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Sail Date: February 2018
Having sailed with other cruise lines such as P&O, Ocean Village, RCI, MSC and Disney I would like to think I have gained enough experience with cruising and as such I can make unbiased informed observations and comparisons with ... Read More
Having sailed with other cruise lines such as P&O, Ocean Village, RCI, MSC and Disney I would like to think I have gained enough experience with cruising and as such I can make unbiased informed observations and comparisons with others. I have always wanted to try Thomson (now Marella) as they sail from my local port (North Shields – River Tyne) which makes life easier than having to take the long drive to Southampton or the inconvenience of flying to a destination so much so I was really hoping that I would enjoy this experience. Unfortunately this was not the case. We flew to Tenerife to catch the ‘Dream’ and to sail onto Gran Canaria, La Palmas, Madeira, Agadir (Morocco) Lanzarote then back to Tenerife. Although boarding was straight forward enough I was surprised to receive both of our suitcases at completely separate times (the first arrived at our cabin at 1pm which was about an hour after boarding) but the second didn't arrive until after 7pm, a full six hours later even though they were taken off together which meant we couldn't really get ready for our first night aboard and asking the reception on seven occasions for help was pointless as they didn't really have any clue, they just looked puzzled and confused. First impressions of the ship were a bit disappointing, none of the usual wow factor you come to expect with normal cruise ships. There was no atrium / lobby or anything that looked really nice. Instead we were presented with this grubby, tatty old looking cross channel ferry that needed a damn good clean and a few coats of paint, let alone some new carpets. The pubs and bars looked like they were out of the 70’s and the Casino which was a portable affair was a grubby little area not far from the outside smoking area and as you can imagine smelled of old cigarettes and beer. It reminded me of local social clubs. The buffet was again very small and cramped and the food wasn't up to much either, it stank of fish daily. The main dining room (the Orion) looked a bit better if very old fashioned and tired. Food was quite plain and repetitive day in day out with Spinach showing up all the time. Service was okay but no more than, (it shows that Gratuities are included in the price as the waiters and for that matter bar staff and the cabin stewards seemed a bit ‘laid back’ in their duties shall we say) Drinks were priced fine as were the cocktails, that is until you tried them, they were the worst excuse for cocktails we have ever drunk as they had little to no flavour what so ever. This was a huge disappointment as although we don't drink a great deal, we do like cocktails daily whilst on board. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Thomson offer drinks packages and as such the quality just isn't there maybe down to cost cutting measures. We had heard a fair bit about how the entertainment was very good compared to other cruise lines. This was completely the opposite we found. I realise we all have different tastes and expectations of what quality entertainment actually is but I was surprised to find out just how bad it was. The theatre shows are normally fantastic on cruise ships in that you are often treated to west end / Broadway quality shows. This certainly is the case with lines such as P&O and Disney, however what Thomson gave us was dreadful. Most of the main singers couldn't actually hold a note in fact two in particular (one guy and one of the girls) actually sounded as if they were deaf they were so bad and also they over egged it too much it was painful to watch. There was also a guest comedienne on board called Brenda Collins who was obviously plucked straight out of the 70’s (minus the humour) who thought that putting on a monkey mask or dressing up as a mermaid was funny, it wasn't! it was cringy Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2011
Getting to the Ship We flew from Nottingham East Midlands, our favourite airport, to Palma, departing exactly when we were due and landing a few minutes early. We had purchased the Boot's Meal Deal at the airport, rather than ... Read More
Getting to the Ship We flew from Nottingham East Midlands, our favourite airport, to Palma, departing exactly when we were due and landing a few minutes early. We had purchased the Boot's Meal Deal at the airport, rather than having an in-flight meal, but I would not recommend this to anyone as the sandwiches were dry and rather tasteless. Our baggage took an unexplained 40 minutes to start to appear on the carousel, but once they started to arrive, we were lucky to get ours quickly and were directed onto the coach which delivered us to the quayside where the Dream was docked. Check in was reasonably quick, considering a number of flights had arrived at about the same time, and we were greeted with a cool drink while we waited. Unbelievably, we had a case go missing between the coach and the quayside, which caused us some concern. It took us a little assertion to get one of the crew to agree to track the case down for us and we embarked and were taken directly to our cabin. Starting the cruise The cabin was more spacious than I had expected and there was plenty of storage space: a double wardrobe and another space for hanging clothes which was behind a curtain. There were 3 reasonably wide drawers below this space and four drawers in the dressing table. There was a shelf in the wardrobe and a shelf over the safe. There was a bath which had two showers over it, one for using while you were in the bath and the other a proper shower. [We did find that we bathed and showered before 5.00 pm each day, as the water tended to be only tepid once everyone started to get ready towards 5.30-6.00 pm.] We quickly sorted out our hand-luggage and decided to go for a drink while we waited for our safe to be activated (a request you can make as you check in, as long as you pay the £15 for the week. Fortunately, we were aware of this charge as it had been mentioned in the Forums which I had been reading prior to our cruise). A quick snack and a number of drinks later (we were lucky enough to have purchased the All Inclusive for £49.00), we returned to the cabin to find both our cases waiting for us. No mention of how they had found the missing one, but this was not important to us as we now had all of our luggage - top marks for a very swift response to our problem. After a short snooze (we had been up since 5.30 am), we showered and dressed for dinner, which was served as open dining. We usually prefer first sitting, but this gave us the extra flexibility to be just a bit later if we needed to be. Meals on Board We had read some fairly awful reviews of the food so we did not know what to expect. I have to say that every bowl of soup we had, no matter what flavour, was really tasty and with the exception of the two we had in Sirens, were piping hot! There was a six-course menu each day, but we usually found that the soup, main and sweet offerings were enough. It was true that there were quite small vegetable servings with the main meal, but I still found that I was quite full after the three elements I selected. Breakfasts were very good in the Orion, the omelettes especially. At lunch time, there were a number of choices available, from snacks like beefburgers, hotdogs, pizza etc, to pasta, to Chinese to English, with potatoes, rice and pasta available with meat and fish. I have to say that I loved every piece of fish I had, as it was always cooked really nicely. All this said, this was the only part of the cruise that I did not rate as excellent, more from the point of view of choice than quality or quantity, so it would be nice to hear that improvements and/or some changes were being made. [I did miss my night-time room service supper I used to have when were were on the QM2 earlier this year, but hey, I put less weight on during this cruise, and I never went hungry!] Our Itinerary We started our cruise in glorious sunshine, which carried on through the week except for our first day which was at sea and we made our way onto Deck 7 aft (recommended through the Forums), which was virtually empty. It was still warm but overcast, the sun appearing briefly in the afternoon to give us a taste of what was to come. We spent the day relaxing, reading, eating - all those things that we go on cruises for. Day 2 was spent in Trapani, Sicily and we went ashore and boarded the Trapini Toy Train, which toured the old part of the town, about 35-40 minutes, with an English-speaking guide. The town was typically Mediterranean, with rows of houses built close together to minimize the effect of the sun, as it was definitely cooler when we walked between the buildings after we got off the train. Information given in the Port guides issued by the Excursions Team included the fact that free Internet access was to be found 600 metres from where we docked, so we wandered down to the Internet Cafe for a fabulous coffee and 'catch-up' with home.  The centre of Trapini was approximately 10 minutes walk from the ship, but there is a small tourist train available just outside the Port gates. There is a timetable available and you can buy your tickets at the kiosk. It is great to do the train tour, which lasts about 35-40 minutes depending on the traffic, and then wander around the town, buy a coffee and watch the world go by. Free internet access is available about 600 metres from the ship just along the promenade along Garibaldi pier. Local buses run from outside the port area and information on these is available from the tourist desk inside the Port terminal. Day 3 saw us up early to catch our excursion from Naples to Pompeii. A short journey of about 25 minutes saw us arrive at the town and after a little delay getting our earphones sorted, we were off on our tour. We had been to the site a number of years earlier but it was clear that there has been more excavation, as there was some new sights to see. We arrived early and we were very pleased that we did, because it became very hot while we were going around the sight. It is an amazing experience to wander around the very streets on which the chariots drove, seeing the grooves made by the chariot wheels; or so see the shops that used to see hot and cold food, with the holes still existing where the pots used to sit; and to get a feel for how social the inhabitants used to be, taking their baths and having their meetings in central locations. After about two and a half hours we re-grouped and were delivered back to the ship, ready to have lunch and return to our relaxation on the deck, this time moving up to deck 11 and eating in Sirens. Day 4 we docked in Civitavecchia, Italy where most people take the opportunity to visit Rome. Much has been said in the Forums about the ways to get into Rome and we have, in the past, used ship's excursions and made our own way into the City. This time we decided to look around Civitavecchia itself, because we had been told that some work had been done to make this port more attractive in its own right. Once again, we sought out the Internet cafes, drinking coffee, watching the world go by and catching up with home - a truly relaxing way to spend the day. We returned for lunch and Deck 11 for the lunch-time quiz and reading time. Day 5 was spent in Ajaccio, Corsica, the birthplace and childhood home of Napoleon. Once again, we joined a local 'petit' Train - after a wait of about 30 minutes - and we travelled around the main parts of the town, with a stop to see the Statue of Napoleon - a trip lasting about an hour and ten minutes. We then found ourselves on the main street, which we meandered around before finding ourselves in another Internet Cafe, drinking coffee - I think there was a pattern developing somewhere here! Day 6 Palamos, Spain - this was our last call before returning to Palma. We caught the free shuttle bus to the centre of town where there was a fabulous vegetable market, obviously used by the local people. It was possible to walk into the town without using the shuttle bus, as it was an easy 15-20 minute walk, but as we are feeling our age a little we decided on the bus. After our, by now, habitual coffee and catch up, we returned for our lunchtime quiz and lunch in Sirens.  A complimentary bus shuttle opperates into town, provided by the Port authorities, but it is an easy 15-20 minute walk from the Port area. We took to the bus, which ran at about 15 minute intervals. This was a typical market town, very mediterranean in atmosphere and again free internet access was available at one cafe that we found. It was noticeable that there were fewer cafes that had it in this town than we had found in our other towns. Day 7 saw us back in Palma, having an early breakfast prior to being transferred to the airport. We went off the ship to collect our cases and, you wouldn't believe it, one of them had disappeared. Fortunately, after a few minutes and a major panic, my husband managed to find it in totally the wrong place, with all the grey labels as opposed to the pink! Entertainment I enjoy the Thomson evening shows very much because they are not just singing and dancing as in 'Broadway Blitz', but also told stories as in 'Skoolz Out' and 'Dancehall Daze', which included great acting as well. There was an evening with a comedy Magician, who I had seen before, who was very interactive with the audience and quite good. I didn't actually go to his second show, shown later in the week and as an addition to the main show, but that is a personal preference rather than a critical comment. I was surprised that he was the only visiting act, as I am sure there are usually more, but that may be a mistaken memory. We loved the shows that were held in the Medusa Lounge each evening, run by the Thomson Entertainment Staff, which included Weak Link; Musical Mastermind; Alternative Question of Sport; Generation Game and Mr and Mrs. These all included participation by passengers and were fully supported every night, seats being at a premium if you were late back from the early Show in the Theatre. There were quizzes, a classical duo, a fantastic group, a very easy-to-listen-to duo and other activities too many to mention - except for Bingo perhaps, which was slightly more expensive at £5 per book, which covered 3 games. This means that those people who usually play six books per game could be paying £30 a day, fine if you are aware of this and make that choice, but knowing about it first helps. The staff definitely explained this before they sell the tickets, but it appeared that some passengers were still not fully aware of it. The prizes, however, reflected the fact that Bingo was very popular throughout the week and not just on the last day when the big money is won! Special mention must go to Ash, Mark, Strum Jam and Thomson Dream's very own Ann Robinson??? Overall, this cruise was fantastic, our waiters, Dennis, Zar and wine waiter, Lito, looked after us, making sure we had a table with them each night, and we returned home relaxed and very happy. Well done Thomson Dream Read Less
Sail Date: April 2011
This was our first cruise and so we thought we would book with a reputable holiday company and go on the Treasures on the Mediterranean. We had a great flight over to Palma where a Thomson Cruise rep greeted us and directed us to our ... Read More
This was our first cruise and so we thought we would book with a reputable holiday company and go on the Treasures on the Mediterranean. We had a great flight over to Palma where a Thomson Cruise rep greeted us and directed us to our transfer coach. After a 20-minute transfer we were at the port and boarding the Thomson Dream. We left our luggage on the dockside and it was delivered to us later in the day. Our first impression of the ship was that it was spotlessly clean and the Filipino crew were so friendly and helpful.Our cabin was very spacious and we had two wardrobes - plenty of clothes storage space.The entertainment by the Dream Team was top class and food was top quality. We ate in the Orion restaurant most nights and had 5 course meals with superb service by our very friendly waiter team Iing and Bernard. The on-shore excursions were very well planned and everything ran like clockwork.I was a bit concerned that we would feel the ship rocking, but there was no movement or engine noise whatsoever.The Dream is a cashless ship and so we were issued with plastic cards so that whenever we bought drinks from the bar, we just handed over the card and paid at the end of the holiday. All coffee and tea was free.The Thomson Dream cruise was one of our favourite holidays and we can't wait to go on our next one. Thank you Thomson Dream for a fabulous week in the Med. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
Before I start this review I feel that I have to comment on a previous review that stated that just because some people have not had negative experiences whilst on the Dream does not mean that they did not happen. Whilst I agree with this ... Read More
Before I start this review I feel that I have to comment on a previous review that stated that just because some people have not had negative experiences whilst on the Dream does not mean that they did not happen. Whilst I agree with this but am of the understanding that these reviews are based on our OWN factual individual experiences not on the hearsay of OTHERS! I booked the holiday approx. 8 weeks before departure having seen it advertised in a local travel agent at what I felt was very good value for money. On arrival to Bournemouth airport we left the car and took the free coach to Southampton which was easy and straightforward and we even had time to have complimentary hot drinks and biscuits whilst waiting for the coach (much apppreciated following a 4 hour drive and a 5 minute walk from the carpark to the airport in the cold!). Having travelled to many worldwide destinations on fly/hotel holidays this was by far the least stressful and most seamless transition to start our holiday as we only needed to take our suitcases a short distance from the coach at Southampton to the terminal before a very quick transfer through security and onto the boat. This was much appreciated especially as our daughter who is 16 years appears to always take enough clothes to last her a month! Our cabin, 7046, was clean and more spacious than we expected. The cabin steward kept the cabin clean and tidy and it was cleaned twice and day, every day. The toilet did get blocked on one occasion but this was fixed within 20 minutes and being a boat owner myself I realise that these things can happen. We liked the little touches from the cabin steward, for example, leaving towels shaped like an elephant, swan, etc, folding back the beds sheets and placing a chocolate on the pillows every evening. Unfortunately we did have one day when the weather was not very kind although this is well known around the Bay of Biscay. The two pools on the ship were not filled at this time due to health and safety reasons but I feel that you have to expect that this may happen on a cruise. The food was excellent with each restaurant offering different dining selections ranging from buffet to sit down waiter service. The activities onboard were well organised, professional and varied each day. We found that there was always something for myself, husband and teenage daughter to do, even on the days at sea. The crew and staff were exceptional and for us really made the holiday. The entertainment was excellent with a different themed show every night, the staff such as Manly, LLng, Bernard, Rusty, Oliver, Jodel, Emile, Andrew and Lito to name only a few who provided exceptional service. Tables were cleaned within minutes and queues were minimal at the restaurants although if people thought that a five minute wait was too long I would like to know where they go on holiday as I will book there immediately. My negatives were manly the small minority of guests that constantly complained, and boy did they complain! This was not necessarily based on their own difficulties that they were experiencing but on those of other guests that they had met. Guests were complaining that other guests were in the older age group ranges but we felt that unless you go on a 18-30 holiday you cannot really expect to be on holiday with a particular age group. We have to say that we met some lovely people of ALL ages. Other complaints were that only one engine was working which delayed our arrival slightly at Porto although we arrived in the Caribbean early! Guests complained that we had too many days at sea but would this information not of been provided upon their booking. We also heard complaints from guests regarding the weather!! What are Thomson expected to do about this I don't know. I was also a little annoyed that complaints were made regarding flights back home on Christmas Eve, due to the snow in the UK. Umm tough one, stay on a cruise ship with warmth, cabin, shows, food, drink etc or wait in a airport for hours and hours!!Our family also witnessed fighting over seats in the Theatre and shouting and abusive language directed at cruise staff. I have to say that we were disgusted by the behaviour of some of the other guests. I even had a complaint on the flight home on putting my seat into the recline position to sleep on a night flight! We cannot wait to return and are already planning another cruise on the Dream this year. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
Hi Everyone After reading some of the 'melodramatic' reviews of the dream i thought it would be a good idea to write a fair unbiased one! i too have had good and bad experiences on the dream as i will highlight later in this ... Read More
Hi Everyone After reading some of the 'melodramatic' reviews of the dream i thought it would be a good idea to write a fair unbiased one! i too have had good and bad experiences on the dream as i will highlight later in this review, but to all those people reading these reviews and thinking that they've made a terrible mistake in booking on the dream, just remember people will only ever tell you the bad things that happen...never the good!! i was a 1st time cruiser going on the dream, i went with my partner who has been on many cruises (RCI, NCL, P&O) and his father who has been on more than him! We went on the Caribbean Dream cruise, Transatlantic from Southampton to Barbados! the itinerary was one of the main points that made us want to do this cruise as it stopped at some lovely places. Our 1st impression as we got to Southampton was that the whole embarkation process was seamless! i think we got there slightly early but nevertheless it was quick and we were on board and shown to our cabins in no time! our cabin was an inside stateroom on (notorious) deck 5, when we got in there we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of space that there was in the cabin, both my partner and his father said that the cabins were bigger than that on other newer ships! we probably could have done with a little more storage space but that was probably due to me not taking enough coat hangers and too many clothes!! i will say that it is definitely better to take suitcases that are collapsible and not those rock hard ones so you can store them under your bed. my partners father was in a single cabin and he found that to be very spacious and comfortable, he was also on deck 5. As we had arrived early it gave us plenty of time to take a wander round the ship and get some lunch in the Lido restaurant whilst others were still embarking the ship. the muster drill had to take place inside due to the cold weather in Southampton, i don't think anyone had complaints about that!! Unfortunately our problems started about half an hour after we had left Southampton when we returned to our cabin to find the bathroom had wet floor behind the toilet, we didn't think much about it and went for dinner, when we returned about an hour and a half later we found the bathroom to be totally flooded with grey water! our cabin steward 'Hari' was around at the time and after we had called reception to raise our concern we spoke to him too. he looked genuinely horrified that this was happening in our room and was very apologetic, we later found out why... it wasn't just our room! there was about 6 rooms surrounding ours that were all having similar problems, the room opposite ours had water going all the way back to their bed, the staff were frantically trying to get the water off the carpets using the wet vacuum they had, it was chaos outside our cabin for hours as the water just wouldn't subside. The plumbers that were fiddling around with pipes around our rooms just kept trying all sorts of things to get the problem sorted, this went on after midnight and we did witness them entering one room to look in their bathroom when i believe the occupants were in bed, which to be fair wasn't really on. They then said to us that the only way that they are going to sort the problem is by going through the Orion restaurant ceiling below us to get to the pipes but this couldn't be done until morning. Which was fine accept that it didn't help us with no bathroom to use overnight!! we think that the people in the cabins around us had given up and gone to bed. We however didn't want to sleep in a room with no bathroom and didn't think we should have to, so went to reception about 1 am to ask what we were supposed to do, they initially said there was nothing that they could do as the ship was full, but when we politely stood our ground and said how unacceptable this was, the lady found us one unoccupied cabin which was to be used for emergency situations for people to wash and shower in, we were allowed to use this overnight to sleep in as we were promised that our cabin would be habitable tomorrow. We asked at that time about what kind of compensation we would get for our inconvenience and also if our cabin is not habitable tomorrow , we were told nothing, all compensation was to go through Thomson when we returned home and again assured that everything would be sorted in our cabin... fair enough as long as it was true!! The next day we returned very nervous to our cabin to find it dry and cleaned :) The carpet was a little wet by the door, the carpet outside the room was wet through still and they were still trying to get it dry but we could not fault the staff for trying! Hari was around and asked us if we were OK and if everything was better, the staff really could not do enough. It appeared that everyone around us was moved from their rooms to other cabins later on in the cruise when some contractors had left the ship, we stayed on ours because after the initial problems our room was 'near enough' perfect! Our only other complaint about the room was with the Air Conditioning that just didn't appear to work no matter how many times we were told that it had been fixed, it never seemed to get cooler!! My Partners Father had problems with his toilet not flushing and filling up with sewerage, but it would usually then have a delayed flush to get rid of this and never overflowed, he just didn't like waking up to that most mornings. He was given sparkling wine and chocolates as a sorry for this which he accepted. I'm sure if you've read other reviews then you'll know about one of the engines breaking on the way to our first port which meant we were late getting there... OK so this was a little bit annoying due to not having a whole day in the port, but you'd have thought it was the end of the world if you'd listened to some peoples reactions on the ship! This went on after there was a problem with a generator in which it shorted out the whole ship so everything turned off for a matter of seconds before they kicked in again, we were sat outside on the Lido deck at the time and it was pure entertainment watching people gather and start an influx of rumours that were just not true! one man described to another 'and there was a big bang!!'...we just laughed at him, what an idiot! There just seemed to be people who went on that ship just so they could find problems with it. I had a lady one day approach me in the Lido Restaurant trying to recruit me into some sort of mass complaint whereby they will all complain to Thomson together and not on an individual basis even if they never had a complaint! that's just ridiculous! The food on board was lovely, we mainly went to the Lido Restaurant as there was something on the menu that we all liked, the other restaurants were nice and lovely food, we didn't eat in the Orion that often due to the food not being to all our our tastes at one time...OK so we're fussy eaters! It was a shame that the ice cream machine broke so early on in the cruise, it would have been lovely when we were in the Caribbean but never mind, just one of those unfortunate things i guess! You could not fault the staff on board at all, they were all absolutely brilliant and could not do enough! we felt sorry for the reception staff, even though we had to see them about our complaint we were never rude, hostile and never shouted at them which we witnessed other passengers doing. our cabin steward was so lovely, he was new to cruising as we found out by spending time chatting with him, he found it hard work but was enjoying it, he had a family at home that he'd next see in 8-10 months....i think most of the staff on board have the same story which is sad but they get better money doing this than working at home which they appear to appreciate! although they did say that they found England far too cold! we agreed!! :) It was nice to see the Captain eating with the passengers in the Lido Restaurant, no hierarchy obvious! we also thought it was nice that at his cocktail party he highlighted the fact that the running of the ship is mainly due to the people you don't see on deck as they are well below deck! this was a nice touch... the entertainment crew were very good, brilliant shows and genuinely friendly to talk to. There were a couple of guest comedy acts that came aboard for a week each, they were also good and mingled in with the passengers. Whilst we were at sea they changed the theatre into a cinema at 12 noon which was a great idea, were were pleasantly surprised by the quality of films that they showed, all new films not yet on DVD, i know this isn't to every one's taste to go on holiday and watch a film but we thought it was a good option to have. We saw dance classes going on, we didn't participate in any as we'd probably end up causing injury to ourselves! Every day there was a long list of activities going on around the ship if you wanted to join in, i don't think anyone could say that there wasn't anything to do! we didn't do much apart from relax but that was our choice not because we didn't have any other options. The ports were good, with plenty to do if you got off and went exploring, Porto was the only one where you had to go on a shuttle bus to get to town, however saying that my partners father went for a walk and ended up on a beach next to the town so it was doable! my favorite stop was Antigua...we did the jeep safari which was amazing..well worth it if anyone gets chance to do it, you see parts of the island that no taxi tour will take you too! and the guides are just so knowledgeable and friendly with no hidden agenda! they did not hint for tips or anything but we gave them one as we'd enjoyed it so much. Our very last complaint was with the compensation issue... after being told that we would not get anything on board, the day before the end of our holiday we were offered £200 compensation for the troubles at the start of the holiday which would be added to our room bill!! this was fine apart from the fact that we would have enjoyed the holiday a whole lot more knowing we had £200 to blow on what we liked...excursions, drinks etc. We'd already payed off most of our bill by cash and so only had something like £70 on our room when they offered that to us...after we discussed it with them they agreed to give us the £200 cash which was fair enough. One of the best things to point out was the brilliant way in which we left the ship and got home, we left our case out the night before and didn't see it till we got to Gatwick! no queueing at the airport to check in- just straight to security to departure lounge to plane! lovely! I'm sure i could go on forever but I'll stop boring you now, i just wanted to write a report which is honest...I'm sure some people have had a horrible time and I'm sure some people have had a fabulous time on the dream! like i said to start with you just never hear about the good stuff...it doesn't make interesting reading does it!??! Neither me or my partner (nor his dad) look back on this holiday with a negative view, the good points by far outweigh the bad and even though it was not funny at the time and caused unneeded distress, it was forgotten after the first 48hrs and we then just enjoyed the holiday. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
Well here we go as promised...My first try at a short review of our cruise on the Thomson Dream transatlantic run december 2010. First impressions of the ship are that it is a dated and well used ship. It is clean and tidy and our ... Read More
Well here we go as promised...My first try at a short review of our cruise on the Thomson Dream transatlantic run december 2010. First impressions of the ship are that it is a dated and well used ship. It is clean and tidy and our cabin (7194) was in a good state apart from corrosion around the window and a crack in the sink unit in the shower room. Leaving southampton we lost one engine and continued on the remaining one arriving late at our first stop where spares and engine specialists were waiting to work on the broken engine as we continued on to our second stop. We also arrived late here and both crew and passengers were concerned that we would not be doing the transatlantic crossing because the captain had said he wold not even try it with only one engine. We had force 10 winds and waves crossing Biscay but for a small ship dream handled it well with a bit of rolling but nothing too bad. Before we reached Madeira our Third stop and the last before the Atlantic Motor 2 was on line and working well. There was plumbing issues in various places around the ship, flooding on deck 5, deck 10, water not working in some cabins. our cabin was really noisy when ship was maneuvering please try to avoid the cabins at rear of the ship if you do not like being awoken with a start if ship is docking early!! These of these problems are been worked on but will take time to find others. The bottom line is that the ship was not looked after when in service with Costa and the problems are showing up now. On the positive side the entertainment staff were great friendly and approachable as were the ships officers. The cleaning and waiting staff were great once they had all arrived ( some did not arrive until stop 3) the shows entertainment were great if a bit repetitive. The excursions were well organised and went without a hitch but please remember IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO WEAR ANY KIND OF COMBAT PATERNED CLOTHING EVEN SHORTS ON ANY OF THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS AND YOU WILL BE STOPPED AND CLOTHING CONFISCATED. The trip home was a trek. We had to be out of cabins by 9.00am but due to the weather planes were late we did not leave the ship till after midnight and did not fly till 4.00am. The organisation on leaving was not good the queueing to get off was not good and when we got to Barbados airport all drinks were taken off us as we went through security and because the airport usually closes at 8.00pm there was nowhere to purchase any drinks in the lounge and we still had 3 hours to wait for the flight. It was only people power that got one of the shops open because there were no reps from Thomson in the airport which was well out of order. All in all a good cruise made that way more by the staff than the ship. We would go on the dream again as a bargain cruise but not if we had to pay full price then we will go with someone else. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
We went on this cruise with a very open mind after seeing it featured on Watchdog and reading many bad reviews. We took hope in the fact that the ship was going into dry dock for repairs and "refurbishment". How wrong we were!!! ... Read More
We went on this cruise with a very open mind after seeing it featured on Watchdog and reading many bad reviews. We took hope in the fact that the ship was going into dry dock for repairs and "refurbishment". How wrong we were!!! This was an absolute nightmare of an holiday,if ever a ship was wrongly named then this has got to take first place. The corridors stink and the carpets are filthy and threadbare. The walls are covered in big black marks were pictures have been hung and are no longer there. The lifts, (when working) stink and are of an hiddly piddly nature, you can go so far in one lift then have to get out walk to either the front or back of the ship to get another lift to continue your journey. Why don't you just walk up or down the strairs to get to where you want to go I hear you ask?? Because more often than not, the stairs are fenced off and you aren't allowed to walk down them. The aircon did not work in either the cabin or throughout the ship. Cabins of a good size but the bathroom dated and dirty, the bath comes complete with a permanent black scum mark all around it. Drawers extremely difficult to open. Work constantly being done whilst passengers are trying to eat. People allowed to smoke next to uncovered food causing smoke to taint food. Hygiene standards not maintained with regards to hand cleaning. I could go on and on but I would be here all day. This ship was not sorted whilst in dry dock, resulting in so many delays reaching our destinations. Until we actually left Madeira for the transatlantic crossing we were unsure if we would actually sail. The ship was sailing on one engine and limped to our destinations in Europe causing cancellations to excursions. There is a constant shuddering which can be felt throughout the ship, even lay in bed you can feel it through your pillow. I strongly advise anyone due to travel on this ship to think again and look to transferring to another ship. We have cruised with Thomson's previously and not experienced anything like this. I would never go on this ship again Read Less
Sail Date: December 2010
Having read previous reveiws, both good and bad, we weren't quite sure what to expect but hey, for the price we paid, it was going to be a nice break. We have to say, there were an awful lot of people on board who seemed hell bent on ... Read More
Having read previous reveiws, both good and bad, we weren't quite sure what to expect but hey, for the price we paid, it was going to be a nice break. We have to say, there were an awful lot of people on board who seemed hell bent on looking for problems and making trouble, stupid ones even filming engine smoke! - we felt really sorry for the reception staff who had a lot of abuse thrown at them and still managed to smile and do a great job. Silly moans about sea days - you book an Atlantic crossing, you get sea days for heaven's sake - I do wonder why they even bother, maybe the wrong kind of people are cruising these days? We had a great time, OK the cabin was a bit noisy during docking but being near the back we knew this was likely. We had a problem with the bathroom light, it was fixed within half an hour. Yes, there were delays coming back due to the weather in UK but that's not anybody's fault and Thomson kept everyone on the ship as long as possible, other companies would've dumped passengers at the airport first thing in the morning and let them get on with it. All the staff and crew were brilliant, very friendly (not like P and O) we saw the Captain and his family everyday in the Lido at breakfast, the entertainment was as good as ever and Gavin, as always, brilliant. The Casino staff in particular were great company! The lay-out on the Dream is really good, give Thomson time and this really will be a fanatastic ship - we'll be back! Read Less
Marella Dream Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 0.0
Dining 4.0 0.0
Entertainment 4.0 0.0
Public Rooms 4.0 0.0
Fitness Recreation 4.0 0.0
Family 4.0 0.0
Shore Excursion 4.0 0.0
Enrichment 3.0 0.0
Service 5.0 0.0
Value For Money 4.0 0.0
Rates 4.0 0.0

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