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  4. 12 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise from Bayonne (Cape Liberty)

12 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise from Bayonne

12 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise from Bayonne (Cape Liberty)

Anthem of the Seas
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  • Day 1
    Bayonne (Cape Liberty)
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
    San Juan
  • Day 5
    St. Maarten
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
    St. Lucia
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
    St. Kitts
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  • Day 12
  • Day 13
    Bayonne (Cape Liberty)

Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International


Cruisers are spoiled for choice when it comes to activities, restaurants


For-fee dining, additional activities can come with hefty price tag

Bottom Line

Ship is fun, beautiful and perfect for families and those looking for a resort experience

Cruise Reviews

Sail Date: July 2019
Believe it or not, but we chose a 9-night cruise for our first Royal Caribbean cruise not knowing if we'd even like it or not. To be honest, we had high expectations considering how amazing many people call the cruise line, so we were ... Read More
Believe it or not, but we chose a 9-night cruise for our first Royal Caribbean cruise not knowing if we'd even like it or not. To be honest, we had high expectations considering how amazing many people call the cruise line, so we were expecting a lot. Not only were our expectations met, but they were surpassed greatly and we couldn't have asked for a better vacation! To begin, our boarding was really smooth and I felt it was almost too easy! Although the ship was pretty crowded at some times, it never felt too much and you have to expect crowds on such a large ship with such a large person count. I felt the ship's outline was very different than others but there was nothing too dramatic or bad about it. I REALLY enjoyed the food especially at the main dining room, Wonderland, and Chops Grille. The main dining room was outstanding and we wish we went there more, but we wanted to try other restaurants like Wonderland, Chops, and Jamies. The Head Waitress, Maricris was super nice and visited us every night even though she wasn't our actual server and even though she had many things to deal with, so it was outstanding and so kind of her to do this for us. Wonderland had some of the most extraordinary food my whole family has ever tasted and some of the most interesting food my family has ever tasted. We definitely also enjoyed Chops and the layout of the menu that we did it once for dinner and also again for lunch! Yes, Jamies was amazing and had some pretty good food, but we felt that it could have had more Italian theme since it is an Italian restaurant. Moving on from food, me and my family (I traveled with my husband and one 14-year-old boy for further reference) all enjoyed most of the shows. My son and I were in love with Spectra's Cabaret, my husband not that much. We all hated The Gift and thought it was really hard to follow and made no sense even with having full concentration the whole show. The decorations and set designs and singing in The Gift was amazing but none of it made any sense even though we also did some research beforehand. Both the adult and kid-friendly comedy shows were outstanding and we all enjoyed it a lot. We will rock you is great for long Queen fans, so I really liked it but my husband didn't. Overall, entertainment was pretty good and we saw some shows we couldn't ever forget, especially the silent party which was extremely entertaining and enjoyable. Bingo was pretty good despite the same jokes being used each time in each game and the jokes got a bit annoying but we were barely bothered by it. There was so much entertainment that we had to cut some things out and we weren't able to attend everything we wanted to, which is odd considering you'd think everything would be spread out in a 9-night cruise. My son did the flow rider and rock climbing once or twice and enjoyed it, but the whole family really liked North Star and it was unforgettable with the pictures we also got from it. The Sea Plex had so much entertainment and activities that me, my son, and my husband all enjoyed especially bumper cars and my sons first-time roller skating! The ship overall was extremely clean and as I said before, it had a weird outline and I felt that it isn't the same as other ships but it was definitely something I liked and found interesting. The ship was fairly crowded at some times and at some parts including how hard it was to find a deck chair by the pool, but it was fairly empty above the pool deck 1 deck up and is just as enjoyable to sunbathing, listening to the live music, and watching people swim as well. The ship was just amazing and much bigger than we imagined in pictures! Moving onto our cabin, I found it very unique considering there was actually a charging slot on both sides of the bed as well and also a light switch on the side of the bed that turned off most of the lights in the room. I found this amazing since I didn't have to get up (lol!) and turn the lights off then make my way back to the bed. Our only problems with the room was that our comforter/blanket had a weird stain on it that we found really strange, however, it was dealt with swiftly and the same night we noticed it when we told our room stewardess. We also noticed that we only got a towel animal every other night, which was a shock but I guess that's what happens on a 9-night cruise (this was our longest cruise as well, the other longest being 7 nights). We only had a couple of problems that made us have to go to customer service, one being a clogged toilet and lost items, but they dealt with it fast and with no problem at all. The staff onboard are just so nice and it surprised me how much energy they have every single day considering they do this same old thing every week. Moving on from the ship, we REALLY enjoyed all 4 ports that we visited. Starting in order, we really enjoyed Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard. This was the tour that we booked with Royal Caribbean where we visited the Aquarium and Zoo for almost all of the day and the tour guides were just so hilarious and we couldn't say anything bad about the experience or tour guides. The map was larger than the place actually was and it was really small but the time they gave us at the place matched how long it takes to go around the place. After the tour, we just went some shopping and got rum cake that was REALLY DELICIOUS and is a must when going to Bermuda. Next up was Saint Maarten or Sint Maartin where we did a circle island tour that visited Maho Beach, Marigot, and some extra places as well. This tour was booked with Bernards Tours, which was off the cruise line and booked by me privately. We felt this tour was outstanding and we really recommend it to everyone! It took most of the day so we just went a little shopping near the port after and then headed back to the ship. The next port was Puerto Rico where we did visited the El Yunque rain forest with another tour, not with the cruise line as we didn't see any tour about the rainforest until after we booked this one. This tour was absolutely outstanding and there was even an extra part at the end where he brought us to an excellent restaurant where we had to get food to go because the tour took almost the entire day and we only had about an hour or so left. Finally, we visited Labadee, Haiti, the private island. Haiti was by far our favorite port and because it was just so beautiful and sooting for the whole family. My child loved the virgin Labadoozie and me and my husband enjoyed the one with rum but it was so delicious and I am currently craving one badly right now. Barefoot Beach was our favorite beach at Labadee and it was so calm. The water was amazing and so clear, it was one of the best we've ever experienced in a very long time. My son did the zipline alone and he said that it was a lot of fun and described it to be the best zipline he's ever done (he has done a LOT). He has never done an over ocean type of zipline so it was a cool experience for him, along with the dragon coaster he also did alone (me and my husband aren't as adventurous as him, lol!). If I had the choice to do it all again, I would definitely. Although it was kind of stressful sometimes rushing to dinner or the Windjammer and doing washy washy every time we entered, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way and the memories we made can never be forgotten. My son didn't go to the teens club despite me telling him to many times. He didn't really make any friends on board but he was fine with that and he just wanted to relax and explore the ship when my husband and I went to the adult-only events like the hilarious comedy show. Disembarkation was super smooth unexpectedly and once we got off the ship, the line to pick up our luggage and go through customs was extremely long, but it went really fast and it was super smooth and I'd say we got out completely in less than 20 minutes (yes, that fast!). Overall, to end this review, this 9-night cruise on Anthem of the Seas was outstanding and surpassed the entire family's expectations fully. We will definitely cruise with Royal Caribbean again and maybe even Anthem! Read Less
Sail Date: July 2019
The ship was beautiful. We stood in Cabin 11606 it was a balcony cabin. The cabin was good, It was what I expected after seeing pictures online. I was grateful for the storage space under the bed where we put four suitcases. we had four ... Read More
The ship was beautiful. We stood in Cabin 11606 it was a balcony cabin. The cabin was good, It was what I expected after seeing pictures online. I was grateful for the storage space under the bed where we put four suitcases. we had four people in our room, two adults and two children age 16 and 11. The children are too old to sleep on the same bed so we had the beds pulled apart and my husband and I slept on the sofa bed. Surprisingly, the sofa bed was very comfortable and I had a great sleep. The balcony was great as well we watch the sunrise which was beautiful and would relax there after a long day on the islands. My only complaint would be with the beds separate and the sofa bed pulled out to sleep two there was no room to maneuver. Otherwise it wasn't bad at all, I would prefer to have those bunk bed looking beds for the kids, if i looked around I am sure i could have found one but i wanted to stay on the same deck and area as the group we were in. Dining staff was amazing a child in our group had a peanut/tree nut allergy. They made sure everything was safe, allowed him to choose his meal the night before. We did my time dining at one of the dining rooms for the life of me i can not remember the name. Our server Made and Arvin was awesome! Arvin did a lot of magic tricks which was enjoyed by the kids and adults. I loved how they had conversations with us to about the islands, life, family etc. The food in the main dining room was great! My favorite was Day 8 where they had lobster tail! Windjammer food for breakfast, lunch and dinner was also a fav! The staff and food were awesome! I especially loved the hand washing stations..washy, washy...they would say that every time. It baffled me when people would refuse or complain about washing there hands before entering the buffet. Seriously? But the staff always stood happy! I loved the coffee place on the 4th floor in the Royal esplanade, the staff was great! Sorrentos across the way was sooooo delicious! It was not safe for the child with peanut/tree nut allergies though! The buffet had safe pizza so it all worked out. The hidden gem two70 cafe was good and an easy way to skip the line at the coffee place on the 4th floor, it was also nice to look out the beautiful windows in two70. Entertainment and activities was ok, If traveling with kids and families I prefer carnival. If it was just my husband and I with no kids I would do Royal. I felt like carnival had more fun activities shows and entertainment I also felt like the staff of all those including the cruise director was more involved. I barely saw the cruise director and he wasn't that fun! He needs to take a few tips from Matt Mitchum on Carnival. The bar/singing or comedy show entertainment was fun for adults. I thoroughly enjoyed quest put beware it can get very riskay..we saw some crazy things. There was a family quest with kids that was awesome as well! Spectre's cabaret was terrible, the performance and entertainers did a great job singing and dancing but the theme of the story was horrible and weird, our group kept looking at each other laughing and the kids were horrified. We didn't see the gift because of the bad reviews and after watching spectre's cabaret we didn't want to chance it. We will rock you was ok, not what i was expecting but i liked it! Again Carnival's shows are way better! As for the Ifly it was AMAZING one of the best experiences i have had, i wish i did it earlier in the cruise because i would have kept trying! The north star was ok a little scary being up that high in a glass ball but it was a nice view. The flowrider was cool but wear a tight bathing suit or you might lose a top or bottom. Bumper cars, roller skater were fun once but we didn't do it more than that. The kids were a little disappointed there weren't a lot of activities they pretty much played ping pong every day. The seaplex was a nice spot for them and they got to meet a lot of friends, it wasn't over crowded either they were able to play different games without waiting to long. A complaint I have is about the age range they group 9-11 year olds together and didn't have any basketball or soccer tournaments which our kids who were 10-11 years old wanted to do. Our kids are very athletic and would have loved to join the tournaments for 12-15 year olds. As for the Ports Bermuda was beautiful! We went to Horseshoe Bay and stood there all day i loved it! Labadee was pretty cool to, the kids did the aqua park and the slide the food there as ok! Considering it is there private island you had to pay for quite a few things unfortunately. San Juan was ok I use to love it but it was kind of smelly, we did get to go to La Fortaleza which was cool. St. Maarten was ok we stood at the beach and the guys got buckets of 5 beers for 10 dollars which they loved. We also got an umbrella and two chairs for 20 dollars. The shops around there were great too. Overall the ship was beautiful and VERY CLEAN and the ports were just as nice. If you want more family fun or fun in general i would go with carnival. Royal is more uppity and adult friendly. Oh and i don't want to forget to mention my stateroom attendant Jenin was awesome! Always cleaned and was super friendly! Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2019
I took this trip with 30 friends and family. I was a little scared to do Royal because I had a bad experience 11 yrs ago with them. The Anthem of the Seas changed me the moment I stepped on the ship. She is big,beautiful and clean. ... Read More
I took this trip with 30 friends and family. I was a little scared to do Royal because I had a bad experience 11 yrs ago with them. The Anthem of the Seas changed me the moment I stepped on the ship. She is big,beautiful and clean. CABIN # 9510---front of the ship with a 6ft window. Cabin was larger than balconies. I had 4 adults in the room with plenty of storage. There was storage over both beds and we had 2 closets. The bathroom was decent size. Umroy --steward took great care of us. He made towel animals almost every night, always greeted us with a smile and asked us how our day was going. FOOD: We had My time Dining. We ate in the Silk dinning room 3 nights, American Icon -once, Solarium Bistro-once, Windjammer- twice, Chops-once and Jamies- once for lunch Service at everyone was top notched. waiters brought out extras for the table. If you wanted something that wasn't on the menu, they got it for you. The seafood tower at Chops is a must. Shawn at Jamies brought us all the appetizers out family style. He also did the same for dessert. Needless to say we did not eat dinner that night ENTERTAINMENT: WE WILL ROCK YOU---so nice I saw it twice THE GIFT--- The story is tough to follow but the singing and special effects are amazing. SPECTRA'S CABERNET: Great singing and acrobatics . Here is my one complainant----Parents with young kids---If you child can not stay quite or sit still for an hour, PLEASE do not bring them to the show. You ruin it for others, SERVICE: EXCELLENT all around. My bartenders at the Sunshine bar( Seon, Gary, Larry, Stephen and Hermit) I will never forget you guys. They were simply the best bartenders I ever had on 10 cruises. PORTS: BERMUDA: took a taxi( $7 per person one way) Horseshoe Bay -- watched friends renew their vows on the beach. ST MARTIN: Took taxi to Maho beach and got drinks at Sunset bar---great experience. At night we did a sunset catamaran cruise on the Golden Eagle--Capt Charlie and crew were the best. A big shout out to My main man Otis who kept the drinks coming even in the thunder storm. SAN JUAN: My sons and I did the ATV ride at Campo Rico--another great time, great staff and drinks. FYI-- bring another shirt because you will get dirty. After that we met friends for a great lunch at Restaurante Mi Tierra--about 2 blocks from ship. Great mojitos and mufungo . LABADEE: was surprised how beautiful this beach was. We did the Dragon coaster( 35 for all day pass) great views from the top . Food at lunch was very good and there were plenty of bars on the island. It is a shame that the ship is moving to Europe next year because I would love to do another 9 days with Captain Hendrik and his crew. Read Less
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