Gay & Lesbian Cruises

Gay & Lesbian Cruising

Cruises are welcoming vacation options for gay and lesbian travelers. Whether you're a lesbian couple looking for a romantic getaway or gay singles ready to party and make friends, there's a cruise for you. We can help you choose between fully chartered gay and lesbian cruises and gay groups on regular cruises, and find the cruise line that's right for you.

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  • Beauty that defies description
    Rebecca Gay
    First, the date I chose was purposeful and intentional! It rains 98% of the time. May is the least rainy time if the whole year. It did not rain a single time, at any of our stops and the sun came out! I figured, if I'm going to Alaska; I want to ... Read more
  • Great Cruise..amazing staff !!
    We went with 3 dear close friends on a 5 day from New Orleans. We had an excellent time. Tony our Steward was excellent and took great care of us !! Food outlets and restaurants as well steak house were great, We loved Café Denis in Cozumel ... Read more
    We chose this cruise because of the price and cabin. Having sailed with Princess before and in a rear-facing cabin which we loved. The only thing that was not as expected was the restaurant. We normally opt for Any Time dining and usually eat late ... Read more
  • Terrible food
    First, the thermostat in our room never worked and was “repaired” 3 times. But food was the real problem. The cafeteria food was universally greasy, except personal omelets by Don Hyndryx. The restaurant was unable to serve the meager choices ... Read more
  • Horrible Food
    I just went on a Celebrity Summit cruise and the bathroom had a really smelly sewage smell. We were shown several rooms that also had that same smell. The room attendant said that the pipes needed to be fixed. I also experienced the same smell in ... Read more
  • First Cruise - Dysfunctional
    Hello. I was looking for a cruise to wind down and relax. However the cruise was a tornado of dysfunctional proportions by the cruise line. I get to the window and give them my passports. They ask for my room number. I offer it. The lady says, no ... Read more