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Sail Date: November 2016
Embarkation; We arrived a little later than we normally do and were surprised by the very long lines outside of the terminal. Come to find out there was a problem in the morning getting cleared with customs so it put everything way ... Read More
Embarkation; We arrived a little later than we normally do and were surprised by the very long lines outside of the terminal. Come to find out there was a problem in the morning getting cleared with customs so it put everything way behind, not Celebrity's fault but still a inconvenience. After boarding we were able to go straight to our cabins and drop our things off which was nice. Ship; As with all of the Celebrity ships we have sailed on the Eclipse was beautiful. As with all ships there were a few things here and there that could use some attention but for the most part was in excellent shape. After being on board a few minutes we realized that Captain Leo was taking over as the Master that day. What a pleasant surprise! We have sailed with Captain Leo before and think he is one of the most visible and personable Captains out there. During the next two weeks we witnessed him walking every deck with other officers inspecting the entire ship. Shortly after you would see the maintenance crew addressing any deficiencies that were found. He truly runs a tight ship and by the end of our cruise it was in ship shape for sure! (Say that five times fast) Cabin; We usually cruise with another couple so we get side by side verandah cabins and this was no different. Shortly after going to our cabins we were greeted by our steward with a friendly smile and hello. We asked if he would open our partition between the balconies which he did immediately. We enjoy having our breakfast together on the balcony and discuss the plans for the day as well as enjoying a night cap at the end of the day. For my Bride and I the cabin had plenty of storage in the dresser, closet and cabinets for our two weeks worth of clothes (plus everything we over pack) and anything we might of purchased. The bed was very comfortable and, like the rest of the cabin, always clean. The only thing I could complain about was that the towels were showing quite a bit of wear and could be replaced and the curtain had a small tear. As for the balcony, the furniture and the glass could of been cleaner but was still sufficient. Dining; As with all of our Celebrity cruises we choose the Select dining option for the shear convenience of it. Shortly after boarding the wives will go to the MDR and meet the Maître d' and pick out a table for four by the window then make a standing reservation for 5:45 pm so we can eat and still make the early show. Our first night we met our waiter Monroe and sommelier Alex. we enjoyed these guy's so much we kept the same table every night we ate in the MDR. We are far from stuffy and they both had a great sense of humor and provided excellent service. Our wine glass was never empty and our belly was always full. They knew we wanted to catch the show and timed things perfectly every night to ensure we did! There were only a couple night that the menu did not appeal to us and we ate in the Ocean view Café. As for the Ocean view for the most part the food was always hot, fresh and very tasty. They have a very large selection of different ethnic foods as well as the standard American fare. Breakfast can be a little crowded but the work very fast to clear the tables and we always found a place to sit. As for the specialty restaurants we only ate at one, Qsine, and it was AMAZING! We liked our experience there so much we went back the following week. The food is served "Family" style so everyone at the table can share and try out different foods. The menu is on a ipad and you pick food from different categories. as long as you keep ordering they keep bringing! The four of us were planning on the late show that night and were in no hurry. We started with wine and Hors D'oeuvres‎. (The sushi pops are unbelievable!) We were so intrigued with the different foods they brought out we spent three hours having dinner and wine.....lot's of wine! LOL! anyway we highly recommend giving it a try. Entertainment; The production shows were pretty much the norm for most cruises but "Topper" definitely stood out amongst them all. There were typical singers and comedians and most were very good. As for the music in the various venues around the ship the only band that stood out to us was the house band "The Sea Monkey's". This band can bring a party to life for sure. The one thing that Celebrity does that make me crazy is the way they only have the bands play for about 45 minutes and then they back up and move to another venue. STOP IT! Every time you start to have fun they move them. I think they should keep the different bands in the same lounge everyday so you can go to the same place for your type of music and you won't have to carry around the stupid planner with you every where you go. As for other entertainment we had the silent disco on 3-4 nights, again in 3-4 different locations! Pick a place and keep it there! At the silent disco everyone is given a set of headphones which have three different channels. Each channel has its own color light on your headset which changes as you change channels. Three different DJ's play different music so the entire dance floor is dancing to different beats...it is hilarious to watch and if you stumble on it you will laugh your head off at the silence besides the people singing along to the various songs being played on their headset. This is definitely worth trying at least once! As for the cruise Director, Eddie Jenkins, He try's. out of my 12 cruises he was the least lively, energetic or funny cruise director. I had sailed with his activities director Jane before and she was very good but working with Eddie seemed to just suck the life out of her. Here's another "Great Idea' he had! Let's find the smallest foyer on the ship right outside the main theater doors with absolutely no seating and hold a Karaoke contest just as the show lets out...Brilliant! And speaking about seating, who's bright idea was it to put bands and shows in the main foyer every night with very minimal seating so you literally have to rearrange the bar furniture in every bare on three different decks to have a place to sit and watch. Again, another brilliant idea. Service; As I stated earlier our service in the MDR was amazing, not once were we disappointed with our wait staff. the service in Qsine was equally good. The evening bartenders at the Sunset Bar, Yudi & Michael, were spot on through out the entire two weeks. If they saw us coming they would have our drinks made before we sat down. Again, top shelf! We will try out all the different bars on board and find the bartenders we click with along with the atmosphere we enjoy and become creatures of habit. In the past we have enjoyed the Ensemble bar but the bartenders lacked any type of personality or enthusiasm that worked for us this time, oh well, you can't have it all. LOL. Our cabin steward was always available to help with anything we needed and the cabin was always clean. all in all the service was very good. Pools; The bartenders stayed very busy on sea days and put out some good drinks at a fast pace however, If the servers walking around the pool would pick it up a bit it would relieve the lines at the bars. Also, we all no the "Chair Hogs" are out there and there are rule prohibiting it. How about enforcing it! I am a early riser and every single morning by 7:00 AM there would be rows of loungers with various books, clips, towels and any other piece of personal crap laid out for HOURS to ensure the could have a spot to sun at noon or later ate THIER convenience. STOP IT! You are rude, selfish and boorish! ...and CELEBRITY, enforce the rules too! Ports; Oranjestad, Aruba; We did a celebrity excursion on the Kuku Kanukoo bus. This was an island tour with a beach stop at the end. The tour was very fun and we saw a lot of the island. The Beach was a big disappointment. We were dropped off and led to a beach bar, shown a pile of chairs and pointed to a very small area that was "OURS". Unfortunately there were so many people already in that area that you couldn't even put a chair on the beach! when we started towards an open area we were told we were not allowed in that spot because its private...news flash, all beaches are public in Aruba! Anyway, as always we turned lemons into lemonade and made the best of it. Willemstad, Curacao; We had an overnight at this port which was kind of nice because we could plan a day without worrying about getting back on time. We walked off the ship and found a independent six hour tour of the island sights for $25 a piece and there were only six people on the tour. We had plenty of room and air conditioning so we were very comfortable for the day. if you have time on your side like we did I would recommend trying an independent tour. On the second day in port we booked a snorkeling excursion through Celebrity. The boat arrived at the pier and we walked straight from the ship to the boat. The snorkeling was pretty decent as far as cattle boat snorkel trips go. We arrived to the area and snorkeled over a ship wreck and a reef that had the normal fish you would find in the Caribbean. The boat was pretty crowded but the snorkel area allowed you enough space to explore on your own. As with most snorkel trips, the rum punch flowed freely on the way back to port. Bridgetown, Barbados; We booked a small group tour through Celebrity that took us on an all day tour of the island that included a stop at the wildlife preserve, the Harrison's caves and amazing views of the ocean from the highest points. It was a very enjoyable day and the tour was worth the money to us. Castries, St. Lucia; We booked a snorkeling excursion to the Pitons through Celebrity. It was a short ride to the boat and about a 45 minute scenic boat ride to the Pitons and snorkel area. we arrived at a beach near a hotel that was already full of people snorkeling. we exited the boat with our gear and walked to the beach and in to the roped off area that we were told was the only place we could snorkel. Because of the large volume of people in the water it was very murky and along with the tons of sea weed it was not very conducive to snorkeling. Once we swam to the furthest point we were allowed the water cleared a little and we were able to see some marine life and tropical fish. If I had to do it again I would pass on this excursion and seek out a private tour. St. John's, Antigua; We booked the "Stingray City swim and Snorkel" excursion through Celebrity. we met our mini bus at the end of the pier and had about a 45 minute drive to the place where we met the boats. After a quick briefing we went to our boat for about a 15 minute ride to a sandbar loaded with stingrays. The tour was advertised as a snorkel trip but you are not allowed any fins or water shoes in the area. If you have your own gear a mask is all you need. We arrived at a dock they had set up for easy entry and exit to and from the boat. There were plenty of stingrays swimming all around you and were more than willing to pose for pictures with you. There is a very shallow reef near by but because of all of the activity the water clarity is not very good. After about an hour we were brought back to the boat dock where they served all you can drink rum punch and other refreshments. They also sold pictures of you holding the stingrays if you wanted along with T-shirts and local souvenirs. All in all it was fun...once. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Basseterre, St. Kitts; We booked the "St. Kitts Scenic Railway Tour" through Celebrity. Again we had about a 45 minute scenic drive to the meeting point for the train. The train itself is a double decker with open air seating up top and enclosed air conditioned seating down below. we were at the back of the line boarding so all of the prime view seating upstairs went fast leaving us, a total of 8 people, down in the comfortable air conditioned section down below. At first we were a little upset seeing that the tour cost $114 a piece and we were relegated to the lower section with a less than perfect scenic view. Well I must admit it was not position "A" but the tables and chairs were very comfortable and we had a very nice lady serving us all the rum we could want for the entire 2.5 hour train ride. After about the third glass of straight rum I didn't care what I saw. LOL My bride enjoyed several Pina Coladas too! Again we turned chicken crap into chicken salad and had a fun day. Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Again we booked a catamaran snorkel excursion through Celebrity. We met on the pier and walked to the catamaran to take us to the snorkel spot. The boat ride was only about 15 minutes to where we dropped anchor. Upon arrival we discovered that we were far from alone. There were floating bars, boats and plenty of other snorkelers. Needless to say we were very disappointed with the choice of dive spots. With an island like St. Maarten surrounded by beautiful reefs this was the best they could do? Anyway live and learn, again I will seek a private tour next time. Bottom Line; They said that there were three children on board but we never saw them.We had 14 nights of great fun with great friends on a great ship! Life is short, die with memories, not dreams. Spend your kids inheritance, take time off from work and enjoy yourself ! We have three more Celebrity cruises booked..... so far. And most importantly...always remember...never forget....you only go around once so you might as well go around drunk. LOL! Cheers! Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2016
Review: Celebrity Eclipse – April 3 – 14 days Southern Caribbean General Thoughts: The eclipse is a beautiful ship without doubt. It has a perfect layout for someone staying in a “hump” cabin. The central elevators were steps ... Read More
Review: Celebrity Eclipse – April 3 – 14 days Southern Caribbean General Thoughts: The eclipse is a beautiful ship without doubt. It has a perfect layout for someone staying in a “hump” cabin. The central elevators were steps away and where I wanted to go on each floor was very close to the same elevators. We had a fantastic time with friends from previous cruises. We are just sad that it is over. We had been to all of the islands before, so this trip was more about R & R than it was about site seeing or excursions. I was extremely disappointed to miss Bonaire and thought that the overnight in Curacao was not necessary. On to some specifics, Cabin: We were in the perfectly located 9292 with a large balcony. The bed was by the balcony which we prefer but we do like the M class layout better than the S class. The curved walls really give a cramped feeling in the cabin. The couch that we had was not comfortable to sit on and was way too large. A gigantic waste of space. The bathroom felt large and the shower was good. Our room attendant (who we did not see very often) kept the room in great shape. I would book this room again in a second (We have actually on the reflection). Food: We were Select in the MDR most nights. We ate at a variety of time with a varying amount of dinner companions just us, 4 and 6. We ate around 7:30 most nights. We skipped the second formal and ate at the buffet. The MDR was good. The menu has become more limited. I had one poor meal (meatloaf) and one exceptional meal the Chateaubriand steak. The rest were good meals. Breakfast in the MDR was good (twice). We did not each lunch there. The buffet had really good food but it never changed. Almost the same thing every day for 14 days. I am so glad the food was good. They had sushi every day. I had sushi when we skipped the formal night and it was one of the best meals of the cruise. We ate breakfast and lunch here most days. The staffs in the buffet were really good. Always got us drinks and were glad to have a nice conversation. We only ate in one specialty restaurant, Qsine. A neat experience that, for me, only needs to be done once. Way too long for dinner (3 ½ hours) Too many choices. Half the time I forgot what I was eating. The servers tried really hard, but this is not my thing. I am an MDR guy! Entertainment: We did not see any of the production shows although the word was that they were good. We thought both comedians were very poor, however, the rest of the shows were well above average. I think the Sephira show (2 girls on violins) was one of the best shows I have seen at sea. The “Not Really” three tenors also put on a great show! Very funny and talented guys. Ryan Joyce gave us three shows. First was magic show that was enjoyable, the second was a hypnotism show that was hilarious! The third was a seminar on positive thinking and hypnotism as a self-improvement tool. He is a fascinating dude. Lounges: Bar service was terrible in most places on the ship. (With some exceptions). You had to flag down a waiter or waitress to get a drink and then they would disappear, never to be seen again. I think the proliferation of free classic packages has changed service. It would be to the cruise lines advantage to give away lees free booze? Or am I just being paranoid. Café al Bacio rocks! They are the hardest working crew on the ship and deserve huge kudos! Love that place, although it is very busy! Ports: Aruba; we went to Arashi beach by taxi. Very nice Beach that is less crowded than some of the others (but more crowded than it was last time). Some moderate snorkelling here. Curacao: We just went into town and shopped had a beer and enjoyed the area. We were here overnight but as previously stated it was a bit of a waste. We stayed on board in the evening. Barbados: We did the Jolly Roger (for the 2nd time). They do a good job but there is no comfortable seating on the ship, so if that is important, choose another excursion. Great snorkelling over the shipwreck in Carlisle bay (4th time for that!) Antigua – Another Beach day with a taxi to Sandhaven ($3 each way). A very nice little beach with a bar and shade! No snorkeling St Lucia: Stayed on board and went to Persian Gardens (free coupon) St Maarten: Took the water taxi ($7) in to town and shopped, found a nice bar and enjoyed the area again. St Kitts: In what looks like a trend we just went to the cruise port and poked around, bought some t shirts found a bar, had a Guinness and people watched. Overall: A great cruise! Friends old and new made it great. We are booked again on S class for the next cruise so I guess that says something. Read Less
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Sail Date: February 2016
This was our 10th Celebrity cruise and our 26 cruise overall. Also our second time on the Eclipse. The ship is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and accommodating, yet the Ship is getting a bit worn in certain areas. Our cabin, an ... Read More
This was our 10th Celebrity cruise and our 26 cruise overall. Also our second time on the Eclipse. The ship is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and accommodating, yet the Ship is getting a bit worn in certain areas. Our cabin, an S2 on the resort deck was in need of a refresh. Peeling paint on our veranda was landing on the floor from time to time. The ports on this cruise are old friends (Aruba, Curacao, Barbados, Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Kitts) that we have been to on and off for the last 20+ years. We have given up on Ship's tours a few years ago. They are expensive and being on a bus with 50 of your closest friends is not for me. The changes made for suite guests last April change the entire cruise for the good. Lumane, the suites dining, is outstanding and using Michael's Club is great. On this cruise the cruise director, Jane, was the worst that I have seen. The entertainment had its high points and several low points. Embarkation was horrible and disembarkation was a breeze. We used the luggage valet service for the first time and we found it to be terrific. Our bags were among the first on the carusol at SEA. I love the Solstice class ships and booked a b-to-b on the Silhoutte next February. Read Less
Celebrity Eclipse Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.6
Dining 5.0 4.3
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.2
Family 4.0 4.2
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.8
Enrichment 4.0 3.8
Service 4.0 4.6
Value For Money 4.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.2

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