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Sail Date: October 2014
It has been two weeks since disembarkation from the Oasis WBTA, and I still believe it was the "Worst! Cruise! Ever!" From a nightmare embarkation to crowds and noise and lines all over the ship, this cruise was a waste of 12 ... Read More
It has been two weeks since disembarkation from the Oasis WBTA, and I still believe it was the "Worst! Cruise! Ever!" From a nightmare embarkation to crowds and noise and lines all over the ship, this cruise was a waste of 12 days. Before we even left for the cruise, I was afraid that it would not be what we are used to. On Oasis, you have to book your shows before you board. The IT department couldn't be bothered to allow those boarding in Southampton to do this. I was able to make some reservations in the weeks before sailing by calling, but after all of them being changed from 2 to 12 people (others had the same thing happen and then some were being told that all of the shows were now booked), all but 2 of our reservations were canceled about a week before boarding. I gave up on trying to book anything. My husband said that we were bound to have a good cruise, because our expectations were so low!!! The people on the Cruise Critic boards said not to worry about this, because it is so easy to book on the TV in the stateroom - except that didn't work either! When we thought we had something booked, we checked our reservations and the new ones weren't there. At Guest Services, we were told that the TV wasn't working for bookings, but they were able to make them for us. Some people didn't have a working TV the entire cruise, others had no hot water the first three days. Needless to say, there were always long lines at Guest Services. In fact, there were long lines every place we went. It was noisy and crowded, and not at all relaxing. Not to mention how far you have to walk to get from one place to another. And to top it off, they never even checked our reservations for most of the shows! The activity schedule was very limited for a transatlantic. There was only one speaker the entire cruise - a former prosecutor talking about forensics. The subject got old quickly. The first few days, it was held in one of the bars that held relatively few people - we couldn't get in until the day we got there 1 1/2 hours early. They finally moved it to the ice rink, which filled up with about 800 people. Unless you went to trivia, there was nothing else to do, so people went to the lecture. And if you did want to do trivia, again in one of the bars, you had to get there over an hour before the first trivia of the day to get a seat because no one left after that until lunch, when multiple trivia's were over for awhile. Except for progressive trivia, which we did every afternoon. There were six on our team and we always got there about 1 1/2 hours ahead in order to get a table. It started with 50 teams, but ended with about 20 because of the hassle involved. The place it was held (another bar) always had a dance class right before trivia, so it was very, very noisy during our wait. The shows were okay, some better than others. But there were several nights that there was nothing to see because they repeated shows two days in a row. There was a late-night comedy show most nights which required reservations. But, it was the exact same show every time! CATS was shown the last two nights of the cruise. Another 1 1/2 hour wait, even with reservations. Some who came closer to show time, with reservations, couldn't get a seat. The mass of people waiting to get into the theatre was almost as bad as boarding in Southampton. I would say we were in line for 3 hours, except that there wasn't a line - just a mass of thousands of people waiting outside for them to open the terminal. The RCL loyalists said this is not Royals fault, wait until we see how easy it is to disembark in Ft. Lauderdale. Well, it was also a nightmare. It took over 3 hours to get off of the ship and through customs. I read that they finally cleared the ship about 3 PM. Some people with 3:45 flights missed them! There were several fights on this cruise. Before one Forensics lecture, one man choked another apparently over one of them saving seats. The choker was on house arrest the remainder of the cruise, and the chokee was pressing charges. People were very aggressive and the tension level was high. This was our 49th cruise, on 10 different cruise lines, and our 11th transatlantic. If this was our first transatlantic, I would never do another one. And if it was our first cruise, I would hesitate before booking a second one. This was our first RCI cruise, and it will most definitely be our last!!! Apparently, our expectations weren't low enough! Throughout the cruise, we felt that they just didn't care. At least 90% of the people we talked to said they would never cruise Oasis again, even some with Diamond or Diamond Plus status. One couple at our table are Diamond Plus, and they said they will not sail RCL again. For all of the people RCI alienated by their lack of effort on this cruise, they would have been better off sailing it back to the US empty. But I don't think they cared...   Read Less
Sail Date: October 2014
This was beyond a doubt the worst cruise we have ever taken. Mob mentality existed from before we got on in Southampton until we went through immigration in Fort Lauderdale. RCCL had absoultely no control over those standing in line and we ... Read More
This was beyond a doubt the worst cruise we have ever taken. Mob mentality existed from before we got on in Southampton until we went through immigration in Fort Lauderdale. RCCL had absoultely no control over those standing in line and we stood in many lines. I can't even call them lines since it usually was a very large group of people pushing and shoving to get in a door to something, the terminal in Southampton, the theater every night, the Diamond Loungs (although they didn't push and shove there), Studio B and every other venue we had signed up for We stood outside the terminal in SH for over two hours. There were people there who ocassionally tried to get the various loyalty classes of people in a certain area but they never followed through. When the doors did open it was a push and shove like I have never been in before. I rescued an older lady next to me who got separated from her husband and a man with a suitcase refused to let her pass to catch up with him. I finally got her to the door where an "official" took her hand and helped her in. The lines to the theater were long every night and the night CATS played it was even longer. Some folks stood in line for over two hours only to have people approach from the left and right side and slide in in front of them. When people complained to security his response was "we didn't tell you to come and stand in line for two hours". In all cases a set of ropes to delineate the lines would have made all the difference. A megaphone would have enabled more if not everyone to hear what those "in charge" were saying. Instead they yelled expecting 1.000+ people to hear them. It seemed as though no one cared except for those who had been standing there for two or more hours. They need to go to Disney and learn crowdn management. I really don't think they need three high end purse stores on one ship. Can't see them selling many Coach bags to those on a week long Caribbean vacation. Central Park is lovely but I can go to a park when I am home. When I am on a ship I would like to see the sea. Except for the theater and STudio B all the other public rooms were very small given that ship holds over 6200 people. That being said - the shows were outstanding. The food in Windjammer was OK but I would have preferred to have the hot foods in one area and the cold foods in another. There was one nice area at the very back of the ship by the jogging trail that was a great quiet place to read a book. I would have enjoyed the pool more if it had been heated. We never saw the Cruise Director, Drew, except on the stage or on TV and very rarely saw any of the other officers. They were pretty much invisible. I think everything cost more on this ship and the fact that there were more resturants with an up-charge than complimentary is a bit disturbing. We are long time cruisers but I would not get on an Oasis Class ship again. We tried it and found we didn't like it much. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2014
Firstly we boarded at Southampton we were sent e-mails confirming our boarding time and asked to acknowledge that we had received this. When we arrived at the port there was a massive crowd and the doors had not been opened to let people ... Read More
Firstly we boarded at Southampton we were sent e-mails confirming our boarding time and asked to acknowledge that we had received this. When we arrived at the port there was a massive crowd and the doors had not been opened to let people in. We waited 2:15 hours with people pushing and shoving and then the rain started. No officials from RCI or the port gave any information at all no definitive lines were set up it was chaos I have never known anything like it bad! bad! bad! The pools were not heated and on one day all of the main pools had nets over them with maintenance going on, even if the weather is not good if the pools are heated at least you can get in for a swim. The public areas are not big enough for everyone if you are inside due to bad weather We went to the Karaoke final in the On Air lounge and got there 2 hours before it started as there was no way you would get a seat as the weather was raining outside so everyone was inside. CATS Well this was truly awful.The booking system on the TV staterooms kept giving different times to the one I had printed off when it was booked over the phone with RCI. That's another thing couldnt book any dining or shows on line had to all be done over the telephone even though I booked this trip on 9th April 2013! When I phoned RCI to complain that I could not book the dining or the shows the rep just said 'Yes its a problem at the moment - try next week' ( 52 weeks later and you still can't book!!!!) Anyway back to CATS so we got in line 1 hour before the doors to the theatre opened and the lines became extremely long and about 4 people deep which made it difficult for people to access the elevators going in and out there was no line control. When the doors did open people who had VIP on their seapass thought it was acceptable to just push to the front of the queue and show their VIP sticky yellow dot! There was only 1 crew member checking the seapass cards to enter the theatre and people just pushed past her to get in. Worse than that even though you had the show supposedly booked there was not enough seats in the theatre and people sat on the stairs in the exit isles to watch the show which is a complete health and safety risk if something happened and you needed to exit the theatre as it was i left before the 1st intermission (not the only one I might add) but it was difficult to get up the stairs with people sitting all over them!! Disembarkation at Fort Lauderdale was awful again another long wait with limited customs officials to cope with the amount of people from Europe entering the US. Oh and the Gym smelt of smoke for the 1st 2 days so bad impossible to train in there. The good stuff Nice staff and good food and a lovely ship if organised properly would I go on Oasis again NO, give me Freedom loved it. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2014
This review covers the 12 nighter Southampton to Fort Lauderdale transatlantic cruise, along with the following back-to-back 5 nighter to Nassau and Cozumel. We booked a year ago as we wanted to experience the novelty of this one-off ... Read More
This review covers the 12 nighter Southampton to Fort Lauderdale transatlantic cruise, along with the following back-to-back 5 nighter to Nassau and Cozumel. We booked a year ago as we wanted to experience the novelty of this one-off cruise departing from home waters on 'the biggest cruise ship in the world'. Oasis usually operates 7 night cruises from Fort Lauderdale to the sunny Caribbean week in, week out. As someone observed, 'as if it's on rails'. Unfortunately, we found that if this routine is changed, it comes off the rails in a number of important aspects. However there is no denying that Oasis is amazing in terms of its sheer size and unique facilities. The “neighbourhoods” are truly impressive. The ship is a celebration of naval architecture. But this is not to say that it is perfect, because its size and design bring unique problems eg the facilities and layout are geared to good weather cruising (the public rooms are smaller than you might expect – a fact repeatedly made by the Cruise Director) and unfortunately on this cruise the weather was hit and miss. Hence venues struggled to cope with the numbers. Surprisingly, some facilities are missing eg we missed not having an area outside the Windjammer where you can eat, and there is no promenade deck. There were problems with embarkation/disembarkation at Southampton and Fort Lauderdale which are well documented on this forum so we will not elaborate, other than to add our voices to the chorus. It would seem that the ports cannot handle the numbers. We also agree with others that the show and tour booking system was a shambles. We had a severe noise problem with our room on the first night. We spent most of day 2 being promised that a maintenance man would be sent. We were repeatedly told that someone would be with us soon. But the day dragged on and no sign of a maintenance man. He turned up at 22.30. He told us the problem was with the floor, so it couldn't be easily fixed. We escalated the problem with Guest Services and they eventually agreed to let us have another room. They offered to send someone to assist with the move and promised that he was on his way. We waited for an hour and with no sign of help, we decided to move ourselves, which was to the other end of the ship and two decks down. The help arrived as we were taking the last few items. When we later mentioned this to Guest Services, they said that they would send us a bottle of wine; a small but welcome gesture. Alas, we never did receive that wine. So not a good start. Things settled down after that but unfortunately there were other examples of not following through on promises. If there is one piece of advice we would offer to RCI it's 'don't promise what you can't deliver'. Other sundry points: Room Service: One order took 2 hours to arrive despite chasing and being given reassurances. When it did eventually arrive, we were presented with only half the order. On other occasions a 45 minute wait was the norm – far too long. Guest Services: We noticed a strange quirk when queuing up at Guest Services. Lines were often 10 deep and to their credit Guest Services staff were often seen going along the line, presumably to see if they could help with any quick queries. The only trouble was that they started at the end of the line ie the person who arrived last was dealt with first! To make matters worse, they would sometimes undertake to deal with someone's problem and would disappear behind the counter, leaving those remaining in the queue looking around with incredulity. When we mentioned this to the staff concerned, they agreed that it was illogical but that they had been told to operate in this way. In-room TV: The offerings were minimal and the worst we've ever seen. Pre-recorded shows and a few 20 year old movies, all going round on a loop. Movies to rent were too expensive. What a contrast to our Virgin Atlantic return flight; a huge number of entertainment options all included in our basic economy fare. Dining: Adherence to the dress code in the main dining room was largely ignored. Many men wore shorts and open sandals on formal night. It was just one step away from wet speedos and flip-flops. This undermined any prospect of an appropriate dining atmosphere. We felt embarrassed wearing our formal clothes as we were in the small minority. If RCI won't enforce the dress code, then why bother having one at all? Why not scrap formal nights altogether? But that would be a real shame from our perspective. The My Time dining room Silk is rather ordinary in terms of its furnishings and decoration. Tables felt squeezed in. This included at the entrance where tables were, in effect, in a corridor. The waiters tried their best and were accommodating, but always rushed off their feet. But food quality, variety and portion sizes were very good in all the venues we tried. My Time reservations seemed to work well on the 12 nighter. Thereafter we struggled to make reservations by phone. The banner at the entrance – segregating those with reservations from those without – was only employed on a couple of nights. So when it was not employed, those with reservations had to join the same queue as everyone else, rendering the reservation meaningless. The provision of complimentary coffee appeared to be an afterthought ie crude urns that needed manual filling up. Entertainment: Headliner/comedy acts were very old-school. We thought that we'd moved on from that. However the performers in both Come Fly With Me and Cats were excellent. It's a shame that Cats is just such an over-rated show. The main aqua show was excellent, if a little 'arty'. The one-off aqua show on the last day was cancelled at short notice. 'The Quest' needs a re-vamp as too many know what to expect and come prepared. Post-cruise: There was no information provided regarding the specific arrangements for those who had booked transport and a hotel. We were reassured at Guest Services that, quote “don't worry, RCI thinks of everything”. Suffice to say that there was chaos trying to get to our hotel. RCI staff/agents were clueless. Summary: Having re-read this from the top, it all sounds rather grim but it wasn't at all! We had a good time overall and thoroughly enjoyed the 5 meals a day! The ship was impressive but not perfect - no such ship exists. We had issues with how the cruise was run but the crew was, on the whole very good, particularly the waiting staff and the stateroom attendants. Would we go again? Probably not, but we have no regrets and we can now tick it off the bucket list! Looking forward to our next cruise, on a smaller ship! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2014
We are experienced cruisers with this being our 15th overall, 4th on Royal Caribbean. Signed on the day this became available as this was a unique opportunity to experience Oasis OTS for 12 days and an Atlantic crossing. Booked air travel ... Read More
We are experienced cruisers with this being our 15th overall, 4th on Royal Caribbean. Signed on the day this became available as this was a unique opportunity to experience Oasis OTS for 12 days and an Atlantic crossing. Booked air travel Phoenix-Heathrow through ChoiceAir. Better pricing than airlines and other searches. We arrived in London three days prior to the cruise and enjoyed a wonderful BnB about 100 yds from the Pimlico tube station. We booked this through Booked return air, Ft. Lauderdale-Phoenix, independently. During our stay in London, we received an email from RCL informing us of our scheduled boarding time of 1:30pm. Took the train from Waterloo Station to Southampton. Convenient, inexpensive and met a number of fellow cruisers headed to the ship. Shared a cab and joined the mass of humanity standing about waiting for some word about what was going on. A bit of drizzle ensured we huddled closer together while we waited....and waited...and waited. 'They' began letting people into the terminal in groups of 10 or so at some point and the herd shuffled inch-by-inch toward the ONE entry door. Once inside, the rope lines began winding through the terminal. Interestingly, the new passenger check-in line was moving much quicker than Platinum-Pinnacle. I heard most of the passengers were in this category and again, preparations were not in place. Next came US airport type security check points and finally to the check-in counters. Once on board (approx. 4-430 pm) we went directly to our stateroom to drop off our carry-ons. Next stop was to get a libation and walk about until Muster then to dinner at 6. Our assigned dining was wonderful with Randy (Head Waiter) and Rei (Asst. Waiter). Every evening we were asked if we had any shows to attend and on the 2 evenings we had early shows reserved, we were done in plenty of time. Speaking of reservations, other than dining, what a fiasco!! Weeks before the cruise we had to call Royal direct to schedule shows and alternate dining venues. Everything was in our Cruise Planner but once on board we noticed there were time variances. For example, a show would start at 8pm not 830pm or 9pm. Easy to work that out but every show we had reserved didn't match with the card swipers allowing entry to the venue. I mean EVERY show (for us); The Headliner shows, the Comedy Club, Cats, etc. Went to Guest Services and they verified we were properly assigned/reserved and at the entry it would show not reserved. On the interactive stateroom TV it even showed us as reserved for every show at every time available. I know we didn't do that. The cruise itself was fairly uneventful as we only had one port call. This was a sea intensive crossing and that was part of the draw for us. Reviews re: E/W Carib cruises all said 7 days was not enough time to explore all this ship has to offer. I must agree. Even with 12 days I know we missed some things. The Oasis is an incredible ship with activities galore, restaurants, shops, noisy fun and quiet retreats. The weather did not cooperate, providing us with mostly cloudy and sometimes rainy days, active seas, and a chance to learn from the Captain about our course across the pond on his televised updates. Brief, informative and straight to the point, the updates were very interesting. We have always enjoyed the variety and abundance of eating/dining options when cruising and Oasis has many to choose from. Our choices were: American Icon 6pm Main Dining, Johnny Rockets free breakfast and enjoyed a burger/fries/real ice cream milkshakes for Lunch, Hot Dog Shack, Park café (Breakfast/Lunch), Sorrento's Pizza (noshing), Café Promenade (Specialty coffees/noshing), Wipeout Café (Breakfast/Lunch), Windjammer (Breakfast), Chop's Grille (Outstanding Dinner), Room Service (Breakfast, etc.). We experienced good food and service with our choices. Our favorite bar is The Schooner Bar. This was our meet-up location for those we met and to our surprise, Luzt, who we met on our Serenade Med cruise, was working here. He and Alberto Cordero provided excellent bar service and refreshment. There were times when the place was packed (SRO) with trivia players, probably due to the weather and with the Future Cruise 'Office' sort of attached, it could really be tight. Entertainment offerings were varied and well attended. Rod Stewart's lead guitarist, the magician/comedian, string quartet Graffiti Classics, topped our list of favorites. Cat's was, for us, eh. We enjoyed Jazz on 4 and music in Bolero's but the comedians in the Comedy Club came off as coarse to us. Live music on the promenade, Shrek and Crew, 70's Dance Party, Blue Light shopping sales could really make navigating the promenade crowded at these times. The line for photos on formal night with the Captain was surprisingly 'short' and flowed rather well. Studio B (Ice Show or open skating) and the Aqua Theater were silent most of the cruise due to weather and safety concerns for the performers. Same for the pools, rock wall, zip-line and flow rider. The sun broke out 2 days before arrival and did the zip-line, mini golf, played basketball, plenty of places to catch some rays, usual pool chair hogs, and watched some flow riders. We watched the Aqua Theater shows from the comfort of our Boardwalk Balcony. Wife bought a purse at the Coach store. Does that count as entertainment? :) We opted for Express Disembarkation for arrival. Ate a nice breakfast at Windjammer (615am), gathered our 3 bags from the cabin (715am), elevator to Deck 5 and literally walked off. I heard of major delays for those who departed later. Customs was quick as we had a separate line for US Citizens. The line for others was quite long, even that early. Got a cab and arrived at FLL before 830am. Overall we enjoyed the cruise, just as we have all the others. Were there concerns? Certainly. Cabin TV did not work for 2 days(OMG), I mentioned the reservations problem, Cruise Director Drew seemed self-absorbed; televising a dull, uninteresting program, never saw him other than 'his' show and a handful of show introductions. Didn't see as many officers about as we have on previous sailings. These are minor annoyances. Crew members we met were hard working, friendly, and ready to share or listen to a story. This review was our experience. Now that we have 'Been There, Done That' we most likely wouldn't sail Oasis again but we will sail Royal Caribbean again.   Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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