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7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise from Rome

7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise from Rome (Civitavecchia)

Celebrity Edge (Photo: Celebrity Cruises)
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  • Day 1
    Rome (Civitavecchia)
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    Florence (Livorno)
  • Day 5
    Monaco (Monte Carlo)
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
    Palma de Mallorca
  • Day 8

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge - Celebrity Cruises


Beautiful and innovative with outstanding accommodations and extensive dining choices


Expensive upcharge restaurants, spa and drinks; nighttime entertainment lacks variety

Bottom Line

A hip-at-heart ship that may challenge the expectations of experienced cruisers

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: April 2019
Celebrity Edge – Personal Review Stateroom – Sky Suite room 11202 (as compared to Sky Suite on Solctice Ships) Like – -Open balcony with rail; -Bathroom mirror opens to view the ocean (NOTE: This mirror slides open at ... Read More
Celebrity Edge – Personal Review Stateroom – Sky Suite room 11202 (as compared to Sky Suite on Solctice Ships) Like – -Open balcony with rail; -Bathroom mirror opens to view the ocean (NOTE: This mirror slides open at night in rough seas) Dislike – -couch very hard; -safe is 2/3 size of previous ship’s safes; -smaller refrigerator; -Balcony chairs comfortable but have short backs and no chase lounges making it impossible to put our head back and legs up for a snooze on the balcony (NOTE: we spoke to another couple who has a Sky Suite. They requested a lounge chair and the cabin attendant exchanged the chairs for lounges); -Bathroom has a tub and mostly senior passengers who have problems just sitting and standing up so why make them step over a tub to get in the shower; -No place to hang a towel near the shower – we had to put the towel on the floor outside the tub; -soap dish in shower is under the showerhead, immediately fills with water so no soap bar can be left in this dish; in any case they did not provide soap bars in the shower. -Didn’t like the Body Wash, Shampoo or Conditioner. They are now in 2 pint containers with a locked pump top – had to play with the pump ever day to get it to work – finally just unscrewed the pump top in order to use it – wasted a lot of shower water while we putzed around getting the pump to work – NOTE we liked the BVLGARI brand we had on previous cruises was a much better product. -garbage can in bathroom is under the sink/cabinet drawer – need to bend over nearly touching the floor to dispose of tissues (not good for seniors with a bad back); -We miss the daily hard copy newspaper; -No more flowers in the room (not sure how that helps the environment); Luminae Restaurant – attractive room. Comfortable and very nice when we have flat seas or resting in port. Similar menus to the other 4 restaurants and Blue. Fewer people on days of rough seas due to location on deck 12. Most meals Good to Very Good with the occasional Excellent Retreat Lounge – tucked away on 15 FWD comfortable but isolated. We needed to go to this lounge to get our free wine outside of 5-7pm. Between 5-7pm we could get wine at The Club on 4 AFT near most of the other restaurants. After 7PM it’s a long walk to the Retreat Lounge FWD to get another glass of wine. Good choice of wines on the bar and you help yourself. Mixed drinks need to be ordered from the wait staff. Constantly ran out of wine glasses and ditto with the wine. Only one bottle of wine left out at a time. Retreat Pool – 16 FWD on the bow. Very windy place while underway. Regular pool is more protected from the wind and more comfortable while underway. Lounge area very comfortable – never crowded. Lots of lounge chairs. 6 people fill the small pool. This is of little benefit in colder weather like this trans-Atlantic trip – We had about 3 warmer days where this pool area was a bit crowded but comfortable. Entire ship – -impressed with seating/lounge availability outside on decks around the ship – everywhere we went, there was plenty of seating available however there were fewer lounge chairs available at the main pool during the warmer days – people sill throwing a book and towel on the chair early and not showing up to use it until hours later. Staff were supposed to remove towels and books if chair not used for 30 min but this was never enforced. -Walking track – best I’ve seen on any ship – full 1 deck incline. 4.5 laps = 1 Mile. -Fitness Center – well equipped with loads of options however no empty machines late afternoons. -Tai Chi class every morning at 10:30 but weather prevented this class half the time. Class was excellent. Shops – Pricey stores – Celebrity must assume all passengers have an AMEX Platinum. All stores constantly empty when we passed by. I can’t imagine these will last long. Average age of ship’s passengers is north of 65, probably more like 70+ and most have already gotten all the jewelry and watches they want and are in the process of passing it down to their kids, not buying more. Magic Carpet – a marketing gimmick but nice addition to the ship. Its moved to deck 5 at night where more partygoers can have a drink. It’s still too cold for us at night but it should be a hit in warmer weather and calmer seas. Ship serves dinner only once per cruise + dinner is a$65 PP option + 18% tip + drinks = $150 night per couple. 2nd night optional on longer cruises. We had a reservation for the 2nd night in Lisbon but was cancelled due to rain and cooler temps. Lunches: Ocean View – breakfast and lunch – very good, plenty of seating. One concern – at lunch there were often no crew member offering the hand sanitizer, ditto some mornings - saw many people entering the restaurant without using the sanitizer dispensers. There was a large wash basin at the entrance to accommodate 10 people washing their hands. It was seldom used. Eden Café – A well kept secret on the ship. Great salads and paninis + best chocolate chip cookies on the ship. Dining: We liked the idea of 4 individual restaurants vs one large dining room; Better/more food selections; Free Dining Options: Cosmopolitan, Tuscan, Cyprus, Normandie and Blue. All good options but Normandie was our favorite. We like the four restaurant option vs the larger single dining room on their other ships. Although we usually had reservations, all restaurants seem to be able to handle all walk-ins every night. LeGrand Bistro (optional $55PP) Excellent - We enjoyed Le Petit Chef – a Must See for all passengers. The best $55 we’ve spent on a meal in years. Check it out on YouTube. Entertainment: -We’d rate most of the entertainment from 5-7 on a scale of 1-10. Mostly singers, celloists with the Celebrity singers and dancers doing some good shows. -They had an Excellent acrobatic show in The Club. This room is small, but the show ran many nights, so we finally got in with a good seat after a few visits. -Comedian Fred Klett and The Magician ZeeZeus – Bot excellent- Rated 10+ -Beyond the Podium speakers were at times scheduled too close together, not leaving a break for lunch; -Speakers appearing in The Club had not enough room – much too small for some of the audiences; -Movies were shown on the outside screen in the Garden area – most days it was too windy and much too cold to sit – even on days when we were in port and all theaters and clubs were empty, the movie was still outside – Very poor planning. Observations: Major issue: When we had rough seas our room had very loud creaking that sounded like whales crying. We reported this to Guest Relations who immediately sent up the Assistant Chief Housekeeper. By that time the seas settled down and the creaking has ceased. The Next night we again had some rough seas and I awoke at 5AM. I decided to get dressed and leave the room to see if the loud creaking was just our room. As I walked into the hall I could hear the creaking up and down the hall. I walked to the 12th deck and the creaking as 50% louder on that deck. The following night a senior officer was on deck 5 and, as I walked by, he asked how I was enjoying the cruise. I told him about the loud creaking, and he pondered his response for a moment. He then told me they are aware of the issue and a crew of engineers will be boarding the ship in Southampton to diagnose the problem. I appreciated his honesty. We’re booked on the Edge in 2020 from Barcelona to FL and ‘ll be checking to ensure this issue is resolved before finalizing that cruise. During the dinners, we spoke to passengers from all floors – they had the same experience. Although we’re booked on the APEX in Oct 2020, we need to watch this problem. It will be deal breaker if the problem is not resolved. Balcony rooms – Everywhere we go we meet people who have balcony rooms with the infinity window. Most people we spoke to dislike/hate them. Many said they will never sale on the Edge again with these windows. Others want a balcony room with the old style balcony rails. I suspect unless Celebrity changes this issue on future Edge type ships, they will be sailing with primarily suite passengers. Library – This is no more on the Edge. They now offer a single shelf with a dozen books and some magazines – many people complained about this. Rooms – For Edge type ships, we like the starboard side rooms. Reason is Celebrity always puts the Magic Carpet dockside to show off the ship. Read Less
5 Helpful Votes
Sail Date: April 2019
We traveled with a group from RFamily vacations. We chose this trip because of our great experience on Celebrity Solstice to Alaska, and wanted to see the newest design in ships. We really enjoyed the ship. The veranda idea worked great ... Read More
We traveled with a group from RFamily vacations. We chose this trip because of our great experience on Celebrity Solstice to Alaska, and wanted to see the newest design in ships. We really enjoyed the ship. The veranda idea worked great for us. We enjoy A/C, so I think we opened the window 3 times the whole week. WIthout the shear and blackout curtains, it felt open, airy and big. The pleated shade was perfect for privacy and blocking light, and the power controls on the thermostat and balcony were convenient. Yes, the martini bar isn't what it is on the Solstice class, but we found Eden a great replacement. We give Celebrity credit for doing something new with the ship instead of just serving up the same. We ate at all the specialty restaurants and enjoyed them all, even the Rooftop Grill. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but we had a great meal and the outdoor dining room worked well for us (weather was great and wind speed under sail wasn't bad at all). Two things I'd express to Celebrity: I would make the Martini bar more oval in shape to serve more people surrounding it....and make the seating all one height, instead of the multilevel that's on the Edge. Second: The Cabana's.....we had a half cabana on a sea day. I tried, but the whole cabana's were all booked before the ship sailed. WARNING: the half cabana isn't worth it. We were a party of TWO and felt very confined....there isn't enough room for two adults to lounge. Then, the party on the other half of the cabana arrived....oh, boy. What I wouldn't have paid to get the whole cabana. Our neighbors were a mom and dad, young daughter and an INFANT in a stroller....ugh. Nothing like listening to parents and TWO sets of grandparents crammed into a small space, correcting and comforting children. Hey, I get it, people have children, and yes, it was Easter week, but If I was Celebrity, I'd put an age and party size limit on the half cabana's. We did have a great view of the young daughter practicing here dance class stretches on the ships wood balcony railing......and we did get a front row seat for the grandparents performance.....ugh. Read Less
1 Helpful Vote
Sail Date: April 2019
So we did b2b, this was cruise number 11 on X. We are in late 30- and like celebrity. We like good food, shows and service. We prefer that it is activity’s but not to much and that there is not to many children. When we go on ... Read More
So we did b2b, this was cruise number 11 on X. We are in late 30- and like celebrity. We like good food, shows and service. We prefer that it is activity’s but not to much and that there is not to many children. When we go on holiday, we like it to be a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We go early to bed, so late night party is not our thing. We have tried different cruise lines but the preferred is X. So we stayed in a deluxe ocean view balcony, 6115. Nice stateroom but horrible location since you have lots of noise from the theatre during rehearsal and shows. If you read the review from the first week 14.april, you understand. But anyway back to the positive! So the process of b2b went smooth as silk. New cards was by the door in the morning and we went of by ourselves in the morning and when we returned in the afternoon, we just walked right onboard again. No problems, no worries. So this week we changed captain and we new the ship we’ll. Since we did only do MDR in week one, we had pre booked a 4-night dining package. So we did: Fine Cut Excellent meal, great service from the somalier. Perfect steak and great garnish. Le petit chef So fun! It was lots of fun and tasted very well. The pasta was so good. If you bring children, this is definitely something fun to do for dinner. Not sure I would do it on every cruise. Eden Lots of food, almost to much. Something tasted better then others on the menu. Fun to have the edenist walking and interactive in the dining area. Raw on 5 Great if you like seafood and raw fish. We had a great meal, really something we like. We have eaten on sushi on 5 on other ships and this is always a winner for us. Same thing on the Edge. It was really nice to meet and see several of the crew from other ships we have been on before. Great staff, we can really not comment enough of how good work they do. Entertainment this week was presented by 2 productions show and guest entertainment. Marcus Terrell was again great (he did a different show on week one). He is a multi talent, he was definitely the best show of the week. The production shows was nice, really like the screen and scene set up on Edge. Ports of call was good, we have been in all before. But we can always find something new to do. Officers and captain was very visible around the ship. Cc host Elisabeth did a good job on both weeks. She was always smiling and welcoming us when we arrived on things she was arranging. So what did we feel when we walked of the ship after 14days??? WHY did we not book the transatlantic cruise????? We really regret that we didn’t book it. Because if you take away the noise issue in our stateroom. We had great time, but the noise was and is a huge problem for us. Read Less
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