Senior Cruises

Senior Cruising

The best cruises for senior citizens span the gamut from bucket-list destinations and adults-only cruise ships to cruise lines that cater to multigenerational families and travelers with medical conditions or disabilities. Whether you're looking for onboard learning, relaxing sea days, themed sailing or fine dining, we can help you find the perfect senior cruise.

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  • Cruise to snooze by
    Just back from 28 day cruise on Olsen’s Black Watch. We are in our early 60 s and very active, most on the cruise are in their eighties plus, low mobility and not active. Great for them to get a cruise holiday but frustrating if you want plenty of ... Read more
  • Not For Us...
    First Cruise for us a learning experience you might say. The idea of a cruise is neat but this particular one was a complete disappointment. Embarkation was super crowded and a bit confusing. Forget lunch on boarding day. The buffet was totally ... Read more
  • Great getaway with friends!
    A group of us wanted to experience Cuba and found a good value on the Majesty of the Seas. We had no trouble getting on the ship. We arrived around 1pm, after parking at the very convenient Park and Go and taking the shuttle over. It only took about ... Read more
  • Pleasant Hawaii
    This is our fifth cruise on this particular ship. Grand Princess is one of our favorite ships for the following reasons (in no particular order): WRAP AROUND PROMENADE - We walk around the promenade daily for exercise, and later, for digestion. ... Read more
  • Beauty that defies description
    Rebecca Gay
    First, the date I chose was purposeful and intentional! It rains 98% of the time. May is the least rainy time if the whole year. It did not rain a single time, at any of our stops and the sun came out! I figured, if I'm going to Alaska; I want to ... Read more
  • Harmony Sampler Cruise
    Chose this ship because of the ability to "sample" it with a three day cruise. I have been on Oasis twice but first time on Harmony. Large number of passengers....I believe they said 6,000+ so elevators always had long waits. My suggestion if you ... Read more
  • Great Ship
    I choose this ship because of the Itinerary. 3 days in Bermuda. The ship has been completely refurbished and not too big and easy to get around. And there were not many children. Food was fabulous. Tried all restaurants and my favorite is ... Read more