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Sail Date: June 2019
I do not normally write a review on cruises. I do always rely on my other half to do this. I have read so many bad and negative reviews about Costa which I was not very keen to sail with them this time. I have traveled a lol, done so ... Read More
I do not normally write a review on cruises. I do always rely on my other half to do this. I have read so many bad and negative reviews about Costa which I was not very keen to sail with them this time. I have traveled a lol, done so many cruises with Royal, Azamara, Cunard, Princess and so on. You just imagine how well they are by name. So I was quite worried to embark on Costa Mediterranea due to my experience with the best ones on the sea. I cannot praise to anyone to give a go, to try it at least once. It was amazing. We sailed this month and we went to the Norwegian Fjords. The ship was glizzy, beautiful though. It's like a Las Vegas Hotel if we want to compare to something. It's not new but no old at all. It has got that sparkle which it makes everything good to be on. We were for 10 days and we enjoyed everyday. We are definitely going back again. Also we have found out that Costa had a free shuttle from Amsterdam (from a station to the port, which no so many cruise liners do that.... On the other hand I just would like to pointing out few things.... We do feel citizens of the world, Costa is a multicultural environment and of course we do not expect everyone to speak with the same accent or this perfect English. Sometimes demand is it perhaps we do want this or that in our own way? Why cruiser just accept what it is without making huge fuss? The only problem is some the passenger itself which they do not know what it does mean respect. To be honest criticize and write a bad review to a cruise company is easy but sometimes we should ourselves understand why sometimes things don't go how we want. Perhaps we expect too much, we treat badly those people who are really working hard on board for us. Just be nice, try to see yourself on the other side and just think how you would like to be treated, perhaps your perception will change a bit. I can't personally knock anything down. It's us we should respect each other when traveling. That's my personal opinion. If you don't like it then you can go with Silversea, Seabourne, Oceania where you pay a high standard rate and you get what you really want. Sorry to be harsh but we just need to stop winging and criticise everything. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2019
We picked this 9 night Norway Cruise for it's ports, not for the ship, as part of a celebration for our son's high school graduation. We splurged on a panorama suite for a little more room and services since there were 4 of us, ... Read More
We picked this 9 night Norway Cruise for it's ports, not for the ship, as part of a celebration for our son's high school graduation. We splurged on a panorama suite for a little more room and services since there were 4 of us, my husband, 18 yr old, 1 yr old and myself. We reviewed all Costa's shore excursions prior to sailing and through research determined we could do most of their excursions on our own or through another company for half the cost. We booked 0 excursions through Costa and did all sight seeing and excursions on our own. Ports: BERGEN: We easily walked from port to town while walking by colorful houses to Floyen Mountain funicular (lift/gondola). Once on top, beautiful views await with easy walking trails, friendly goats and playgrounds galore (don't miss the wooden one in the trees to the left when you get up there. There's a little zipline that's part of the playground too). Definitely a spot for all age groups. Go there early as the lines get long for the funicular. Cost was reasonable, about $20 round trip. You can also hike up and down at no cost, but it's not for everyone and I would rate it difficult because of the incline and length to get up there. HELLESYIT: we didn't dock. Stopped for an hour for the views. You could only get off IF you booked an excursion that took you to the next town, Geiranger. At the high cost, It didn't sound worth it. GEIRANGERFJORD: coming into this Fjord is the excursions. Save your money and wake up early (by 6am) and watch the majestic waterfalls and ridges roll by as they narrow while approaching Geiranger. At port, we checked out a few port shops along the water, walked around towards town (about 5 minutes) and walked backed. It looked like you could rent a boat there for a few hours. That would have been fun. It ended up being a very overcast day. We ended up back on the boat somewhat early for a nap. ANDALSNES: My favorite! I originally wanted to take the train excursions Costa had on the Rauma Railway but at almost $200 a person, I thought not. I found the train actually had a website of it's own, but the tickets were sold out for that date and time (Costa's excursions bought them out no doubt). So we rented a nice car for $60 and went to all the same places on the excursions, literally following the train as it paralleled the road we drove (a huge cost saving and so much better than fighting for space with all the other tourists). MUST SEE Trollstigen (winding, steep road with waterfalls to a beautiful mountain top park with easy trails to overlook). Come back towards town and drive up the other side along the Rauma River to Romsdalen. On your way take a side road off the beaten path for a few minutes. We saw moose and an incredible unattended roaring waterfalls. OLDEN: we took the local bus (turned school bus after 3pm) for a few NOK (maybe $10 per person round trip) to Briksdale Glacier. You must do this early to allow for time to get there and for walking the park and return before the buses stop running. There was no cost to get into the park, just for the shuttle cart (big golf cart) to bring you towards the top of the park to avoid some uphill hiking. We loved the 1 hour walk up and the challenge. Bring a raincoat or sweater, it does get cold (you're walking to a glacier). STAVANGER: We really wanted to do the Pulpit Rock excursions with Costa, but again $200 a person was ridiculous. You can do it on your own for around $40, if you're in port a full day. You just need to get up early and be off the ship to catch the 1 hour fairy over to Tau and bus to Preikestolen Mountain. Once there, you'll need to leave at least 4 hours for the hike (add more for decreased fitness level) and plan what fairy you need to be on to return to the boat in time. We missed this opportunity because we stalled getting off the ship. Instead I watched jelly fish swim along the boat docks as we walked into town with LOTS of SHOPPING. We eventually decided to WALK to the swords. I definitely recommend NOT doing this. It was easily a 4 mile/6 kilometer, 2 hour walk through the neighborhood, a park and along a highway, with nothing special to see, only to get there half starving, take a few pictures, with just enough time to figure out how to get a taxi in the middle of a very residential area back to the ship. DON'T DO THIS! Wake up early and get to Pulpit Rock. BREMERHAVEN: port is far away (20+ minute drive) to the city. We stayed on the ship. Language: They announce in 5 languages. It doesn't seem annoying as they do it quickly and efficiently. The cruise director will announce in the 5 languages as well. The crew generally understands english. The majority of the passengers I interacted with spoke only Italian or another language besides English. The boat: decor. Lots of colors, but very clean and tasteful. Hardly felt us mice through the Norwegian waters. Bars/lounges: didn't usually have to wait long when ordering directly at the bar. Sometimes lounge seat service took a bit. Bar staff was accommodating and willing to try to make what you wanted off the menu. Mark at the lounge was good at understanding drinks off the menu. Dont expect a typical Cadillac margarita as they don't squeeze the lime/lemon fresh, they use a mix which they say is lemon juice with sugar added. The best Margarita I had was with their fresh squeezed orange juice. They put the best duo singing band (2 guys) that play mostly American songs in the worst lounge. It's not a bad lounge it's actually really comfortable, but the walk way to the MDR and elevators separates the stage/bar from the seating so everyone is always walking through. Any of the ships other lounges would have been better for this. Theater: very nice 3 story theater. Lower level walk in on the first floor and multilevel (with stairs) highback chair seating on the others. All offered pretty good views of the stage with some piller obstructions throughout. The first two rows are reserved for suite guest, with no specific seats being assigned relating to your cabin. They can be taken 5 minutes before showtime by anyone. Staff does not monitor the reserved seating. The show's are about 90 % Italian related and they sing about the same in Italian. Tips: download the Costa app on your phones prior to the cruise. For some reason Norway would not let us download the app ( it was unavailable in your area). Butler Service: We did not receive an orientation from our butler (Julio). He never told us what services we could use him for, I believe in part due to the language barrier. We struggled a bit when we'd try to order drinks from him, but he always tried really hard to understand. We call an extension on our phone and they either take our request or more commonly, send the butler to find out what we'd like. One morning I ordered two hot chocolates with the person at the extention. The next day I ordered it at the extension and she said it was not included, even after telling her it was yesterday. She sounded irritated and said "mama is there anything else?". I said, I guess just orange juice. It was definitely included as we had their best drink package and butler service. Three days before cruise end, we were given a second butler that explained the services included. Club Restaurant: Medusa was the highlight of the service we received. Kind staff when dining with a 1 year old made all the difference. Kevin, Julie, Neal... made sure we got good service and were always chatting with the baby when he got fussy, many times avoiding having to leave as the baby responded happily to them. The food was usually good. I asked the servers what things looked better on the menu as it was hard to tell by the name what would be good. One night they had lobster bisque, it was anything but. More like cream fish broth gravy. I know they have limited ingredients to make a variety of things, but sometimes the food names on the menu are not exactly what we know that item to be. So just ask a lot of questions prior to ordering at the restaurant to avoid disappointment and food waste. Most servers are happy to explain if they can understand your questions. Restaurants/buffets: this cruise had very selective hours for their buffet. It seemed they were only open 2 hours for dinner and not until 6pm, if you were hungry between 3 and 6, room service was generally the only option. I'm used to having food available 24/7. Everytime I went to the buffet, I had to wait in line about 5 mintues before I could get any food. I also struggled every time to find a table. Pizza from the buffet area cost extra. They act like it's a specialty restaurant. Spa: the spa was complementary for suite guests. We were under the impression that we'd each just get one day at the spa, but was informed that we could go everyday by Christine (english speaking guest relations). The have a co-ed jacuzzi, just like the ones on deck. Each male and female side have their own turkish spa (steam room) and a sauna. They also have nice showers that have multiple side shower heads. Cabin Suite 6158 (Panoramic Suite): We comfortably fit 4 of us. Our 18 year old on the couch bed, our 1 year old in the provided crib and my husband and I in the big bed, which was easily a queen, if not bigger. The beds were more on the firm side, with a bit of pillow top mattress that was very comfortable. *Room disappointments We booked this based on Costa's websites layout of the room. It showed there was two lounge chairs on the balcony AND a table with 4 chairs. There was no table. So we were not able to comfortably have meals on our deck as we had liked (especially with the baby). It also stated a jetted tub was in the bathroom which is a another BIG reason we booked this room. For me to relax and to be able to easily bathe the baby. When brought to their attention the women at the service desk offered to give us a free phone call to pr travel agent. It wasn't our agents fault, we used Costa's website to decide on the room based on features THEY LISTED. Finally a supervisor called us and apologized saying they did remodeling and it looks like the website was not updated to reflect that. There was no offer to move us to a room that had those things or to credit us a bit for the inaccuracies. They did not make it right and I felt like we were bait and switched on the room. Especially having paid more for this suite to include those things. Intedore Drink Package: included all drinks $9 or under. Kids Activities/squawk club: I only know of secondary room for 3 and under. They have a nice clean space for babies to crawl around and play with electronic toys, legos, trains and foam alphabet. This room has a bathroom for changing and toilet. They had a variety of the same two electronic toys, however only one out of 7 worked. When I asked staff, they said they don't have a screw driver. I called our butler, he said the cabin steward might have one. An attendant for the squawk club came by and said the batteries die in a day. I said "wow, in 1 day?". He said "well in a few days". I explained they haven't been working since we got on board, that if they have toys they can and should work and all but 1 is working. He said he understood and would fix them. This is the only area my baby has to crawl freely. They stayed dead the entire cruise. Favorites: fresh squeezed orange juice, sligjtly larger rooms in comparison to other ships I've been on. Room steward (Noel) had great attention to detail, keeping the room fresh and clean. Club Restaurant staff were great. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2018
So a group of 7 girls decided to go on a cruise for one of our friends 40th birthday, only 2/7 people has done a cruise before so it’s an amazing idea on something different to do. We boarded at Barcelona, everything went very smooth, ... Read More
So a group of 7 girls decided to go on a cruise for one of our friends 40th birthday, only 2/7 people has done a cruise before so it’s an amazing idea on something different to do. We boarded at Barcelona, everything went very smooth, the check in staff were helpful and informative, so sat at the bar waiting to be called. After looking at the info the check in desks give we head into our room, collect the cards and walk out. We then go to reception get a drink, go for an explore, then head to the top deck. That’s when it goes slightly downhill, no one knows what to do next, we didn’t know about the entertainment information or the timetable as we were so excited to go exploring we seemed to miss the little pigeonhole right next to the door, I finally understood on the last night. Not Costas fault but it’s not explained very well once onboard the ship. Also being a group on girls on a birthday weekend I think there was a few more drinks flowing than normal. At 6.30 there was a safety demonstration which lasted about 20 odd minutes, then off to dinner for 9.15pm, that was a definite eye opener so very busy, the waiter we had wasn’t at all friendly (although we later found out they can work up to 8 months and that’s without a day off), even I don’t think I could plaster a smile on my face everyday. While dining in the main buffet Michael Jackson started blaring on the loud speaker, then up out of no where all the waiters start jumping about dancing. That was amazing as it comes out of nowhere!! Food was good, although the menu can get confusing as the waiter never did explain that you can order anything and everything if you choose. We all dance the night away and that was a great first night. Next morning with a slight hangovers and an early morning wake up call as someone managed to get locked out of their room and went off with another friend in another cabin, we all shower and up we get for a buffet breakfast. I can see from the choice of breakfast that they do try to cater for different nationalities but the breakfast isn’t great to be honest. I try some pancakes and bacon and that’s it. The coffee also isn’t great as unlike the bars where they have a machine and a milk frother they don’t have in the buffet, so water or orange juice is the way forward, also they don’t have a toaster, and the bread is rock solid. You could kill a bird with it. Off we go to marseille, hmmm next time I won’t bother as there’s not overly a lot to do there, walked around, saw some buildings, forced an alcoholic drink down our neck and back on the boat. lunch at the buffer, again it wasn’t too great, rock hard bread again, some warm focaccia, pasta, and a big lump of beef with potatoes, not great if you’re a vegetarian (I’m not, but 2 of our friends are). Go to dinner at 9.15pm, this time the waiters dance to some latin songs, ver well done again. Then another repeat of the night before, more drinks and dance the night away). The 3rd morning head off to the buffet again, this time no pacncakes, I don’t eat eggs so not a lot to choose from, I grabbed 2 pieces of French bread with cinnamon and some pineapple, that will do. We get off at Savona, 1 MASSIVE tip, other than supermarkets everything else shuts at 1.30 and opens back up at 4.30, unfortunately we have to be back on the ship by 4.30 so we spent an hour walking in a group of 7, with different people trying to find a restaurant just so we can get a pizza, it didn’t go down too well but got there in the end. Back on the ship, more drinks, a lot more passengers so the bar on deck 9 was a complete nightmare, then off we go again. Down to shower, off to the 9.15pm dinner, waited until 10pm to ask the waiter what time will the dancing be on tonight, he tells us there won’t be any, shame, so we all thanked him, 3 went off to bed, 4 of us decided to pop off to the casino. Within half hour our 50€ was spent and off to the bar we go. A few more drinks down our necks an the conversation turned to the bar staff. When we took 5 minutes out of our busy lives to see the amount they work, the stuff they have to put up with, and the hours they work on a daily basis, I’m so grateful for my life. The amount of time they’re away from home, they don’t see their families for months and months at a time. While we go on holiday they’re there at our beck and call when we want a drink or service. So thank you Henry and Danny for that night. So last morning just before we go to Barcelona, we set our alarms to make the restaurant breakfast. I do wish I’d gone there before but to be there by 9 is a bit of a deal breaker, unfortunately again we had a not so friendly waiter and had to be called about 3 times before he would come over to serve, at least it was nice. Back to the room to get our stuff as we had to be out by 10. We decided to go back to deck 9, as we started off from there a few more Prosecco to finish up the holiday, and off we go to the shops, pay our bill at the desk and get ready to leave. As they bleep mine and my roommates cats and unfamiliar buzz goes off, we’re not allowed to leave but everyone else disembarked, so back off to the desk to sort the cards out. Cards done and out we go. The 2 of us are last to pick up our luggage go through everything and my friend realizes she’s had some money stolen from her case. Do not leave any money in your case. There’s signs around saying the same so I don’t know what was going through her mind at that time when she left the case outside the door the night before. You HAVE to leave your cases outside of the room the night before for them to collect it. They advise to leave the cases the night before by 12 midnight and no later than 1am, but I witnessed them not coming until 3.30 am. Do not leave anything valuable at all. There’s always people workers and non workers wandering the hallways so could have been anyone. I also had stuff taken but luckily not money. Anyway other than the little hiccup at the end it all went well. I also missed the last day lunch as I was too busy booking my next cruise onboard. This time as a family, so hopefully the next one will be a little less partying and a little less hangovers. On the last note, be aware that if you suffer from rocking on land, It’s been 48 hours and I still don’t feel great and I’m still rocking and swaying. Maybe I was a little hasty in booking the next one but I’m sure I’ll be over it then. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2018
We loved the Itinerary ( Enchanted Fjords), the friendly polite staff, the spacious beautiful cabins. (panorama suite). We had most of our meals in Club Medusa Restaurant... the atmosphere was great , the waiters were very friendly and ... Read More
We loved the Itinerary ( Enchanted Fjords), the friendly polite staff, the spacious beautiful cabins. (panorama suite). We had most of our meals in Club Medusa Restaurant... the atmosphere was great , the waiters were very friendly and polite ( Mr. Prasad Fargose and Mr Daniel Perreras). Mr Prasad Helped us to choose the meals that don't contain alcohol or pork . he was very patient with us and very helpful . he also helped our kids to find the meals they like and suggested alternatives in case they don't like what was in the menu . Mr Daniel was very friendly as well , smiling all the time and made our little boy happy everyday by bringing him his favorite chocolate milk . Mr Linnon, the restaurant manager was very helpful , he always came to ask if we were comfortable or needed any thing ... and asked how was the food . One day we asked Mr Linnon for Indian food and we got an Indian feast after two days...especially made for us . we were very happy and the Indian food was super delicious . Our teen son loved the teen club and made some friends there. He met some german and Italian friends who speak english . I also liked the magic bag offer for laundry ( 20 euro for 25 pieces). Costa doesn't have self launderette like Disney. Food in the free buffet restaurant was average ...Costa is Italian cruise but the buffet didn't have daily pizza or risotto or Parmigiana di Melanzane. The available pizza was mostly plain with some oregano . buffet was crowded ... difficult to find a table ...in summary food was average in taste and no variety. Shows were average ...the four elements show was boring ...shows suppose to be family friendly but female dancers were wearing thongs ...not acceptable for me . performers appeared one time with scary make up that really scared my children .We liked the clown show. My kids laughed a lot . we also loved the traditional Italian dance . kids club : I took my kids to Squok ( The kids Club) , the counselors assured me that they will speak english with my kids ...but that didn't happen . I stood in the corridor were I could hear but my kids can't see me . I waited for one hour and didn't here any english word . It was all Italian . my kids felt left out and refused to go there again . I understand that the majority were Italian children thats why I suggest that costa dedicate one hour at least of kids activity during the day to be only in english. Squok was small in size not like disney cruise clubs. our last cruise was with Disney magic . one problem regarding the excursions with costa is that the time of excursion is not announced until the night before the excursion ... so we couldn't plan our day until we receive the daily newspaper of the cruise where the time of excursion is written. I suggest that costa write the time of each excursion in advance I also suggest that costa put Indian as well as Lebanese food frequently in their buffet and menu. Disney magic did that . people love those cuisines . The staff were friendly ... we had no problems with them . the itinerary was great . Norway has beautiful Nature . one good thing about costa is that before we depart Norway , they organized tax refund service inside the ship. We booked a suite so we had free access to Club Medusa Restaurant ... had priority check in , priority when tendering in Geiranger, the exclusive drinking Package that include water bottles , 24/7 free room service with breakfast served in cabin if ordered, a daily fruit basket and reserved front seats in theatre. for internet, costa offers a social media package that includes snapchat , whats up , instagram and facebook for 28 euro for the whole cruise duration. ports Bergen it was a beautiful city ...we took the hop on hop off bus . We booked online from Stromma for both the bus and funicular ride. We found their famous red bus in the port where we exchanged our online vouchers for tickets. we took the funicular ride and went up to Floyen mountain . the view from there is beautiful . you will find there kids playground, a zip line and of course a troll statue ... also you can walk for 5 minutes to a beautiful lake ...you can rent bike or kayak Bergen is the wettest city in the world ...it rains most of the days so you should be prepared . Geiranger beautiful village , we took hop on hop off bus from Stromma . you can also walk around or rent electric car . Olden we booked neon sky lift shuttle with the cable car tickets as well as glacier sightseeing bus from the tourist office in the port. The sky lift is new . it opened in 2017, it is 10 minutes ride from the port to the cable car station then it takes 5 minutes to reach the top. on the top there is a modern restaurant and you can hike if the weather permits. down at the station , theres is a souvenir shop . Glacier sight seeing bus takes you in a tour around olden ... the scenery is beautiful with two photo stops . the tour takes about one hour ...try to set on the right side . you won't see glaciers ... just snow on the top of the mountains. when it was time to leave the port , Olden port workers put a good bye song... loud through their speakers and wave the Norwegian flags . that was nice Andalsness we took excursion from costa for Rauma rail way and the trolls wall . the scenery from the train was very beautiful . Try to sit on the right and choose the big window. the troll wall was just a black mountain with trolls statue near the souvenir shop. Haugasend I didn't like this city . we booked excursion from costa " the marvels of Akafjord" . it was boring and long and nothing new . they took us back to the fjord . we were sailing inside the beautiful fjords for more than three days so there is no need to go back there . the tour included a visit to a local artist who draw flowers on every thing ...boring . then a trip in a small ship to get close to a waterfall ...boring too because in Norway you see a lot of waterfalls everywhere so nothing new. yes this trip included a Norwegian lunch . I tasted the deer hamburger ...it was delicious but little salty. also the Norwegian coffee ...their bread . other selections were available too . Bremerhaven we took costa cruise shuttle to Bremen . it took one hour to get there and one hour to come back . we spent almost two hours as free time in Bremen . it is a beautiful city ... famous for Bremen musicians story. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2017
I guess we went with an open mind. As they say..." when in Rome - do as the Romans do" so we adjusted our expectations but ended up enjoying the experience of an Italian themed ship - from the over the top Italian decor to pasta ... Read More
I guess we went with an open mind. As they say..." when in Rome - do as the Romans do" so we adjusted our expectations but ended up enjoying the experience of an Italian themed ship - from the over the top Italian decor to pasta everyday with our meals. We were worried after reading the reviews but I realized that North Americans just cruise differently from Europeans...no bottomless ice teas and lemonades, coffees and teas limited to breakfasts and merendas, lots of pasta, but we got to enjoy Osso Buco, gnocchis, bombolones for breakfast, olive oil and balsamic with your bread instead of butter and many more...Honestly - I enjoyed the food more than the other cruise lines that we've been on. Service was up to par in the restaurants and cabin but they can do a better job communicating with the English speaking passengers. First night apparently was an All-White party and we obviously did not get the memo as we showed up dressed in black...hahaha. Enjoyed the dance lessons and live entertainment was available in many of the bars and clubs. Overall - it was a pleasant experience. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2016
So this was the first time we've sailed on Costa so we went in with fairly low expectations (Due to other reviews, the sinking of Concordia and crash of Classica) and we only paid £210 for the week. But they exceeded expectations and ... Read More
So this was the first time we've sailed on Costa so we went in with fairly low expectations (Due to other reviews, the sinking of Concordia and crash of Classica) and we only paid £210 for the week. But they exceeded expectations and were better than some other cruise lines we've been on. We've sailed Princess, HAL, RCI, NCL, CMV, Carnival and MSC. This Costa ship and experience was substantially better than our last cruise which was the Carnival Miracle to Hawaii (Same type of ship, Vista Style.) Pro's : - Embarkation was the quickest EVER. Most people were boarding the next day in Trieste, so very few in Venice. But it took about 5minutes from dropping bags off to walking on the ship, very impressed - Itinerary, which was what we came for (Trieste, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Split, Corfu, Katakolon) No full days at sea, a couple of half days. They had to switch Dubrovik and Split due to bad weather but it was well communicated and we gained hours in Dubrovnik for losing a few in Split. - Ship is very well maintained, so much better than Carival Miracle which is actually newer ! It's clean, tidy and bright - Breakfast buffet is different to most American ships as it's more limited but more European. - Lunch buffet although not huge, it's just right with a good selection and never any queues. Much better than Carnival lunch - Dinner was great ! If you like Italian food then you'll love their 5-6 course evening meals. Really nice. Only down side is that they seem to have a lack of staff so the wait can be long some times. I imagine this is how they can keep the costs down - Cabin - We booked a guaranteed inside and got a free upgrade to Balcony. Great cabin, loads of space and a good size balcony and bathroom. Just a bit dated now though. - Lounges - Lot's of places to get a drink, relax and unwind. - Our room steward was really good !! I realise that you have to pay gratuities as they are not optional like other lines, but the staff were definitely worth it. - Gym, pools, hottubs, sauna and steam rooms are great and all free. - Everytime we left port they would play Con te partiro by Andrea Bocelli over all the ship outdoor speakers which was a nice touch. - We were early to pretty much all ports and left bang on time too. Well organised and planned Cons' - Limited entertainment and in about 5 languages, so makes everything seem a bit detracted and less personal. - Drinks are ridiculously expensive. Go for a drinks package if you drink 3 or 4 a day - Food could be hotter in the buffet - Most announcements were in Italian which was sometimes awkward. But all staff spoke English, many of them as their first language. - Not much to do in the evenings or when the ship is at sea. Not as many bells and whistles as some of the newer bigger ships, but more traditional cruising. Overall a much better experience than Carnival and CMV, but not quite the same as most of the bigger American lines i.e. NCL, RCL and Princess. But for the price it was totally worth it and I would recommend sailing Costa for a unique Italian experience. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2016
Our family had a fantastic time apart from a couple of points. Venice departure point is amazing. Embarkation was quick. The ship is lovely and always being kept clean by the hard working staff. Cabin is quite big. The food got a bit ... Read More
Our family had a fantastic time apart from a couple of points. Venice departure point is amazing. Embarkation was quick. The ship is lovely and always being kept clean by the hard working staff. Cabin is quite big. The food got a bit repetitive and queuing system at buffet not very good. The service in the restaurant was very slow, should have an early dining time for families with children. Entertainment shows were excellent but again the times were quite awkward. Kids Club was excellent especially Francois. There was one member of staff who was quite rude and ignored my son and tried to teach a 5 year old German!! Entertainment during the day could be a bit better. Parties at night and food demonstratations were excellent. The guest relations manager and some of the staff on reception were very rude. Overall we really enjoyed the cruise and are planning another one. It is excellent value for money. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2016
My review is written in 2 sections for reasons that will become apparent. I'm reviewing the service and food etc, then an incident that had a major impact on our trip. This is our 5th Costa cruise. Despite what is written by ... Read More
My review is written in 2 sections for reasons that will become apparent. I'm reviewing the service and food etc, then an incident that had a major impact on our trip. This is our 5th Costa cruise. Despite what is written by others we have always had a great holiday. Yes, there are issues, things aren't quite what is expected, the management are surly and short (not height!), but that happens with many holidays, not just cruises. And perhaps many things are down to language differences. Booked this a month after the last one, in November last year. Got an excellent price and the Euro was cheap. We book it with a travel agent in Italy and got on board credit as well. Was looking to get an outside cabin, I am aware that on Mediterranea the outside are behind the life boats, but they are like a balcony. Sliding door and all. But....they are categorised as Classic and for breakfast and room service, we need Premium! The price of a premium Balcony was too good to miss. We flew Ryanair to Treviso the night before, after school finished! Got there around 22:30. Stayed opposite the airport. It always amazes me that here in UK we have such tight security around airports but in some European destinations, the terminal is doors off the main highway! We walked across the road to the (cheap) hotel. (Reviewed as are many things from the cruise, on Trip Advisor). Up next morning, breakfast on the street looking in the terminal and waited for our transfer. With smallish kids and luggage for 12 days, (we were staying on after the cruise), I couldn't face bus and train. Transfer arrived on time and we were in Venice at 10:30 at the terminal. Boarding was from 14:30 so we left the bags and went into Venice for a walk around. Many must have done this as were given a boarding number, 4, to present on our return. Took the boat ferry bus to Venice, that's not cheap! Enjoyed our walk around, bought a few bits, were amazed at the amount of water traffic. Headed back from a different ferry bus stop as we walked so far! And had our first Ice Cream!!! Back at the terminal for 15:00 and we were on the ship in about 15 minutes. It was busy but with the number 4, we were waved through. First stop lunch. Then the cabin, it that was made up for 4. Standard Costa cabin, room enough for us but mental note that as the children get bigger, we might need 2 cabins...... We were one person short this year as the eldest decided at 18 not to come with us.......or we would have had 2. The Mediterranea is decorated out in an amazing fashion. Its surreal!! I think its the best Costa ship so far. Has to be seen to be believed. Odd figures dotted around everywhere, very Gothic. Very over the top...typical Costa and thats why we go! Now here is one controversial bit. We usually go all inclusive drinks. But this time my wife said lets not...lets get the packages for soft drinks and water. buy anything else. Have to confess, we aren't big drinkers and we would drink more because it was included! But we didn't need a bottle of wine a day....etc. I was sceptical. I didn't want to worry about drinks but she won the argument so we purchased 40 soft drinks around 110 Euro i think and 15 bottles of water 35 Euro i think. If we needed more water we could fill up at the dispensers, Ice in the room from room service. We had asked for early dining, but found our cards said late. So we went to the dining room and the man in charge looked at the girls and adjusted it with no problem. Last time we had to join a throng and wait for hours...... Food at dinner was as always, great. Lots of choice. Except for the children. The childrens menu is a little restricted, but saying that, the 7 yr old always found something in combination with the main menu. The 10 yr old ate from the main menu each night, always enjoyed it. And this is where I started to see, my wife may be right not going all inclusive. Each night there was a wine special. Generally half price. So I bought a bottle every other night, drank half and the rest was waiting for me next day. Bottle of fizzy water and still plus soft drinks. Take the water away if any left. I was also surprised that the kids started to request water not soft drinks! But no ice cream for desert. Ridiculous, no ice cream for the children's menu. A cost saving too far. So our first day was perfect. Good and everyone was as always, very attentive. Woke up in Trieste. This place is so close to Venice I find it an odd choice for next day. I think we could have been there in a n hour or 2....but if you look at the route we take, we go out into the gulf and meander around for a while!!! Then into Trieste. Ship docked in town. Walked through town, more ice cream, stopped and watched a wedding party, made our way to the Tram up the hill. Nice trip, interesting rife, great views. Had lunch at the town and made our way back to the ship to walk along the waterfront, looking at jelly fish in the water. Nice stop. We always dress for dinner....its a tradition, off we went, had another good meal. Woke in Split where we had arranged a private tour with bike tour and sea kayaking. Had a great day, picnic lunch on the way, did many firsts! Normal routine in the evening, dinner, cocktails, some non alco others normal, show, walk around, outside, then bed about 11. Kotor next, again ship docks in town, I mean right in town! Not here long, so walked in old town, coffee, ice cream, shopped. Back on for lunch and off we go. Very scenic sail out, sat on deck as the girls were swimming and wife baking, this really is the life! It was on this night there was a very strange and unfortunate incident. Not the crew who were looking after us, but the officers and Captain. It made the rest of the cruise a bit difficult but I will list it after this and scoot over the rest of the cruise. Katakolon, visited Olympia, walked off the ship and booked a local coach, 10 Euro, kids free. Interesting place! Normal routine on the ship in the evening. Corfu was a nice day, we walked to town, took about 20 minutes. Had lunch and just walked around seeing sights! Dubrovnik we didn't get off, arrived early and away by lunch. Seemed a waste of a stop for the ship really. Nice to relax on board. As we were independant, we got off the ship in Venice at around 11:30, had breakfast and snacks, then off to a beach holiday for a few days. Couple of other comments. The shows were typical Costa. Easy on the eye, just good all round stuff. The singing was a bit off, but hey, I'm on holiday and it was good to have dinner and a show, we saw them all except 1, when we felt we couldn't listen to the off notes any more!!! We knew what to expect from previous and got what we expected! The room steward was nothing like the other cruises. We aren't early risers, rarely get cooked breakfast. (That's another bug bear, too early finish for cooked!). But he was knocking at 9 saying he needed us out to make up the room. I explained he couldn't as were still in it. So he looked at me as if I was mad! Off he would go....only to come back 10 minutes later....you have to go!!!! He got the message eventually, broke an ornament we purchased in Venice (he told us), no folded towels. I think he didn't like it! But I also don't think he is representative of cabin staff. Now, the incident. My children are very media aware. The study news at school and watch TV. They have watched disaster movies, have heard about the Concordia when everyone asks us what ship and we say Costa! The 7 yr old is a nervous cruiser...she thinks we might sink. The 10 yr old similar but lesser, age makes it better i think. They like to be in control! So the first few days she is listening and looking....but eventually it goes away. Life boat drill is always trauma, lots of noise, lots of people. I don't think its done very well, as I am tall I am separated and put to the back of a line and they are small so they go to the front. They both cant be next to my wife. It needs done, I'm happy for that. I also sit them down and give them a brief about not leaning over...where we go....what to expect. That sorts it! We left Kotor going to Katakolon. I showed them the map, its a straight line down the sea, nothing on our side of the ship, just water! Simple. We went to bed at 23:00 as always and they were asleep in minutes. I leave the balcony door open to hear the sea and feel the breeze, the weather was still and calm. I dropped off about midnight. At about 01:00 we were woken by the ships horn blasting. I knew that's not right, it jolted me awake and I guessed something was up for this in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. It is very loud. I decided to have a look outside, see what I could see. Imagine my horror to look out on the balcony to see a cliff. It seemed only a few hundred metres away. I looked down and could see we were making way forward, and at that moment the emergency sound went off in the cabin and throughout the ship. Go to lifeboat station. The ships horn continued to blast, the go to muster stations alert was sounding. Its piercing as it needs to be. By now the children were distressed. That's an understatement. I actually thought we should be far out to sea, we had come in and were about to go aground. I grabbed the life jackets, put them on the kids, looked outside the cabin and others were on there way. Just as I managed to get them sorted, the sounds stopped. Dead silence. Nothing. What should we do. To try and see where we were I put the TV map on, far from being at sea we were in a narrow channel between mainland Greece and Corfu. I turned the forward camera on thinking perhaps a ship was in front of us, nothing. People were now still in the corridor and faces were looking out the balcony railing on the ship. After 10 minutes, a voice, the off note singer, came on and said only in English it was a false alarm and good night. As you all know, Costa have many languages, English is usually 2nd or 3rd. So now, the very few English people knew something, but not the French, Germans, Italians. After another 10 minutes, other languages came on one at a time. And they kept saying it for an hour or so as I don't think people believed them. Im not suggesting we were off course, they can sail any where they want, just I wasn't expecting it having looked at a map of a route. It seems they usually go between the many islands. But like I say, I nearly had a heart attack to look out and see in someones lounge. We never heard another thing. No information about the cause, nobody wanted to talk about it. I asked officers when we saw them, which isn't often, they shrugged shoulders and walked away. It was like it was a dream, only it wasn't. This incident caused our children to want to sleep in life jackets that night. It took a long time to get them to sleep, and each night after, was trauma to get them to sleep. Daylight was fine, Breakfast, lunch, swimming. All normal. It would start at dinner. Any strange sound, which you will get on a ship, any vibration out of the ordinary, they would start getting nervous. The dining room is right at the back of the ship, I have to say, there was more vibration and resonance than other ships we have been on, that would not help. And as soon as it was bed, the 7 yr old was terrified. I don't want to say it ruined the cruise, but the effect was devastating on all of us around her. Its not her fault, that's how she felt, she would eventually fall asleep and we would wake to her crying. And that never stopped until we got off. And my wife and I were helpless to give her confidence, there aren't many places to go in the middle of the sea. The 10 yr old was affected but not so much, but when the small one started it set her off too! If we had been told what happened I think it would have helped. But the fact it was ignored was an error. Interestingly she said that on previous cruises, the Captain has been seen in many different places, being kids they think he is the boss! They have always said hello to him and the Captains have been good enough to have conversations. This time no Captain anywhere. I believe he did go to the Costa Club evening for a quick picture, we didn't make it. I think this is a mistake on Costa thinking. The Captain is a figurehead, they seem to be separating the hotel side as the main part of the trip, the ship is just a method of transport. No weather charts up as it always was, no route charts displayed as before. It seems they want to sell a hotel holiday. So that's our cruise. A tale of 2 cruises. Would we go again, that depends, I have written to Costa and lets see their response. We are Pearl club members so they can see we cruise a lot with them, it would be a shame for this to ruin that relationship. Plus where would we go next..... Time will fade the memory for our children, and I love cruising! Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2016
This cruise exceeded all our expectations. Accommodation, ship, staff and the food was simply some of the best I have had on my dozen cruises. The passenger make up was mainly Italian, but few English but many English speaking foreign ... Read More
This cruise exceeded all our expectations. Accommodation, ship, staff and the food was simply some of the best I have had on my dozen cruises. The passenger make up was mainly Italian, but few English but many English speaking foreign nationals. My one concern was safety. We attended the lifeboat drill, were actually some of the first there and led our line. It was disappointing to see some of the staff pay scant attention to what was going on and chatting during instructions in languages other than Italian. It also went on for 45/50 minutes, far too long. But hey when your most infamous ship is Costa Concordia why not? However, a day later we received curt letter asking why we hadn't turned up for the drill. We told reception we had been there and had time dated pictures to prove it (our family insisted we didn't miss it because of ship's reputation and we sent them pictures). They told us not to worry, but next day another letter asking why we missed a second drill and ordering us to watch something on tv and sign a form to say we had...and so it went on - and we got more and more cross. Repeated visits to reception ...to get off our backs, and while it might be considered admirable to pursue this - apparently staff should have swiped our cards on the day to show we attended. If it hadn't been an exercise they might needlessly be looking for us when we were on deck in line where we were supposed to be. Staff were very lax. So Costa clearly not learnt their lesson. Much to improve in safety marshalling. The rest was awesome and drinks package worthwhile. Really fab cruise, we managed Savonna, Milan on extra time plus Valencia (good), Palermo (dump), Naples (superb), Palma (lovely), Barcelona - speaks for itself. Entertainment was superb. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2015
Everyone who complained about the cruise ( mostly the food ) said I couldn't really be objective about this ship as I was a newbie to cruising, therefore I had nothing to compare it to. While that might be valid I truly felt that it ... Read More
Everyone who complained about the cruise ( mostly the food ) said I couldn't really be objective about this ship as I was a newbie to cruising, therefore I had nothing to compare it to. While that might be valid I truly felt that it would be hard to find a more beautiful ship to cruise on. Nay sayers be darned! As mentioned it was our first cruise. Found a great lot to leave our car ( Safe Parking Miami) and boarding was easy. Stayed in Coconut Grove for two nights before cruise at a B+B which was close enough to the port. Liked the fact that even though we didn't sail until 10 pm we boarded by 3 and had lunch and a tour of the ship, so excited to be on board! First night on board took some getting used to.. vibration and slight swaying of ship, my husband wore acupuncture bands on wrist and he was fine. We have been on many large ferries etc. but nothing compares to being on a large cruise ship with its opulence and services. THE PEOPLE: Mostly European passenger i.e: Italians with a smattering of other nationalities, very few North Americans. We were basically in the minority as Canadians. All officers appeared to be Italian with rest of crew from basically all over the world. If you want to feel like you have arrived in Europe the Costa line is the way to go. A friend on board said Americans did not want to cruise on a ship that had any connection to the Costa Concordia. One aside was the presence of many Guadaloupean passengers. They were dropped off and picked up in Gaudaloupe, they got a seven day passage with a cheaper rate. Liked the fact that there were at least some Caribbean folk on the ship, but got the sense that crew wasn't too impressed with them, although they appeared to be bread and butter passengers for the ship as they formed a sizeable group on board. There was an incident of a fight between two family groups but it was quickly quashed. It happened just up the hall from our room. Security came quickly and I never felt it was a huge thing, just a lot of loud noise for about half an hour. Glad we made friends with some American people as it was hard to converse with most people as they did not speak English at least around us. Several other people we met were travel agents who got a special rate, said they probably wouldn't have taken this line if the price wasn't right for them. ACTIVITIES: We didn't participate in very many activities. Mostly spent days on shore and days at sea we spent swimming, eating and visiting with our friends. Attended the theatre twice, entertainment okay but after just being in Cuba at a resort the entertainment seemed pretty generic. One of our friends did enjoy the disco but we never went. We did walk through the bar areas, casino and disco but didn't partake as by the time our second dining sitting ended we were ready to just chill in our cabin or on our balcony. One thing we did do was use the gym every night before dinner. This was a good time to use it because most people were at first sitting for dinner and staff weren't there. The steam room/ sauna was great ( women's was quite musty unfortunately). Lots of equipment in gym, on your own for sanitizing as never any wipes and didn't like smell of chlorine or steamy effect as there was a giant hot tub in middle of area, not sure why they would put it there. Had a foot and head massage from Renata, which was heavenly. Her, Alex and Diana were all great to deal with in the spa. Also found the running track pretty small but still if you wanted to walk around at night on top decks hardly ever any people and the view of the moon on the water was pretty spectacular. THE NOISE LEVEL: Wanted to mention this before I went any further. The level of sound for most events was unbelievably loud. The noise at the bow end by the gym and outdoor pool was absolutely ridiculous. Often it might be for a dance contest or other activity but it was always cranked up so loud that I can't even imagine why no one complained. I just couldn't swim in that area when events were going on. Even at night for several of our gala dinners they had recorded music at a really high decibel level. For passengers it was only a few days of it but for the crew I can't imagine how a health and safety review wouldn't have put limitations on the noise for the staff. Why do people think loud noise equates with great entertainment? End of my rant about noise levels. SERVICE: Our hotel steward was great, didn't feel need for turn down service every night so often just put Don't Disturb sign on door if we didn't want to be bothered. Always had buffet for breakfast and lunch so not much to write about service there. Our evening waiter Rigaberto and his assistant were great. When we had questions about other things went to service desk where they were okay. Did find when we disembarked in Miami and there was a big delay with no announcement to explain why, the service desk was not very helpful or nice. I know many ships were letting off passengers at the same time but a polite announcement about delays would have been a good thing. Tip: Take the early disembarkation, we would next time. PORT/SHORE EXCURSIONS: We did not do any ship excursions except a snorkelling one in Grand Turk. (Which was good). Found most of the beaches we went to by taxi or bus had many people from the cruise there. Some complained that they were whisked there and back much quicker than we were as we had the option of staying longer without someone herding us back on a bus. Unfortunately we felt that because we did not use the ship excursions we were left to our own devices for information about the ports and activities on shore. The English guide John Patrick told us that he only gave out information about excursions, not what happened or was available on shore. I certainly was glad I had done research ahead with a Fodor and Lonely Planet Guide. Ship excursions seemed to concentrate on touring, boating and shopping at ship authorized stores etc. No mention of being dropped off at museums or other historic locales. When we landed at the port there really wasn't much in information at most locations. Some tourist booths had maps etc. but you had to be prepared so you knew ahead what you wanted to do and then you had to deal with taxi drivers, rates and distance to where you wanted to go. Taking more ship excursions might have been a good idea but still suspect about rates and time spent loading and getting there, would have to do more research before doing more ship excursions. MONEY MAKERS: As I had not been on a cruise before it was a bit of an adjustment to the level of selling that went on. We knew it wasn't like an all inclusive so we were prepared to pay for drinks etc. ( drinks didn't cost a lot more than at a Canadian bar) but not used to announcements being made over PA about buying items on the ship e.g. jewellery, etc. Poor spa staff even had to shill special rates for massages etc. when you came back on board from shore. They even charged 55 dollars for an insider tour of the ship. Seemed a bit excessive! Generally though felt for what we paid through Vacations To Go we got a good deal. DINING: My husband and I found the food okay. As I don't eat any meat but fish I did find the choices for evening dining a little limited. The breakfast, lunch choices were okay, most of the problem was the number of people getting food at the same time. Too bad there wasn't a better way to configure the way food was presented so there would be less lining up. I know people who have travelled on other lines talk about the great choice, the 24 hour dining, the free room service and that the newer ships have more restaurants but for me it was adequate. I've heard new ships will soon have bakery restaurants etc. but I don't want to gain ten pounds on a cruise and it would be more tempting with more food choice. One thing that the Costa line has is special gala nights with Italian music and presentations by the waiters etc. I found that was fun. Presented with beautifully printed menus on those nights. We usually had the snack at five to tide us over to the late evening sitting. Can see how some lines that offer any time sitting would be a good idea as second sitting was so late. THE STAR: This ship was the star to me. The ship designer who does all the newer Costa and Carnival ships Joe Farcas has certainly created a surreal, beautiful palace of a ship. I never got tired of looking at the details from Italian glass to fanciful pottery lighthouses. Every surface was embellished. It was interesting to see into the crew areas, kitchens etc. and see how plain it looked there. SUMMARY: Not sure if I would go on another cruise but now that I'm not a first time cruiser I will be able to compare a possible future cruise to this quite enjoyable trip. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2015
Just finished back to back 10 and 11 day cruise in the Caribbean. If you like a European experience, you will like this cruise, if you are expecting US style food / entertainment look elsewhere. Most of the passengers were from Italy, ... Read More
Just finished back to back 10 and 11 day cruise in the Caribbean. If you like a European experience, you will like this cruise, if you are expecting US style food / entertainment look elsewhere. Most of the passengers were from Italy, Germany, and South America, English among passengers was not the most spoken language. Like I said, this is a European experience, and its a little different. First off the service was great. The cabin was clean and comfortable and the Cabin steward Ronald, was so very helpful. Bar staff, especially Roachan, and Franklin were always around, even for the all inclusive drinkers like us. The restaurant waiters Angelica and Maitre D Carlos looked after all our special needs and provided us with custom food orders due to dietary restrictions. Fernando Sanna, the Restaurant Manager went out of his way to make this family's holiday a wonderful memory. We have only two complaints 1. Why isn't the pool heated on deck? Most days it was only 69 - 72degrees F, its pretty bad when on a hot day, no one is in the pool. Even for us Canadians it was cold and we will swim in any cold lake. 2. Don't try to get breakfast after 10.00 am for some reason unlike other lines, if you like to sleep in a little bit there is no bite except coffe and donuts after ten. Someone please tell Costa breakfast should be till 11.00 am at least for us North Americans. 3. Lousy internet services .... slow service .... expensive for what you get .... 50 cents per minute and most of the time you are waiting and paying for download .... think AOL Dial Up speed. 4. Lousy Satellite Dish TV .... O sure Italy, Greece and Germany come in .... but once you leave Miami forget anything US .... worst part was losing the signal during the Divisional Finals for the NFL ..... This was a major problem for all NFL fans .... picture looking at the TV and watching a play with a signal that goes out every ten seconds for a minute or so ..... TERRIBLE!!!!! All in all, except for the above it was a good trip .... BUT WARM UP THAT POOL!!!!!!!! Read Less
Costa Mediterranea Ratings
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Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.2
Entertainment 3.0 3.2
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.4
Enrichment 1.0 2.9
Service 4.0 3.7
Value For Money 4.0 3.6
Rates 4.0 3.9

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