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Sail Date: August 2017
This was my first cruise and the only ting I have to compare it to is an all inclusive resort and all the great things my friends have told me about cruising. Let me start by saying this was a 11 day Mediterranean trip to and from Rome. We ... Read More
This was my first cruise and the only ting I have to compare it to is an all inclusive resort and all the great things my friends have told me about cruising. Let me start by saying this was a 11 day Mediterranean trip to and from Rome. We spent 3 days in Rome prior to leaving. Our check in to the ship was smooth until they tried to sell us the Premier drink package which we had but they insisted we didn't so off to Guest relations to straighten that out, which required us to pull up our e-mail and 20 minutes later they decided we had the premier drink package. Our stateroom was great we had a balcony suite that our great attendant Yolanda opened up for the 4 couples we were traveling with, She was amazing and one of the best things this cruise had to offer. As the cruise proceeded we learned that there were 450 children on board out of 3,000 people. The majority of these kids were out of control, they were allowed to run all over the ship, yelling screaming, we observed them using their hands to get Salad, Ice, Bread, cheese, etc. I am sure you get the picture. Thee used the hide away on level 7 for their headquarters, when we asked if there were any rules about kids behaving like this we were told no celebrity has no policies regarding unruly kids or any curfews in place that they have to be with their parents. There also are no adult lounges for adults only. We went to a silent disco one night but all of the head phones were already taken by 3 to 5 year olds with their parents taking pictures of them, I am sure the kids were enjoying the music and dancing that went along with it. Celebrity finally did put one person to follow the kids after they had so many complaints from the passengers, it was an awful experience. Add to that we also learned that Celebrity has capacity for 3,000 passengers and 500 to 600 lounge chairs for passengers around the pool, so yes that means if you want a place to sit get there early or forget it. The only other great thing that we had was Edrich and the dining staff in the Opus dining room, he made every dinner special. Explaining all of the choices and what he thought we would enjoy the best. He was a great server and is one of the only reasons we would think about going back. The last night there we celebrated a birthday in our group that they made extra special and was the highlight of the trip. I would also recommend trying the Opus dining room for the sit down breakfast it is much quieter than the buffet and the service is great. They pretty much serve the same food on the buffet daily not much variety or change in it. You can do a healthy option in the Solarium, or get hot dogs, hamburgers etc on deck 15. We did enjoy all of the ports we visited and getting on and off the ship as easy. Even the tenders went smoothly. We did not use any of the shore excursion but on of our group did and they stated they were not helpful, we also talked to several other people who said the same But never will we travel on this cruise line again, I will try another one in the future with a different line. Also do not travel in August as all of the UK is on vacation. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2016
We are a professional couple, no kids, early forties. We had never been on a cruise before and had no experience in this area of Europe so took the advice of friends who had done this exact cruise before and booked in March 2016. We dove ... Read More
We are a professional couple, no kids, early forties. We had never been on a cruise before and had no experience in this area of Europe so took the advice of friends who had done this exact cruise before and booked in March 2016. We dove into research on the countries, ports, languages, attractions, and cruising in general, which made for a fun six-month wait. The anticipation was a big part of this vacation! Rick Steves' books were a staple of our reading and came with us on the trip. We flew from Toronto to Rome, arriving early in the morning on embarkation day. We had seriously considered taking the train from the airport to the port, but decided that it was just too important piece of the trip (i.e. do we risk screwing up the train schedule in a foreign city and missing our ship?) to leave to chance, so we booked NCC shared transfer. They met us in the airport and we were in the van very quickly. As it turned out, Rome airport is HUGE and we had been up for about 36 hours by that time - we were glad to not be trying to sort out the train and our bags at that point. It was about E70 which was money well spent. We got to Civitavecchia in 45 minutes and again were glad of the transfer. The port is also very large, and not pedestrian friendly at all. NCC transfers dropped us off right at the ship at around 1030 in the morning. We got a look at the ship - spectacular! - before heading into the dark and smelly tents that were the Celebrity port terminal. There is nothing nice about the port or the terminal. We showed our printed-off tickets, completed the medical form, and waited in the holding area for about 20 minutes before being waved over to check-in. We were on-board quickly and easily by 1100 hours or so. First impressions were - well - let's just say that the deck 2 loading area is not a nice part of the ship. It's dark and utilitarian with x-ray machines and beeping scanners. But up one flight of stairs we found the Guest Relations area, with a cello/viola duo playing in the lobby. This was very nice. We found our cabin #6221 still being cleaned, but met our room attendant Jose who was very friendly and personable. He let us dump our carry-ons and we headed up to deck 14 to enjoy some fresh air. We found the Sunset Bar staffed with jolly Jamaicans (one wearing a Santa hat and singing bits of Christmas songs....go figure) and settled down with a drink in the sunshine. "The Upselling" - we had read a lot about the upselling racket on this ship. We had the Classic package included but had pretty much decided we would upgrade to the Premium package at some point. There is lots available on the Classic, particularly if you like simple highballs and Budweiser. We really like martinis, good wine, and craft beer, so when the bartender waved a bottle of Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA at me, I was signing for the Premium package on what was probably that guy's easiest upsell of the week. On the Premium there were lots of excellent wines by the glass, incredible cocktails, but only a few craft beers (the IPA was $11.00 USD so that was the cost of one day of Premium package right there). As you might expect, hot day plus forenoon cocktail plus no sleep plus jet lag equalled fatigue very quickly. We went downstairs to.... The Oceanview Cafe ("The Buffet") - I don't like buffets generally but we were starving and this was the place to grab something fast. There was a large variety, including stations organized by cuisine, such as Mexican, English, Indian, etc. I had some excellent Indian food and my partner found salad and fruit. We ate at the buffet for most breakfasts and the odd afternoon snack and there was nothing bad to be said about it. In the evening it was sad and empty although you could still get a slice of pizza and a few other smaller things until fairly late. The Cabin: 6221 is a veranda cabin, port side on the flat side of the 'hump'. We had a great view from the veranda and only overlooked part of deck 5. The cabin could have accommadated four people as there was a trundle bed under the couch and a berth that could have swung down from the ceiling but I really can't imagine four people in there. It was a decent size for two and I was pleasantly surprised at the bathroom - there was lots of storage in there and a good shower. There was zero room for two so brushing teeth was a 'my turn - your turn' affair. The cabin was very clean and storage was OK, after we got our suitcases under the bed out of the way. Jose brought us extra hangers, a body pillow, and anything else we needed. One night, I asked him for a shoe shine cloth and came back to the room to find he had polished my shoes....wow. This is butler-level service. The cabin was very quiet, even being next to the elevators and the iLounge. We quickly found this cabin was perfect for us as it was steps from the elevators and stairs, one deck from lounges and restaurants, two decks to the Martini bar and shopping, and very close to the Grand Foyer where most of the nighttime activity was. My only complaint was people who insisted on letting their cabin doors slam. They are steel safety doors and if you let them close, they slam with a "thunk", which can be a drag at 0630 hours. CLOSE YOUR DOOR GENTLY, PEOPLE, PLEASE!! Dining: we love to eat and drink. We had bought the five-dinner package beforehand and had to visit a headwaiter to book our dinners once onboard. Overall we were very happy with the dining options: Opus: we had Select dining so on the few nights we ate there, we just showed up. It is a huge room and quite elegant. Once we had to take a pager and go drink another martini while we waited....oh no, how will we cope. The menu at Opus was small but we always had good food. The service was good but almost a little too much at times. When you sat down there'd be probably four people buzzing around filling water, serving bread, making introductions, and so on, but after the initial flurry you might have trouble finding someone available to tell about your chipped wine glass. One night we were seated next to the waiter station, which was loud. We asked to be moved and immediately had a quiet table for two in another area. Very appreciated. We never sat with anyone else but tables for two were about 2" apart so it was much like a table for four. Keeping in mind that the Opus kitchen was turning out three-course meals for hundreds and hundreds of people, the food was very good. There was different house wines featured every night and the somm would be opening bottles constantly. No bag-in-box wine here. Lawn Club: we ate there our first night. On a warm evening it is really nice, next to the (real) lawn and the huge X on the funnel overhead. Somewhat oddly, the "appetizers" were flatbread pizzas.....with the mains a selection of grilled meat. You could cook your own if you wanted to and there was a nice little salad station. The pizza was very good but it was too much for a starter. The grilled items were very good and ranged from skewers to fish fillets to steaks. There were heaters for when the night cooled off, which it did fairly early. It was a fun, casual place for dinner outside. Tuscan: this is an Italian a la carte grille with a panoramic view aft. The pasta was made on-site and was incredible. Steak was probably some of the best I've had anywhere. Service was second to none. Ignatius knew his service and his wines - we let him choose wines for us to suit the courses and they were spot-on. A fabulous experience. So fabulous we bought another night there and had another terrific meal. Murano: French cuisine. You could spend a lot of money here, with wine and food flights, $300 caviar, and so on. It was the most formal of all the venues. The food was extremely good and the service was too. The staff were obviously working very hard to keep a high standard. It was not full either night we were there. Tableside service was a nice touch and they really took pride in their work. My only complaint was with the flambe-ing and such going on, the room got a little stuffy and you would want to be wearing a jacket and tie for this place (although you didn't have to - I think dress code was the same for all venues in the evening). Sushi on Five: I'm not a huge sushi fan but my partner is and she thought it was very good. There were noodle bowls as well, along with gyoza and other items so not just sushi. It was notably empty whenever we walked by. Service was enthusiastic and it was a nice change from the other dining options. Qsine: I didn't expect to like this but I did. It is tapas, with some really inventive presentations and some fabulous food. Very unique and we had a great time here. Martini Bar: our favourite, with a frosted-ice bar top and very skilled bartenders. The martinis are very large and very well-made. There was a second bar, I think called the 'Ice Bar' off to the side, which apparently used to be a bar proper with it's own menu (there were many bottles of vodka sitting in piles of ice) but it appeared to be forgotten about and was just another seating area for the Martini bar. After dinner, they set up a DJ station right next to the bar, which seemed a bit out of place, but later the DJ station disappeared and the live house band started up a deck below. One night I asked for a Courvoisier and got a snifter the size of a basketball with about half a bottle of cognac inside.....fabulous. Ensemble Lounge: another favourite, with live jazz through the evening. Very good table and bar service and a relaxed atmosphere. Tuscan, Qsine, Murano, and Michaels Club were accessed via this lounge. World Class Bar: this used to be a different bar called the Molecular Bar where they made cocktails with liquid nitrogen and so on.....no longer. It is now an ordinary bar with a limited menu of excellent cocktails (if you order an Old Fashioned, they carve a single baseball-size ice cube for you) but they don't serve anything else, so anybody popping by for a gin/tonic had to keep walking. Not sure how successful this model is. Sunset Bar: as mentioned, great if you want to relax up high and watch the ocean recede. It is also a smoking area. We enjoyed walking shoeless on the grass and sipping a frozen drink. Passport Bar: a straightforward bar on deck 3. Cafe El Bacio: a coffee bar with some pastries and cookies. I went here every morning for lattes and brought them up to the cabin. There was also a gelato bar which we never tried. Upselling to specialty restaurants: We didn't mind this as we got some good deals. Tuscan for 40% off? Yes please. One night we looked at the menu for Opus and weren't all that excited about it. Turn around and here's somebody offering a great deal at Murano. Everybody wins. If we weren't interested they took 'no thanks' for an answer, unlike all of Turkey and much of Greece..... Other areas: Casino: appeared to be very under-used. We never spent any time here. Sun decks - we did not enter any of the pools but spent lots of time reading in the sun. I read complaints that there aren't enough sunbeds....well, maybe if you want a sunbed right next to the pool, directly in the sun, there's a limited number. There are tons of sunbeds on two decks. We enjoyed deck 15 which was very quiet (aside from when people were playing basketball). The Mast Grille had hotdogs, hamburgers, and fries, which was perfect for a mid-afternoon snack. Service was limited away from the lido deck but if a server knew you were there, they would come around and keep your glass full. Fitness Centre and Spa: We worked out nearly every day and found the fitness centre surprisingly good. My favourite was stretching out on the outdoor fitness deck, which overlooked the bow of the ship with a great view. There were cold towels and enough good quality equipment to get in a workout and feel like I was earning my next meal. My partner had her nails done in the Spa and was very happy with them - not cheap but high quality work. Solarium: we enjoyed this as kids aren't allowed and you can soak up the sun without the wind. The Aquaspa cafe had some really nice healthy, smaller items, including smoothies. Library: this was disappointing. I had hoped to find books on Europe, our ports of call, the ocean, and sailing, but instead found a bunch of mostly lightweight fiction. Plus there are only books on the first three shelves, then a bunch of empty shelves, then three shelves of fake books at the very top. It was quiet if there was nothing going on in the Grand Atrium. Entertainment: we hadn't expected to care for the shows but some were very good. The theatre was top-notch. The Tenors of Rock were terrific. There were several singing acts, including a Michael Buble - esque guy and a female Motown trio. One night they had thrown together a Broadway revue because the scheduled performer had missed his flight, which was very good. The ship's musicians were really incredible. They were all over the place, playing in the theatre backing up the featured acts, playing everything from top-40 to Beatles in the Grand Atrium, playing jazz in the Ensemble lounge, disco by the pool, strings in the Cafe el Bacio. One night, the bandmaster (Sasha), after leading his group through the show in the theatre, sat down at the piano next to the Passport Bar and effortlessly performed Chopin and Beethoven. Wow. The cruise director Maarten was around for the high-energy stuff and he was hard not to like, although we didn't take part in any of the parlour/pool games. Shopping: we enjoyed browsing in the shops. The second last night was a big sale and you've never seen such a feeding frenzy. I love watches and had a blast browsing the Breitlings and Tag Heuers. Washrooms: spotless and staffed in the evening. Hand sanitizer everywhere. Excellent. Photography: We let them take photographs if there was a good backdrop but wanted nothing to do with the costumed guys off the gangway at the ports....we are in Turkey, so you make some guy (probably a prep cook) wear a turban and a silly sword and want us to pose with him? Give me a break. On the last formal night we asked the photographer for some specific poses as we had gotten engaged that afternoon, and they were very enthusiastic and helpful. We ended up buying three of them as our official engagement photos. Excursions: we didn't take any Celebrity excursions. We researched and booked tours for Athens and Ephesus, and conducted our own sightseeing for the other ports. Generally, getting on and off the ship was painless, with the exception of Santorini where we had to tender in some quite active seas (see port review below). We erred generously on the side of leaving lots of time to get back on the ship and had no problems. We found running the gauntlet of local taxis, tours, hawkers, and so on very tiring but that's not the ship's fault. The information given about the ports in the little daily newsletter was very limited - we were grateful for our Rick Steves guides and prior research. Highs and lows: there's an odd thing that happens when everything is at a high standard. Little things become big things because they are an anomaly. But they are still small things. Here's a few we noticed: High: the ship is beautiful. Low: they used this plastic dark reddish-brown fake wood paneling all over the place. High: there was daily news and port info delivered to your cabin. Low: very little weather forecast information, either for the port or the ocean. High: food was very very good. Low: no bar snacks. After dinner, your only snack option was to see what was left at the buffet. High: bar and wine service was excellent. Low: lack of drink lists. High: the buffet was a great way to have quick breakfast. Low: no tray, so you have your plate in one hand, cutlery in your pocket, juggling everything to get a cup of coffee, and if you wanted a juice or water, you had to dump everything off and go back. High: people dressed up for dinner. Nothing classier than old-timers in tuxes. Low: sweaty guy in flip flops with shirt totally unbuttoned, elbowing past people at the buffet to get more bacon. High: presentations on ports of call and other areas of interest. Low: barely-disguised sales pitches for whatever services or businesses paid Celebrity for the privilege. "You may not be interested in buying a Turkish rug but at least take the time to listen to what they have to say" -Celebrity staff member giving a presentation on what to do in Turkey. Again, give me a break. If you're promoting a business, go ahead, but don't pretend you're giving objective information to people who might be expecting it when you are not. Ship movement: we were concerned about this as my partner gets motion sickness easily. There was one day and night that we could really feel the ship moving (I'm not sure how the performers on stage managed it as I could barely walk to my seat without holding on to something) but ginger gel capsules were the ticket. My partner had all kinds of remedies but nothing beat the ginger. One evening we could feel a fair bit of vibration in the Tuscan, but generally it was a non-issue. Disembarkation: we opted to 'walk off' so kept our luggage and were in an elevator by 0645 and in our NCC transfer by 0700. Nothing to it. Again, we had thought about taking the train but had learned there was a transit (bus and train) strike scheduled for that day. As it turned out, we may have been been able to get from Civitavecchia into Rome, but the strike did in fact happen as scheduled so we were glad to be in a vehicle. The best money we spent were those two transfers. I'm rating four stars but it is a solid four stars. There is probably a nicer ship with better food and service out there but probably not at this price point. Overall we were thrilled with our first cruise and will absolutely do another. Read Less
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Sail Date: June 2016
our first cruise and we couldn't have chosen a better ship to experience it. The quality of the staff, the cleanliness which was second to none and the attention to detail onboard was astonishing. We had nothing to compare it to ... Read More
our first cruise and we couldn't have chosen a better ship to experience it. The quality of the staff, the cleanliness which was second to none and the attention to detail onboard was astonishing. We had nothing to compare it to never having sailed before, but have stayed in plenty of high end hotels around the world. This surpassed all of them. We chose a balcony suite on the 9th floor midship which after some research I learned was the best place to be to avoid too much motion. We never experienced anything but a very slight rocking motion when the ship increased speed overnight on one occasion. Hardly worth a mention to be fair. The staff all over the ship are outstanding in every single way. Could only fault one sour faced waitress in the main dining room who was curt and verged on being rude. After a complaint was made about her we never saw her at our table again and were presented with a lovely bottle of wine. They couldn't apologise enough. The food, although not Michelin level, was very nice on all the nights we ate at Opus, the main dining room. A couple of exceptions when it was just ok. We used two speciality restaurants Murano and Lawn Grill. The food and service in Murano is fantastic (maybe a bit too interactive for my liking, but good nonetheless). Fabulous lobster. Lawn Grill had the best fillet steak I have ever eaten. I didn't particularly like drinking my water out of a jam jar but hey ho! I had to ask for a stemmed wine glass when initially my red wine was poured into a tumbler. It's a very laid back environment and I think this diversion from proper drinking glasses was a step too far. However that's my only grumble. The service was excellent and the steaks amazing. We had the classic drinks package and don't let it worry you if you're concerned about what you can drink. If your waiters don't ask you what package you're on when you order (which mostly they do), just ask them what wine, spirits etc your card entitles you to. There was never an issue with us. I don't see the need for the premium package if i'm honest. There is so much choice on the classic. Excursions provided by the ship were very expensive and we only did one to the Godfather village in Sicily but it was excellent. The dress code is very casual and even the classy chic (formal) nights were do what you like style. Some people were dolled up to the nines others not so much, but nobody cared or took any notice of who was wearing what. I like the lack of informality. Security onboard is very strict which was very reassuring. Getting off and on again was very quick, efficient and super secure. Overall this ship is amazing on every level and I simply can't wait to go on it again! Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2016
We chose celebrity because my partner who is an elite member with Royal Carribbean had always been given the impression that this sister company offered a higher standard cruise. The ship was very clean and the itinerary was good. ... Read More
We chose celebrity because my partner who is an elite member with Royal Carribbean had always been given the impression that this sister company offered a higher standard cruise. The ship was very clean and the itinerary was good. Embarkation and disembarkation were both easy. These were the positives I am afraid to say other aspects of the cruise were not so good. The food especially for diner was at best average, little actual variety and mostly bland. The starters mainly consisted of soups and salads, and it was amazing how many New York steaks were ordered. I found it very disappointing that when I pointed this out to the executive chef, his only reply was" we have to cater for all tastes" and even when he was shown his own menu denied the starters were mostly soup and salad. I found him to be very arrogant and lazy. My impression was that there was a big drive to sell people the expensive fine dining option. The entertainment was not great either, with the exception of We3. Who ever put the programme together seemed intent on educating us with what I would describe as arty shows. If you are putting on a Broadway show I would expect songs I know and some glamour and glitz, not songs from obscure off Broadway shows and singers glad in black. The pool bars were also disappointing, no music no atmosphere and miserable staff. I have to say one of the barmen on the pool deck is lucky my partner did not complain about the way he just blatantly ignored her and then told another passenger that he didn't smile as he had "a poker face".... Wrong job I think! The Martini bar was the one shining light, the staff were all fantastic,especially I Komang who made the best cosmopolitan ever. All in all this was a nice ship, with many friendly staff and a good itinerary let down by at best, average food, poor entertainment and poor pool side bar staff. We had already booked for a cruise with celebrity through the Suez Canal in November, I hope the experience is much better, but based on this cruise I would not have booked that trip knowing what I know now. I would love celebrity to pull its socks up so I could write them a glowing review next time Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2016
My partner and I had never thought of a cruise holiday before. We saw an advert in our travel agents window advertising the 11 day cruise on the Celebrity Reflection and chose it because it visited most of the places we had previously been ... Read More
My partner and I had never thought of a cruise holiday before. We saw an advert in our travel agents window advertising the 11 day cruise on the Celebrity Reflection and chose it because it visited most of the places we had previously been on holiday too. We researched the ship through YouTube videos so had a pretty good idea of what the ship was like, including the AquaClass cabin. My partner's niece and her husband has decided to join us. We flew local, from Birmingham to Rome. We were too late to join the optional tour into the city before embarking so transferred straight away. Believe it or not, the only niggle I can mention from the whole holiday, Yep, the whole holiday was the chaos that construed when we tried to hand over our luggage to the Reflection crew at the airport. It was just a free for all and had no organisation whatsever. The transfer into the ship was smooth and fairly quick. It was the most amazing sight to see this magnificent ship close up! We started feeling the first tingle of excitement as we walked up the gangway into the ship. We were able to go straight up to our cabin, 1506 on the starboard side. Our fellow travellers were in 1505 on the port side. After settling in we went on a wander to discover what this magnificent vessel had to offer. Phew! Just getting round the ship was a major fitness session! But plenty of lifts zipped you up and down the decks in no time. Being in AquaClass gave us certain extra perks. Not many but a few. One of them was the dining option. There are several speciality restaurants on the ship. One of which is Blue, which is reserved exclusively for AquaClass passengers. The restaurant looked amazing and the menu looked exciting. First night dining was very good. Second night in Blu was reasonably OK but not great. It is very intimate and I mean intimate. It's small and everyone is sitting next to one another. It wasn't until we decided to try the main restaurant, Opus, that we found the perfect combination of setting, style, perfect food, service and happy staff that we switched to this restaurant for the remainder of the trip.A few nights later, the maitre'd asked us when we arrived for dinner why we were not going to Blu anymore! He was obviously pleased when we told him the reason why. We had our own table reserved every evening on the balcony of the restaurant. With the same team which looked after us who were Marvin, Vanya and Anya. Three delightful people who it was a pleasure to meet. We occasionally used to Ocean View Café but it became a bit too manic for us at times and we just used it for the odd beverage. The ship has various bars, coffee shops etc. The place to be was the Café Al Bacio, a lovely café to have afternoon tea and listen to the live music in the foyer the Ensemble Lounge with some great jazz groups, the Sunset Bar, the AquaSpa cafe which had amazing salads and health food along with a huge range of smoothies and juices and for entertainment the Reflection Theatre which was huge and had some good shows as well as visiting entertainers.There are numerous activities on board. We didn't actually get involved in any of the activities as were too busy doing other things but there is a fair choice. Service. Suffice to say that this ship lives up to all the stories you hear about it. The service is phenomenal. From the cabin staff (and in our particular case we have to mention Sunil who organised our cabin and dealt with our need with perfection) to the cleaning staff who were always out in force and it certainly showed in the standard of cleanliness right throughout the ship to the restaurant staff in Opus to any crew member who happened to be walking about and took time to chat. to the cruise director of entertainment, Richard Starkey who worked tirelessly every day and night to make sure people had a good time. We went on two paid excursion, one to Santorini and the other to Naples/Sorrento/Pompeii. We had been to these places before but our companions hadn't and it was nice to see how impressed they were with the organisation. There was one incident on the trip to Santorini. We had been to Oia and were on our way to a winery for a tasting and food when the bus broke down and no attempt could get it going again. It was an extremely hot day, middle of the afternoon and it looked as though we were stuck for the duration! The guide was brilliant in dealing with his passengers, some, I hasten to add personally and verbally abused him saying it was his fault. It's unbelievable human nature sometimes. One or two stormed off to get a taxi to get back to the cable car. All I can say is that this is where the British patience and good sense prevails. Which is more than can be said for some Americans. The problem was solved shortly after when another tour buss offered us a lift to the cable car. The port visits were brilliant to watch as our cabin was right next to where the captain steered the ship. We'll never forget the sunrise docking at Mykonos at 6am and watching it coming up from our balcony. The ports of call are some of the best. The only time we had to use a tender was at Santorni. Just a tip. If you disembark at Mykonos for a visit on your own, don't bother to join the long queues for the bus. Just hop onto the water taxi next to the bus and you are in the harbour at Mykonos in no time. For just 2 euros return it was really worth it. We all had a fabulous 11 days on this ship and it dispelled all my prejudices about going on a hugh cruise ship. Believe me, sometimes you just don't know you are on one. We were glad that there were at least two formal nights which gave us the chance to wear our dinner suits. There were a predominate number of passengers who made the effort. I would say that the average age of passengers on our trip was between 50 to 70 and it was brilliant to see everybody having a good time. Disembarkation was quick and easy and in time we were at Rome airport and on the way home. Would we go again? We most certainly would! Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2016
Some background. We have been cruising since 1992 with 27 cruises under our belt, 7 with Celebrity. All of our cruises over the past several cruises have been with Celebrity except a weekend getaway out of Los Angeles with Princess. I am ... Read More
Some background. We have been cruising since 1992 with 27 cruises under our belt, 7 with Celebrity. All of our cruises over the past several cruises have been with Celebrity except a weekend getaway out of Los Angeles with Princess. I am in my mid 60's and my wife is in her early 60's but we are very active. This was our first on Reflection and our 3rd on a Solstice class ship. Embarkation: We flew into Miami from LA the day before the cruise staying near the airport overnight, We took a taxi to the terminal at about 11:00 AM and boarding was a snap, taking maybe 15 minutes with no lines. We were greeted with champagne (always a nice touch) and headed for Michael's club to await the availability of our cabin. We were in a Celebrity Suite 1615, hence access to Michael's club. Everyone there including the Concierge's Samantha and Tatjana were very friendly and helpful with dinner reservations and keeping an eye on our luggage while we went up to the Oceanview Café for lunch. The food was good and varied, better than any ship we have been on. Cabin: Our cabin was ready at 1:00 and we made our way up to another chilled bottle of champagne waiting in the cabin. The cabin was very clean and in good repair. In short order George our butler introduced himself. During the rest of the cruise George was always available to take care of any issues or reservations. We rarely saw our room attendant's, but our room was always spotless and ready. Onboard: We really enjoyed our time at the Martini Bar. We recognized one of the flair bartender's, Putu, from a previous cruise on another ship. We had a great time talking to the bartender's and meeting our fellow passengers everyday at around 6:00 PM at that bar. One of the flair bartenders, I Gede, was really great. I casually mentioned that we might want caviar on my wife's birthday on Thursday and when we walked in he said he had it all ready to go if we wanted it. Best caviar ever on a cruise ship. Later in the evening he lead all the bartenders in a bell and light parade for my wife's birthday along with a cake with her name on it. We never did notice any problems over bar service anywhere on the ship in contrast to some reviews I have read. The premium drink package came with our cabin and we really liked the convenience of not having to sign tickets and after the 2nd night we never even had to hand over our cards again. The entire bar staff everywhere we went were great. We didn't try the World Bar because none of the offered drinks appealed to us. Food: We had all of our dinners in Lumina which is the suite restaurant except two in Murano's and one in Tuscan Grill. All the food in Lumina was great with a different menu each night. We like escargot and though not on the menu they brought it to us when we asked. The host Nicoli at Murano's was great when we showed up he was ready for us because we had mentioned to the very beautiful and helpful Ema at the future cruise desk that we would be having dinner there. When we got up early enough we had breakfast in Lumina which was very good but there was nothing wrong with the buffet in the Oceanwiew either. Too much food at the Tuscan Grill. It was great, but we couldn't eat half of it. Our favorite meal was the tableside prepared lobster at Murano's. One thing I wish Celebrity would be do is have the balcony dinner featured on Princess. We dressed up in formal ware on smart chic nights because we like to, quite a few others did as well. Most of the passengers dressed nice every night; much different than on Norwegian. Entertainment: The shows were good and the musicians around ship were good as well. I did not enjoy the featured show with the Celebrity cast, it was a fantasy sort of thing that didn't flow, but the acrobats were good. We visited the Sky Lounge on the last evening and enjoyed the 80's music party. Ports; We have been to all before so we stayed near or on the ship. We had booked an trip to St. Barths which was canceled at the last minute which was disappointing, but it was the operator who canceled, not Celebrity and they did try to help us find something else. The thing that really stands out on this cruise was the energetic, friendly, and very helpful crew. The always seemed to know what you needed or wanted before you asked. Debarkation: Not too painful, the line through customs is always slow. We hated to leave the great crew and fellow passengers. Read Less
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Sail Date: March 2016
I wasn't going to bother to write a gushing review for our first ever cruise, figuring it had already been done. But after reading several negative reviews about a DIFFERENT cruise line, I realized the importance of positive reviews. ... Read More
I wasn't going to bother to write a gushing review for our first ever cruise, figuring it had already been done. But after reading several negative reviews about a DIFFERENT cruise line, I realized the importance of positive reviews. The night before our cruise we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Miami Convention Center ($232 for the night), which is a short cab ride to the cruise port. It was a very nice room, with a view of one of the city's drawbridges, which was cool to watch in operation. We ate a late lunch at a fantastic little Peruvian ceviche diner called C3VICH3Town ($69 for two with 4 beers). It was recommended by the hotel concierge, and she nailed it; what a perfect intro to Miami's Peruvian cuisine. Embarkation was a breeze. It took maybe 30 minutes from the time we got out of our taxi to walking onto the ship. Our cabin was a 1A balcony on the hump. We do a lot of camping in a pop-up camper, so we are used to close quarters and the importance of good design. Also, my husband is an architect. We had virtually no complaints about the size of the room, its design, cleanliness, or anything, really. I was especially impressed by the bathroom; it was so contemporary and tidy. The ONLY caveat I would mention is that the extra 6 feet or so of space that a 1A balcony on the hump gets you is not really that big of a deal. We booked a 1B balcony for our next cruise. For the MDR we chose the Celebrity Select option, which allowed us to dine at flexible times. We did reserve our dining time in advance, but some nights we were up to 20 minutes late or early, still between 7 - 8 pm. We never had more than a 5 minute wait. The downside of flexible dining is that you don't get to know the wait staff very well, because you are likely to be moved around to different areas with different staff. I kind of regret not getting to know one set of wait staff as well as some other cruisers knew theirs. The food was always very good, sometimes excellent (well, except the lamb chops one night, which were a memorable disappointment). Oh, and if you can't make up your mind on the menu, always take the wait staff's advice. They know what's getting good reviews that evening. One pleasant surprise we realized about dining on the Reflection is that the serving sizes were actually REASONABLE, not the huge American-style servings that we are accustomed to. The first few meals we took in, I initially was confused by what looked like a tiny serving, but we quickly realized the benefit of this. We could enjoy an appetizer, salad, main, and dessert, and not feel like we had to waddle out of the restaurant. We also realized this means less food waste on the ship, which is brilliant. Kudos! (We both only gained 3# on this cruise!) We had lunch at Sushi On 5 the first day at sea. There was no wait (we went around 11:30). The cocktails, which are unique to this restaurant, were daring and delicious. The food was very good (I don't eat raw fish, so my husband should comment on the sushi), although not any better than our hometown sushi place. We had dinner at Qsine one evening. Now this restaurant is FUN! It's a unique dining experience, and I am eager go again on our next cruise. It's basically a tapas restaurant, but the presentations are all different and clever. Our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs, and we ordered more than we could eat. Fortunately they bring things out one at a time so we were able to cancel the last two items with no problem! In my opinion, Qsine is a "don't miss!" experience on this ship. Another night we dined at Tuscan Grille. We had lunch once at the French restaurant, Murano. They were both fine dining restaurants, with beautiful interior design and intimate atmosphere, and the expected excellent service with very good to excellent food and beverages. Our favorite excursion was the Rio Secreto cave exploration in Cozumel. Seriously, this should be on everyone's bucket list. There are many reviews of this excursion elsewhere and I think they are all positive. Just do it. The shopping in Playa del Carmen was actually pretty clean and decent. My husband bought a fedora from a pleasant and funny older fellow who knew how to make a sale; I'm sure we paid more for it than we should have, even though we talked him down. The Atlantis submarine excursion in Grand Gayman was the most disappointing excursion we took on this trip. I thought it would be much more educational, since it has Dr. Ellen Prager's name in the title. I thought we'd actually have a lecture from her or something. Instead there is just a brief taped intro "This is Dr. Ellen Prager, welcome to the Atlantis" and the rest of the tour and information comes from the crew. Who did a fine job, but they're not marine biologists. Really, the only good thing about Atlantis is that I don't scuba dive, so it's the closest I'll probably come to seeing a reef from 100 feet under water. But it's not much different the big tanks in the aquariums in Boston and Baltimore. We did not spend any extra time in Grand Cayman, because it was so hot and we just wanted to get back to the boat. Jamaica is a beautiful green and hilly island, especially compared to the flatness of Grand Cayman. The White River "Reggae" tubing excursion was fun as far as the tubing, but it was NOT what the information told us it would be. At no point did we stop and have a chance to buy a Red Stripe. Nor did we get to swim in the river. Also, the guides did not spend much time at all telling us about the local ecology. It was just 30 minutes of tubing, and we were done. Then they took us to a shopping area, where we avoided going into any shops because the shop keepers in Jamaica are SO PUSHY. Seriously. They should know that Americans will buy more crap if you just leave them alone and let them look. The best part of the excursion was the bus tour guide, Richard, who did a great job giving us a quick history of Jamaica, taught us a few Jamaican words and phrases, and helped us bond as a group before the river tubing. Coco Cay is delightful, and I would definitely go back there. Snorkeling on Coco Cay is not to be missed. (The snorkel rental equipment is not good, though, so if you have your own, bring it.) We also kayaked, and our guide was excellent. The kayaking was very easy and the water is warm and shallow, so even if you're a newbie you'll enjoy it. (We are experienced kayakers...ok, so it was a little boring...) Also don't miss walking on the nature path, which is a quiet bit of the "jungle" and has some educational signs. The Reflection crew did a fantastic job with the pop-up food and beverage venues, which had to feed basically the entire ship, but off of the boat! We went to most of the evening entertainment shows in the Reflection theatre, and each one was terrific. Honestly, I regret that we missed the shows on two of the evenings. You should absolutely plan your dining times around getting to one of the shows, at either 7 or 9 p.m. For us, the highlight of the cruise was the behind-the-scenes tour. This cost us $150 per person (which included lunch at Murano with "Big Mike", the cruise's musical director); we used our OBC to pay for it. I think everyone who cruises should be required to do a behind the scenes tour. It was so fascinating and educational, and really helped us to understand just how hard the crew works to make sure every guest's vacation is perfect. Getting to see the view from the bridge was, well, priceless! A ship that big is a remarkable feat of engineering, and this tour helped us to understand that. Amazing! Disembarkation was smooth. Our flight out was at 11:30 a.m., so we were cutting it close, but we set it up with Guest Services to make sure we got off the boat in time (they know what they're doing). The cruise bus shuttle got us to the airport in plenty of time, and the special check-in area for buses was a pleasant bonus. Our first cruise ever, aboard the Celebrity Reflection, was, in a word, PERFECT. I'm afraid I will need to lower my expectations when we cruise on other lines! Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
My mother and I had sailed on the Reflection two years ago and had an enjoyable time. However this time was different. We had booked up a fly cruise with Celebrity to include the following ports - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaca and Coco ... Read More
My mother and I had sailed on the Reflection two years ago and had an enjoyable time. However this time was different. We had booked up a fly cruise with Celebrity to include the following ports - Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaca and Coco Cay bay which I will come to later. Our flights and transfer were all satisfactory. The Hyatt hotel pre-cruise was also good as were the transfers to the port. Embarkation took all of about ten minutes and that was at 1245. We went to the Bistro on Five for lunch prior to going to our cabin (which was ready prior to embarkation). Our cabin steward was always around to answer any questions but never intrusive. Ports. 1. Cozumel. Took a ships excursion to Chichen Itza. Very interesting and a good guide. 2. Grand Cayman. Again an excursion which included an island trip which even took us to Hell and back, an semi-immersable submarine and the Turtle farm. 3. Jamaca. Did one of the local plantations and the Duns River Falls. Found the locals to be rather pushy. 4. This should have been Coco Bay but had to be replaced by Nassuea due to weather conditions much to our delight. Now the negative- 1. Food. Could have been a lot hotter instead of Luke warm. 2. Evening Chic Evenings instead of formal evenings. Biggest mistake out. We were made to feel grossly over dressed by our fellow passengers. It is also bad that crew are better dressed than the guests. 3. Drunken woman using loud bad language at Martini Bar. Need I say more. 4. Minority groups seemed to being catered for over the majority. Disembarkation was quick and efficient. Speaking to some passengers it was quite strange that we all felt the same way. Will I sail with Celebrity probably but certainly not on this ship. Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2016
I would have given this review 5 stars if it were just based on the ship, service and quality - excellent! I am only giving 4 stars because there were often times where the cruise crowd ruined my experience, so I needed to get to a quieter ... Read More
I would have given this review 5 stars if it were just based on the ship, service and quality - excellent! I am only giving 4 stars because there were often times where the cruise crowd ruined my experience, so I needed to get to a quieter place on the ship where there weren't so many drinkers and the noise level was lower. If I were to take this cruise again, I'd spend more time in my lovely veranda stateroom reading, the solarium, the library, the hideaway - and away from the masses around the pool drinking and eating constantly. I know that there were others with similar interests on the ship - I located some in a fitness class - but overall, my husband and I found it difficult to meet people with similar interests that we could carry on a conversation with - because everyone was already with groups or because we did not have the opportunity to mingle with the same people repeatedly due to the large size of the ship. Therefore, we spent time together mostly. We usually take vacations at golf resorts and easily find others with similar interests because we have golf in common. I was surprised at how international the cruise felt, which I liked - I heard a lot of French (Canada), as well as some other languages. On the downside, a few nights at dinner, we were seated by native French speakers so could not communicate at all with them. I recommend taking this cruise with another couple, family or group if you'd like to ensure that you're around people with some hobbies or interests in common. This was my first cruise experience. Going forward, I may choose a specialized cruise experience that caters to people interested in fitness, speakers or music, or do a cruise with an alumni association so that there are organized group activities. Now for the ship and crew and staff - wonderful! As another poster said, getting onboard was a breeze - 10 minutes or less. Disembarkation was simple and fast as well. Every time we got on board at a port, the Reflection staff put the other cruise lines to shame - they were waiting there for us with music playing, a reception area with 3 different types of fruit water, and wash cloths. The music onboard was great - ranging from a cool jazz ensemble to dance music to rock to country. We enjoyed the shows each evening - one wasn't so great but overall, we'd give them an A. I was a huge fan of the buffet because it gave me a chance to enjoy a variety of international cuisine - my husband is a plain eater so it had been a while since I had enjoyed Indian curries - I enjoyed sampling them with the basmati rice. I also enjoyed the sushi, the cheeses, salami, olives, many salads with pasta / couscous / cheese ... I would get a drink, go to the buffet and sit outside - perfect! I can't say enough good about this ship, the service and the staff. I slept so well, and was well rested and relaxed near the end of the cruise. I highly recommend the veranda staterooms, I never got tired of looking at the water and listening to the waves. We did not do any specialty dining because we enjoyed the buffet, café and dining room. We had a few coffee drinks a day - cappuccinos, caramel macchiato, Aspen coffee with Kahlua - the café has a large variety of coffee drinks that are quite tasty. We had the classic beverage package, so this was covered. Read Less
Sail Date: January 2016
We are experienced cruisers and our favourite cruise line is Celebrity. This was our first time on the Reflection - however we have been on other Solstice class ships (Equinox & Eclipse). Reflection is now our favourite Celebrity ... Read More
We are experienced cruisers and our favourite cruise line is Celebrity. This was our first time on the Reflection - however we have been on other Solstice class ships (Equinox & Eclipse). Reflection is now our favourite Celebrity ship. As for embarkation in Miami - it has never been so quick, maximum 15 minutes and enjoyed walking around the ship and Café al Bacio prior to opening of cabins. We had booked reservations for Select Dinning and were easily able to add an additional couple to our table. Sail away was an hour earlier than usual so muster was also early. We have noticed a few of the "five and ten" differences noted in other Celebrity reviews but they are minor. One as mentioned in other posts is the large increase in price for Bistro on 5. Also, a few wines that used to be on the classic alcohol package are now priced just beyond package limit ($10 or $11). Also, $10 for Bistro on 5 has dramatically reduced the number of people eating in Bistro on 5. We have always enjoyed the food in MDR and did not notice any difference in the quality of food. Oceanview is crowded in the morning but a plan of sitting in the same area each morning can help - especially if your a group of 6. Breakfast in MDR a couple of mornings can offer a nice change. We appreciate that MDR serves a "normal" portion of food, meaning not to large or wasteful. We always enjoy a trip to Tuscan - unfortunately it wasn't as good as usual but the maitre'd fixed that easily. As for entertainment, they were running the shows of previous years but that will change in April and looking forward to Celebrity owning the entertainment. As we took a B2B - Celebrity facilitates the mandatory immigration process easily - it is a very quiet private day in which we spent a few hours in Solarium with only 6 other passengers. If you are B2B, pack a bag that you can carry around the ship that includes a book/ipad/tablets and bathing suit as access to your cabin is limited. We took one Celebrity excursion in Jamaica - Club Mamboo and it was good. We loved "Top Chef" at sea and Cruise Director Alexander was great. Weather was cold for this cruise but that's not the fault of Celebrity or the captain and the captain ensured our safety by having us dock in Nassau rather than anchor at Celebrity private island. Read Less
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