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Sail Date: August 2014
From the time my husband and I entered the stateroom, it was very obvious it was not clean. We have been on 4 cruises in the past 12 months and 2 of them were with Celebrity. Compared to the other cruises, it was clear our room was not ... Read More
From the time my husband and I entered the stateroom, it was very obvious it was not clean. We have been on 4 cruises in the past 12 months and 2 of them were with Celebrity. Compared to the other cruises, it was clear our room was not being cleaned properly. In fact, the drawers were so dirty (not scratched, with paint chipping) actually dirty they could not be used. My husband requested our cabin Steward bring him cleaning spray (such as windex) so my husband could clean it and the drawers could be used. The Steward was apologetic and requested we don’t to report him, and to give him another chance.. However, things did not improve. My husband actually demonstrated to him how he should make a bed, because he was unable to do that without the sheets sliding off the bed when we slept. In addition, there were a number of trays that were caked with dust. We resolved the by having the trays removed. The trash was consistently overflowing, because it was never emptied. On top of these things, our bathroom door squeaked too! Our steward asked maintenance to fix, but we suffered through it for a number of days. It is not fun to be woken up every time someone goes to the bathroom. On our 3rd night in the boat, I came back to find a hair clip placed with my belongings. It would have been great to have IF it had been mine. However, it wasn't. It amazed me that it took 3 days + the day the last passengers left to discover this. Especially when you consider that there is supposed to be a very thorough cleaning between passengers, and vacuuming daily. It became clear that there was poor cleaning going on in our stateroom. At that point, I reported these things. We were promptly contacted by someone in management. They assured me that the room had been cleaned well since my report. Things were cleaner after that (about day 4 or 5) but, it was certainly awkward to go to our room and see the steward (and his co-workers). It’s the kind of feeling no one wants to have on their vacation. In addition to the problems with our room, there were some major problems with the spa. My husband and I purchase the aqua class because it’s something he truly enjoys. On our cruise in 2013 we were in an aqua class suite (in the Reflection). Since there is no aqua class suite on the Eclipse, we were in a regular aqua class room. We spend the extra money on this because it is part of what makes our vacation a vacation. The first day of the cruise we to find out the hours the spa was open. We were told the Persian Garden closes at 9. So we went at 8. When we got there we were told it closes at 8, not 9. That 9 is only for port days, this was obviously a huge dissapointment. After traveling overseas, we were looking forward to it! On August 5th we had our first port day. My husband went at 8 ( per what we were told and what the daily schedule said the hours were). He was told it closes at 8 because the it was "a half port day". The port day was till 6pm. When he tried to explain the schedule and what we were told, the guy rudely informed him that "that they are cleaning it". We paid extra for Aqua Class and expect to have the facilities available at the scheduled times. We also, would like to be treated nicely. After this we complained to desk relations. The next day we were contacted by the spa manager and she was very nice and apologetic, she offered 30 min massage to each of us to try to make up for it. The following day my husband went at 7:15 pm (it was a sea day) and was told that the Persian garden was closed because it was being cleaned. After some arguing, he was allowed in. However, it was far from relaxing at that point. I am currently planning the summer trip we will take in 2015 with my husband. There are many things I like about Celebrity, but based on our last expieriance, there doesn’t appear to be a standard for the entire cruise line. While our vacation on the Reflection was excellent, our expieriance on the Eclipse was way below average. I have reached out to celebrity to discuss my concerns since I returned from our trip. I have written them 3 times and called twice. Everytime I call I am told to write! However, I have had NO RESPONSE..... To me, that is shocking....   Read Less
Sail Date: September 2013
A beautifully appointed ship, clean, glamorous, trendy, quirky; just don't expectsmiles from the staff or a quick drink. My wife and I cruised on the Silhouette as part of a 39 day Mediterranean adventure to celebrate our Silver ... Read More
A beautifully appointed ship, clean, glamorous, trendy, quirky; just don't expectsmiles from the staff or a quick drink. My wife and I cruised on the Silhouette as part of a 39 day Mediterranean adventure to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary, in Sept. 2013. This was our tenth cruise but our first on Celebrity. Initial impression: From bag drop off to sipping a glass of sparkling wine on board took less than 20 minutes, very impressive! Our bags were delivered after 2 hours and our partially obscured balcony cabin towards tge aft on the Starboard side of deck six was well appointed and quite spacious. The storage space above the bed made good use of dead space and was very handy. Like many on this cruise we had taken afvantage of the 123 promotion and availed ourselves of the free drinks package, paying the additional USD240, we upgraded to the platinum package (all drinks up to $ 12 a glass included). In theory this sounded great, in reality however, not so. Drink package downside: (I) prior to 5 pm to get a drink you needed to go poolside to find an open bar, intermittently the bar on deck 3 would also be open. Even during the trivia sessions, the hosting bar remained closed. (ii) limited no. of bar staff meant lengthy waits when one did find an open bar. For example, the one bar that serviced the ENTIRE buffet, was staffed by only one bartender, regardless of the time of day. (iii) drink service was almost non existent, 2 drink staff service the entire bottom level of the theater during shows, not once were we offered poolside service. (iv) limited wines available by the glass. Restaurants The quality of food at the main restaurant was very good but the menu was dissapointingly uninspiring. To be travelling on such a beautiful ship through regions famous for quality food, and yet be served 'meat and potato' style dishes was a disappointment. The dessert menu was the worst of all, very limited and little daily change. A cynical cruiser might suspect that this is an attempt to promote fee per dining bookings invthe speciality restaurants. A note on table settings: My wife is coordinator of hospitality studies at a Catholic College and as such notices particulars. Very seldom were we seated in the main restaurant to find a fully laid table, the absent items seemed to be absent at random and varied from cutlery, to glassware, napkins and cruet sets. We often found ourselves devoid of teaspoons, and resorted to using knives after waiting up to 5 minutes for one to appear upon request. Specialty restaurants: The quality of food and service at these is exceptional and indeed what one should expect in general on a 5 star line. The additional cost of up to $ 50 pp (compared to $ 20 on RCL) was somewhat extravagant. We did learn however that an early booking at 6 pm afforded one a 50% discount. Murano- quality French inspired menu with at table preparation Qsine - quirky tapes style plates (skip lunch before this one) Tuscan grill - definitely our pick, fantastic service, outstanding menu, and a panoramic view of the ship's wake. With 10 ports of call in 12nights, this is an adventure cruise more than a vacation, be prepared to book early morning wake up calls (our tip is to book breakfast on your balcony for these mornings). All in all, Sillhouette was a dissapointment. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2013
Our first cruise with Celebrity, after 3 Caribbean cruises on Princess.We were surprised by some of the negatives and although they didn't ruin our trip, we all felt like there was much to be improved upon. Our fellow cruisers were a ... Read More
Our first cruise with Celebrity, after 3 Caribbean cruises on Princess.We were surprised by some of the negatives and although they didn't ruin our trip, we all felt like there was much to be improved upon. Our fellow cruisers were a mix of ages, probably the largest majority 45+, but there were lots of younger people too. In terms of children, quite a few teens, and a few babies all pretty well behaved. Embarkation: We arrived in Barcelona on the morning of our sailing. We had purchased the transfer from the airport, and even though it was more expensive than taking a taxi, it was VERY convenient. we were at the port by 10:30 and on the ship by 11. Check in was very simple and quick. We were able to purchase our beverage package upgrade right at the port, which saved us the trouble later. There was a small duty free shopping area at the port after check-in, but before we actually boarded the ship, which was nice if someone wanted to purchase wine to take aboard. We didn't purchase anything in this area. just past that was the first photo-op, as is usual. Once we got to the ship we were greeted with champagne (or OJ) and lots of smiles! Our only issue with embarkation was that our luggage didn't make it to our rooms until nearly 6:00 pm-- we would have liked to have had some time in the afternoon to unpack and get settled. Apparently this is a common thing when you arrive early, your luggage gets put to the back and comes last :( Overall though, it was a good experience with no huge issues. The Ship: Just beautiful. Easy to maneuver, our first time on a Celebrity ship and we found everything simple and easy to get to. I was surprised that the photo gallery was so out of the way. I don't usually buy more than one photo on a trip, and since I never saw most of them it was easy! The public spaces, lounges etc. were all nicely decorated and spotless. The public area rest rooms were always well maintained never saw one thing out of place. The rest rooms weren't always well marked-- for example it took us 3 days to find out that there were 2 ladies rooms near the pool area-- for 2 days we kept going out of the pool and up a floor to find the rest rooms. I was disappointed by the pools. They were nice, but far too small for the number of people on the ship. The 3rd pool -- the solarium-- we nice enough, but it's a quiet area and everyone in there was sleeping --- or maybe worse---- so much that it was uncomfortable even to have a quiet conversation with my husband. We didn't stay in there long. The main pool area was, 2 pools, one shallow and one about 6 ft deep... both very tiny. I was shocked when they commandeered the deeper one (usually older teens and adults in that one) for several hours for a volleyball game -- which of course meant it wasn't usable for anyone else. I was also very surprised given the limited seating that they took over one corner and had shirts and things to sell on the sea days... they could have set up anywhere, but took out lounge chairs!! Lots of music and entertainment, all pretty good, and the drink service was decent during the days we were out there. Stateroom Deck 10 1409: The stateroom was fine. we were in a CC aft stateroom -- nice location, VERY quiet. the balcony was big enough to just barely fit two chairs with footrests and a small table -- that was fine since we didn't spend too much time on it. Made for some fantastic views coming and going from our many ports. The bathroom was pretty generously sized, lots of cubby spaces for toiletries. Shower was small, but fine. The room was nice, although I felt because of the set up it was a bit cramped (bed was near the slider door to the balcony- so it closed the room up a bit.) There was enough storage space, more than I've found on other ships. Dining, Service and Food: We had 8:45 traditional seating in the Silhouette dining room, although I don't think we ate there more than 6 times for reasons I'll explain below. We were a group of 7 and they squeezed us into a table for 6 in an already very very overcrowded room. we had a hard time going between chairs to get to our table somewhere in the middle, and the servers and assistants had a hard time getting around everyone--- I think all of us got bumped on a regular basis. Although our server and assistant were very nice, there was a language problem, and we all felt that the staff had not been well trained. The food-- well-- I was greatly disappointed in the food in the MDR---the menu seemed like it was trying too hard-- duck, lamb, veal... the standard left side menu didn't even have a simple pasta on it to choose. Too fancy for my (and the rest of my family's ) tastes and what we did select was often bland. The sauces in particular were a problem.. just no flavor. Overall the menu felt like it was thrown together with no plan in mind..I don't understand why if there is a baked chicken or steak on the standard menu, there is the same thing on the day's special menu with almost no variation. For that reason, we ate 3 times in specialty restaurants-- Murano, and Tuscan Grill-- which were amazing-- food, service, wonderful wine list! The other nights we ate in the Oceanside Cafe or ordered room service. The Cafe was a pleasant surprise, I usually hate buffets, but it was very good. Room service was just ok. The difference between the specialty restaurants and the MDR was extreme. I don't believe it makes sense to have to pay extra to get good food and service. This was the one area that I really felt will probably keep me from sailing again with Celebrity. Excursions: We did a tour from the ship in Croatia that was very nice, well organized good stops. Our ship tour from Venice on the first day was good, and gave us the highlights along with Murano and a gondola ride, and the 2nd day we wandered the streets ourselves which was fun. Our other ports in Italy we did private tours and we found them to be less expensive with far better itineraries (we set them of course!) and great service from the 2 companies we used. Debarkation: Went smoothly, had transfer for an early (10:45 AM) flight. We were supposed to have a special lounge area-- some members of our group got the notice, some didn't. It required us to go to the lounge (Silk Harvest) 30 minutes before our debark time, so we just slept longer and went to the theater with everyone else. 6:15 was way too early! Once our bus was called it went quickly. No issues. Couple of other notes: If you get an internet package to use wireless, it's easiest to go right to Celebrity Online and have them set up your mobile device, they were fantastic. There didn't seem to be a Sommelier on the ship.. there were people who claimed to be, but they were barely wine servers who were not well trained. If you want good wine, I think you might need to check out Cellar Masters-- all of the lounges and restaurants had different wines, and most of the servers had not one clue about wine. We didn't go to Cellar Masters since we had the premium bev package and it's not included, seemed silly to spend more money in that area. The beverage package was a nice thing-- no slips to sign, and I think a good value for us personally. The casino was ok-- I did well on the machines. I was shocked that when I won what I thought was a rather significant jackpot that I didn't hear from the casino host there encouraging me to play more :) The reward credit program isn't explained at all-- for every 75 pts you earn you get $1 to play with, but ask the cashier and they can help. Bingo was expensive ($39, $49 and $59 packages) 3 games were played and overall they paid out about 1000 to the 3 winners... just seemed like a bit of a rip off. I expected more games than 3 for sure. I never went to a single shop on board. Others we were traveling did, and got a few good buys, but nothing special. Typical cruise ship shops and normal prices. Overall: We had a great vacation-- the itinerary was very busy, some very long port/excursion days, but it was such a beautiful area we didn't mind a bit :) The problems with the MDR certainly didn't ruin our trip, but it was the one area that I was very surprised since we had been told of Celebrity's strength in that area. Happy to answer any questions for those of you headed out on Equinox soon!! Read Less
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