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Sail Date: August 2014
I an only agree with many if the points raised by previous reviews of this cruise to Norway. Nothing you can do about the weather but it was so miserable on two of our port days that we didn't venture off as we had got so cold and wet ... Read More
I an only agree with many if the points raised by previous reviews of this cruise to Norway. Nothing you can do about the weather but it was so miserable on two of our port days that we didn't venture off as we had got so cold and wet the previous day, neither of us could face it. The ones we did visit in a window of clear weather were wonderful, but still fairly chilly, I should have bought a winter wardrobe. We had previously sailed with the lovely ship the Equinox, I am sorry but the Infinity cannot be classed as five star in the same way as the Solstice class. This ship is tired, outdated and scruffy. The Ocean cafe was zoo like in the pushing past you at the food stations, people walking around eating off their plates. Indifferent servers, who ignored you and repetitive dishes lunchtimes and dinner. On the plus side the pasta and sushi bar were excellent. The indoor pool area, is this a pool area or restaurant, and why do certain people think it's acceptable to eat food and drink beer in the jacuzzi, it's also a jacuzzi not a children's play pool or family sized bath! It was also very chilly in there, again not a patch on the Soltice class pool area. The Rendezvous lounge was dated, dark and depressing. People using it as a sleeping area in daytime and into the evening, why? That's why you have a stateroom. The Trellis restaurant was also past it's sell by date, tired, dull,depressing and frantic, dinner was at times just not enjoyable. Long waits for food then, it was move you out as soon as possible. Food a reasonable standard but some dishes need rethinking, for instance the Irish Stew would make an Irishman ashamed. The behaviour of some guests who could not understand what the dress codes means or how to behave in a restaurant makes me believe that they think it's just a hotel on water and they can do as they have always done on their previous holidays. Entertainment from the on board team was poor, and ammature, once again on the Equinox the shows were fantastic. The Constellation Lounge was a great place to be as we left port in the early evenings, the spoiler was screaming children from one or two families who ran riot through the area. On asking why children are allowed in a bar area, I was informed they were allowed in there till midnight! Older people, alcohol and running children do not mix, I saw quite a few older people nearly come to grief. Come on Celebrity, make it clear, well behaved, supervised children only! We ate in USS United States twice because the food was excellent, and it was nice to have an un rushed meal in a light and comfortable restaurant. On the plus side and yes there are some pluses, most if the staff and crew were brilliant, special mention to Natalie restaurant co ordinator, Silvia in the Constellation lounge, Ayu in the Casino, and our cabin steward. Would I sail from UK again on the Infinity, No, would I with Celebrity, yes but only on a Soltice class ship. An expensive lesson learned. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
We had already sailed with Celebrity Constellation and we already knew what to expect, so this time we opted for a cheaper inside cabin (yes, choosing the right location in the ship, deck 8 to the fore). The interior cabin was pretty ... Read More
We had already sailed with Celebrity Constellation and we already knew what to expect, so this time we opted for a cheaper inside cabin (yes, choosing the right location in the ship, deck 8 to the fore). The interior cabin was pretty good, individually controlled air conditioning worked perfectly and we did not have any odor problems. Cabin is the same size as the regular balcony cabins but without any exit, all the back wall is a large mirror which makes space look bigger. One of the things we like the most is the Celebrity Millennium class is the adults-only area with their warm saltwater pool, normally quiet and silent venue. This time we did not like the rules for adults only access to this area were not enforced, and some days solarium, pool and hot tubs were occupied by a loud crowd of teenagers and children. Other issues: We would have liked less smoking areas around the ship, and we do not understand how come table tennis tables are next to people smoking big cigars. Dress code should be applied, people came to dinner in the main restaurant as if going to the swimming pool (flip-flops, shorts and t-shirt). Another surprise we did not like: Michael's Club was restricted access to suites occupants, that was a wasted venue. So called "music" of the DJ is too loud and gets annoying in some places and at inopportune times. About food and drink: Prices of wines and drinks have risen since 2011. In Trellis main restaurant main dishes are excellent and we always received them warm and exquisitelly presented. They need to improve some tasteless and cold starters straight from the fridge, and those withered salads. We found that the meals take too long, the service is too slow between dishes and there are too many delays. In buffet restaurants food in general is quite good, but as well some long queues at stations (grill, etc.) Some details to improve: usually bread and pastries are too raw, pastries are too sickly sweet for our tastes, and withered salads are unseemly in this category. About entertainment: We liked the folk rock guitarist and singer Sean Golden. The main theatre musical shows were quite good, vocal soloists are high quality and the orchestra is superb, the dance choir is a little uneven but it made a nice effect. The musical group at Rendezvous is pretty terrible and the woman singing is plain dull. We missed a good jazz band just for the atmosphere. Also we missed a cabaret type show as the one we enjoyed with Perry Grant in Michael's Club on Constellation in 2011. About Harwich, the port of departure and arrival, that was a two hours boring trip by bus from Heathrow. We plan to avoid this port in the future or we will try to get there by train. The Harwich International Port train station is adjacent to the dock. About ports of call: At Le Havre the ship docked at Quai Roger Meunier, some 2km away from the city, a taxi ride to downtown Place Hotel de Ville is 8 euro. They provided free shuttle bus to downtown at Belfast and at Kirwall (Orkney). In Orkney, Skara Brae and Yesnaby cliffs are must visit if you have not been there before. Hatston terminal is 3km from Kirkwall center.   Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
This was an experience that will lead us to seriously rethink whether we ever want to cruise again. We are not new to sailing, but a combination of things lead to a miserable overall trip. Infinity is older, and looks, feels, and smells ... Read More
This was an experience that will lead us to seriously rethink whether we ever want to cruise again. We are not new to sailing, but a combination of things lead to a miserable overall trip. Infinity is older, and looks, feels, and smells like it has suffered heavy use. It was packed. The weather was uncooperative-heavy seas, cold and rainy, with one port cancelled for safety reasons. The fjords of Norway were grey and foggy, with limited visibility. After a full day of trying to experience and photograph in pouring rain, we cancelled and/or shortened shore excursions, and appreciated Celebrity's flexibility in dealing with excursions. The food on board was very good, but the meal experience, especially in the buffet areas, was horrible. Service was inconsistent-sometimes dirty dishes were removed promptly, and sometimes allowed to pile up. Sometimes refills on hot beverages were offered, but more often they were not. The hoards of folks pushing, darting in line, snatching dirty tables, touching and grabbling food, and generally being frenzied was overwhelming. There were guests from numerous countries, so there was no standard of waiting in line, walking on the right or left, or acceptable behavior in general. Our stateroom was a family veranda, for just 2 of us, and we appreciated the extra space. Use caution if you are booking one of these units for actual extra use-the roll out beds looked and felt worn, and were well past needing replacement. There were no laundry specials or packages, prices were very expensive. There is no longer a "promenade deck". The jogging track is used for waling, and using it is weather dependent, since it is uncovered. Treadmills in the gym that are on the forward deck really accentuate the rock and roll of the ship, so using them in high seas really accentuates the probability of motion sickness, so they are not a good replacement. Pre cruise interactions with the company were terrible-their website didn't work, there were hours-long holds to talk with staff, huge fees to receive hard copies of shore excursion info, and misleading information about cruise specials. No paper copies of on-board charges were provided at the end of the cruise, which can certainly lead to charging abuses. Although the weather obviously impacted our experience, the worst part of it was a cough/cold/respiratory virus that impacted huge numbers of passengers. One of us had signs of it on day 5, and of course we passed it to each other. Poor sanitation of public and private areas, crowding in restaurants, bars, and theaters, the advanced age of the guests, and overuse of the ship, just enhance the probability of disease transmission. All we wanted to do was sleep, and we can do that in far more comfort and economy at home. Having paid a high price for the experience of seeing how sick you can get in an overcrowded environment (and being fully aware that colds are not nearly as uncomfortable as norovirus), coupled with the experience of being held hostage by the weather, which is clearly unpredictable, has lead us to the conclusion that we really need to rethink our decisions about whether to continue to choose cruise vacations. Cruise lines have reduced the level of service provided to the point where the experience has suffered, and as consumers, we are fortunate to have other vacation options available. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
Getting to Harwich, England can be daunting. It's 2-1/2 hours from London and we hired a tour company to transport us by motor coach to the port city. Upon arrival in the dreary rain, we made our way into the terminal and found ... Read More
Getting to Harwich, England can be daunting. It's 2-1/2 hours from London and we hired a tour company to transport us by motor coach to the port city. Upon arrival in the dreary rain, we made our way into the terminal and found Celebrity to be quite organized with many employees directing passen-gers to the right places. Check in was fast and easy and we boarded the Celebrity Infinity to a very friendly staff along the way to our stateroom. Our cabin was nice and roomy and we met our cabin steward, Juan and went directly to the Oceanview Buffet on Deck 10 for a bite. The ship left promptly at 5 p.m. headed for Le Havre, 2-1/2 hours outside of Paris. We prepurchased transportation in and out of Paris including five hours for leisure time once we got there. But we were so tired from a previous tour that we had to cancel it. The ship happily refunded the tickets without question and we spent the day at the onboard spa for a much needed rest. The ship also made stops at St. Peter Port Channel Island, Guernsey, Cork, Waterford and Dublin, Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland as well as Glasgow, Kirkwall and Inverness, Scotland in its 14 day journey. The Celebrity Infinity's maiden voyage was on March 3rd, 2001 and it was refurbished in 2007. Old by most standards today. It is registered in Valletta, Malta and is in the Millennium class of Celebrity ships. It weighs 91,000 tons and is 964 feet long, small by today's standards. It holds 2,170 passengers and 1,000 crew. The Cruise Director, Alejandro from Argentina, is a very unusual Cruise Director. he doesn't sing and he doesn't dance. But what a great sense of humor! He's funny onstage and off. Everybody loved him. Like the rest of the staff, he's warm and friendly and makes you feel welcome. The food on the Celebrity Infinity is head and shoulders above other cruise lines. The food in the main dining room, Trellises, is great. Maybe that's why the Infinity only has two specialty restau-rants, the SS. United States and Qsine. The SS. United States is a fine dining restaurant offering traditional fare with impeccable service with tableside service on certain specialty dishes. But Qsine goes a giant step further. It;'s the most unique restaurant I may have ever been to either on land or sea. While it bills itself as a tapas restaurant, it's way more than that and you realize that the moment you walk into the room. The ceiling has lamps hanging from it --upside down. And the room has glass looking out to the ship or the ocean all around. You are handed an Ipad with buttons to push for wine by the glass, half bottle or full bottle, cocktails and full menu. When you click the menu button, you are offered a choice of 20 icons on the screen, one for each unique dish. You are encouraged to choose 4 or 5 and save them as your favorites. Each and every one of them is a work of art. The waiter collects the Ipads and your choice of wine or cocktail comes first followed by an array of food unseen in my 50 years of writing restaurant reviews. The Maitre d', David, is every-where--greeting and seating diners, serving food, visiting each table and even clearing tables. Other maitre d's could take a lesson from David. If this restaurant was in my home town, I'd be a regular. But it could get expensive going on a cruise just so you can eat here. But it's worth it! The ports visited on this cruise were pretty much as expected but very cosmo-politan. When you think of Ireland, you think of beautiful, rolling, green hills. But what we saw was hustling, bustling metropol-itan cities. There's not much to buy because of the currency exchange aside from souvenirs, t-shirts and chocolate. There are no bargains here. The entertainment on the Infinity is very good from the production staff to the featured entertainers. When we were in Liverpool, the Beatles cover Group was really good. But one performer really stood out. His name is Nick Page. He sang everything from Michael Buble to Broadway and he played Jean Valjean in the West End London production of Les Miserable. He might be one of the best voices I've ever heard and should be doing bigger and better venues than cruise ships. I would love to see him performing in the U.S. I know he'd be a big hit here. He also did a memorable duet with a member of the production staff by the name of Hannah Stearne, a beautiful girl with a voice to match. But great talent is a trademark of both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. To sum up this 14 day British Isles voyage: Celebrity is one of the best cruise lines in the world. Their ships, itineraries, accommodations, staffs, activities, excursions, food and entertainment are always top notch and I am already looking forward to my next cruise with them. They are the meaning of "Bon Voyage"!   Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
After a superb experience cruising the Mediterranean last year aboard the Celebrity Silhouette, we took our daughters on a cruise around the British Isles this summer on the Celebrity Infinity, hoping for a similar experience. Sadly, our ... Read More
After a superb experience cruising the Mediterranean last year aboard the Celebrity Silhouette, we took our daughters on a cruise around the British Isles this summer on the Celebrity Infinity, hoping for a similar experience. Sadly, our experience aboard the Infinity did not meet our expectations. The cruise embarked from the port of Harwich, approximately a 2-hour drive from London. We opted for the Celebrity transportation from Heathrow Airport to Harwich and we were immediately disappointed. The company providing the transportation did not make themselves easily visible, although we did locate them. We were told that our bus would be here in 60-90 minutes and we were encouraged to explore Heathrow for coffee and breakfast and told to return in an hour. Ten minutes later, after our grown daughters had gone for shopping and coffee, we were told to get on the bus. This necessitated a mad dash around the airport on my part trying to reassemble our family, made all the more unpleasant by the rudeness of the transportation company which had just precipitated the problem with their misinformation. Perhaps the most unpleasant aspect of the cruise was the inaccurate itinerary advertised by Celebrity. All of the online material, the printed itinerary, and the dining itinerary indicated that on Day 8 (Monday August 11, 2014) and Day 9 (Tuesday August 12, 2014), the ship would be ported at Greenock, Scotland near Glasgow and about 2 hours from Edinburgh. This was very misleading. The ship arrived in port at Greenock at 7 am on 8/11/14 and departed 19 hours later at 2 am on 8/12/14. Thus, Day 9 was a day spent at sea, not in the port of Greenock. Thus, we had one day to see both Glasgow and Edinburgh, not two. I checked with multiple other passengers who had also interpreted the published schedule to mean that we had 2 days in port near Glasgow, not one. No one on the ship could explain why the itinerary did not mention that 8/12/14 was a Sea Day. We had signed up to see The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the evening of 8/11/14, not realizing that taking this excursion through Celebrity precluded us from touring the city of Edinburgh, which was one of the principle goals of the trip. For some reason, Celebrity constructed the excursion to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo in such a manner that one could not tour the city in the morning and afternoon and see the show in the evening, which I suspect most passengers would have preferred. The other ports of call on the trip were fine, the highlight being a non-Celebrity tour of Cork, Cobh, Kinsale and the Blarney Castle in Ireland by eCoach tours. The food on the Infinity was good, the crew was pleasant if somewhat unenthusiastic, and the entertainment was superb. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
Having cruised for many years with other lines we decided to try Celebrity Cruises this summer. Embarkation - Smooth and quick, we boarded the ship within 30 mins of arrival at the cruise terminal. Welcome aboard drink was a nice touch. ... Read More
Having cruised for many years with other lines we decided to try Celebrity Cruises this summer. Embarkation - Smooth and quick, we boarded the ship within 30 mins of arrival at the cruise terminal. Welcome aboard drink was a nice touch. Ship - Infinity is an older style ship but we found the public areas spacious and comfortable including a large Theatre and impressive two-tier dining room. Our cabin on Deck 2 was quiet and comfortable. Dining - Plenty of choice in the buffet restaurant. Items were spread out over several stations but you soon got the hang of things. Food could have been hotter but this is always a problem with buffet food. Quality of food was very good. Trellis restaurant - we thoroughly enjoyed all our evening meals here. Plenty of choice on the menu and good service. Entertainment - we enjoyed the full production shows and guest acts we saw (vocalists and magician). The Cruise Director, Alejandro, was the best we have seen and always made us laugh. We would definately cruise with Celebrity again and recommend to others.   Read Less
Sail Date: August 2014
There have been both positive and negative reviews posted about the Infinity so i thought i would try to post an objective review as i have sympathy with both standpoints . We are a middle aged English couple who live just outside London ... Read More
There have been both positive and negative reviews posted about the Infinity so i thought i would try to post an objective review as i have sympathy with both standpoints . We are a middle aged English couple who live just outside London , this was our 6th cruise having cruised with Royal Caribbean (twice) , Holland America(twice) and Carnival (never ever again!!) . We had a smooth 2 hour drive to Harwich and arrived just after 11am , car parking/ Embarcation was efficent and we were on the ship around 12 . After much investigation we chose a concierge(extras not worth the money) starboard cabin 8046 and we would not have swapped this cabin for any other in its price range , it has an extra large triangular balcony with solid bulkhead wall which cuts down any wind , Deck 9 has both potential deck noise and a large overhang which blocks your view so deck 8 or possibly 7 is the way to go imo . Also at every port the starboard side on this cruise had the better views so we were very happy with our Cabin choice . We also had Ambrose who was the best cabin steward we have had on any ship , a very nice man . So let me list the negatives first . Negatives 1) The indoor poor is shabby , old style wooden sunbeds need re-oil or total replacement , the swimming pool has rust spots all over the place , pool towels are threadbare and torn . We were very unlucky with the weather so the indoor pool was our salvation however although covered it was freezing with sliding doors letting in the cold wind repeatedly 2) Outdoor pool marginally better then the indoor but also needs a complete renovation 3) We loved our cabin however there were large rust marks on bulkhead and balcony flooring , glass walls were stained 4) Buffet breakfast was the normal chaos , there appeared to be no order to food choices but to be fair no worse than any other cruise , plates were scratched 5) Buffet evening meal we used twice on formal nights because we cannot be bothered to dress up and iwas very disappointing. Limited staff and non existent /slow drinks service , whatever time you went there it looked like to was closing . No atmosphere at all 6) Buffet lunch was ok however the self service was very strange indeed , you had to reach under a 6 inch space to reach food , it was a bit like a bank tellers window, it was physically impossible to reach some food without an accident . Also it closed at 2.30 which was the time people came back from trips , again not great 7) We would have preferred a steak house or an Italian for the extra $$ restaurants so did not bother to try the one’s on offer did not appeal at all Positives 1) Main Trellis restaurant was possibly the best service and food we have had on a cruise, service was equally good (i loved the irish stew !!) , Natalie on the door was terrific , always got us the table we wanted . 2) Lounges were comfortable with nice seating 3) Coffee bar was great, terrific staff and great service , staff worked their socks off 4) All staff were pleasant and tried to help 5) Loved the free ice cream , many choices 6) We had a free classics drinks package which saved us a lot of money , our total spend on the ship was zero !! So despite the awful weather we had an enjoyable cruise with great scenery, at most ports we did the ‘hop on hop off‘ tour , at two others we pre booked boat / coach trips however i think we must be the only people in history who were underwhelmed by the Flam railway!! , I am not sure what all the fuss is about ?? So overall a very enjoyable cruise with wonderful scenery , good food and service however the ship is badly in need of a renovation in certain places especially the pool areas .   Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2014
This was our 3oth cruise and 4th on celebrity but the first on a Millenium Class ship. We have done the Silhouette and Eclipse in the past. First the Itinerary was excellent allowing us a lovely visit to the high spots of Scotland and ... Read More
This was our 3oth cruise and 4th on celebrity but the first on a Millenium Class ship. We have done the Silhouette and Eclipse in the past. First the Itinerary was excellent allowing us a lovely visit to the high spots of Scotland and Ireland, although would have liked more time in Glasgow and could have passed on the Olney Islands. As for the ship, it is older with the windows peeling in the buffet restaurant and the balconys showing wear and tear. Being Aqua class, it was not the same as on the Solstice ships. First the cabins were not like those on the Solstice ships, seemingly smaller and more difficult to move around in. One of the main reasons for our taking the Aqua cabins was that it allowed us to use the Blu dining room as our eating location for the whole cruise. On this ship unlike the Soltice class ship the Blu dining room was obviousl y carved out of the main dining room. It was small and cramped. The food was definitely a step down from our previous cruises, as was the service. Where as in the past if you wanted something from the main dining room menu that was not a problem we were told that policy was that it was not possible even though the kitchens were located next to each other. Further more the availabilty of certain things such as escargot, onion soup and caesar salad were a well kept secret that we only learned from other passengers. Where as we were easy going regarding seating often going to the bar to make the maitre D 's job easier on one occasion our table was taken over by a couple who decided to move and not for our finding friends to sit with would have been left with a dirty table. The service in the Buffet, was also below standard with dirty plates often on empty table and get your own coffee in the morning. In conclusion I am used to excellent service and a beautiful ship and the Infinity did not meet this. In the future I will limit our cruises to the Solstice Class ships where obviously more care is taken of the ship and the dining rooms and the staff Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
It is dangerous to advertise with a fine-sounding slogan ... It's dangerous if a cruise company does not keep its marketing pledges and thus attracts its guests with empty promises of a ship. "Modern Luxury" is known to be ... Read More
It is dangerous to advertise with a fine-sounding slogan ... It's dangerous if a cruise company does not keep its marketing pledges and thus attracts its guests with empty promises of a ship. "Modern Luxury" is known to be the slogan of Celebrity Cruises, and that´s what it was from the beginning to the end of our last cruise on the Eclipse: We felt well-cared in every dimension. And then we entered the Infinity on a 10-day-'round Britain-cruise and "Modern Luxury" turned into averageness. Personnel: no really bad experiences but hardly a staff member who cast a spell on us with his or her charm, humor, enthusiasm or lust to prepare unforgettable days on board. They all did their job, but it was far away from the extra mile that sets the average apart from "Modern Luxury". Cabin: a adequate stateroom, plenty of storage space, decent bed, efficient cabin steward. He was doing his job, but again: Far away from what sets the average apart from "Modern Luxury". Ship: It took us safely and without any incident from start to end, there were bars, restaurants, entertainment, all the on-board facilities that you need. But after 13 years on the seas the vessel was far away from what the average sets apart from "Modern Luxury“: The Infinity showed her age unabashedly and indeed to almost all individual parts: the windows (rott and rusty), the chairs (nibbled), dishes (traces of 13 years of permanent use), deck chairs (rusted, dirty), sheets and towels (stains and fringes). Upon booking I confide in Celebrity that they wouldn´t dare to let a 13-year-old ship age without helping with a decent amound of "asthetic surgery" - but they did: They saved the pot of paint, the new towels, the replacement of worn plates. Service: You were serviced, but if you stand 20 minutes in a queue at Guest Relations, then that is far away from what sets the average apart from "Modern Luxury". And if you have to wait 20 minutes for your table at "Select Dining" and you have the wish to sip a cocktail to bridge the time in the bar next door, there is neither a cocktail menu nor someone in this bar so get it for you (unless yourself). That sets the average apart from "Modern Luxury". Each of these small experiences and encounters is too unimportant to be mentioned, but if that is what you get again and again as the daily routine, then all of that changes from a "tiny slip" to a substantial and lasting impression that you take home. So I am brooding on the following question: Would I again pay a significant higher price for an average product (with a great marketing-promise to get „Modern Luxury“) or do I rather go to another company without that promise, as average as aforementioned company but with a much lower price? I think I have found the answer. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
OVERALL Had a great time aboard the Infinity. Good size and it amazingly never feels crowded (lot of different lounging areas to hang out). We had a nice mix of 5 ports (Torshavn, Faroe Islands; Iceland (1.5 days); Lerwick, Shetland ... Read More
OVERALL Had a great time aboard the Infinity. Good size and it amazingly never feels crowded (lot of different lounging areas to hang out). We had a nice mix of 5 ports (Torshavn, Faroe Islands; Iceland (1.5 days); Lerwick, Shetland Islands; Geiranger, Norway; Bergen, Norway) and 4 sea days. TRANSPORTATION FROM LONDON We took the train from Liverpool Street Station to Harwich International, but instead of taking the non-stop "cruise train", we took the cheaper train that has one transfer at Manningtree at a significant savings (only $14 per person!) and is only a few minutes longer than the non-stop cruise train. The transfer is technically 5 minutes, but there's no mad dash necessary when you get to Manningtree. The train is waiting there and expecting lots of cruise passengers. You have to go down a set of stairs (24 steps I believe), across a hallway, and back up another set of stairs (24 steps again). We had a big party of 15 (ages from 3-75). Unless you have trouble with stairs, the transfer was very easy. CONDITION OF THE SHIP Can you tell the Infinity is an older ship? Yes, but it's in good condition. I don't remember seeing any excessive dirt, rust, etc. anywhere. I saw the crew constantly cleaning and making repairs throughout the trip. STATEROOM I went with a large party and we had a mix of rooms (veranda and inside). We were all happy with our rooms except one couple who had a room next to a storage area (one of those rooms next to a blank space on the map). They encountered a lot of noise around 6am, which they couldn't really resolve with Guest Relations (they did attempt to make up for it with chocolate covered strawberries and a 10% off a future cruise coupon). I was in 7173 (veranda) and loved it. My stateroom was clean and had a good amount of storage space. I shared the storage with three other people (yes, we were all squished in one room!) and there was enough spots for all of our stuff and plenty of hangers (no need for an over the door shoe organizer or anything like that). The wire shelves in the bathroom (in the shower and by the sink) fit a lot of toiletries. The room is right at the elevator bank but we didn't have a problem with noise. While you could hear the elevator ring at times, it was faint and didn't bother us. We never really heard people's voices that much either. Having a "hump" balcony was nice with four people in one room! I thought the main bed was pretty comfortable, the "bunk bed" that comes out of the ceiling was decently comfortable, and the sofa pull out bed wasn't that comfortable. Nightly chocolates are gone. We got individually wrapped chocolate covered Oreos on our beds for the first formal night. When we asked our stateroom attendant if we could get more, he said only on formal nights, but we didn't get any on the second formal night. Not a big deal (it's not like we were lacking for food!), but a little strange to only get them on 1 of 11 nights. POOL I really like the assortment of pools (6 hot tubs, wave pool, therapeutic indoor pool). The only things I would change would be to make the outdoor hot tubs hotter (my guess was they were keeping the temperature down because lots of kids were using them because the indoor hot tubs were nice and toasty) and to extend the pool hours by one hour to 11pm. It would be nice to enjoy the hot tub after the evening show. Service Everyone we encountered was friendly and hardworking. Special shoutout to our server, Roberto, in the Select Dining area who we had almost every day (we had a standing reservation since our party was so big). He was amazing. Roberto was accommodating and had an excellent memory which he used to be proactive whenever possible. He even had a few magic tricks up his sleeve for the kids :-) Roberto took great care of us! ENTERTAINMENT Shows were a little hit or miss, but generally entertaining. Obviously the production cast isn't going to be Broadway quality, but it was fun to watch the shows at night. There were even two singers from the West End (Philippa Healy was amazing) and a really good string duo. The first comedian/magician wasn't that great, but the second guest comedian was pretty funny. FOOD The buffet was decent (I appreciated that some of the options rotated daily) and the food in the Trellis dining room was good, particularly the chef and server recommendations. Because we left from the UK, there were a lot of British foods included in the buffet (traditional english breakfast foods, fish and chips, etc.). One night in the MDR featured a Top Chef menu (recipes from winning Top Chef entries) and those meals were excellent. As others have noted, the Grand Buffet is gone. On the last sea day they had two chocolate fountains in the Oceanview Buffet with ice and watermelon carvings. ACTIVITIES We're big activity users, and there were some big hits (watercolor class, navigation talk, officers v. guests events, port mini lectures) but some disappointment on the variety and quality of the game activities (trivia, name that tune). I don't have the dailes from when I was on the Infinity two years ago, but we remembered thinking there was always a lot going on at the same time. This trip it seemed like there were definitely less activities that weren't associated with making money (Bingo, spa-related lectures, events associated with the shops or art auctions). This seemed to result in certain events (like trivia and name that tune) getting so crowded you couldn't find a seat in the Constellation Lounge. The pub trivia night run by the CD (Pete) and the Activities Manager (Micky) was well done, but otherwise there were generally 2-3 trivias/name that tune per day and we felt they weren't well done. They were really going for quantity over quality as they were short and it just felt like they were "checking the box" and not putting together an engaging activity. We participated in almost all of them anyway and made the best of it, but we were a bit disappointed. Here's more info on the activities we liked a lot: - Watercolor classes (These were held each sea day morning by an artist from NYC and were a lot of fun) - Navigation talk (Held by the staff captain and was very interesting) - Guests v. Officers games (Various activities like Dancing with the Officers, Family Feud, and a Casino Challenge were entertaining and well done) - Sampling of free fitness classes throughout the trip (there were free classes mixed with the paid classes during the trip) - Port mini lectures (Called Destination Highlights, these 15-minute presentations usually happened the night before a port and were informative in giving an overview of the destination and the activities available. The Port Lecturer was knowledgeable and also talked a lot about doing the port on your own, without an excursion. She was also kept office hours during the day to consult which was helpful for planning). On a side note, they could really use more board games available through Guest Services, especially with less activities going on it seems like a cheap way to provide entertainment. They only had maybe 5 games and only 1 had all the pieces. I would've also liked there to be a lecture/presentation on the history and lore of each port like there was on the Alaska cruise we went on 2 years ago. PORTS TORSHAVN, FAROE ISLANDS We did the Scenic Faroe and Pancakes tour through Celebrity. I don't usually do bus excursions through the ship, but picked this one for various reasons. I'm not a fan of the big bus style tours, so I'm not sure I would do it again. But we did drive through some pretty landscapes and stopped for some yummy pancakes (although the portion was really small). Unfortunately it was a very cloudy/foggy day so we didn't stop at any of the scenic viewpoints since we wouldn't be able to see anything. The town we visited was underwhelming, but the weather wasn't exactly cooperating so it's hard to give a fair review of this tour. Being an active person, I think I would've preferred to do the hiking tour with the ship to really experience the beautiful landscape. The port lecturer gave some of our friends a suggested hike to do from the dock, but otherwise there didn't seem to be much to do in Torshavn itself. I would recommend getting out of the town on an excursion or rental car if possible. REYKJAVIK, ICELAND We did the Golden Circle tour with GeoIceand. Their vans only fit about 15-17 people so the group size is nice and small. Our guide, Gerta, was great and it was fun hearing her stories about growing up on the island. There is also wifi on the van, which was nice (it seems most tour vehicles here have wifi). She even squeegeed our windows during the stops to maintain our great view! The stops on the Golden Circle are touristy, but breathtaking. Gerta would often drop us off at one location and pick us up at a different area so we only had to walk one way, which was convenient. Having a small van allowed us more mobility and flexibility, for instance at the Faxi waterfall we were able to park in a lower lot and get really close to the waterfall (I noticed people in larger tour buses seemed to only look at the waterfall from a higher viewpoint). On the second day (which was a half day), I did the horseback riding tour with the ship. It was a really nice ride (although you do ride very close together in a big group) and the Icelandic horses are lovely, I just wish the ride was a bit longer. We got to experience their unique tolt gait, which was cool. This ride would definitely be cheaper if you booked on your own, but given the limited time frame of our half day, I went through the ship to make sure we'd be back in time for the departure time. Because of the excursions I booked, I didn't get a chance to walk around Reykjavik, but friends did recommend the stand with affordable lobster rolls. They were mixed on the famous hot dog stand. LERWICK, SHETLAND ISLANDS Did a tour with Shetland Geotours, which was great. The guy who runs it, Allen, uses an 8-person van so the group size is very small. Allen is very knowledgeable and it was a great introduction to the Island. We saw lots of puffins at Samburg Lighthouse (if you have an SLR camera with a zoom lens, bring it!), the Viking ruins, and some other scenic points. GEIRANGER, NORWAY This beautiful port is easy to do on your own. We hiked ourselves up to the waterfall, and then came back to the junction of Westeras farm and went the other way to the first outlook (not all the way to Losta). It was a strenuous hike (especially after a week and a half of inactivity and overeating on the ship), and this came from several experienced hikers. Doing both hikes (from the dock) took about 5 hours for us (with some short breaks and lots of photo taking). If you want to see the waterfall with a less strenuous hike, the ship has a tour that buses you up to Westeras (with a waffle meal) and you hike the rest of the way up to the waterfall (we ran into this group and it was huge, which would definitely detract from the experience). The views were beautiful getting up the mountains and it was worth the trek. The signs and trails are pretty clear, so it's hard to get lost. You can buy a trail map at the tourist information center or print one online in advance for free (http://www.visitalesund-geiranger.com/en/BROCHURESMAPS/Hiking-routes-in-Geiranger/). Some people in our party did one of the mountain bus tours through the ship instead of hiking and said it was amazing. BERGEN, NORWAY Having signed up for this cruise for the natural wonders, I didn't think Bergen would be that interesting to me, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a cute city and I enjoyed walking around. First we hiked up to the viewpoint (where the funicular drops you off). It was fairly steep and took us over an hour. Then we took the funicular back down. There was nothing really of note to see during that hike, so if I did it again, I'd take the funicular to the top to hike around up there instead (there is a troll park and a bike tour you can buy tickets for up there) and then take the funicular back down to walk around the city. There are also intermediate funicular stops along the mountain (which we tried to abandon our hike and take), but the machines only take chip credits cards (manned ticket booths are only available at the bottom and top). Walking around the city, you definitely have to stop at the fish market (there are a bunch of free samples to try there too) and the shops in the old part of town. I loved the artist with the wood cut prints down one of the alleyways. The city runs a free shuttle from where the cruise docks to the center of town. The shuttles were very efficient (they run frequently and there are a lot of them) and some have free wifi. DALIES AND IN THE SPOTLIGHT Here's a link to the dalies and the In the Spotlight (names/bios of the officers) at the end. Sorry that I'm missing the second page of the daily for July 31, the day we were in Lerwick. http://www.scribd.com/doc/236047054/Celebrity-Infinity-Dalies-July-2014 I had a great time on the cruise and am really sad the trip is over! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
Background:   This was one of our over 30 cruises we have been on. 2nd cruise with Celebrity. We have taken two previous cruises from London. The first was a British Isles and Baltic combination cruise. The second one was a Baltic/Russia ... Read More
Background:   This was one of our over 30 cruises we have been on. 2nd cruise with Celebrity. We have taken two previous cruises from London. The first was a British Isles and Baltic combination cruise. The second one was a Baltic/Russia cruise. Cruising is a passion of ours. We did not bring our kids on this one. There were just about 240 kids on this cruise. Pre-cruise: We left from Atlanta, GA and flew on the Delta 777 to London Heathrow. London Heathrow was a $85 pound taxi ride to our hotel, Marriott West India Quay. We liked staying at The Grovesnor Marriott previously, but the cost was really high. We absolutely loved everything about the West India Marriott. The location had everything you would want. Easy access to restaurants, pubs, shopping, rail access etc. The service at the hotel was superb. I definitely recommend it. We stayed here two nights prior to the cruise. By the way, if you are flying from the states, give yourself at least one day in London prior to leaving on the cruise. Your sleep will be off for about 24-48 hours due to time difference when you arrive. During our time in London, we visited the sights and took the railway to the West End to see Lion King. There are so many things to do and see in London! On the day of the cruise, we were picked up by EC Minibus. They were perfect. They arrived slightly early and got us to the ship as expected. Since we do not like the big bus transfers, this was a great option for us. The Harwich (pronounced haritch) port is about two hours away from London. Not much to do in town, so staying in London is what most people do. The town is very pretty, but there are not many major hotels. The cost was about 160 pounds for the four of us. The cost that the taxis were charging was a little more. The Ship: Celebrity Infinity This ship was built in 2001. The ship does show some wear, but it is not out of line for a ship that is just over 10 years old. The updates they made, including adding the Aqua Class deck, looks very nice. We stayed in the concierge floor while I have some family stay on the new aqua decks. The room size was no different. The perks and points will differ for aqua, but we did not see the advantage of it over concierge. It may be argued that concierge may be a waste of money. We did use our concierge person a few times. They were able to call one of our transportation hires for free. Overall this ship was fine, but here is the breakdown. General Public Areas: The ship has lots of little areas where you can hang with others or sit and have a more private conversations with others. These areas tailor to the interests of folks... wine, cocktails, music, reading, internet etc. Pools: The pool areas do show some wear. They are designed with the sleek simple modern look that is what Celebrity is known for. The Solarium is almost too simple. The hot tubs are nice, but the main pool is a special thermal pool. If you are in the hot tube, and you want a cool splash, you have to take a shower or go to the main pools. This would be great for Alaska. The towel access is wonderful. The areas could be better maintained by the staff. The less expensive lines do a much better, consistent job with table cleaning etc. We actually saw where managers had to go pick up old plates and cups since they were sitting there so long. They need to manage the pools a little better in regards to non-adults swimming in the solarium. It was not bad though. The main pools were nice. One was a deep pool while the others were shallow with additional hot tubs outside. Informal dining: The Lido/Windjammer deck was not bad. They cater to a European audience on this trip of course. The pizza, pasta, and egg stations were nice. You may see a little back up in these areas at times, but over all the lines moved pretty good. The ice cream is limited to the dining rooms only. There is an ice cream booth, which is nice, but the typical ice cream soft serve is very limited. Some lines here. The candy toppings are a nice plus. They need to do a better job with picking up cups and plates. Formal dining: The formal dining room is very nice. The food selection was pretty decent. The one lobster night brought forth some of the biggest lobster tails I have seen for a main dining room. In regards to steak, they are suffering here. They make a very wide range of selections that are geared more to the European crowd. I am pretty picky, so I really can not judge the different options. Day one of the dining room was the worst first day we have had on over 30 cruises. We know that the first day is always rough, but this was really poor. Now.. A shout out to the assistant Matre'd. He not only made it better the second day, he made the whole dining room experience great. Our drink waiter was the best we have had. Our waiter and assistant waiter really did a great job when they took over on the second day. Speciality Dining: QSine - a very fun concept where several courses that you can choose from are brought to you in a unique presentation. The iPad ordering is coming a long, but not there yet. The food quality suffers, but the originality is there. U.S.S. United States - this is a beautiful restaurant that wins over in look and appeal. The food is created to match the cross continent travel of the past. The artifacts and video on the outside of the restaurant tell a nice story about its origins. Bistro on 5 - has a nice mixture of selections available at different times. It is a little off from the others places, so it actually is a pretty quiet place to eat. The bars all around the ship seem to carry various themes. The wine areas on deck four seem to be a great spot. All sorts of wines available. Cabins: The rooms are well maintained. Our cabin steward, Frederick, was excellent. The cabin service seemed to be great all over the ship. No towel animals in the rooms. The shower area was bigger than most RCL rooms. Plenty of storage. The rooms are still smaller than Carnivals. There are two US plugs and two European plugs at the vanity area. The wall mirror opposite the bed is a little too much. The room was comfortable. The light could not be completely blocked out, but not bad. The 8th floor 8080 provides cover two follows up. This allows you to stand out on the balcony when it rains. My family was in room 1100, aqua class. The room was not in a great location. You can not get access to this floor through the central elevators. No cover on the balcony. The rooms get pretty hot. Casino: Yes, no smoke!!!! I actually did not play any on this trip. It was a smaller casino on four, but it seemed to have many of the games that are popular. It was pretty busy, but there was availability. Itinerary: We left Harwich to the sound of a live band that played us away. This is always a nice tough for this port. La Harve - most people either took the bus to Paris or to Normandy. We did Paris last time. The people that went this time were not able to go to the Louvre. I believe it is closed on Tuesday. We went to Normandy. There is not an experience that can compare to the memorial. The price they paid puts everyone in a memorial mood. We toured Omaha Beach and the point between Omaha and Utah beach. We ended up at the Freedom museum. It was amazing! It really makes you appreciate all that we, the French, and our allies have fought for over the past hundred years. St. Peter Port - we had low expectations for this port. Wow! Beautiful port with plenty to see. The excursion list was limited, but the city has some cool places to see. The shopping is nice along with the food. You can take all sorts of short trips to the neighboring islands if you want. Try to get the powerboat excursion before they sell out. This is the only tender spot of the whole trip. The tender service was better than average. Cohb (pronounced cove) - was one of our favorite ports. A beautiful city. We took the excursion to Blarney Castle, and it was very pretty. Kissing the Blarney Stone is not meant for the weak. You have to lay back and lean back to reach it. There is a person there to help you. There are steep steps to go up to it and come down from it. It was a great experience, but not meant for people with limited mobility. If you do not go up to the stone, it is ok. There are plenty things to see and do while at the castle. The woolen mill shops are pretty cool. The community really rallies around the ship in port. A band came out to play with us. The people were so friendly. I could see living here. Great historical facts during out tour. Great way to get in touch with some of my family's heritage. Dublin, Ireland - we have been to this port before. It is a city. There is no connection with the community. Unless you get outside the city, there is nothing very special with this port. The Guinness factory is cool for some. Liverpool - this place rocked. The community had a fireworks the first night we were at port. We took an Busy Bus for 39 pounds to go to Alton Towers on the first day. That park was amazing! 14 loop record breaking coaster. Great park with a 1400's castle in the middle of it. Day two, we went to see "the open". What a treat! The city of Liverpool has everything. It is a beautiful city filled with many things to do. It is head over heals over Dublin in my book. Many people went to the bars and tourist attractions that focus on the Beatles' rise. Greenock - This port sits away from the community, but you can get to the town pretty easily. I definitely recommend the excursion to Sterling Castle. The history that revolves this area is wonderful. You can hear about the real William Wallace and Robert Bruce. The views from the castle were amazing. You can see where these famous battles occurred. Holyhead, Wales - the port was disconnected from the community. This stop was beautiful, but there are not many things to do at the pier. I recommend an excursion for this stop or simply stay on the ship. They do provide a shuttle bus for the pier, but there is not much to see. We went to a nearby beach town. It was pretty. This stop was so-so. We ended the cruise with a nice day at sea. The day at sea is always a blessing at the end of every cruise. Our tips were automatically added. They deserved it. Disembarkation: Simple and with ease. The EC Minibus was a few minutes and ready to take us back to London. We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel at St. Pancras. Wow is an understatement. We chose this place due to the absolute lock on to the trains. We paid for the upgrade to the suite. Definitely worth it. We had access to the chamber room for free drinks, snacks, and breakfast. The following day, we took the complementary concierge service to the Eurostar train. They took our bags through security and loaded them on the train with us, wow! We left the next morning to France bound for the Disneyland Paris station. We had an added on Disneyland Paris vacation. Worth it! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
On the whole we didn't have a very good experience on this ship. My wife and I are both pensioners but we still like a bit of life. Most lounges were quite comfortable but the entertainment was quite boring. I suppose we are used to ... Read More
On the whole we didn't have a very good experience on this ship. My wife and I are both pensioners but we still like a bit of life. Most lounges were quite comfortable but the entertainment was quite boring. I suppose we are used to having karaoke nights and maybe singalongs with Thomsons or Princess. The shows we saw were poor compared to Thomson's. Also not a lot to do for us on the ship. These are a few suggestions that would improve this ship:- 1. Improve quality of food in the MDR and state clearly what is added to the meal, i.e. vinegarette, mayonnaise, cheese etc. (A lot of people like myself don't like things like this added to a meal) 2. Make sure meals are served hot 3. Reduce waiting time for courses to be served in main restaurant 4. When people are sharing a table and have to wait for other people to join the table don't let us have to wait too long for them. (Sometimes 20 minutes or more) 5. Add more tables to the ocean bar self service restaurant (Probably not possible) 6. Arrange food in a more orderly manner in the ocean bar without having to search for different foods 7. Keep coffee and tea hot 8. Ensure milk is constantly available 9. Reduce the price of drinks 10. Reduce the price of excursions 11. Improve the evening theatre entertainment 13. Have karaoke nights 14. Have midnight buffets 15. Have better entertainment in lounges 16. Make gratuities voluntary   Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2014
Did not know what to expect but the cruise impressed us, from the boarding process to staff, how we were treated and how the ship looked. What an amazing feat to feed and water almost 2200 people everyday and all with a smile on ... Read More
Did not know what to expect but the cruise impressed us, from the boarding process to staff, how we were treated and how the ship looked. What an amazing feat to feed and water almost 2200 people everyday and all with a smile on everyone's face. The ship was in good condition for it's age and the fact it never seems to stop cruising. A few small details needed attention the chairs up in the constellation long are showing some wear. The bars were all well staffed and getting a cocktail was usually no problem. The food by and large was great, some even fantastic. Our wine chap was wonderful and suggested many lovely wines. The main ding room The Trellis is impressive, two floors and huge windows at the back. The buffet was stocked with tons of things, there was no way you would go hungry. The excursions we took were great especially the boat trip into the Leysium fjord, just mind blowing beauty. Norway was spectacular. We did the galley tour which was highly informative, they make all their own ice cream and sorbets and they are delish. My husband did the sky to fjord bike tour and loved it. Took them above the tree line in Gehringer and the rode bikes down the mountain! We did not go to the shows offered but talked to many who did and they enjoyed them, except the poor juggler who was supposedly horrible according to ten different people. We bar hopped and talked to folks that was our entertainment. Our cabin guys were friendly, efficient and quick. Ship had lots of different areas where you could sit, the pool are was large and actually two rooms, one outside, one inside and quieter. Getting off the ship was no problem. We enjoyed our first ever cruise and enjoyed the crew and the ship. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
The "cruise" was just great. Itinerary, pacing, ports - and weather [WOW!]. Fellow cruisers were a delight, including those we met via the CC Roll Call. But the "onboard experience" on Infinity was just OK. Spouse and I ... Read More
The "cruise" was just great. Itinerary, pacing, ports - and weather [WOW!]. Fellow cruisers were a delight, including those we met via the CC Roll Call. But the "onboard experience" on Infinity was just OK. Spouse and I had sailed on Galaxy years ago and wanted to try Celebrity again. We agree that Celebrity just isn't us. And that Celebrity isn't what it thinks it is - at least as we see it. We don't see it as an upscale step from Royal Caribbean, its corporate partner. That doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy the whole experience - only that if we were to do it again, we would look for the exact same itinerary, but on a different ship and different line. Read on to understand why. EMBARKATION/DISEMBARKATION Embarkation was absolutely easy & no problems. We are Celebrity Select based on our Royal Caribbean cruises. Walked up to agent, she was a delight, 15 minutes later we were in the cabin, then off to the buffet. Luggage arrived mid-afternoon. Getting to Harwich from Heathrow was a drag. Disembarkation was likewise painless. We had a cab reserved to 8:30, so asked for 8:00, which we got. We went to the Main Dining Room for breakfast, staying there until 7:55, went to the theater and our number was called as we walked in. Exit was painless and our cab arrived just as we sat down in the waiting area. We flew out of Stansted Airport [to Dublin], and the CABIN Balcony 2A #7118. Great location. A bit small compared to my recollection of RCI and Princess, but maybe just different. Comfortable bedding. Nice balcony. Quiet [though I realize thanks to the neighbors are in order]. Decent bathroom size and nice shower. But cabin and bathroom storage was not convenient. No desk drawer. Two small corner shelves in bathroom, all other bathroom storage under counter. Room Steward, and his assistant, were great and personable, and received a well-deserved added gratuity from us. PUBLIC AREAS Fine. We didn't like the mid-ship elevators being on one side only; seems like they were always "hiding". Customer Service area convenient with good, polite personnel. Overall ship layout was OK. Lounges were fine, though we didn't use them too much, except Constellation, which was the best ship lounge we have used; location, comfort, setup - all great. The theater, likewise, was the best we have experienced - comfortable seating, wide walk areas, good drink tables, good sight lines, always could get a seat. Infinity is showing its age and is ripe for an update. But of more concern is what I would describe as poor maintenance. Several door handles were broken. The sliding door to our balcony was "out-of-square" and would not latch closed, so a temporary latch was installed to keep it closed/locked. We were adjacent to a window in Trellis Restaurant [as requested], but the window was dirty, was never cleaned, and had paint smears from a sloppy paint job next to the window pane dividers. Things like that showed a lack of proper attention to routine, but necessary, maintenance and upkeep. Qsine was obviously added to Infinity, and looked to be just dropped into place on Deck 11 in the mid-ship elevator lobby, blocking all but one of the doors leading to the outside, leaving only one small door, that was not at all obvious and looked like a crew door, to get outside. Most of the doors leading to the exterior on Decks 10 and 11 were not automatic and were hard to open, particularly in the wind. DINING Just OK. We had the fixed Early Seating for dinner, and went there every night. We did not do any specialty restaurants. Food was OK, but at times perhaps too "exotic" for our tastes. I hardly ever order from the standard offerings, but did twice. The prime rib that I had was one of the best ever. But there were NO regional offerings - on a cruise exclusively to Norway! I asked about that and essentially was told they offer a standard menu; that they might offer something at the Oceanview buffet; I didn't see it. Service was good, but not exceptional. Waiter never addressed us by name, and was typically unable to really describe a menu offering. Assistant appeared to be new, but really tried and was fine. Oceanview Cafe Buffet was a frustration. The fare was typical and fine; lots of choices. But, as mentioned by "devoncruiselady" in a review here, it is a long U-shaped affair, and things were moved around. In order to see what was offered on a given day, you had to walk all the way around, including the 3 stations at the rear. One always offered pizza, another sandwiches +, and the third usually a British selection [Fish and Chips] but that was sushi one day having been moved from the Asian station. In short, it was an "effort" to assess the buffet offerings and it shouldn't be. We could always find a seat near the rear, and the outdoor deck was a delight, but was usually full, weather permitting. I FAR PREFER grazing stations as I have experienced on other ships. The constant pushing of the specialty restaurants was an annoyance. Even when they were offered at half-price, we didn't accept. We would rather spend the extra money on an evening out after the cruise. But this illustrates what is one of our underlying dissatisfactions regarding Infinity/Celebrity: it seemed to us that Celebrity catered to those who purchased the extra cost stuff at the expense - and annoyance - of those who did not. A favorite saying of mine captures it: the em-pha'-sis is on the wrong syl-la'-ble ! ENTERTAINMENT Poor to our taste. We are not fans of the production shows, and go to perhaps ½ of them. The ones we saw were not bad, but not great either. The other entertainment was mediocre to poor. There were no headliners. A comedy/magician had good illusions, but was annoying. Several other performers were British, and perhaps enjoyed by them, but not by us; we just skipped several shows. There was not even a comedian. How about local, Norwegian entertainment? There was none, just like no regional food dishes. SPA & FITNESS We did not use the Spa. I used the fitness gym. It was typically almost empty. The equipment was not bad, but like I mentioned for the ship in general, was in need of routine maintenance. PORTS The Ports were just what we hoped for, with adequate time at most of them. Great mix of large, medium and small. And with the long daylight, cruising in and out of the ports along the fjords, while sitting on our balcony, was just incredible. The Seawalk at Geiranger, to eliminate tendering, was neat. EXCURSIONS We did a mix of walk around town, Hop On Hop Off Bus, and ship excursions. Since what you like is so individual, I won't go into detail except to say we enjoyed most of them. The Hop On Hop Off in Oslo was overcrowded and not pleasant, and the headphones didn't work most of the time. The Flam Railway was very good, and a fellow CC passenger had pre-arranged a group of 20, which reserved a section of a train coach and saved us almost 50% over the ship tour. SHIP Infinity rode beautifully, though max seas of 5 ft or so were not a challenge. We very seldom felt motion, so the ride was great. Captain had the ship do a 360 at Seven Sisters Falls, so did the right stuff and kept things on schedule. SUMMARY I'll restate that we really loved the cruise, but because of the itinerary, weather, good health, etc. Infinity/Celebrity is just not something we would choose again. Too many things weren't "effortless" as we think they should be. Celebrity should spend the time/money it spends on pitching specialty restaurants on maintenance instead. Our reaction as a whole matches "devoncruiselady", though our ratings are generally a notch higher. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
Never been on a cruise before so no preconceptions when we were invited to go with friends. Our only committment was that we would meet for dinner each day so we often went our separate ways for other meals and excursions, this gave us the ... Read More
Never been on a cruise before so no preconceptions when we were invited to go with friends. Our only committment was that we would meet for dinner each day so we often went our separate ways for other meals and excursions, this gave us the opportunity to meet other people on shared tables. I think it was day 2 that experienced cruisers asked our first impressions to which I replied "It's Butlins at sea!". I hope this is not going to be a long review, plenty supply all the details, but more a flavour for others who may be in our position. Overall, given that the cost of a cruise from cheapest to most expensive cabin has a factor about 10 times, Celebrity do a great job of providing something for everyone. The art seems to be to miss out the bits you don't like and concentrate on the things you do like, then you'll have a great time. It only took us about 2 days to figure this out. Personally, the cafe on 10 felt like a motorway service station most of the time and the entertainment(?) in the Constellation lounge during the evening was cringe worthy, but we accept some people like these things so we just avoided them. Theatre entertainment also just needed to be selected. Food in the MDR for b'fast lunch and dinner was of a good standard and that in the speciality restaurants was superb with great service(SSUS) and fun (Qsine). We would rate SSUS up to some Michelin starred restaurants and went twice! Upgraded to the Premium drinks package, a good investment and gives a good opportunity to try new things without worrying about the cost. The bars are fine but Rendez-Vous can become suddenly crowded as the set time dining room empties. Did a couple of Celebrity excursions, reasonable to good overall. Little niggles: Formal nights they still let in those who could only be described as scruffy; enforce the dress code. Service in coffee lounge Al Bacio could be a little tardy, even when it was not busy; motivation issues? The stock of Peroni (my favourite beer) was late ariving and ran out quickly; why advertise it? Tips: Despite all the warnings about the Flam railway being fully booked, it was easy to buy tickets from the station on the day, at about half the cost of the excursion; that's one expensive waffle! Overall: Loved it! Yes there are bits like Butlins (and we went to butlins many years ago when the kids were small) but luckily we shared a table again later with the day 2 people so could update thoughts then. The logistics of the operation are impressive, getting everything and everyone to where they need to be seemed to go like clockwork. Yes, there was a delay on car park entry for embarkation, and I see that other reviews make a big deal of this, but in the scheme of things it is minor, nay negligible; loosen up guys you're on holiday! We expect to go again one day. Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2014
Celebrity Infinity Review 4 July 2014 There was a lot of negativity about the Infinity in recent Cruise Critic reviews, so much so that we were a bit apprehensive about our trip. We needn’t have worried! The sun shone, the ship was ... Read More
Celebrity Infinity Review 4 July 2014 There was a lot of negativity about the Infinity in recent Cruise Critic reviews, so much so that we were a bit apprehensive about our trip. We needn’t have worried! The sun shone, the ship was clean, the food was marvellous and the crew were as friendly as ever (this was our third cruise with Celebrity). Boarding at Harwich was easy. We stayed overnight at the Premier Inn; took the car and our group of 4 plus baggage to the port, offloaded, returned to the Premier Inn (where parking is £4 a day), then walked back to the pier (20 minutes). Check-in and boarding was easy and the whole process took about 40 minutes. After our welcome drink, we went straight to the Oceanview Cafe for lunch. Baggage arrived in the cabins about 2.30pm. We had a balcony with two comfortable chairs and a small table. There are 4 electric sockets in the cabin by the desk at the outside wall, 2 US 2 pin (flat) 110V and 2 Euro 2 pin (round) 230V. There was no socket in the bathroom. As the ship sailed from UK, we requested a kettle which our steward provided, together with cups, tea, sugar and even some milk. We requested different pillows and also asked for the contents of the minibar to be removed – our steward did this immediately. Previous travellers complained about smells in the bathroom. Ours did have a slight toilet smell but at our request our steward gave it a good clean and changed the (dreaded) shower curtain. There is only room for one at a time in the bathroom, unlike the new Solstice ships, but we weren’t inconvenienced by this. Adequate toiletries were provided, although the hairdyer isn’t as powerful as our own. We thought that there seemed to be more room in the public areas on the Infinity than on Eclipse. Public areas are continually being vacuumed and polished and all interior glass is kept sparkling. We had the Classic Drinks package included in our cruise. I phoned Celebrity beforehand to see exactly what was included and received an email with the complete list - 1¼ pages! The full list is available at Customer Relations on board. It’s true that some of the waiters don’t always know what is available, but armed with the information we generally got what we wanted. Different beers are available at different bars - for Marston’s Pedigree go to the Mast bar – Heineken, Corona and even Leffe are in the Oceanview, but I didn’t see any Alaskan Amber, which is on the Classic list. Wines up to $10.50 are just about OK, but you can have as much Prosecco as you like. We enjoyed the selection of food in the Oceanview at breakfast and lunch. At 5.30pm they provide Sushi – ideal to accompany your pre-dinner drink. There is a Wok station in the evening in Oceanview so you can get freshly-cooked Asian/fusion food. We had Celebrity Select dining every night and booked our preferred times prior to the cruise. We had the same table most nights and our waiter, Kaviraj, was excellent. The service he provided was exceptional. Some people said that the food was tepid in the restaurants – we never found it so. The food was generally excellent, our only complaint being that the fish was often a little over-cooked, despite our requesting it not to be so. We were disappointed with the Celebrity Theatre productions on this cruise. We enjoyed the shows on Reflection last year. However, this may be just our taste and we realize that you cannot please everyone all the time. The Musical Overload in the Constellation Lounge on 13 July was fantastic, as the singers were really good and seemed to enjoy doing the show. We liked Justino and David Schofield, but felt Daniel Hochsteiner’s show was very ordinary. Peter Grant was billed as a "rising star" but he had no personality and was incomprehensible to us, talking too quickly and mumbling (and we are English!). The big screen in the theatre for the World Cup matches was much appreciated! The lecture on Oslo turned out to be a talk about Norway in general which, although informative, was not what we went to hear. We didn’t attend any more lectures. We did our research and arranged all our own shore activities. There are so many to choose from in Norway – some we booked and paid for online before the cruise to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything. These generally worked out half the price of the Celebrity trips. At most ports there are ‘Hop on Hop off’ buses so you can plan your day without difficulty. We did a cruise on Lysefjord at Stavanger (a must); bus rides at Olden to see the Briksdal Glacier, Mt Dalsnibba at Geiranger and Stegastein at Flaam. We climbed Fjellskua at Aalesund and took the famous railway at Flaam. At Bergen, a free shuttle bus was provided by the local Tourist Office to the town centre. Bergen is beautiful, quaint old town with lots to see and do. Shopping on board the ship was a pleasant experience - the prices are free of US Sales Tax so are cheaper than many UK prices. The sales people, many from Eastern Europe, are polite, are not pushy and are generally helpful. There is, however, less choice than in the bigger Celebrity cruise ships. Despite Infinity being 13 years old, the ship is in good shape. There is a painting crew doing repairs on an ongoing basis. One reviewer remarked on the design of the ship – yes, it is a bit “lumpy” topsides, not like the sleeker, more modern ships in the fleet. I personally liked the glass portholes in the Oceanview Cafe floor where you can see the sea rushing under your feet as you eat! We also liked the view from the big window in the MDR at the rear of the ship. Disembarkation was painless. Although we were allocated a disembarkation time of 08.00hrs, Customer Services said we could leave when we wished as we only had to collect our car. So we had a leisurely breakfast and our bags were waiting for us in the Customs Hall. With calm seas, fantastic weather and scenery, this cruise exceeded our expections. Can’t wait for the next one.....!   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
This is the 4th. time we have sailed with Celebrity and we have cruised many times before with Cunard, Princess, Holland America and P & O and it was the worst cruising experience we have had, particularly from all the food and ... Read More
This is the 4th. time we have sailed with Celebrity and we have cruised many times before with Cunard, Princess, Holland America and P & O and it was the worst cruising experience we have had, particularly from all the food and beverage services. First, the good points. The ship was well maintained and looked freshly re-furbished. It was spotless and the cleaning staff were doing a great job. Our stateroom and cabin stewards were excellent. The itinerary was good with interesting ports of call. However when we could not dock and tenders were used it was unusually slow to get ashore. Perhaps they should have had more tenders in operation. We had 5 days at sea and there was a lack of interesting lectures or things to do. A lot of the activities were with the objective of selling us something Our main dissatisfaction was with the Catering side. When we sat in a bar area or in the restaurant it was difficult to find a member of staff to serve us drinks. We were on the classic beverage package, which, when we found the wines and drinks we liked was fine. We drank before dinner in the rendezvous lounge, the Martini Bar and the Constellation Lounge plus occasionally in the Café l Bacio. Many times there were not enough staff in attendance or they disappeared. They were not looking to see who wanted a drink or a top up. In the Trellis Restaurant the same was the case with the wine waiters. We often had to ask our food waiter to find a wine waiter for us. We were on select dining which meant that we pre-booked the time we wished to eat. We still had to queue when we came to the restaurant But Natalie was very good at finding us a table that suited us. We avoided the right hand side of the balcony as the service in this area was poor. The menus were average and sometimes the descriptions of dishes were poor or did not turn out as we expected. The worst experience was breakfast in the Trellis restaurant which was open seating. One morning we waited for over an hour to be served a dish of Kipper and a dish of scrambled egg and then it was cold. We complained to the maitre d' who almost shrugged his shoulders and said that it was too busy. None of the maitre d's give any impression of contrition or wanting to sort the problem out and other guests had similar complaints. Our previous Celebrity Cruise was in October 2012 when we sailed with Celebrity Silhouette. It is a bigger ship than Infinity yet the catering everywhere on board was superb with top quality food and service. It is that experience which made our experience of Infinity so disappointing. Not good enough Celebrity. Finally we were told that guest questionnaires would not be given to us at the end of the cruise but sent to us by email. A week after our cruise we have yet to receive it. Perhaps they do not want to be told!! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
We travelled by car to Harwich on the morning of departure. A small delay for car parking and we were on the ship quickly in the warm sunshine. We have cruised a couple of times before, though not on Celebrity, and know from experience and ... Read More
We travelled by car to Harwich on the morning of departure. A small delay for car parking and we were on the ship quickly in the warm sunshine. We have cruised a couple of times before, though not on Celebrity, and know from experience and reading reviews that we don't let the small problems and set backs get in the way of a good holiday. The Norwegian itinerary was fantastic. A mix of cities and fjord hamlets. The views stunning and we enjoyed every port. Ocean view cabin was clean with good storage, however, we slept pretty badly as the cabin was never dark and the sun barely set. Bring an eye mask if you are bothered by this. We had packed quite an excessive amount of clothing to cover mixed weather (as forecast) and I'm delighted to report all the "warm" clothing went home clean. Obviously we were very lucky with the weather but I, along with others, did not pack enough hot weather attire. There was sunbathing on the deck every day of the trip so bear that in mind. Most days were absolutely roasting hot and only shorts and light summer clothing was suitable. The majority of the other passengers were probably 50s-80s and although we are a little younger, this was no issue on our part except Celebrity rep told me when I booked +6 months in advance that there were already +170 children booked. The reality was 70 children under 18 on board and only several English speaking in our daughter's age bracket. We were extremely lucky she made 3 great friends and the staff in the children's club seemed delightful though sometimes struggled to keep the children engaged due to the poor numbers. If you have children, I highly recommend only travelling with Celebrity in Europe during UK school holidays. Our daughter isn't schooled in the UK and was already finished for the summer. Food was generally the best we had experienced on a cruise. We were particularly pleasantly surprised by the buffet restaurant, although we chose wisely to suit our tastes. Eating on the sunset terrace at the back of the buffet restaurant was a perfect location in the beautiful weather particularly at sail aways. The main Trellis Restaurant was hit and miss. Often the food looked better than it tasted, however, the service and ambiance was lovely. We were on anytime dining and took whatever table we were given, however, we saw several window tables unoccupied one evening (and we had never been offered one) so the following evening we asked to wait for a window table. Be careful what you wish for because the window was very dirty and not a pleasant view because of this. We were also sat so close to the next table we were actually dining with the (very nice) couple, so ended up turned away from the window looking at them most of the time. We had the Classic Drinks Package Included in our booking and felt it absolutely unnecessary to upgrade. We did find that some bars would run out of particular drinks (beer, Baileys) without apology, however, with a little polite insistence sometimes the bar staff would eventually agree they could attempt to locate the drinks required. This happened on many occasions which really wasn't acceptable. So again, insist on what you want if you are turned down the first time. Entertainment was a little like the Trellis - hit or miss. The main dance troupe and singers were good but some of the individual acts very disappointing eg the juggler. We attended a few fun quizzes and some of the late night entertainment in different bars. Gym: I used this almost every day (thank goodness otherwise would never have fitted into any of my clothes). Fairly small but was never busy and everything I required. Classes were available, some free and some with a fee. I didn't attend any. We booked dinner at the SS United States based on reviews and personal recommendations. This is our single biggest complaint of the cruise, so if you're thinking about it, please take the time to read on. Again there were no window tables and we didn't ask to wait, however, within ten minutes of being seated the window tables were vacated one by one. So, again we recommend you ask to wait if you would like a window table because no-one will suggest you do so. The service was overwhelmingly pretentious as soon as we arrived as an array of staff approached us. We are well travelled and have lived in London, New York and Dublin so have experienced many good restaurants and dining experiences. Immediately we felt very uncomfortable. There was no wine available on the list included in our classic drinks package. The sommelier did say he could provide some but we should not have been put in the uncomfortable position of having to ask within clear earshot of other diners. To be fair, he was the one member of staff who relaxed and behaved in a "normal" manner once we engaged him in conversation. After our starter, we asked why we were not offered bread like the tables around us. The lady responsible for bread distribution arrived shortly thereafter with a basket half full of only white bread. I asked if I could have brown as other diners had on their plates and had to wait for her to come back. We were then offered more bread a further four times throughout our meal which was ridiculous and intrusive. Our main courses arrived and my partner's lamb was clearly overlooked and agreed by the waiter. He had to wait for another dish to be prepared, so I ate my main course alone and he ate his alone afterwards. Despite the fussing around us, no-one said "sorry". We got the distinct impression they are trained not to admit to any faults. Finally, when making the booking we were told only children over 12 years old were admitted but we saw a family with a child who looked no older than 8 years old. We challenged the maître d and she said this rule was flexible and she would have admitted our (well-behaved) 10 year old. Too late by that point. Dessert disappointing but good cheese selection. The maître d only charged us for one meal $50 to compensate but that didn't make up for the extremely disappointing experience. Most of the food was no better than the Trellis restaurant and not in our opinion worth $50 per person. In summary, we would have to give careful consideration to travelling again with Celebrity because of our child. However, we loved the itinerary, had the smoothest sailing, were blessed with amazing weather, got a suntan, ate and drunk too much and were sorry when it all came to an end.   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
Embarkation at Harwich at 2 pm was very quick and we were escorted to Michaels club to meet the concierge, Neil, who explained a few things and sorted out our first dinner bookings. Cabin was ready so we left our bags and headed for some ... Read More
Embarkation at Harwich at 2 pm was very quick and we were escorted to Michaels club to meet the concierge, Neil, who explained a few things and sorted out our first dinner bookings. Cabin was ready so we left our bags and headed for some lunch at the Oceanview. Was very busy but we managed to get a table and had a few salads and a drink. There was a good choice of food on display but this was the only time we ate there. Bars: We liked cellar masters for a pre dinner drink and it was an excellent place to people watch! Martini bar was good entertainment but we found the drinks too much and only tried them twice! Mast bar had good service when we tried it. Premium beverage package meant we never signed for a drink at any time on the cruise. Restaurants: We had the 5 dinner package plus 2 free dinners but were persuaded to upgrade to the Ultimate package on the first night when we were in Qsine. Therefore even though we had select dining did not visit the MDR. Qsine - interesting and a bit confusing as we were never sure how much we were going to get. Personal favourites were the Lava Crab and Painters Mignon. Did not manage more than 3 items on any of our three visits. Service excellent. Café al Bacio Our favourite place to have a coffee and cake in the day and a coffee and liquer after dinner. Also great coffee to go. Did get busy with some people staying a long time. Bistro on Five We had lunch a few times, good service and range of crepes, salads and Paninis. Did not have to pay as included in the package but thought good value for $7. Blu Tried it once, ambience pleasant although tables very close together so might as well have been sharing. Excellent rib of beef, OK sirloin and good service. SS United States Worked our way through the menu and thought all the starters were good but that the fish entrees were excellent, as was the veal. Lamb OK but thought the venison disappointing. Table side preparation of the lobster is fun. Staff - lots of them and take a bit of getting used to at first but they were very friendly and helpful. The maitre D, Aurelian, prepared steak diane for us one evening and it was superb. The sommelier was fantastic at finding wine pairings to go with the dishes we chose. Entertainment Went to see magician who was excellent, especially his matinee show. Also saw a mentalist but rather disappointing. Theatre pleasant with good drinks service. Breakfast We had this in the cabin as we had plenty of space. Disappointed with quality of fruit and took a while to work out how much to order. Not always hot when it arrived either. Poached eggs were always soft though! Coffee was luke warn so ordered latte from Café al Bacio which was much better. Michaels Club Had access to this because we were in a CS. Was always very quiet but it was convenient when we wanted a drink quickly or to get a few bottles to take back to the cabin. My thoughts are that it is an idea that is still being worked on. The concierge, Neil, was always very helpful. Ports visited: Torshavn - interesting but not a lot to see and we had a lot of mist which spoiled some of the views on our excursion. Reykjavik - stunning views to sea and nice to wander round the center and the harbour area. We did the Golden circle tour and it was fantasic! Lerwick Strange being back on UK soil. Did a tour with and would rate Jarlshof as one to the most interesting places I have visited. Puffins and croft museum great as well as the Shetland ponies. Gerainger Stunning scenery on the sail in, mountain bus to Dalsnibba great views but not much time a the top. Sail out the captain did a 360 at the 7 sisters waterfall! Bergen larger than we expected. Free shuttle bus to center and we wandered around and found a Resistance museum in the fort just past the Fish Market. It had a really good display and as it is free worth a visit. At 1 pm it was easy to get a place on the funicular and the view of the harbour and surrounding mountains was great. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
We are frequent cruisers, mainly on RCCL, Princess and Celebrity and this was our thirteenth cruise with the latter. We chose it because of the itinerary (The Faroes and Shetlands ) but, unfortunately, the weather let us down - but Celeb ... Read More
We are frequent cruisers, mainly on RCCL, Princess and Celebrity and this was our thirteenth cruise with the latter. We chose it because of the itinerary (The Faroes and Shetlands ) but, unfortunately, the weather let us down - but Celeb can't be blamed for that. First the good points: we are elite members and again were very happy with the programme - in particular breakfast in the SS United States and the cocktail hour in the Constellation lounge (we were particularly pleased that they were not doing the voucher system as, because of the poor weather, the bar options were very limited). We had 90 minutes each of free wifi and were delighted to find that the system had improved since our last Celeb cruise earlier in the year. Logging on and off was better and the speed was much faster. The ship is getting on a bit, we prefer the solstice class, but it was clean, although a bit rusty round the edges particularly on the exterior. Staff were generally pleasant and helpful. The entertainment was acceptable, the comedian was good and the dancers energetic. There were two good 'beyond the podium' speakers but why did they have to schedule them at 9.00am or on a port day? On our last sea day there was only one talk and that was a repeat of one that had been poorly attended earlier in the cruise. As is now usual there were too many commercial presentations and too much of 'make your own' sports. Trivia sessions were extremely well attended (standing room only in the large Constellation lounge) and yet they did not respond to this by putting on extra ones. Following positive reviews from other passengers we had met on previous Celeb cruises we decided to try Aqua class. We knew the aqua cabins were on the ninth deck and would be affected by the huge overhang, but when the weather is bad and there is no sun, it is a serious disadvantage - the interior is dark all day. The stateroom was the same as a standard one - albeit with a better shower, free water and a bottle of sparkling wine for the sail away. The "aromatherapy diffuser" was nowhere to be found and only appeared after we asked our stateroom attendant (same applied to the "pillow menu"). Whilst there was a concierge available for us there was no suggestion during the cruise of any additional benefits. Open access to the "Persian Garden" in the spa was part of the offer but, when we visited it, it was empty - and we were not surprised as it was small, dark and very claustrophobic. Now to Blu - what a disappointment. The sales brochures talk about "cleaner cuisine". What does that mean? We still have no idea. We had been led to believe it was a healthier option but this was not the case. The choice was poor and far smaller than the MDR and certainly not full of healthy options (food was often fried, rich and lacking in taste) - we often looked at the MDR menu and wished we were going there. The food was well presented but the service was no different from the main dining room. The highlight was May, the wine waiter, who was both efficient and charming. We also were under the impression that you could eat when you want but it's not the case on this ship because the restaurant is too small and cannot cope with the numbers. And the tables are also extremely close together so if you like a table for two, and don't want to hear what your neighbours are saying or for them to eavesdrop on you, look elsewhere. We complained about having to queue, and then wait up to 30 minutes for a table, and were helpfully told by the food services manager on one evening that we should come at 6pm when we would have been seated immediately. The management seem to have no idea that, in Europe, we eat later. The Maitre D' tried very hard, and was apologetic, but the room is just not big enough. We will not be using aqua again. The overhang above the stateroom is a real disadvantage and the food in Blu is not better, or even healthier - it's just a different dining room with too few seats located too close together. If we go on Celeb again it will be in a standard stateroom and we will eat in the MDR.   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
My wife and I sailed the British Isles and were welcomed on board the Infinity by a photographer taking our picture. That was the first of MANY scenes when there was someone present to take your photograph. You almost had to push them ... Read More
My wife and I sailed the British Isles and were welcomed on board the Infinity by a photographer taking our picture. That was the first of MANY scenes when there was someone present to take your photograph. You almost had to push them aside and it became annoying. Others on the cruise had the same experience. Overall, the cruise was wonderful. The food was great and well prepared. The staff was always pleasant and greeted you and wished you well. There were children on the voyage having a great time, but never interfered with the other passengers. The entertainment was professional and worth going to see. We were fortunate to have a balcony and it made all the difference in the world. Definitely worth the upgrade.the ports we visited and the shore excursions were well staffed and planned out. All the guides were knowledgeable and polite. All in all, a very enjoyable experience. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2014
It was very clear from day on on our dated and untidy ship, that money was needed to be spend on maintenance of many area, from the seating at the pool to the carpets and buttons in the lifts. We felt that perhaps this was an older ship so ... Read More
It was very clear from day on on our dated and untidy ship, that money was needed to be spend on maintenance of many area, from the seating at the pool to the carpets and buttons in the lifts. We felt that perhaps this was an older ship so hey, let's not get excited with that. It was what happened every where else that was concerning me. The staff were not happy at all. I saw on three separate occasions staff fighting or having grievance with each other in public. I did bring this to the attention to guest relations. They did not seem interested and did not follow anything up. This continued throughout cruise, from during the art auction to the bar staff. After my other 12 cruises, I had not seen such behaviour before. The ship is understaffed. Infinity is the hardest ship I have been on to be served a drink. Every bar expects you to go and get it yourself. Usually each dat there is one drinks waiter in each bar, when it is clear there should be four or five. This is not modern luxury, surely. We were being entertained in bars, with bars not even serving drinks. Celebrity was losing a fortune on drink revenue. In the whole ship, there were only three activities staff. This again was badly understaffed and the program suffered. By the end of the cruise everyone was talking about the disappointment they were experiencing with Celebrity. The state room steward was excellent and so was the attitude and friendliness of the other cleaning staff on the ship. On board singers and dancers were excellent and about the best I have seen on any cruise ship. The fly in performers were very ordinary, apart from the magician who was brilliant. I think Celebrity has lost it, probably trying to price the cruises very competitively. Standards have slipped drastically in my opinion. I have traveled with 5* Cunard, 4* Royal Caribbean and 3* Thomson. I would put my Infinity experience as a 2* in comparison.   Read Less
Sail Date: June 2014
This is a very long review, so I shan’t be surprised if you lose the will to read on, or even to live, at some point. Overall: We always enjoy our holidays and aim to not let silly little things, or people, get us down, but this ... Read More
This is a very long review, so I shan’t be surprised if you lose the will to read on, or even to live, at some point. Overall: We always enjoy our holidays and aim to not let silly little things, or people, get us down, but this otherwise great holiday was somewhat spoiled by Dear Other Half getting a Gastro Intestinal viral infection on day 8 and confined to cabin for 36 hours - never let the words Noro Virus pass the lips of the medical staff, it was a GI virus. However, up until then it had been a wonderful cruise with lots of lovely people to talk with at mealtimes and over coffees in Cafe al Bacio and we had a good last couple of days once DOH had recovered. Pre-Cruise: We love character hotels, so stayed at the White Hart Inn in Coggeshall. It's an Old English Inn and is what it says on the packet. Dating back to Tudor times, it's full of wonky floors and beamed ceilings and is, reputably, haunted. We were put into a bedroom that is supposed to have a ghost and enjoyed the best nights sleep for ages. We thought it great value for money, at £50 for B&B for two, and a meal-deal dinner at just £9.99 for two. We enjoyed it and would stay again, a benefit of this town being the National Trust's Paycockes house which is a delightful place to visit and have a welcome cup of tea. Harwich and Cruise Parking: Forty minutes to drive to Harwich from Coggeshall, fifty minutes to park. Harwich needs to up its game if it wants to become a serious cruise terminal. Arriving at the scruffy entrance to the long term car park, with no one to greet us or tell us where to go, we joined one of the two queues of cars and waited, and waited. Having pre-paid for parking, we assumed that there would be a separate queue for us and one for the people paying on the day, the latter option working out a lot more expensive. Not so. We were all muddled together, meaning that we waited ages as people paid at the oh-so-slow check-in desks. Then the slow unloading of luggage from cars onto wagons to take the bags to the ship, drive to a parking space and get on a transfer bus to the terminal. However, once inside the terminal, which is bright, modern and right next to the railway station, things moved on swiftly and we were on board within ten minutes; pretty good. Admittedly we had priority embarcation, so this helped quite a bit! Up to deck 11 for a drink to start the holiday, and once everyone else had disappeared to their cabins we took a late lunch of tepid food in the Ocean view Cafe. General Ship Stuff: First Impressions Take half a dozen chimpanzees, leave them in a room with a box of Lego, return two hours later, and there you have it: the external design of the Celebrity Infinity. With apologies to the creativeness of the chimps, the Infinity is one of the ugliest ships I've ever seen. Externally it's an ungainly mix of flat surfaces with lifeboats hanging in front of them, angular lumps sticking out at the top of the ship, housing the Oveanview Cafe, angular curves, (yes really), housing suites on one side of the ship, smoother curves on the other side housing the centrall lifts, Aqua Class cabins bolted onto the back of deck 11, a solid, flat, dark blue, angular stern broken by the curve of the multi-pane window of the double deck Trellis restaurant, a walking track that finishes as a dead end, courtesy of aforementioned new Aqua Class bolt-ons, and there you have it: definitely not a ship to drool over. Internally it seems confused, partly Solticised with the new Cafe al Bacio, Celler Masters and a reworked Martini Bar, and still partly as it was designed to be: lots of dark wood and dark red colour schemes with dim lighting. For us, the ship somehow lacks a real "wow" factor. There is a small three-deck atrium, but activities don't really revolve around it and it ends/starts on deck three with an illuminated staircase that resembles a wedge of cheddar cheese that leads straight to Guest Relations. Bars and Lounges: with Michael's Club now reserved for suite and Zenith guests, the Constellation lounge often in use for private functions at various times of day, and Cellar Masters and Rendez Vous given over to World Cup football matches and Wimbledon broadcasts every day, bar options became somewhat limited at times, meaning that bright and cheerful Cafe al Bacio on deck 5 and the Martini and Crush Bars on deck 4 could be very busy most of the time. The Oceanview Cafe and Mast Bar became favourites outside of busy mealtimes as there was always somewhere to sit and look out to sea. Cabin: Concierge Class 8046 is spacious, well laid out and has an extra large balcony and this is one of the refurbished cabins. It was in very good condition, well designed, though with a very small shower area, plenty of storage and the sofa next to the balcony doors which is where we prefer the sofa to be. Cabins on deck 8 aren’t so affected by the huge overhangs that, for us, spoil the Aqua Class cabins on deck 9, and with cabins above and below these are in a very good location on the ship. Our Cabin Steward, Ambrose, was excellent, in fact probably the best we've ever had, and he was especially helpful when DOH became ill, taking him to the ship’s medical facility and returning him to our cabin in a wheelchair and being very kind to both of us. Food: forever tepid at best in self-service Oceanview Cafe, tepid to warm room service breakfasts, good meals and service in Trellis, the MDR, on Select Dining and excellent food in SS United States. The sad fact is that at whatever temperature it's served, it all contains far too many calories. Speciality Dining: On the first night of the cruise we took advantage of a dining offer that gave one dinner in SS United States, one in Qsine and a meal in Bistro on 5 for $70. As SSUS costs $50, Qsine $45 and Bistro $7, we reckoned this was a good deal, especially as we were allowed to eat in SSUS twice as we don't particularly like Qsine, and the standard of food and service in the SSUS was excellent. Drinks Packages: the Classic Package was included in the price we paid for the cruise and it's full of incogruaties. You can have a glass of wine up to the value of $10.50, but you can't have healthy Vitamin Water that sells for $5.50, you can have a large bottle of "standard" mineral water, but you can't have a mini bottle of Evian to take ashore because, although it's cheaper than the large bottle of "standard" water it's classed as "premium". Complicated? Even the bar staff aren't always sure what's included and what isn't. Moral of this story: ask if what you want is included in your package before you order. Yes, it's a drag, and no, we didn't feel inclined to pay more to upgrade to the Premium Package as we don't drink enough as it is. Sea Days: we were blessed with super smooth, calm seas throughout our cruise, plus relatively “warm” temperatures for the places we visited, though sea days were a little breezy though usually sunny. As always, there were the usual activities organised by the spa, shops, and art gallery designed to part us with our money, plus an Apple store where prices are definilty lower than in the UK. We enjoyed spending time reading, drinking coffee, chatting to people, sitting on our balcony and taking longish walks around the ship. All very relaxing. Ports: because of DOH being quarentined, we missed Lerwick and when we got to Gerainger the next day DOH wasn’t released from the cabin until 4.30pm so we had very little time ashore, then in Bergen the next day, as it was a shuttle port and DOH was feeling unconfident about leaving the ship for any length of time we stayed on board and enjoyed a peaceful day. We’ve been to Gerainger and Bergen several times so we didn’t feel too bad about stating on board. Faeroes: we loved this visit; the islands were not at all what we’d expected. We took the ship's brief coach tour to explore the landscape which was very good and with an excellent guide. It’s a place that we’d long wanted to visit and we weren’t disappointed. Reyjkjavik: we took the ship’s Golden Circle with Lunch, which is probably "the" tour to take from Reyjkjavik. This would have been so much more enjoyable but for us tourists. Add a couple of thousand people from a mega Costa ship to around the same from the Infinity, add again all the tourists who arrive by plane, put them all on coaches that arrive in the same places at pretty much the same time and instead of an in-touch-with-Iceland experience you get multi-national ants trying to crawl over the same ground, all trying to get a place at the same viewing point to get the perfect photo to record the less than perfect moment. But, for all that, it was a very good day out, especially with our very good guide. The approach to the stunning Gullfoss waterfall was diminished by us hoards, actually queuing on the environment protecting walkways to get to the front of the barriers to 1) get to see the waterfall and 2) to attempt to take a photo whilst fending off determined ants with thump-you rucksacks strapped to their backs and forgotten about. We then had to line up to descend down the wooden staircase to the lower viewing area. We lucky Celebs were dropped off at the higher level, at the top viewing area for Gullfoss, so downhill was OK, but the poor old Costa crowd were dropped off below, with a long, lumbering climb to the top and with a number of older people really struggling with all the steps. Two-way ants on a staircase, now that made a good photo souvenir. Worth going? Yes, for the experiences of seeing where Iceland is becoming two islands, centimetre by centimetre, year on year, as the Eurasian and North American plates pull this volcanic isle apart, watching the geysers erupting with the sideshow of unsuspecting tourists standing downwind of the plume getting a warm shower, seeing the power of Gullfoss and having a very enjoyable lunch at the Geyser centre. Gerainger: we were really lucky that Celebrity had booked the new Sea Walk for us, meaning that we didn’t need to tender ashore, unlike the people on the other large ships in port with us. It was fascinating to watch the Sea Walk being attached to the ship and a novelty to walk ashore. We first visited the village of Gerainger many years ago on a very small Fred Olsen ship, the Black Prince. Then, we were the only ship in port and the village had only an hotel, a giftshop and just one or two cafes. It was so peaceful and calm. This time there was a new landing area for the tender boats and ferries, lots of new cafes and shops and hundreds and hundreds of people milling around. The scenery is still as stunning as ever, but quiet and peaceful it isn’t. Being Ill on a Cruise Ship: being diagnosed with a gastro intestinal infection on a cruise ship is an interesting experience. The Medical Centre want to see you immediately you report having a tummy problem, yet they expect you to walk down to them, thus giving you the chance to spread the virus en route. Plus this condition came on so suddenly and violently that DOH didn’t have the strength to walk and so needed a wheelchair to get him there and back which I was expected to push; DOH is very tall, I’m not. Thank goodness for a strong and willing cabin steward who was really so good about all of this. We were thankful that we had a good sized balcony cabin, so that DOH could sit on the balcony in fresh air. To be confined to an inside cabin must be a strain and make an already unenjoyable situation worse. How did DOH get this? Our hygiene routine is pretty good. We always wash, wash, wash our hands to try and keep viruses at bay, use the sanitising gel to help keep bacteria at bay, try to remember to use our knuckles for the lift buttons and to not touch the handrails on the stairs. But we are forever shocked by the behaviour of some of our fellow passengers: no hand washing after using the toilet and, when the hand gels are unsupervised, walking straight past them into the self service restaurants and for this reason we try to avoid the buffet style meals. There should be a firm rule that anyone who fails to wash their hands after using the toilet is thrown overboard; I’m sure that would help to reinforce the importance of good hygiene! And yet, with all our own anti-illness precautions, still DOH got ill. We’ve cruised more than twenty times and always been fine, so this time we were just very unlucky. There are some minor positives to this sorry tale: the medical centre didn't make a charge for their services or medication, we were allowed free pay-to-view films in the cabin until DOH was allowed out again, and and since we’ve returned home we’ve received notice of compensation in the form of a future cruise-credit voucher. There's a silver lining to every cloud! We are booked to sail again on the beautiful Eclipse in October, and we can’t wait to get back to sea, this time without incident, fingers crossed, and with the “benefit” of using the bug-compensation cruise credit voucher.   Read Less
Sail Date: June 2014
We joined this Celebrity Cruise specifically because it was going to Iceland, the fact it went to the Faroe Islands, Shetland and two ports in Norway were an added bonus. Our impression before taking the cruise was the Celebrity was a cut ... Read More
We joined this Celebrity Cruise specifically because it was going to Iceland, the fact it went to the Faroe Islands, Shetland and two ports in Norway were an added bonus. Our impression before taking the cruise was the Celebrity was a cut above P&O, Princess & Royal Caribbean. How wrong we were! Our cabin 8128 in Concierge Class was excellent and a good position and our cabin staff were excellent and had no problems with this. We chose fixed dining at the MDR and our waiter Denis and his assistant Jonathan were also excellent and we thought the food overall was good with plenty of choice and did not feel we needed to pay extra to eat in any of the speciality restaurants. We had a little issue with "Sticky Toffee Pudding" which is a local speciality dish from Cartmel not far from where we live but to be fair the Assistant MaitreD arranged for the chef to come and speak to us and the following night something much more in line with what we expected arrived - well done. Our main issue was with the serving staff in the bars around the ship, it was as though you were invisible most of the time, there were only an odd one or two staff that were happy to serve, most were guilty of passing customers by without even looking to see if anyone wanted serving, 15/20 mins to get served was not unusual. We felt as though the included drinks packages and no service charge were a hindrance to good service - maybe we were wrong but it was difficult to understand why it took so long to get served. Breakfast in the MDR for the first few days was a nightmare on the service front, complained several times but if you sat on the right-hand side of the MDR highly likely you would be waiting ages. It did improve but had moments when service was far below what you would expect. Issue with fixing safe in the cabin - took nearly two hours - completely unacceptable supposedly procedures now in place so this doesn't happen again! Wine tastings - we did a few of these and enjoyed them all. Activities - some really good talks and some not so good. Less activities than we expected. Also why do the majority of bars not start serving drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) until 4pm!!!!! Not all of us want to go to the Oceanview - we avoid it on the whole as we go on a cruise to get service not help yourself. Entertainment - we enjoyed the entertainment and although we didn't go to them, found Jon Courtenay excellent, Justino the magician was good and we enjoyed the celebrity production team, good singers and dancers and excellent shows. Tendering in port - very poor show - need to get this sorted nearly two hours to get off the ship! Overall we enjoyed the cruise, but it was no better than other cruises we have taken and Celebrity really need to look at service in bar areas - which I did highlight the Guest Relations Manager Julie - we shall see. We did receive some freebies and a discount voucher for all the complaints - I would rather have not had to complain in the first place. Cannot find Torshavn and Lerwick on the list of ports: Torshavn - small town but bear in mind all the local buses are free and you can generally do a circular trip - we did route 1 & 3. Lerwick - excellent museum and well worth the 10 min walk. Only small town but very compact and easy to get around.   Read Less
Sail Date: June 2014
We arrived at Harwich just before 11am and were on board very promptly. We explored the ship although having previously sailed on the Constellation twice this was really just a reminder. For lunch we went to Bistro on 5 to avoid the melee ... Read More
We arrived at Harwich just before 11am and were on board very promptly. We explored the ship although having previously sailed on the Constellation twice this was really just a reminder. For lunch we went to Bistro on 5 to avoid the melee in the buffet! Well worth the $7 each. Our cabin was ready by 1:30pm and having booked a sweet sixteen we were eager to see just how large the balcony was. It was great and would be enjoyed during the cruise. Our cabin attendant came to make herself known to us and was charming. The room was as always well maintained and very discreetly. The only snag we had was that having booked so early we seemed to be in the middle of a group of Italians. As a consequence we started receiving the Celebrity Today in Italian! We left a note and this was soon rectified. For the first time, as we were cruising with friends, we had booked Select Dining. This worked very efficiently and we met different folk during the cruise. However, when we cruise just as a couple we will most likely revert to fixed dining at the later sitting. as we did miss building a rapport with the wait staff. The food was always good and we never sent anything back. A starter one night was scallops, one of my favourites and I had no problem ordering an extra serving! As we have reached Elite in Captain's Club we took advantage of the daily drinks party which was held in the Constellation lounge. As our friends knew one of the bar staff from a previous cruise we never had a problem getting drinks, in fact they flowed very freely! The canapes were also very nice and varied. We used the Elite breakfast venue a couple of times but usually wanted to enjoy an American breakfast! We also ate in SS United States on one night and had a good experience. As far as Activites are concerned there were noticably fewer Actvities staff. That didn't worry us too much as we tend to do our own thing. With four seadays however there was a guest choir which we particiapted in. This was taken by the Cast singers. This was brilliant and, in my opinion, an improvement on being taken by Activities Staff. We built a really good rapport with the singers and it made their three production shows even more enjoyable. There were some usual niggles in that that the buffet always seemed manic at breakfast and on sea days it was difficult to get a seat in Cova Cafe. That said we now expect that and cope with it. We didn't take any ship's excursions having arranged our own private trips. As ever on Celebrity we found the staff to be working hard and always greeted us. Yes there may be some changes but nothing major that spoit our vacation. Disembarkation was a breeze as we live within an hour of Harwich and had organised a 9am pick up. Read Less
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Public Rooms 4.0 0.0
Fitness Recreation 4.0 0.0
Family 3.0 0.0
Shore Excursion 3.0 0.0
Enrichment 3.0 0.0
Service 4.0 0.0
Value For Money 4.0 0.0
Rates 4.0 0.0

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