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131 Night Around the World Cruise from San Francisco

131 Night Around the World Cruise from San Francisco

Seven Seas Mariner (Photo: Regent)
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  • Day 1
    San Francisco
  • Day 2
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 3
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 4
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 5
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 6
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 12
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 13
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 14
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 15
    Nuku Hiva
  • Day 16
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 17
    Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Day 18
  • Day 18
    Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Day 19
    Tahiti (Papeete)
  • Day 20
    Bora Bora
  • Day 21
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 22
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 23
    Pago Pago
  • Day 24
  • Day 25
  • Day 26
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 27
  • Day 28
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 29
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 30
  • Day 31
  • Day 32
  • Day 33
  • Day 34
  • Day 35
  • Day 36
  • Day 37
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Day 38
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Day 39
    Sydney (Australia)
  • Day 40
  • Day 41
  • Day 42
    Cruising (Coral Sea)
  • Day 43
    Airlie Beach
  • Day 44
  • Day 45
  • Day 46
    Torres Strait
  • Day 47
    Cruising (Arafura Sea)
  • Day 48
  • Day 49
    Cruising (Timor Sea)
  • Day 50
    Indian Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 51
  • Day 52
  • Day 53
  • Day 54
    Cruising (Java Sea)
  • Day 55
  • Day 56
  • Day 57
    Kelang (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Day 58
  • Day 59
  • Day 60
  • Day 61
  • Day 62
    Bay of Bengal
  • Day 63
  • Day 64
  • Day 65
  • Day 66
    Kochi (Cochin)
  • Day 67
  • Day 68
    Mormugao (Goa)
  • Day 69
    Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Day 70
    Mumbai (Bombay)
  • Day 71
  • Day 72
  • Day 73
  • Day 74
  • Day 75
  • Day 76
    Abu Dhabi
  • Day 77
  • Day 78
  • Day 79
  • Day 80
  • Day 81
  • Day 82
    Red Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 83
    Red Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 84
    Aqaba (Petra)
  • Day 85
  • Day 86
  • Day 87
    Red Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 88
    Suez Canal
  • Day 89
    Haifa (Tel Aviv)
  • Day 90
    Haifa (Tel Aviv)
  • Day 91
    Mediterranean Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 92
  • Day 93
    Athens (Piraeus)
  • Day 94
  • Day 95
    Taormina (Messina)
  • Day 96
  • Day 97
    Rome (Civitavecchia)
  • Day 98
    Florence (Livorno)
  • Day 99
    Monaco (Monte Carlo)
  • Day 100
  • Day 101
  • Day 102
  • Day 103
  • Day 104
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 105
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 106
    Ponta Delgada
  • Day 107
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 108
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 109
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 110
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 111
  • Day 112
  • Day 113
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 114
    Atlantic Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 115
  • Day 116
  • Day 117
    Caribbean Sea (Cruising)
  • Day 118
    Cartagena (Colombia)
  • Day 119
    Colon (Cristobal)
  • Day 120
    Panama Canal
  • Day 121
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 122
    Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera)
  • Day 123
    San Juan del Sur
  • Day 124
    Puerto Quetzal (Antigua)
  • Day 125
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 126
  • Day 127
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 128
  • Day 129
    Cabo San Lucas
  • Day 130
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 131
    San Diego
  • Day 132
    Pacific Ocean (Cruising)
  • Day 133
    San Francisco

Seven Seas Mariner

Seven Seas Mariner - Regent Seven Seas Cruises


Cruise fare covers nearly everything: drinks, tips and excellent variety of excursions


Prices are among the industry's highest, even for entry-level suites

Bottom Line

Inclusive nature and great service means a Mariner cruise is all about relaxing

Cruise Reviews

1 Helpful Vote
Sail Date: August 2019
We have sailed on Regent's 'sister' line, Oceania Cruises, several times and have had excellent experiences, so when we were searching for a higher end cruise line to Alaska and found Regent and learned it was all-inclusive, ... Read More
We have sailed on Regent's 'sister' line, Oceania Cruises, several times and have had excellent experiences, so when we were searching for a higher end cruise line to Alaska and found Regent and learned it was all-inclusive, we decided to give them a try. Overall it was a good experience but I would not rate the experience as highly as I have rated the Oceania cruises we have experienced. Ship: While the ship has been updated, the decor is lacking in appeal. The main carpet throughout the ship is dated in style though it looks new. The multi-story atrium wall across from the bank of elevators is a dark brown with some blown glass pieces that look dark and dreary. The artwork throughout the ship is contemporary but not to my taste Our cabin 732, a Veranda suite, was appealing with comfortable furnishings. The bathroom had marble and granite with a roomy shower -- no tub. Dining: Marina has two truly speciality restaurants. Prime 7 for steak and Chartreuse for French cusine. They turn the breakfast/lunch buffet restaurant, La Veranda, into Sette Mari for Italian themed cusine in the evening which was quite good so much so we went back a second time. The carbonara was very good. Prime 7 was excellent. We ordered a ribeye steak and Alaskan King Crab and made our own shared surf and turf. Both were excellent and we enjoyed this dinner tremendously. However, the people seated at the table next to us ordered lobster and we could overhear them complaining that it was overcooked and they were disappointed Chartreuse was our poorest most disappointing meal of the week. I ordered a tenderloin steak -- it was tough and not flavorful. The cheese souffle, which had to be ordered 20 minutes ahead of time, was ok -- not bad but not the best souffle I have had. Our first evening we dined in the main dining room, Compass Rose. I ordered the fish special of the evening which was pan fried red snapper. Something must have happened to my order as it took a long time and the waiter as well as maitre d came by to apologize for the wait and ensure me my meal would come soon. When the fish finally did arrive it was over cooked and dry. Other meals we had at Compass Rose were much better including our last evening on board during which I had a crusted baked salmon which was cooked perfectly and very tasty. We had breakfast each day at LaVeranda. I initially was impressed that their cooked to order egg station would take your order and table number and then deliver it to you. On Oceania, one of my main complaints for their similar breakfast station was that you placed your order and then had to stand with alot of other people waiting. Regent's ordering system was an improvement, with the exception of one morning where they must have lost my order and I waited and waited. My husband was finished with his breakfast and I was still waiting for mine. I had to ask wait staff a couple of times to check on my order. Lunches at the Pool Grill were all very good. In general, the wait staff throughout the restaurants are all very professional and eager to serve and please. Being all-inclusive, we enjoyed wine with every dinner and the somms kept our glasses full. The all inclusive for drinks and wine was one of the top experiences on Regent -- there was no waiting for a bill at the end of a meal or in one of the lounges. When we were finished we just got up and left. Entertainment and Activities: While I enjoyed several of the shows put on by the onboard singers and dancers, these were not to the taste of my husband. One evening was a country-themed show which he would not even go to so that evening we watched a movie in our cabin. Since the Mariner is a small ship there were not multiple concurrent choices for evening entertainment. The first night and a subsequent night they had a magician, Fred Becker with his wife/assistant who also sang. He put on a great show both nights they performed. He also did a workshop and taught a trick or two and answered questions which was interesting. On Oceania, there was a string quartet that played nightly. Regent did not have this. They had a duo with a guitar and a singer who were good but they were not in the Observation Lounge during the pre-dinner cocktail time. Playing at that time every evening was a pianist who played well but it was very much background music and not entertainment that you sought out. Our other issue with the entertainment was that shows do not start until 9:30 p.m. We were generally done with dinner by 8 or 8:30 p.m. which meant that we had time to kill before the show started. Moving up the show time to 9 p.m. would be a great help to how an evening flows for passengers. The shows were mostly sparsely attended with the theater on the main floor more than half empty and very few seats taken in the balcony. Moving up the time to start earlier I think would help draw a larger audience. Activities were few on board, although we did particpate a few days in trivia and my husband did the mensa quiz. The enrichment lectures on Alaska and wildlife were all interesting and well delivered. Cruise Director: The cruise director Andy was very outgoing. I saw and interacted with him and his wife, Tammy, who serves as social hostess, more than any other cruise director/team on any ship I have sailed on. Andy was at every show walking around and talking with people prior to the show. Tammy also was very friendly and talkative. They are excellent respresentives and ambassadors for the Regent brand. Ports and Shore Excursions: Another benefit of Regent is that we had many shore excursion options from which to choose that were included in the cruise fare. However, the best 'port 'was actually the afternoon we sailed into Disenchantment Bay and approached Hubbard Glacier, all while on the ship. We staked out a prime viewing spot earlier in the afternoon at the Observation Lounge which is forward on the top deck. The day we sailed in the weather was outstanding! The cruise director, the cruise enrichment lecturer, Eric Ball (who was excellent -- I attended all three of his talks) both said it was the best weather day all season for Hubbard Glacier. Being a smaller shiip, the captain was able to take us in extremly close to the glacier and we spent quite a bit of time 'hanging out' there. It was a festive, fun party atmosphere with all of the other passengers. Other shore excursions we took: In Sitka, we went two-person kayaking which was very scenic and enjoyable; hiking the Chilkoot Trail, although we had several older (in their 80s) passengers who clearly were not phycially fit enough to be on this excursion, which was rated a 3, the top difficulty rating. Consequently, we had to go very slow on the hike and continually had to keep waiting for them to catch up. I was concerned that one of them would fall going up or down the terrain. So this put a damper on this hike, although the trip ended with river raft ride along a river where we saw so many bald eagle I lost count. We also did a hike which was rated a 2 in difficulty that was a leisurely stroll through the Tongas National Forest with an extremely knowledgeable nature guide. The highlight of this excursion was that we were able to see lots of salmon swimming upstream. Another excursion was a 10-person canoeing trip to the Mendenhall Glacier. The canoeing ended up being more challenging than expected but it was very enjoyable and we got as close to the face of the glacier as we were allowed. We also went by Nugget Falls and were able to get out of the canoe and get some great photos in front of the falls. Overall: One of the reasons we were attracted to Regent originally was that the ship is a smaller ship -- under 700 passengers. However, this ended up in some respects being somewhat of a negative to the overall experience. Sometimes we were the only couple or perhaps one of two or three couples in the Observation Lounge or Horizon Lounge. Many areas of the ship were empty and 'boring'. The best times on board were when there were people filling the room and creating some buzz or excitement, such as when we approached Hubbard Glacier, and another late afternoon as we sailed the Inside Passage and people again gathered in the Observation Lounge to look for orcas and humpback whales, which we were delighted to see! The all-inclusive experience definitely has benefits. Passengers looking for a very quiet, small ship experience will be quite pleased with Regent. I would consider sailing with them again depending, of course, upon itinerary and pricing. However, for the overall experience, our next couples cruise will be back on Oceania. Read Less
1 Helpful Vote
Sail Date: August 2019
This is a terrific cruise line. The staff was a wonderful cruise. Every meal delicious; prepared and presented beautifuly. The suite was very well appointed and the room attendant took spotless care. The only disappointment was the lack ... Read More
This is a terrific cruise line. The staff was a wonderful cruise. Every meal delicious; prepared and presented beautifuly. The suite was very well appointed and the room attendant took spotless care. The only disappointment was the lack of entertainment. It was very hard to find live musical entertainment early in the evening. It seemed all of the music was at off hour and you had to hunt to find it. This was a real missed opportunity. A combo with singer in the lounge a 5:00 would be lovely. They had an enrichment speaker but could have used another on another subject matter. The exercise facility was adequate and the spa was serviceable but not luxury. I had a massage in the spa and it was good and the spa prices were reasonable for a luxury line. Overall we had a wonderful cruise but we did miss nightly pre-dinner lounge entertainment. We also missed hearing music as we walked about the ship. Read Less
12 Helpful Votes
Sail Date: July 2019
Recently completed a 7 day Alaske cruise on Regent's Seven Seas Mariner. My wife and I had planned this trip for several years and finally decided to travel this past July (2019). We chose Regent at the suggestion of our Agent. On ... Read More
Recently completed a 7 day Alaske cruise on Regent's Seven Seas Mariner. My wife and I had planned this trip for several years and finally decided to travel this past July (2019). We chose Regent at the suggestion of our Agent. On receipt of their sales brochure we "poured" over the information and decided it was time to "treat" ourselves to a high end cruise. We purchase the cruise for $17,000.00 dollars for a balcony room on the 9th level. NOT A SUITE. We have cruised many times in the past with our children and our friends. We have booked on Royal Caribbean and Carnival ships with travel throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas. What sold us on the Regent cruise was the "promise" of a "top of the line" all inclusive experience. Boy were we disappointed. As I will enumerate below. 1) The embarkation process in Vancouver was rudimentary at best. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and recieved our documents in a timely fashion. After a very long walk with carry on luggage we boarded the ship to a glass of sparkling wine. 2). Our room was ready to occupy. It was clean with a bowl of "aging" fruit available for consumption. The small refridgerator was stocked with 4 cans of soda pop and one water. I asked the room attendant about wine and spirits availablity (which we thought would in the refridgerator) and was told that individual servings were available through "room service". Who wants to wait 45 minutes for a glass of wine? My wife odered a bottle of wine (California Chardonnay). 25 bucks at Costco and was charge $60.00 on the cruise. Premium Wine and Spirits were to be included onboard as part of the "package". At the lounges we were offerd mixed drinks....mostly of a lower quality range of spirits. You had to request "top shelf" spirits. I'm not a big drinker but for $17,000.00 bucks I would expect top quality. 3) We met our room steward ONCE during the cruise. Never once were we asked if anything additional was needed to improve our cruise experience....BY ANYBODY.... Our friends who stayed down the hall had money stolen from a wallet during the day, they spoke to Guest Relations and recieved an inadequate response. Lesson learned.... lock your stuff in the safe. 3). The ship was in "good condition" and the maintenence crew kept it clean. It was quite clear that the Cruise Ship Operators" poured a great deal of their resources to its upkeep. 4) The entertainment was ok. Some good, some not so good. The Cruise director "Andy" was slightly overbearing constantly trying to "shill" the products both on the ship and at each port. I overheard several guests stating that the shops at the ports paid for this service. If I want to buy something I really don't need a strangers input. 5) There were plenty of "shore excursions" available at no charge, but.....If you wanted to partcipate in "upscale" excursions there was a charge We purchased 4 days of excursions for 2 people at a additional cost of $1900.00. Getting near $20 grand now. 6) The FOOD. Very disappointed. We were ALLOWED to dine at the upscale restaraunt only once during our cruise. We were told at the main reservation desk on deck 5 to inquire daily about cancellations then were told there that we needed to go to the individual resaurants and inquire. How embarassing, that we receievd poor treatment from ALL the maitre d's at the specialty restaurants. We dined a Prime 7 and had a wonderful dinner the crab legs served were what you expect from Alaska. Other than that evening the food and the service was subpar in the main dining room. My wife order lobster one evening and got somthing that resembled several large shrimp. I had Dover sole and had to remove pinbones fron the filets. Being that we were on an Alaskan cruise I would assume that Shrimp, Salmon and Crab Legs would be highlighted. Not on this cruise. The shrimp cocktails contained shrimp that were meally/old and the crab legs when available in the main dining room were that of "Red Lobster" quality. 7) Disembarkation. Now here is where Regent gets 2 stars. Smooth transition. I thought that this process was the only thing that Regent did properly. Probably to get the passengers off the ship and get the next "goats" onboard. All in all, quite a disappointing experience for what was billed as the cruise of a lifetime. Never again with Regent! Read Less
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