Sail Date: February 2019
We chose this cruise because we love to go the Caribbean this time of year and enjoy the Royal Caribbean ships. We have been on other cruise lines but like Royal the best. This time we enjoyed the owners suite which comes with some extra ... Read More
We chose this cruise because we love to go the Caribbean this time of year and enjoy the Royal Caribbean ships. We have been on other cruise lines but like Royal the best. This time we enjoyed the owners suite which comes with some extra perks. They offer a variety of activities and entertainment throughout the cruise. Some of my favorite are the cupcake decoration classes and the Trivia challenges where you tend to make new friends. I like being in the middle of the ship and prefer the higher floors. We enjoy sitting on the balcony drinking coffee and eating breakfast on cruise day mornings. Strolling down the prominade shopping and people watching and maybe a stop in the ice cream parlor. Cozumel is one of my favorite ports because there is so much to do and the water is such a beautiful color of blue. We enjoy the cruise life. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2017
We chose to try Royal Caribbean to see what the difference between the only other cruise we had experienced, would be. We had heard some people were more satisfied with Royal Caribbean than Carnival. Regrettably, we were most disappointed ... Read More
We chose to try Royal Caribbean to see what the difference between the only other cruise we had experienced, would be. We had heard some people were more satisfied with Royal Caribbean than Carnival. Regrettably, we were most disappointed and would not recommend the cruise line. I was relegated to having to go on a scavenger hunt to get the number of bottles of water that I needed to consume with the medication that I take, even though I paid for a beverage package that included water. The number of venues for entertainment were limited and the quality of the musicians and singers was poor. The ship is fully equipped to entertain children and teenagers but leaves much to be desired in keeping adults entertained. The sauna in the spa was not working. During a massage session, the attendant never even offered a robe and I was asked to simply remove my clothing and lay down on the massage table. The Windjammer Café had a peculiar odor as you approached the entrance as if the cleanliness of the area was not a pleasant one. On a positive note, the waiter and assistant server for dinner in the Dining Room were top notch. The ports and shore excursions were also top notch! I traveled with my husband only and there were far too many children on the voyage to be able to enjoy the time at sea. It was when we would get off the ship that we had the best time. I would not go again on a Royal Caribbean cruise and in all honesty not be able to recommend the line to anyone. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2015
The Liberty Of The Seas staff was outstanding. Ship was very clean and the Balcony State Room was very comfortable. The Buffet did leave a lot to be desired. We did expect better quality and a change up of the variety. Overall is was ... Read More
The Liberty Of The Seas staff was outstanding. Ship was very clean and the Balcony State Room was very comfortable. The Buffet did leave a lot to be desired. We did expect better quality and a change up of the variety. Overall is was OK. The Dining room staff was way above our expectations. The food was of better quality then the Buffet. But nothing that really excited us. The specialty restaurants required an additional fee for an extended menu. That being said was a disappointment. The entertainment was mediocre, expect the Saturday Night Fever performance which is a must see. Overall we had a good experience. AS an fYI you need to be patient when trying to use the elevators during peak times, awe full. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2011
Here is my review of our Liberty OTS cruise 24th of September. First some background, we are a couple in our early 30s and we recently got bitten by the nasty cruise bug. We already did this cruise in the beginning of June, but we got ... Read More
Here is my review of our Liberty OTS cruise 24th of September. First some background, we are a couple in our early 30s and we recently got bitten by the nasty cruise bug. We already did this cruise in the beginning of June, but we got off the ship more tired than we got on Don't get me wrong, this was a good thing. So, we wanted to book a second cruise for the end of September. After going over all options, the best choice (also pricewise) was going back to LOS, so we did so. In June we worked via a travel agent, but we came to a painful conclusion that the travel agent we used did not bring any advantages (whilst it was an extra 300), so this time over we booked everything ourselves (via rci). As we are from Belgium we don't really have a separate RCI representative, so all was done online (booking, payment, questions, etc). And I have to say, we will always work this way as of now (more info to compare to doing everything via a TA, please read my 06/11 review)! This time over we wanted to treat Liberty as luxury hotel, so we had no busy port schedule (except for Naples), slept in and spend a lot of time at the pools More on that later. So were off! (I tried to put headers per chapter, so you can choose what you want to read) -Embarkation day: Arrived at Barcelona airport the day of embarkation at 8:30am, as always with this wonderful airport by the time you walked form the gate to the luggage claim, the bags where already being dropped on the conveyor belt, by 9am we were already outside terminal 1, following the clearly marked taxi signs(one floor down from the language claim area). At the taxi area, there is a queue of about 30 taxi's waiting at all time, there is somebody to direct you to the first available taxi (they do have poor language skills, they only speak Spanish and pretend they don't understand a word of English, thankfully there is always signs language)Anyhow, at 9:20 we were in the cab and on our way to the dock. The drive took about 30 minutes, so something before 10am we were at the dock. At the pier, we were one of the first passengers to arrive, porters where already available, so we made our luggage tags and dropped of our bags, we had to wait till 10:30 before the check in counters would open But seeing the ship back, no more bags, our vacation officially started that moment . Strict 10:30am the counters opened, 15 minutes later we had our sea pass cards and on our way to the ship. As we well new our way around, we skipped all those mouth open, eyes wide open first time Liberty cruisers and made our way to caf promenade for two cokes and a few of those awesome ham and cheese croissants We felt right back at home. Went to the upper decks to refresh our memories on how beautiful the sight is form up there and made our way to the windjammer for a lunch just before noon. -Windjammer for first lunch: Windjammer, I have to say, they still haven't learned from last time Foods where basically the same dishes as in June, but what I had hoped, is that they now would be able to give me a good burger or hot dog with some fries Sorry people, this was even worse than in June, a major disappointment. The fries where in the serving dish for so long, when you wanted to pick some up, you took the entire dish with you as they were all sticking to each other!? Burgers and hot dog buns are dry as Death Valley, burger meat was missing taste, hot dogs sausages where not that bad. -The room: At strict 1 pm the rooms would open up, so by the time we had our lunch we were able to make our way to our room. This time we chose for a promenade state room on deck 7 (7293) NEVER, EVER again will be book this kind of room. We were amassed how small the room was compared to our balcony room we had in June, when you see the numbers in square feet of both rooms we thought it wasn't going to be a major difference Boy were we wrong, everything in the room was in a smaller version. AND the noise, boy the noise...But this will come as a surprise to most of you, the noise DID NOT come from the promenade, but from the adjoining room and the hallway, it was a disaster! Strangely other people we met, that also had a promenade room, did not have these complaints, but there rooms where on the different deck, so it might be only a deck 7 problem. We specifically chose this room, as it had a central location, so far away from the two stairways yet again a wrong assumption the amount of people that passed by our room was amazing, and what was even more amazing is how many people passed by acting as school kids, stamping, making loads of noise, running This whilst there were hardly any kids onboard. We also had some minor pluming problem in the sink, it just wouldn't drain very fast. By the end of cruise, we also had a defect in our cold water supply It was strange as most people complain they don't have any hot water We had to complain that we didn't have any cold water, but we let our room attendant have somebody from maintenance come over to fix it. -The room attendant: Our room attendant, she did do a good job, but she didn't go all the wayoom was clean, but not spotless, the TV had some dried up white stuff sticking on it that was there for the entire cruise, we didn't say anything as we were wondering if she would see itnot. Same with dust on the TV, on the dresser, after the bedLike I said, not spotless. She did go wrong when she called maintenance for the cold water problem There were two workers fixing the problem (in full dirty uniform and boots), they used a lot of water for testing so the bathroom was dirty When the problem got fixed she did not bother to clean up after them. We had to ask and requested all new towels (most were used by the maintenance crew, they even placed some towels in the bin). Before somebody asked, yes we did tip her a small amount the first time we met her, just so she knows we are willing to tip extra when it is deserved.Guess she didn't get the point, no extra tip at the end of the cruise except for the prepaid check in the envelope. -Cruise critic: We were with 32 registered CC members this cruise, as the meet and mingle is only on the last day, we decided to meet up on the first day, 3pm Olive and twist bar This was fun as always to finally meet the people you where talking to online for such a long time. The official CC meeting was on the last day, 10:15am also in the Olive and twist bar There where complementary pastries, thee, coffee and orange juice, so not bad. It was funny to hear stories differ from the first day to the last day. Most of them had extremely busy port days, so we did not run in to each other often, except for one couple we ran into every night Even gotten a picture with the captain with them, fun, fun, fun! -Set sail: By this time after we had our unofficial meet and mingle and the muster drill, the ship was ready to set sail, last time we could not fully see the set sail party pool deck due to early seating for dinner, this time we were on the late seating 9pm. Again the ship departed without any announcement or horn blast The set sail party itself is also still one big joke especially those animators doing the flag dance in the beginning...its just stupid. What we did see as a difference from June was that now the DreamWorks characters did do a tiny weenie bit of interaction with the kids At least giving the kids a good time. So now we are really sailing again. -Dinner: We were in the late seating, so that was 9pm for this cruise. The head waiter escorted us to our table and that was the last we saw of him for a while. Our waiter and assistant waiter came to introduce themselves, what wonderful staff, we had Sonny from Mauritius and Dharma from Balithey went out of there way for us, we had loads of fun with them and would defiantly recommend them. We were at a table for 6 on deck 4, two people never showed up the entire cruise, our other two table mates where by coincidence from Holland, meaning they spoke Dutch our native language Which was a very good thing, they were also our age so that made for even more fun.. When we looked at the tables around us, we were very glad we were sat there. The head waiter only showed his face 2 more times to do some small talk, the one we had in June came by almost every night, so we were disappointed with that, especially as you have to tip him Which brings us to the next subject. -Passengers: It became pretty fast and clear to us that the average age on this cruise was a wee bit older than the June cruise, also except for non school obligated kids, which were quite young, there weren't a lot of kids or teenagers present. It came clearly visible on the two formal nights where we were normal dressed in June, this time we felt really overdressed When on a cruise, you know there are formal nights, so I don't get how some people, especially the men can think that slacks and shirt (even in polo version) can pass as formal attire (no tie, no vest, wrong shoes)But that might be me, we didn't let it come to our hearts AND there were still enough people that did dress correctly over all nationalities. Majority of passengers were from the US, there were a lot of Spanish and Portuguese (guessing also from Brazil), Germans, Norwegians and surprisingly a lot of South Africans. There where also the Asian types, which also had a pretty strong delegation. -Animation: What we really noticed this time is the lack of party feeling, not only due to the higher age average, but also in ships atmosphere for example, In June we had lots of music at set sail, this time is was quite. The open air party on the second formal night staid at the main pool in June, it was a blast until 3am, with still a party in the Catacombs afterwards. This time the party changed location from the main pool to the solarium at 1am why!? I don't have a clue, but it broke the atmosphere, and no party in the catacombs. Music of the DJ also changed from day to night between the main pool and the solarium So we left that for what is was and went to bed. We did still catch a snack at Sorrento before it closed -The food: I read a few posts on the boards about Sorrento's pizza being cardboard and ketchup On the first two days I would have to agree, the pizza was horrible! However, as of the third day something changed, all of a sudden there was more cheese on the pizza and the crust looked better And indeed it tasted loads better. Caf promenade, still the same great sandwiches and desserts, no complaints what so ever, the cinnamon cake was excellent If only I could make it so fluffy at home. Windjammer, breakfast was the standard drill, nothing to add what so ever. We never had problems to find seating (than of course we where late compared to those that had busy port days). Windjammer for lunch was a disaster They really should fix this, We only went the first two days The second day we decided to not get a second plate and go to Sorrentos, which we kept on doing for the rest of the cruise. We did not go to windjammer or Jade for dinner. MDR, was excellent, at least what we ordered, on the official CC meet and mingle, we heard some complaints from the food. The only bad thing I had was the lasagna that was over salted. We really couldn't get a good steak, as we in Europe like it to be a bit bloody inside this was apparently impossible due to hygienic reasons, very strange explanation that I got for this from the maitre in Portofino Portofino, was still excellent stuff, really great food. It is for us so funny when we order our steak to me medium rare, they look at us like we want meat that still has a heartbeat. Johnny rockets, I have to admit last time we did not like the burgers, it was better this time. Milkshakes where more than excellent. The biggest rip off was Ben & Jerrys, what you get compared to the money you have to spend on it, it is a jokeI had a craving for some chocolate ice cream one night, but the small scoop that I got for more than 3 Dollars was a joke. Drinks in the bars, are like always of very decent quality and good poor Sometimes even to much spirit in the drink. -The staff and crew: The staff willing to help at any time, excellent job. The officers I have to say, they where mingling a bit more than in June but still not a lot. Cruise director, we never ever saw him except for when he is performing an act So still not good, he is getting off the ship before the trans Atlantic. -The ports: I am not going to go into the subject for long, we only did one excursion this time via RCI. We chose to do exploration of Pompeii which was good. All the other ports we just went for a walk, except for in the industrial ports like Pisa and Rome. -The ship: She was starting to show the wear of the salt and busy cruisingI think the return to the ship made us extra aware of this. BUT, they were giving the ship an over hall, all woods where being repainted, the outside decks where repainted, we saw a lot of things being taken apart to be refitted and so on So they are giving her the new look back, my guess they want here spotless before she docks in Florida. -Overall: We had a real good time, we will defiantly go back to RCI, but we had it with the stops that Liberty is doing in the Med after two times, which I think is very normal. The other thing about the amount of stops, is the announcements when the ship docks, they just wake you up when you want to sleep inSo when you treat the ship more like a hotel, this might be a down side. But for the service that you get, the great food, the lovely ship and ports you would just keep coming back. If there was one thing that we found to be a downside this cruise, it was the strictness of timing Whatever event on the ship, it always started and ended on the dot Which is a good thing in work life, but on vacation I found it to be a bit ridicules. And then there was the choice of our room... I hope you enjoyed reading this review Read Less
Sail Date: August 2011
Firstly, let me say, I never liked the thought of a cruise - probably as a result of impressions gained when growing up as a child (i.e. cruises were for pensioners, full of unbearable overdressing, social climbers & nouveau riche ... Read More
Firstly, let me say, I never liked the thought of a cruise - probably as a result of impressions gained when growing up as a child (i.e. cruises were for pensioners, full of unbearable overdressing, social climbers & nouveau riche etc.. whom you'd be forced to talk to due to lack of escape routes :) ) I have to say happily that view is not at all how modern cruising is. It's actually a top class easy going hotel with all amenities and entertainment conveniently a short distance from your door (well at least it was on the Liberty!). You can overdress or hang around in shorts.. interact or can eat nearly any way you like .. (burgers or lobster & all in between) .....your choice. ....that brings me to the main joy of cruising for us - we can all do what we want when on board, & meet up for common interests. We were traveling as a party of 3 (15yr old teenage daughter, husband and myself) I'll try and organize this review into sections. This was our first ever cruise. We'll be going on more! In particular this was a HUGE hit with my 15 year old daughter, as we could give her the freedom to practice being an adult! In port we could communicate with our cell phones, but at sea - you need other options if you're the fretful type. We kept bumping into our daughter with groups of teens around the ship, so no worries. Generally saw her every 3 or 4 hours in the room anyway (getting changed etc.) THE SHIP: The ship never felt crowded. I've read many reviews about the two bigger ships (Allure and Oasis) and it appears that the facilities are not large enough to cater for the volume of people these ships carry at capacity. Liberty is not like that, there's always room, and you can always get in to see the shows or eat in your restaurant of choice. The standard of decor is pretty good, nothing seemed shabby. There was always staff cleaning wherever you went. The hygiene seems high. Lots of facilities on board to suit all tastes. I was never bored with the ship or facilities, I didn't use them all, but between us, we pretty much used everything. I suspect a 12 day cruise would be about right, as by then you would have exhausted all options. 7 days seemed a little short. There were elevator issues/crowding on embarkation after a days out, and also at heavy use times (dinner, breakfast). It appeared the logic of the lifts could get confused and suddenly decide to cancel all pressed buttons and go down instead of up or vice-versa! However, I simply used the stairs at this time, which was probably required exercise after all the food overindulgence. THE STAFF: I have no complaints about the staff at all. They all tried very hard. Exceptional service by our cabin attendant, Portofino and Chops staff, even generally in the main dining room. The only issue is in the Windjammer restaurant, where I think some staff were showing signs of flagging & disinterest towards the end of the cruise. I suspect this is an issue with the tipping system. More about that later. Even the security staff that patrol the ship at night to hoosh all the teenagers back to their rooms at 1:00am are pretty nice. I had to locate my daughter at 1:40am (she was back every evening by about 1:15/1:30!) They told me they were trying their best to get the kids back to their rooms, but no sooner had they got them out of one area, than they went off to another. Not surprising really - difficult on a ship of this size to find out where all the teenagers are hiding the most obscure places (I know the sky chapel was one of them by the way!) GRATUITIES: RCI .. you need to change your system. We prepaid and went on my time dining. RCI give vouchers in the end of cruise for you to give to your head waiter, assistant waiter, cabin attendant of your choice as I recall. This doesn't work at all well for the my time dining option, as we never had the same waiter. Also, the Windjammer staff get nothing. This isn't good for moral. A more generic voucher system would be better... (i.e. a voucher value which we could give to the all the Windjammer staff) We gave extra to people we thought deserved it anyway. THE FOOD OVERALL: Right, I've read a lot of complaints about the food in the Windjammer. I found it absolutely fine. It's a buffet, not a gourmet meal. If you want gourmet go to Portofino or Chops. We ate at the Windjammer a number of times. I often made forays up to get a plate of cheese, breads and fruit and take it down to our room with their free lemonade (which I really liked!) All the food on the boat was over the pass mark. WINDJAMMER: I think it's very churlish of people to moan about the food here. It had a good selection each day catering for all sorts of tastes. Breakfast had a wide variety of choices. Whilst I didn't personally like the bacon(too salty), scrambled eggs(too dry) or sausages(used to UK/Ire sausages.. which these were not) I did find the corned beef hash, mushrooms and omelette to be perfectly acceptable. All types of bread, waffles, french toast, cereals, cakes, fruit, porridge, cheese, hams etc. Surely anyone can find something they like in the huge array of food? During lunch or dinner, there seemed an acceptable choice, from burgers, pizzas to curries, chicken concoctions, salads etc, and the 'Jade' part always had various asian dishes on offer. One big complaint. They were selling small single bottles of Alice Wine .. very nice.. but very very difficult for the staff to obtain as they were kept under lock and key by the restaurant manager. Each time you requested a bottle, they obviously had to get the manager to open up the magic box and get the drink. Absurd. Are the staff stealing the bottles or something that you can't trust them to get a bottle from the bar?!!! Generally you ended up getting the wine sometime after you'd finished your meal. Not the staffs fault, The system is wrong. PORTOFINO: Absolutely fine. Food top quality. I had two fish choices for my meal. Both were well cooked and well presented. Can't recall what husband had, but he was happy. Staff excellent. Memish the manager, ensures that nothing is too much trouble. I would advise Portofino to adopt the vegetable selection style they have in Chops however. CHOPS: Whilst slightly lower key than Portofinio, I have to say the food seemed even better. Odd considering a lot of folks have said it's not as good. Perhaps they've had a change of chef. We both had the Onion/Cheese soup .. wonderful, followed by steaks. The selection of vegetables was better than Portofino (you can choose the veg you want), and my husbands fillet mignon was out of this world, I had opted for a different type of steak, not as good, but still fine. JOHNNY ROCKETS: Good. Exactly as I'd expect. nothing more, nothing less. Burger bar. Burgers are fine. Fries are fine. Service a little slow and not quite as on the ball as the rest of the ship, but still acceptable. SORRENTOS: Daughter loved this. Thought the pizzas were wonderful. I didn't eat there as I don't like pizza! CAFE PROMENADE: Perfect for that very late night munch of various sandwiches/cakes and tea!! They need to keep the water fresh & hot in the water machines for tea making though, else it gets that 'lack of oxygen' taste in the coffee/tea which isn't nice. OTHERS: I don't do cup cakes or ben and jerrys... I'm sure they're fine, dd loved the ice cream. THE BARS: All seemed fine. The only issue I have is that we purchased a 'wine package' of 7 bottles. That's one for each night between my husband and I. I only discovered on day 2 when I didn't order the bottle of wine in the main dining area, but decided to have it later on in one of the bars (olive & twist I think), that I couldn't do so. Apparently wine package bottles can only be ordered in the main eateries. I had to make a dash down to Portofino just as they were closing for the night, where Memish kindly retrieved an nice bottle of Shiraz for me. Bit silly really, you should be able to have your wine where you want. ENTERTAINMENT: Good. We went to all shows except the Ice show (which daughter went to, and she thought it was pretty good). The production quality was very high. The singing at times a little so so, but then I'm very picky in that department. We used the casino. That was ok. They do operate a double zero on the roulette table which means your odds are not as good. Husband attended a 'craps' lesson. He was happy. Parades seemed good, but I only looked down on them from a deck up, as it looked a little packed for my liking, and I've seen enough Disney Parades to last me a lifetime anyway! Saturday Night Fever was good, wonderful set. The lead was a little weak though (being too short and not enough presence for the character of Tony). Enjoyed the 'In The Air' show. I had prebooked online all shows, but it didn't seem necessary in the end. ACTIVITIES: We used the Spa - I had Ionitherme (like slendertone) and a facial :) Both were super, staff very pleasant. Daughter had a teenage Spa (pedicure etc..) & her hair done. Very good. Very expensive though. There is some 'sales' attempts at products, but your fine if you just accept you're not buying.. it's not over pushy blurb. Husband & I used the Gym. Very good. Loved the fact you could use the treadmill looking forward out to sea (I note that this isn't the case in the new bigger ships! silly RCI .. should have kept that!) The gym has a wonderful view. Flowrider, ice skating, rock climbing etc.. daughter used. No complaints. Seemed to enjoy it. There were lots of other things to do. Salsa classes, belly flop competitions, karaoke, bingo etc.. we didn't do these. For teens : Fuel, The Living Room and the video arcade were well attended - everyone seemed happy from what I could see. Make sure your child/teen attends the first day meet. VERY important. DD made lots of friends and is still in touch with quite a few through FB now. POOLS: The jacuzzis hanging over the side were ok.... occasionally got a bit packed, so you had to pick your time. The pools looked like ditto, but I don't like pools and didn't use them. Daughter seemed to have a good time in them though. The free ice cream is pretty good, considering it's frozen yoghurt! EXCURSIONS: Didn't do any official ones, but made our own way. Easy enough to do. The cost of the excursions looked excessive to me. PORTS: TOULON: Didn't get off (can't see that in the port reviews list either!) Phew!! Think that's all! Thanks RCI for a very, very good first cruise. Now.. where to next year! Read Less
Sail Date: May 2009
Jim (67) and I (62) chose this ship for our 25th cruise, mainly because it is the nicest ship in the Carib this summer, and has (we thought) a live Hold'Em Poker table.  Overall, the ship is stunning and service is good.  We are ... Read More
Jim (67) and I (62) chose this ship for our 25th cruise, mainly because it is the nicest ship in the Carib this summer, and has (we thought) a live Hold'Em Poker table.  Overall, the ship is stunning and service is good.  We are not, however, accustomed to such a BIG ship with SO MANY passengers!We booked our own flights, planning to fly in a day early so as not to risk missing the ship.  Our first flight was late, making us miss our connecting flight.  Delta confirmed us on a 5:05 flight, but was nice enough to put us on standby for the 2:30 flight, which seated us.  Even though we could not sit together, we were thrilled to make the flight.  If these plans had been for cruise day instead of the day before, we might have missed the ship, meaning we'd have to make our way to Ocho Rios three days later to join the ship. Whew!We checked into the Holiday Inn Bayside, expecting the promised bay view, only to discover that all the smoking rooms are on the 3rd floor, and not high enough to see anything else but traffic.  The room was small but comfortable.  We walked across the street to Bayside and, after browsing the many shops and kiosks, had a wonderful dinner at Bubba Gump's.  The next morning we had a great buffet breakfast at the hotel and grabbed a cab for the short trip to the pier.EmbarkationWe arrived at the pier at 11:30, and after going thru security and checkin, we were in the Lido line in 15 minutes.  We easily found a table for two by the window, and even when we left 30 minutes later, saw no evidence of anyone wandering around looking for a table.  We sat by the pool for awhile and around 1:00 went to our cabin.Our cabin, JS-9644, was a spacious room with a walk-in closet and plenty of other storage space.  The balcony was deep enough for two loungers and two other chairs and small cocktail table.  The bathroom, however, was very small for a Junior Suite. The small single-sink counter could only accommodate one person.  Only 2 doors away from the elevator bank, we never heard any noise from the passageway.  A sign on our cabin door indicated a non-smoking room, and when I called the front desk, I learned that all cabins are non-smoking, but we could smoke on the balcony.  Inconvenient, but acceptable. That's the most Jim has used the balcony in all the years we've been cruising!We took our traditional nap before the safety drill, and prepared for our first (early) dinner in the Rembrandt Dining Room.  We were seated with a couple from Florida and another couple who didn't show up until the next night.  Our waiter, Andrae and his assistant were attentive and prompt, and the DR Supervisor came by to see that we were being taken care of to our liking, and with one exception, we were.The Soca-licious Parade was really cool with the staff/crew/entertainers dressed in elaborate Carnivale-type costumes, singing, dancing and interacting with the crowd... really fun!We adjourned to the casino where we donated a little to the Dealers' Benevolent Society (missed the Welcome Aboard Spectacular), and retired early.On Sunday, our first sea day, I ventured to the Windjammer for my traditional lox and bagels.  It was a little crowded, and although the lines were short, I had trouble finding a table for one.  One of the stewards took my plate, found me a table with a view, and had someone get me some coffee.  The food and selection was very good, but it was difficult to carry a plate, bowl, silverware and a drink by yourself.Our CruiseCritic Meet 'n' Mingle was held at 10:15 in the Olive or Twist lounge.  We had about 35 attendees, which is great!  Carla and Andrew  were very personable, having provided a gift for everyone, coffee, tea, juice, canapEs and pastries, and raffled off bags of very nice ship stuff.  Although we were allotted 45 minutes in the lounge, we were gone in half the time. The Port & Shopping Show (which was billed as a 'must-see show') was scheduled for the same time, so we missed it.On Tuesday, in Ocho Rios, we braved the hoards of Taxi drivers and wandered into the little shopping area off the pier.  One driver took us to a shopping center where the locals shop, and we picked up a few things we had forgotten to pack.On Wednesday, the second formal dinner, we were surprised that there was not enough lobster to go around. At our table, one couple requested and received an additional lobster tail each.  The remaining diners were told that not only could we NOT order two lobster tails, but that there were NOT ENOUGH for even ONE ORDER PER PERSON on this EARLY SEATING! The waiter said that any remaining tails were reserved for the second seating.  Our table mates brought this up with the Concierge, and the following night all six of us were served lobster in addition to our chosen entrees.Saturday was Debarkation Day, and I was, as usual, dissatisfied with the procedure.  As suite guests, we were nearly first off the ship.  Even at this early hour, the lines for Immigration and Customs were unbearable.  We got off the ship quickly, but the luggage was not on the proper carousel, and when we found it, it took a long time to find a porter to help us through the line.  There were two lines with at least 200 pax (some trying to maneuver their own luggage) and quite a few successful line-jumpers.  Once past this roadblock, we easily found a cab and were on our way.Due to air traffic congestion, we missed our connecting flight.  Delta once again got us standby seats, and we didn't have to wait too long.We liked the size and layout of our suite (except the bathroom), the attentive waitstaff in the dining room, and the friendly and helpful dealers in the Casino.  Other than that, We did not have any use for most of the activities and attractions on the ship, and did not care to take any of the excursions this time.  I think the Liberty was simply more ship than we needed.  We can generally overlook minor things that are not to our liking, but we do expect a higher level of service than we experienced on the Liberty. 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Liberty of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 3.5 4.0
Entertainment 3.5 4.1
Public Rooms 4.0 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.5 4.3
Family 4.5 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 3.5 3.7
Service 3.5 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.1

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