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Sail Date: September 2017
Another amazing cruise with Celebrity! The crew, the personable Captain Kafetzis, the always exceptional Cruise Director Sue Denning, the outstanding service in the Aqua Class exclusive restaurant Blu, the great food, and on and on - a ... Read More
Another amazing cruise with Celebrity! The crew, the personable Captain Kafetzis, the always exceptional Cruise Director Sue Denning, the outstanding service in the Aqua Class exclusive restaurant Blu, the great food, and on and on - a wonderful time! The ports of call were spectacular, though we were heartily disappointed that the the Celebrity shore excursions we’d booked in Livorno and in Ibiza were both cancelled. We’d booked the “Ibiza Coastline and Scenic Bike Tour” and were told it was cancelled due to inclement weather, but the day was warm, sunny, not windy. In Livorno, we’d booked the “Tuscan Countryside-San Gimignano and Volterra” excursion. All excursions from Livorno that were not going to Florence or to Pisa were cancelled as, we were told, the vast majority of all the cruisers were first time cruisers in this part of the Mediterranean and all wanted to go to Florence or Pisa. We’ve been to Florence, several times for lengthy stays and we were excited to do something different, and the ship offered several wonderful excursions into Tuscany - and all were cancelled! VERY disappointing, not good at all and will definitely make me think twice about booking a Celebrity shore excursion - I really hate to say that, as in the past we have had very positive experiences with the ship’s excursions, but to miss our full day Tuscany excursion was bitterly disappointing. Entertainment was terrific - I love the new production shows, modern, up to date, definitely appealing to a younger (hipper) demographic as the oldsters age out. Love it! One of the most fun activities is the SILENT DISCO, offered twice on this cruise. I’ve never seen anything like it - everyone wears headphones, offering 3 tracks of music, which are color banded yellow, blue or red (or whatever, maybe one of the colors was green…..) Anyway, you are listening to whichever track of music you personally prefer so basically, everyone is dancing to different music - observers walk by and only see several hundred revelers dancing like crazy, to silence, but of course the dancers are truly dancing to their own drummer, LOL, through the headphones! It’s just fabulous! The Celebrity Life Activities Team is terrific, young, full of energy, hysterical! The activities are perfectly timed during the days, evenings, nights, for maximal participation - and it behooves you to join in, as you really do have more fun, the more involved you get. A special THANK YOU to Sarah, Will and Debbie. Also, I had a celebrity chef sighting - the Iron Chef Simon Majumdar, very famous if you’re into the food shows, was on board as a guest - just there, like all of the other guests, on vacation. I was walking around one evening and I heard his unmistakable voice, I followed him around a bit, hoping to tell him that I was a fan, but there wasn’t an opportunity to talk to him that wouldn’t have made me look like a stalker, LOL! The gym, the spa, the pool and outdoor areas, the buffet, Blu (as we sailed Aqua Class this cruise) - all spotless, well run, beautiful, serving delicious food, etc and so forth! All staff are super professional but also at the very same time, friendly, approachable, not stuffy in the least. Can’t recommend Celebrity more highly, it truly is “Modern Luxury”. Read Less
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Sail Date: September 2017
We cruised from Sept 14-22 on Silhouette - Barcelona, Ibiza, Marseille, Cannes, Villefranche, Livorno, and Rome. Two years ago, my daughter and I did the Eastern Med with Constellation and loved it so much we booked another trip doing the ... Read More
We cruised from Sept 14-22 on Silhouette - Barcelona, Ibiza, Marseille, Cannes, Villefranche, Livorno, and Rome. Two years ago, my daughter and I did the Eastern Med with Constellation and loved it so much we booked another trip doing the Western Med. It did not disappoint. I was even more impressed with Celebrity this time. The Silhouette is a beautiful ship. We loved the open center of the ship because every evening there was live music on the 4th level, but the "party" carried from levels 3-5 and even up through the center area of the ship. This was great in our opinion because you could sit on any of those floors (including the Cafe el Bacio) and enjoy the entertainment. We enjoyed the Mast bar seating area. We LOVE Cafe el Bacio! The lawn area was nice, but we didn't actually use it - we only had one sea day. The outside seating at the back of the buffet is very nice. Ensemble lounge is nice but very dark - almost too dark in my opinion. There are lots of quiet places all throughout the ship if anyone is looking to get away from everyone else. The library and card room are nice areas right off the central elevators. Quasar was a great quiet spot to grab a drink before the show. Thanks Geraldo (or Gerardo lol)! Solarium and Aqua Spa Cafe were a nice area, but we did not use it. Sky lounge was a great spot in the later evenings. We immensely enjoyed the theater as well. One comment - the theater seats and the dining room seats all lean back a bit too far for me. I often had to put my purse or something behind me. We noticed some others that were requesting a cushion, so it wasn't just me lol. Also, the "cupholders" in the theater are almost useless as they are too close to everyone, and it is too easy to spill your drink. I did miss the little tables they had on Constellation. We enjoyed the casino a little bit. The bar staff there were great even if just passing through. Embarkation was quick; the tenders went quite quickly; we used self disembarkation and we were off in minutes (some of the first to go). Even on the days we needed to exit earlier, we had no problems. Just do allow a bit of extra time if it is the peak times. We had a lowly inside cabin this time (lol) as we got an amazing deal - cabin 9340. This was a great location. It was very roomy. There is a faint "nightlight" on in the bathroom at all times, so it is not black at night. We didn't mind the inside cabin at all. The entry to the room is spacious which we appreciated - much better than Constellation had been in our balcony cabin. Our room steward, Jason, was the best :) There was lots of storage in the room and the bathroom. We immensely enjoyed the Grand Cuvee Dining room every evening with Select Dining. I had made our reservation times ahead of time, and we never waited more than maybe 3-4 minutes any evening - many nights with no wait at all. We liked our servers so much the first evening (Omar and Jose) that we requested their section every evening, and it was granted. Excellent! We found the food was typically excellent - we often had 2 appetizers in case we didn't love the main course lol (and the servings are sometimes small which was good in my opinion). The bread is amazing - too good! Our sommelier, Nina, was very efficient but often seemed a bit flustered and rushed. I enjoyed a mild rosè most evenings. Overall, we loved the main dining room, but I could see if you were placed in the center, it could be very crowded and may not have been as enjoyable. Our section was always in a more secluded, quieter area in the back. We did not do any of the specialty restaurants this time. We would have gone to Bistro on Five if it hadn't changed to Sushi. The Cafe el Bacio is one of our favourite spots on the ship. Great croissants in the morning and always nice desserts and cookies to choose from. I can see how I've read comments about the fillings in the croissants declining over the years. They are delicious, but they could use a drop more filling lol. The staff there was the best - we loved Marina - from day one, she was so pleasant, friendly and helpful. Most of the others were as well, but I don't know any other names. Everything I ordered was included on my Classic Beverage Package - Even the Cafe Olè with alcohol. The alfagotto (with gelato) coffee was included as well, and it was delicious :) Other than the one scoop free for Captain's Club (I think), there is a charge for gelato. The buffet was a great choice for breakfast. There was so much to choose from every day - I enjoyed the smoked salmon and fresh baguette most mornings. A few days, there were fresh berries that everyone enjoyed along with the other regular fruit. The buffet gets quite crowded at peak times, but the food was excellent! We had excellent service at ALL the bars around the ship. The drinks were very good. Anything I wanted to order was included on my Classic Package. A shout out to Pradeep at the Mast bar - very friendly and excellent service from the first day :) Uriel was also good too - very friendly. I will suggest you double check your charges on the TV because I did have one drink that I had been getting all week that was included that was accidentally charged on my seapass acct. They quickly voided it, but it can happen - just a wrong button. Another note - I was so impressed with the ladies cleaning the public washrooms as well - excellent job! The service all around the ship was amazing. It didn't matter who we ran into, almost everyone was so friendly - even better than the last time - well done! The entertainment seemed to do a good job keeping things on the go. Sue Denning is so funny - love that woman!! Sometimes we'd stick around after the shows just to have a good laugh at her nightly humour lol. She was always so friendly and spoke to everyone she encountered around the ship. Sarah and Will (I think those are the correct names) did a good job with activities around the ship. Karaoke was well participated and enjoyable. The DJ seemed to do a good job with his music. The live band that played in the center of the ship every night was excellent! We enjoyed the shows very much - the Production cast is quite good; however, I find a few of the singers are not as strong as they should be. Most of the lead women voices were excellent. We enjoyed the ports as well. Barcelona was a great place to start. We spent 3 days there before the cruise, and what a wonderful city! Ibiza was difficult to get much planned ahead of time, and the weather wasn't the best the 2nd day there, but we still enjoyed it very much. Marseille and Cannes were very busy and crowded, and it was nice to get kind of out of the town to see more outside. Villefranche was a gorgeous little seaside town - loved it. We took the train over to Nice and enjoyed the market and old part of the city - very nice. Livorno is a busy active port. We took the ship's tour to Cinque Terre as it is a long tour and I didn't trust getting back in time with a private tour. It was very good - the Tour guide, Lucas, was excellent. There are just so many crowds on the boat and in the town. I know this is not the ship's fault, but it's sad when the local tour boats cram as many people as they possibly can in to them. I seriously wondered about safety if there were ever an emergency. It would be nice if Celebrity could use a more private boat that wouldn't be so so crowded. I can see how the people of Cinque Terre must breathe a sigh of relief each day when the crowds leave. Also, it is quite a long bus ride both ways from Livorno - great sights though :) Oh yes, I can't forget Captain Dimitrios - Excellent, funny! - I was kind of disappointed we didn't see a bit more of him around, but with only one sea day, I guess he was kind of busy lol. We had cruised with his brother, Captain Tasos last time and loved both of their dry humour :) It's uncanny how similar their voices are. Excellent! "From the bridge - Out" :) Overall, we had an amazing 2nd Celebrity cruise and loved the Silhouette. I would be glad to cruise on her again and was impressed overall with Celebrity once again. Well done :) (On a side note, I hope Celebrity gets the website running more smoothly lol or they won't have anyone on their ships) Read Less
Celebrity Silhouette Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 5.0 4.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.6
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 4.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.6
Enrichment 4.5 3.7
Service 5.0 4.5
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 4.0 4.2

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