Chose this cruise after reading al the hype about Sirena and the refit. Having cruised on similar ships we knew what to expect regarding size, layout, cabins etc. Although the carpets, linen, furnishings, deck chairs etc. all appeared new there did not seem to be too much "refitting" of the cabin itself. The earlier images appeared to show refits to the bathrooms however this was not the case. We are not big people so the space in the bathroom was adequate however I can see how it may be on the small size for larger people, particularly the shower. The food and service in Red Ginger was unbelievably good. The same cannot be said for the Tuscan Steak in which the food was way below average and the service almost non existent. We attended only one show, which was so bad that we did not want to go to any more. Although they seemed understaffed, overall the service provided by cabin, pool, administration and food and beverage staff was both friendly and excellent. Les, the "so called" entertainment director was without doubt the worst I have come across in over 10 cruises. Prices for drinks, particularly wine were extremely high particularly after service charges were added. We ended up buying wine ashore and bringing it back on board at each port, which was never questioned by security. There seemed to me that there was no interest in those passengers who, like us, prefer to do our own thing and not pay the high price being asked for the ship's excursions. There were shuttles provided in most ports, however we were usually docked so far away that it took almost an hour by the time you left your cabin until you got off the shuttle. With limited time in most ports this extra travel consumed valuable time going from and returning to the ship. It was also disappointing to dock in so many container ports rather than cruise terminals, given the standard promoted by Oceania. This was our 3rd Oceania cruise, given this experience would I cruise with Oceania again, most likely not. Read Less
Sirena Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 3.8
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 3.5 3.3
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 1.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.1
Enrichment 2.0 3.5
Service 4.5 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.5

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