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14 Night Caribbean Cruise from Martinique

14 Night Caribbean Cruise from Martinique

MSC Preziosa
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  • Day 1
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    St. Lucia
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
    Pusan (Kyongju)
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
    St. Vincent
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  • Day 11
    St. Maarten
  • Day 12
  • Day 13
    St. Kitts (Port Zante)
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MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa - MSC Cruises

Lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere and Mediterranean style

Family-friendly with free kids fares and water play areas

Good choice for budget-conscious cruisers

Cruise Reviews

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Sail Date: August 2019
My best friend booked us this cruise for a girls trip. We were excited to see different parts of Europe and the ship was gorgeous online. Even better, the price appeared to be really good for the length and destinations of the trip. ... Read More
My best friend booked us this cruise for a girls trip. We were excited to see different parts of Europe and the ship was gorgeous online. Even better, the price appeared to be really good for the length and destinations of the trip. Our first night here, a waiter in the buffet tried to sell us prostitutes and convince us to go into Rotterdam with him that night to go clubbing. We declined. As a matter of fact, the entire cruise experience was male staff making inappropriate comments and hitting on us as a means to what I can only assume were additional uses of our unlimited drink packages at their bars, which we now know cost us per drink. All this did was make us uncomfortable. The food at the buffet wasn’t great— hard to put together a proper meal, all the pasta was over cooked and the pizza was chewy. We figured it was just a buffet thing, and were excited for our unlimited drinks package and the different places on the boat you could get specialty beverages and food included with the cruise. What they DID NOT tell us was that every time we used the package we paid for, they automatically charged us tip for EACH DRINK. That ended up being hundreds of dollars in our final bill. Our cabin attendant was WONDERFUL! His name was Mike and he was incredibly helpful, kind, and polite. We were very grateful for his wonderful service. The amenities on the boat, though beautiful, were almost impossible to enjoy due to crowds and poorly behaved children. We would have loved to do more on the boat, but it was not happening with all the people shoving each other to do the same activities. Each night you have a choice to eat either at the buffet or in the “fancy restaurant,” either the Golden Lobster or the Arabesque. We had Golden Lobster assigned to us and were not allowed in Arabesque. Our waiter Luis and his supervisor, Valentin, were WONDERFUL! So kind and attentive. I just wish we had known that every time we ate at the Golden Lobster, which was included in our cruise, we would be charged $25 in gratuities. There is no internet included on the ship, so we ended up spending almost $300 for internet access on the ship. This cost we at least agreed to and knew would be in our final bill. When you get to your cabin, there are bottles of water and a coffee bar. DON’T use them! They count as part of the mini-bar and you will be charged! At the end of our “all-inclusive” cruise we received an additional bill of $850 for tips, internet, and various other fees that no one at reception could explain to us. This “affordable” cruise ended up costing as much as a much more luxurious voyage on a much nicer ship. We will never choose MSC again! Read Less
1 Helpful Vote
Sail Date: August 2019
MSc Preziosa Safety- Hygiene unfortunately lower than on NCL although there are hand wash machines available they are not always obvious on entrance to ship after excursions. No washy washy ladies at restaurants here! Lots of ... Read More
MSc Preziosa Safety- Hygiene unfortunately lower than on NCL although there are hand wash machines available they are not always obvious on entrance to ship after excursions. No washy washy ladies at restaurants here! Lots of passengers seemed to not wash their hands. Having said that we didn’t suffer with tummy problems. Safety Drill- very loud but people spoke over it. I guess that’s the issue with having so many languages onboard. We also found this an issue at the captains cocktail party where he was talking and people chatted to each other making it impossible to hear what he and the senior officers were saying. It seemed quite rude of passengers to do this. Southampton Face to Face Customs-We were all required to do this by UK government. We didn’t go at our ‘ever so early for us on a sea day’ time slot but wandered in when we chose to. After all it is meant to be a holiday not boot camp! Food-The food is generally warm or even cold at buffet breakfast- I didn’t have one hot fried egg while there. A shame they don’t have an egg station where you get it made while you wait. Restaurant/buffet- we were allocated second sitting and we prefer to eat early so only went once. Also, we are a bit picky with food as I don’t eat much meat and husband no fish. On the first night there were no options we would chose so we went to the buffet where we could pick what we liked in the quantity we liked at a time convenient with us. The pizza was delicious and I was particularly stuck with the fantastical crisp charcoal ‘black’ pizza. At lunch we went to the restaurant when we could and enjoyed the offerings especially the ‘made in front of you’ pasta served to your liking. Butchers Cut-Service was good to start with but we waited a long time for our ‘bill’ at the end and card back. Obviously, very meat orientated and a special menu to choose from if getting it as part of Black loyalty ‘free speciality restaurant’ perk. You get one started, a main with 1 side and a dessert. We weren’t hugely impressed with it as the three sides I ordered were not hot, just warm. I think we would have enjoyed it more if it had been an Italian restaurant, which apparently there was one before. In an Italian ship, it seems they are missing a trick here-one of the reasons we chose MSC is because we enjoy the authentic tasting Italian dishes. I wonder who will be the first ship to have a vegetarian restaurant onboard Entertainment- The UK guest comedian/impressionist Andrew Flemming was great fun. He happened to single me out and made quite a lot of jokes with my name in them throughout the gig! I loved it! It was anything but easy for him though as a lot of Italians there didn’t seem to show less engagement. He definitely appealed to the UK audience though and I don’t see why others wouldn’t enjoy his Frank Sinatra and Elvis impression. The second show when he did Impressions of Cliff Richard and David Bowie making up alternative words to their songs was just excellent and hilarious. I hope to see him on future cruises. Well done to MSC for thinking of the UK audience. I think they got the right kind of entertainment and a Dutch couple onboard told us they loved the British sense of humour and enjoyed the show. Other shows we saw was the Italian night which was not to be missed if you enjoy traditional Italian songs most people know. They were performed well and it was a good show. There is an issue with timings though as most people don’t get served in Ian restaurant in time to make it to shows. This means the late comers dwindle in throughout the show which rather upsets the flow of the evening. Maybe the timings need tweaking? The only way to ensure you get to a show is to dine in the buffet as you have control on how quickly you are served! There was a good piano concert in the afternoon on a sea day. Just half an hour but a relaxing one listening to a hugely talented maestro. Most evenings we went to see Roberto perform. he is a fantastic vocalist and guitarist with a repertoire from classical operatic numbers, to progressive rock to ballads. We loved it and he is staying on the ship an extra three months so if you are going before end Nov -you are in for a treat! 70s, 80s & 90s night was great fun and had many folk dancing in the reception area....surely there’s a better venue for this? Having said that, it was such fun to go up and down the glass elevators busting some moves! A lot of folk did this while people took pictures and videos to share back home! There is another couple who sing on the ship and we recognised them from MSC Magnifica. They used to do the fun bits during the show on Magnifica with a really fun Bongi, Bongi song. On this ship they do ABBA evening which again commanded crowds and people dancing in the aisles of a small venue. Yet another couple sing in the atrium reception area and possibly they have been told to ‘go gentle’ but some of the gutsy songs they sing are not don’t justice by these two as they are not giving them thrust. It appears they are young and nervous and could do with some coaching to get them singing more confidently and stronger. I liked their choice of songs though so we listened to them too. Spa- there are four comfy loungers and four heated ones and seven basic plastic upright chairs. The latter are handy for people to sit on and scowl at the others who are hogging the more comfortable loungers! There is a couple of saunas and steam rooms. We had a day’s free spa entry when we bought a massage and also a free hour for having Black status loyalty membership. We chose to use the first on a day when Ship was collecting new passengers from Hamburg and it was less busy, as we had hoped. We had a couples massage and it were excellent and booked a second when immediately prompted (actually while we were coming around from the first!) It was discounted the first time and further discounted for the second. These were worth it for us as we both needed them with our various aches and pains and felt hugely relaxed afterwards. One unfortunate issue is, there are a lot of spa workers outside the spa (trying to attract people in). On our arrival, although we politely said hello, a few laughed just after we walked past them. This isn’t the first time we experienced this on a MSC ship and it may just be an unfortunate coincidence but this really shouldn’t happen as we were left feeling we had been a butt of a joke shared in another language. I hope we were wrong but it may be a good idea to train staff to not do this whatever they were finding amusing. Fellow Passengers- We met some delightful guests onboard but there were also rude complaining ones. After complaining about the ‘useless staff’ a man turned to me and said he was never sailing with MSC again. I felt like answering, “that’s good- it makes me more likely to book again!” I was astounded by people’s urgent need for mid afternoon cakes. It seemed that unless they were served immediately, they went into ‘moaning mode’. People expected the staff to know what they wanted without telling them! It is as well to remember manners and the fact the staff work 12 hour days and do not have days off. I felt embarrassed and appalled by the behaviour of some passengers to staff. Conclusion-If you have a tendency to find fault and complain, perhaps it would be best for you to spend double on a more expensive cruise. If you want a budget cruise with opportunity to meet other nationalities then this could be the ship for you. I think on the whole the good outweighed the bad for us and we would return as we came home feeling relaxed and had some happy memories of our week onboard the Preziosa. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2019
MSC Preziosa Northern European Cruise 28th August – 4th September 2019 Yacht Club Southampton – Zeebrugge – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Le Harve – Southampton We have previously cruised with Celebrity (Standard balcony, ... Read More
MSC Preziosa Northern European Cruise 28th August – 4th September 2019 Yacht Club Southampton – Zeebrugge – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Le Harve – Southampton We have previously cruised with Celebrity (Standard balcony, Concierge, Sky Suite) and with NCL (Standard balcony) – all out of Southampton. This was our first experience of MSC and, it has to be said after reading plenty of reviews, we were somewhat nervous. There seemed to be a lot of very negative reviews out there. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can report that we had a wonderful cruise! MSC is quite different to Celebrity and NCL. We stayed in a Deluxe Yacht Club suite, which as we expected, was about the same size as a standard balcony on Celebrity/NCL. It differed in that the bed was more comfortable (memory foam mattress), there was a spacious walk-in closet and the bathroom was in marble, with a bath. The minibar is also included, and is regularly restocked. As is standard for these staterooms we were greeted by a bowl of fresh fruit and a chilled bottle of sparkling wine on embarkation day. Embarkation in Southampton was a dream. We deposited our cases with the Yacht Club host, parked the car, and then a butler led us past the queues to security. Once through there, another butler led us to a dedicated Yacht Club area in the terminal where we were offered refreshments whilst they took our passports and tickets and came back with our cruise cards. A group of eight of us were taken on board together (we would become firm friends during the cruise) by the butler and taken to the Yacht Club. There we were given more refreshments and an introduction to the YC by the concierge. We were then shown to our stateroom, and the butler unpacked our suitcases for us. Although our tickets said board at 5.15pm, we pitched up at noon, and were settled on board in less than half an hour. The Yacht Club is delightful – the Top Sail Lounge has plenty of comfortable seating, live music, snacks available throughout the day and butlers on hand providing excellent bar service. On the One Pool Deck, there is again more than ample seating, a hot buffet and, again, attentive butlers. The drinks package included is generous and gave us more than enough choice. Before going we had been disconcerted to see that it doesn't include gelato and milkshakes. On board, we found some gelato available on the One Pool Deck and we didn’t want milkshakes (but we suspect they would make you one if you asked – they were happy to go “off menu”). All of the staff in the Yacht Club are SUPERB – we really could not thank them enough – they were always on hand when needed to help, with a smile. We had seen a lot of negative reviews about the food on board. With the exception of one visit to the Inca Buffet, we ate entirely in the Yacht Club. We are not fussy eaters but we are fussy about standards. The standard of the food was, generally, high. Hot food (including hot food at the buffet in the One Pool Deck) was hot and, in the restaurant, was served on hot plates. We always found at least one thing (usually at least two) for each course that we fancied. Portions are indeed a little small but that worked well for us, because rather than choose between two things that appealed to us we just ordered them both! Staff were happy to oblige. The risottos and the beef Rossini were particularly good. Only one dish wasn’t – the oxtail consommé was so devoid of flavour I wondered if it had been made with the water used to clean the ladles. We were not impressed by the food in the Inca buffet, but with the fare in the Yacht Club so good, we had no need to return to it. Room service is free 24 hours/day in Yacht club – my other half said that the pizzas were good! We intended to have a leisurely and relaxed cruise, so we spent all of our time on board and did not get off in ports. It was just so relaxing we didn’t want to move. We did explore the rest of the ship. Everywhere it was clean and well appointed – and the décor is plush and luxurious throughout. We even had a successful flutter in the casino. Some people fret about announcements in multiple languages. We enjoyed the diverse passenger mix and did not find such multilingual announcements intrusive. We had no problem meeting lots of English speakers, and (as with every cruise we have done) the people we met made our holiday. Yacht club grants access to the thermal area of the Aurea spa and my other half enjoyed that as well (I stayed up on deck with my book.) Shows are not our thing, so we didn’t go to them and cannot comment. Disembarkation was as easy as embarkation. Having been so nervous about this cruise because of the reviews we had seen, I hope it speaks volumes that we really did not want to leave. We had a wonderful cruise. We would certainly cruise with MSC in their Yacht Club again. Yacht Club is at least as good (and, I think in many ways it was better) than Concierge Class on Celebrity and we commend them to you. We thought it was fantastic value for money. Read Less
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