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7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale

7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades)

Allure of the Seas
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Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


Caters to every type of cruiser: families, couples, adventurers, food- and wine-lovers.


Upselling is rampant, and extra fees can quickly add up.

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If you want a fun-filled cruise with plentiful activities, you can't beat Allure of the Seas.

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Sail Date: April 2019
Our experience on the Allure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruise. 3rd Cruise, 1st with RC. The entire cruise started out poorly with it taking close to a month to book our shore excursions due to having to go through a special area ... Read More
Our experience on the Allure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruise. 3rd Cruise, 1st with RC. The entire cruise started out poorly with it taking close to a month to book our shore excursions due to having to go through a special area because of handicapped guests. The only way to reach them was email and it took them a week or two to respond the first couple times and after that, I was getting no response at all. I finally had to reach out to the executive office, and it was handled within a couple days with all shore excursions approved by the tour operators themselves. (Apparently the girl that was helping us got sick and there was no one helping or monitoring her email account and “we just slipped through the cracks-??”). At the time we booked our cruise (2+ months in advance), we booked through Royal Caribbean and provided them with all 8 of our birthdays and they arranged our 3 rooms accordingly and all was well it seemed. Over a month later, they decide to send an email and mention that we have 2 “minors” (18 and 20 yrs old) in a room by themselves which is not allowed unless they are in a room attached to ours. The first guy told me when I called that there was nothing they could do, the cruise was full, and we would have to pay extra to upgrade our room to get one next to them. I did not like that answer, so I called back again a couple minutes later to another manager and now there is no other rooms available at all because the cruise is at capacity. Needless to say, I had to make several phone calls and spend a lot of time finding an appropriate manager before they were able to “fix it” so we were all still able to go on the cruise. By Fix, I mean they changed the names around on the reservation, to make sure a adult was listed with a minor in each room. Mind you, this was very close to sail date so we had no other choice, and this “fix” effected us several times throughout our cruise when they could have easily told us this policy when we booked the cruise with the representative, so we could have worked out a solution early on before all the available rooms were gone. Getting on the ship wasn’t too bad and once on the ship, we head to the buffet to get food while the rooms were still being made up. The line was a mile long obviously with everyone having the same idea, so I went up and asked the employee standing at the front what other places were available to eat that were FREE on the ship. He mentioned 3, Johnny rockets being the only one we could understand, so we headed down there, all 8 of us with 2 elderly individuals in scooters. It took us 25 minutes just to get an elevator to take us down because it was so busy, just to find out Johnny rockets wasn’t free as the worker had advised. We ended up having to eat there anyway because everyone was hot, hungry, and aggravated. After eating we headed up to the rooms to find 3 of our bags missing from one room, and 1 bag from another room. At this point, it was past sail away time so we headed down the hall to find a steward to ask about the bags. We get half way down the hall and see two of our missing bags in front of another door. We found the lady that was taking care of all the baggage on the floor and told her about our bags being in the wrong place and one still missing on this floor and another missing on another floor. She wouldn’t let us take our own bags to our room, she said she would get them and bring them and find our other one, which I’m sure is some policy or something, but to be honest, they obviously didn’t do a great job the first time around so it was difficult to leave our bags, but eventually we did get all our bags that belonged at each of our rooms. We then try to set up the WiFi... I’ll just shorten that experience recall by saying we spent an hour between the WiFi desk and the App desk trying to get our WiFi package to work for all of us AND get everything re-situated with the apps because of how they had to list our names on the rooms to comply with their minor policy. (My information and plans were listed on my husbands app and our daughters on his, etc). After all this time wasted, we noticed we had different dining times listed on our sail cards even though we had prearranged to all eat at one time at the same table, this was apparently due to them rearranging our names due to the minor policy again. So next we go to the dining area desk and speak with them. Spent several minutes with them not being able to resolve it, so we were told they would contact us in the morning. We went back to the room to change and get ready for a late night show and the phone rings. It’s a lady from the shore excursion desk telling us we won’t be able to do the tours that we had arranged prior to boarding and had ok’d directly with the tour operators themselves. At this point I just told her I’d call back in the morning because we had spent the entire first day handling issues and had not been able to enjoy anything and I was finished. The second day we wake up and go to breakfast in the dining hall, and were met by two very rude employees. Apparently it is a very BIG inconvenience for the workers if you have a large party and/or scooters which we had both. We left breakfast feeling awful. Now looking into the RC app, our dining time now shows late dining instead of early dining and my daughter gets a notice on her door that our dining time was changed to a different dining area but with early dining, so off to the dining place we go again to verify what was going on. 30 minutes later, No one can figure out how the late dining got put in, and they verified the dining in the other dining area was correct. Ok fine.. so we go down and check out THIS dining hall and find it right next to the casino. You can smell a horrific smell of smoke coming into the restaurant and my daughter has health issues so obviously a smoky dining room isn’t going to work for us. Back to the dining booth with another promise of someone going to handle it before the day is up. Thankfully we had specialty dining that night and didn’t have to eat in the regular dining room. At this point, I again contact the executive office and let them know we have spent all of the first day and most of the second just trying to deal with issues and I was just about to the breaking point. I paid a lot of money to enjoy myself and be stress free; not spend the entire day handling problems. I then proceeded to the shore excursion desk to try to deal with the call from the night before. They told me I needed to go to guest relations because they knew nothing about anyone calling. I get to guest relations, wait in line for 15 min for them to tell me I needed to go back to shore excursions. I proceed back to shore excursions, and no one is able to tell me why the person called or what was wrong with my shore excursion. I spent over an hour there, had a break down and started crying, and finally she contacted the manager of the shore excursions. He also had no idea what was going on and said he would have to wait until the evening when the other workers arrive to find out who called and why they had called (because apparently she is the only one that knows what is going on with my shore excursion??) and would get back with me later in the evening. Also thankfully we didn’t have shore excursions until the 4th day. We went to dinner at our specialty restaurant and everyone was so nice. We thought it was because of the specialty dining, but the waiter actually asked us what happened for the dining manager to get involved because apparently they told him to treat us well. We also had a visit that same evening from the head of dining to hand deliver our new dining table number and he mentioned to let him know if there was anything he can do for us from here on out. While I agree that was great customer service, I don’t think people should have to complain to get treated nicely. We took a carnival cruise prior to this one and everyone was accommodating and kind all the time. We did have a great dining experience for the rest of the cruise in the evenings when they apparently knew who we were. The remaining lunch times were still met with rude staff that was annoyed at our large party and the fact that they had to accommodate us with disabled individuals. That evening when we got back to the room, we receive a phone call from the shore excursion manager saying even though we had prior permission to have the scooters on all of our excursions with the tour directors themselves, one particular excursion is now saying we have to push wheelchairs instead of use the scooters. These are the comments from the tour director after sending in a long questionnaire and all the dimensions of the scooters, and the height and weight of the people driving them etc.. Comments:  “So long as the guest can navigate 3 stairs on and off the bus/boat and the scooter/wheelchair can collapse and fit under the bus they are welcome to join the tour.” So now, even though we spent all this time and effort, sent in all required information they needed to get approval and got the approval from the tour directors themselves, they are now changing their mind and the shore excursion manager said there was nothing he could do because it was the tours themselves, it wasn’t Royal Carribean. (We did go on this tour with the wheelchairs and found we could have maneuvered the bus way better with the collapsible scooters versus the wheelchairs, not to mention all the effort it took for us to push them around all day, so it was extremely disappointing to say the least). If everyone wasn’t looking forward to getting off the ship and seeing the area, we would have just cancelled the tour. We actually seemed to have issues all throughout the cruise ship with accommodations and their scooters. In the dining room, the elevators, shops, etc. Their room steward told them that they only needed to call in the evening and the steward would come and pick up their scooters, charge them, and bring it back in the morning at what time they request, but 75 percent of the time they called, no one answered so we had to find a worker each evening to call for us. On the second day, a lady called my mother and was very nasty to her telling her she can not leave the scooters in the hall during the time they are in their room. We asked the Steward again and he said it was fine to leave them and no one could figure out who the mysterious lady was that called and was crazy about it. On the last day, we had two nice people who pushed my mother and my grandmother in wheelchairs part of the way but changed to another two individuals halfway through, around security. When we were outside, the guy told my mom she could keep the wheelchair out there until our ride arrived since we had to leave the scooters on the boat, but the lady pushing my grandma asked if she could stand on her own and then told her if so, she needed to give the wheelchair back. Now my grandma is almost 90 and can’t stand for more than a few minutes so I asked the lady if she could leave the wheelchair like the guy left moms, and she said she couldn’t and took it and started walking away. I followed her and asked her nicely to leave it and she said it was Royal Caribbeans policy they couldn’t leave more than one wheelchair (so if you have 2 disabled people, apparently one is out of luck). I ended up following her and tried to get her name off her name tag and she ripped her name tag off and started yelling about how she will call the cops, and she would not allow me to get her name. She finally went through a door and screamed to the guy that I wasn’t allowed in there, and I was just trying to explain that I wanted her name and even the guy tried to look at her name badge and she grabs it out of his hand and yells at him to quit touching her. He tells me who her manager is, I go speak with him but couldn’t give him much information on who she was because she snatched her name tag, and he said he would go and try to find out who it was but at this point our ride was there so we had to leave. I have never been treated so awful, not to mention my 89 year old grandma was left outside with nothing to sit on and there was no benches available. Also this problem was very minimal compared to the rest, but we found a few times when we went to go do activities (carousel and zip line specifically) they were closed even though they were suppose to be open. We also ordered room service with cokes and water and specified we had the drink package to cover the drinks, but when they brought it they brought Evian bottled water instead of the bottled water that came with our package and canned coke instead of a glass of coke that would come with our package. We ended up with over a $30 room service bill which should have just been the $8 service fee. Also, the “jewelry making class” consisted of you purchasing your own jewelry kit and following the directions to make it yourself while trying to hurry up and get it done before the next class started. After this, we did not attend any more of the “classes” and even cancelled our cupcake decorating class we had scheduled. We chose Royal Carribbean because their customer service and overall cruise experience is suppose to be unmatched, but found out first hand things aren’t always as they seem. I will give a huge shoutout to our amazing waiters for our regular dining time and our stewards, both which were very funny, nice, and accommodating. The shows were great, and the food was good, but overall extremely disappointing for the money spent and the time wasted dealing with all the problems. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2019
Checking in on day 1 was Fast. We arrived at 10 and were on ship by 10:30. No lines – we went right up to the waiting area and were the first to board the ship when they started we saw a welcome Key members sign but that was all. No one ... Read More
Checking in on day 1 was Fast. We arrived at 10 and were on ship by 10:30. No lines – we went right up to the waiting area and were the first to board the ship when they started we saw a welcome Key members sign but that was all. No one knew of a special waiting area – they just told us to sit with everyone else and wait. (No biggie). This was at port of Miami on Allure of the Seas. Didn’t help with any special security lines – but that terminal is so streamlined you don’t need it anyway. They may have let some Star Class on first but didn’t notice but we did have priority over everyone else even wheelchairs access. Heard some complaints about "we were here first" but whatever I guess that's what we paid for. Carry Ons: Went to Amber Theater to drop off carry ons. They did not provide any internet access at this point or wrist bands or Sea Pass Cards. I saw the list of names – only a few pages so couldn’t have been more than 100 people. Stopped at Schooner bar to have a cocktail to kill some time since lunch doesn’t start till 11:30 – watched all the people coming on ship through the promenade. Very busy – my tip go anywhere else first. It’s like people wouldn’t leave the promenade when they boarded like they forgot the ship has 18 floors and many places to disperse. I could only imagine what the Windjammer would have looked like for lunch on Day 1 which brings me to chops. Lunch: Lunch at Chops was great. About 1 hour not 2 like some mentioned. Yes menu was a tad smaller than the regular lunch menu which is displayed outside the restaurant- but doubt we would have ordered anything else. Steaks were fantastic! After lunch we went back to our room (12:50) – our carryon was waiting for us on the couch. Rooms ready at 1 no early access for Key Holders but we managed to be in at 12:50. In the room was all the Key information - and how to access the internet. Shows: Shows were great and yes you still need reservations for majority of them even with the Key (they do scan cards to check) but we were able to arrive almost 5min before the show started walk past the stand by line and go right to our reserved section which was first level dead center second section back. Great seats. We’ve sat front row before and you miss so much – too close. Now anyone with reservations can also walk past the standby line as well but they don’t actually have reserved seats. It’s still first come first serve and saw many trying to get Into our section but they have Key staff protecting those seats till they release them few minutes before show starts. That was nice not having to rush to the shows early or worry about seats. Internet: Internet was not fast like at home but probably the fastest you can get at sea like they say. We put phones in Airplane mode and used WiFi for calls and FaceTime with the kids while we were away. No issues at all. Quality was good – not the best but hey, your out in the ocean. Tried one night to stream a Netflix show. Took a while to get going and started off bad quality and got a little better. Ended up not watching anything. Don’t really watch stuff on vacation anyway so just sat on balcony till I was too tired to look at the ocean anymore. Things like Music streaming and Facebook were fast and the music came in handy for our Impromptu Solarium parties in the pool. They should have added us to the Cruise Planner – think we had the old folks going better than the main pool area. But that’s another story. Activities: So they give you Key hours for select activities throughout your cruise. We didn’t use any of them though. But we did see what they looked like at the Key times. For example Flowrider was always 8-9am. And maybe we saw 5 people on line. Not sure about everyday what it looked like on all lines though. Also keep in mind – this is NOT a private hour for just you. It’s for all key members. Saw some commenting on comparing it to the private lessons for cost making it a no brainer. Wrong – that lesson is expensive and actually does get you a private hour. In any event with or without the Key – none of the lines we saw were longer than 10 people at any given time on any activity. I’m sure we missed some peak times that may have been longer though. Priority Ports and Tenders Not sure the Key helped on Allure. Every port we stopped at we just went right down the elevator to 2 and got right off. No lines ever at any port and we did get off when we first arrived. Maybe tenders would be helpful with the Key but our itinerary didn’t call for any tenders. Getting back on the ship was fast and easy too (no need for the Key) I don’t think you get priority anyway getting back on. Last day. We had to have any bags packed and outside the door by 11pm night before and tagged with Key tags. Next morning we took our time since we had nowhere to go anyway (2:30pm flight) Went to the MDR for breakfast. Fantastic menu. Had breakfast about 1.5hours then were told to go by the Champagne Room to get off with Key people. A staff member told us Key members left already? Huh? We were told we could go when we were ready. We walked off ourselves and when we crossed the bridge from ship to the terminal they were taking Key guests and suite guests to the “shorter” line. Still a line though for the elevators. After that it was a fast out the door. Not sure how the other line was. Chaos I’m sure. Then our bags were in a special area for pickup. And that’s that. The terminal needs work with the incoming and outgoing traffic though. It’s all mixed together. People coming and going (complete chaos) Overall Value: Good for some not for others. We were getting the internet already anyway so at the time we got the Key at $19.99 pp per day (Internet was $15 pp per day) So for us it was good. Some shows I found you could just walk right in on and get a seat. Not many “bad” seats to begin with. It’s not like your sitting in MSG or MetLife Stadium with 10,000+ people. For us getting on ship first was nice and the final breakfast was nice – even though anyone can eat in the MDR except Key gets an hour longer and on a separate seating area with a special menu. Priority ports were useless for us. On board activities were useless for us (and not really needed anyway) short lines to begin with either way. I also think they need to be a bit more organized with the program. Not everyone on ship (staff) knew what it was. Overall I would say if your already getting Voom and if it’s only $5 more per day then go for it. If you don’t need the internet then I think it’s very overpriced for what you get. I mean I can’t justify that money just for a Chops lunch and getting on the ship maybe 1 hour sooner than most others did. Even shows you’ll get great seats if you show up with a reservation maybe 15-20min earlier. A few clarifications in what I’ve seen on the forums prior: The Key – is per person per day for length of cruise -Must be purchase by everyone over 6 years old in room Internet – each member gets their own access code (you can use on as many devices as you want but must sign out of one before using the next) Flow rider- the one hour reserved slot is one hour for all key guest. You don’t get your own hour. I saw some people trying to justify the cost of a personal lesson to the key. Yes with a lesson you get more personal time but the key hours are shared with key members. So don’t think that’s an hour just for you only. And yes the add a Key sticker to your card And off topic but I don't see what the big deal is with Sorrentos Pizza. People say its fantastic but we live in Northern NJ and were have some of the best Pizza places. I guess if your from down south or somewhere that doesn't make pizza very good - then maybe? To me it was like eating a frozen Pizza - same with Sabor Mexican - eh. Ok but nothing special - wouldn't pay for that again. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2019
My wife and I, along with her cousin and her husband, booked this cruise over a year ago and could hardly wait to get to this ship. My wife and I flew to Melbourne, FL to stay with her relatives before renting a car and driving down to ... Read More
My wife and I, along with her cousin and her husband, booked this cruise over a year ago and could hardly wait to get to this ship. My wife and I flew to Melbourne, FL to stay with her relatives before renting a car and driving down to Miami the day prior to the cruise. We spent the night at the Best Western Plus Airport in Kendall, about 25 miles from the port. This hotel was very nice with a hot breakfast buffet. We really enjoyed staying here, even though it was a little ways from the port. We passed a Bahama Breeze restaurant and decided to have dinner there. It was OK, nothing to write home about. Service was VERY slow. The next morning, we returned the rental car to the airport and took the rental shuttle to the port. It was here that we set our eyes upon the biggest ship we've ever seen. The Allure is huge! Traffic around the RCI Terminal A is horrendous, as construction of another terminal is taking place next door. People trying to leave the terminal while others are trying to get inside make for a huge mess. Once we handed off our luggage to the porters outside, we headed inside to a very spacious building. Checking in took less than 5 minutes before we headed to the waiting area. We finally got to board the ship after a 35-minute wait. WOW...is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this ship for the first time! It is huge both inside and out! It's like standing inside a large mall, with shops and restaurants galore. We proceeded to the Windjammer for lunch. It was NOT as crowded as we imagined. In fact, it was never crowded during the entire cruise. They have different stations set up so there are no long lines anywhere. There's so many different food selections for both breakfast and lunch. We enjoyed everything that we had. Great food! Around 1:00pm, they announced that all cabins were ready, so we headed down to ours (cabin 11-203). We had a Central Park Balcony cabin and it was fantastic! Loved it! Our steward was Andrew from Trinidad and he did a wonderful job tending to our needs and desires. Kept our ice bucket constantly filled. Great job! The little shower "capsule" took some getting used to, but we managed. The sheets and pillows on our bed was so very, very comfortable. In fact, we liked them so much that we bought a set later on in the cruise. I had ordered an extension cord, distilled water and a sharpe's container for our cabin and none were there when we arrived. I needed the cord and water for my CPAP machine. I arranged it with the Special Needs department six months ago and even had an acknowledgement from them saying it would be there upon arrival. Nope! Took 2 days to get the water, four days to get the Sharpe's container and never did see the extension cord. Good thing that I brought my cord with me in my CPAP case. Dinner in the main dining room was fabulous! The meals were very good and served quickly. We never spent more than 75 minutes in there. Our head waiter Clyde and his assistant Marvin took care of us extremely well. We never had anything that we didn't like and had as much as we wanted to eat. With all of the specialty restaurants on board, which we didn't bother going to, we couldn't have asked for better meals. So very, very good! The shops onboard were a little expensive for our tastes. There were not many t-shirts selections until the "20 for $20" sale on the last day. Michael Kors, Coach and the other stores didn't appeal to any of us. The evening shows (Momma Mia, Blue Planet, OceanAria, Ice Games and the juggler) were the best shows that we have ever seen aboard a cruise ship. Hands down! Very entertaining and professionally done. Outstanding! We found little things to do during the day, so we spent most of our time people watching from our cabin balcony. Enjoying every minute. I played a couple of trivia games. Let me tell you, RCI goes to no expenses when it comes to "trophies" for winning....a key chain! If you're lucky, you might win a highlighter! A far cry from a "ship on a stick" at Carnival. Bingo was so costly that we never played a single game. And we never set foot inside the casino. Too smoky for us. The Lido deck was as expected...very crowded in the afternoon. Chair hogs everywhere. If you went out on the deck right after breakfast, you wouldn't have any problems finding a chair or two. There are 5 different pools on this ship, with the best being the "Beach Pool", where you can place your chair in the water then lay back and relax. Caution...if you go back to play putt putt golf, DO NOT sit on the wooden benches along the side. There are covered with soot from the smokestacks on the ship. My wife's cousin ruined a pair of pants that she had just worn for the first time. You may also want to wipe off the chairs if you go to watch the OceanAria show, as they too are in line with the smokestacks. RCI tried to clean her pants for her but they didn't come clean. We booked an outside company for our excursion in St. Maarten. Went to Orient and Maho Beaches (2-hrs at each). Plus got all of the rum punch, water, sodas or beer that we wanted during the tour. It was so awful to see the hurricane damage at Orient Beach, our favorite place on the planet. But we still had a great time. And we enjoyed watching the planes come in over Maho. In San Juan, my wife and I stayed aboard the ship and enjoyed the hot tub and pool. The others in our group head off to explore for a couple of hours. We stopped last in Labadee. This place is beautiful. However, RCI needs to post where swimming isn't safe. We went to Adrenaline Beach, got 4 chairs before heading to the water. A life guard immediatlely told us to get out of the water because it was unsafe. He told us to head farther up the beach to swim. So we packed up, dragged our chairs 200-yards up the beach only to be told it wasn't safe there either! So we just gave up on swimming and laid back to sunbathe. You would thing that these areas should be roped off, but they weren't. But I will tell you what saved the day for us....a Labadoozie! This was the best drink that any of us had ever had! YUM! This was our 25th overall cruise, the 3rd with RCI. There were some things that we liked better than Carnival, but the the staff seemed to be a little rude on Allure and that turned us off. The food and entertainment was, by far, better than Carnival. But the ship was way too big for us 60+ year old cruisers. So much walking to get to everything. We should have done this ship years ago. Read Less
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