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7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston

Liberty of the Seas
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Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


Great family-friendly programming on a large ship that is relaxing even with little kids


Food was underwhelming at times and the nightly entertainment was hit or miss

Bottom Line

Liberty of the Seas boasts a fresh feel and provides a fun vacation for all ages

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: August 2019
I researched everything about this cruise before we left. Hours and hours of research. So, now that we have concluded our cruise (returned today), I wanted to give you all those details and information while it's still fresh in my ... Read More
I researched everything about this cruise before we left. Hours and hours of research. So, now that we have concluded our cruise (returned today), I wanted to give you all those details and information while it's still fresh in my mind. Would I personally go on this cruise again? Absolutely not. Where do I start........ Parking is a little bit of a pain, probably depending on when you arrive. We didn't get there until around noon and the street in front of the cruise terminal was at a crawl. Book your parking early!! I waited and most lots were full. However, we went with the actual Port of Galveston parking (indoor garage) and it was perfect. It was right across the street so we could just walk and didn't have to deal with a shuttle bus. It was $105, and by booking online, you save $5 so it was $100. The line to get onto the ship was long, but moved faster than I thought it would. It took about an hour. Print out your sea pass paper before you go! The line for those without this was much longer. Also make sure you put all your passport info, credit card charging info., etc. into their system BEFORE you go. We got onto the ship at 1:30 and rooms were ready! I'll review the rooms in the other section at the bottom of this review. We headed to the buffet, and it was a crowded mess. Honestly, it drives me crazy how people are so rude. They cut in lines, they stand in the middle, they push, the list could go on. There was no where to sit. It was awful and at this point I was really regretting booking a big ship. Suitcases arrived around 6. We booked the 3 specialty restaurant package. The restaurants were good, but not fabulous. I am a huge foodie and love to cook, so I'm probably much more critical than others. The Italian place was the best, with Chops coming in second. The other nights we did the "My Time" dining and made a reservation. That worked out well and we never had to wait. Dress code: NO ONE CARES (which is very sad)! That's pretty much what we figured out. Some people wore shorts and hats to the dining room and no one said a thing. On formal night, the majority of people did not wear formal clothes, but wore Church type clothes. There are no washers/ dryers to use, as some other ships have. You can have them do your laundry for $35, all you can stuff in a small bag they give you, and they simply wash, dry and fold. Not worth it in my opinion, but in a pinch, it's there. If you try to do laundry in the sink, beware that things take forever (days) to dry because of the humidity. Drink packages.....(My opinion): We had a party of 5 (2 adults, 3 teens). We purchased the refreshment package and it was $26 per day/ per person. Definitely not cheap, but the alcohol package was really pricey with tips added, etc. I would NOT buy this again. The lines to get drinks were long, and it was honestly a pain. Plus, the days you aren't on the ship, you don't use it much. We did use it for some specialty coffees (available in Cafe Promenade). I did use it for fresh squeezed OJ some mornings, but everyone else in the family thought it tasted weird. It was quite sweet, and not what I expected. (Fresh OJ is available in Windjammer at a little station). We used it for some virgin drinks and sodas. But overall, we would have been better off just paying for each drink as we wanted one. Even sodas were a pain to get because you had to go to a bar and wait behind the lines of people getting alcoholic drinks made. Food: Just OK. We've been spoiled with other cruise lines where the food was really good...(Regent Seven Seas, Celebrity, (even NCL was way better). It wasn't bad, it was just OK. No other way to really describe it. Sorrento's pizza was probably the best and we all loved getting pizza late at night. Shows: They were pretty good. The comedy shows were probably the best and also the most crowded. You don't need tickets or anything to any of their shows. Just show up about 15 min. early and grab a seat. The ice skating rink was really small, so our kids had no desire to skate. It would be best for little kids. Slides: Our teenagers said they were so slow and stopped mid slide. They did not try the one with the raft type thing because the lines were insane. Speaking of lines and crowds, they were AWFUL everywhere. There were also many times when we were bored on the ship. Pool is tiny. Lounge chairs go quickly so I just got up early each day and enjoyed my coffee out near the pool. It was calm and peaceful then, which I loved. Bring towel clips because it gets windy. WIFI was HORRIBLE! We purchased it for all of us and it seemed to always have issues. It was down for more than 24 hours one of the days. The other days, it was so slow and would only work on certain areas of the ship. For example, it would not work inside rooms or on balconies. The ship is old and showing it's age. They do a good job keeping it clean and for the most part, the employees seemed happy. I felt like everything was an "extra" charge, and in the end, this trip was more than double what I thought it would be. Disembarking: GOOD! We had an early flight from Bush. We knew we took a risk booking that early, and then Delta changed their flight schedule and made it even earlier. Our flight ended up being at 10:50, so we needed to get off ASAP. We carried off our own luggage. We went to the theater room at 7:15. Around 7:35 we were able to start walking out. Since we parked across the street, we were in our car and on the road at 7:50. It worked out perfectly. Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2019
We wanted to take our grandson age 11 on this ship as it had impressed us as a family ship on our two previous cruises on it in 2017 and 2018. However, the ship was overcrowded in my opinion and services were not up to par with our ... Read More
We wanted to take our grandson age 11 on this ship as it had impressed us as a family ship on our two previous cruises on it in 2017 and 2018. However, the ship was overcrowded in my opinion and services were not up to par with our previous cruises on LOS. Our grandson had a wonderful time. But my husband and I and daughter/son-in-law felt that there was not enough for adults to do in the daytime. How about adding a cultural/historical presentation (not a shopping presentation) concerning the cultural history of Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica? Also, I am a swimmer and on this trip found the adult pool disgusting with the odor of urine and spilled drinks. Plus, the life guards did little to discourage a provocative dance between two obviously drunk individuals. I tried the pool on three different occasions and times, but was disappointed each time. Our room steward was outstanding and catered to our every need and especially helped with our grandson who stayed with us in our junior suite. Food in the dining room was a disappointment this trip. My steak on the last night was very grizzly and tasteless, for instance. Also, we were asked by the waiters repeatedly to rate the Dining Room service a 10 - Very unprofessional!! Entertainment was also not up to par with our previous trips. Our family enjoyed the production ice show very much and our grandson was able to skate one evening. However, the public skating was only offered very early in the cruise and not again. The live band on LOS had been outstanding in the past so we were disappointed that they were pretty non-existent this time except in some of the lounges. We did enjoy the aerial show immensely, however. But we feel it is time to replace the Saturday Night show with another featured production. In addition, there were very few drink servers in the show areas (as compared to our other times on this ship). Our family excursion to Stingray City in Grand Cayman was a highlight of the trip. This was a ship shore excursion and the boat operator was very concerned about our safety at all times. He very carefully showed us how to feed a mama sting ray and how to hold her underwater so she would feel comfortable. (I fed and then later held her - what a hoot)! In addition, the tour operator provided additional information about the island and the sting ray population -excellent tour! Our grandson's dolphin adventure with his mom and dad in Cozumel was a hit, but they complained about the photographer who followed them around and then wanted $40 for a picture of the grandson with a dolphin. In Jamaica they also explored the recently added Adventure Park (ziplining, tubing, swimming pool) at Good Hope Estate while my husband and I toured the 1700's sugar plantation and ate a scrumptious Jamaican lunch near the pool area. We had toured the plantation and surrounding area several years ago and found that the tour guide really makes a difference in the enjoyment of this excursion. Our tour guide on this trip was much more upfront about mentioning the slave trafficking during the 18th century and was open to our tour group's many questions about the plantation and the surrounding area. This is a must tour if you are in Falmouth and want to learn about the history and culture of the area. Although I was disappointed with some aspects of this cruise, it provided a wonderful chance for us to relax with our family, plus our grandson was well entertained by Kid's Club and all the water features on board. Hopefully, the addition of a new pier (2021?) in Galveston will convince Royal Caribbean to add a newer ship to the area and will provide some additional itineraries! Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2019
We’ve sailed four times with Royal Caribbean, but always on older, smaller ships — Grandeur of The Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Majesty of The Seas — and were itching for a chance to try larger ships. This summer, we opted for a ... Read More
We’ve sailed four times with Royal Caribbean, but always on older, smaller ships — Grandeur of The Seas, Enchantment of the Seas and Majesty of The Seas — and were itching for a chance to try larger ships. This summer, we opted for a cruise on Liberty to celebrate the high school graduation of our son and daughter. Later in the summer, we will be on Anthem of the Seas for a just the two of us cruise, to get the company’s more current take on a similar-sized ship. If you haven’t been on the bigger ships in RCI’s stable, Liberty is, well, big and yet, oddly familiar. Many of the classic styling cues from the last three decades are everywhere on the ship, so it's both familiar and new. One thing that was clearly new — and I’ll have a lot more to say about it down below — is The Key, RCI’s new program to give Suite-like perks to us mere mortal cruisers. One thing not new, based on reading here and elsewhere: Liberty of the Seas has a main dining room management issue, which I’ll also address below. General impressions of the ship: well cared for, but not quite as well as we’ve seen with other RCI “vintage” ships. Obviously, it’s a big ship and it gets hard use, but there are a lot of small details that seem to be overlooked in terms of maintenance — the hallway carpets in the cabin areas were so worn, as an example, to look like they were wet or stained in the high traffic areas. A small detail, to be sure, but one that is telling. As the Freedom-class Liberty has been in service for more than a decade, I won’t belabor the layout and facilities — most of which are excellent — or the elevator placement (just two banks on either side of the ship, which leads to a lot of crowding at certain times). It’s a nice ship with a lot to do — we didn’t even come close to trying everything available on one trip. A couple of general impressions: it feels like you’re either alone or in a very crowded situation onboard, depending on the venue. The Promenade is an interesting, mall-like feature, that can get a bit tight at times, especially when the center of it is filled with promotional sales tables. I find it interesting that in its Quantum-Class ships — similarly sized — RCI went to a totally different layout, with less mass gathering areas and more nooks and crannies. We look forward to be able to compare/contrast that in July. What I will say is that Liberty seems best suited for family trips, with more and better kid-friendly facilities than we’ve seen on other RCI ships. It might not be ideal for a romantic getaway for two, though. One frustration: the ship had multiple meet ups for 18-20 year olds at One Air, the Karaoke bar (which is generally pretty great, but oversubscribed for some of its uses), right as over crowded events were to begin — making it impossible for people to gather and meet and talk. This is poor planning -- an earlier time, like before dinner when things are quiet might work better in this place — or an alternate location should be used. In terms of the staff: all were nice, friendly and very helpful (and some went above and beyond). A few seemed to have suffered for incomplete training — the ability of a bartender to follow a specific order, for example, to use a specific rum (or just use a dark rum versus light) varied wildly from bar to bar. Some of this training issue extends to The Key, RCI’s new upgrade program. In short, you get a embarkation day lunch at a premium venue (and the ability to drop off carryon luggage), premium seats for shows and access to special exclusive times for attractions, special debarkation for ports, breakfast and special debarkation for the final day of the cruise, plus one Voom Surf & Stream for each person in the cabin. We bought this for ourselves and our kids — for both cabins. We would have purchased Voom, anyway, and the price was only incrementally higher (we jumped in early before the price doubled). What worked: Voom, mostly (more on that below). The welcome lunch at Chops was nice, although probably a bit much for a first day lunch. The check-in was OK, but not a massive boost beyond what we normally would have seen as Crown & Anchor Platinum members. What didn’t: the “exclusive” times for Wave Runner was one hour the entire cruise, 9 am the first morning, not ideal for those who stayed up late the first night of the cruise. I’ll note my kids had little trouble getting on, picking strategic times to ride. The ice skating window, again, just one hour for the entire cruise, came on day one, and as it required long pants to skate, virtually no one had their luggage and the ability to change to use this perk. We observed no Key departures on port days. Nada. Nothing. VIP seating was extremely uneven. We were able to use it for the Ice Show — but we had to ask around. For other shows, like the alleged comedian, there seemed to be none, despite the fact that we showed up 30 minutes before show time. The choice debarkation was, in short, a mess. We did get a hot breakfast (a mixed blessing to be sure, based on the issues with the main dining room), but then got cattle called into leaving with one of the normal departure groups (although two different staffers argued about how we should be handled). In short, The Key has both a staff training problem and a value problem. First, staff needs to be fully trained on the program and its perks, to properly assist passengers. Second, there needs to be more in the way of exclusives. With the $600 plus it cost us (for four), there are clearly times it would be smarter to upgrade to a Junior Suite and get most of the perks and a nicer cabin. As a prime perk of The Key, Voom continues to over promise and under deliver, in part at least, due to poor WiFi signal throughout the ship. While better performing than on the smaller, older ships built before the advent of WiFI, Liberty’s wireless net still has issues. Surf and Stream is only half true: you can surf (read the Web or get email), but streaming video is extremely unlikely unless you do so in the middle of the night. RCi needs to focus less on selling ‘Net service to every passenger and more on being able to support those who do buy. Okay, moving on to what was maybe the biggest disappointment: the food in the main dining room. I’ll note this is our fifth RCI cruise — and prior to this one, I’ve generally been pleased to delighted with the main dining room food. I don’t expect Michelin star food, but merely decent, well prepared meals. Unfortunately, I can’t say that for Liberty of the Seas. The food was routinely dried out, seemingly left under heat lights too long — I had one decent meal at dinner time, but the others were not even Applebees’ quality (which is saying something, something not good). Breakfast, too, was a disappointment. The hollandaise sauce for for the Eggs Benedict (an RCI dining room staple) was messed up — and unwanted spinach was added to my meal. Similarly, I was unpleased with poorly cooked (overcooked) omelets and scrambled eggs. The low quality of the dining room was fairly shocking to me, as it has previously been a go-to for food on previous cruises. On the bright side: the ship had the best Windjammer we’ve ever experienced. The food quality was higher (they, unlike the dining room, made a very solid hollandaise sauce and did not over cook the eggs). While a loud, crowded, chaotic atmosphere goes with the food (it’s the nature of cruise ship buffets) this may have been the best we’ve seen on any cruise ship. Additionally, the specially restaurants, Chops, Sabor and Giovanni’s (we used all three when it became evident the main dining room was an issue) were excellent as usual, albeit at a higher cost. The same is true with Johnny Rockets — an upcharge, but the secret place to get exceptional french fries. Lastly, Sorrentos continues its steady improvement, with better pizza crust. The sauce still needs a bit of love, but overall the pizza on this line (once a sort spot, like the still undrinkable coffee) is vastly improved. Moving onto entertainment, there was a great deal of it around the ship, some of which we only caught snippets of — and most was excellent. While we don’t have names — the guitarist in the English Pub was exceptional as was the band that played in the Deck 5 night club — generally speaking all of the music was outstanding. We did not see the Saturday Night Fever show — in part because of schedule, in part due the failure of The Key program — so I can’t comment. We did see an alleged comic. Imagine yourself trapped in a bad version of Grossingers, and your cranky aunt has thrown back a few too many adult beverages and starts riffing obscene Henny Youngman material. That, in a nutshell, is the work of Michele Balan, who appears to be phoning in the same tired routine since the Bush Administration. Starting out with a Donald Trump-like “See how awesome I am self-tribute video” her act goes down hill from there. Avoid at all costs. Excursions: The Jolly Roger Snorkel Trip, Roatan, Honduras: We’ve been on four or five of these type excursions, but this one was by far the best. The crew and ship were great — super friendly and fun. The snorkel equipment was the best we’ve seen on such a trip — it makes a big difference. Additionally, the reef area used was beautiful and the water was very calm and full of wildlife. Additionally, they had great food and drink following the snorkeling — a nice surprise. The ATV Jungle Adventure, Costa Maya, Mexico: The ATV trek through the jungle and beach roads was great — be ready for a 30-minute ride in a troop truck to get there, though. Post ride, we were delivered to a “resort” where we were pestered constantly by local merchants selling trinkets and “Cuban” cigars. After that, we bailed, and returned to port for lunch — and picked The Mojito Bar, much to our regret. While it had a great view of our ship, the food was bad (and completely wrong), the bill was $220 for lunch for four — and they didn’t take credit cards. Avoid at all costs. The Jose Cuervo Tequila Tasting Tour, Cozumel, Mexico: Well done throughout, very informative and entertaining. We learned a lot about tequila, how it is made and how to distinguish various grades and styles. Additionally, there was really good local food provided as well as native arial rain ceremony. In all, well worth the cost. Read Less
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