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Sail Date: August 2014
After a superb experience cruising the Mediterranean last year aboard the Celebrity Silhouette, we took our daughters on a cruise around the British Isles this summer on the Celebrity Infinity, hoping for a similar experience. Sadly, our ... Read More
After a superb experience cruising the Mediterranean last year aboard the Celebrity Silhouette, we took our daughters on a cruise around the British Isles this summer on the Celebrity Infinity, hoping for a similar experience. Sadly, our experience aboard the Infinity did not meet our expectations. The cruise embarked from the port of Harwich, approximately a 2-hour drive from London. We opted for the Celebrity transportation from Heathrow Airport to Harwich and we were immediately disappointed. The company providing the transportation did not make themselves easily visible, although we did locate them. We were told that our bus would be here in 60-90 minutes and we were encouraged to explore Heathrow for coffee and breakfast and told to return in an hour. Ten minutes later, after our grown daughters had gone for shopping and coffee, we were told to get on the bus. This necessitated a mad dash around the airport on my part trying to reassemble our family, made all the more unpleasant by the rudeness of the transportation company which had just precipitated the problem with their misinformation. Perhaps the most unpleasant aspect of the cruise was the inaccurate itinerary advertised by Celebrity. All of the online material, the printed itinerary, and the dining itinerary indicated that on Day 8 (Monday August 11, 2014) and Day 9 (Tuesday August 12, 2014), the ship would be ported at Greenock, Scotland near Glasgow and about 2 hours from Edinburgh. This was very misleading. The ship arrived in port at Greenock at 7 am on 8/11/14 and departed 19 hours later at 2 am on 8/12/14. Thus, Day 9 was a day spent at sea, not in the port of Greenock. Thus, we had one day to see both Glasgow and Edinburgh, not two. I checked with multiple other passengers who had also interpreted the published schedule to mean that we had 2 days in port near Glasgow, not one. No one on the ship could explain why the itinerary did not mention that 8/12/14 was a Sea Day. We had signed up to see The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the evening of 8/11/14, not realizing that taking this excursion through Celebrity precluded us from touring the city of Edinburgh, which was one of the principle goals of the trip. For some reason, Celebrity constructed the excursion to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo in such a manner that one could not tour the city in the morning and afternoon and see the show in the evening, which I suspect most passengers would have preferred. The other ports of call on the trip were fine, the highlight being a non-Celebrity tour of Cork, Cobh, Kinsale and the Blarney Castle in Ireland by eCoach tours. The food on the Infinity was good, the crew was pleasant if somewhat unenthusiastic, and the entertainment was superb. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
On the whole we didn't have a very good experience on this ship. My wife and I are both pensioners but we still like a bit of life. Most lounges were quite comfortable but the entertainment was quite boring. I suppose we are used to ... Read More
On the whole we didn't have a very good experience on this ship. My wife and I are both pensioners but we still like a bit of life. Most lounges were quite comfortable but the entertainment was quite boring. I suppose we are used to having karaoke nights and maybe singalongs with Thomsons or Princess. The shows we saw were poor compared to Thomson's. Also not a lot to do for us on the ship. These are a few suggestions that would improve this ship:- 1. Improve quality of food in the MDR and state clearly what is added to the meal, i.e. vinegarette, mayonnaise, cheese etc. (A lot of people like myself don't like things like this added to a meal) 2. Make sure meals are served hot 3. Reduce waiting time for courses to be served in main restaurant 4. When people are sharing a table and have to wait for other people to join the table don't let us have to wait too long for them. (Sometimes 20 minutes or more) 5. Add more tables to the ocean bar self service restaurant (Probably not possible) 6. Arrange food in a more orderly manner in the ocean bar without having to search for different foods 7. Keep coffee and tea hot 8. Ensure milk is constantly available 9. Reduce the price of drinks 10. Reduce the price of excursions 11. Improve the evening theatre entertainment 13. Have karaoke nights 14. Have midnight buffets 15. Have better entertainment in lounges 16. Make gratuities voluntary   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
Background:   This was one of our over 30 cruises we have been on. 2nd cruise with Celebrity. We have taken two previous cruises from London. The first was a British Isles and Baltic combination cruise. The second one was a Baltic/Russia ... Read More
Background:   This was one of our over 30 cruises we have been on. 2nd cruise with Celebrity. We have taken two previous cruises from London. The first was a British Isles and Baltic combination cruise. The second one was a Baltic/Russia cruise. Cruising is a passion of ours. We did not bring our kids on this one. There were just about 240 kids on this cruise. Pre-cruise: We left from Atlanta, GA and flew on the Delta 777 to London Heathrow. London Heathrow was a $85 pound taxi ride to our hotel, Marriott West India Quay. We liked staying at The Grovesnor Marriott previously, but the cost was really high. We absolutely loved everything about the West India Marriott. The location had everything you would want. Easy access to restaurants, pubs, shopping, rail access etc. The service at the hotel was superb. I definitely recommend it. We stayed here two nights prior to the cruise. By the way, if you are flying from the states, give yourself at least one day in London prior to leaving on the cruise. Your sleep will be off for about 24-48 hours due to time difference when you arrive. During our time in London, we visited the sights and took the railway to the West End to see Lion King. There are so many things to do and see in London! On the day of the cruise, we were picked up by EC Minibus. They were perfect. They arrived slightly early and got us to the ship as expected. Since we do not like the big bus transfers, this was a great option for us. The Harwich (pronounced haritch) port is about two hours away from London. Not much to do in town, so staying in London is what most people do. The town is very pretty, but there are not many major hotels. The cost was about 160 pounds for the four of us. The cost that the taxis were charging was a little more. The Ship: Celebrity Infinity This ship was built in 2001. The ship does show some wear, but it is not out of line for a ship that is just over 10 years old. The updates they made, including adding the Aqua Class deck, looks very nice. We stayed in the concierge floor while I have some family stay on the new aqua decks. The room size was no different. The perks and points will differ for aqua, but we did not see the advantage of it over concierge. It may be argued that concierge may be a waste of money. We did use our concierge person a few times. They were able to call one of our transportation hires for free. Overall this ship was fine, but here is the breakdown. General Public Areas: The ship has lots of little areas where you can hang with others or sit and have a more private conversations with others. These areas tailor to the interests of folks... wine, cocktails, music, reading, internet etc. Pools: The pool areas do show some wear. They are designed with the sleek simple modern look that is what Celebrity is known for. The Solarium is almost too simple. The hot tubs are nice, but the main pool is a special thermal pool. If you are in the hot tube, and you want a cool splash, you have to take a shower or go to the main pools. This would be great for Alaska. The towel access is wonderful. The areas could be better maintained by the staff. The less expensive lines do a much better, consistent job with table cleaning etc. We actually saw where managers had to go pick up old plates and cups since they were sitting there so long. They need to manage the pools a little better in regards to non-adults swimming in the solarium. It was not bad though. The main pools were nice. One was a deep pool while the others were shallow with additional hot tubs outside. Informal dining: The Lido/Windjammer deck was not bad. They cater to a European audience on this trip of course. The pizza, pasta, and egg stations were nice. You may see a little back up in these areas at times, but over all the lines moved pretty good. The ice cream is limited to the dining rooms only. There is an ice cream booth, which is nice, but the typical ice cream soft serve is very limited. Some lines here. The candy toppings are a nice plus. They need to do a better job with picking up cups and plates. Formal dining: The formal dining room is very nice. The food selection was pretty decent. The one lobster night brought forth some of the biggest lobster tails I have seen for a main dining room. In regards to steak, they are suffering here. They make a very wide range of selections that are geared more to the European crowd. I am pretty picky, so I really can not judge the different options. Day one of the dining room was the worst first day we have had on over 30 cruises. We know that the first day is always rough, but this was really poor. Now.. A shout out to the assistant Matre'd. He not only made it better the second day, he made the whole dining room experience great. Our drink waiter was the best we have had. Our waiter and assistant waiter really did a great job when they took over on the second day. Speciality Dining: QSine - a very fun concept where several courses that you can choose from are brought to you in a unique presentation. The iPad ordering is coming a long, but not there yet. The food quality suffers, but the originality is there. U.S.S. United States - this is a beautiful restaurant that wins over in look and appeal. The food is created to match the cross continent travel of the past. The artifacts and video on the outside of the restaurant tell a nice story about its origins. Bistro on 5 - has a nice mixture of selections available at different times. It is a little off from the others places, so it actually is a pretty quiet place to eat. The bars all around the ship seem to carry various themes. The wine areas on deck four seem to be a great spot. All sorts of wines available. Cabins: The rooms are well maintained. Our cabin steward, Frederick, was excellent. The cabin service seemed to be great all over the ship. No towel animals in the rooms. The shower area was bigger than most RCL rooms. Plenty of storage. The rooms are still smaller than Carnivals. There are two US plugs and two European plugs at the vanity area. The wall mirror opposite the bed is a little too much. The room was comfortable. The light could not be completely blocked out, but not bad. The 8th floor 8080 provides cover two follows up. This allows you to stand out on the balcony when it rains. My family was in room 1100, aqua class. The room was not in a great location. You can not get access to this floor through the central elevators. No cover on the balcony. The rooms get pretty hot. Casino: Yes, no smoke!!!! I actually did not play any on this trip. It was a smaller casino on four, but it seemed to have many of the games that are popular. It was pretty busy, but there was availability. Itinerary: We left Harwich to the sound of a live band that played us away. This is always a nice tough for this port. La Harve - most people either took the bus to Paris or to Normandy. We did Paris last time. The people that went this time were not able to go to the Louvre. I believe it is closed on Tuesday. We went to Normandy. There is not an experience that can compare to the memorial. The price they paid puts everyone in a memorial mood. We toured Omaha Beach and the point between Omaha and Utah beach. We ended up at the Freedom museum. It was amazing! It really makes you appreciate all that we, the French, and our allies have fought for over the past hundred years. St. Peter Port - we had low expectations for this port. Wow! Beautiful port with plenty to see. The excursion list was limited, but the city has some cool places to see. The shopping is nice along with the food. You can take all sorts of short trips to the neighboring islands if you want. Try to get the powerboat excursion before they sell out. This is the only tender spot of the whole trip. The tender service was better than average. Cohb (pronounced cove) - was one of our favorite ports. A beautiful city. We took the excursion to Blarney Castle, and it was very pretty. Kissing the Blarney Stone is not meant for the weak. You have to lay back and lean back to reach it. There is a person there to help you. There are steep steps to go up to it and come down from it. It was a great experience, but not meant for people with limited mobility. If you do not go up to the stone, it is ok. There are plenty things to see and do while at the castle. The woolen mill shops are pretty cool. The community really rallies around the ship in port. A band came out to play with us. The people were so friendly. I could see living here. Great historical facts during out tour. Great way to get in touch with some of my family's heritage. Dublin, Ireland - we have been to this port before. It is a city. There is no connection with the community. Unless you get outside the city, there is nothing very special with this port. The Guinness factory is cool for some. Liverpool - this place rocked. The community had a fireworks the first night we were at port. We took an Busy Bus for 39 pounds to go to Alton Towers on the first day. That park was amazing! 14 loop record breaking coaster. Great park with a 1400's castle in the middle of it. Day two, we went to see "the open". What a treat! The city of Liverpool has everything. It is a beautiful city filled with many things to do. It is head over heals over Dublin in my book. Many people went to the bars and tourist attractions that focus on the Beatles' rise. Greenock - This port sits away from the community, but you can get to the town pretty easily. I definitely recommend the excursion to Sterling Castle. The history that revolves this area is wonderful. You can hear about the real William Wallace and Robert Bruce. The views from the castle were amazing. You can see where these famous battles occurred. Holyhead, Wales - the port was disconnected from the community. This stop was beautiful, but there are not many things to do at the pier. I recommend an excursion for this stop or simply stay on the ship. They do provide a shuttle bus for the pier, but there is not much to see. We went to a nearby beach town. It was pretty. This stop was so-so. We ended the cruise with a nice day at sea. The day at sea is always a blessing at the end of every cruise. Our tips were automatically added. They deserved it. Disembarkation: Simple and with ease. The EC Minibus was a few minutes and ready to take us back to London. We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel at St. Pancras. Wow is an understatement. We chose this place due to the absolute lock on to the trains. We paid for the upgrade to the suite. Definitely worth it. We had access to the chamber room for free drinks, snacks, and breakfast. The following day, we took the complementary concierge service to the Eurostar train. They took our bags through security and loaded them on the train with us, wow! We left the next morning to France bound for the Disneyland Paris station. We had an added on Disneyland Paris vacation. Worth it! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2014
I have had 8 cruises and my wife has had over a dozen. We cruised on the Celebrity Infinity only because it was going to our ports of interest.  Overall, I was not pleased. Although the ship was well maintained and the staff members we ... Read More
I have had 8 cruises and my wife has had over a dozen. We cruised on the Celebrity Infinity only because it was going to our ports of interest.  Overall, I was not pleased. Although the ship was well maintained and the staff members we interacted with were exceptionally nice, several going beyond the call of duty to resolve some scheduling and excursion issues, I won't do this ship again. Reason #1 to not go on this ship is the "Stars of the Infinity" and the productions. It seemed that not only had none of the lead singers ever heard the originals, their voices were totally unsuitable for the songs assigned. With the concept that more is better, the stage was often flooded with people who could not and would not sing together. If you do not have the range, do not insert falsettos into songs that never had them. I was not sure if the sound manager was trying to cover up the horrible singing with the WORST mixing ever or perhaps is a half deaf sadist. Admittedly, the orchestra and choreography were very good, but they could not save the show. Everyone I asked seemed to have the same opinion except for one couple from Canada who thought the show was good. It was their first cruise. NOTE: A Beatles tribute band that played after we visited Liverpool was the highlight of the cruise entertainment as people were dancing in the isles, verses when they used the isles to leave bad performances by the "Stars". Reason #2 to not go on this ship is dining options. Dining in the main 'open' dining room was very good and our waiters were excellent and fun. There were 4 other dining options with up-charges ranging from $15 to $35 each per seating. Every other ship I have been on had a single specialty restaurant, which we normally visit, but we would have preferred additional regular dining options. My travel group did think the buffet was well done and especially enjoyed the ice cream bar and the pizza bar. Reason #3 to not go on this ship is drink prices. We are a captive audience and I expect to pay more but $9 for a bottle of Newcastle or can of Guiness! We were sailing out of London around the Emerald Isles. My wife and I typically spend about $300+ in drinks on a 7 day cruise, but alcohol, and especially wine prices just hurt my feelings too much. We spent $27 at the bars on the ship and all the rest on shore. In context, I was buying $90 bottles of Scotch on shore so I am not a Bud Lite kind of guy. I was also not paying $6 for a liter of water to take on the excursions. Bring your own bottle. I am sure we have been spoiled by being on much bigger ships and Disney cruises. If you don't know any better, this cruse was OK. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2013
The ports of call on our British Isle cruise were nice, some spectacular. The busy schedule left little rest time for rest but that was OK. The crew was uniformly friendly and the cabin was OK. The "king size bed" was, of course, ... Read More
The ports of call on our British Isle cruise were nice, some spectacular. The busy schedule left little rest time for rest but that was OK. The crew was uniformly friendly and the cabin was OK. The "king size bed" was, of course, nothing of the sort but why quibble? Entertainment was first rate. Harwich, the dock, is a sleepy village 2 1/2 hours from London. The only reason to dock there must be low fees. It is in the middle of nowhere and creates a longer sail time. There is also the little matter of transport fees. Unlike the old days, transporting to any place closer than 50 feet is big business. We paid $500 for round trip since Celebrity could not (as promised) leave early enough to ensure our plane connections. (There is also a rail involving two changes of trains and a taxi -all with luggage.) The initial Oceanview Cafe buffet was horrid - obviously leftovers from the previous cruise. Gone are the days of service when waiters brought silverware and drinks. No, the traveler carries plates (no trays! - a new policy) then must get silverware and drinks - confusion USA. Glass panels block self-serve except at the salad bar where folks squatted, pushed their head through to reach the veggies and dropped hair on the food. The dining room was equally unorganized. Long lines waited for tables yet the young man who greeted the diners also had to search the ship when a table became available THEN lead them back to their table. Meanwhile, a woman at the other entrance never moved. NIght after night this charade was carried out to the chuckles of guests who wondered why in the world they didn't ask one of the waiters standing around to get the guests or lead them to their table. Excursions. Something we avoid since they are wildly overpriced and impersonal. We'd team up with other couples for rides to town or the countryside at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost. For some reason, Celebrity blocks booking excursions four days before sale (that's a new one). I was told it was because the tour group they used did not have enough buses and the tours were sold out. Many reports of folks sent on wild goose chases by employees unfamiliar with the ship. I was sent to three floors (3, 5 and 8) before finding the Internet cafe on 9. There is also the problem of understanding English beyond "I want that." A request for runny yellows in eggs resulted in something crusted on both sides (the poor guy smiled, clueless). The two-tiered policy of service was a disaster. Frequent travelers and "special" guests had reserved rooms that were uniformly empty. And about those "specialty restaurants". There is a reason for the hard sale prior to boarding. Nobody was paying the ridiculous "cover charge" for a "special" dinner. So discounts were offered (increasing daily), crew members pushed them to those waiting for elevators. We were with a couple designated "special" (they had no idea why) but who refused to dine or drink alone. Celebrity should reward frequent travelers with a bottle of wine, reduced costs, a free night at a "special" restaurant. Speaking of empty, Celebrity must expect an army of relapsed AA folks. The bars and lounges were ubiquitous yet empty except during dinner when folks searched for a place to sit while they waited on a table. The casino was likewise empty as has been the case for the past few years. Selling is still the primary goal. Wine packages (250-300% markup), coke packages, spa packages as well as numerous stores with overpriced jewelry and clothes. "Fresh" orange juice can be had for $3/glass (a lonely server never had a single customer that I saw). No rhyme or reason - ice cream and desserts are free but not coffee, water or tapas. The cooking demonstrations were advertisements for the "specialty restaurants". Recommendation: Charge $100-$200/ticket extra and cut out all the packages, constant selling and phony pitches. Give folks water, coffee or a coke (with ice around 20 cents). Reduce or omit internet charges. Celebrity is now hawking Apple products which is fine (I'm an Apple user) but what's next - Walmart or Toyota? New travelers were impressed as were Celebrity-only travelers (although many tired of the constant nickle and diming). But those who have traveled widely on other cruise lines were not impressed. I understand that Celebrity wants to cut costs but they're going about it all wrong. Use personnel for waiters - not manning empty bars and lounges.   Read Less
Celebrity Infinity Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.1
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.9
Family 3.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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