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Sail Date: September 2013
As first time cruisers we were totally open minded about what to expect from this cruise, it was the best holiday we've ever had. Embarkation was an easy process, the pre-booked quay side disabled parking was yards from the ship and ... Read More
As first time cruisers we were totally open minded about what to expect from this cruise, it was the best holiday we've ever had. Embarkation was an easy process, the pre-booked quay side disabled parking was yards from the ship and the luggage drop off efficient and easy. There were many personnel on hand to smooth things out, as I was in my wheelchair we didn't have to join the line, so I dont know how it felt for the rest of the passengers, but we didn't hear any complaints. As we had followed all the 'what to do' info in our Celebrity documents there were no check in problems, and we got on board to be greeted by smiling crew and complimentary drinks, champagne flute in hand we became cruise passengers! The staterooms were not yet ready so we mingled with our fellow passengers and took our first look around Eclipse, it was clean, opulent and very glamourous, marble floors, thick carpet and mirrors and lights everywhere. Finding our way up to the Oceanview Cafe we enjoyed our first meal on the ship. Oceanview is the cafeteria for casual dinning and its open 24/7 for tea (at least 8-10 types, including fruit, herbal and traditional black blends), coffee, regular and decaff, and cold juices, water and ice from self service stations, from 7.30 am till past midnight food is available in a bewildering array from the various service stations all served by smiling, helpful staff. I could go into great detail about every meal, but I cant type for that long! Suffice to say its all good and I loved the puddings and afternoon tea 3.30pm to 4.30 pm, the scones are fantastic my only nit pick? Its difficult to find a cold plate to put your whipped cream on when you get a cream tea. Staff constantly bring out ultra clean plates from the dishwashers which run at very high temperatures for hygiene reasons, the many types of food available seemed to more than satisfy every palate and national favorites were available for all passengers. The Oceanview is just that a great viewing place, panoramic floor to ceiling windows on all sides and access to a large out door deck at the back, comfy seating and tables of many types are on every side with dividing walls and partitions to break the space up, it does get hard to find a seat at the peak serving times, but we always managed it as long as we were not fussy about exactly were to sit, the prime window seats usually went first! There are 3,000 passengers but it was hard to remember that as there were always so many options available for eating. Our cabin was easy to find, there are plans of the ship and helpful signs by all lifts and in corridors, it was exactly like the pictures in the brochure and on line, an Ocean view stateroom with a large window, dressing table/desk with tea and coffee making kit and kettle, a very useful hairdryer was in one drawer. Only 4 sockets in a row, though so I was very glad I had taken note of cruise critic members and taken an extension lead with a multi socket panel for all our chargers, the sockets were US and European so we also needed our UK to other adapter, the extension panel lived on our windowsill which made a great shelf for charging phones, camera and I-pad. The sofa was long enough for 3 with cushions and the coffee table large but not too big for the space. With a very capacious wardrobe, drawers and over bed cupboards I had no trouble stowing all our clothes and bits and bobs, in fact we didn't even use most of the many shelves and cupboards in the bathroom as I preferred to sit while putting on my make-up. The shower cubicle was large and the whole cabin was very, very clean all the time. Our attendants Jenny and Paratabansingh were incredibly sweet, helpful and hardworking. Requests for more hangers and extra pillow were smilingly fulfilled within minutes and we lacked for nothing. I took one of those hanging mini clothes dryers, and it hung on the shower enclosure or from the curtain rail and was great for drying bits and pieces, I washed out undies and so on every night and had no problems with drying them, we didn't need to use the ships laundry or ironing services as we took lots of outfits, all emerged from packing wrinkle free, once an outfit was finished with I used our suitcases stowed under the comfy large bed as a laundry basket. We sleep in a Superkingsize bed at home and didn't feel cramped by the smaller Queen-size, also I have fibromyalgia which makes sleeping difficult unless I can be properly supported and I slept really well. We were within yards of the Passport Bar and main foyer were lots went on all the time with a band every night but our cabin was a haven of peace, no noise ever intruded on our sleep. In fact apart from the occasional knock or opening of next doors cabin door which we noticed when we were awake, the loudest noise in our cabin was the air conditioning which hummed very quietly, we kept it on all the time in the Med and our cabin was deliciously cool and comfortable. The stateroom flat panel TV media centre was bigger than our TV at home and easy to use. We liked the navigation channel and the news services. Although breakfast was available in the Oceanview, as room-service, or in the Aqua-spa cafe I preferred to have it in the Moonlight Sonata, the main dining room, were the service was wonderful, just ambling across the foyer to find a smiling group of waiters who would greet me joyfully and show me to a spotless white table was such a pleasure compared with getting breakfast for myself. A large glass of iced water would be pored for me, a smiling waiter would offer me the menu, another would proffer orange juice, then another would ask Tea or Coffee Madam? Followed by the lovely smiling girls with the mouthwatering trays of Danish, Croissants , etc. Not good for the waistline but all utterly delicious and freshly baked on board during the night. You could have almost anything you could possibly ask for in the way of breakfast foods all smilingly served and refills of coffee or tea, the waiting staff were very attentive but never annoyingly so. Vladimir,r the maitre'D was always around, smiling, helpful and willing to do any little thing that was necessary. Lunch in the Moonlight was also always a treat and the evening dinner was superb, as a Vegetarian I can honestly say I've never had such great food, a special menu was offered to me nearly every night and it was nice to see a list of dishes that were all available to me rather than the usual menu were most of the dishes were not! My omnivorous husband also loved the food, always lots of options plus sides and stunningly well presented on the plates. We selected the Select Dinning, option and strolled up at a different time nearly every night, we were more than happy to share a table most nights but on a couple of occasions we asked for just a couples table and we never had to wait more than a couple of minutes. Service and food were always excellent and when anything different was asked for it was always supplied with smiles. I really miss all that wonderful attention! Being made to feel so welcome and important by all the crew and staff helped to make our cruise a really special holiday. We were offered hand cleaning gel before entering all food areas and in other places so it soon became second nature to do it, we were in good health for the whole cruise. The help yourself Whippy ice-cream by the pools and the multiple flavours of sorbet and ice-cream available in the Oceanview were delicious, also the Mast Grill serving burgers hot dogs and fries were very nice options for those hot sunny sea days. Apart from the stunningly tasty food there were many, many activities available on sea days and in ports of call, I dont think it would be possible to take part in all of them if you went on 10 cruises, every taste was catered for, Hi-de-Hi style organised antics, cerebral lectures, fitness, entertainment of many different types and multiple places to sit and relax or be educated, amused and fascinated, swimming, sunbathing,reading,dancing or people watching not to mention enjoying watching the world go by as we steamed steadily across the waves it was all possible in the greatest possible comfort and luxury and apart from Bistro on Five always being full, I never failed to find a seat or lounger. Among our personal highlights were the Theatre Shows, always a different one on each night with two performances, the Chinese magician and acrobat was the best out of an amazingly good bunch that we saw. We also loved the musicals tribute, the comedian and Lindsey the singer but they were all very good and the waiting staff were good too, one lady became 'our' waitress and that made us feel special. There were also intimate venues for other performers, and special themed parties. We had a really great time at all the entertainments and activities we went to. The bars are numerous and cater to different tastes, the staff were always polite attentive and eager to please, but the prices are on the expensive side, many passengers had either bought or been offered as part of a booking deal some form of drinks package, we weren't sure if we would actually drink enough to make it worth while, so didn't buy one, we will probably be doing so next time we cruise and yes, we definitely want to cruise again its just such a stunning experience. Arriving and departing from Ports of call was usually exciting and well worth being on deck or by a window for, especially Lisbon, going under the bridge was fun. Spotting other cruise ships and pointing out sights of interest,as well as looking for birds, fish or dolphins , is not to be missed. Some of my fellow passengers saw quite large groups of dolphins and even a whale, sadly I was not looking at the sea for those encounters though I did see one dolphin very briefly, and lots of jellyfish and sea gulls. The process of getting off and on again for shore excursions was always very well handled, lots of smiling staff to help with my wheelchair when we used it and always every time a 'have a nice time' and 'welcome back' salutation from everyone. We never had any problems, but dont try to smuggle booze on board they search or x-ray every thing and every body, but very nicely and politely. Any alcohol purchased as duty frees was returned on the last night. We did think the items in the ships stores were very pricey but there were some things it was worth buying or that were exclusive to Celebrity. I looked at the 'art' in the auctions and thought it was all hideous and tacky and the salesman at the auctions very good at persuading people to bid! Likewise we avoided gambling in the casino as a waste of time and money, but others seemed to enjoy it and it was very plush and looked like a bit of Las Vegas. The shops and cafes were all very nice to look at and everything, every were was spotlessly clean and in great Repair, we saw one banquette seat in the Oceanview that was worn and that was it for faults, it was repaired the next time I looked for it. There were staff in all areas at all times quietly going about their duties, smiling and happy to help a passenger or stop for a chat or to pose with or take a picture for guests. We never felt crowded or intruded upon though, just cherished and looked after. We did our own thing in the ports as the ships excursions were not suitable for my mobility needs and we thought they were expensive and crammed in more than my husband wanted to deal with on a relaxing holiday. People we spoke to who did use them all said they found them very good and well organised. The cold drinks and towels offered to returning passengers dockside were very welcome and on the only wet day were replaced by hot chocolate and dry towels on board the ship, again very welcome and all part of the wonderful service. The ships own photographers were always around for portraits and we bought the ones we posed for on the first formal night as we were very pleased with how we looked in that one, we posed for others but didn't like them sufficiently to buy them and I felt under no pressure to do so. Dont miss visiting the Brunch buffet that will be served on one day of the cruise even if its just to look at it! the ice sculptures and cakes, food items etc available for that make it a true gala occasion. The process of getting of the ship was well organised as long as you read the instructions, we did and found it painless, and on that last day as we waited in the Bistro waiting for our number to be called I finally had a seat in the cafe area and indulged in a cappuccino. We were using my wheelchair for disembarkation and a member of the ships crew pushed me as far as the baggage area were a porter was summoned and took charge of our bags, wheeling them all the way back to our car. We loved every minute of our cruise and cant wait to go again, all our fellow passengers we spoke to were friendly and the staff wonderful. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2013
This was my first cruise and will certainly be my last (with Celebrity. My wife had previously sailed with P&O on 4 other occasions and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We decided to give Celebrity a go and whilst it has many good ... Read More
This was my first cruise and will certainly be my last (with Celebrity. My wife had previously sailed with P&O on 4 other occasions and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We decided to give Celebrity a go and whilst it has many good features, there were a number of areas I felt it did not live up to expectations. Cabin/Bathroom/Balcony The cabin and bathroom are very well appointed although it could have done with having additional European plug sockets or preferably UK sockets given that the vast majority of passengers on European cruises are British. Another BIG complaint was the fact that I was unable to smoke on the balcony - I know smokers are treated as pariahs these days but I specifically booked a cabin with a balcony for this express reason. Cabin Attendants We had no complaints about the service or the level of cleanliness of the cabin however, they insisted on hosing the balcony and patio doors down just after 8.00am most mornings. This proved very annoying as it not only woke us up but also rendered the balcony unusable with it all soaking wet as well as the furniture. Dining/Bars Eating in the main Moonlight Dining room was a fairly pleasurable experience with generally attentive staff. The food served often lacked flavour, was warm rather than hot and vegetables pretty non-existent. Another point was that they ran out of Merlot 3 days before the end of the cruise!!! The Tuscan specialty restaurant was a different affair altogether. Whilst requiring a $70 surcharge for the pleasure of us both eating in there, the food and service were excellent. The Ocean View cafe should be renamed the Ocean View CANTEEN!! Generally the food was just above being chilled (unless you went for fresh cooked items) - I never saw a thermometer in existence to check food core temperatures - even the the Big Yellow Arches company are much hotter on this. They regularly only had one coffee machine working each side causing queues all the time. There was often a distinct lack of seating unless you timed your dining. Being self service, there were no trays (something you do get in a proper canteen) which often meant having to make multiple trips to get drinks and food. Again much of the food was uninspiring (I've had better salad selections in 2 star hotels in Spain). The last 4 days of the cruise, it appeared that there had been an outbreak of Norovirus - this simply exacerbated the problem in the Ocean View as it went from self service to staff serving which lead to even colder food. I agree with previous comments about the bars being predominantly in 'corridors' but nevertheless, this wasn't a real problem. We started to use the Quasar nightclub - given the general age range of the passengers, the general emphasis seemed to be be on 'typical' nightclub music with little variance until we managed to persuade the DJ to take requests. On Deck Facilities Whilst there were 3 pools, in no way was it possible to 'swim' in any of them - they were positively tiny. There were 4 smoking areas on the ship and each one was situated in probably the draftiest areas of the ship which coupled with the ban on smoking on one's balcony meant that smoking was a less that pleasurable experience apart from the people you met in these areas. Disembarkation I was actually quite impressed with this where you were allocated a time to meet in the Theatre before being guided off the ship. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2012
This being our first cruise we didn't have any expectations and have been so impressed by what we experienced. Fantastically impressive ship inside and out, so clean and tastefully decorated. Lot's of areas to socialise or ... Read More
This being our first cruise we didn't have any expectations and have been so impressed by what we experienced. Fantastically impressive ship inside and out, so clean and tastefully decorated. Lot's of areas to socialise or just be quiet. We enjoyed spending time in Cafe al Bacio, being looked after by Martha and Barbara. In the evening after dinner we would go to the SunSet Bar and be served by Dev, lovely area to get lost in the views and the fresh air. Food - Moonlight Sonata (main dining area) Brilliant, tasty, artistic and varied dinners, great characters for the waiters, very attentive but discreet. Watch out for Eric one of the sommeliers lovely and funny. The only "speciality restaurant" we went to was Tuscan Grill, WOW! the food here is the absolute best, with the added bonus of having the best view on the ship. Great waiter was Mehmet. Our suite 1237 - deck 10 - Portside was beyond amazing, so much room and comfort. Our Butler Boris was so helpful and knowledgable along with Michelle the Stateroom Assistant made our holiday go without any hitches. Port stops all very good, unfortunately because of the Portuguese Pilots strike we detoured to Cadiz. Pleasant and very pretty place, a welcome alternative. All the shore excursions we booked with Celebrity had fantastic guides, funny and knowledgable. Especially a lady who took us on the Beautiful Portofino trip. She was a very mature lady but she obviously spent a lot of time there as a youngster (she knew Rex Harrison!) and knew so much, walking up steep inclines with no bother. When it came to get the coach back, we waited in our respective groups awaiting transport, when the first coach arrived she did no more than go straight up to the driver and commandeered the coach for us - haha! love her. Embarkation and disembarkation went smoothly and well organised. All in all an absolutely fantastic holiday, thoroughly recommend this to everyone and we will be back on one soon. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2011
From the very very start of our holiday, Celebrity Cruises made embarkation effortless, which we usually struggle with being a family of 6 and my dad having a prosthetic leg. It was quick, easy and there was hardly any waiting around. We ... Read More
From the very very start of our holiday, Celebrity Cruises made embarkation effortless, which we usually struggle with being a family of 6 and my dad having a prosthetic leg. It was quick, easy and there was hardly any waiting around. We were then greeted with a glass of champagne, a classy touch to a truly first class adventure! My parents had a disabled room, which suited every one of my dad's needs, and he had no trouble accessing anything in their room- the rest of the ship also provided disabled facilities every step of the way, which is very rare for us to find on holiday. Our concierge class staterooms were perfect and surprisingly spacious, and the balcony really made all the difference. After quickly unpacking, my siblings and I were eager to explore the ship, and we were gobsmacked... It looked big from the outside, but from the inside it had EVERYTHING! 10 restaurants, countless bars, a sports court, the huge theatre, the gym, the aqua spa- the list goes on! It was amazing for us children, and we can imagine it was perfect for all ages above and below ours (12-18). I can't emphasise enough that there literally was never a dull moment on the ship! Every minute of the day there was something fun going on, and the crew were so lovely and laid back, so you could participate in as little or as much as you liked! The interior design was incredible, we were forever amazed at the artwork or the furniture or something else! I'd read online that the service was good, but the service of the crew was truly something special. We didn't some across a single crew member that didn't look or sound unhappy, which made the atmosphere so pleasant. Everyone was always smiling or chatting, which made you feel like you were the only person on the ship! The food was faultless! Every night the menus were creative and dynamic, and the variety was huge! If your waiter thought you were even the slightest bit unhappy with your food, they'd instantly be on the case at an attempt of perfection. I don't think there was one night where I didn't have all 4 courses at the main restaurant! My parents went to the speciality restaurant 'Murano' one evening, and said it was the best food they'd ever had. I didn't go to a speciality restaurant, but from what I've heard; they were out of this world! Everything about our dining experience was perfection. The entertainment was amazing- we went to every show, and were never disappointed. There was something for everyone, and all the acts were truly spectacular; from the dancers to the comedians. The live musicians were also brilliant. What I also loved about the entertainment, was that you saw every act at least twice during your stay. They were incorporated into many different aspects of the cruise ship, always giving you something to watch or listen to. The ports were lovely, however... I would only really recommend excursions for Rome and Florence/Pisa, because we got a package deal which meant we went on one for every single port! It got very tired and boring, so I didn't really appreciate the countries to their full as we were never left alone. That was our fault really for booking them, but some of the tourguides were dull and made the experience boring and unpleasant. This was our first and most certainly not the last cruise with Celebrity, and what a way to introduce us to the Cruising lifestyle! Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and looking foward to the next! Guarenteed you will have the time of your life- it's impossible not to with Celebrity! Read Less
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Sail Date: July 2011
The Eclipse is the most beautiful ship. On arrival at Southhampton the Embarkation was very quick, very smooth with no problems. We were shown our room which was an inside Cabin - we booked kind of late so were slightly wary, no ... Read More
The Eclipse is the most beautiful ship. On arrival at Southhampton the Embarkation was very quick, very smooth with no problems. We were shown our room which was an inside Cabin - we booked kind of late so were slightly wary, no worries! the cabin was lovely we had enough wardrobe space and cupboards and drawers so that was a good start, as I had a huge suitcase ( no weight restriction at Southampton), the Cabin also had a leather sofa, chair, dressing table, coffee table, a flat screen TV, mini bar and Kettle, the bathroom had plenty of room and a good size shower and cupboard space. ( all very nice). This ship is so beautiful, Celebrity have though of everything, the decor is superb and the attention to detail is superb, I am sure that even after 14 days on this ship I have not seen everything, or I have missed some things. The Moonlight Dining Room is lovely and we were seated at a table with 2 other couples and have made some nice friends, the staff go all out to please and are all very nice, my only gripe would be that they don't get the vegetarian concept. We are vegetarian and on the main menu there is only 1 choice, there is a vegetarian menu but they have the same as the main menu with 1 other choice and sometimes it is just not what you would like. We asked/gave them some suggestions and they did try to accommodate. I suggest you make it known at your booking before you board that you are vegetarian and they will cater more, what we had was very nice. The Ocean view Restaurant is packed with all sorts of food and you tend to pig out when you go there, again the staff go all out to please and there is plenty of choice. We did not use the speciality restaurants but I believe they were very good indeed. There is no end to the things that you can do on board, theatre, cinema, spa, pool,various activities day and night, casino, library, i lounge, kids corner, and gym. There is a grass area on deck 14 which is a strange concept, you can be in the middle of the sea and stand on real grass. there are two small pools and one indoor solarium pool for adults. The one thing that had people talking was, there should be an adult only outdoor pool, we went 30/07/11 and there were lots of children so it was hard to cool off in the pool, but its the kids holidays too and they were enjoying it. I must say that this is the first time I have seen so many children and they really were not a problem as the ship is so large, you did not feel crowded and you can always find a corner to hide away and get some quiet time. All the staff on this ship went the extra mile to make sure your holiday went smoothly, the staff are worth their weight in gold and I cannot praise them enough. Well done all of them because it can't be easy. Trips: Gibralta - do it on your own. There are small mini buses outside the port that will take you up to the Rock for a fraction of the price and drop you back down in town, the walk back does not take long, 15 mins max. I will say that the trips that the ship organise are good if you are unsure of doing them on your own, we did 2 with the ship but would try it on our own the next time. All in All we have had the time of our lives and will definitely go on a Celebrity Cruise again. I can't wait....... Read Less
Sail Date: July 2011
This was our first cruise and we were on our honeymoon. We decided to go with Aqua class, primarily for the dining experience offered by the Blu restaurant, and were not at all disappointed in this or the cruise in general. However, there ... Read More
This was our first cruise and we were on our honeymoon. We decided to go with Aqua class, primarily for the dining experience offered by the Blu restaurant, and were not at all disappointed in this or the cruise in general. However, there were three minor problems with the experience which I will describe later. Travel to port of embarkation and disembarkation Travelling by car to Southampton and parking up at port could not have been any easier. From the moment we handed off our luggage at the terminal through to walking out onto the ship - it was extremely well managed. The same can be said on disembarking. We were able to choose when to leave the ship and did so with ease and found ourselves driving out of the port within 25 minutes of leaving the ship. The ship This being our first cruise it is difficult to offer any kind of comparison of Eclipse to any other cruise ship. Suffice to say we found the ship to be excellent all round. It felt extremely modern, new, clean, well managed, friendly, welcoming and quite spacious. Cleanliness and hygiene was clearly a high priority for all on-board as the majority of public areas were manned by sanitiser machines and/or staff. In the evenings the vast majority of people adhered to the formal night attire and these nights were great. The sailing was extremely smooth and the ship did not really sway at all. The ship is fitted with some of the most advanced systems currently seen on cruise ships and there were no engine vibrations or noise at any time and during evening meals we never felt that we were actually on board a ship at all. Minor problem 1 - Although the ship never felt too over-crowded, during sea days the top deck resembled something of a holiday camp type atmosphere. It was too crowded with people, sunbeds and beach towels left everywhere. Even the lawn was invaded by people with beach towels. This wouldn't have been quite so bad had these people cleared their beach towels up after using them, but they were just left everywhere. A shame, it doesn't take too long to clear up as bins were located all over the deck and no further than 10 yards away to put these in! Having said all this, there was always somewhere at sometime during the day where you could find a place to yourself without loads of people being around. We liked top deck at 11pm-1am - nice and warm and no beach towels! Stateroom, Dining and Service As described earlier, we decided to go Aqua class and our stateroom was located on deck 11. The stateroom was excellent, there were no problems at all with this. Comfortable bed, pillows, an excellent shower panel in the en-suite, and the balcony was great. Our stateroom attendant was very friendly and always there to help out. The daily canapes were a nice touch as was the champagne on arrival. Dining in Blu was a superb experience. The food in there was superb. A great variety and very welcoming, personable atmosphere. The maitre d and waiters run a very smooth operation in the restaurant. One night on leaving Civi the restaurant was running through 150 guests in 30 minutes who all arrived at the same time. At the end of our meal the maitre d was very apologetic for how hectic it had been but to be honest we did not see any drop in the level of service compared to other nights at all. A great job by all those who work in there. The service in Blu was superb overall. No complaints at all. Around the ship the service was also good. At all the cafes and bars the service was prompt. The lunch buffet was great and there was always a good selection of salads, cold meats, bread, carvery meals, indian, mexican, stir fry, pizza, pasta, desserts etc. Activities There was always enough to keep us going throughout the day if we were on-board. The trivias were quite competitive and the hot glass show on the lawn was also very enjoyable. We tried out bowls on the lawn a couple of times and other deck games. We went to a couple of talks on how the ship operates behind the scenes and took a galley tour. When not taking part in activities there was always a quiet corner to be found with which to read a book! Entertainment Before booking this cruise we had read a few comments about the entertainment being the weakest part of the Celebrity cruise experience. Suffice to say again we were not left disappointed with this at all - bar one night where we just couldn't take any more of it and left when hands began to wave to daydream believer, it was just terrible (minor problem 2!) The ship production shows were very well done, west end broadway, edge and eclipse the show. All very good. The other entertainers offered great variety and some extremely talented - the pianist (great balls of fire!!!), the ventriloquist (but I'm only 4 years old! - genius), the flautist and the variety balancing/juggling act was barking mad but funny all the same. Cruise director Dru (DRRRRUUUUUUU!!!) deserves a mention too. He did a good job and although some of his jokes during "joke time" were a little lame, on the whole he was entertaining and informative throughout. Overall value for money The extra paid for Aqua class was definitely worth it and we would definitely consider this again. As for other expenditure on-board, we went for the premium non-alcoholic packages and definitely got our $20 per day worth and more besides. Alcoholic drinks were way over-priced though and at $60 per day on a package? No thanks. Minor problem 3 - the quality of the on-board photography was not great and we were lucky to get two pictures that we liked by the end of our cruise. We took every opportunity during formal nights to get the pictures we wanted but were left disappointed with the majority of these as some were not centred properly or legs were chopped etc. At $20 a photo which is a professional photographers price for that size of photo, I'd expect better. Luckily though, we have two we like! Summary A great first cruise, hasn't put us off cruising at all and we would definitely look at doing this again. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2010
Four 'first-timers' cruising together. We turned up early, about 11am and parked with ABP. We put our luggage into a white van and we were bussed to the terminal. It took us no more than 10 minutes to check in and walk onto the ... Read More
Four 'first-timers' cruising together. We turned up early, about 11am and parked with ABP. We put our luggage into a white van and we were bussed to the terminal. It took us no more than 10 minutes to check in and walk onto the ship where we were greeted with a glass of bubbly. We were told our cases would be outside our staterooms at 3pm - so we set out to explore and make the most of our pre-paid 'beverage' package. I wont go into a blow by blow review - but I feel it fair to say we spent the first 3-4 days saying 'Wow'. The food was great - Moonlight Sonata and Oceanview buffet. It was nice to have a 'formal' breakfast and lunch occasionally, however the Oceanview buffet offered much choice and good quality. Even during busy times you could always find a seat - it was nice to take your food outside and sit at the stern bar area. The staff were attentive and keen to please and the service was excellent. The entertainment was fine, the staged reviews were excellent while other 'shows' were possibly average. The ships' musicians were very good and there was always some music at one of the bars, cafes our lounges. The string quartet added a touch of finesse to afternoon tea and cakes in the Cafe. All of the bars were impressive, Michael's Bar provided a touch of elegance with some wonderful 'piano man' entertainment each evening. The Jazz and ACapella groups were also very good. We enjoyed the talks and lectures provided - the 3 part 'Titanic' talk was truly a labour of love by Carl. All the talks can be replayed on your TV at you leisure if you are too busy soaking up the sun by the pool. There are lots of nice touches in your stateroom - a kettle and Tea/Coffee, which isn't advertised so may put off some Brits. Bathrobes and nice toiletries. Before the cruise we discussed whether to pack beach towels - not to worry as the night before your first port, two lovely Egyptian cotton Beach towels turn up on your bed - along with the chocolates on your pillow! We didn't take any organised excursions as it was possible to walk into each port of call without difficulty. With our drinks package we hardly put anything onto our room account. We opted for Select anytime dining and prepaid our tips (part of our great deal}. We had such a good experience on our first night we tried to sit in the same area each night as the waiter, assistant and sommeliere were superb, as indeed all the staff were. Our evening meals were always anticipated with relish. The pool area was lovely, plenty of padded beds and an endless supply of towels. It got busy at times but you could always find somewhere to laze. Drinks were expensive particularly when you add 15% Service and further 8% in Spanish waters. This didn't bother us as we'd prepaid about £790 for two 'Standard' packages which were ample. This enabled us to have fresh orange, quality coffees, smoothies as well as frozen cocktails at the pool. Beer, wine, cocktails and house champers are also included. £790 seems a lot but we felt it was worth it. You can buy the package on board for just part of your cruise - I believe it costs a little bit more though. My only criticism is not about the ship or its staff - but about some other guests. We heard lots of people 'moaning' about trivial things and there were lots of, what we labelled 'cruise-snobs' who loved to talk loudly about what they had and where they'd been. One lady one evening was demanding to be seated with a lawyer, or retired sea captain as the one the previous evening had been so interesting! All part of the fun I suppose. Overall we had a wonderful time and are now 'hooked' on cruising. Celebrity was a true 5 star experience and it would be hard to 'downgrade' to P&O or Princess, although some people on the cruise said they compare favourably. I suppose its all down to personal taste and your experiences at the time. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2010
Getting to Southampton was a nightmare journey: boat show, football, 3 departing cruise ships and the return of the students caused a serious traffic jam and many people were getting anxious. We went early but even so we were 2 hours later ... Read More
Getting to Southampton was a nightmare journey: boat show, football, 3 departing cruise ships and the return of the students caused a serious traffic jam and many people were getting anxious. We went early but even so we were 2 hours later than we should have been. My advice to anyone is go early to ensure you get there on time. When we arrived the welcome was superb and all the stresses of the journey melted away. The ship is luxury. The decor, displays of artwork, furniture etc is fabulous all over the ship. The stateroom was very comfortable and the staff looked after us very well, nothing was too much trouble. I enjoyed having a kettle - a 'Brit' thing no doubt, but very welcome. We had a fabulous balcony and being in the centre of the ship was a bonus...no creaking, minimum movement and close to the lifts. Food, excellent. We had a table by a window in Moonlight Sonata and we watched the dolphins as we ate! Service was excellent. There was more food available than anyone could eat. Our companions were excellent company and we made several friends. We loved joining in the many 'Happy Birthday' celebrations and I'm sure we were considered the noisy lot in the corner. We also ate in Merano. It was excellent and very high quality. I do think the alcohol is expensive and I'm sure if they sold carafes of house wine at a reasonable rate they would sell far more. We felt the package would encourage us to drink too much so we bought as we went along. Cold drinks, tea, coffee etc were freely available in parts of the ship so that was good. Carl Pucl was an outstanding entertainer. He organised the team trivia (brilliant), the treasure hunt (exhausting), the Titanic talks (which I highly recommend), the choir (very popular) as well as many other activities including an impromptu talk about the life of the crew. He made the cruise for many. The rest of the entertainment was quite good. We particularly enjoyed the comedian, the opera singer and the violinist. They all worked hard. We enjoyed our cruise and are planning another! Read Less
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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